Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 6, 2013

Nelson Mandela’s Astrology Chart, Died 12/5/2013

Folks, I am very rushed today, trying to make headway on some important long-neglected business, but thought you might like to look at and work with the chart of Nelson Mandela, a great man and world figure whose most important contribution to the world was an end to apartheid.  He died peacefully yesterday at the age of 95.  There have been conflicting reports on his birth.  Read about his data and life at AstroDataBank and see a rectified chart here: Mandela, Nelson.

I’ll leave the comment section open so you can share your insights with each other. Here’s an earlier Skywriter  article you may find interesting: Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela—Are their Charts Alike?


  1. You are a Peach! All morning I’ve been thinking of his chart … Thank you for taking the time to post Donna ⭐️ Blessings, Kat

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  2. He actually died on 5 December
    One has to take the time difference into account. It was announced at 8.50 pm South African time.

  3. More cosmic irony: you and I share the same birthday.

    As wise psychologists say (& 8th house Suns know): what we reject in others is what we disown about ourselves.

  4. Thank you for your link to the birthchart, Donna. As I watched excerpts from his speeches on the news over the past few days, I kept thinking about his Mercury/Saturn conjunction; Mandela’s inspirational speeches are surely one of the highest manifestations of this often challenging aspect. Tho I am sad that he is gone, I feel newly inspired by his timeless wisdom that is in the spotlight again.

    • Thanks, Mary. Actually, I consider a Mercury-Saturn conjunction one of the better Mercury aspects. It often confers a scholarly, serious, and complex mind. Though they are prone to coming into their own somewhat later than others, it is often because the subjects they focus on are more advanced and difficult. Albert Einstein had a close conjunction in Aries, and I also had a client with a PhD in physics who had the conjunction as well. Einstein was held back in school as they thought he was retarded, and my client also was convinced she was stupid. Donna

  5. curious whether Sun in the Eighth House (if that’s where it is) suggests his “suffering servant” role, embodying and overcoming the struggles of his people. And his victory in forgiving the enemy without undue sentimentality and without forfeiting his dignity.

    • What you describe a bit more like some major placement in the 12th house–like his Scorpio Moon there or important Neptune aspects–like his Neptune in the 8th. Donna

  6. I am struck by Morgan Freeman’s Saturn on Mandella’s Chiron almost by minute. Freeman understands Mandella’s pain. Thanks for posting chart!!


    Nelson Mandela became President of South Africa on May 10, 1994 (129 years to the date when the American Civil War ended) and stayed in office 1861 days (symbolically indicating the year the American Civil War began). For more on this fascinating subject click or google

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