Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 18, 2014

Transiting Saturn in Scorpio Takes Skating Champ to Olympic Gold

©2-17-2014 by Donna Cunningham MSW

For the past two months, I’ve been very busy on a project of revising and updating five of my e-books. I’m  close to finishing it up, and so I wanted to share something I found interesting and hopeful about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.

Many of you have had some tough situations to deal with during the time Saturn has been in that sign. I can’t exactly say I’ve enjoyed it either. But there are people who do very well under transits from Saturn. Even in Scorpio. And this morning, I watched a figure skater with a stellium of five planets in Scorpio win an Olympic gold medal.

Charlie White Meryl Davis MedalsI’m a great fan of figure skating and know that a champion skater has to be a highly focused individual. Charlie White and his ice dance partner, Meryl Davis, have worked very hard on perfecting their skating technique for the 16 years they have been partners and competing in championships.

In the last several years, they have been six time United States champions in ice dance, world champions twice, and winners of many international competitions. They get better every year because they work so hard on their form and choreography.

Today in Sochi, they won the Olympic gold medal,  four points ahead of their nearest competitors.

I’ve been looking for their charts online, but no time of birth is available. We will be working with what is known as solar charts. These charts give you a partial picture of who the person is, based on a tradition of using a 7:00 AM the birth time, along with the date and place of birth. However, the houses of the chart are not the real ones, and the Moon may also be several degrees off.

Below is a solar chart for Charlie White, who was born October 24, 1987 in Royal Oak, MI.  He has the Sun, Mercury, Pluto, Venus, and the Moon strung out between 0-22° Scorpio.  Mercury, Pluto, and Venus are in a triple conjunction, while Venus and the Moon are most likely conjunct. The birth data comes from Charlie and Meryl’s websites.

(A note to those email subscribers who cannot see the diagram below. Click on the title of this post in the headline of the email, and it will bring you directly to the post online.)

Charlie White--Olympic Champ in Skating

Since the point when transiting Saturn entered Scorpio in October, 2012, it has formed conjunctions to each stellium planet in turn.  They won championships before that time, but during this period, he and Davis took their performance to a new level and won almost every national and international skating event they entered.

Transiting Saturn is currently in its stationary phase at 23°, near his Moon, though again we cannot be absolutely certain of the degree of the Moon. Saturn is about to turn retrograde at the peak of these Olympic games, but it’ll still be at that degree during the upcoming World Figure Skating Championships from the 24th to the 30th of March. It wouldn’t be going out too far on a limb to predict still another world title for them.

Meryl Davis was also born in Royal Oak, Michigan, and they have known each other and been skating together since their teens. She was born January 1, 1987, birth time unknown.

Charlie White with Meryl Davis

I can’t stay now, because there’s a lot of finishing work to do on the books. Enjoy analyzing Charlie’s chart and his connections to the chart of his partner, and share your conclusions in the comment section.  The purpose in writing this blog post was, first, mostly to demonstrate that a stellium in Scorpio can be powerful in a very positive way, contrary to its bad reputation. And second, to show people who have important natal chart placements in Scorpio that the transit of Saturn through Scorpio need not be as disastrous as many of you have come to believe.

I also wanted to show the developments during Saturn’s transit through Charlie’s stellium and the way he has used it to bring out his very best potential in a mature way. In this, his evolution during the Saturn transits to his stellium is very similar to what has happened to England’s Prince William over the last several years.

Transiting Saturn went through one after another of the natal planets in William’s 9th house Libra stellium. He finished college, completed his military service with bravery, began to take on some royal responsibilities from his aging grandmother, got married, and had his first child. (See Royal Baby Boy Born as Mercury turns Direct — Stelliums Rule!  See his chart and bio here: William, Prince (1982)

All of that happened as Saturn crossed one after another of William’s Libra planets, and went over his Scorpio Midheaven. He really came into his own as a royal.

Oh, and another parallel between William and Charlie: as soon as the skating season is over Charlie is going to get married. But not to his long-time friend Meryl.

Enjoy looking at these charts, readers, and share with one another, as they’re interesting on so many levels.

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  1. You read my mind! After their win, I was busy doing their charts. I was just thinking it would be a good idea to do the chart of their relationship, but I hadn’t saved the charts. I’ll get back to it later.

  2. As an 8 degree Scorpio myself with Jupiter 7 Scorpio conjunct my natal sun in my 2nd house and Mars 26 Scorpio in my 3rd, I have found Saturn’s transit through Scorpio very beneficial. What the transit is telling me is this, “If we do the work, we reap the rewards.” Those two kids worked hard and won gold. No coincidence. Saturn was watching.

  3. Great to hear it, Sherry. I know a young man in his late teens with a stellium in Scorpio–his grandmother is a friend of mine. And before Saturn went into Scorpio, he was pretty much on a course to nowhere. Skipping school, a hair away from dropping out, and his idea of a way to get money was mooching it off his relatives.

    His girlfriend got pregnant, and after the baby was born, he did a huge turnaround. Finished high school, started taking courses for the line of work he is interested in, and proved to be a proud and loving father. I tell ya, Saturn can make for a turnaround. Donna

    • I must admit as a Sun in Scorpio woman with two other planets there as well, and in my second house, I was a bit nervous about Saturn’s passage through my sign–wondering about how bad it would be, etc., The thing is though, it’s been awesome. I got two raises at work, got published–again; began to travel, completely refurnished my home, and the father I never knew found me and we established a relationship. Someone once told me that Saturn blesses people over 50 if they’ve done their work, and I must say that seems to be holding true for me. The transit is not over yet and it’s approaching my natal Mars at 26 Scorpio just inside my 3rd house. Already my sister has acted out, having to now share her father with me and all that entails–including inheritance, so we shall see. Overall, Saturn has been kind this time. I hope it continues to be the case.

      • A wonderful story, Sherry! I really ought to do a post soon where I ask readers to consider and share what good things have happened under transits to their charts by Saturn in Scorpio. (Exactly what the transiting Saturn aspects to natal planets were.) We could all learn more by hearing the upbeat side of this transit. Donna

  4. Thanks, Donna. I wondered too how their charts would be affected, even with Mercury retrograde. But I wondered especially about Meryl’s exotic appearance and if perhaps she might be adopted.

    • Hmm. I don’t know if you can tell about adoption on an untimed birth chart. I’ve seen some with Neptune near the MC or IC, but with no birth time, you wouldn’t know the degree on the MC/IC axis. Donna

  5. Very interesting. Another interesting point. I did the charts of several of the females from the pairs competition especially the Russians and found there to be a close mercury sun conjunction in the natal charts. Makes sense, skating being third house means of transportation. Davis and white also have the mercury sun conjunctions though slightly wider.

  6. Capricorn and Scorpio, deep friendship and often a winning combination.

    • Yes, Lia, and transiting Saturn and transiting Pluto have been in what’s called mutual reception since Saturn went into Scorpio in 2012. In other words, transiting Saturn is in Scorpio, which is ruled by Pluto. Plus transiting Pluto is in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. The effect of the mutual reception is to strengthen that natural connection you mention between Scorpio and Capricorn even further. Donna

  7. Since it’s so speculative, it probably isn’t worth much; however, it sure looks nice (IMO)!

    I gave both of them an 8:00 PM birth time and did a composite chart. That put Jupiter and North Node at the top of the chart and all of the rest of the planets in the 5th & 6th. Creativity and hard work.

    Neptune conjunct Moon (the ethereal quality) conjunct Mars (athleticism) all in Capricorn (structure) in the 6th as well as Uranus conj Sat. (blending modern and traditional) in Sag.

    In the 5th Sun conj Merc (total ability to creatively express who they are) in Sag; Pluto and Venus in Scorpio (focus/depth and beautiful creativity). Tr Sat at 23 Scorpio conj composite Venus at 21 Scorpio.

    There is also a grand square: ASC, NN/Jup, Nep/Moon/Mars, SN in cardinal signs. From “a very stable pattern producing results through effort.”

    • Interesting, Mary. One principle I’ve noted in composite charts is that when both parties have a placement in common–or a particular aspect–in their natal charts, then the composite has a similar placement or aspect. Here, both of them have Venus and Pluto in Scorpio (even though he’s a Scorpio and she’s a Capricorn). The composite also has Venus and Pluto in Scorpio.

      Though the Moon of the composite chart could really seriously be off, depending on how far off the birth time of both of them are. Donna

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