Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 19, 2013

Birth Date for the Younger Suspect in Boston Bombings

Kelly Goldberg sent the birth date for the younger of the two suspects in the Boston bombings–the one who is still on the run as this is written. She writes: “his DOB is  7/22/1993 and he is thought to be of Chechen origin as in Chechnya. This was on MSNBC- from a wanted poster from FBI.”

I am on deadline for my advice column for Dell Horoscope, but will leave this to you to do with as you will.  Leave your thoughts in the comment section below this post.

Regards to you all–I really miss blogging, but besides the book on stelliums I am writing, I’m juggling my columns and preparing two lectures about stelliums for the NORWAC Astrology Conference in Seattle weekend. (Read about this much-loved conference here: NORWAC: Northwest Astrological Conference.)


  1. Just looking at ephemeris he has Mars square Venus, Sun quincunx Saturn, Pluto square Chiron. Saturn opposes Chiron. Uranus is currently opposing his Jupiter. Pluto recently squared his Jupiter. Transits to midpoints might show something, as well.

  2. Ch. 4 in Boston, MA, has a live interview with the bombers, aunt. She says that the younger brother was born July 23, 1993. Of course, she stressed and her memory may not be at tis best right now.

  3. Hmm. Hard to say. You’d think the FBI would have access to immigration documents. As for time of birth, that is probably never going to be available from a reliable source, as a Chechnian birth certificate would be hard to come by. Donna

  4. Not sure if this is really the correct birth date. Many times birthdays are changed when children immigrate. But With transiting Mercury conjunct Uranus in Aries opposing his natal Jupiter in Libra, won’t he be discovered soon?

  5. ANOTHER 20-year-old? This makes how many now? What was going on 20 years ago that spawned so many mass killers?

    • A lot of the people born for several years around then had stelliums in Capricorn involving a conjunction of Uranus and Neptune. But, clearly, there are millions born at that time who aren’t mass murderers. Donna

  6. This type of “witch-hunt” is appalling…and made even more so by those whom I would have thought to be a little more conscious/evolved than those who have not studied Astrology.

    That anyone would believe anything that comes from the mainstream media is a little disturbing. I think most are aware that the msm is owned by only a few souls on this planet therefore making them extremely biased if not downright dishonest. There are plenty of whistle-blowers who have come forward about the deceptive practices of the msm and their intimate ties with corporations such as Monsanto.

    Perhaps it would be beneficial if you and your readers read the Project For The New American Century as well as G.Edward Griffiths book, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’. I also highly recommend John Perkins’ ‘Confessions of an Economic Hit Man’, anything by Jordan Maxwell as well as ‘Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth’ website.

    It is very evident that most people do not venture, mentally or emotionally, far from the dictates and parameters of the institutions that guide our societies and that is a very troubling matter to witness. Demonizing young men …some who can no longer speak for themselves…is the equivalent of a witch-hunt. We personally know nothing of these young men other than what we have been told…this is called gossip. We mistake ‘gossip’ for news because that is all that the MSM engages in; Gossip, deception, inanity, irreverence of the condition of being human, slander, bullying and immaturity define the very nature of the MSM. Nothing that they have to say is relevant or real. They are indecent on every level…yet, it appears that many souls are enraptured of their vulgar influence and go so far as to accept anything that they proffer as ‘evidence’.
    Were any of you in attendance of the Boston Marathon? Did any of you, who are so willing to jump on the MSM bandwagon of gossip, witness this atrocity or know these young men personally?

    My god…..did we not learn from the Kennedy assassination, or Bobby Kennedy’s assassination or Martin Luther King’s to see that there are people who are set up as a patsy by the very entity that makes such accusations against others…especially from foreign countries? One is such an easier target when one is from another country. Americans are notorious for their insularity.

    There is more evidence that all “governments” are not governments but plutocracies that wield their power through force and brutality and have complete control over the airwaves that find their way into our homes.

    I shut the boob tube off and highly recommend this to all who have been hypnotized by it’s “panem et circenses” tripe.

    We should be always vigilant and cognizant of our thoughts, words and actions and how they might affect others. Of any group of souls I would have expected a deeper understanding of these precepts from Astrologers.

    As far as there being a ‘justice system’ in any corner of this world …well, that is just an illusion….if there was a system of justice surely Henry Kissinger, Clinton, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Powell, Brzezinski, Rockefeller, and thousands of other sociopaths, who fill the fetid offices of power, would have come before a grand jury by this late date.

    Let us see some Astrological perspectives on these sociopaths above so that we might better choose a different world than the one they have created for us, for it is nothing more than a system of death and depravation.

  7. I too do not trust the process of this investigation. Nor the integrity of the investigators. It is fhe proverbial fox guarding the hen house. Not only does it demonize immigrants but It wrongly feeds those who seek to avenge and gives a dangerously false sense of closure

  8. … And there is no Santa Claus… That’s why this boy is in trouble now. He believed in rebels. Look at his chart and how it affected him. Personally, I stand with the people of Boston and its catching of a killer. My total heart was in Boston; my mind was not. God bless the U.S.A. and media for helping to get it done. Thanks for not including Kennedy, Roosevelt, Lincoln, and Obama in that list.

    • Obama?

      • The Trilateral Commision, “The Late Great Planet Earth”, 666, and others were popular talk in the 1970s. The conspiracy theory dictating that Oswald had help has been around since 1963.
        Of course, 9/11 was caused by Dick Cheney, the Pentagon was blown up because video doesn’t show a plane ramming into it, and old white men now chose a Democratic black man for the White House. Let’s not forget Roosevelt knew the Japanese would bomb Pearl Harbor and allowed it to happen to get us into the war. Let’s not forget eventually everyone will get a UPC symbol on their head or hand. One world government. Yes, it’s coming.

        Thoughts like this were fodder for the Boston Bombers to commit their heinous crime. Do we really care on an astrology blog? In a future post, maybe, when we can analyze the world’s chart.

      • ItalAmPr….you are not unlike a Bonsai Tree….your roots grow shallow, atop your soil. Send them deep into the Earth, ItalAmPr ,and you will understand what I understand.

        “Thoughts like this were fodder for the Boston Bombers to commit their heinous crime”

        Can you hear yourself, ItalAmPr? Listen carefully and I will help you to see this door “Swings both ways”;
        “17 Arab men with box cutters hijacked airplanes and flew them into the twin towers” ……FOX, ABC, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, CBS news reports…..and this information was provided ( with photos ) within an hour of the broadcast? How…convenient to have had the headshots of these men….as well as the surviving passport of one of the alleged “hijackers”. Ridiculous.
        “Hani Hanjour flew flight 77 into the Pentagon”…again, courtesy of all mainstream news outlets…..yet all video footage was seized by the FBI of this attack on the Pentagon, and, to this day, has not been released to the public so that we, too, may be afforded the same view as those of this Asymmetrical Power Structure. That would make everything that these people spoke nothing more than hearsay…..rumor…conjecture….gossip.
        “Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11″….courtesy of the MSM.
        “Saddam Hussein is developing Weapons of Mass destruction”….courtesy of Colin Powell, Dick Cheney, George Bush, Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld…..and the MSM.

        I will turn your quote around here, “Thoughts like this were fodder for the American bombers to commit their heinous crimes”.

        “It is forbidden to kill; therefore all murderers are punished unless they kill in large numbers and to the sound of trumpets.” ~ Voltaire ~

        Thoughts like this cost millions of Iraqi’s and Afghanistan’s their lives as well as over 4,000 US troops. My son being one of them. My ignorance cost my son as well as millions of others their precious, precious lives and you want to ask if we “care” about such things on an Astrology blog? Incredulous.

        An Astrology blog is exactly where one might get to the root of social dis ease. Astrology is a profound tool for understanding and understanding is an impetus for growth and self awareness. Within this growth and self awareness one is afforded an inner peace that has no love for projections of racial bias or desire for revenge. What our “government” did, in the name of all inhabitants of America, spoke volumes of our collective desire for vengeance against a body of souls we never had the honor to meet.

        If I have learned anything in this life, ItalAmPr, it is this; I do not need to know anyone to know that I love them…and I love every soul on this planet. I may not like their actions but love is at the root of all my thoughts and actions when I think of my fellow travelers.

        Do we need to talk about these things on an Astrology blog? Perhaps this kind of shallow response is exactly why we live in a state of abject ignorance. Perhaps this is why acts of violence and vulgarity is on the increase instead of the world becoming more balanced. Look to the roots and you will find your source of all injustice…all dis ease.
        Astrology is the implement for just such an endeavor and a “blog” the forum to present such buried treasures.

        Let us become that treasure before we destroy each other with our ignorance.

  9. I’m sorry, Jamie, but I think it’s more difficult to be an idealist under horrible circumstances than it is to be cynic enraged by the perceived failings of public institutions. All of us in the Boston area have been privileged to witness an outpouring of altruism and selflessness on the part of “official” first responders as well as complete strangers who stepped forward in dangerous situations. We stand with those who offered up the best of themselves!

  10. Ah…….you have no idea what I have experienced in my life that would offer me such a wide and expansive understanding. Enraged cynic? My dear, my rage is placed appropriately outwards and I would hardly call what I feel “rage”. You are using old and worn techniques to silence those offering a different perspective.
    “Perceived failings of public institutions”? Our complete system is a failure as it is a system bottlenecked with mentally, spiritually and emotionally bankrupt souls. This is not a perception but more of a reality. Perhaps you share a condition so many struggle with called Cognitive Dissonance?

    Until and unless we broaden our base of information we will continue to blame those who have no chance of ever speaking their truth.

    My husband was to attend the Boston Marathon but I argued strongly against it. His friends did go and narrowly missed this deliberate infliction of misery and pain. If he had gone and gotten himself injured I would have had no pity for him as I have been telling him for years that we should be paying very close attention to those in power as this is our civic duty… well as doing all children of Earth a favor by not participating in their cult of death. Perhaps you have read nothing on Bohemian Grove? Trilateral Commission? Perhaps you have not experienced that mental and spiritual depravity called “war” coming home to you?

    They ( those in power ) had viciously sacrificed 3,000 souls in front of the world on 9/11/2001.What would prevent them from bombing marathon runners? We are not unlike Nero fiddling as Rome burns around us….or perhaps worse….the unwashed masses whose only goal in life is to accept the handouts of the elite as we satiate our desire for drama through sporting events and Hollywood blockbusters. Panem et Circenses; Juvenal’s “cynical” observance of the ignorant masses.
    We gorge ourselves on their ( Asymmetrical Power System ) garbage and we cry “foul” when they use us as entertainment? We are addicted to drama and this is why we can accept such atrocities without getting to the root of all social injustices. That you would find it a benefit to have authority figures show support and compassion in a crisis is a telling sign of such an addiction. I would be asking them HOW such a thing could happen in a country that has a practice of physically molesting air travelers and have stripped Americans of their right to due process all the while working on divesting them of their 2nd amendment rights? I would not be bonding with my captors if I were you.

    Below is a very good essay on “evil” but lacks the depth required to completely flesh out this adjective. Combine this essay with Jeffrey Wolf Green’s book ‘Pluto: The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul’ and we have a very clear picture of why some souls choose negativity or “evil”. It is the environment(soil) into which one is born that becomes the nourishment of the root.

    Right now, as I write, the Arctic circle is melting, releasing massive amounts of methane into the atmosphere…exacerbating the problem of a diminishing magnetosphere….causing extreme weather changes as well as plant and animal die-off, but, most are oblivious to this reality. Instead of researching and understanding the world in which, not only they must live, but also take great care of, they instead appease themselves by indulging their shortsighted wants. Did you know that scientists are saying that the Earth’s temperatures will soon rise to temperatures that will not sustain life? Did you know that they say we are in unchartered territory as global warming escalates beyond their predictions?
    This article is frightening but sobering to read and should have been every earthling’s top priority instead of running marathons or worrying about their career path in life…for, without an Earth there is no future or path to consider.
    Time to evolve beyond the five senses.

    • Some very thoughful points, Jaime. Why don’t people want to get to the roots of the issues, rather than enjoy the drama?

      • Zoraida, you have queried a valuable point. Why don’t we get to the root of our collective ills?
        I think this is a multifaceted question that begs for clarity.
        You seem to be acutely aware, as well, of our addiction to drama and the unhealthy bonding it creates between those that have something to gain from creating the trauma/drama and those who become the victims of it.
        If no one wants to be a victim ( and there are those who do enjoy the notoriety that this condition entails in this superficial society ) then it would seem that we would look to mitigate placing ourselves in the position to become one. The only way to not become a victim is to understand the world…and those that guide it…. in which we live.
        Why do most people steer clear of certain neighborhoods that have a reputation for drug abuse and gang related violence? Why do we go around pot holes and flooded streets? Why do we lock our doors and arm our homes? Why do we buy insurance or immunize ourselves against communicable diseases?
        These are all precautionary measures we take so that we do not become victims…yet, somehow, we stop being cautious where powerful institutions and those that guide them come into play. We just automatically genuflect when confronted with “power”. This is a deep flaw that has been a constant plague on this planet. Perhaps the root of all of our social dis ease.

        Not much understanding is going on in this world currently. In all honesty it causes me deep embarrassment to watch the MSM as they are reduced to nothing more than shallow narcissists parroting what they have been told to report.

        In my studied opinion, largely guided by an understanding, people are souls evolving and are susceptible to the influence of other souls. We are all born into a world that has a very dysfunctional value system that demands an obedience to a power structure that has little relevance to the health and happiness of most souls.

        I think it obvious that if we look to the root of all social ills we will find some culpability and that is where fear and projection raise their ugly heads. We do not want to admit that we have been ignorant or blind or selfish or greedy or narcissistic….but I think this is a very healthy place to start. No condemnation, no retribution and absolutely no judgment is necessary.

        We appear to be operating through our egos rather than our higher mind/essence and protecting this ego can become all encompassing, if not a zealous enterprise, bordering on some kind of medieval crusade.
        I have seen this time and time again in the older generations who defend their systems of belief…not of understanding…..and their choices. As I calmly and rationally observe their rabid defense of their ignorance and blind obedience to “power” I am struck with the intense fear that they emanate. I can feel and hear what they are protecting. I can understand that they fear that if they let go of their childish egos they will no longer exist..and, perhaps this is what keeps this dysfunctional boat afloat;the nurturing and protecting of the false self.

  11. I stand with Jamie. . . All day I have felt sadness/grief for the poor boy accused of this crime. And I grieve for the family.

    Another thought: those who still think Oswald killed Kennedy will not understand how I feel.

  12. There is a lot of speculation about what has happened in Boston: we need to wait for all the facts , well-researched and verified facts to come out, as there are different, contradictory stories. Have they got the right people? Are there others involved. What exactly is the background to all of this insanity and violence? Also people are in so much shock and grief. It was an appalling, devastating, unexpected thing to happen. Jamie raises some very interesting points. And I totally agree with Donna; there are so many people with similar birth dates; it doesn’t mean they choose to act /react in a violent way or even destructive ways . I was reading Sam Geppi’s blog today ( a vedic astrologer) and he said, to the effect of ” Stay in the light…” Many people may choose a certain way, but it doesn’t mean you have to. Let’s see what transpires out of these, and don’t become pawns in the media circus . We need to make up our minds to be supportive and caring of others, as Amy T has just said: this situation has also shown others at their very, very best.

  13. What and Who is MSM? NN in the 3rd, so wondering why I’ve never heard of this “org.”

    • MSM = Mainstream Media

  14. I stand with Jamie as well. I don’t know what to believe anymore from MSM, ever since I found out that a third building WTC#7 collapsed in a FREE-FALL vertically-down fashion without being hit by an airplane or debris.

    Just think about it for a second, and try to simulate a building free-falling using toy blocks. The possibility of a building FREE-FALLing to the ground not by pre-mediated demolition is essentially zero. I won’t fill in any URLs because there are all kinds of conspiracy theories online that you can google, and the sad part is that the conspiracists may be right.

    There is something very hideous going on in this country, that few people dare to speak up. It may not be long before we lose our freedom of speech.

    Google “Craft International Boston backpack” and you can read the other side of story. Honestly, I don’t know which side is telling the true story. I don’t take a side either. But whatever MSM tries to do, it’s certainly synchronized with an united storyline. I don’t think it’s professional at all to publish suspect killers’ photos everywhere to create a public pre-judgement before any evidences or trials to present the real truth.

  15. Freedom of speech going down into drain, monitoring the phones lines of the reporters:

    Constitutional rights no longer. Both judicial and executive branches of the government are one of the same.

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