Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 13, 2013

Pluto in Capricorn–Perfectionism and Rushing to Judgment

©3-13-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Although I’m supposed to be writing my book about stelliums, I am so enjoying our interchanges here on Skywriter that it’s hard not to blog daily. (The book, incidentally, is going very well and will be out in Mid-May.)

Today I wanted to share briefly about something that’s been troubling me for quite some time, and that is how much more harsh and judgmental many people are since Pluto went into Capricorn. Capricorn does represent perfectionism and high standards, and Pluto wants to dig in and to transform the things it finds wrong.Together, however, they are anything but a kind combination. (I’m not saying that everyone is like this,  understand, but that it’s an increasing tendency in society as a whole.)

I see a pervasive snobbish, elitist tendency in the world at large of judging of anything or anyone that falls short of perfection. Empathy and giving others the benefit of the doubt seem to be qualities on the endangered list. So often, these harsh criticisms of both self and others are paired with a sense of entitlement and a lack of gratitude–nothing is ever good enough.

When I was quite young, I went as a lark to get my palm read by a wise and kindly older woman. She told me that I had great potential but a very low opinion of myself. She observed that I could not accept compliments, that I would cancel them out with self-criticism. She told me to compliment others whenever I saw something good about them, and that this would help me to love myself as well.

I have always followed her advice, and indeed it did help me to love myself, but, most of all, I learned to compliment others genuinely and to take great pleasure in doing so. It’s never flattery, for I seem incapable of feeding an overbearingly hungry ego with undeserved praise.

But I do see a rather harsh world that gives people little recognition of their efforts, and now, more than ever, when I admire something in someone, I will tell them so even if they are a complete stranger. If I can brighten someone’s day, it makes my day also.

Readers, please share in the comment section the ways you deserve to feel good about yourself. How are you working hard to make yourself and your world a better place? We all deserve more credit than this Pluto in Capricorn era is giving us.


  1. What a lovely gift to people, Donna! And good advice. The world does seem so harsh these days. (With a Virgo Sun square Saturn, I know whereof you speak – going to take your advice.) Just think if your example goes viral!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s so much perfectionism as certainty with Capricorn. It *can have* (not always, as energies can manifest very differently depending on the total picture) an assuredness and willingness to give pronouncements that borders on delusion, mixed with a staunch and startling inability to take in new info and alternatives. Like a wind-up toy that keeps walking into the same wall. There’s not a lot if nuance, balance, or self-reflection. There needs to be an internal dialogue, a “maybe,” and Capricorn energy can *sometimes* come off as very one-track, focused, and “shut up about anything I don’t want to hear about.” The thing is, it’s very difficult to be correct when this is the approach taken.

    Lately, I’ve noticed that people like to talk about themselves a lot, and not listen to other people. That’s been relatively recent but I confess that I’ve no idea what celestial event might have triggered it. I’m thinking it might be a combo; I noticed it with the double-whammy retro but I don’t believe it’s that simple since the skies really are pretty wild. I think there may be an unconscious, but very raw, neediness, too. Which is intimately related to the “me, me, me.”

    On the positive side, I think that palm reader was absolutely spot on with the power of genuine compliments of others leading to increased self-worth and self-acceptance. It really, really works! One simple behavior pattern that makes a massive difference in one’s life, and a nice, little one in the lives of certain others. You have to really pay attention to people to give a genuine compliment! 😉 So that’s a lesson, too.

    As for the difficulty of doing that when you’re surrounded by not-so-nice people, I know one of the big lessons I’m learning at the moment (long, long, multi-layered process) is to judge people by their consistent behavior over time in lieu of what they might profess to desire or care about. It seems stupid-obvious, but it’s huge for me, and almost scarily clarifying. When you have a consistent negative pattern of behavior from someone (and you’ve reflected on it so it’s not just knee-jerk), well that’s your cue to make your exit and truly stop listening… and not feel guilty because you do see so much good in others. It can be very stark, and that’s actually surprising me, too — the extremes of supposedly “normal” behavior…

  3. A very interesting and timely question Donna! Actually this has been brewing on my mind for a long time and will be an aspect of my WORLD MEDICINE WHEEL Talk I want toput on You Tube sometime soon. I have to tamp down my anger first so as not to be too offensive. The part I refer to is not the revelation of the World Medicine Wheel but an aspect you have outlinned by your question.
    For several years and from a dream I have been working on a Tree painting which shows what happened to the Native Indian of the North and South American Continent since the first boat people arrived. Its been slow because of my anger, which is NOT what I want to convey.Compassionate understanding is what is called for without negating the hard truth.

    First the Indian Culture is the only one( of 7) huge Races, that treated Women as a little more Sacred than their Male counterpart.Perhaps the Austrailian Aboridginal is another such Race.
    There was no Child. Elder or Woman abuse. We were a Spiritually and sociallly advanced Culture.
    One could drink from any stream without fear; because our Ancestors went to great lengths to keep all waters unpoluted for the future generations of all life forms. We had no disease because of this.
    Our cultures produced at least 60 percent of the foods taken for granted today.To name a few: Choolote, peanut butters and beans, Potatoes, Squash, Pumkins and Corns to name a few,
    Our cotton and dyes transformed the murky dark colors of european art ito the vibrant colors of Van Gogh, Mattise, Renoir and others of the period following.
    Our herbs and medicinals and enemas transformed medicine away from european leech bleedings
    . Our way of government inspired Benjamin Franklin in writing the USA Constitution.
    and the tapping of rubber trees to produce rubber balls and raincoats made the tires on cars possible and the safe transmission of electricity possible.
    We invented the barbeque and popping grains as in the cearals today
    . We taught the first boat people how to multch and select the best seeds for planting. Before that the pilgims used the helter skelter broadcast method without ground preparation.
    I could go on in the ways our people helped transform the world. My frustration comes because as you say NO RECOGNITION is forthcoming and our children need to hear this….otherwise they feel no conncetion to the larger world and this the world sorely needs our understandings on how to live in harmony with EARTH..
    I am amazed that others Races never figured out its NOT WISE to foul the waters. Cacasians, India, and Asia are hotbeds of disease because of this oversight.
    I can not believe how women are abused and devalued in other countries and this one. No understanding that as mothers of the future generations they should be well cared for and this will begat a stronger humanity. To our people this is such a simple fact that our people had no hesitation to act on it as a Race. Yet I see others do not see it and commit all kinds of self defeating crimes against future generations. We know you are the ancestor of your own future births and all seeds you have sewn will fall back on you as you reincarnate down that line.
    Because the Organized Christian Church ( Rome ) drove the Druid and Pagan knowledge of reincarnation out of its peoples memory this important connection was lost.
    Like you said, the more I see of the World people , the more I love my own Native Indian Culture and the Loving Wisdom of the Ancestors and their fortitude to ACT on such knowledge. . I am proud of the job they did before contamination
    .Its time they share with the world on an equal footing. This will entail their OWN land base without interference for a period of RE covery.

    • Oh wow, you need your own blog, Barehand! You look about ready to write an article. You might also be interested in this text based on some of your concerns:,_Private_Property_and_the_State.

      WordPress is free and literally takes minutes to set up. You can also post videos on it and link it to your other accounts. Hope that helps both you and your message. Take care…

    • Wow, Barehand, totally illuminating. Thanks for sharing that–and I agree with Kelsey. You have much to share in a blog of your own, and the posts need not be any longer than what you wrote above. Donna

      • Thanks Donna and friends,
        I am hesitating and have been for years now, but the drums are sounding and many in Idian country are under seige from Fracking, oil pipelines and in Canada with the Woman Cheif fasting to make a voice for her sick, starving and homeless people and Open pit Mining companies threatening to blast off a sacredl mt top above the Bad River Wisconsin Band and destroy the river which feeds their land and ends up in Lake Superior.Poor Ft Berthold Rez in North Dakota to name a few…..
        .if not now , WHEN? Idle no more. ….is the call gone out to Native America. As a Race we were commissioned by the Creator to be Guardians of Water, Air, Vegetitation, and the creatures.So our cry is; ” Its a Good Day to die”.
        It seems that in many ways, all the people from many places are stirring and know there must be change if we as a planet will survive.
        My computer access may deminish by the end of March….but I will consider your suggestions for a blog. I am honored you are interested.

    • i too wonder why you are not blogging. you can do it even from a library computer.

    • Barehand, I have always enjoyed reading your responses so if you do decide to blog, please let us know. I’ll be your first reader.

      • Folks, is there any one out there that could help Barehand set up a blog for herself? It can be done long distance, via email. And once it’s there, you wouldn’t have to start blogging immediately, but I’ll bet you’d get going pretty fast, and you could write your posts at home and put them up on line when you come to town. Donna

      • Thanks for thinking about me and a blog, However with transit Pluto sitting smack dab on my nadar I am being hit by CHANGE which would mean a home base Move, the Court Judgement coming down at months end on if I get custody of two baby grand daughters, seeing the Spiritual Herb Healer for 4 more treatments and the up date of my Van so as to be able to transport 3 grand daughters.
        This is something that would work out with my plans to make videos for You Tube and my web page. Have not advertised the Webpage yet as to an uncertainty. My son could help me with the Blog and when the dust settles by the end of March I could start moving on these plans. Thanks again for the encouragments!

    • Thank You! Please feel Blessed and continue your work with Love! We are all hungry for your heart and spirit and what you have that has been lost. So many just don’t know how to find you. Don’t believe the Mass Consciousness right now.

  4. Kelsey…the wikipedia artical is off concerning Native North Am and So Am. cultures. We did NOT marry anyone of the same Clan even if they were from a differnt Nation Tribe. For example when I ( Metis/ Ojibwe) visited the Hopi, those of my Clan took me in and took care of my needs..we were considered brother and sister This concept points to an Am. Ind. awareness of the elementals and the respect we accorded them as intertwined with us. After all we are Spirits tryingto be Human and all bodies of manifestation are the work of the elementals….hence our Clans.
    We are in a mutually benefacial eveolution.
    We did not mindlessly tamper in eachothers evolution but conducted mutually benefical deals( Eng is bad to express this) But what do we have today. Too much dna tampering and the hurting of the younger elementals. The overlord Elementals are much more powerful on the Earth plane so the backlash is way beyond a puny bomb.
    As No. Am. Ind.Our eveolutionary path was cut off abruptly and is little understood. Genghis Khan could have understood…..indeed the Elemental Overlords gave him his power and he was a Wise Universalist Spirit warrior…..he transformed the world as well for the better..
    Check out the books ” Indian Givers” and” Genghis Khan” by Jack Weatherford.

    • Barehand, I am really moved by your writing. I too would eagerly read your blog. As a kid I would be so distraught to see them widening the roads, I was worried the earth could not breathe under the concrete. There were no native people in my world or I would have eagerly connected with them. Your comments about the elementals intrigue me and I would love to learn more. You have a lot to share and there are many people, non-Indians but who are open to ‘walking the Red road’ as they say. I will look for your posts here!

  5. I have a stellium in my 11th house – late leo, with my sun in early virgo – consisting of sun, venus, mercury and jupiter. That is A LOT of light, outgoing energy, and because it’s in Leo I’ve always been very aware of my ego. People have always called me a star – imagine how that felt when I was a kid. It made me feel regal so I was a little, walking, entitled monster. My ego was huge and combine that with the fact that the stellium is in my eleventh, I’m always in danger of doing things for others as a way to feed my ego; to make everyone laugh and feel good is great as long as I get admiration and respect in return, because I’m a star and I deserve it. Also I have Mars in Virgo right on top of my ascendant – I’m a human bulldozer. I know this.

    But, there’s one thing in my chart I consider a true gift: my pisces moon, opposing my sun. It’s as if whatever created us looked and me and thought; this one is selfish, let’s give her this sensitivity so that she’ll never forget exactly how much.

    It used to happen a lot more, but occasionally I still have to refrain myself from taking too much of the attention: after talking for a while I always feel bad for the other person. So I’ve developed a habit of apologizing – “I’m sorry, I talk too much, how are YOU doing?”. I’ve had to consciously learn to really listen to people, and now it’s come to the point that pretty much everybody in my life – close friends, acquaintances, siblings, parents, bosses – come to me for advice, or maybe to just talk about what’s troubling them. I make up for my own ego with taking genuine care of others, and I believe this is how I make the world a better place – I really try. I try to teach kindness because even without Pluto in Capricorn, people are incredibly judgemental, and I try to help people be better, and to never forget that there’s always more to it than what YOU feel. My friends jokingly call me “the voice of reason” and they hate how I always tell them exactly what they don’t want to hear! And sometimes I hate to be that person, too.

    I have my MC in Gemini, Pluto in third and as the ruler of my third it’s in its own house too – I’m a journalist. It’s the the only thing I can imagine myself doing that feeds my ego (e-mails from readers telling me how great I am…) and at the same time makes me feel as if I’m making a difference in people (… and that piece I wrote made them think). I use my Leo showmanship, good humor and bubbly laugh to make an impact – I stay because hopefully, you feel that I genuinely care.

    Me – others; it’s all about the balance in my life. I’ve learned so much about people and life by being forced to look outside myself and my wants and needs. I wouldn’t want it any other way, though!!

  6. Beautiful words. My great grandmother was a full blooded Aztec Indian. Probably one of the last before she married my Spanish great grandfather. I still remember being sick with pink eye as a little girl in the 60′ s and a relative who was an actual PhD giving my mom an herbal ointment that healed my eyes ( and my brothers) within days. And it smelled nice too.
    There are no more of these wise Drs. We are so far removed from the earth. I believe as
    someone stated above that you can continue to be a catalyst of change for others, please share your wisdom with us. I believe there are many people who wish to thank all indigenous tribes but so little is written for mainstream
    eyes. In any case, I wish to thank you for sharing your wisdom with us.

    • You will be happy to know I just visited a gifted 92 yr old Spiritual Herbal healer and that they are still afoot in Indian country. Younger ones are coming up the line. This cannot be studied but is a gift.

  7. I have a 29 degree Capricorn Moon and can totally relate to what you were saying about Pluto in Capricorn. Good stuff here, my dear. What a blessing you are!

  8. Donna,

    In a completely synchronistic way, moments after posting online, an old student of mine, now a writer and poet wrote to me and told me what a positive impact I had made on her life. Talk about Pluto in Capricorn on the positive side! I do have Gemini on the midheaven, so perhaps my love of knowledge and the written word really did come through? Thank you for the post on Pluto in Capricorn. Now who can I thank?

    • I’m always in awe of the synchronicity I see–I always say, timing is perfection. Today, soon after I blogged about compliments, I got an email from someone who has been a thorn in my side for about a decade. What he said was so profound, I was able to sincerely compliment him and to value him. It felt good. Donna

      • How wonderful! And I understand perfectly. Let the compliments roll on! I am SO grateful for these moments. Thank you, thank you, thank you for wrting this post!!! I LOVE your posts you make everything so clear and understandable and you allow us to share our understanding of life, in a positive way. Looking forward to your new book as well. Blessings to you Donna!

      • I also love to compliment people and see the joy it brings (like you say, when it is heartfelt and the person is not full of himself). And I also have noticed the harshness in people w. Pluto in Capricorn, and people being more judgemental. The extreme “willingness” to share one’s opinions I attribute to Uranus in Aries, also of course, the quickness to anger. I knew that Pluto in Capricorn would be a handful. It has also brought a coldness and lack of empathy, as you said. Thank you for your very insightful and juicy posts. Be well.

      • I just finished a 9 week pottery class and was actually surprised at how delighted my fellow classmates were when I noticed their improvement or just complimented them on their work! In this class, i was one of the least advanced, so I got to make lots of compliments, all sincere.

  9. If we remember that Capricorn is opposite Cancer than surely Pluto in Capricorn will bring a lack of empathy and harshness. We need to take care of our feelings and protect our delicate sensitivities. We need to make a conscious effort not to hurt others.
    Pluto in Capricorn will lead to brutal reorganizations of structures, and not only political ones. Ego is one of the structures that we protect with all our might, naturally. Criticism hurts but it can also lead to rebuilding and expanding of our consciousness. I just hope that there will be place for softness, tenderness and kindness and not only the brutal communication of harsh truths.

    • Amen to that, SR. I am a Cancerian myself, and my shell has plenty of holes just now. Donna

  10. I agree Donna, there’s great power in a compliment sincerely given – it lets the other person know they’re truly ‘seen’, that they aren’t walking through life alone and invisible. It also serves as a reminder how each of us is uniquely connected to and a part of something greater than ourselves; we all hold the *potential* to offer something valuable to the structural integrity of the whole, Capricorn’s domain(???). More than that, when we’re able to respect and encourage others by recognizing their intrinsic value as human beings -an example of the right use of power- we’re more likely to recognize and nurture our own humanity.

    Conversely, when we recognize people’s failings yet are able to bless and forgive them without becoming complicit (or pretending they don’t exist), we open ourselves up to more fully receiving those same blessings. Our awareness can also highlight our own weaknesses and imperfections and inspire us to want to do better, to act more kindly, courageously and with greater compassion. We feel hopeful and remember we (all of us) are loved.

    I see discernment as being a valuable tool that allows us to distinguish truth from illusion and to see past facades, beneath the surface of things, even in ourselves. The truth frees us. Sound judgment helps us understand the true nature of things, hopefully leading us to make wiser decisions and to act accordingly and with *integrity*. Our judgments don’t give us a free pass to engage in the same mindless and/or aggressive behaviors we claim to abhor in others or to hold ourselves to a different (lesser) set of standards, although I do believe we need to respectfully challenge one another at times – otherwise, what’s the point?

    I hope while the Pluto-Uranus square is in effect, some of us will slow down a bit and take a deeper, more critical look at how we operate, using the time to become more aware of any ruthless, self-serving tendencies we may harbor within ourselves. Only then can we can begin to address any outside corruption -or the illusion of perfection/success based on form over substance- in more meaningful ways.

    • Good thoughts, LB. I think when we really feel the good things about the person, the less positive traits fade in importance. donna

  11. I have Mars in Cancer opposite Saturn in Capricorn which is difficult enough (this opposition is also part of a Grand Cross of Moon in Libra opposite Mercury in Aries) but I’ve just come out of having transiting Pluto conjunct my natal Saturn and setting off the whole Grand Cross. Must admit, didn’t see that much of a difference. I think I live with high levels of self criticism all the time so it seemed like the same old story.

    • You know, Keziah, I used to have that sort of noise going on in my head constantly–like an attack. Finally, I realized whose voice it was, a relative who bullied me, and I started talking back to it loudly (in my head) and telling it I was worth it. Before long, it shut up, and I was free of it permanently. It may sound odd, but it worked! Donna

      • Ditto. I have a whole journal filled with semi-incoherent hate mail directed at internalized relatives calling them on their hypocrisy, stupidity, and abuse. I can’t recommend it enough! When you criticize yourself, ask yourself: “Who do I sound like?” It generally happens in the exact same voice as the person you’ve internalized.

        I’ve got a Cancer Ascendant, Moon, and Venus. I actually am a bit wary of people who are heavy on the water energy. Here’s why — We can uncritically take toxins into ourselves and poison others by way of them via repetition. We can be like parrots! The sickest people I have met have internalized negative messages and enforce them upon others as a norm! Is that empathy or…? I actually can’t be around them. I know they lower my self-esteem and make me sick, so I run for the hills. With all that water, I don’t have the “immune system” for it.

        There’s nothing innate about unhelpful criticism and putting yourself down (I have an inordinate amount of Virgo energy, too). Although the *way* these traits manifest might be influenced by the natal chart, you’re not doomed to a certain behavior. And those voices, they always belong to some unhappy person who foisted their junk on you as you were individuating. Identify them, dialogue with them, and give them their notice to quit.

        To this end, criticism and judgment are the faculties that permit one to do this. Criticism and judgment are really good!

  12. Synchronicity ? I am reeling from what I just experienced. My Capricorn stellium son finally got a job in marketing and tech. He was expecting his first paycheck today, but some Mercury screwup happened, and he wasn’t paid. He enrolled in a photography class while unemployed. It starts tonight. Since he had no money, he decided to kill the hour and a half sitting at work’s parking lot. Good thing, he was there, because Son saw smoke, then the tech portion of the building exploded… He called 911 and then ran into the burning building to get the cleaning crew out. Very Plutonian !

    And yes, I told him he Better go to this class tonight ! 😉 Thank goodness for Planetary Blessings..

    Belle, Shaken and Stirred…

    • eeek!!! now THAT’s a scary story

    • Holy kamoly! Uranus transits can be freakazoid at times. Donna

  13. where do I start? Right now the thing that makes me feel best about myself is the marriage that I had with a man who loved me. Together we grew from two flighty foolish kids to a couple that many people aspire to be like. We grew into wisdom and with our love showed many other people what could be done. Together we flourished in each other’s love. I started painting, and although I’m no Picasso or DaVinci, the things I paint are getting some recognition and it gives me joy to do it. When I was just starting, it’s true, he was my number one fan. And I did similar things to him, I was the kindler of HIS flames when he started his career.

    and now, because of this marriage, I also have many people that now look to me that I never would have even met; because they are his family.

    I like a lot of things about myself, my strengths and my wisdom, and my intuition. I am not sure I would have “turned out” so good if I hadn’t married that rascal. What was it that made us work so hard and finally blossom into a wonderful relationship, when many others that started out like ours failed?
    Was it just that we were stubborn?

    Capricorn MH what can I say?

    • Ah, yes, yes, yes, Mimi, all you have shared us about your marriage and late husband sounds so special. Donna

  14. To start with a genuine compliment: what an exceptionally useful post, Donna! I do think it exemplifies the positive side of Capricorn, the maturity and patience to accept life as it is and understand that improvements are often made through a slow process of change over time – which means, as you say “empathy and giving others the benefit of the doubt.”

    I deserve to feel good about myself because I work hard to be both honest and kind with other people. And isn’t it easier to be loving with others when we do feel good about ourselves? So feeling good about myself is not only good for me, it’s also good for the people I spend time with. I’m seeing that very strongly in my new relationship – my sweetheart feels happier when I feel happier.

    • yes, that matches exactly what i was saying. accept life as it is and understand that improvements are made slowly over time….

    • Change over time. A beautiful way to describe the positive side of Pluto in Capricorn. AND in mutual reception to Saturn in Scorpio making each step forward that the mountain goat takes to be richer and deeper, transforming its path. AND Uranus in Aries challenging that stubborn goat to take a sudden turn. Poor little goat. How uprooting is that? The old goat in each of us is getting a wake up call.

  15. Donna,

    You’re so kind, and I benefit and learn from your website so much. Just the other day on a different forum, I was criticized harshly. I kept thinking the whole day, and wonder what it means about true charity without expecting anything back. It was hard on me, and I’m just a human. I guess I’ve got a lot more to learn in my spirituality.

    • It’s quite a blow in a forum where you trust that you can share openly. So sorry you were hurt. Donna

      • I just realized that I had a Mars transit opposing Pluto. What a power struggle, and getting over-powered. I just took it on my chin, and my business partner walked away. Now I don’t look forward to my Sun transit opposing Pluto next week at all.

  16. Thanks for taking a break from your writing, I always look forward to your posts. I agree, especially about the sense of entitlement. That is the buzzword for this time. There is also a massive level of hypocrisy in what many people feel that they are personally entitled to, and what others are,or are not.
    I remember Jeff Green has mentioned about the SaturnPluto combination–the ends justify the means. Many are operating in survival mode, and it brings out some ugly self interestedness.

    I am thinking the perfectionism and criticism of self and others may also be due to Transpluto now in Virgo. Astrologer Lynn Koiner has written a good article about Transpluto in Virgo and burnout. Especially good for caregivers, and those of us who need a bit more self compassion.

    It is a challenging time indeed.
    Thanks again.

    • I haven’t heard about transpluto in years, will have to take a look. (It’s a somewhat speculative chart position, but I related to mine.) Donna

  17. Very interesting article, Donna. Just received conversation from someone today RE: tendency for people to be “nicey nice” and to “make nice” when there are some very serious issues/concerns that will never go away until addressed head-on. Is what you describe a kind of anti-denial influence — people are often NOT as great as they think they are in our ego-driven culture — maybe calling a spade a spade means we can get past the bubble effect and get to work.

    Looking at the conditions in our society — there’s a lot of work to do and pretending all is well when it isn’t is not helpful. I think I understand what you are saying, the “feel good pass it around” idea for the regular people — but overall if the attitudes you describe are the peripheral spill over of the real power of Pluto/Capricorn the human race could have a lot more to be grateful for in the long run that a flimsy little passing compliment Hollywood style. Being conscious of being/feeling/acting to the negative matters so choices for goodness can be made, but on the far bigger level I think some reality-checks for all of us are in order. Thanks!

    • Hmmm. No, tell your friend that being nicey nice is NOT what I’m suggesting, for nicey nice pretends that obnoxious people are fabulous and incredibly special even when they are, frankly, being toads. THAT is the worst sort of hypocracy, and I never tell toads that they’re wonderful. (Being in denial of our Inner Toad is half of what’s wrong these days!)

      I’m suggesting the opposite, giving people credit for the admirable things they do. Not everyone is a toad, and being hypercritical and tearing modest, well-intentioned people down for every fault does not produce perfection, it just produces self-hate.

      (On the other hand, in behavior modification terms, it’s noted that positive reinforcement for our good acts increases them–not that’s my intention in doing it.)

      I’m not suggesting we pretend that people are perfect, because there are kind ways to bring difficult patterns to people’s attention without tearing them down.

      But your friend’s solution, to go around compulsively preaching to people about their imperfections in the belief that will change the world, is gratuitously abusive. Abusive treatment does not produce positive changes in people, it just adds to the misery in this world.

      It sounds like your friend is the epitome of what we’re saying about the judgementality and perfectionism of Pluto in Capricorn. Donna

      • Thanks for your reply, Donna. My friend was in part talking about family members who share abusive childhood histories “pretending” all is well when it is not. Anyway, I “catch your drift” and thanks to all for the insightful observations!

    • Heres some unvarnished facts that just came in, after that emotional nice Mega Media display of the Popes Selection in Rome:

      Accused Criminal becomes first Jesuit Pope – Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, tainted with Dirty War allegations, new Pontiff of Rome

      A Statement of the ITCCS Central Office – Brussels

      March 13, 2013

      A suspected criminal has been rapidly elected as the new Pontiff of the Church of Rome in a record two day conclave, being the first Jesuit in history to head the papacy.

      Former Cardinal and Pope-elect “Francis I”, Jorge Mario Bergoglio, is accused of helping kidnap opponents of Argentina’s military junta during the 1970’s “Dirty War”, and of baby trafficking, by lawyers and members of the Plaza de Mayo human rights group. (Los Angeles Times, April 17, 2005, “Argentine Cardinal Named in Kidnapping Lawsuit”,

      Besides his personal alleged criminality, Bergoglio – as a Jesuit – represents the group most responsible for the centuries-old Crimes against Humanity and Genocide for which the Jesuit Superior General was found guilty on February 25, along with Joseph Ratzinger and other Vatican officials.

      The Jesuit Order established the murderous Indian residential school system in North America during the mid 19th century, and has led the destruction and killing of millions of non-Catholics around the world since its inception in the mid 16th century.

      Under a secret oath administered to every member, the Jesuits are authorized and encouraged to kill, torture or overthrow any opponent of the Vatican and the Pope. (

      These facts, the Argentine allegations, and his complicity in the global conspiracy against children enunciated in the canon law Crimen Sollicitationas, makes the new Pope particularly liable for immediate arrest and sentencing under international law and the Common Law Court verdict of February 25, 2013.

      The ITCCS understands that Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s election was a quick and uncontested arrangement, as evident in its rapidity: in less than two days, a record for papal elections.

      Bergoglio’s election makes the guilt of the Vatican and its highest officials for Crimes against Humanity all that more severe. The new Pope, as the head fiduciary officer of the Vatican, Inc., assumes that guilt and liability.

      Bergoglio is therefore subject to immediate arrest under the terms of the Common Law Court ORDER of March 5, 2013, issued by the International Common Law Court of Justice under the authority of jus gentium, the Law of Nations, and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

      Accordingly, an application has been made by our Tribunal to these courts for an International Citizens Arrest Warrant, to be issued against the new Roman Pontiff, Jorge Mario Bergoglio – Pope Francis I, for Crimes against Humanity and involvement in a global criminal conspiracy based in Rome.

      The ITCCS will soon be issuing more background evidence on the genocidal purpose and actions of the Jesuit Order in relation to the ongoing crimes we have documented; and of the evidence of Bergoglio’s suspected crimes in Argentina.

      Issued 13 March, 2013
      ITCCS Central, Brussels


      • Wow this is scary and upsetting…when i was in college i took forensic anthropology with a professor who specialized in mass graves/human rights abuses…she was very active in recovering the remains (from mass graves) of the “disappeared” in Argentina…maybe pluto in cappy and uranus in aries will help in the exposure and prosecution of those involved in these types of crimes against humanity

  18. Sometimes you can give a sincere compliment and the intended receiptiant doesn’t even acknowledge your compliment at all. Wow, that was a real lesson to me. I needed to learn how to give with my heart without expecting anything in return. Initially I thought their was something wrong with me because of their cold non-response. Unconditional love can definitely be a hard lesson.

    • Oh, my, Sally, I know exactly what you mean. But you know what, I suspect that they may be people who are totally unaccustomed to receiving compliments (maybe even getting constant abusive comments) and thus don’t have a clue as to how to react–or may not even believe they deserve it! It’s no reflection on your kindness. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. It helps to hear you say that!

    • As a moon in cappy i tend to be suspicious of compliments (from certain people). I like them but if i feel like someone is laying it on a little thick it gets my hackles up (i also have a strong pluto)…maybe some of these people just dont have a good enough read on you and arent sure how you mean it?

      • Oh, yeah, there are compliments and then there are compliments. Usually the laying-it-on-thick kind has an agenda attached, and you’re wise not to buy into it. Donna, a fellow Plutonian!

      • Yes, I sometimes say things emphatically because I want to stress that I really mean it when perhaps it has the opposite effect. I have Pluto in Leo in the 3rd house!

  19. So happy to see you posting again on Skywriter, Donna! Trying to catch up on your posts. Right now I have Pluto in Capricorn transiting my 10th house…I feel like the world is judging me. This has not been an easy transit.

    • Dear Donna,
      I love you dearly like an old friend but I have never met you. When I was a teenager I couldn’t wait for the Dell Horoscope to hit the grocery shelve, I would save my money or give up anything just to read your
      articles ,it was through you I began to understand the different dimensions of humans, life had a deeper meaning and ‘all’ made so much sense to me.,
      Thank You for the gift of giving and your dedication to Astrology.

      Pluto’ came to visit me and turned my world upside down and caused so much PAIN! ..I am a Capricorn 12-25-51. Christmas Day! the birthday of the year,few remember. Chiron is conjunct my Capricorn Sun 5th house. so Pluto’ hit hard a double whammy it was very painful
      and it still Hurts!.. I gave up my career to become a Caregiver to my
      elder parents..who were dying, my siblings could not be bothered nor
      were they ever available, yet they became very jealous and back stabbing made up terrible lies about me tried in every way to ruin me
      and my credibility …and to break my spirit.. I lost both parents, but the
      death of mother was the hardest because she was my best friend.
      I have two grown children a daughter that was diagnosed with a brain
      tumor when mother was dying, she is now disable and a son who is disable from being in the Marines. ….the ex fiance’ who lied won a
      judgement against me, I couldn’t make it to the court hearing…. I was moving mother to Hospice,… the end of mother’s passing my sister
      lied to Law Enforcement saying I had abused mother…
      I remember asking please God give me Grace and Calmness
      show me the way…this is all too much for one person to bear.

      Pluto transits and the pain of suffering ….

      Life is very short! why is there so much senseless suffering..
      ‘Is this Perfect Order’?


      • Ah, Charmaine, you have been through so much, so many losses. Having even ONE of those things at a time to bear up under would be difficult, but so many in close succession would be agony. It does make you wonder about the purpose of it all! Donna

      • Charmaine, wow. That little chiron packs a mighty punch. But i have to ask you, was your birth in particular rough for you or your mother?

      • Donna thank you for your kind words. If I had a way of
        sending an ‘ALERT’ to all of those who are in ‘Pluto’s path
        and help soften the Blow I would. Donna your Blog is so
        important and even if we can’t reach out and give a ‘Hug’
        we can share our experiences here with you and other’s
        Thank you again for this space.
        Mimi, Thank You! … yes mother must have had a difficult
        pregnancy …..I found a letter written by her Doctor to my
        grandmother saying mother suffered kidney illness while
        pregnant with me….Mother told me that she went into labor
        early evening on Christmas and when she got to Hospital
        the Doctor had left because he had delivered 7 babies that
        day…. mother said there were 2 nurses that held her knees
        and feet together until the doctor arrived..that seems really
        bizarre to me …is that a Saturn thing? I was born mom said
        at 10:01 pm. Mimi I appreciate your noticing the connection
        of my Capricorn Sun 3 degrees conjunct Chiron 4 degrees.
        I am in Awe how much the story unfolds with our natal chart
        so many mysteries of our life’s journey are right there.

        Many thanks,and Blessings to those who enlighten our path

  20. Gosh, I thought people were rude because it seems nearly everyone is on chemical meds – but maybe this is part of a Pluto in Capricorn expression? Didn’t think about this because Pluto is ripping a new one in me (and I am allowing as much as possible, since that is the best way to handle Pluto in my experience). Interesting observation Donna, I shall ponder further 😉

    • I have had further contemplation on this matter, and I also wonder if Uranus being in Aries and squaring Pluto, creating tension that could be outwardly interpreted as people just “snapping” and preserving their own while not being helpful to others. I also think Capricorn’s ruler transiting from cordial Libra to slice-and-dice Scorpio has something to do with this. I have noticed much more intensity on this matter since October 2012 when this transition happened. I realize by modern rulerships that Saturn and Pluto, while for the moment sextile, are in mutual reception.

  21. This is a most interesting topic Donna, since we’re in the process of relearning the meaning of Pluto in Capricorn (after it’s last visit coinciding with the American Revolution). Behavior and how we interact with one another (i.e. rudeness, harshness, compliments or expression of love) is often assigned to the relationship sign Libra and the 7th house. I’m curious about something. Saturn is exhalted in Libra, which together with our allegiance to our beloved Venus the combined energies of these two planets sometimes create almost a astrological oxymoron, or extreme confusion. Yet, I wonder if comparing our present Saturnian experiences with that of Pluto’s transit through Libra (during the 1970′s and ’80′s) might help provide some insight.

    • An excellent suggestion, Linnea. My own memory of that era is rather hazy. Does anyone else recall what was going on in the world then? Donna

  22. Hi Donna,

    The plethora of “reality” TV shows focus on on “The Right Way” to run a business- a home, raise children, sing. They have shifted from “extreme make-overs” too good to be true- (Pluto in Sag) to eliminating problems and conforming to the expert advice(Pluto in Cap). There is dogma – the acknowledged expert comes in and dictates the fix. The goal- to become profitable.

    Robert Irving, a chef always restores rapport and function in relationships. Other experts are heartless and demean the participants.

    My husband has a Cap MC and LOVES these shows!

    At work, we lost a much beloved employee. The spin- he resigned. But no one dares speak of it to the admin.Who will be next is the unspoken fear.

    The entitlement problem is amusing. Our former mayor was just convicted of racketeering. He truly had no sense of restraint! A larger than life man who squeezed patronage money from one and all! His father was convicted of one count- and escaped the more serious charges. But his father was the power behind the greed machine!

    I too have been expressing gratitude and compliments. Growing up with a stream of criticism- Gemini Sun/Pluto mom and Virgo dad, I have created a family culture of mindful speech for my kids and me. I constantly express gratitude for small things. So do my kids. We avoid gossip and harmful speech as much as possible.

    I love your blog and am so grateful for the fascinating, wise folk who share it!!

    Wishing everyone many random acts of kindness as we move through these interesting times!!


    • Mindful speech, Lordie, yes! I’m going to add that one to my list of desiderata. Donna

  23. I have noticed this angry ” I am 100% right, you are 100% wrong, I work hard, you are a bum, I am entitled just because…..” mentality to be especially pervasive in the political and religious realms right now. Its’a also showing up in the workplace.
    I also notice it on some TV shows, such as home improvement shows, that you might not expect to find such attitudes. With all the people losing their homes to foreclosure and unemployment, you would think people might be grateful just to have a decent home of any type. But some of the people on those shows just demand perfection and all the little perks they feel they ‘deserve’. (3 planets in Cancer. I notice home improvement show attitudes! LOL!)
    As for me, I have always been able to give and receive compliments. Must be my Leo Sun.

  24. I have a cardinal t-square with a stellium in Libra in the 8th. Other planets involved are Jupiter in Aries in the 2nd (just being passed over by Uranus), and Uranus in the 5th in Cancer. Capricorn completes the square when planets are in the 12th. Pluto in Capricorn is beginning to complete the square now, and I am so nervous. It oftens manifests with me being the hospital, which has taken place, but moreover I find myself being attacked by critical, uncaring people whose aim is just to damage others by being terribly judgmental.

    It’s working. I find myself wanting to be hidden in my house, away from others. I don’t like being hurt. I wish these judgmental people would learn humility, but those are not the people who will tend to read this and understand.

    • ItalAmerPr: Just realize that those attacking, judgemental people are being defensive and projecting their own feelings of inadequacy onto you. It’s not you, it’s them with the problem. If you had the problem, and they were trying to help, they would address you constructively and compassionately not via way of hostile attack.
      So I say: screw ’em!

  25. Donna, what a wonderful idea to encourage us to compliment, to express the kind things we might be doing as an antidote to a hypercritical, unforgiving Pluto in Cap. Certainly that palm reader had some real wisdom. I’ve always sensed your human-ness and acceptance of imperfection.

    For the past few months I’ve been helping my mom return her house to order. She hoards, poor thing, (12 h sun) but she’s been willing to work with me and we have found ways make it fun and really enjoy the increasing use of her house. I’ve learned a lot of things about her childhood I never knew, and peeks of her real sense of elegance come shining through. I have to watch my attitude bc my Saturn Rx sits right on her Sun/Ven/Jupiter/Asc, so she *feels* any comment as hard criticism. Really makes me pause and think about what I say (so hard with Uran opposing, Plluto squaring my Merc!!). I try everyday to remind my mom how much fun she is.

    One thing that inspired me is the movie Lars and the Real Girl. The writer wanted to explore what it would be like to respond to someone’s mental illness with compassion. Wonderful film.

    An example of real harshness, genuine rush to judgement (by a judge! as well as a *@&#*#*(+! bank).

    • It’s lovely to see that you’re able to move through the hoarding and rather than be frustrated by it, you’re getting a better and better understanding and empathy for your mom. Kudos! In my several times of having to sort out and get rid of possessions while moving, I com e to see that each possesion as a back story and lotsof emotion attached, making the items difficult to let go of. In a sense, however, it’s a positive Pluto process of experiencing and releasing pieces of our past. I’m always nearly giddy with relief when I move and have only the truly needed and loved possessions, so freeing. Donna

      • Hi Donna

        What about Extreme Couponing as a phenom of Pluto in Capricorn?! Women have outfitted their homes with storage units for Armageddon !

        Just one woman featured on that show donates overage to local food pantries and animal shelters.

        These are 30-45 year olds. They are compulsive about saving money on everything.

        I could do with more money discipline having Moon/Jupiter/Neptune in the 12th. Lol!!

        I have enjoyed all the thoughtful, well expressed comments here!!!!


      • Kelly — Wow! I, for one, think you’re spot on connecting Pluto in Capricorn with couponing. Even the existence of coupon giants like Groupon and Living Social — everyone wants to save a buck even on reasonably priced goods! It is incredibly small business unfriendly, and there’s no face behind these coupon giants. Very scary if you’re a small business — these companies take 1/2 of the already reduced price. 😮

      • Hi Kelsey Lenore,

        We really support our local indy businesses. I gladly pay for the service and knowledge and a well staffed store. Especially in bookstores! LOL!

        Seeing the hoarding made me queasy and it is an addiction- no matter how much you save. It’s commendable that some goes to charities- but still most of it was processed food. These ladies are utterly absorbed by it. One said she was a closet couponer. Hah! How’s THAT for Pluto in Capricorn!?

        I could definitely be more mindful and frugal- but not like THAT.

        But they were well prepared for 2012….

  26. On mildly related note – Donna, do you think that Pluto in capricorn could be the reason the discussion about racism and the immigration politics is so prominent these days, especially in Europe? Obviously it has always been an important topic everywhere, but I live in Sweden and the racism and blatant hate against immigrants is now more “out there” than ever. People are “rushing to judgement” in a way that has shocked our society. Sweden doesn’t feel as safe anymore.

    Although maybe it’s more of a pluto in cancer sort of thing? But I can’t help to see connections between the harsh, judgmental, logical cruelty of Saturn and the destructive, bloodthirsty and powerful Pluto – they are both manifestations of what is found in such hostile discussions, no?

    • Ivannia, racism and immigration concerns are a big concern that seriously needs adddressing on a worldwide scope. While I do think Pluto is part of it, I’m more inclined to see it as a combination of Pluto-Uranus, now in a period of squaring one another that goes on for several years. It is connected to…and in a sense an extention of the Pluto-Uranus conjunction in Virgo that lasted for most of the 1960s. At that time, the US was faced with and ultimately had to respond constructively to a variety of right issues–African-Americans, women’s, gay people’s, and even of the dying. So far I’m not seeing a great deal of progress, although for the first time in our history, although we have a second term African American President and gay marriage laws are being passed in several US states. I think the reactionary/conservative/extremely wealthy political factions are very strong here, and so we may come to more explosive conflicts. Uranus in Aries is still very eaerly, so what will happen is still anyone’s guess. Donn a

  27. What great comments. It seems some of them are more focused on personal relationships, while others include observations about the way these energies are affecting larger scale social, political and religious issues – I’m thinking one is a reflection of the other. Reading everyone’s comments, I have to wonder if maybe Pluto’s transit through Capricorn is asking us to develop our *critical* thinking skills to help us stop turning our power over to anyone or anything -any belief, person, organization, system or tradition- that isn’t operating with authentic structural *integrity*, while Uranus in Aries is about thinking for ourselves and learning to pay attention to those sudden insights that come from the intuitive part of our brains, the part that isn’t overly dependent upon outside structures (or people) to tell it how and what to think.

    If our inner critic is too harsh (on ourselves or others), then we have the right to tell it to hush up, or to listen for clues that might help to transform it into something more healing and useful. On the other hand, if we fail to listen and see what’s really there (in ourselves or others) mostly because it’s easier and helps us to avoid unpleasant truths, maybe it’s time to take a deeper look – again, not to harm but rather to let go of what doesn’t serve the integrity of the whole so we can begin to heal, both personally and as a society. My progressed IC has been at the 29th degree of Capricorn for what seems like the longest time, so I get it.

    We all make judgments. If we’re able, each and every day we use our minds and hearts to make decisions big and small. We use our judgments to help us decide what to eat, where to work and live and shop, who to align ourselves with (and why), and how we live our lives. Our laws and systems are based on these judgments. Ideally, we use both sides of our brain – the logical side that takes into account empirical evidence, in combination with our intuitive, feeling-oriented, sensory based side. Our best decisions are the ones based on TRUTH, not the shiny illusions we’re so often presented with.

    There’s nothing *wrong* or harmful in determining someone or something isn’t who they make themselves out to be, or in deciding not to put our trust in someone or something, or in holding someone or something accountable in some reasonable, compassionate way by channeling our disappointment (and/or anger) constructively. In my mind, the issue isn’t so much about our judgments, but in the way we arrive at those judgments *and* what we do with them once we’ve arrived. Even if we observe (judge) someone or something to be untrustworthy, corrupt or lacking in character, there’s a big difference between holding people accountable when appropriate and being cruel, abusive and hypocritical. There are times to speak up and times to walk away.

    Adding, I think we always have to be careful not to overreact to the inconsequential small stuff that isn’t indicative of some larger problem or abuse and that won’t matter in the long run. No one wants to be held to some unattainable vision of perfection.

    • LB, your analysis of what’s going on in terms of both the external and internal causes of the issue we’re discussing is very evocative, and we do need reminding of its complexities. Thank you. Donna

      • Thanks for providing us with the forum to share our thoughts. Your post, along with some of these comments have made me think.:)

  28. Donna, I think you make a good point here. Come to think of it, I’ve realised in the last years the lack of compassion towards others such as politicians, celebrities, actors, other fellow being, etc.

    I’m sun in pisces moon in gemini who likes to follow gossip websites (here in the UK I follow horrible journalism yet great pics and latest news – or often ‘false news.’)

    I can’t believe the mean comments I read…I often wonder if people forget we’re all humans: imperfect and lovely, vulnerable and amazing, silly and brilliant.

    I have many lovely mercury, jupiter and venus aspects in my chart that make life easier and help with attracting and keeping loving and supportive friends…yet a t-square (moon/sun/neptune) and venus quincunx saturn kept me from loving myself properly for many many years (I’d go as far as to say that my sun trine saturn has also been a downer at times) till I started believing I deserved many good things.

    Not only did I start accepting more readily compliments, opportunities and others’ offers of love and support, but I’m also on a mission to be more self-compassionate and comfortable with my imperfections, so I can be kinder to myself and others as a result.

    I’m a mix of neptunian with strong saturnian tendencies so relaxing more, allowing less order in my life and being ‘less perfect’ (I know, was totally deluded on this one) while I keep healthy personal boundaries will be a life lesson.

    Got saturn transiting my 12th house so my saturn/3rd house (cap on cusp)/9th (saturn there) and 12th house issues are all going through a huge house cleaning process. Scary, inspiring, very anxiety-provoking.

    I’m loving myself more these days by, for example, taking Flower Remedies to reduce anxiety and fear, and by reading books on how to stop worrying.

    Saturn is good yet in moderation. I’d say pluto in capricorn does look, behave and sound like perfectionism in many ways. Let’s see what pluto’s got planned for capricorn! 🙂

    Enough written. Take care.


    • I know just what you mean about the gossip sites, Cris–they seem to revel in seeing someone go through a hard time or making a mistake–no compassion! And gain 10 pounds? Ridicule and Crucify the person! You’re on a good track in working for self-acceptance and being lovingly compassionate with yourself. I’d wish it for all of us–maybe then people would have some empathy for others’ struggles. Donna

  29. Just in case (mercury retrograde), I was referring to the mean comments I read on the gossip websites, unbelievably harsh so often…

  30. This is great 10 step how to on creativity and healing from self-doubt. I find it clear and helpful —

  31. I am a Capricorn with Virgo rising, so I know too well how easy it is to slip into self-criticism that can then spill out onto others. Metta meditation is my favorite way to heal excessive negativity toward myself and others. I try to create the time to do it every day, and it makes a huge difference to my peace of mind. For the so that I am practicing, my mind is a place of blessing. And if I have an especially challenging day, I crawl under the blankets and listen to Jack Kornfield’s guided metta meditation as I fall asleep.

  32. Am so looking forward to your new book on stelliums…my grandson (18 months old) has 5 planets in Libra and boy, is he already a people pleaser! He’s a star! And that’s what worries me, lol. Hope he can find a balance in life (pun intended) between staying true to himself and pleasing his audience! Great blog on Pluto in Capricorn. Love your site.

    • where are the 5 planets in libra, which house???

      • All in Libra in the 11th house:
        Sun 5
        Mercury 5
        Venus 16
        Saturn 18
        Moon 22

    • i have a stellium in libra too. He will be an expert about his health and will probably like pets. (like me)

      • a 6th house stellium in libra, I mean~~~!!

      • Wow…are you in the health field? What kind of work do you do?

  33. Great comments, Donna & All – Thanks!

    Oh yes, let’s share more compliments, responsible willpower, and constructive transformation during Pluto in Capricorn.

    • A mainstream article to go along with Donna’s timely observation: I just read How to Stop the Bullies in The Atlantic (March 2013), an article about being harsh, mean, and a bully in social media and what experts are doing to manage and reduce this problem. Interesting article, I thought.

  34. If anyone is interested is an excellent resource …there is information on many forms of bullying. I was interested and comforted especially by the way they bring attention to the more passive-aggressive bullying tactics, which I feel is often over-looked.

  35. what I think we are seeing w Pluto in Capricorn are rich people being obnoxious. The Kardashians are glorified – there isn’t a day that passes that Kim is not in the news for blood facials, being pregnant, wearing odd clothes or whatever. We have Paul Ryan raising $12M at a fundraiser while trying to gun Social Security. CEOs are getting huge bonuses. There is a tax amnesty on for the rich to come clean about paying taxes for their household help. Only 5% pay taxes on this as they are supposed to.

  36. When Pluto went into Capricorn back on the 1st of February 2008 this brought about many changes and shifts. While I personally do not look at Pluto in the reading of astrology it is not to say he does not have an effect on those things that occur around us. However, the above is not what I have seen or noticed and not what I predicted would be occurring over the next 26 years leaving Capricorn on the 20th of November 2024.

    What I had said would be occurring has been happening. A greater more pronounced level of violence, aggressive and malevolent tendencies and abuses, those things in which have been covered up for so many years would come into the open, digs in ancient sites would again be unearthed. Those people with hidden agendas would be found out; secret societies would be revealed as well as enemies found out for their true faces. This is not to me a placement of entitlement or snobbish behaviour it is a placement of malicious and hidden intentions being brought into the light, there is a higher level of deaths and many of the elderly are and have been passing away. Saturn and Pluto energy is of death and the underworld and all things buried. It is an extremely hard placement and one that is more associated with that of ill tongue, false friends, hard words and that of others trying to control and tell people what they can and cannot do. It is an evil placement. All of this will continue until he moves into Aquarius on the 21st of November 2024, then we have a whole new shift to look at in the heavens, as Aquarius is too ruled by Saturn this should be an interesting time for us all.

    I am a Traditional Astrologer and do not focuses on Pluto as Saturn is of the same nature and one can find typically the same effects from Saturn as one can from Pluto.

  37. Reading these insightful hearty astro comments has been so comforting, thank you all. I have been having a challenging time lately, and struggling and trying to make things happen,scrabbling for solutions, working harder & trying to “fix” isn’t actually working. When I realised I have Pluto about to cross my asc and a second Saturn return, I found hope and context for this tough transit time. I have Sun, Venus,Merc and Saturn in Scorpio, and a Pluto moon conjunction. I forget I’m a control nut cause its so much a part of me, phew. Being kinder to self is my starting point.

    • Just wondering Jeanie what or feels like to have Pluto crossing your ascendant. My boyfriend has 11 degree Capricorn ascenndant and it’s been very powerful and life changing but also overwhelming. Like a tsunami wave. He is becoming very powerful and activating his dreams. Of course the ruler of his ascendant is in the 11th house. So what does it feel like for u?

      • Regine, your boyfriend has it happening now I see, Pluto is 4 degrees off my 15 cap, mmm. The 12 th house experiencing is limitation, isolation, vivid consuming night dreams, & working in a v neptunian place ( aged care dementia, 90 beds, never enough staff) . I moved to a country town from interstate and fell out with the one person I knew here. I saw an old pattern of letting people treat me badly and I knew I had to say No More. The job is tough as its the only place here I can work as a nurse. I am studying art therapy, it’s something I’ve wanted to do for 30 years. I feel displaced and yes, I get overwhelmed. I recently uncovered knowings about the abuse I had as a child. I’m digesting that slowly, it makes sense and yet its so sad making.
        I’m getting through cause I know transformation and fire and I hope that once Saturn and Pluto have done their magic I can practice with creative arts therapeutically, find a good mate and have a new life. As an addit, I do notice I need to be really really choosy about who I spend time with. I notice now more than ever how people unconsciously throw their shadow out and I feel quite permeable.

  38. Last Saturn transit in my empty Capricorn 7th H (except for the South Node), I went through a painful divorce. Now, Pluto is crossing. My husband had serious health issues a few years ago and re-covered. He is very much alive and well so far. I’m consciously praying for his health, doing anything I can and feeling very blessed every single day that we can spend together.

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