Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 16, 2013

I Must Have Been a Mummy in my Other Life

©8-16-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Okay, Pedants[1], don’t write. I’m fully aware that that’s not possible, because technically, if you’re a mummy, you’re not having a life. I just mean that in some past life, I must have been a mummifier, or whatever you call a person who makes mummies. I have always been fascinated with them. I am riveted by every documentary on the subject and subscribe to Archeology magazine partially to read about new discoveries.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me all year was going to a  huge traveling exhibit this week of mummies from around the world. If it had mainly been Egyptian mummies, I would have been disappointed—I am sooooo over Egyptian mummies!

What’s trendiMummies of the World exhibitng now is mummies from the Andes—Incan and pre-Incan. This exhibit had an amazing collection of both royal and naturally mummified everyday Indians.

THE star of the show was The Tattooed Lady. She looked beautiful and was stylishly dressed, her reddish brown hair in braids perfectly preserved.

So, yes, I am strange to get so excited over a bunch of people that had been dead 2,000 years or longer. But I must not be the only strange person in Portland, Oregon, the city whose official bumper sticker reads, “Keep Portland Weird.”

It was on a Monday morning, middle of August, and the museum was crowded. School bus loads of kids—I mean, summer school has to be over.

If you share my interest, don’t miss the exhibit—Mummies of the World—if it comes to your town.

And, yes, there were some neat Egyptian mummies as well. Several perfectly preserved heads with beautiful bone structure. Lots of canopy jars and other artifacts. And a priest, shown here, in a wonderfully colorful coffin with multi-colored hieroglyphs and pictures.

Do I have a strong Pluto? Yeah, I do. Part of a triple conjunction on the Ascendant, South Node in the 8th.

[1] Readers, if you don’t know what a pedant is, then you probably aren’t one. It’s a constipated joy buzz killer who insists on correcting you every time you’re being creative or playful with words and thus not absolutely grammatically or linguistically correct. They assume you’re ignorant if not outright stupid and that you don’t realize that what you were saying was wrong. Pedants can bite me.


  1. Thanks for telling us about this

  2. I think most pedants probably have very strong Virgo and maybe, Scorpio in their charts. I have a friend with strong Scorp who corrects spelling and grammatical errors in the paperback books she reads.
    On mummies and such: I know someone who has a mummie phobia!

    • LOL! Maybe I scared her in my other life! The funny thing was, I wasn’t at all grossed out by the human mummies, but I couldn’t look at the mummified animals. Donna

      • I don’t find that odd, Donna — I have also been fascinated by mummies since childhood, but never liked that there were always mummified cats, etc. in Egyptian tombs! When I was about 10, my mom took me to the R.O.M. in Toronto to see the King “Tut” exhibit and I was like a kid in a candy store! 😉

      • Oh, and P.S.: I also have Pluto-Uranus on my Asc.

    • Virgo Moon conjunct Pluto and Scorpio Mars conjunct MH here … guilty as charged! It can be a real downer on Facebook, but I edit myself from commenting. I, too, find errors in books … my favorite question is: “Where have all the editors gone?” (long time passing:)

      Donna, I just recently learned Portland’s motto is, “Keep Portland Weird” and love it! Great post on the exhibit. I have a strong Pluto and love cemeteries; i.e. reading old gravestones with birth dates and imagining the life that person lead.

      • Oh, God, I am a graveyard freak. New Orleans was heaven when I finally got to visit it. And somewhere out in the country near here (Portland), a friend and I were driving around, looking for a llama farm, and we ran into this very old graveyard (probably stopped burying people there in the 1920s) and all the tombstones had epithats in German, and in that old fashioned German lettering. Holy Kamoly–I was a German major in college until I got gobsmacked by a psychology course and changed majors. That was like two hallelujahs for the price of one–a graveyard and funky old German inscriptions. I know I am peculiar, but I’m pretty much okay with that…and harmlessly peculiar. (If I get a bunch of “unsubscribes,” I’ll know I have finally gone too far with the self-revelation.) Donna

      • Wow! I was a German teacher (now retired)! I like cemeteries, too. So peaceful. . . I walked lots of them when I was into genealogy.

  3. Hi Donna, Love your blog,I also love mummies,they are soooo cooool.

    I drool over colored glass and all kinds of material.Especially,cotton,if its not 100% cotton clothing,then its some kind of plastic.

    Being a seamstress,I just love those things.

    Does one horoscope tell of a past life location?

    Sag Sun,Gemini stellium ascendent,Pisces Moon  High energy

    You picked my question in the Dell Horoscope about five years ago. I laughed when I read,when will hubby die in the index.

    He is still waking up every Morning,to my dismay. Taurus Sun,Moon and Ascendent,a real fun guy,he could depress GOD.   Nancy in Boston


  4. oh thanks for telling me about this! might be worth a bolt bus trip down to PTD and back!

    • I’m not sure how much time is left, mimi, maybe just to the end of August or a couple weeks in September, so don’t miss out. If you do, let me know–it would be fun to meet in person after all these years of blogging together. Donna

  5. LOVE feeling your enthusiasm about this!

  6. I took 50 friends to see this exhibit in Tampa last year! FASCINATING!! Here are some links in case you can’t get there yourself: (parent and teacher guides–I read every word).

    Guess who has a strong Pluto and a strong Uranus??? :-))

    • Than,s for the links, Mary, the ones for our local museum weren’t that informative. Donna

  7. Ahhh, mummy dearest… as usual, stellar writing! The rigid pedants often lack a sense of humor. Thus don’t pick up on silly puns, let alone clever wordplay.
    I do admit that occasionally I rant about the apparent lack of basic English skills among the allegedly educated. However, that certainly makes clear there is little connection between formal education and intelligence! I was a blue collar worker for decades before returning to college, eventually going for an MA. As I repeatedly informed the would-be educated elite, many of us working class people CAN read, write, and think.
    Some of us even remember past lives. I was a priest of Osiris. Not the most esoteric of lineages, that’s more the Horus types. Nor was I one of the important ones in any case. A priestly embalmer would be tres chic or whatever the term was in ancient Coptic or Amharic. Now as a Pythagorean philosopher in Alexandria… never mind, that’s for later.

    • LOL! Yes those were some choice incarnations. Donna

  8. I love mummies! What is it about mummies that I find so fascinating? I can remember visiting the Field Museum in Chicago as a child and having a mummy capture my attention. I would look at it for hours.(well, okay,if left to my own will. My parents had other ideas!) To this day, decades later, I am still the same way. If there’s a tv program on them, DO NOT touch that remote! I savor articles in magazines. I tend to re-read the articles, and I hate to put it down. I really like mummies from South America or China.

    I have a Scorpio moon and the Sun trine Pluto, maybe it’s in there, I don’t know. But it’s good to know others feel the same!

  9. Thank you for sharing – I would LOVE to visit this kind of an exhibition, popular culture has oversimplified or over complicated the truth about mummies…want to see more written about them!

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