Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 11, 2013

Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

handbookcvrsm ©11-11-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As my regular readers know, I have been largely absent from the blogosphere for the past two years because of devoting myself to exploring, teaching, and writing about stelliums.

My goal has been to write an astrology/self-help book on this subject that could be equally easy to read for newcomers, astrology students, and professional astrologers. Today, the book is finally being released, and is available here.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever written a book about stelliums, and, as a result, they’ve remained something of a mystery. It’s crucial to understand them now because we’re in an era when an uncommon number of people have stelliums or triple conjunctions.

The most  potent stelliums occur under conjunctions of the slower-moving planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—because they correspond to major social, economic, and political changes that leave an impact on those born under them.

The slow-moving planets stand conjunct in the sky infrequently because of their long orbits around the Sun, but over the past 50 years, there have been an unusual series of them concentrated in consecutive signs.

Because of this series, there are possibly more people alive today with stelliums than ever before. The world population has continually increased over the past few centuries and is estimated to have reached 8 billion by the end of 2012.

A series of slow-moving conjunctions formed cores of stelliums in the signs Virgo through Aquarius between 1960 and 2010. We’ll explore those conjunctions–and the effects of the stellium’s sign and house. We’ll consider the gifts, strengths, and challenges of each planet in the group.

Here are some features you’ll find:

 1) You’ll be guided, step by step, in creating stellium worksheets to help you understand the pieces of your stellium so you can make the best use of them and avoid the pitfalls. You’ll work with self-tests that list the positive and the difficult potentials of the stellium’s sign, house, and the planets in the combination. If you’re a professional astrologer, you can create these worksheets for clients or students.

2) With the PDF format, you can print out sections that pertain specifically to you or your loved ones, creating a permanent reference tool. Another PDF perk is a series of printable summary tables about the qualities associated with the signs, house, and planets.

3) The PDF format also allows for clickable links to blog articles and internet sites, a resource often used in this book to provide more in-depth information than we have space for here.

4) As with most of my books, this one isn’t just about astrology, because throughout the book I’ll suggest self-help tools that will help you tackle the difficulties described by your stellium or triple conjunction.

Used regularly, these tools can speed your progress in developing your gifts and abilities. Growing into a stellium or triple conjunction is a lifelong process with considerable rewards, but techniques like these can smooth out the learning curve.

In addition to computers of all sizes, these PDF files work just fine on a 10″ iPad type tablet, but not a 7″ one or on Kindle, as the many tables and charts need a bit more room.handbook cvr sm

Read what reviewers are saying:  Reviews of The Stellium Handbook.

Download a sample file here: Stellium Handbook Sampler. You can also download information about the extraordinary Saturn-Uranus-Neptune superconjunction that appears in the charts of people born with a Capricorn stellium in 1988-89 here: Fact Sheet on the Capricorn Stellium-Donna Cunningham.   See a sampler of the  book here:  Stellium Handbook Sampler and order here: 

Feel free to pass these samples on to people with stelliums, astrology students, professional astrologers or anyone else you know who might be interested.

So, Readers, this is a banner day for me, because with a stellium of my own, I wanted to create something to make it easier for others with stelliums to make the most of the gifts and potentials a stellium so often confers. I also wanted to help them avoid the potholes along the stellium path, because with so many planets involved, there are likely to be conflicts of interest! I hope the word about this book will spread, because there are so many of us out there who could make a difference in our troubled world.

How to order the book: The Stellium Handbook is over 250 pages and 115,000 words, separated into two ebook files for easier navigation. It is $20 and can be ordered here:

PS: And, no, it is not available in paper. It’s 250 8 1/2 x 11″ pages–the equivalent of a half ream of paper per  copy.  I love our trees and do not wish to be responsible for killing them.


  1. My oldest grandson has a huge stellium in
    Scorpio in his 6th house. Square Satrun in his 4th and opposite his Jupiter/Moon conjunction in Taurus in his 12th, but conjunct his Taurus Ascendant. Unfortunately he is alienated from his family.

    • Sad, but many with stelliums do suffer from alienation because they are so different and on a life path they are called to follow that takes them in very different directions than family, peers, and society as a whole. They have to be who they are. Donna

      • He certainly is. dob 11/7/1976 Newburyport MA, 4:20 pm

      • …so true

    • Carole, I have also a stelium in Scorpio in my 6th house. Square saturn in my 4th house and jupiter in 12th in opposition to my stellium.I also tend to alienate from my family. I perfectly understand how your grandson can feel. By the way, I was born the same year 1976:) All the best. Meg

      • He has alienated himself from the family. He has two sons, 9 and 6, who we have never seen, although within reasonable visiting distance. He works hard and is extremely intelligent.

    • Hi Carole, Possibly your grandson feels he receives no support from the family which, hopefully, is untrue. My family, quite often I must tell, get me involved in certain activities … shopping spree or other get-together however I can sense that I have nothing in common with my family although we love each other,i feel not understood properly. It is easy to give advice but stand by no matter what, just show lots of love and support if it sounds “corny” I do apologize. My best wishes for the whole family of yours.

      • I don’t believe that is the case. He has been extremely volatile since three and has accused family of abusing him. As a 6th house Scorpio with Sun, Mercury, Mars, Uranus all conjunct, an explosive temperament is obvious. He is very intelligent, has his own one-person business, and works hard. These are square Saturn in Leo in the 4th and opposite Moon conjunct Jupiter in his 12th conjunct the Ascendant. Nice stubborn fixed T-square there. When he gets something fixed in his mind, that is it. No convincing him otherwise. He is alienated from everyone in the immediate family except his younger sister and younger brother. He has Neptune conjunct Venus in his 8th. When he met his wife he said he knew she was the one. “I looked into her eyes, and knew I was jello” (that was before the total cut-off). She died in a accident when he was 22 (I believe suicide because of a precognition I had 3 days prior). Her family had been dead set against this marriage. He has 2 young boys from his long-term partnership, but separated from their mom. His dad passed in an MV accident in 2002. I certainly do love him and hope someday all these hurts that he believes are from his family are able to be healed. Thanks for your comment, Meg.

      • Yes, That, unfortunately, is the way he feels….felt his 12 year younger brother was to “replace” him.
        We love him from a distance.

      • Moon in 12th house, what a placement! MAybe, just maybe he should relocate, for instance, to Europe…so the moon will at least move closer to his 1st house, a little bit of relief, i suppose. Im not an expert in astro so forgive me if i sounds silly. i was born 11/12/1976,16:25

  2. Yeah Donna! Congrats today on unveiling your wonderful workbook at last. I can’t wait, having the 60’s Virgo Uranus/Pluto triple conjunction with Venus in my 11th and trine a Cap Moon in the 3rd. Thank you so much for your work, straight A Latin scholar 🙂

  3. Donna, Pluto is transiting Capricorn now and conjuncting the Saturn/Uranus/Neptune stellium in that sign. I’m having a really hard time getting my head around this quadruple whammy. As the world’s new stellium expert (!) any illumination you can provide would sure be appreciated…

    • Oh, my, Sally, my heart really goes out to them–what a terribly difficult time for them to be coming of age, with all the important life decisions people make at that age (life work, relationships, who they are and where they fit into society) and with that very difficult combination in their birth charts. The book does have a whole chapter devoted to understanding that combination, but as for what these transits will mean to them individually, you’d have see where it fits into their chart.

      Essentially, I would say that having that rare superconjunction in 1988-89 of three of the slower moving planets packed together in about 10 degrees of the 360 degree circle (and up to 4 of the inner planets), these are old souls who came back here for a purpose. Many of them are volunteers who’ve come to help us get out of this terrible hole we’ve fallen into.

      So, the transit by two outer planets (Pluto and Uranus) says to me that this is the time their life purpose will start to become apparent to them, as the global problems are starting to come to a head, and many of them will be personally affected by huge collective developments. Many of them will start to understand how their gifts, abilities, and experiences might also contribute to doing something about it.

      Some of them may have been aware of their life purpose for a long time; others have yet to even glimpse it, but these transits are what will start them moving on their path. Donna

      • I have several people in my family with stelliums, including myself with Mercury conjunct Ascendant, Venus conjunct Pluto all in Cancer.

  4. Congratulations Donna!
    What a great contribution for stellium persons. Not much to find elsewhere of the matter. Thinking this book is also down to earth like your book on Pluto which I reread from time to time.
    “Sending” you a big, red rose,

  5. CoNgRAtuLAtiOnS !!! Well done for finishing the book all-in-one-piece!! Take a breather now!! xxx

    • Hi, Mary, good to hear from you. Hmm, take a breather like you did that wound up being 12 books? What are you writing now? Donna

  6. Congratulations on finishing this. Definitely looking forward to reading it. Hope it offers some insights. Living with 7 planets in Virgo, all conjunct, has been isolating. I would love to meet other people with this many planets all in a row.

    • As a stellium person myself, I definitely know what you mean about the isolation/alienation. It got better when I moved to New York City, but that’s not an option for everyone.

      Wouldn’t it be amazing if we stellium types held a conference to explore our lives and to network? The most amazing part of preparing to write the book was a 5-week group I led for people with stelliums to learn about their charts. There were 10 of us, and the buzz of energy was so strong and wonderful, that I couldn’t sleep when I got home after each session. Donna

    • Hi Lara,
      I have five planets in Virgo in the 12th house. Feel free to email me if you’d like to connect and share experiences; my address can be found on my company’s website at

    • Lara having 7 planets in virgo is mathematically possible in 1968 and that occurence is within a 3 day time window. I have 6 planets in virgo. Yes it would be nice to speak with other virgos with many planets…Curious as to how the moon and ASC would impact the charts…Not a text book explanations they are not adequate, examples in real time are much better…Just imagine how it changes the position of Saturn..It is the handle of our stellium ? So much virgo changing from house to house…I have often speculated how the different charts would look and where the sun rises in different parts of the world ? How the energy would change…

      • I am going to buy the stellium handbook forgot to mention that ! Happy that Donna wrote the book my comment above is worded funny. In the past textbooks for astrology never talk about the stellium in the way that Donna has. Thats what is not adequate. Donna’s book is more than that. Glad you clarified the Pay pal directions they were confusing…

  7. Okay, so I opened a Paypal account. How do I tell them step 2?

    •Tell them you want to send $20 to Donna Cunningham.

    I mean what button do I click? Where do I navigate to ‘tell’ them this?

    • Oh, my! You know, I’ve never actually bought anything that way from PayPal. I’ll have to go buy my own book or something and get back to you. Donna

      • Okay, here’s how it works. Across the top of the page, there are a series of navy blue buttons. One of them says, “Send Money.” I’ll have to add that to the instructions, as I’m sure you’re not the only one who missed it. Donna

      • Thanks I have ordered it. Looking foward to read it.

        I have my chart ruler Mercury Rx in Gemini in the 12th house at 26.03 degrees conjunct Sun and Mars in Gem on the Gemini Ascendant at 29.48 and 29.57 degrees, making an out of sign conjunction with Venus in Cancer at 00.00 degrees. I know who I am, anxious to learn about all the others.

  8. I love this app, you can know your Celtic, Egyptian, Chinese and many more horoscopes

  9. the method is quite excellent. But I dona??t think everyone can implement it.

  10. amazing article… and i will order this book soon…

  11. I’m impressed, I must say. Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic blog post. Thanks Again. Keep writing.

  12. I thought I had written something already – guess not. Anyhow, It’s been a long time waiting for a book like this to be be written for someone who has a stellium. Maybe not as large as some, but as times goes by you become aware of that speed-bump like feel as a trasnit makes its way over it.
    Mine is Virgo/Libra spanning my entire 4th house. (1968)

  13. I have a stellium in Leo that includes Moon, Pluto, Jupiter at 6 degrees, Sun at 7 degrees, north node at 16 degrees and Mercury at 22 degrees. Depending upon house systems 8th house (except if you use whole house then in 9th with Sag rising.) Does your book cover this as it goes back to 1943.

    • Hi, Judie, It has all the pieces you need for a stellium of any year, including the house, sign, and planets. Then you put the pieces together yourself.

  14. I have a stellium in Scorpio and I needed to know astrology when I was 10. That is when I was looking for it. Donna Cunningham should be on TV but that of course would empower young people to not follow the lies.

    • I would like to purchase the book, but right now cannot. so many people in my family have stelliums, including myself. Hope it also appears on amazon books. ❤

      • Stelliums are so strong. I personally think if you don’t get to know what they are about they will likely cause havoc until you pay them attention. I know mine did.

      • Will the stellium book be available through amazon, also?

      • No, none of my ebooks are on Amazon. > >

      • yeah takes a large % of what you sell.

      • Stelliums do run in families. The book won’t be on Amazon. Donna

    • Hello, Scorpio Stellium. Thanks for your comments. I know what you mean by havoc! I wish a book like this had been available during my 20s, as that tends to be pretty hard for all of us, but especially those like you and I with stelliums to contend with. That’s one of the reason I wrote the book.

      You may like this bit of hopeful info. Today I was researching some of the competitors in the Sochi Olympics. Ice Dance champion Charlie White (two time world champion), who with his partner, Meryl Davis, is favored to win in this category, has a fairly rough-looking Scorpio stellium. It consists of Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, and the Moon in Scorpio.

      In the time transiting Saturn has been in Scorpio, they have won international competitions, two US Figure Skating Championships, and are now looking good for Olympic medals.

      (With Prince William, it was the same way. During the time Saturn was transiting his stellium in Libra/Scorpio, he really came into his own–married, became a Duke, had a son.)

      White was born 10/24/87, time unknown, Royal Oak, MI. Davis was born 1/1/87, time unknown, also in Royal Oak.

  15. ok….I will do it on PayPal as soon as I can. TYVM. Miss your column in Horoscope, although the present advisor is also good.

  16. I have a stellium in the 1st house in Capricorn that includes Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Jupiter, Venus and Sun. It is a great idea to write a book about stelliums considering the fact that there isn’t a lot of information about them and those of us who have them don’t know where to look for answers. It will certainly be a quite interesting book to read!

  17. I would like to read some reviews of the book if possible, I didn’t see any yet.

    I have an 11th house 5 planet stellium in Libra. Saturn, Jupiter, Mercury, Pluto and Venus (2 degree Scorpio on this last one).

    I am alienated from my whole family. Have very few friends. Three children that take up most of my time. I get very lonely and can’t seem to get ahead financially.

    I have a lot of schooling, 2 AAs and more years on top of that but still no bachelor’s degree completed. I speak a few different languages and have a lot of hobbies. I am very creative and while I do like people, I have experienced a lot of abuse, abandonment and betrayal in my life.

    I was just diagnosed with ADHD so perhaps my personal organization and motivation will improve with treatment… I do have lofty goals in life, but I’m not sure how to get there yet.

    I am possibly interested in this book. thanks!

  18. I have 5 major planets in Leo……I was born 3-21-48……I would love to get your book on stallions…

  19. Recently I got the Stellium books and I have not finished reading it. Until now I found very useful and interesting.
    I have a Stellium in Scorpio (6 planets) located between 3rd and 4th houses.Around the IC. I haven’t met anyone with the same configuration and I was wondering if in this forum there is someone that wanted to share his/her experience.
    Also I was wondering, but will be Scorpio stellium generation role with the Capricorn stellium generation? By transit Pluto has had affected that generation

    • I’m glad you’re finding it helpful, Adriana. Pluto in Scorpio with a stellium in that sign is a very strong Plutonian influence–something that hasn’t been seen in about 240 years, since Pluto takes about that long to complete its orbit around the Sun. You might find my book, Healing Pluto Problems, helpful in understanding how to use it constructively. (It’s available from the publisher, RedWheel/Weiser.)

      I’ve seen charts of people born with the triple conjunction in Capricorn AND a Scorpio stellium including Pluto in Scorpio. It has to take a lot of strength to handle a chart like that–what brave, resilient souls they must be. Donna Cunn9ngham

      • Thanks very much for your comment..I really appreciate it. Yes, it has made me feel “different”, but at the same time find the strength when I needed it. I’ll look for your book about Healing Pluto Problems.

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