Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 22, 2013

Royal Baby Boy Born as Mercury turns Direct — Stelliums Rule!

(c)7-22-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The long-awaited first child of William and Kate was born at 4:24 PM, today,  7/22/2013 in London. Here’s his birth certificate. His chart is shown  further below, and you’ll note that he has a stellium in Cancer of Mars,  Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun in the 8th house.


As often noted here, major chart features like stelliums often run in families. William was born with a stellium in the 9th house of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio–all being crossed in the past three years by transiting Saturn. His recent Saturn return, then, was a coming of age for him.  (See his chart and biography on AstroDataBank here: William, Prince (1982).) The baby’s Mars and Jupiter are conjunct William’s Cancer Sun and Moon. (Read about my new book on stelliums here: Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!)

The chart for William and Kate’s wedding, on April 20th, 2011 at 11:00 AM, had a stellium in Aries of Uranus, Venus, Mercury, Mars and Jupiter, all in the 10th. (You could also say it was a stellium by house, as Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter in Aries were joined by the Sun in Taurus in the 10th.

Important information:  There was a controversy about the correct chart for a while, because people were getting two  different charts for the same birth date and time. Some people, using the that time, date, and place, got the Sun at 29 Cancer 58 and late Scorpio Rising. Others had the Sun at 0 Leo o1 and Sagittarius Rising.

The two Suns are just 3′ of arc apart, and the Ascendants several degrees apart, but in the first chart, there’s a strong emphasis on the water signs, and in the second, there’s a strong presence of fire signs. With Mercury just turning from retrograde but still standing virtually still, the Mercury Retrograde story collectors are gonna have a ball with this one!

FINAL ANSWER:Karen McCauley did the research and found that the Cancer Sun, Scorpio Rising chart is the correct one.  She explains, “For those of you who use Solar Fire and got a 0 degree Leo Sun and 29 degree Capricorn Moon, please note that the chart should say BST to be correct (British Summer Time). Sometimes the default on Solar Fire for London reads UT which is Standard Time and that would give positions for an hour later.”

Now, I don’t know about you, but I think it’s about time we got a look at the chart.  See below.

Prince Cambridge

A stellium isn’t the only thing going on in this baby’s incredibly complicated chart.  There are 3 other major configurations:

1) A cardinal T-square of Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries, and three Cancer planets: Jupiter,  Mars, and Mercury Stationary, going direct. (The current Mercury-Pluto-Uranus T-square is the reason I’ve been advising you to watch what you say: Mercury Advisory—Keep your Eyes Open and your Mouth Shut! Imagine having that dynamic going on for you your whole life like this baby has!)

2) A Grand Trine in Water comprised of Mars and Jupiter in Cancer, Saturn in Scorpio, and Neptune in Pisces.

3) A second T-square consisting of Sun at 29 Cancer, Moon at 28 Capricorn, and Saturn at 4 Scorpio. These out of sign aspects are easy to miss, but they are still within an acceptable orb for a T-square.

Note that one corner of the cardinal T-square–the Mars-Jupiter conjunction–is also a corner of  Grand Trine, so it draws the two configurations together and eases the stress in the T-square by providing the support of the trines.

I ran a trial chart yesterday when I noticed how intertwined the triangles were. My first reaction was, “I hope to God it’s a boy!”

It’s not that I’d have anything against a first-born princess.  It’s just that the powerful connections between Mars, Uranus, and Pluto put me in mind of the triple  conjunction of Mars,  Pluto, and Uranus in the charts of two notoriously wild actors–Johnny Depp and Robert Downey, Jr. The close Mars-Jupiter conjunction that is one corner of both the T-square and the Grand trine amps up the Mars energy even further.  As someone whose Mars score on the Planetary Strength test is 71, I can tell you that it’s pretty hard for a female to live with the kind of temper that much Mars can represent.

What can you expect from a person with this powerful a chart?  Well, looking at both extremes, he could be an incredible world leader in an era when the shape of the entire world is being altered forever. OR, he could be a  hell  raiser with a violent temper. OR, he could be both.  Too soon to tell, by far!!

One reader wrote to ask me, “Do you subscribe to the ‘karmic element’ of planets at 29 degrees?  Or 28 for that matter? Sun & moon here?”

My reply: The 28th-29th degrees of a sign are generally called “critical degrees.” A planet at that degree is mobilizing its energy for a major transition from one sign to the sign that follows it. It’s not an easy transition, since the energies of these next door signs are very different from one anothe. Cancer is Cardinal water; Leo is fixed fire. Leo is fixed fire; Virgo is mutable earth.

 That’s another odd thing about these last few days–three planets were in the process of moving from  one sign to the next–the Sun, Moon, and Venus.  Yesterday, when I ran a  test chart, I was struck by two planets at the 29th degree–Sun at 29 Cancer and Venus at 29 Leo–the degree of the so-called Kingmaker, the fixed star Regulus. So as I waited for the birth, I was wondering if it would come before both those planets changed signs. Today, Venus abdicated Regulus’s royal throne by moving into humble Virgo, but the Sun remans in Cancer rather than moving into Leo.

It makes me wonder if when he is grown, he will be deeply involved in an era when British royalty is in a major transition and if he’s somehow a major player in that transition.  A fascinating chart, altogether! Donna

(Incidentally, there’s still another configuration that runs in Britain’s royal family, but it doesn’t appear in  this boy’s chart: The Royal Family: A Quincunx Coincidence—or a Yod Occurrence?.)

Read about my new book on stelliums here: Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

Readers, please write about your impressions of the chart in the comment section.


  1. You announced his arrival to me by your great post. Thanks! Oh! My gosh! What a chart! 29 degrees Cancer sun. I was thinking he was hanging in there to be a Leo

    • For those of you who use Solar Fire and got a 0 degree Leo Sun and 29 degree Capricorn Moon, please note that the chart should say BST to be correct (British Summer Time). Sometimes the default on Solar Fire for London reads UT which is Standard Time and that would give positions for an hour later.

  2. thanks… for your prompt and enthusiastic publishing of baby king’s chart. question, though………. I ran time and place and date on Astrodienst and got that baby has grand trine with pluto kite formation……. what goes/gives?

    at any rate, this little guy promises to be a very interesting astro subject.

    hang on for the ride.

    Patricia… love,love to Donna

    • Hi, Patricia, I’ve been doing the post on the fly, and yes, I know there are 3 configurations including the T-square, grand trine, and second T-square of Sun, Moon, and Saturn. But I do think it’s awfully wide for a Kite–5 degrees for the sextiles. AstroDienst has huge orbs, and I don’t buy into all of them. Donna

  3. Hi Donna,
    The only thing I was watching was the moon and sun, and I am glad to see his Moon in Cap and the Sun in Cancer so that will go well with the parents in my opinion. Now I have to look at everything else and see what jumps out at me. I still know so little about all this…oh well. Thanks for all the work you did getting this going so fast.

  4. Hi Donna, I also ran it on and he comes up with a 29 degree Cancer sun there too.

    The other thing that I noticed was that he has nine water sign influences, one fire, a few earth and absolutely no air at all. His moon is in Capricorn (Kate), offsetting the emotionality of the 4 planets in Cancer. But I couldn’t get past the preponderance of water influences … and the four in Cancer in the 8th house (yes, lots of inheritance, but what else?). I was also looking for Diana … besides the Cancer, I didn’t find much. Thought maybe the moon would go into Aquarius before he was born, but should have known better with Kate’s Cap sun. But in looking at Kate’s chart, she has a lot of Sag & Aquarius, just like Diana, and I was wondering if the rising would be Sag and the moon Aquarius, but just degrees away in both. Very interesting! Before looking at any of the astrology, I thought it would be a girl. According to Twitter, a lot of other people did as well.

    Do you subscribe to the ‘karmic element’ of planets at 29 degrees? Or 28 for that matter? Sun & moon here?

    • Thanks for bringing in the element factor, Karen. So much water should help mitigate the overly strong Mars. Oh, by the well, there’s also a discrepancy in the Rising sign going on–some have 27 Scorpios, others have early Sag.

      As for the 28th-29th degrees, they are generally called “critical degrees.” That’s another weird thing about this chart. Yesterday, when I ran a test chart, I was struck by two planets at the 29th degree–Sun at 29 Capricorn and Venus at 29 Leo–the degree of the so-called Kingmaker, the fixed star Regulus. So as I waited for the birth, I was wondering if it would come before both those planets changed signs.

      Today, Venus abdicated Regulus’s royal throne by moving into humble Virgo, but we still do not know for certain whether the Sun is in Cancer or Leo. Weird, weird day! Donna

  5. P.S. If he does become king, he will rule mostly on instinct. Although his Cap moon & pluto do ground him.

  6. I got a 29 Degree Cancer Sun for the baby. I have a 29 Degree Capricorn Moon and I am very psychic. So is our new little royal bundle . . . and with that Scorpio ascendant–an observer, a charmer, and an intuitive.

  7. i have a question-would the illuminasties really lay it all out there about this child–like they had fake William and Kates run the hospital to fake out people-i wonder what else they faked out about this child–his birth time maybe?

    • Hmmm, that’s fun to think about, though it does verge on conspiracy theory! If that really were true, then I could understand some motives for doing something like that.

      1)It’s pretty clear that William believes in astrology, as his mother followed it so intently. You can’t look at that wedding chart without being certain an astrologer chose it for the couple.
      2) William has a thing about privacy and the intrusion of the press–and who could ever blame him for that?
      Oh, and 3)They waited hours after the actual birth to announce it, SO
      4) Maybe he would go to the length of faking a time of birth to keep the chart private–and probably would think it was a hoot to fool us.

      As I say, I’m not necessarily ready to go that far, but it’s good fun to think about. Donna

      • Interesting about an astrology possibly choosing William and Kate’s marriage chart. Doesn’t the marriage chart have a VOC moon? I didn’t think that was a good thing in a marriage chart, is it?

      • Hi, Anna, yes it is a void of course Moon, as it makes no more aspects before it leaves its sign, Pisces. I didn’t know that. Surely an astrologer for a royal wouldn’t choose a voc wedding chart, would they? So, just maybe it’s possible no astrologer chose that chart after all…or that it wasn’t a wise choice of an astrologer. Donna

  8. i got 29, 59 Cancer…and the scorpio asc ….i find the scorpio north node in 12th , the most interesting !!! what is his mission …?
    thanks for this post Donna !
    and i agree , Astrodienst orbs are extravagant ! 🙂

  9. I did a chart on My Ipad, using Time Passages software. I got the same Sun sign/degree.

    I do not consider a Sun at 29 degrees a good thing but that is from experiences with Cusp born family?

  10. Also, many Brits I follow on Twitter – more Green Party tnan Monarchists – are apalled that there was no mention of Diana by Dad. She seems to have been erased from Royal memory.

    I am also glad to see this in Placidus, with Saturn in the 11th. I have seen it in the 1st (argh, my husband is a Scorpio Rising with Saturn in the 1st, not user friendly. In my unscientific study, I have encountered many 1st house Saturn’s who lost their Dad at a young age) and the 12th. But i have yet to run across a chart that says the Boy Prince is a Leo

  11. I’m using Time Passages (Mac) and it says Sun in Cancer at 29 Cancer 58’23”. By my calculations the Sun entered Leo at 4:56 PM so it was only 32 minutes away from Leo by the clock.

    My software uses the Swiss Ephemeris, as does Solar Fire and Astrodienst. So that isn’t a problem, nor is the calculation itself. But I think I have identified the problem, one that you and I discussed before: Daylight Savings Time.

    If you use UTC, you get sun at 1Leo01. If you use BST, that is one hour earlier, so you get 29Cancer58’23”. While the Royal Observatory at Greenwich is in London, and Universal Time is calculated from the Prime Meridian, you can’t use GMT/UTC. London is currently on Daylight Savings Time and presumably the time of birth was given in local DST.

    FYI, almost everyone uses the same Time Zone Database, a file known to computer geeks as “tz”. It has DST data that is generally accurate, and much of the data was taken from Astrolabe software, the creator of Solar Fire.

    But apparently IO software doesn’t have accurate DST data. This isn’t particularly surprising, since even Solar Fire gives a warning on startup that their tz data is not guaranteed accurate since there may have been changes to DST (e.g. start and stop dates) since the software was updated.

    • Yes, that’s what my friend, Karen McCauley figured out too–the difference between Universal Time (?Greenwich) and British Summer Time, with, as you say, the Cancer Sun being correct. Donna

      • Now I just have to figure out why says 44 arcseconds and my software says 23 arcseconds. I suppose this level of accuracy is unnecessary, but it does bother me.

    • Charles, I think you nailed it here re: the chart discrepancies people are seeing are because of DST. He may be a Cancer sun because of Diana’s Cancer sun, William’s Cancer sun & moon and Kate’s Cancer moon. I believe in astrological genetics as well as biological ones:) Of course his three other planets in Cancer would cover them as well.

      Like Pat above, I did wonder if the right birth time was publicized, since they waited hours to announce it. Also because I thought the baby might have Sag rising and an Aquarius moon, both markers of Diana and Kate. While I agree with Donna it’s a bit conspiracy theorist, I wondered why it was announced so much later … hours after his reported birth. (This Daily Mail article says it was announced at 8:30 p.m. GMT:

      A Leo sun with Sagittarius rising and Aquarius moon would make for a much different person (and King) than a Cancer sun, Scorpio rising with Capricorn moon. The former being more a person who gets out in the world and the latter being more protective, family oriented and who holds things close to the vest. I guess only time will tell!

      • Perhaps we should consult the Royal Astrologer. I recall reading some guy’s website where he claims he was appointed to that position, and that there has been a continuous unbroken series of appointments, there has always been a Royal Astrologer back to the days of John Dee and maybe beyond. Or so he claims. I spent some time searching for his site, but I couldn’t find it, buried underneath tons of speculation about the current Royal news.

        This birth time, so close to the cusp, might inspire a lifetime of chart rectification. But with the announced birth time at 32 minutes before Leo began, I don’t think there’s much chance the time is too early. I figure usually it’s a few minutes late at most, whenever the nurse gets around to recording the birth time.

      • I wish I could recall the name of the woman who claimed to be Diana’s astrologer…not too ethical of her to reveal it…anyway she was on the astrology conference speaker list at the time. Donna

      • Per Astro Databank, Penny Thornton was Diana’s astrologer:,_Princess_of_Wales (under relationships)

  12. Hi, Donna and fellow astrologers,

    Like many people I was hoping for a first-in-line-to-the-throne girl! I was also holding out for a full moon in AQ rather than late CAP (in opposition but still just within Gibbous phase) and a Leo Sun. There’s also a rectangle in addition to the 2 T-squares and Grand Trines. I was struck by the Neptune in the Grand Trine with the early CAncer planets and Saturn. The square from Uranus to Jupiter and Mars is troubling, but there’s a definite mystical streak here too.

    Amy Tedford

  13. Hi, all,

    I guess I should add that I used (Please forgive me, Donna!) because I don’t have astrology software yet.

    There are also some powerful oppositions in the chart. Sun- Moon, Neptune -Venus and Pluto -Mars-Jupiter-Mercury. I wonder about that square from Saturn to Sun and Moon and its implications regarding Mom and Dad. Also, that Uranus in the 5th house square Pluto and Cancer planets. Risk-taking in sports? Gambling with the inheritance? Goodtime Charlie type?

    Amy T.

    • Oh, I’m quite sure he’ll go through a hell raiser phase–the 8th house stellium could make him irresistible to the ladies, and the cardinal t-square too. But the strong Pluto/Scorpio/8th house could also show him as the Phoenix rising from its own ashes.

      But about the Sun-Moon opposition, squared by Saturn, I surely don’t even want to think of trouble between his parents, Amy, as it’s like a fairy story with a happy ever after feel to it these last few years. Sigh. Donna

      • That’s the other thing that didn’t make sense about him being born today Donna; the old saying if a child is born on a full moon it represents tension between mom (moon) and dad (sun). All professional astrologers please forgive this very quick and dirty compatibility report, but I don’t see their relationship as fake or a fairy tale:

        I thought baby boy was going to be born last week during the Grand Trine (before the full moon). Reports say Wills wanted a girl and Kate wanted a boy. Could that be the push/pull? I do think they love each other. Using their charts in Astro Databank, doing a synastry with his chart as anchor (since his time is known), it still looks good between William & Kate. Her Sun, Mercury & Venus fall in his 1st house, her Moon in his 7th, her Jupiter in his 10th.

      • Donna, you used the expression “hell-raiser” and these beer-makers might have picked it up:

      • LOL!! Everybody’s getting on the band wagon!

    • Isn’t his Uranus in the 4th house? Wouldn’t that indicate that he would really shake things up at home?

      • Either that or else home would really shake him up. Donna

  14. Atually I was thinking of his relationship WITH his parents, given the possible willfulness of Uranus, Mars and Pluto with Jupiter adding fuel to the fire, so to speak. Of course, Saturn teamed with his parents might have something to say about all the fun stuff!

    Amy T.

  15. After flying around the Astro Databank on and realizing that both Diana and Wills have Cancer suns with Sagittarius rising (and this baby nearly does too), what did strike me as unique to his grandmother is that the Royal Baby Boy has two planets in his 2nd house opposing a stellium of 4 planets in his 8th house, just like Grandmama Diana. Yes, Donna, it’s a family of stelliums; even Kate has a stellium of 4 LIbra planets in some house (no one seems to know what time she was born).

    • I know I saw Kate’s chart posted once, and I thought it did have a stellium, but I’ve never seen it again. I think what I saw in Libra was three of the planets that were going around in Libra that year and were part of Will’s stellium–Pluto, Saturn, and ?Mars? Jupiter?

      • Mars, Saturn, Pluto in Libra, with Jupiter in Scorpio as a house stellium here (using noon as birth time):,_Duchess_Cambridge

      • Yes, those are the same 4 planets that William has, and in the same order, so they are deeply connected partners not only in marriage but also in the work they will do together as royal representatives. But her birth time is unknown, and with untimed charts, they use either 7:00 AM or12:00 PM, so we don’t know if she has a stellium by house or not. Donna

      • P.S. Hope it’s not really in her 6th house

    • Here’s the chart Astro Databank shows for the Prince of Cambridge:

      • YEP, that’s the one with a Cancer Sun and Scorpio rising–I don’t think there’s any more controversy about it. Donna

  16. Donna – surely you meant ROBERT Downey Jr.?

    My thought when I looked at this chart – Uncle Harry’s escapades are going to look timid in comparison with this boy. In a way it would be a better chart for a sovereign born 400 years ago, who could lead the army into a battle and have scores of mistresses and illegitimate children, not for a contemporary royal who is expected to shake hands and smile blandly, while any attempt at cheating is going to be publicized and meet with tut-tutting from the whole nation. But at least he’s got a Venus in the 9th, he’s going to enjoy travelling and surely his job is going to involve a lot of that.

    • Interesting thought–maybe he’s a reincarnation of a 1600 era king. I think famous people do reincarnate that way. Donna

      • fascinating thought, validates a direction my thoughts have been wanting to go in as well. I keep feeling like this baby is born an old man already, with so much old, sad, karmic residue clinging to him. And not the recent stuff, a.k.a. Diana, but much older things. All those Cancer planets will give him a strong connection to history and ancestors. I hope some of the good ones emerge as guides for him

      • Along those lines, you may enjoy this article. I’m hoping he’s not named George! (Since Twitter does exist now:)

      • Henry the VIII was a famous 16th C. Cancerian king!

      • OMG!! Well, his 8th house surely fits a Henry type king! Donna

      • This is a really interesting topic, Donna and Lena in regards to the 8th house and a reincarnation of a king. I noticed that the baby’s chart,for example, venus sextile saturn , saturn square moon. Now I wondered, if this would counterbalance the 8th house mars and jupiter, and make some one a little bit more cautious in relationships, some one very loyal, or taking relationships very seriously, or being a late developer, or someone who has a very serious mind, traditional, more conservative thinking perhaps prone to depression?. Perhaps he will seem older than his years and very serious, on one hand. Just an interesting thought. A saturnian side as well as a plutonian side.

  17. The baby’s chart is indeed powerful and complex, as Donna said. I think it’s interesting to note the connections with the baby’s chart and Prince William’s chart as Prince William was born on a solar eclipse.

    In her book Predictive Astrology Bernadette Brady tells us that this eclipse is Saros Series 2 Old North which is finishing and will end in July 2036 when Prince William is 54. and when the baby will be 23. This Series is one of separation or ending of unions,and presages the end of an era for Prince WIlliam and the monarchy. Bernadette adds that this Saros Series began in 792 AD when the tradition of the monarchy began, with Anglo Saxon King Ecgberht.

  18. Continuing this theme, I noticed that the baby’s Jupiter and Mars in 6 and 5 Cancer conjoin Prince William’s eclipsed Sun & Moon in 0 & 4.58 Cancer, Mars being joint co-ruler of the baby’s Asc. The baby’s North Node trines Prince WIlliam’s North node – a fated link – and the baby’s chart has a powerful fateful Plutonic influence with Scorpio rising, rulers Mars and Pluto opposite each other in the 8th, the natural house of Scorpio. Could this mean Prince William might abdicate when his son is 23?

  19. Uranus in Aries is the only fire in the chart. I see a very sensitive and emotional person, quick with a retort and a temper if he is emotionally hurt, but the trine from Saturn to his Cancer stellium plus the moon in Capricorn brings him down to earth and helps him to be grounded. A trine from Saturn always helps!

  20. Hi Donna,
    Bit more info for you….
    Royal Baby (Prince of Cambridge) the same Sun sign as his
    Dad Prince William
    Sun Cancer, Moon Cancer

    He also has Moon Capricorn
    Mum Kate’s Sun is Capricorn and she has a pretty clustered chart (no birth time)

    She is Sun Cap, Moon Cancer
    …and the baby’s grandparents:
    The Queen Sun Taurus, Moon Leo, Cap Asc,_Queen_of_England
    Prince Philip Sun Gemini, Moon Leo, Cap Asc,_Prince_Consort
    both have Capricorn Ascendant, so this definitely is ‘one of the family’.
    Kate’s parents:
    Sun Aquarius, Moon Taurus
    and Michael
    Sun/Uranus/Venus Cancer, Moon Taurus
    …which to me means Royal Baby will be very well looked after!!
    Key words for Baby are:
    Quiet (Scorp Asc), Emotional (Sun Cancer), Serious (Moon Capricorn)
    In Peace
    Mary xx

    • Thanks, Mary, good info. Folks, that’s from Mary L. English, whose book about Cancerians has just been published. See an excerpt here on skywriter at: How to Help a Cancer Leave Home. .

      • I had read Ms. English’s post a few days ago, and my first thought when the new royal was born was, “Another Cancerian who didn’t want to rush separating from Mommy.”

      • LOL!! That IS funny/serendipitous, isn’t it? Donna

  21. Having been through a Hang On Girl, you can Make It birth experience, I keep getting visuals of Kate trying to hold out for Leo. But when a soul decides to enter the World, hard to stop it! That’s why our first son was born in our car!

    Also Wondering how that Uranus in the 5th is going to play out?

  22. If anybody checked out the Grand Sextile (5 degree orb) occurring on July 29 (two interlocking grand trines (water and earth) separated by sextiles) they can see that that configuration will equal the Royal Baby’s progressions at age 7. Awesome! The positions in the GS will trigger his natal Uranus, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Pluto, and Neptune. I wonder what he will do with all those opportunities?

    • Yes, I saw that and found it very interesting as it doesn’t happen all that often.

  23. i used Placidus, and Uranus is in 4th… and capricorn and cancer are intercepted !! I personnaly take heed of interceptions , from my point of view and experience they are very real and important (having one in my chart ,all 3 of my children, and my Mom and sister…)

    • That is interesting about the intercepted Sun and Moon, but keep in mind the classical Rule of Three. It says that if anything is truly significant in a chart, you will see it reflected at least three ways. So the fact that the Sun and Moon are intercepted AND in the critical 28-29th degree, AND part of an out of sign T-square with Saturn in Scorpio as the focal point of that t-square are all ways that the Sun and Moon are challenged. Donna

      • Donna,

        The Royal Baby is so interesting ….
        Did anyone see how he was waving
        like Hello I am here!….. I’m here!…
        Think I understood Prince William say
        he has strong lungs..maybe Little Price
        and his ego are all intact.

        I have a question Please?…..
        not much info on this if someone
        could comment……
        My heart is very saddened for the loss.

        ~ Great Britain again,~!,,,,,

        We have recently lost two Icon’s of
        the Metaphysical world …….

        Stuart Wilde died May of this year in
        car accident. ~ I Loved this Man’

        Derek Hawkins died a few days ago!
        Famous Astrologer of Great Britain!
        Derek was a very loving charismatic
        teacher…… Awesome Man!…..

        I am deeply saddened for the loss of
        these Great men …

  24. Hallo Donna,

    Apparently Regulus has moved into Virgo a couple of years ago. So it’s probably pretty exactly conjunct the baby’s Venus.

    What do you make of being born the day Mercury turns station direct? I am too, but I haven’t given it that much thought…

    • Ah, Mads, thanks. I was wondering about precisely that thing, because I know the fixed stars do move–about one degree in a millennium probably, but still they move. So I was wondering that about Regulus and didn’t know where to find out. Well, Regulus in the last degree of Leo was super-duper Leo, so I wonder what it says that the 3rd from the throne is a Virgo/Regulus/King? A very different monarchy is coming, for sure. Donna

  25. I first heard of his birth through your email with his chart! Many thanks for posting this, as well as your great interpretation!

  26. Thanks for the info on the Royal Baby’s bit. I use solar Fire and this program takes care of the Summer time in London so no issue for me. The Fixed Stars move approx. 55 seconds a year – 1 degree every 72 years – with Royal Star Regulus in Virgo this is perfect as the Royal family are ‘in service’ to their people. Numerous Royals are born with Virgo planets.

    • Thanks for the info, Judith. As it happens (“coincidentally”) I was born with Sirius conjunct my Sun to the minute…and now I’m 71. Donna

  27. Both Kate wore a polka dotted dress to come out to show the world her son and Kate’s mother also wore a polka dotted dress to visit her daughter in the hospital. Diana wore her a polka dotted dress too when she first walked out with her son. So maybe this was done on purpose. It’s very British to be very subtle.

  28. Oh my, rereading this, and looking at some of the charts, I realize that in Placidus, Uranus in the 4th; Whole Sign 5th (I think). normally I use Placidus.
    So I would consider the Placidus chart placement, 4th House.

    Today is my Car Born son’s BD, and I would have given an arm or a leg to have his only Sun contact squaring Pluto! But they do arrive on their schedule, I remember reading that Diana had a Cesarian and chose William’s birth date.

    All of which is to say, I don’t do Astrology Professionally, but I am keenly interested in it. Thanks for posting all of this Donna!

  29. Solar Fire gave the summertime automatically but AstroScoop for Windows 7 doesn’t so I got different times.

  30. Last night I looked up Prince William’s chart. He has a Cancer-Capricorn interception, too. Interesting .

    Regarding the reincarnation of a 1600s king behaving badly, wasn’t Charles II called the Merry Monarch? I hope Wills and Kate don’t have to deal with that one!

  31. I used the coordinates for the hospital and with those, the Sun is at 29 Cancer 59.

  32. What I found quite interesting is that Prince Williams’ progressed Sun is 29 Cancer45 and this new baby boy’s sun is 29Cancer58
    Prince Williams’s Prog Moon is 29Leo16 conjunct the baby’s Venus 00Virgo08
    Prince Williams’s natal Sun is 00Cancer06 and the baby’s Sun is 29Cancer58 so Williams Sun sextiles baby’s Venus
    Baby’s Pluto squares his Dad’s Mars and the baby’s Moon squares Daddy’s Jupiter
    Kate’s Sun is 18Cap54 trining the baby’s MC at 20Virgo36
    Kate’s Moon is 14Cancer21 conjunct baby’s Mercury at 13Cancer 31
    Both Mom and Dad have Moon in Cancer – Baby has Moon in Capricorn
    Dad has Sun conjunct Moon in Cancer – Mommy and Baby have Moon opposite Sun
    They are all Cardinal people!
    Talk about action and energy!!! Wow – this is going to be one fun family to
    watch evolve!!

  33. Oh oh, baby’s name is George.

    • I couldn’t believe they named him that after reading article I linked above. Apparently the monarchy doesn’t read EOnline! 😉 Piers Morgan nailed it when he tweeted the morning of July 22: “PREDICTION: A boy, called George, weighing 8lbs 2oz #MysticMorgan.” I sent him a congratulatory tweet today. Here’s his Twitter feed for anyone interested: (You can read it without an account.)

  34. Has anyone noticed the baby has mercury ruling his MidHeaven and
    Is quite powerful turned direct. But not just that, but the 13 degrees is
    Conjunct the fixed star Sirius which would indicate a powerful,
    Blessed ability to rule? Thoughts on this?

  35. On another note, I find it interesting that George was born as soon as Mercury turned direct. I know thousands of babies were delivered without any problems with Mercury retro, but here we have the media (Mercury) of the whole world which would gladly stick their lenses up into Kate’s birth channel if they only could.

    • Ah, yes, and now there are websites popping up on how to get rid
      Of your baby ‘bump’. How lovely to be in the public eye.

  36. Oy! There is a Kite there! Mars conjunct Jupiter trine Saturn trine Neptune opposition Venus! what a kid he is going to be 🙂

  37. Some astrologers have hypothesized about the existence of unseen or undiscovered planets. In 1918, astrologer Sepharial proposed the existence of Earth’s “Dark Moon” Lilith , and since then, some astrologers have been using it in their charts; though the same name is also (and now, more commonly) used in astrology to refer to the axis of the actual Moon’s orbit. The 20th-century German school of astrology known as Uranian astrology also claimed that many undiscovered planets existed beyond the orbit of Neptune, giving them names such as Cupido, Hades, Zeus, Kronos, Apollon, Admetos, Vulcanus, and Poseidon, and charting their supposed orbits. These orbits have not coincided, however, with more recent discoveries by astronomers of objects beyond Neptune.

  38. I also ran it on and he comes up with a 29 degree Cancer sun there too.
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    • Thanks, I’m glad you like it. I will send you an email with an index of all the articles on astrology on this blog (about 500), listed by topic. It has clickable links to the articles.

  39. Sorry I am late with the comment- if the TOB is correct it seems to me that this baby will be ‘repaying’ some karmic dept- with Asc Lord MARS and stellium in 8th, I can imagine the horror of his puberty. Very powerful Mercury may offer saving grace- but it’s not Asc Lord!-so it may help intellectually /with anguish though, because 8th H is a bad house, except for inheritance he will certainly have/
    and his Moon totally alone /no planets in 12th and 2nd from Moon/ considered a ‘bad yoga’ in Jyotish/ fortunately caching aspect with the Sun-
    before changing sign and hitting Sa afrerward-
    The chart doesn’t promise much for a Father either.
    He may become a hell riser or – a renunciate; as most of them do have difficult charts /and 8, 4, 12th H emphasis/

  40. Wow! What a chart!

    Regarding all the mars energy in this little boy’s chart… I don’t think he’ll have a violent temper at all (at least not in his younger years) because his south node is in the 6th House in Taurus. and by having his north node in the 12th in Scorpio it should be his purpose in this life to do some deep transformations.

    This is just the humble perspective of an airy plutonian 8th-House-stellium weirdo!

  41. I’m not sure if you had that conversation early on though, this might all be moot ;).

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