Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 5, 2013

Hear Podcast Interviews with Favorite Astrology Speakers

My brilliant young friend, Kent Bye, regularly attends astrology conferences and interviews speakers who intrigue him. His sites contain those recorded interviews. Below you’ll find links to a selection of interviews with astrologers like Steven Forrest, Rick Levine, Demetra George, Robert Hand, Chris Breenan, Jeff Jawer, and more.

The main list is here: There are dozens of more interviews in the process of being added to his sound cloud.

Below you’ll see links to Kent’s extended list of recorded interviews with astrologers and other metaphysical speakers on his sound cloud site.You can see the full list here:

Rick Levine: Uranus in Aries, 2012 myths and Astrological Aspects until 2020 21.56 53 plays

Kent Bye has many more interviews and is working on readying them for posting.  Visit his website for more i


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