Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 21, 2013

A Farewell to Medium, Psychic, and Best-Selling Author, Sylvia Browne

Many of you might be fans of Sylvia Brown, the famous American medium.  She worked as a medium, psychic, author, and lecturer for almost 60 years, starting very young. As noted in AstroDataBank, according to her autobiography, she was born October 19, 1936 at 2:00 PM in Kansas City,  MO.  She died November 20, 2013 at 7:10 AM.  See her chart below.

Sylvia Browne

Let me first note the signatures of mediumship in her chart. Having done the charts of many with mediumistic abilities, I generally find it related to Pluto, the planet of birth, rebirth, death, and transformation.  Not only is Pluto often prominent, but the sign it rules, Scorpio, and the house it’s associated with, the 8th, are often strong as well.

(Newcomers, I must assure you that these three chart factors have many meanings including healing and transformation, so do not get freaked if you see them in your chart or that of a  loved one.  After all, we only die once…in this lifetime.)

Pluto, Scorpio, and the 8th house are all strong in Sylvia’s chart.  She has Pluto on the angle in the 6th, the house of work. When a planet is within 10 degrees of one of the four angles (Ascendant, Descendant, IC, or Midheaven) it becomes one of the strongest planets in the chart, and hers is conjunct the Descendant, even though it is in the 6th.

Her Pluto also forms a powerful trine with her Scorpio Midheaven and Venus in Scorpio, which is conjunct the Midheaven–the angle associated with career.  When a planet aspects the Midheaven, as Pluto does here, and especially when it is conjunct the Midheaven, as Venus is here, that’s a strong career indicator.  With Venus conjunct the Midheaven, she was much loved by her followers.

Finally, when the Sun is in a particular house (here the 8th), the matters of that house form a strong part of the person’s identity. The Sun is also one of the indicators of the career we choose–not the key one by any means, but still an indicator.  Her Sun and Mercury are both in her 8th house, again the house associated with death and transformation.

Mercury forms a very close quintile to Pluto. A quintile (72 degrees) is an aspect showing talent or even genius. Mercury is the planet of communication, and is in the 8th, the house that represents death. It forms the quintile to Pluto, the planet that represents death.

Let’s also look for indications of psychic ability, which would ordinarily include a strongly-aspected Neptune, Pisces, or the 12th house.

In Sylvia’s chart, Neptune is conjunct Mars in Virgo and in a T-square with Saturn in Pisces and the Moon and Jupiter in Sagittarius. Sagittarius and Jupiter can be associated with teaching and publishing, and many did regard her as a teacher and were devout readers of her many books on metaphysical subjects. She published 50 books, and 22 of them appeared on the New York Times Best-Seller list. Read more about her and her books on her website at

Many people who are psychics advertise themselves as psychic mediums, as though the two terms were interchangeable, but as you can see from this list of indicators, they are not the same. Unless both lists are strong, they probably aren’t both.  From the strength of both Pluto and Neptune in Sylvia’s chart, and from watching her work on television, I do believe firmly that she was both a psychic and a medium.

I do know that she did not suffer fools gladly, and got tired of the same old questions when she did readings as a guest on television shows, so her Sagittarian Moon and Jupiter hoof in mouth disease occasionally took over.  (I could relate!)

One reader wrote to ask if Uranus was also related to psychic abilities and how.  Here’s what I’ve observed. A person with a strong Uranus has brilliant  flashes of insight, but not of the psychic variety.  Being of the Uranian type myself, I believe it has to do with reasoning that occurs at such lightning-like speed (like putting two and two together and taking it to the 10th power) that it appears to come from some unseen and supernatural force rather than the person’s reasoning power. (Uranus is bright, dazzling, and detached; Neptune is soft, fuzzy, and merging with others’ suffering.)

The Uranian type hardly knows themselves how they came up with the right answer, and so people say, “You must be psychic.” But instead, it’s observation and putting together dozens of memories or things you read and hardly remember where it came from, all at the speed of light. Uranus is cerebral rather than intuitive or psychic merging.  Uranus rules astrology, and the astrologer with a strong Uranus may or may not be psychic per se, but rather synthesizes at a dizzying rate of speed what they’ve read or heard from lectures or learned from years of work with clients.

New-Insights-into-the-Astrology-Chart-220x300This is an excerpt from Donna’s New Insights into the Astrology Chart, an ebook collection of readers’ favorite articles, available at for $15.

Readers, what else do you see in Sylvia’s chart?  What will you remember most about her? Also, I’d love to hear from readers whose charts show these indications of mediumship.  Have you had communications with those who have passed on?

Share your thoughts on these questions in the comment section below this post. 


  1. I am so sad to hear about Sylvia’s passing. I appreciate you explaining that mediumship and psychic ability are not the same thing, yet some people have multiple gifts at their disposal. I am wondering if Uranus in the 3rd house can translate into flashes of insight, brilliance in the the mind? It widely trines her Jupiter and is her chart ruler. Any thoughts?

    She will really be missed, loved her rapport with Montel Williams!

    • Yes, I like what you said about Uranus being flashes of insight. (It certainly adds charisma, too, and eccentricity, especially so in aspect to Jupiter.) But not of the psychic variety. Thanks, LL, I’m going to add my observations about Uranus that to the post, so we’ve got all the outer planets covered. Donna

      • thanks Donna!
        I am very Uranian too and thought my intuitive flashes were of the psychic variety. But I am also quite Neptunian so perhaps I am confusing the two ( a very Neptunian habit!)

        I am so honored to have you add this to the post 🙂


      • Thanks to both of you, LL and Donna, for that description of the important distinction between the intellectual, “flash of light” synthesizing abilities of Uranus and the respective medium or “channeling” and psychic powers of Pluto and Neptune.

        When all three are strong in one’s chart, I have found it is critically important to stay really clear about their very distinct contributions to the content of one’s mind so one can communicate appropriately in any particular context.

        When I’m communicating as a scientist, Uranus gets to be in the driver’s seat, pulling all the disparate pieces together, including the Neptunian and Plutonian components, into a coherent whole that is expressed intellectually.

        When writing songs and plays, Neptune(H 12,trine Aq Mercury/square Uranus) takes the Uranian-synthesized scientific insights and somehow magically weaves them into whimsical stories told by characters who speak and sing through me via Pluto’s (opp. Aq Sun, with Scorpio Rising, south node H8) super-expressway.

  2. Wow! Her chart takes my breath away! I’ve been both drawn to, and repulsed by, Sylvia’s work. Donna, your comment about her hoof in mouth disease tendency probably speaks to the latter AND the “I can relate” part offers me a bit of humble pie in that regard as, I too, can relate!

    It seems to come with the psychic and medium territory. Don’t know how much has to do with trying to be as authentic as possible in a time that is not favourable to certain types of knowledge and ability and how much is simply a spin-off from the powerful currents of ethereal flow one finds oneself immersed in at times, but I do believe hoof-in mouthing off is an occupational hazard in this particular line of work!

    Back to the chart–North node, in H 11 (she has Aquarius Rising), conjunct Jupiter, both in Sag is on the Galactic Centre (yow!) and opposite South Node/Chiron (wounded healer) conjunction in Gemini (communication) in H5 (creative expression). To my mind,these aspects flesh out and further amplify Sylvia’s dynamic gifts.

    I have an idiosyncratic, I think, thing about the IC –I see it as the place of Soul (vs. the Spirit of MH) and Sylvia’s “soul” is smack dab on the star Algol. This much maligned star, considered for far too long as the most evil star ever!, is located at the third eye of the head of Medusa in the constellation of Perseus.

    Several prominent astrology writers, as they re-construct the more popular version of the story of Medusa by harking back to earlier stories of her intuitive, world (under and above)-bridging powers are reclaiming Algol as the feminine expression of intuition. Some say she’s one of the faces of Lillith etc.

    The sextile of Sylvia’s Sun in Libra and North Node in Sag forms a tight YOD (Finger of God) pointing right at her IC/Algol conjunction. That gives me shivers!

    • Where did I call one of your readers dirt? I wrote “detergent irritates dirt. truth irritates liars”.

      Since it’s “permissable” for one of your readers to call another one of your readers “irritating” AND adding some facts (like Sylvia’s ACTUAL rate of correct predictions in criminal cases) “hate”, then you don’t have to block me. I’ll leave on my own. I find it “irritating” to be on the receiving end of personal attacks disguised as “love” because of a difference in perception. *following the light out of here*

  3. Also…
    There is a tight quincunx (karmic?) aspect between Uranus, the chart ruler in Taurus in H3 and Mercury in Libra in H8, sharing Venus which is conjunct MH as their house ruling planet. An “out of the box” thinker/communicator inspired by Love. That was Sylvia for sure.

    • Thanks for your validation of the hoof-in-mouth disease–glad to hear it’s an occupational hazard and not just bitchiness on my part! (Where the heck is the winking smiley face button when you really need it?)

      And thanks for your interpretation, especially about the Mercury-Uranus quincunx. That could surely make for some ill-advised but still brilliant responses to certain comments–giving the questioner a sort of wake up call.

      • Hi Donna,
        You’re welcome! and –ouch–just remembered that I have a Mercury-Uranus quincunx too. Not so tight (thankfully!) but the memories of punchy, bordering on risque, smart, synthesizing comments I used to make in psychiatric grand rounds, for example, are painfully flashing by at the moment! I’m now finding it a lot safer–and possibly, more effective–for all concerned, to weave those thoughts into whimsical tunes and stories. Or maybe that’s simply the better way for someone entering their 2nd Saturn return to navigate the waters of controversial topics!

      • All true reasons for handling a Mercury/Uranus aspect better as we, ahem, mature. (I have Uranus the lead planet in my Gemini stellium, parallel Mercury, which disposes of Uranus)

        Or, possibly, it might just be that we Uranians get away with more outrageousness as we enter the old fart phase of our lives. We’re less of a threat to former authorities, since we’ve outlived most of them. 😉 Donna

        (PS: Hot dang, I just found the smiley face tool.)

  4. Interesting take on Uranus. I would describe the difference between Neptune and Uranus as like the Psychic and the Sage. A Sage observes everything, and knows everything he needs to predict what will happen. So when a brilliant sage sees farther than others, it is because he is seeing more of the cause and effect cycle, he sees things that make causes now, and with his knowledge, he can predict the effects.

    As for me, I have Uranus on my ascendant in Leo, 12th house. Some astrologer (maybe even you, Donna) told me with this configuration, “you never see it coming.” If the 12 house conceals the causes, I won’t known any effects are headed my way.

    • That wasn’t me, Charles, but it might be so. To me, a sage is a bit more like Jupiter/Saturn. Not quite certain where Uranus fits in along those lines, may have to think on it a bit. Uranus is more like the light bulb that goes off when a genius suddenly knows what to do to make an invention work. Donna

  5. Donna, I must echo everyone here who loved the explanation of the Uranus and Pluto differences. I have an out of sign and house conjunction of Mercury in 7th H Taurus and Uranus at 5 Gemini in the 8th, 11 deg from my 16 Gemini Sun Saturn conjunction. With 0 deg Scorpio rising…5 Leo Pluto conj my 0 deg Leo mid heaven and Venus and 13 deg Leo moon as well as 17 deg north node. I am and always have been a commercial artist (with natal Mars at 8 Aries in 6H ( so guess what that Pluto Uranus thing is doing to me now? Because I can’t!)

    I’ve always had those flashes of intuition – like when I was 5 years old on Maui and suddenly with great anguish realized “I was here again”….. It went on from there…. Knowing I was being helped by entities ‘out there’ when things got dark. I’ve studied astrology since my early 20s and was even told by a teacher I could have been one of the top west coast psychics. That just terrified me. But I never stopped my studies. But I also know, having had a friend who is a medium, that I am not that. So this huge Pluto Uranus square is taking me somewhere …..and since I am no longer doing the Leo 10 H thing with an art career, I will try to use this opportunity of this lifetime to go to new and interesting places….

    • These gifts all unfold in Divine Right Timing. Often mediumistic abilities don’t unfold until the death of someone significant in one’s life–like an anchor on the other side. And for you, perhaps finishing one career is leaving room for a deeper exploration of these abilities. Donna

      • I haven’t read much at all about the process of becoming a medium (which is strange for this Aquarian Sun person who has Saturn on my Scorpio ascendent–I usually dig up everything I can possibly find about a topic–methinks I’m still partially in denial!) So, a bit of a jolt to read this.

        My “abilities” definitely emerged around the time of my father’s passing. For six years, that kind of communication only occurred with him. Then, I travelled to Ethiopia to meet my adopted son and while there, I visited several ancient sacred places. Upon returning to Canada and to my psychiatry practice, boom! There they were– a whole new source of “collateral information” about my patients. At the time, transiting Pluto was trine my natal Pluto (H 9) which is six degrees shy of my Virgo midheaven.

      • Ah, I love “Divine RightTiming”. I am sure that is the phase I am in…wonderful words

  6. I wanted to say that I once was picked out of an audience by Sylvia Browne who answered a question I had about another person…what she said didn’t make sense until a couple decades later when that person passed away. The last time I saw Sylvia on a tv interview she seemed tired in a very existential way. Or just how she seemed to me….

  7. And Donna, bravo for the connecting of flower essences and astrology. Here in San Mateo, CA is a wonderful woman named Patricia Meyer whom I’ve sometimes helped with Astro for clients of hers….I know she told me she had met you at some workshop or another. She works with people all over the country… Patricia saved me quite handily back when Pluto was squaring my mid heaven when it entered 0Scorpio back in the 1980s!

    • Yes, I do know Patricia. She’s a very fine essence practitioner, and she does very good work with children. Donna

  8. Right off I see transiting Pluto conjunct 12th cusp and the full moon last weekend was on her 4th cusp. I myself have some strong mediumistic ties, and psychic ties, if you would like my chart info please email me, I would love to know what you think.

  9. I have several of the indicators that you mention in Sylvia’s chart:

    Prominent 8th house (Sun, Mercury and Jupiter)
    Prominent Scorpio and 12th house (12th house Moon – Uranus conjunction in Scorpio sextile MC)
    Prominent Pluto (Sun, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter aspect Pluto)
    Sagittarius energy (Neptune Rising aspecting MC)
    Very Uranian

    Sylvia Browne was born with what you call “psychic” and “medium” potential that lessened as she became more arrogant and self-serving (seeking fame and money rather than helping others). These “channeling” potentials become fully realized/activated when the person accepts guidance from the Holy Spirit (see Spirit-given gifts in Corinthians) – not from the underworld. The Bible clearly warns us of mediums and psychics guided/used by dark unseen forces rather than by the Holy Spirit. See Ephesians, Revelation, etc.

    People who pray to and obey the Holy Spirit are 100% correct in their “predictions” (visions) – and they don’t come at will or on demand (especially not for money). They come when God wants us to use the info to complete a Mission for Him.

    Sylvia(‘s soul) will return to try to learn this lesson again (or insist that she is right and God is wrong again). Her karmic lesson is the right vs. wrong use of “psychic” and “mediumistic” power.

    Also, her impatience and rudeness when asked questions told me that she shouldn’t be considered a teacher in the strict sense – more like she’s teaching by providing a horrible warning to those of us who were born with similar potentials.

    My mom stopped paying attention to Sylvia Browne when she received opposite info from what Sylvia said. I stopped paying to her when she didn’t apologize for her consistently incorrect info:

    See underworld channeling and how God uses false teachers to test witnesses’ faith and discernment.

    “The Pharisees came and began to argue with (Jesus), asking him for a sign from heaven, to test him. And he sighed deeply in his spirit and said, “Why does this generation ask for a sign? Truly, I tell you, no sign will be given to this generation.” – Mark 8:11-12

    “Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly.” – James 3:1

    “A wonder of psychic power is NOT to be exhibited to everyone. Whoever exhibits these powers openly is doing wrong.” – Buddha, Vinaya, Cullavagga 5.8.2

  10. Key: 11th house Jupiter – North Node Conjunction in Sagittarius (using her knowledge and beliefs to promote/blow herself up in society) opposite Chiron in Gemini (situational, double-standard ethics) in egoistic 5th house indicates her moral test/downfall re: use of her “psychic powers” and mouth (see “tame the tongue” warning in Scripture).

    • Oh yeah. My Pluto is in the 10th house. Gotta love those angular houses!

      • Hi Jara,
        I deeply appreciate what you have written about the potential pitfalls associated with mediumistic abilities and I agree that a key planet to consider, as one does when considering any type of inflation,over-reach or exploitation of one’s abilities/opportunities is Jupiter.

        As someone with ego-inflating tendencies and little will power when it comes to something I reeeeally want, and a strong Jupiter in my chart (cusp of H9, conjunct Uranus, quincunx Aq Sun), I have resorted to handing Spirit a green card for knocking me down a peg or two whenever I need it.

        That –ouch and ouch and ouch! — seems to be doing the trick! I’ve never been able to get a handle on fear-based approaches to moderation designed to keep out the creeps. That just doesn’t work for me. I tend to say, bring ’em on (Mars in Aries, H5 sextile Aq Sun) and I expect Spirit to be by my side, fighting along with me while giving me a cuff or two when I step out of line. So far, so good.

        Just different strokes for different folks, I figure.

  11. I have since birth been able to see and feel things that I “should not” have known. I can see and talk to those that have crossed to the other side. I can hear my spirit guide clearly and I can experience my previous lives thorugh meditating. I am sensitive to energies, feel them, see them, sense them. My life is filled with “unusual” happenings. I am always lucky! And I have never felt like I fit in here, I have felt like the observer who only watches but never interacts. The looner …

    I have 2 kites in my chart, I also have a grand square and a yod.. My eight house is empty, but Pluto is strong in my chart

    My aspects are:
    Sun, Moon, North node are in Conjunction in Leo, the Moon is in the 12th house and the sun and North Node right before the cusp of the 12th = Sun/Moon/N.N
    Mars and Pluto are in Conjunction( less than 1 degree apart and applying) in Libra in the First house = Mars/Pluto
    The Grand Trine: MC – Mars/Pluto – South Node
    The Frist tip of the Kite is Neptune,
    The Second tip of the Kite is Sun/Moon/N.N
    The Grand Square: Sun/moon/N.N – Chiron – Uranus – South Node
    The Yod: Mars/Pluto Sextile Neptune, All of these are in Quincunx to Chiron

    I have not been able to figure out what the yod is doing and stands for.. So how does these aspects and patterns translate to me being able to do what I do?

    Namaste Marie

  12. Hi Marie,
    One thought — Mars/Pluto applying conjunction is doubly Scorpionic!

  13. I was just thinking–especially with regard to some of the shadow sides of mediumistic abilities that we’ve been touching on–it might be useful to look at the chart of another high profile medium. Like Theresa Caputo, the Long Island Medium of TLC fame. I watched her show recently, expecting to be flinching every other minute but her interactions with clients appeared consistently kind. At least in the episodes I watched.

    As far as the content of her messages is concerned, to me there was a quality of familiarity that resonated with my own mediumistic experiences. Not the “OMG, how did she know about the pink poodle tattoo on my dad’s left shoulder!” type; rather, the subtle, nuanced language she uses which conveys a connection to a level of intimacy between the family members on each side that cannot be recognized by anyone outside of the intimate circle but is jaw-droppingly obvious to those within.

    I can’t find Theresa Caputo’s birth information…anyone have it or a suggestion of another current, public medium whose birth information is known?

    • No, apparently she doesn’t make her birth information known, nor does John Edwards.

      • Interesting….and unfortunate for us.

    • “I have resorted to handing Spirit a green card for knocking me down a peg or two whenever I need it. That –ouch and ouch and ouch! — seems to be doing the trick!” – Judith

      Always a wise checks and balance system for a strong Jupiter, rebellious Aquarian and impulsive Mars in Aries, Judith! 😉 (I have Mars exactly conjunct my Descendant and have dated several men with Venus and/or Mars in Aries.)

      I’m also interested in reading these other famous mediums’ charts (Venus and Mars in Gemini). But…I don’t need to see birth charts to discern spirit, karmic lessons and soul purpose. People who become famous/rich for their mediumistic/psychic abilities are…

      Leviticus 19:31:

      “Do not turn to mediums or necromancers; do not seek them out, and so make yourselves unclean by them: I am the Lord your God.”

      Leviticus 20:27:

      “A man or a woman who is a medium or a necromancer shall surely be put to death. They shall be stoned with stones; their blood shall be upon them.”

      Isaiah 8:19:

      “And when they say to you, “Inquire of the mediums and the necromancers who chirp and mutter,” should not a people inquire of their God? Should they inquire of the dead on behalf of the living?”

      1 Chronicles 10:13-14:

      “So Saul died for his breach of faith. He broke faith with the Lord in that he did not keep the command of the Lord, and also consulted a medium, seeking guidance. He did not seek guidance from the Lord. Therefore the Lord put him to death and turned the kingdom over to David the son of Jesse.”

      John 1:1-51:

      “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through him, and without him was not any thing made that was made. In him was life, and the life was the light of men. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

      Matthew 7:21-23:

      “Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’

      Spiritual tests of faith, discernment, knowledge, vision, wisdom. People who want to know everything are subconsciously trying to be like God (i.e., not accepting/judging/2nd-guessing The Plan, His Will), so they seek out “knowledgeable” people who share “knowledge” for personal gain – people who also want to be like God.

      South Node in Pisces says…Let’s just say that my entire chart is mapped out to be wary of all of that. The spiritual world is not to be interacted with “lightly” (just for curiosity’s sake).

      “Together with the tree of life, God planted the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.” – Genesis 2:9

      Simple rule from God: Don’t eat the apple.

      Humans disobey over and over…

    • Judith ~ I’m also curious about Theresa Caputo’s chart. If I had to guess, I’d suspect she has a prominent Neptune, with a strong Aries and/or Capricorn flavor. She celebrated her 45th birthday during an episode that first aired in September of 2012. Though not much of a clue, it’s something.

      Kim Russo is another one with amazing gifts, often using them to help people uncover the lessons *behind* their experiences. She’s like a psychic therapist, peeling away layers and exposing invisible pain so it can heal. Her approach is very Plutonian.

      • The trouble with those reality shows is that there’s really no way to know when they were filmed, so I’m not sure we can guess her birthdate. So many episodes of these shows are filmed months in advance, so like a show might air on Thankgiving, say, but outside the cherry blossoms are showing.

        I love watching Theresa, and there is no doubt whatsoever in my mind that she’s for real with her gifts. She will walk up to a total stranger whose name she doesn’t even know in a bowling alley or something, and start giving them precise and unique details that no one other than the person she’s speaking with and the deceased would have known.

        Or, at those group readings with 20 or 30 people whose names she doesn’t know, she comes out with stunning, private details again.

        The thing that I want to say is that Pluto rules both death and healing, and that mediumship in its purest form is a type of healing like no other.

        So often you see guests on Theresa’s show whose outlook on life is going further and further off the rails because of a tragic death or some way they feel guilty for a loved one’s passing.

        That loving message from the departed person, assuring them that they are well and still close by seems to begin to heal the person in a way nothing else could. It just lifts that dark terrible space of morbid grief. Donna

  14. You also might find this article interesting: “Was Jesus Psychic?”

  15. I love facts, stats and truths:
    “Psychic Defective: Sylvia Browne’s History of Failure”

    Did Sylvia ever apologize for emphatically and authoritatively telling a mother – who felt that her kidnapped daughter was still alive – that her daughter was dead because she heard her “on the other side”? Maybe she can apologize to her now that they are both physically dead. The grief-stricken mother died shortly after Sylvia’s proclamation.

  16. I am not surprised with her Venus on the MC, Sun in the 8th (house of other people’s money), and Capricorn harnessing her 12th. She knew how to make herself a business & brand! Safe journey for her soul.

    • My first thought on the Ohio kidnapping victims is that all of them were in a sense daily close to death and living in a hell creation of a sick mind. Perhaps that is why Sylvia read it that way. No apologies would have been needed. Perhaps that was a kindness in the end, as what they lived through was horrible. And I speak as a mother and grandmother.

      • I’m kind of lost here. Were the kidnapping victims dead, as Sylvia predicted, or were they ultimately found? However, supposing that it was me who was acting as a medium, and supposing they actually were dead and I perceived it–what would I have told the family?

        Boy, that’s tough. Because if a medium led the family to believe the children were alive, and they kept on looking and yearning forever, I’m just not sure if that is a good thing. If you did know–and how on earth COULD you know for absolute certain sure that they were dead–and you were to tell that that is how it seems to you, and you said it in a loving, kind way, would that be better and kinder than false hope?

        Or, supposing that you perceived that the child had been sold into sexual slavery as so many kidnapped children are and you told the parent…how terribly would the parent suffer? And what if you were wrong? It just seems to me that working with the parents of missing children (of any age, even teens) is fraught with very bad consequences, and how does one know, at any given moment, whether you really are right? Donna

    • And may I say I have Venus exactly conjunct the MC, my sun/Saturn conj in the 8th with Uranus and Neptune on cusp of 12th. I have always made my money from corporations. There is something wrong with that? I was providing a service! You made it sound like Sylvia was doing highway robbery! If I have misinterpreted, please accept my apology.

  17. Hi Donna: First, thank you for the info about Sylvia Browne. I was born psychic, so I am always interested in other psychics’ charts and other astrologers’ comments about them. I do have a question now though, based on your comments about Sylvia’s chart. If Uranus is NOT the planet that represents the intuition in the birth chart, then how is this identified or seen in a birth chart?

    And, secondly, is there any information available about Pluto’s connection to mediumistic abilities? This is the first I’ve heard of it, and as a medium, I am curious and want to learn as much as I can about it.

    My experience with all of these gifts is that when you have one, you have access to all (psychic, intuitive, past lives, healer, channel, etc.)..and I believe it is because of Neptune, but this is because of Neptune’s placement in my own birth chart. I have Neptune at 29 deg Virgo, trine Saturn conj Uranus within 4 deg. and all are trine my Asc at 24 deg Cap. My SN is also in Pisces; I am a Scorpio, with a Mars/Pluto trine, Pluto in Leo in the 7th sq Merc in Scorpio. in 9th.

    If you know of any astrological group that discusses psychic abilities in the natal chart, could you give me the link, as I am interested in meeting other psychic, intuitive astrologers, as this is how I do my chart interpretations. I have been doing spiritual psychic intuitive astrological chart interpretations for about 10-15 years now.

    • Hi, Rosemary. No I don’t know of a group like that. You’ll find the occasional article or lecture, but I don’t know of a group. I think a mutual support group would be a great thing.

      My book Healing Pluto Problems has a chapter on grief and one on mediumship, so you might look for that with the publisher RedWheel/Weiser.

      If you want to know more about the astrological indications in your chart, here’s an idea. Perhaps you could trade services with a (carefully chosen) astrologer who wants a psychic readingor a mediumistic session. (Not me, I’m retired from chart consultations for several years in order to focus on writing.) Donna

  18. I personally find you “jara’ quite irritating. I loved Sylvia Browne, so to be true to the light we all have within, shine with brillance- not with hate…..

    • Detergent irritates dirt. 🙂

    • Of course. Detergent irritates dirt. Truth irritates liars. 🙂

      • Okay, I do not tolerate harassing remarks, Jara. You have never done this before, but now you are out of line now. It is permissible to say that one is irritated. It is not acceptable to call one of my readers dirt. You will be blocked if you continue. Donna

  19. Hi Donna,
    When I looked at Sylvia’s chart on,_Sylvia and I’m using Equal House, I saw a rather balanced chart, planets all around the circle.
    I think to be a ‘famous’ psychic, you do need to have a very strong opinion factor, which Sylvia appeared to have…
    And she didn’t want to have just any old job, she had a ‘different’ job (Aquarius Asc)
    I work with and know a lot of psychics, they generally are Pisces or have Neptune well placed….the successful ones also need to have a good business mind, and I think what helped Sylvia more than anything was her Jupiter conj Moon.
    She saw and said it like it is….she clearly wasn’t fazed by ‘speaking her mind’.
    I see the psychic bit as being the Mars Neptune conj in the 8th, a natural home for ‘The Other Side’.
    She didn’t seem to be at all worried about talking about death, or working with people who have had someone die…..which for her line of work was an important attribute!!
    I’ve looked at her transits, as there is always something going on when someone dies:
    Moon conj natal natal Chiron (but a bit wide…)
    Mars & MC conj exactly natal Neptune (!)
    Asc, Sun conj natal MC & Venus
    Uranus exactly opposite natal Mercury
    North Node opposition natal Uranus
    I think the Mars & MC on her natal Neptune in the 8th in Virgo might be what ‘took her away’…there is no cause of death on the Internet …..yet….

    Mars=action in Virgo=detailed with Neptune in the mix, some sort of confusion….maybe there was some sort of drug mix-up in the hospital?

    By the sound of it, this was a sudden-ish death, I can’t find any record of how she got into hospital and when but on her face book page they’ve got the time she died as 7.10am
    ….and her last post was on the 27th October saying
    “My one prayer every morning that has carried me through my life is, “Hi God, it’s me again.” It doesn’t matter how you pray. It can be just simply talking to God. Remember, God knows your heart and soul.”


    • Thanks for the transit analysis, Mary. My friend who’s a big fan of Sylvia’s told me that the last time she saw her on television, she looked extremely ill and was wheeled out in a wheelchair, so she must have been quite ill for a time already, but maybe the transit from Uranus put a sudden end to it. Donna

  20. Excellent subject matter for analysis Donna, and from what I am gathering online she was taking the Pluto Uranus square particularly hard. There is also no cause of death available at this time.

  21. Hi Donna ~ I met Sylvia Browne once, years before she became really famous. In addition to a few other conjunctions, our Suns are also *exactly* conjunct, so it’s no wonder she picked me from the crowd, telling me something about myself I hadn’t even asked; ironically (and in retrospect) it was probably the one thing I needed to understand in order to make sense of my life, though at the time it wasn’t at all what I was looking for. The question I *wanted* to ask (and did – I was young and very distraught about a romantic relationship I was in) turned out to be irrelevant, as was her answer to that particular question, which ended up to be not so accurate.

    One thing I noticed about Sylvia Browne’s chart is that her Mercury in the 8th (in Libra) is at the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint and is quintile both. Being an 8th house Libra, I think she really put herself out there, wanting very much to give people whatever it was she sensed they needed, at times possibly reaching beyond her abilities. Regardless of our gifts or how relatively small (or significant) they may be, it can be very difficult to remain humble and open to Divine guidance, allowing it to shape us rather than expecting it to perform on demand. Sometimes the answers don’t come or maybe we’re not meant to know. Or maybe we’re seeking answers to the wrong questions.

    Hearing various stories throughout the years about some of the things Sylvia Browne got wrong, I not only felt terribly sad for the people who came to her, grieving and desperate for answers, but also for Sylvia Browne, who, whether she admitted to it or not, must’ve carried a heavy burden.

    Our spiritual gifts come with huge responsibilities, not the least of which is helping to empower and validate people’s own internal guidance and faith. Receiving wrong information can serve as a reminder about the importance of practicing spiritual discernment and humility, never making anyone or anything more important than honoring our own Divine connection. Other than God/Source (whatever word one chooses to use), no one has all of the answers all of the time – it’s important not to overestimate our own power by promising more than we can deliver. When we make ourselves quiet, humble and open, it’s easier to remain silent or admit we don’t know.

    • Beautifully articulated. Key: humility.

    • One of the aspects, it seems, of being sensitive and an open channel to the other side are the pitfalls of needing to protect one’s body and mind from the stresses of dealing with the expectations and judgements brought to the channel by clients. Every bit I’ve read about mediums of the past (and I’ve read a lot of their stories) who were quite famous included the hardship to the physical bodies, and addiction to alcohol was quite prominent among those in the earlier part of the last century. It was their coping mechanism. I have no idea of how Sylvia coped, but there had to be a heavy burden there. Without the kind of training to protect one’s own psyche it can be perilous….and debilitating. When these hard aspects come along (and I am sick in bed myself with my 8 Aries Mars conj T Uranus square T Pluto, my energy quite depleted and I am not even doing psychic work. I feel like a butterfly pinned to a display board while still alive) perhaps it becomes impossible to carry on.

      So perhaps we need to send some healing energy to her !

      • Thanks for bringing that up, Judi. For all of us who do service work with clients, it is important to know how to shield ourselves so that we don’t take on their pain, sorrow, anxiety, or other upset. Or, be drained of our own energy, because many of them, without being aware of it, are so stressed or desperate that they pull energy from us. That doesn’t just apply to psychics or mediums, but also to astrologers, psychotherapists, life coaches, and other healers.

        There are a variety of shielding and clearing techniques, and they tend to work more strongly when we consistently use them before AND after sessions. We may also want to clear our consultation room of energy left behind on a regular basis.

        When we do not practice these tools regularly, there’s a very strong tendency to use substances of one kind or another to block the negative energies our clients bring along or to re-energize ourselves. That can include alcohol, marijuana, or even ice cream, so if you find yourself drawn to use things like that after a session, know that you need to amp up the shielding and clearing techniques.

        Here are some articles on Skywriter that tell you more about shielding techniques:

        Neptune and the Cosmic Soup

        These tools are also helpful for those who don’t work in the healing fields but for those who have loved ones who are in turmoil or needy. Donna

      • In terms of other people’s expectations, self-awareness combined with a healthy dose of humility (as Jara has already mentioned) help to keep me grounded; I’m learning to neither force nor suppress my gifts, a way of being which has taken me a while to come back to.

        I find the most meaningful and healing messages inevitably come through spontaneously, often in unexpected places and without me consciously having to ask or be asked. Since I can’t turn my gifts on and off at will, it’s also why I don’t feel comfortable charging money for something so intangible and unpredictable (and so deeply spiritual) – at least that’s how it works best for me. When I *am* in the flow though, I feel most at peace, like I’m home.:) I’m energized.

        Feeling people’s pain can also be a profound gift *if* it’s used to help validate and clarify what someone is feeling. It can be very healing for another person to feel genuinely heard and understood without them having to explain. The fact that I recognize whose pain it is generally helps me to release it more quickly. The world’s pain, anger, frustration and denial -all the dark things that secretly motivate people- is a whole other story. Sometimes I carry that too, though it’s also a gift I wouldn’t trade.

        Sorry you’re going through a rough time, Judi. Hope you find healing soon.

      • Amen to all that you say, LB. It is exactly because psychic perceptions do NOT come on demand like turning on a tap of water that many psychics who are genuine to begin with are less and less reliable the more professional work they do. Some do not realize that they are beginning to “cheat,” and to read people’s “tells”to come up with answers to their questions; some less ethical do it consciously for the sake of ego or financial gain.

        To me, one signal that it’s a genuine psychic perception and not something coming from me is when I think, “I must be making this up,” and am reluctant to share what comes up for fear of being wrong or looking foolish. That’s usually when the person says to me, “How did you know that?”

        And what you said about feeling another’s pain being healing in itself, that’s true as far as it goes—but it need not linger longer than it takes for you to perceive what they are feeling. Here we’re talking about */empathy/*, and I do find that both Neptunian and Plutonian types are /*empaths,*/ whereas I don’t believe Uranian types are–they’re cerebral and detached, not inclined to merge with the other person in that way.

        (Of course, most of us in these fields are a mixture of at least two of the outer planets–Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.)

        I am an extreme empath and have always picked up others’ physical and emotional pain, even at a distance. (You can imagine what fun that was when I was a social worker in a prenatal clinic and had to feel the patients’ morning sickness day in and day out.) In healing work, yes, it was important to be able to pick up what was hurting the person so I could direct energy and light to that part of the body. Feeling their emotions was helpful in counseling and astrological sessions, as it helped me to understand what they couldn’t express.

        But it didn’t shut off when I wasn’t in session or since I’ve retired from client work–I even pick up people’s anxiety in the grocery store when they’re finding it hard to afford the groceries their family needs.

        Now that I am retired from client work, I have been praying for several years to have this “gift” shut down. I understand people’s emotions well enough without it. Finally, God and I have brokered a deal so that I still feel the person’s feelings but can shut it down in five seconds once I realize what it is and who it might be coming from. I think that’s a wise compromise, and it is actually working. Anybody else out there struggling with the same issue? Donna

      • Donna ~ That’s it exactly. More often than not (though to be fair and not to offend anyone out there who may be reading this, there *are* definitely exceptions), I think a lot of (initially) gifted psychics (mediums/sensitives) who choose to become professionals end up compromising their spiritual integrity – or they simply overestimate/overstate their gifts and/or the significance of their credentials. People love confidence almost as much as they love a list of credentials, so genuine humility can be a turn-off to some. The thing is, most people want to believe so badly, they’re grateful for whatever they’re being told and often make things fit that really don’t, especially when they’re paying hundreds of dollars for a session.

        The best reading I ever had was from someone who admitted to feeling a combination of terror and awe at her gifts and who did *not* practice professionally. She approached me as a relative stranger, bringing comfort without asking for anything in return. Seeing how emotionally overwhelmed I was after our encounter, my husband asked me how it felt to finally be on the receiving end.:) It felt overwhelming. And great.

        It’s interesting reading about your experiences as an empath and also your ‘test’ for imagination (I either think I’m imagining or else just blurt things out without them ever having registered as a thought – the most amazing messages seem to come through when there’s no thinking *or* conscious decision making involved on my part). I’m also an extreme empath who occasionally picks up on feelings at a distance, which can be unsettling. One of the stranger manifestations is when I take on the feelings or physical symptoms of someone (or bunch of someones) who are out of sight and out of mind, and only later find out what was going on.

        On the morning of the September 11 attacks (right as it was happening, though I didn’t know it at the time), I woke up as usual to my beeping alarm going off on the West Coast, then in my half-asleep state heard the roar of an airplane engine coming towards our building. A peaceful feeling came over me and I remember thinking how at least it would all be over quickly. Of course later on that morning, I turned on the news and realized what it was that I’d experienced. Sometimes it happens right *before* a major event, this growing sense of something being wrong only I don’t know what.

        After so many years, my husband now always asks me if I think it’s me or someone/something else whenever I’m feeling particularly uneasy. Like you, I may eventually reach a point where I ask God to relieve me of some of my ‘gifts’. They can be a mixed blessing at times.

        As I was writing this, I suddenly got a strong sense of deja vu. Don’t know what it means, but I almost had a glimpse of more only it slipped away before I could catch it.:0

      • So you DO know, LB!

  22. Under whole sign house, I have my sun conjunct mer in 12th libra, I have nept conjunct ascendent and venus in 1st Scorpio, I have Saturn in 5th Pisces. (psychic – I’ve always described myself like Radar O’reily from Mash…handing the paperwork to the boss before he asked for it….)

    1st house I’ve stated, I have Pluto conjunct Uranus in 11th and NN in 8th. Not in the “traditional” sense, but I’ve always “seen” the other side and then occasionally reading about it in a book describing some of my experiences exactly.

    Thank you, with Saturn transiting my Asc and right now 18Sco, it is smack dab on my Neptune and I found this post sadly comforting. Knowing that my sickly 15+ yr old cat will be leaving me before jan 1, 2014, my reading this today was powerful, because it confirmed what I always thought. I know I can talk to her even after she is gone! Thank you again!

    P.S. I’m not a follower of Sylvia because of her “hoof-in-mouth”, but I remember her stating on some show she couldn’t see past 2012 and she said she thought it meant that she would be dead by then. I foolishly assumed she was jumping on the “end of the world 2012” band wagon and refused to watch her again. I am now a believer and will go back and purchase some of her books.

  23. Yes, Donna, I used to struggle with other people’s energies…if I think they’re a little iffy I don’t see them in my house but in a room I rent.

    That’s because my husband AND son used to pick up the bad energies and get sleepless nights….

    We do a lot of white sage-ing in my house!

    I read a wonderful book by Judy Hall about psychic protection YEARS ago and I’m very glad I did as being an empath/psychic can bring real challenges.

    I spent 8 years working with clients with drug and alcohol issues, but the lady I worked with always came for ‘de-briefing’ afterwards=tea-and-cake, so we never had bad experiences!

    I do think that healers of any type should have some sort of counselling training, if only then they can recognise when there is transference or projection going on….and since I also do past life sessions with clients it’s imperative that MY mind is whole and not wobbly…

    Working with clients is my life mission and I love it, but I also know of so many other therapists who have either imploded or got burnt out rather badly…I know when I’ve had enough and I also know when I need to take a break.
    Your books have also been very helpful, especially your Healing Pluto Problems… I keep that by the bed… you never know when you need a quick re-cap!!

    • Oh, yeah, Mary, debriefing is an excellent tool for letting go of the energies from a session. It’s also known as letting off steam, as some clients do take a lot out of one, for sure. Either it’s so painful to hear what they’re going through and so unjust…or sometimes they don’t see how they contribute to their situation…or sometimes there’s almost nothing that can be done to help them get out of the situation that it’s very sad. If you, as a professional, are working from the heart, then the heart energy can eventually get depleted, and if you don’t have ways of filling it back up, then you burn out. Donna

  24. Grounding and running energy and putting up protection roses was how I was taught (Berkeley Psychic Institute). If you don’t have someone to tea and cake with! Or run a beautiful cleansing energy thru your aura and down the grounding cord from the first chakra into the center of the earth. Take all the debris down with it! Before a session clear the space and do any kind of protection which works. And Donna, the thing about ‘that can’t be right’ is exactly what I have experienced as being ‘not me’ but my guides.

  25. I also think as far as second hand emotions go that empathic practitioners need to remember to ask what is their own ‘baggage’ and what is other people’s…seems simple and it is, but females are so adept at jumping into other people’s heads!!!! We get confused and we don’t have barriers…..

  26. Hello Donna, I have been a huge fan of your work, so let me just say this first. 🙂 Your Pluto book (Healing Pluto Problems) has been in my hands more times than anything I own! I wanted to add my comments about Sylvia Brown…prolific, yes, all true, mmm…when I read her book, “Life on the Other Side” …as a Psychic, Medium, BSc. Metaphysics and an Astrologer, I have been a seeker and teacher on the path for many years….her description of God in a Roman Toga just was more then I could bare. I also know she had a whole idea about the Female Goddess…and what she looked like and wore. For me, a believer in myth, Joseph Campbell, and all the archetypes under the Sun and Moon, I found this imagery childish and ridiculous. In the end, she was prolific, scandal chased her more times then we will know and all in all, she might have got some things right, some wrong but she had a pair of metaphysical moxie, you got to give her that!
    P.S. I am a Psychic and Medium and have been professionally for 30 years…so if you want my date of birth, here it is: April 6, 1956, time:2:00am Place: Pittsburgh, Pa. USA. 17 Cap rising, Midheaven 11 Scorpio. Aries Sun 16conjunct 16 Mercury in the 3rd house, Moon 18 degrees Aquarius in the first, Chiron 10 degree Aquarius in the first …Saturn in Sag. in the 10th 2 degrees opposes Venus in Gemini 2 exact in the 4th. Uranus 26 degrees in the 7th in Cancer, Jupiter in Leo 21 conjunct Pluto 26 in Leo in the 7th and Neptune 28 degrees Libra in the 9th, North Node in the 11th at 9 degrees in Sag, South Node as you would guess in the 5th house in Gemini. If my chart isn’t a Psychic Medium Healer and Metaphysicians chart I don’t know whose is! And here is my website for even more proof: Not shameless promotion, I promise, just because you asked your readers to chime in…ding dong! Did I say I love your work? Yes, but I am saying it again, you are the best Donna! Many Blessings to you, Shawn M. Cohen xx

    • Thanks for joining in, Shawn. About Sylvia, I do feel it’s very, very difficult to keep Neptune and Pluto operating in a pure, clean, holy way once “fame” (not necessarily on a grand scale, even in your local community) and fortune come your way from doing that work…also once you’re doing it day in and day out for needy clients who look to you for answers that you may or may not have for them. Especially if you’re running on fumes from overwork. But by far the worst killers of purity in these kinds of work is EGO.

      I, too, have a deal with God to guard my humility, so when I start to get too full of myself, a swift kick in the keister in the form of some humbling experience always comes my way. As I rub my sore behind, I shake my head and say, “Good goin’, God.” Donna

  27. This conversation concerning the appropriate use of one’s psychic/mediumistic gifts is a very, very important one and I am grateful for the thoughtful reflections.

    I’m wondering how astrology can further assist in facilitating one’s discernment concerning the appropriate way and means of expressing such a gift. For example, if Pluto is conjunct Midheaven, could that possibly be an indicator that the gift is to be utilized professionally and if so, are there other indicators that would help discern the level of public exposure a particular empath/psychic/medium is “supposed” to acquire? Would a third house strong Pluto/Neptune presence indicate that one is meant to share among neighbours and keep the work quite limited to interactions in short distances?

    My “job”, as it turned out after returning from Ethiopia, has been largely to interface with folks who are “stuck”, for the most part. Those instances show themselves out of nowhere and it appears that I have whatever it is that it takes in those particular cases, to help them move on, and yet….I can’t help but wonder if there are ways to do this work that would allow one to do more of it without being somehow “corrupted” or “stymied” by it. My intuition tells me there are….

    One vision I have is of empaths, mediums, psychics who have free rein to do so, meandering about up and down halls in hospital wards, staying in “flow” by singing, praying, humming, smiling etc (psychic candystripers!) while awaiting a “call” to go into any particular room. I see these folks being especially drawn to the neonatal units and the palliative care units–helping folks in their re-entry or exit processes. For the babies, helping them untangle from those who might be trying to tag along, inappropriately while serving to “introduce” them to loving souls on this side who have been waiting for them. For the elderly and/or terminally ill, acting as a bridge, a facilitator between this world and the other, with reassurance and assistance in their connection to loved ones who are awaiting their arrival with joy, on the other side of the veil. As a doctor, I have been able to do the latter on two occasions without anyone, except the patient, knowing what I was doing.

    Just think how much we could help to reduce the health care costs both preventively in the case of new arrivals and in the case of those who are languishing in hospital beds past their time of departure for a host of reasons, including those that fall within our “job description”.

    I also have a vision of doing similar work as someone who facilitates people’s settling into their new homes, by “charming the house” as the older Newfoundlanders call it….but that’s for another day.

    Yes, these are gifts from Spirit but so are musical, mathematical, physical “talents” that many people are born with. I think it helps in some ways to consider psychic/medium gifts as not so different from other gifts of Spirit when trying to discern what exactly to do with them. I also think that a big component of one’s susceptibility to corruption, over-reach, contamination etc. has to do with the fact that these gifts are not publicly recognized as a normal component of society. So many of us express these gifts in isolation, in “secret”, AS IF there’s something wrong with them and that, in itself, attracts shadow elements. I, for one, welcome more discussions about safe ways to bring the work of psychics and mediums into everyday, ordinary public view on a larger scale.

    Carolyn Myss said it well: We need to “render the extraordinary, ordinary”. I think astrology can help each of us figure out how to do that while supporting those of us authentically drawn to more high profile expressions of these gifts.

    • Just a “lurker” here, but I have to say, I LOVE the idea of empaths, psychics, mediums etc. having free rein in hospital corridors! ❤

      • Hi Sherry,
        “Lurk” away! Your cheery message greeted me this morning (east coast) so thank you!

  28. was this reference made in the original verbal discourse between Parashara and Maitraya presumably ‘thousands’ of years ago which amounts to Parashara essentially predicting Gautama Buddha’s birth in future, or did the discourse occur after the birth of Buddha, or the reference was inserted subsequently to account for Buddha and to make it complete?BPHS is a remarkably well-compiled book with a great degree of contextual organization and the order of presentation of information. Yet when it comes to the lunar nodes, there seems to be a departure. Parashara mentions that rahu and ketu are nodes, shadowy planets (this distinction that he made from other planets is remarkable since the lunar nodes are really two mathematical points created by the nodes of intersection of the path of the earth around the sun {apparent path of sun around the earth!} and the path of the moon around the earth). Parashara does not attribute any sign rulership to the nodes when he describes the rulership of signs of other planets [BPHS, Sharma, Chapter IV, Atharashiswaaroopadhyaaya, pages 54-57, shlokas 6-24, 1995 reprint] but clearly indicates that these nodes give the results of the house whose lord they are conjoined with or the house they occupy [BPHS, Sharma, Chapter XXXVI, Athayogakarakadhyaaya, page 479, shloka 16, 1995 reprint]. In an earlier chapter [BPHS, Sharma, Chapter III, Athagrihagunaswaroopadhyaayaha, planetary characteristics and description, pages 36-37, shlokas 49-54, 1995 reprint], no mention is made of rahu or ketu attributing any special signs (exaltation, debilitation or moolatrikona} as had been done for all other planets used in jyotish. However, later on in [BPHS, Sharma, Chapter XXXXIX, Athadashaphaladdhyaaya, page 123, shlokas 35-36, 1995 reprint], the text suddenly goes into great details and mentions the exaltation, debilitation, moolatrikona and own signs of rahu and ketu!

  29. Thanks, Donna, for your comments about Sylvia Browne’s chart. I was very disappointed when I only saw a very short article about her passing in the newspaper. I appreciate you showing her chart and commenting about it.

    I feel that our modern world is still very skeptical about psychics and mediums because I have felt very psychic for most of my life, guided by my feelings, dreams and hopefully a fair amount of rational thinking. Most people in my family do not really understand me. 2013 has been a struggle for me. I began hearing my deceased dad speak to me in July of 2012. Previously, it was mostly signs from my dad… guardian angel.

    Now, I feel the need to be patient and follow my heart. I am also learning patience and humility. I am working on surrendering to God. The actual first time that I strongly heard my dad speak to me was in March of 1985 during my divorce. I have not thought of myself as a medium but I do have Jupiter in Scorpio in the 2nd house and it trines my Sun in Cancer at my Midheaven. I also have Mars and North Node in my eighth house in Gemini with Saturn and Pluto conjunct in Leo in my 10th house. I think that you are right about flashes of insight with my Uranus in Gemini conjunct my part of fortune in my ninth house. I am presently learning how to integrate all my talents and abilities so that I can be helpful to myself, family members and other people who I have met over the years.

    • Thanks for sharing your journey, Elisabeth. This discussion has been so fruitful that I’ve used it as the seed for an article for my upcoming TMA deadline. You’ve all given me plenty to think about, and your questions and comments pushed me to look more deeply into what I know about these gifts. Donna

      • I love your discussions, Donna, because they help me so much to understand myself better. I am figuring myself out more today. With my very strong Neptune in Libra on my ascendent and my extremely strong Moon in Pisces in my sixth house of everyday activities, mom, (my mom was a stay at home 1950’s mom who talked about her childhood while I listened, (God was training me for my eventual work, vocation, details, etc. and (being a Sun Sign of Cancer) makes my Pisces Moon especially STRONG. I began my career as a very quiet child, mostly listening with the ear in my heart….unconditional love listening. Later in life, I figured out that the word “ear” is contained within “heart”. A very strong Neptune….Pisces or 12th house can also turn a person into an extremely skilled actress. I am finally realizing that all my life, I have PRETENDED to be much happier than I really am! My mother passed that same trait on to me. She had a terrible childhood, went through the Great Depression, was widowed in 1941, extremely poor as a widow with FIVE children, ages 3, twins, 6, 6, 13 and 14. God saved my mom and her five children in 1944 by providing my biological dad to rescue her from extreme hardship and poverty. My mom and her five kids all felt like they had died and gone to Heaven!

        At least, that is what the oldest girl always said….at 17, SHE definitely felt that she had died and gone to Heaven. Our whole family has a very strong Neptune, plus, a very strong Saturn, Pluto AND Uranus. Even though, the planets are really being good right now with Saturn in trine to Jupiter, I feel like a walking zombie, like death warmed over. Now, I understand why!!! I have been such a good actress, such a good pretender….over the years that I have fooled myself into thinking that I am happy when I am actually miserable!!!

        The secret to getting into Heaven is simply to be very HONEST!
        Speak the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you FREE!!!

      • I love that about the h*EAR*t, so very true, because if they aren’t listening, the heart is not engaged. Are you of the Neptune-Saturn conjunction in Libra? It really sounds like that from your description–having to parent your parent. If so, look up the Neptune-Saturn articles here on Skywriter through the on-site search engine. If your read the comments there, you’ll wonder if you’re all from the same family. Donna

  30. Many thanks for having the time to discuss this, I feel strongly about it and really like understanding a lot more on this subject matter. If attainable, as you acquire skills, would you head updating your blog with a lot more data? It is really helpful and helpful to your viewers.

  31. All roads lead to Jupiter in Sylvia Browne’s chart. Although I can see indicators of Psychic ability (Uranus as chart ruler in his fall, for example), what she did probably can’t be considered to be psychic. She used parlor tricks on national TV (I saw her do so on Donahue, for example, decades ago) and she was literally almost always wrong with her “predictions”.

      Wrong so many times , remember her prediction on one of the Cleveland woomen.
      Shame on her.
      I have the feelings Sylvia first love was real estate.

  32. Sorry about the passing of Ms. Brown. Unfortunately, I know very little about her but was stunned to see we share the same Ascendant since I am turning 75 thankfully our Aspects are not the same. Me: 10/17/1939 1:45 PMEST, Paterson, N.J. I stumbled on your website accidentally and found your work to be impeccable. You asked about communication with those who have passed over and/or wanted to hear from those who have done such. First, I must clarify I am NOT a Medium nor do I have much faith in them. I do believe we can communicate with those who have passed via Automatic Writing/Ouija.
    I was introduced to AW in 1961. I do AW for clients and it proves to be accurate.
    Ouija predicted my forthcoming death in 1963 via Uncle Charley who repeatedly stated for over 45 mins, Joyce go see a doctor or I’ll see you soon. Despite the fact that I explained to him that I felt fine, he persisted. I was in 8th month of pregnancy.
    Following day, I had hallucinations yet, I was aware they were hallucinations. Next unbearable pain from neck to eyebrows. Went to Doc who instead of hospitalizing me sent me home with Darvon. By 8 PM I had my first epileptic seizure. I heard a gurgling noise and thought I was dreaming. However, the noise was coming from me. I was not in my bed. Was lying on the bathroom floor with someone sticking a toothbrush in my mouth. Three more seizures followed by the time Ambulance arrived.
    Once in ER, convulsions then a coma for next 5 days. Day 5 I somehow awoke briefly to see a Priest sitting next to the bed. He was giving me last rites.
    I was taken in to OR for a C section since doctors felt an abortion would kill me instantly. I died for 5 minutes. Having Merc in Scorp I sure wasn’t going to give up so easily and returned. I had Eclampsia.
    Later that day, a doctor who I did not know and was told he was brought in from Manhattan since NJ had never seen Eclampsia before.
    As Doc was leaving the room he asked, BTW, you must be very close with your Uncle Charlie.
    I responded by asking, why do you say that? (In 1963 I would’ve been put in a rubber room if I said, he was a ghost)
    Doc said, while you were in a coma you had various conversations with him and right before we thought we finally lost you for good, you opened your eyes and said, let go of my hand Uncle Charlie, I’m not ready to go with you yet.
    At that time there were 68 recorded cases in the world….all died. I was #69 and they were clueless as to why I was alive. I had blood poisoning, kidneys failed, was septic and blown up very, very, gigantic. My Mom said I made the bed look like a toy bed because of the bloat.
    As I said, I still utilize AW. Factually, I have a client who is a medical doctor who requires a daily session from me which usually lasts 2 to 3 hours.
    Yes, I am Psychic Merc in Scorpio 9th, Neptune in Virgo 8th with Sun. I am also an Astrologer and love it dearly, very defense of the subject. I still Read a regular deck of playing Cards taught to me by my Maternal Grandma who also informed me on my 16th B-day that I was a bloodline Witch. Not a wiccan, a Witch. Still hold the title that was given to me by Mayor Pat Kramer in 1974 of, Paterson, N.J. Official Witch. You can see some of my newspaper clips on my website if you like… http://www.psychicand Yes, I do believe we can communicate with the other side via AW or Ouija. Anyone can learn to do AW provided they patiently concentrate. It took me almost 3 months to finally get a Yes since many times AW at the onset does circles, ovals and scribbles but once mastered, yes it works.
    Have I seen ghosts? Yes, I have. Primarily at Ringwood Manor where they can be pretty feisty.
    Had taken my Son’s gf there back in 1976. Without my knowledge she decided to pack a small tombstone in her rather large purse.
    We were seated at an outdoor table on the grounds of the Manor when she informed me of the stone.
    I was mortified telling her it had to go back.
    She pulled it from her purse to show me, gently lying it down on the table.
    We were talking when suddenly a very loud smacking noise startled us. She jumped up in her chair, saying in a loud tone of voice, that really hurt.
    What hurt, I asked. My arm look at it. Large welts were forming into a perfect outline of a hand.
    Apparently, the ghost of Robert Erskine.
    Those welts stayed on her arm for the next six hours.
    I have had thousands of experiences with AW and could go on and on it does work.

  33. Sylvia wasn’t 100% correct and she would be the first to tell you that , she did help many lost and searching souls , both living and passed. She was the one who brought psychics out of the closet and got rid of a lot of the old religious stigmata involved with them . She had to be just who she was … Loud , Brash and kinda creepy lol in order to lay the path for all psychics to come out of the shadows.

    God Bless her soul and great heart felt sympathy goes out to her Family and Friends

  34. I am both psychic and a medium , with pluto trine sun in 10th, Neptune, Jupiter, nn, conjunct in 8th, Neptune trine ascendant, sun and saturn conjunct midheaven, mercury sextile ass, Uranus quincunx ascendant and mercury with moon, mars,nm,and Neptune all in Scorpio, Jupiter in libra conjunct Neptune all in 8th and 9th houses. Reading Sylvia books helped me to realize that I wasn’t crazy

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