Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 3, 2013

Doomed by a 12th House Stellium? Think Again!

©11-3-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As I was putting the final touches on my new book on stelliums, I came across a mind-boggling example. As you’ll see in the chart below, this man has a stellium of five planets in the 12th house, including Uranus, Neptune, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Looking at a combination like that, what do you think an astrologer would have told his mother about his birth chart?

 Oh, incidentally, this fellow was born with all his arms and legs missing. So you could say he is both astrologically and physically challenged.

Here are some of the disheartening things you might hear about his 12th house planets if you listened to a traditional fatalistic, negative astrologer:

  •  With Uranus there, he’d be unconventional and rebellious in a self-defeating way.
  • With the Sun there, he’d lack self-confidence and never get to truly shine.
  • With Mercury there, he might lack communication skills, probably stutter.
  • With Venus there, he’d never find a happy relationship, but instead pick losers.
  • With Neptune there, he’d be crippled/addicted/alcoholic/criminal.

Luckily, his mom didn’t go to an astrologer. She did a superb job of raising him to rise above his disabilities and become all he could be.

He’s internationally-known minister and motivational speaker, Nick Vujicic born December 4, 1982 at 6:35 AM in Brisbane, Australia. Birth data from his mother, on one of his TV shows.

He’s an inspiring example of the extraordinary things people with stelliums are capable of achieving. He is internationally famous with his uplifting messages, he has a beautiful wife, and a newborn son.


(Read about him here:  Nick Vujicic Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)handbookcvrsm

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  1. Looking forward to your book, Donna!

  2. I have Mercury, Jupiter, and part of fortune in my 12th.

    It was rough in early childhood. I had a speech impediment and though intelligent, couldn’t or wouldn’t communicate my thoughts. It was like being underwater while people spoke to me. But after I hit 8 or 9, I came out of my shell and became supremely outgoing. My vivid imagination from being a 12th houser won me essay and poster contests. And Jupiter has buffered me from bad decisions and endowed me with great faith in arduous times.

    But, like you, I need spells of hibernation and solitude. I have noise sensitivity and an empathic sponge. So, I spend 6 months of each year being a veritable hermit and the other, a social butterfly. (Gemini, of course!)

    Good post! 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing how you developed. I wouldn’t know for sure, but it sounds like perhaps your progressed Mercury emerged from your 12th at the age you became more outgoing. That’s one 12th house topic we’ve never explored, since I don’t use progressions much, but things do change when a 12th house planet progresses over the Ascendant and into the 1st. Donna

      PS, that thing about being a recluse six months and a social butterfly six months was interesting, too. The transiting inner planets’ path through your chart (Sun, Mercury, and Venus) might account for it.

      • That’s a great theory about the progressions so I had to review. Neither of those fit that time frame but I did look forward and I saw when when p.Jupiter conjunct p.Mercury (still in p.12th house) were both conjunct my natal AC! Even my AC changed to be in sextile to natal Sun. And that year (2002!) was pivotal. I left a failing marriage, started a new career, moved into my first home as a singleton, and grew up tons! It laid the foundations of my life because in the following year, I met my current spouse, whom I fell madly in love with. Natal Juno was conjunct p. Midheaven.

        Very neat! I love your idea about researching how progressions affect our lives. Especially with us 12th housers coming out of the watery “closet” of the zodiac. 😀

      • Thanks for helping check out that theory. Progressed Mercury conjunct progressed Jupiter, absolutely fits the situation you described.

        Hmm, I still wish we could get some examples of progressed planets crossing the Ascendant. (All mine had crossed my Ascendant a couple of decades ago–I’m oooooold–so I can’t recall what happened then. Donna

  3. Thank you for somthing positive on 12th house planets. I do not have a stellium, but I have my Libra sun conjunct neptune in the 12th. I seems lovely to me. Compassion comes naturally to me, I am very positive and enjoy my friends, but I really cherish solitude. I am never lonely and feel a natural connection to all living creatures. I don’t have addiction or self confidence problems.

    I am also tired of reading negative connotations for saturn conjunct venus, another feature in my chart that I have always found helpful in giving me anything I am willing to work for.

    Through the years I have always enjoyed your writing for the practical advice and the way you present a positive message. I look forward to reading your new book.

    • Saturn in my birth chart is conjunct a retrograde Venus, when ,by secondary progression, Venus went direct at about 22 years of age, I started making social contact with women. All these years later my associations with women, and there have been several, are initiated by the woman.

  4. I have seen this fellow and he’s amazing. Wonderful, sunny, outgoing, motivational–he speaks to children and imparts the feeling that they can accomplish anything.

    Great article. Looking forward to your new book. Cheers!

  5. Hi Donna, i’m a 1962 Aquastell – i have at times felt doomed by my Aquarius Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter in the 12th, & 12th house Chiron in Pisces. My progressed Sun left Pisces for Aries a year ago and that has felt like the engines have finally started up after 30 years drifting about in a vast Neptunian fog accompanied by blasts of various ships’ foghorns.

    My chart looks to me like that of an everyman, or an archetype like Parzival, a holy fool. My passions for fifty years have been Music, Poetry, Theatre, Film, Mythology, Astrology, Divination, Spiritualism, Meditation. First House is Aries, and thereafter everything following the wheel just so. My moon is in 8th house Scorpio, with Neptune right at the end of the 7th. It’s all ‘just so’, and with Sun & Mars conjunct Saturn the battle has been to surrender instead of fighting endlessly with myself for feeling so powerless.

    The biggest single difference – apart from being loved so beautifully by my wife and daughters – was made by getting sober. That put me in with a chance at least. To fulfil my potential, i mean. The best is yet to come! Matthew x

    • Thank you for sharing, Matthew. Indeed, for us 12th house types, “getting sober” of whatever our addiction/compulsion might be, is what frees us to reach our potential. One of the most inspiring teaching experiences I ever had was astrology classes as a volunteer in the recreation department of an alcohol treatment center in one of the worst slums in Brooklyn. My students worked their program earnestly, and they took to astrology avidly, in their thirst for spiritual development. Donna

  6. I have Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Uranus there and with the exception of Uranus, are all placed in Scorpio while Uranus is 3 degrees off of my Ascendent in Sagittarius. It’s been a challenging journey getting to where I am, but I feel as though things are starting to go my way.

    With Saturn transiting my 12th as well as my progressed moon there, I feel very withdraw yet tuned in at the same time. Since Saturn is just about to make a conjunction to my Sun, it’s a fairly significant time where I’m about to step up in life. Friday was my last day at my previous job and I’m just about to establish a photography business up in Yellowknife, in the Northwest Territories of northern Canada. My goal at this point is to explore the Canadian arctic and to show people some of the most remote and hidden parts of this land through my photographs.

    You can take a look and see what a 12th house photographer creates here:

    • You’re making great use of that Saturn transit, Gawain, and sharing what’s going on should help others with Saturn transits to the 12th see the positive side. It’s all about growing up, getting serious about your life purpose, and stepping your expression of 12th house planets up to the next level. Donna

  7. My birth chart also shows a stellium,; Sun 13 deg, Asc 16,Venus, Saturn 18,North Node 19,Mercury 23 and Mars 29. All in Aquarus and trine Jupiter which is opposition Uranus and square Pluto..
    I look normal?

    • Normal for an Aquarius might not be the same as boring old normal for everybody else, but I’ll guarantee you look interesting. There have been so many different Aquarian stelliums over the last half century, and not a moment too late! The world could use some new blood. Donna

  8. I have a 12th house stellium of Pluto conjunct Uranus conjuncting my Moon in Libra, the others in Virgo, and Moon Uranus are opposing Mars conjunct Chiron in Pisces in the 6th H with 2 degrees orb or so. I have a 5th house Aquarian Sun, conj. Mercury R, on the degree squared by Neptune, 2nd H, opposed by Jupiter R. In the 11th, and a nicely aspected Venus in Cap in the 4th H. My Saturn on the descendant in Aries is rather unaspected, and the planetary factor that feels rather alien to me.

    Although a goodlooking Libra on the surface I can totally panic at commiting myself and see ordinary life with family and kids as a restraint to be avoided. Guess it’s all that Neptune in me and 12th h that still makes me a terrible romantic, often feeling strongly, fated relations, several times in my life. I think I came here to finish some things, tying things up from previous roundabouts, thinks that is the 12th H stellium..

    I’m currently finishing my Masters degree in Psychology in Copenhagen after a long break. A scholar habitus has been with me from both my parents, and the arts as well, but I never could get excited about titles or ambitions reaching them, always just wanted to learn for fun, 12th or 5th H?

    Just want to finish off with saying that a packed 12th H is not misery, it just gives. Focus on some things that are meaningful in private. At the same time I see that many politicians, Tony Blair, George Bush, have a 12th H Sun, as well as actors/actresses and artists like Madonna. is not always an introverted energy, but may as well be a projected energy of a public image Neptunian in a sense… Just some mind wandering…

  9. I have Jupiter in Virgo in the twelfth trining Venus in my eighth. I usually get pretty good care in hospitals. In fact, throughout the last twenty years, I have always lived near a hospital.

    I do believe that Jupiter in the twelfth is the “last minute rescue” placement, because if I’m in bind, something usually happens and someone (or events) come to my aid, and the aid is usually of a very practical (Virgo) nature.

    • I have Jupiter in the 12th, too, and the cavalry has always come to my rescue when needed. Thankfully, with Jupiter there, I can also–eventually–learn from my mistakes, so the cavalry doesn’t have to save my behind quite so often as it did in my youth. One of the articles in the list of links is specifically about Jupiter in the 12th and its smart and not so smart uses. Donna

      • I have sun exact conjunct Uranus and conjunct Pluto in Virgo in my 12th and Mercury conjunct ascendant in the 1st all in Virgo. I have had it tough in the past, I have had to contend with the death of a sibling, miscarriage, drugs, drink, battling with panic attacks.
        I am a very happy and spiritual person who believes we are hear on earth to learn. x

  10. Hi there, Big fan of your work for many years. It’s my first time writing. I have sun-pluto-n node all tightly conjunct in the 12th in Libra. Penetrative psychological sensibilities and self-reflection were my first language. More challenging has been developing a more defined sense of having a self instead of a nebulous diffuse identity. I can tolerate a lot of suffering in myself and others and have a lot of innate faith in the process of transformation. I need a ton of solitude to tune into myself and can feel oppressed and exhausted by others in social settings, though I perform well if needed. I was admired and idealized but not loved in my childhood, with some long term effects. My sweetie of many years has uranus, jupiter, mercury, and the sun all in the 12th in Libra. He is a lovely, inspired, innovative leader who is often deeply misunderstood by others. He has enormous gifts in generating positive opportunities for others, but has had to learn important lessons about not trying to help the wrong people at the wrong time. He had an incredibly painful childhood, very cruel family members, and has successfully recreated himself at key points In his life.

    You asked for examples of progressed planets crossing the ascendant. My progressed moon and venus recently crossed into my 1st house, also changing signs at the same time. Progressed Venus is still within 1 degree of my asc. Moon progressing into the 1st was intensely relieving, esp because I had just been through Saturn transiting my 12th as well. I felt like I was bearing huge psychological pressure for a long time, then poof!, it was gone. I also became less reclusive (a relative term for me, always a bit reclusive) and new people and opportunities came my way. Life got a lot easier very quickly. Still getting used to progressed venus having crossed my ascendant, but I would say I feel more optimistic about human relatedness and its possibilities. I had a parent die when I was a teenager and progressed Venus entered the 12th. It finally feels like that era is over. And I’m very interested in prettier clothes and a more flattering haircut. 😉

    • Thanks for the example. Give the progressed planets that are moving into the 1st some time to “jell” because it’s a developing theme and takes time to adjust to. Donna

      • Thanks Donna. I just realized that the time when my parent died also coincided with progressed sun conjunct the natal ascendant. It certainly altered my self image irrevocably.

        On another note, I’ve really appreciated your guidance over the years, especially on things Plutonian and 12th house. And my intensely aspected Cancer moon, and….

      • Thank you. That’s a strong example of a progressed planet coming over the Ascendant. Donna

  11. I have a question about progressed planets moving into the 1st house. How does it differ when a planet is progressing across the natal ascendent vs the progressed ascendent? Are they both similarly significant, or does one take more prescidence than the other? My progressed Mercury will be exact on my progressed ascendent 1 year from now.

    • The progressed planet going over the natal Ascendant is definitely stronger, and it ushers in a whole era of development of your way of dealing with new people, the image you project, and your style. When the progressed Ascendant itself progresses over a natal planet, it shows that the natal planet is more strongly emphasized and visible to others than usual for a couple of years. (it usually moves faster than a progressed natal planet, so it only lasts for a year or two). Donna

      • But what about contacts between the progressed ascendent and progressed planets together? On top of that, when you’re looking at progressions, a planet will reside in a specific natal house as well as a progressed house and in some cases, those are not the same. For instance, with someone who has their natal sun in the 12th house, it is likely to remain in their progressed 12th house for quite some time, if not permanently. What weight should be given to planet progressing through the progressed houses vs the natal houses?

      • Sorry, Gawain, you’d have to ask someone who uses progressions as their main predictive tool, as I mainly work with transits. Donna

      • I use my own chart as my primary means of learning astrology, but unfortunately with the slowness of progressions, there isn’t much activity in this realm. I should have a much clearer sense in the upcoming years once Mercury moves into the progressed 1st. Also, I have Uranus creeping towards my natal ascendent within 1° over the next 10 years. I’m certainly excited about that.

  12. Reblogged this on truthcking and commented:
    encouraging since I have Chiron in the 12 house in Pisces!

  13. Hmm, I agree with Donna that transits are more solid to work with than progressions, they have more of a presence than the imaginary progressions to my mind, and I certainly observed the effect of transits in my own life and other people/mundane evemts the 20+ yrs I had as an amateur astrologer (though dedicated!)

    • The progressions are the fundamental wavelength or the bass note. They represent what’s going on internally, whereas, transits indicate external forces. If a progression is in play, any transit that resonates with it will be felt with much more emphasis. They also indicate how the personality progresses and illustrates the development of the individual.

      One example, I’m in the midst of progressed Mars square Saturn. Let me tell you, that’s a challenging progression and weighs on my life quite significantly. It indicates the necessity to develop discipline. Going from a solar return chart with a week Saturn and strong Jupiter to one with a strong Saturn and a supporting Jupiter, you’d expect the first year to be easier, but with the progressed aspect, carefree Jupiter is not my friend.

  14. I so love your interpretations about 12th stellium and the other in regard to sun in the same house.
    My 3.7 y.o. son has well packed 12th H – jupiter, uranus, sun, mercury and venus, together with psyche conjunct his sun and eris. He has 2 T-squares 6-12-9 H between moon-sun-pluto and saturn-uranus-pluto. Everything I read until now absolutely do not correspond to what is his appearance, most of the information and study cases on the net are quite scary and doom.

    He is very social, avoiding solitude at any cost and really hate it. Has no problem whatsoever with communication and verbal expression. On the opposite, he speaks 2 languages at higher than his age level and since few months he tries 3th language. All by himself, never forced, he learned alone for our great surprise the numbers up to 20 and the colors at age of 1y. 5m. According to the school teachers his mentality is further developed than the age group.

    That’s where sometimes huge frustrations came from, because earlier his body of 2 y.o. couldn’t perform the activities he wanted to but are for older kids. He is telling amazing detailed stories and many times I think, boy, this little guy will turn to great fiction writer telling about the space, aliens, monsters…loves to play actor in his own developed stories. At school he is the one organizing the kids, and funny enough no one refuses to play the role. He knows very well what he wants and what not. Very stubborn at that, inflexible and hard changing his position.

    Let’s talk about the bad side of his nature :-D. Don’t accept “No” for answer, authority figures showing him disrespect can lead to bursts of anger and turning him to little devil. Do not accept hierarchy as structure. That’s what I’m hard trying to understand. How creature who can be so daring and loving, compassionate to everyone who suffers can suddenly turn to a monster?
    The doom stories and examples I’ve read and heard about such stellium and 12th H sun sometimes make me wonder if should I contact professional astrologer.

    Maybe transits can unlock certain bad aspects of his nature, maybe I’m too concerned with his health thanx of what I know about saturn and moon in 6th libra… or this only will plant more seeds of fear and is better to use my intuition to raise him as I feel. Never before his birth paid so much attention to this positions but what I’ve noticed in my family there are many people with sun, moon and other planets in 12th. They are not doomed or living in solitude at all. My grandmother who just turned 93 is Scorpio sun and moon in 12th and is one of the wisest women I ever met. Even so old she is with clear mind and everyone who meets her finds she gives them profound deep insights.

    Thanx so much for this interpretation. It’s out of the ordinary believe about this positions, so positive. I saw can order the stellium handbook already, but is there another payment method than paypal as I don’t use one?

    • Your son sounds like an extraordinary child. Thanks for giving us such a great example of a 12th house stellium. Yes, you’d have to be very careful in choosing a professional astrologer to be certain 1) it was a positive one rather than someone with a negative perspective on the 12th house, and 2) one who really understand stelliums, because many do not. Why not consider sending what you’ve written above plus his birth date, place, and time to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist at Dell Horoscope Magazine, as she is not only an astrologer with decades of experience, but also has a Master’s degree in Social Work and many years of experience as a therapist. Read about her and how to submit your questions here:

      PS. As for PayPal, you can create account easily enough, but you could also send me a check IF it’s on US dollars. Donna

      • Dear Donna, thank you for the great insight! That’s what I need most, someone positive and knowledgable. I’m indeed considering to take your advise and send an e-mail later with all I wrote.
        I’m absolutely sure that for every mother her child is the smartest, most beautiful and the best in the world. I have two like that. 🙂 Just most likely is not so extraordinary and I can only guess our surprises are coming from his transit uranus exact conjunct his sun. But is so unexpected experience for us. Like earlier today he was watching with huge interest documentary on discovery science about Stephen Hauwkings and his theories asking as well many questions about the atoms, black holes, universe. Or like two days ago came to me saying “mom do you know I have bones? Can you find me pic of skeleton on google that I can study?” So now he knows a lot about the structure of it and muscles. I feel though I need to understand and guid this one that to bring the best of the potential as I believe none is glum and doomed by birth but the influences, understanding and guidance in our especially early years can bring the most positive of our inner capacity.
        I guess it’s time for me to start using paypal 🙂 Going to give it a try.
        Best wishes and many thanks for your wonderful work.

      • Magg, he really does sound like a special and wonderful child, and he’s lucky to have a mom who gets that. Donna

      • Thanks for the nice words, Donna!

    • This sounds a lot like me as a child. I have sun in Aries, mars, Venus, and mercury in Taurus all in the 12th. I am pretty new to astrology, still learning and trying to figure everything out. I was really frightened at first when I noticed these placements, I like seeing them in a positive light.

      • Hi Epocablog,
        I see only now your reply.
        How the 12th aries stellium unfolded for you during the years?
        The more time passes and I observe him, the more I see the beauty this house holds. Only the aries quality is very prominent and he should learn patience and to finish his projects before starting new. Everything has to be fast, speeded, first, fast, fast, speed, first. Fast learner at age of almost 5 he makes drama because wants to skip classes. Teachers agree he is ready and has the knowledge for that but he do not learn the method of learning.
        So how did you develop your aries qualities? 🙂

  15. When I think about the 12th house, the first person that comes to my mind is George Lucas. Yes! Star Wars! He does not have a stellium, but hey, Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 12th house, with an allmighty Saturn in the 1st house is already enough! And he’s brilliant! People say he was always recluse, and he only married for the first time few years ago at 65yo+.

    I do respect traditional astrology and horary technique, but all the judgements about 12th house, or weakness of dignity in natal chart, i.e. Mars in Libra is bad, seems not true, specially when so much brilliant team sports players have Mars in Libra.

    • Thanks, Arya. That’s very interesting about George Lucas. I will have to add him to my collection of 12th house Suns. Donna Cunningham

      • Oh! Let me clarify something: if you read his chart on Astrodienst (astrodatabank) it will appear that his Sun is in the first house. Yet, if you calculate it through SolarFire or other softwares, you can see it is in the 12th house. I checked further to understand what was wrong, and found out that Astrodienst did not take into account that in during the year George Lucas was born there was no daylight saving time switch in California. I checked to confirm it. And well, since George Lucas is a very introspective and recluse from the public eye…. that supports all evidence…

      • Thanks for sorting that out, Arya. Donna

  16. Oh my gosh I have the same stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus, Uranus, Neptune) on the 12th house as Nick, and I am also born on December, only in 1990. And very interesting to know that about George Lucas. Like him I had Saturn in 1st. Gonna have to check up on that.

    • I’m glad that you found this article, then, T, so that you don’t fall for all the bad press the 12th house gets. You’ll find a long series of articles about the 12th on this blog. I’d especially recommend the one on introverts and the 12th, and Tracy Mark’s book on the 12th, which analyzes all the 12th house planets in such a loving way. Donna Cunningham

  17. I have 12th house in mercury and venus in aquarius. I so far have never met any decent person worth being with and my jobs have always been dead end pursuits with no intellectual opportunity to move on.
    Can anyone shed any light if having planets in these 12 house aspects means your life is never going to be content?

    • Nimi, I’m glad you found this article, but I’d urge you to go on and read the other articles in this series about the 12th house here on Skywriter–15 in all. They will give you a much more rounded view of the good uses of the 12th and how to avoid any pitfalls. I’d especially recommend the one on the power of introversion and the one on Tracy Mark’s beautiful book on the 12th house. Donna Cunningham

  18. I appreciate your optimistic view of the twelve house, and, being myself a Venus conjunct Jupiter and Sun conjunct Black Moon, all in twelve, I often read it for its feel good qualities. But giving a man born with no arms and no legs as an example for the twelve house not being so bad after all, seems to me genuinely and innocently non empathetic or totally in denial. He might be an optimistic sadge…, like that other special Sagittarius , Felix Nussbaum, peinter of the concentration camps. I never sow a more impressive view than the one of a hopefull jupiterian looking frontally at the horror. Nussbaum gave meaning to that horror with his paintings, and that meaning can sometimes be a bad or unhappy one. That is the jupiterian’s most important mission, finding meaning in the world, the way you usually do, not forcing a joyfully fake happy experience. Nussbaum didn’t say the camps were all right after all, or that the experience was so interesting that it was worth having, for the sake of his spiritual evolution…

    • I don’t think the story of Nick V. is a fake happy story. I find him an inspiring and joyful force in the world. His courage and determination in overcoming a handicap that would crush most of us is remarkable. In my social work jobs, I worked for many years in settings where the clients were disabled or severely retarded, so I doubt that my view of disabilities is naively optimistic.

      As for his fame, not everyone who has a 12th house Sun has to be a recluse or to sit around feeling sorry for themselves. There are many ways of serving, and his television ministry brings the message of courage in overcoming disabilities to millions of people. Donna

  19. All this man’s stellium is governed by Jupiter, which is in Scorpio. Talk about bad luck… And where is his twelve house love of solitude and privacy, wasn’t he a TV star?

  20. I have a stellium in the 12th, sun mercury Saturn Uranus Neptune in capricorn. I must be dauntless. Every time. When I fail at courage, I succumb to my heavily aspected south node. I have faith beyond this world, not in myself, but in the cosmic to work through me for betterment. I have only learned this from hard won experiences; rape, mutilation, ostracism, poverty, addiction, and failure. When all is lost, there is no aura of attachment to blur the path, there is only fantastical terrifying love in universe to wrap oneself in. My 12 is deep, it is the power of Saturn through the spiritual blindfold, my gravitational guru. because of this I aim to be a leader and visionary, and have been forced to see things for how they truly are through the veils .of ego and disillusionment, and grasp at the infinite that defines all.

    • I am sorry for all you’ve been through, Natalie. You were probably born in 1988-89 and are part of a generation of millions born worldwide with that Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction. It’s so rare that the last one was 625 years ago. I’ve devoted a chapter of my ebook, The Stellium Handbook to your generation, and there’s a FaceBook group for your generation. Read about it at

      Also, there’s a series of 15 articles about the 12th house here on Skywriter, and one of them talks about Tracy Mark’s beautiful book on the 12th house. Donna Cunningham

  21. I have the worst astrological chart that I have seen.I have Pluto, Sun, and Uranus all in the 12th house, and they all oppose Jupiter! I’m also the most Virgo person you will ever meet with my sun, Pluto, Uranus, and ascendant all in Virgo. B: Sept 5, 1962, 7:30 am

    Twelfth house planets can be very bad, but nothing nearly as bad as badly aspected ones. This situation is all about childhood abuse and hidden enemies, and extreme isolation. It is absolutely incredible and mysterious how much hatred can be directed toward me, even when there is no reason, and they don’t even know me! It transcends rational thought. There are possible reasons for this hatred, but it is always at levels way beyond rational expectations. I truly believe that some people are fated to have incredibly hard lives. I was constantly physically assaulted by my peers, family, and teachers, beyond imagination, and I don’t know how I saved my sanity.

    I find that currently my Pluto is opposite my Mars in Cancer, and will continue to be so until 2023. This is incredibly bad considering how much it magnifies my already horrible birth chart. The key idea for this alignment is secret enemies who have extreme anger toward me. Apparently, old acquaintances will inevitably come to believe that I have harmed their lives and will seek revenge. I have seen it happen already where a friend wrongly believes that I hurt his back by not carrying my end of the couch properly. The intensity of his hatred is murderous and I seriously fear for my life. I have had people just blankly stare at me for no known reason.

    Anyway, I’m resigned to not having a good life, but have decided not to become a serial killer because of my love for God and others. My research indicates that the only choice I have is to become a servant to others so that my bad karma won’t generate bad fate. I’m essentially forced into a life of sainthood if I want to survive. I must live as though I have no ego or personality, or have will or desire. Otherwise I will just be tortured and go insane.

    I pray for those who share my suffering and want to let you know that God still loves you. Don’t let evil win, and just improve yourself , and nobody can tell you that you are a bad person.

    • I’m sorry for all you have experienced, John. Donna Cunningham

  22. my daughter has moon, neptune, chiron in PISCES all in 12th house conjunct her Pisces ascendant. birth data 1/14/2013 9:31am ny,ny

    I’ve always worried about this but know that all her capricorn grounds her. any input greatly appreciated as I sometimes more than worry about what this stellium says about her mother

    • Gaba, she has all that Neptune/Pisces/12th house energy for a strong life purpose, and she couldn’t have chosen a mother more suited to nurture the positive qualities of her brilliant combination. There are a series of 15 articles about the 12th house on this blog, and I’d strongly suggest you get Tracy Marks’ loving book on the 12th house, as it would cover all those qualities in a most compassionate way. Donna Cunningham

    • Hi Gaba,
      I find fascinating the neptune placement in its own house and sign.
      May I ask you, for my personal research, were you during the labor under medication, uncontiouse or were there any particular rare conditions surrounding her birth?
      Thank you!

  23. i have venus, mars, and jupiter in 12th house (sagittarius), all trine moon (8th house, leo). i always feel tired. when i was younger, i often burst randomly in anger (slamming doors, tables, chairs, books). later, i was bullied (8th grade, 2nd year of college), and discriminated (11th and 12th grade). now i’m really afraid to show my anger. i feel defendless and choose to be loner, avoidant to both people and additional responsibilites. i wish i could express myself better because i feel abundance of energy within me is begging to be released.
    can you give me some feedbacks? it’d be such a great help. thank you.

  24. Donna: I just read your blog about your own 12th house stellium, in Cancer, It seems auspicious that I just found your website and your great articles, and now I find you have the “dreaded” cancer/12th house stellium just like me, except a couple of our planets are different. Amazing coincidences because I also studied languages in college (French and Spanish and a bit of Greek) until I transferred and focused on African-American Studies (a social studies major) with the intent of becoming a civil rights attorney. I never made it to law school, but ended up working in a warehouse as a operations manager, then discovered computer science and went back to school to become an IT professional.

    I discovered Astrology at the end of this career path because I heard an intuitive astrologer on the radio give these amazing readings and I knew I had to go see him.

    I haven’t had many lucky breaks except to save me from disasters and catastrophe, many of my own making, and some due to my family inheritance (ADHD runs in our family and other mental illness issues) which we regularly deny, largely because we are undiagnosed and untreated. I only know because I was diagnosed with ADHD only a few years ago (I should have read your mercury test first! It had me spot on!) and then found out it was genetic. I have a sister that was diagnosed with multiple illnesses and she is in the process of denying all of them while her life falls apart around her.

    I’m trying to think of some way I found helping others to be beneficial, but while I feel the call to help and even sacrifice, often my efforts backfire and I end up used, manipulated or deceived. It’s not all the time, but I’ve grown wary and weary over the years of “helping”. I also have an 8th House Saturn and especially Chiron in Pisces strategically placed to aspect my stellium in Cancer. They are in trine, but I haven’t found a way yet to make that work for me in any meaningful way. I stay away from religion and ideology because I either overdo them or they disappoint for other reasons. So I’ll never be a nun.

    Anyway, I’m not looking for advice, but thought I would share and see if this resonates with anyone else.

    • Hi, Pallist, thanks for sharing. You may not know, but I do have a series of about 15 articles on the 12th house in the blog, as it’s one of my favorite topics. Use the search engine on the top right hand corner of the blog, and put in”12th house,” and it will give you all the links. Perhaps they can give you some useful perspectives on your 12th house planets. Donna

  25. I have sun, moon, mercury, venus, pluto and uranus and jupiter all in the 12th house in virgo, (8/25/68) and I do have some issues as we all do, I do know that I have always been drawn to metaphysics, shamanism and the occult, I feel that while some fear these, I feel they guide me. One obstacle is that I need solitude way more than the average person, sometimes being out in the world can leave me anxiety ridden. I also have important dreams that i recall even years later.

    • Hi, Jennifer, that IS a huge stellium, and I’m sure you’re meant to bring a lot of light to the world, especially as they’re in service-oriented Virgo. I’m also a 12th house Sun and Jupiter, and wouldn’t have it any other way, but yes, I do require a lot of silence and solitude and to do my work.

      There are about 15 articles on the 12th house on Skywriter, including ones about 12th house Suns, 12th house Jupiter, and 12th house Venus. to find them, go to the front page and use the search engine box at the top right hand corner. Donna Cunningham

      • I’m sorry to say this article gave me absolutely no hope with my 12th house stellium. I don’t want to hear about a man with no legs and no arms having “courage”. That just makes me more depressed that I have it. I have Venus, in 12th house, plus it’s squaring Saturn. I also have mars in the 12th that is ALSO squaring Saturn and I have Uranus and Neptune. I’m always having bad luck in finding relationships. I just attract the wrong guud and I have self image issues. I hate my body. I have like no friends because I fell out with everybody in high school. I’m a little happier now but I can’t help but feel like I’m doomed. Is there any hope for me at all ?

      • Sorry you feel that way, Harris. But thinking such depressing thoughts all the time can only deepen your depression. You need a good counselor to help
        you find ways to help you out of the depression. Donna

      • Harris, I am so sorry that you are unhappy, but nothing in your chart makes you doomed. It just shows you what you have to work with and possible challenges.

        We all have challenging aspects. We are here to work them out. I have 12th house planets, Venus conjunct Saturn, Saturn square Mars, and a Moon Pluto opposition that made for a very depressed childhood.

        I spent most of my life working on issues and you do overcome the limitations and find a lot of special gifts in the process. They are part of who you are, but they don’t make you choose inappropriate partners or ruin your friendships.

        Please find a good astrologer to help you understand your chart and a therapist to work on the issues making your life so miserable. Don’t just give up on yourself and think your life is doomed. We have free will and every day is a new chance for a do-over.

        Best wishes

      • Thank you, Barbara. I couldn’t have explained it better myself. Donna

      • Thank you Donna. It was your writing on Moon Pluto issues that led me to understand mine better and mend my relationship with my mother after breaking contact for 22 years. Your books have been a healing force for many of us fans.

  26. Hi there!

    I have four planets in the 12th house- Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars. My Sun is in Pisces and Moon in Scorpio. Ascendant is in Taurus.

    I am your pretty typical “12th” house person. I prefer to be alone, a dreamer, etc. I have many talents, but have yet to find that one true calling that could bring me success or spritual fulfillment.

    I love music, art, writing, political and economic philosophy, dance, and crafting. I also love history and science. Despite these soft hobbies, I don’t know what I should really focus my energies on- and I want to blame the cluster in my 12th house 🙂

    Any insight would be much appreciated!

    • Hi, Katie. There are about 15 articles on Skywriter about the 12th house, and reading them would give you many insights.
      Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the opening page, and you’ll be taken to the links to that topic.

      In addition, with 4 planets in the 12th, you have what is called a stellium. This makes dealing with your 12th house much more complicated. My ebook, The Stellium Handbook, gives many tools for putting together the pieces of the stellium and how to use those energies constructively. It’s available at Donna

  27. I’ve got a stellium bridging my 12 and 1 houses in Scorpio (12 house Sun & Moon; 1 house Ascendant, Venus & Neptune). Two ways I work with this: consciously embracing paradox while avoiding dualistic good/bad, positive/negative ideologies; and working my own issues while helping others as a mental health peer support specialist.

    Unsurprisingly, “indirect” methods (somatic psychology or creative therapy) work best for myself and the people I work with (who have the kinds of life experiences shunned and stigmatized by conventional or alternative healers).

    • A good description of how the 12th house works, and of healthy responses to its challenges.

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