Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 5, 2013

Saturn Transiting the 6th: Tests and Lessons at Work

©2013 by guest blogger, Larry Schwimmer

 The following is an excerpt from “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?” – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money, Sex & Health. The author, Larry Schwimmer, is an experienced businessman as well as an astrologer, and he has also written three books of practical career advice. In his astrology writing, including his regular column at Huffington Post, he excels at conveying astrological information in simple, accessible language. One great technique he uses throughout the book is showing the reader how to create what he calls an “astro action plan.”

The excerpt below is posted with permission of the publisher. This is from his chapter on the 6th house, which includes transits from all the slower-moving planets:

 Saturn’s transit through your 6th will affect you in your work life. This will be a time of tests and lessons in your daily job, where you may feel overwhelmed with considerable responsibility. No matter how much energy you expend, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Expect that Saturn’s influence will result in your having to work harder than normal, requiring you to be more organized and find more efficient methods to accomplish your goals. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” So, if you have much to do, Saturn’s message is to come up with more innovative ways of accomplishing your tasks.

schwimmercvrThere Are Heavy Demands at Work

 Another source of difficulty under this transit may be that your employer makes heavy demands on you; and when you work hard to meet these demands, you may find you’re not recognized, appreciated or even paid for your extra efforts. 

There May Be Restrictions at Work

 You may also find that your work is restrictive and unfulfilling, which may result in your wanting to quit in order to find work that is more satisfying.

To understand what the hell is happening in your work life, you must accept that Saturn’s influence is here to teach you something even though the lesson may not be pleasant. During these two and a half years your abilities at work will be tested.

These are the questions you must answer for yourself:

  •  How good are you at your job?
  • Have you gotten into a rut or routine?
  • Have you stopped learning or being creative?
  • Are you as well organized, as you should be?
  • Or, have you taken on too much responsibility?

You may realize that you need to refine your skills and talents, and re-evaluate the way you do your job. You may find that your job is difficult because you aren’t prepared, lack a necessary skill, or the right plan. Use this time to critically review your work and ability to do it well. Make sure you’re prepared, should you be tested during this time. This transit is imploring you to improve your abilities, let go of any unproductive work methods, make any necessary changes that will help you perform your job more effectively.

Don’t try to avoid these lessons by quitting a challenging job and taking another, because you may find yourself experiencing the same limitations and restrictions in your new one. Saturn’s influence does not bring immediate gratification for your efforts. However, if you stick it out over the long run, your hard work will be acknowledged and rewarded in some beneficial way such as a promotion, higher compensation, or both.

Think of Saturn as the strict disciplined teacher you once had in school. You didn’t always appreciate her methods at the time, but as you grew up, you were always grateful she was your teacher. Remember: “the teacher can only teach, when the student is ready to listen.” Saturn’s transit through the 6th House brings you tests and lessons in your health and work. If you learn them well, it’s good to know that your hard work and efforts to improve yourself will bring you rewards for years to come.

  To get a copy of the book: ( Click to Buy Larry’s Book at Amazon)

BIO: Larry Schwimmer is an internationally known Astrologer, accomplished businessman, life coach, and author of three previous books. He is a featured writer for The Huffington Post. (Click to Read Larry’s HuffPost Articles.) He consults privately with thousands of people, helping them understand what the hell is going on in their lives and giving them the best dates to make successful decisions. Contact him at,  WhattheHellis GoingOninMyLife.comor by email at


  1. Wondering how these types of lesson apply to persons who are their own bosses? How does that ‘strict disciplined teacher’? apply?

    • The boss isn’t really the teacher, the work itself and the demands of the particular market you’re in–e.g. editors, art galleries, customers, etc. Donna

  2. When Saturn was just transiting my 6th it was all about Health issues….Neptune is in my 6th and I have lots of food allergies that complicate my thyroid, energy levels, sleep, etc. Not so much work for me

    • Yes, of course, health issues can come up during a transit to the 6th. Larry did cover that in his chapter on the 6th, but I was only posting a short extract. Donna

  3. Thank you! This is timely, as Saturn has been grinding over my 6th house Libra and Scorpio planets for a very long time – and still has a long way to go in the 6th. The stellium includes Mars in Libra, Neptune, Sun, Mercury and NN in Scorpio. Saturn is just now making its last pass over the NN. I am buried — work problems (fired last year, some freelance work but not enough, and not enough funds – and no luck with finding another job) and weird, frustrating dental problems that no one can seem to help me with, exacerbating my great dental anxiety. Also developing a fear of driving – I can hardly make myself do it. I hope with Saturn’s final pass over these planets that some of this will begin to ebb. Yesterday a friend said that it seemed as if I did a lot of good things but none of them were giving me any joy at all, and I thought, “yep, Saturn.”

  4. I have Saturn in Sag in my natal chart, and worked as a legal secretary for 27 years, after being discharged from the military. I won’t bother to go into the Saturn work experiences. However, Pluto recently left its transit of my 6th, and left me without a steady income, and lack of savings for several years.

    Oh well, it’s on to the next stage!

  5. Thank you for this article! I too have Saturn currently transiting my 6th house (and in my natal 6th house, I have Mercury, Mars, and Neptune in Scorpio and Venus and the Moon in Libra–yes, ALL in my natal 6th!). It was tough enough in Libra, but once Saturn went into Scorpio, The primary impact of this transit has been health-related–but as you can imagine with my chart, my work situation has been obliterated as well. Meanwhile transiting Neptune is sitting in my tenth house, which is just icing on the career cake. Here is my story:

    I have been in severe pain from an extruded disc in my cervical spine since late 2012–but I worked “heroically” right up until the day of my spinal surgery on May 28. Unfortunately, I’m 3x worse now than I was before the surgery (and I definitely wish I’d paid more attention to Saturn and waited until it left the 6th house before having spinal surgery). In any case, I now have a “winged scapula” accompanied by spectacular pain in my shoulder, which keeps me from being able to travel, and thus perform my job duties as a national sales manager. The doctors say the nerve tests show improvement, so they can’t explain why my shoulder blade won’t lay flat or why it is so very painful.

    My boss is infuriated that I am still on disability and said that “she doesn’t think it is that bad”. LOL. As if I am enjoying living on the pittance that state disability pays! My employer has decided not to pay me the commissions I earned unless they actually *billed* before I went on disability (of course, I have no control over this), so I stand to lose most of the commissions I’ve already earned in 2013.

    Meanwhile, the pain has caused me to become addicted to opiates (transiting Neptune in my 10th house is also in a big fat SQUARE to my natal sun in Sagittarius) and seems to be keeping me from seeing any light at the end of the tunnel. I have an upcoming 10th house Neptune-Saturn sextile in March, and then transiting Neptune will finally leave my tenth house in April.

    But Saturn, oh Saturn… will be in my sixth house for years, conjuncting all those natal planets of mine, one by one.

    • What a rough time you’ve had. Sorry to hear it. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. It’s okay; experiences I obviously need to have or I wouldn’t be having them.

        No rain, no rainbows. 😉 This too shall pass. I hope.

  6. Oh, I have Natal 6th house Saturn in Aquarius. I’ve never had a satisfying work life. I toil in the trenches and end up burnt out, laid-off, company closing down. Just not very fruitful in my professional life. I working now but trying to figure out a way to make money working for myself, maybe I’ll have more success. The catch to all of this is I’m Sun Capricorn Virgo Rising (Pisces moon) so it hurts not to be successful in a career.

  7. I just found the “Career Challenges for the Pluto-Uranus in Virgo Generation” post. Yes, to all of this!

    • I had a “perfect” performance review on my very low paying job last week. This week I was told my position is being downsized due to lack of funding.
      whomp, whomp.

  8. Hi, everyone,

    I’m also undergoing the Saturn transit through my 6th in Scorpio. Actually, Saturn began it’s 6th house transit while still in Libra conjunct my Neptune, also in the 6th. During the Libra portion of this delightful transit I was fired from a low-paying job that was rapidly burning me out. I was actually relieved!
    Right now, I’m dealing with arthritis in my neck and back. and just began a new treatment for osteoporosis. Hello, Saturn! The upside is that I’m taking better care of myself and learning to listen to what my body is telling me. I’ve also become a better housekeeper and less of a perfectionist – 6th house influence. As of Dec. 1, I will start Medicare. As a friend of mine once said, 90% of life is maintenance – yes, she was a Virgo!

    Like Lainie, I’ve also developed a fear or driving, but it seems to be confined to distance driving on highways. I attribute this to Saturn ruling my 9th house of long-distance travel.

  9. I also developed a strange fear of driving (seems to be a common theme!) with saturn in the sixth whereas previously i quite enjoyed driving – particularly driving long distance on motorways made me fearful (which i never expected would happen to me) I wondered if I could keep doing it and tryed to avoid it if I could. I have venus mars, nn and pluto in the sixth with saturn, mercury, venus and mars in virgo. Sarurn in the 6th was tough but not compared to when it hit mars venus and nn in 6th (pluto is further away and in libra which wasn’t as bad and well aspected which may have helped!). Some themes I recognise are it seems like at work everyone finds fault with you when you’re acturally trying really hard and feeling really stressed and fraught and the things you are doing are not recognised like nothing is enough and then after all that you are singled out and picked on over stupid little things- it makes you feel very put upon and stressed. I think something was going on with my progressed moon opposite pluto in Capricorn in a sensitive area of my chart as well at the time which was making everything feel very oppressive and I was more vulnerable at the time because of that and other things I was going through. I even had tests on my heart at the time because the doctor was worried I had a high pulse and had some family history of heart failure but I think my pulse is naturally slightly higher and really itwas because I was stressesd i went to the doctors originally. It was only right at the end of the transit I found I was slightly anaemic. When I went into the libra part of the sixth I started a new job which I really loved with really fun supportive collegues and although it was busy I really enjoyed it (took me a while to build my confidance back but it was so much better).

  10. Thank you for the great article. I am a Sagittarius with Cancer rising and a Gemini Moon. Although my sixth house is Sag, astrologers always put my Sun in my 5th House of Scorpio. Anyway, later this month Saturn will go into Sag for a two year stay. So, I’m wondering what Saturn transiting my Sun in my 6th House will do. (I just found out that the last time Saturn was on my Sun was 1985-1988, and I totally changed career fields in 1985.) Now, I’m at a crossroads with my career, and this may not be a coincidence with Saturn getting ready to enter my 6th House again.

    • Hi, Christine, it’s not at all unusual for circumstances to repeat themselves at the end of a full Saturn cycle like this one of transiting Saturn conjunct your Sun. It’s just that, hopefully, we’ve learned and grown a great deal since the prior one, and thus we can master the challenges better. (Reaping the harvest of 28 years of work in that area of life.) Donna

  11. Apparently I will be getting Saturn in my 6th house as of Mid december… I have no planet at all in the 6th house. So maybe Saturn will give me a break and it will not be too bad. I am very happy that its leaving my 5th house of True Love because i have been single since 2012 when Saturn transitated there…

    • Changing houses and also changing signs–from Scorpio to Sagittarius–so it ought to be a very different experience. Donna

  12. Censuring Free Speech? Well, Saturn has just entered Sagittarius and already it’s passing over my Mercury in Sagittarius in the 5th. That’s like someone throwing a bucket of cold water over a couple of kids who are in stitches over jokes they’re entertaining each other with. One thing that Sagittarius in any placement doesn’t like is curtailment of their freedoms, and in Mercury it’s all about free speech. What about writing a book? With this influence it forces you to consult a lawyer before you publish and to either rewrite or edit with caution. On the positive side, it makes you legally knowledgeable. Heaven forbid that it would restrict enjoyable wanderings and the pursuit of pleasure through travel. Any other thoughts on this?

    • Saturn in Sagittarius has its good side, too. Asking us to be sensible and responsible in our communications, and to consider how they might be affecting others with the hoof in mouth response to other’s hopes. A Saturn-Mercury connection also takes us deeper into more scholarly studies and, in Sagittarius, to look past the beliefs we were taught and to see the realities in those areas. Donna

  13. This is a great article. I used to hate saturn especially during its transit through my second house which made money a lot more difficult for me than usual. I like saturn because unlike the haze of neptune which can be annoyingly confusing, there is a very tangible solution to any problems one may experience during a saturn transit. The answers are usually spelt H-U-M-I-L-I-T-Y and D-I-S-C-I-P-L-I-N-E. It might take some time to figure out what you need to correct, but that’s why saturn transits are long (~2.5 years). Once you find out what saturn is trying to teach you, and you remain ultra-disciplined, you’ll eventually win. Also, the lessons you learn with a saturn transit are permanent… you’ll carry those positive lessons through your life for a very long time.

  14. I like your observations and examples. Saturn, indeed, can be a force for growth, even as it asks us to grow up. Donna

  15. You are right.

    2 years ago when Saturn entered my 6th house first I had severe health problems and then unexpectedly I lost my stable but challenging work due to new sudden outer circumstanstances(transiting Saturn also made a square to my MC plus transiting Neptun made a square to my natal Neptun in the 6th house and transiting Uranus conjucted my Mars in the 11th house). Since then I am trying to find my place on Earth but without a success yet. I feel I lack proper skills and I am not young any more.

    I wish I could read your comments on Saturn transiting the 6th house before I lost my job. I would stick on it, not just let it go.

    Once again thanks for your explanation!

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