Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 20, 2014

How Have You Grown from Saturn in Scorpio’s Transits?

In the last post, we  looked at the chart of Olympic skating champion, Charlie White, who won an Olympic gold medal and several US and World championships while Saturn has been transiting his Scorpio stellium. In the comment section of the article were several reports about the progress people have made during important Saturn transits to their Scorpio planets. I don’t know about you, but I’d sure like to hear more of those stories.

I know a young man in his late teens with a stellium in Scorpio–his grandmother is a friend of mine. Before Saturn went into Scorpio, he was pretty much on a fast track to nowhere. Skipping school, a hair away from dropping out, and his idea of a way to get money was mooching it off his relatives.

His girlfriend got pregnant, and after the baby was born, he did a huge turnaround. Finished high school, got a job, started taking courses for the line of work he is interested in, and proved to be a proud and loving father.

I tell ya, transiting Saturn can make for a turnaround. Saturn’s progress is likely to come about through focusing on some goal through disciplined hard work.

I’m not one of those terminally positive astrologers who will only talk in idyllic terms about an upcoming transit—raving about how woooooonderfulllll it’s all going to be. My approach is to look at how the person has used that transiting and natal planet in the past, and if they’ve used it well, I’m reassured that they can come through the challenge well.

If they’ve crashed and burned repeatedly, I explain that they need to work hard on those same old issues in order not to repeat the pattern. It’s a best case/worst case scenario approach.

Here are some of the positive expressions of both Saturn and Scorpio. And some of the more difficult ones. We do have choices in how we use these energies.

Traits of  the   Planet Saturn: Traits of the Sign Scorpio:
Saturn’s roles:   planner, supervisor, parent, troubleshooter, organizer, manager, authority.Constructive   traits: hard working, disciplined, patient, ambitious, businesslike,   serious, realistic, foresightful, prudent, structured, reliable, responsible,   painstaking, high standards.Difficult Traits: perfectionistic,   pessimistic, negative, fearful, anxious, depressed, inhibited, rigid, cold,   unimaginative,  demanding,   authoritarian, stern,  conservative,   stingy Roles: psychologist,   healer, shaman, occultist, magician, renovator, analyst, hospice worker,   banker, financial planner, medium, magician, seer, researcher, detective.Constructive   traits: deep, psychologically astute, analytic, perseverance, resilient,   persistent, healing, transformative, penetrating, unafraid of hard work,   loyal, observant, introspective.Difficult Traits: over-intense,   jealous, suspicious, manipulative, obsessive, compulsive, unforgiving,   spiteful, enmeshed in power struggles, secretive, vengeful, spiteful, loner.

You may wonder how I’ve been using my own transits from Saturn in Scorpio. Can I walk my talk? Well, it’s been more like hobbling forward rather than power walking, but I’ve made some important progress.

With hard, painstaking, rather grueling work, I spent the past two months revising and updating five of my ebooks into brand new editions. Can’t say I was a happy camper many of those mornings, but it had to be done. They’re substantially improved in content and design and have some awesome new cover art.

So, Readers, what have you accomplished through hard work during this transit? Maybe now that we’re through the halfway mark of this transit, can you see progress despite the fact that it’s been anything but easy? Share it with us in the comment section.

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  1. First, let me nominate cyber-senility as a new addition to Webster’s dictionary; it seems to be an epidemic now, not just something to be chalked up to Mercury retrograde!

    On a more serious note (which is probably how Saturn would interject into a conversation at a planetary party), Saturn in Scorpio transiting through my second house has been a sobering,challenging time. Although I haven’t faced financial challenges, situations involving values and self-worth have been surfacing right and left. After several years of enthusiastic volunteering, I have been suffering severe burnout. I’m still in the process of learning to say “no” and so I have had to drift away from some groups that needed more than I could give. Part of it is that the need is so great in my community; New Mexico is currently ranked 50th in the nation for the well-being of children, and the town in which I live is among the most financially challenged. It is very hard to feel good about volunteering for organizations that don’t share my passion that this is the most crucial issue facing our community.

    The reward aspect of this, as far as I can see so far, is that I have been able to spend more time helping my children and participating directly in their group activities. My ego doesn’t get quite the boost that it did while working with grown-ups, but I am living my values.

    Thanks, Donna, for the challenge to pause and reflect in the middle of this transit!

    • The satisfaction of doing such invaluable work has to be more than money could buy. You’re making an amazing contribution. Donna

    • I relate, Mary! I’ve had similar experiences related to volunteering and living my values.

      • Yes, and what took me a while to process is that all the groups that I am temporarily on hiatus from will likely be a part of my life again in the future. The work I was doing felt so right when Saturn was in Libra. I have Jupiter and Uranus in Libra, conjunct my South Node, and being an enthusiastic group member felt so right then…and probably will again, at some future time. After all, Saturn is Father Time!

  2. 8th house time for me, with Saturn in Scorpio transiting that. I have a stellium right at the beginning of 8th in late libra, so had a bit of a breather after that mess (including Saturn return). I guess at some point near when it crossed into Scorpio I decided to move into an RV and have been using my student loan funds for (albeit, VERY budget) travel and edu experiences instead. A lot of stuff has been going on for money with me though- decided I want to clean up credit for post-school life, and also to make use of points/CC deals for budget-ier travel. A lot of back and forth correcting errors on report, etc Problems with phones, computers, wallets getting lost, stolen, breaking suddenly. In the meantime I hadn’t done taxes in a few years and know that this is probably THE TIME to do it before it’s too late. In the midst of this and finding out I’m actually OWED a decent chunk of change. Once I started on that I finally was approved for a CC and can now start building credit. They weren’t related on paper, but energetically, who knows.

    I’ve had progressed sun conjuncting uranus at 28 Scorpio this year as well which has really made me crazy restless while all this is going on. Plus a sun exactly conjunct Asc on this year’s SR makes me know, I’m not going to be able to hide anything, get my act together.

  3. Good question, Donna.:)

    Saturn’s transit through Scorpio (initially conjunct my natal Neptune-Mercury-Jupiter conjunction on the cusp of the 2nd/3rd – and now deep into my natal 3rd) has made me a much more serious, aware, and hopefully, *thoughtful* communicator, thinker and *consumer*. It’s also changed the way I actively express my spiritual faith. During Saturn’s transit through my 3rd, I made it a point to read things I wouldn’t normally have read and to listen to speakers share their views on a variety of subjects related to health, healthcare, nutrition, the environment, our food supply, and social justice (or the lack of it) within our current paradigm. I’ve learned a lot about the people and systems behind the scenes – the hidden injustices we don’t usually see or think about because they’re out of sight or marketed as something positive. All those things we take for granted or have been taught not to question.

    Some of the biggest changes have come about when Saturn in Scorpio has formed a conjunction with my natal Jupiter in the 3rd. On its first hit, I had a verbal run-in (which I later regretted) with a progressive Christian pastor (whose congregation is mostly older folks) who took the time to email me to tell me she was too busy to send off an email or make a phone call in support of *no-cuts* to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

    Then when Saturn hit my natal Jupiter for the last time, I discovered most of the world’s chocolate comes from cocoa harvested in places dependent upon child slavery, human trafficking and/or forced labor. Shocked, I researched it then charged off, flyers in hand, to local schools, churches, businesses and community centers, *thinking*, *hoping*, it might make a difference. Even more shocking (or maybe not) was that even when those of us who don’t know are made aware, many of us don’t care enough to talk about it, let alone choose differently. With a few notable exceptions, most of the responses I received were underwhelming, which hasn’t kept me from trying.:)

    Those first discoveries were only the beginning, since then it’s been a series of discoveries, one after the other. They’ve radically changed not just the way I think, but also the way my husband and I live and consume, as well as our relationships to things, places and people – it’s meant giving up on a lot of comfortable illusions and conveniences. Trying to walk the talk by taking greater personal responsibility for making ethical, healthy choices has been challenging. And I’m still not where I’d like to be. One thing I know for certain, is that a thing is worth doing even if no one else seems to think so.

  4. The thought process you’ve been changing to sounds a lot like the way Mercury-Saturn people process things–very deep and concerned with long-range consequences. Amazing development, LB. Donna

    • It’s funny you mentioned Mercury-Saturn aspects, Donna. Twilight of Learning Curve on the Ecliptic did a post this morning on boundaries, using a quotation from something written by David Foster Wallace, an author whose work I wasn’t familiar with. After perusing some of his quotes and listening to several interviews and talks he gave, I became curious as to why I related so strongly to certain aspects of his message, his *way* of thinking and of looking at life.

      Anyway, his natal **Mercury-Saturn** conjunction in Aquarius is conjunct my Moon and squares my Mercury-Jupiter (and his Neptune – all in Scorpio). I wanted to tell you since this isn’t the first time you’ve picked up on some astrological undercurrent happening in my life.

      And to further validate your intuition, I should also mention how my natal Saturn is at the *exact* midpoint of my Mercury-Moon square and forms an *exact* semisquare to both. Transits (or progressions) to any one of these points affects them all – after years of fighting against one another, they’ve learned to work together, as a team, with Saturn providing the foundation.

  5. Saturn in Scorpio is my 3rd house and has been squaring my large Leo Stellium. Mercury at 1. Sun at 7. Jupiter at 10, Mars at 12 & Vesta at 14 in the 11th house. While squaring Vesta I also entered my 2nd Saturn return on Nov 9. which is also the birthday of a favorite teacher and the 8th anniversary of my first stroke, I am 58 now and have had health problems with several strokes and a heart attack, since I turned 50.

    Money is always an issue,My husband and I are always on the brink because he is a part time city employee with a quota of work hours (even though his supervisor would like to schedule him more and he would like to work more) and I am a community journalist Saturn in the 3rd, who makes less than minimum wage. Friends have helped us numerous times but we would like to make it on our own. Does not being interested in fabulous wealth condemn us to poverty?

    Saturn is at 23 Sco tonight just starting to apply a square to my 12th h0ouse Pluto at 25 Leo. That doesn’t look good if we still need help from others next month. (My husband’s quota renews on July 1) I look forward to it reaching 28 Sco and trining my tight Venus-Uranus conjunction at 28 Cancer (11th House) Friends might manifest more money then.

    I an a Hellenic Pagan and am scheduled to become a dedicant to the priesthood of Hermes on March 1st. I am excited about that. This is where the hard work comes in because I have a year of daily ritualizing and practicing my magical skills ahead, even as I am doing journalism cooping with financial issues and working on a book (Alternative economics. Non Fiction is my strength. Hubby is the fiction writer).

  6. I personally feel rather satisfied after the tough transit of Saturn in Scorpio in my intercepted 5-th house. This 5-th has always been making me a kind of a “dreamer”, a volunteering person in my profession. A lot of my personal time has been devoted to the rest of the world, who perhaps misused my readiness to help.
    Now that Saturn has almost gone through the house I started to use Saturn’s energy better to make order in my 5-th. As a loving parent I became more disciplined and ambitious towards my children. I got a lot of realistic understanding concerning their abilities, gifts and needs. Setting higher standards both to my students and my own children in a more businesslike pattern. However, I learned how to incorporate Scorpio’s analytical approach to life situations and the persistence, which I have missed before. Weird how it may seem to me, I discovered a kind of healing abilities. People have started talking to me as if I am a psychologist and am able to resolve their problems. Actually, they do resolve them by themselves, only that I am a good listener and ask the difficult questions.
    Concerning financial issues I started to be more organized and a very good planner, again in the parental role.
    To be honest I do show some of the Negative traits, as well, in the romantic relation ( what a romance at the age of 51!) I got a bit colder.
    Perhaps the presence of my natal Neptune here in the 5-th helps not to fall into the depressive, unimaginative, negative or jealous mood. If so, Thanks, Neptune!

  7. I have come to realize during this Saturn in Scorpio transit that indeed, Saturn can be kind. My Natal Sun, Jupiter, and Mars are in Scorpio in my 2nd house and upon approach into Scorpio, knowing what Saturn can do, I was scared. To my surprise, so much of what I had worked hard for and deserved came to me without even asking. The downside to the transit is that after Saturn went into Scorpio my knees started hurting, my teeth got infected, my joints remain inflamed, and my eyes became light-sensitive and contact lenses aggravate the condition. Also–because Saturn is conjunct Pluto in my 11th house of friends and squares my Sun/Jupiter conjunction in Scorpio in my 2nd, I’m left pretty much friendless. Saturn picked them off one by one and tossed them aside for using me like shooting Crows sitting on fence posts–one shot at a time. Friends went down and were swept away like an arm plowing across a chess board. Apparently, Saturn didn’t like them. I suppose I’m better off, just lonely, and they were taking advantage of my generosity. Nobody seemed appreciative, so off they went. Guess I need a whole new group of friends now. Yet financially I’ve done well and hopefully I will continue to do so. A word of advice from Saturn “Don’t use people.” I need more like-minded friends.

  8. I have so much to say here but will not do it through a cell phone. Suffice to say I have witnessed a global and personal expunging of long held secrets. Deep and serious revelations of lies and myths and for that I am grateful to Saturn. Shadows. Brought to light

    • That’s interesting. I would have expected that kind of reaction to a Pluto transit.

      • Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and by transit, it’s in Capricorn in mutual reception with Saturn in Scorpio. So it’s Pluto and Saturn both ways.

  9. Oh, Boy! Saturn in Scorpio! What a difficult transit this has been!!! For years, I have been studying the planet Saturn because Saturn is an extremely important planet in my chart falling in it’s own home of my 10th house which makes it much more powerful. Plus, my personal Saturn is closely conjunct my equally powerful Pluto adding much more fuel to the fire. And speaking of FIRE: Saturn and Pluto are within 3 degrees in FIRE sign Leo! The energy that I was born with has been so intense all my life but especially in 2012, 2013 and on into 2014. Thank Heavens, I will have some relief at the end of 2014 when Saturn moves on into sweet and happy Sagittarius. Thank goodness, also, that my sweet Libra daughter was blessed with a very sweet Sagittarius baby girl on Dec. 9, 2013 with a Grand Trine in kind and emotional Water. Her Saturn trines Jupiter perfectly and her Moon is in very sweet Pisces. So, baby Madeleine has been the happy highlight of my walk through dark and dreary, serious and confusing Saturn in Scorpio. But, as they say: It is darkest before the Light and I am beginning to see the Light as the end of my dark and scary Scorpio tunnel. It has been a very prolonged devilish and miserable Halloween that is lasting over two years instead of just the one FUN day, traditionally known as the 31st of any October. I have walked through a very dark forest, full of Spook Houses, working hard to overcome some major challenges. All I can say is that to go through what I’ve been though can only make a person much stronger, tougher, courageous and brave. Saturn in Scorpio is like walking through a real nightmare, full of real devils and demons. We are all blessed that this happens only once in about 30 years. My son turns 31 tomorrow so let me tell you, I remember very distinctly what I was going through when my son was born through the age of two years, 1983-1985! He was born with Saturn at 4 degrees of Scorpio.

    • Elisabeth, so interested to read your post, since I have a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in Leo, conjunct the MC, and also a Scorpio/Moon rising at 8 degrees. Saturn rules my Sun Sign Capricorn, and brings important lessons. In 83-85 those lessons involved me learning about having a partner who was an addict and a misogynist, and learning about my own compulsions, while at the same time I began a very successful teaching career at a local HS. With the next Saturn in Scorpio transit recently I also drew people to me who needed counseling when Saturn transited the Moon/Ascendant, and found myself reading and re-reading books on Death and the Afterlife, as well as meditation and spirituality. I also am very Plutonian, with a score on Pluto of 81, so it has been a time of enhanced intuition and empathy. Now that Saturn is past the Ascendant, and square natal Saturn, as well as conjunct the South Node, I am becoming hypercritical, and trying to let go of judgmental attitudes by substituting Buddhist thought to recognize and let go of these judgmental attitudes. Not as easy as when Saturn was in Libra, I must say! And I too have a granddaughter who was born in Dec. 2013 with a Grand Trine, probably the last grandchild. Fun to meet you through this blog and find so many connections!

  10. Really enjoying this site! Thank you!

  11. Hey Donna,
    Great stuff again.You always offer awesome content for your readers.There may be some technical issues or some mischievous actions in feed-burner.But don’t worry it’s not much annoying for us.We’re always curious to read more from your side,so keep updating 🙂

  12. Natal MC, Uranus, and Pluto at 10, 12, and 14 Virgo respectively. Have been getting a trine from transiting Pluto for several months now.

    Natal Neptune in 12th at 16 Scorpio. Ascendant at 27 Scorpio. Saturn has been doing a number there. It is set to reverse direction and then station very close to my Neptune. The ongoing trine from transiting Jupiter in Cancer, (my 8th) I suppose has been helpful. The solar eclipse chart of 11/3/13 at 11 Scorpio, erected at my current location, also has ascendant at 27 Scorpio. (Transiting Mars on my MC/UR/PL on that date). I would say that is when things reached a breaking point.

    Natal Chiron at 15 Pisces – now experiencing a return.

    Severe panic attacks, possibly a psychotic breakdown. I hope I’m through the worst of it.

    A few years ago, Neptune crossed over my natal Saturn at 29 Aquarius. I feel that is when the stage was set for what’s going on now.

    • Sorry to hear, Chaz. I wasn’t trying to paint a rosy picture of Saturn in Scorpio, because it has surely kicked some butt for many people in many respects, myself included. I was just trying to discover more about what growth could come from it, even if in hindsight. All my best, Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. I still have several more months of Saturn transiting the 12th. Progressed Sun is going over my ascendant, and I’m hoping things will get better once it’s out of the 12th for good.

      • Plenty of hindsight now, Donna 🙂

        I’m actually looking forward now to Saturn’s station on my Neptune. Go figure, eh?

        While the topic here isn’t Uranus/Pluto, obviously the current square has played into this in an important way, considering my natal MC/UR/PL. The Cardinal Grand Cross was magnificent, wasn’t it?

        It was you who told me, decades ago, in a reading, that my career “hadn’t been invented yet.” If feel I am finally coming into my own. I’ve felt lingering moments of a deep satisfaction which isn’t related to any outward event or person. I no longer look outside of myself to know who I am – never was able to relate to outer cues in a “normal” way anyway, (story of my life).

        So when are we going to discuss the Uranus Pluto square, and the Cardinal Grand Cross on this site anyway? 🙂

        Oh, so anyway, I realized I was living my life for everyone but myself. That was the crisis I went through, with all the Saturn/Neptune stuff. And I’ve come to the understanding that that’s what I actually WANT: to be of service. Except I wasn’t being honest about it. I was playing a charade, appearing to do things for my own benefit, but in reality just living up to everyone else’s expectations for me. So now I get it: honest service. It’s nice when all the puzzle pieces fall together. The natal Jupiter in the 6th. The Virgo stellium. The 12th house Neptune….

      • Did I mention natal Saturn and Neptune are 103 degrees, 2 minutes apart? Biseptile. Pretty exact. And part of a tight 7-series planetary picture involving two additional planets.

        OK, enough about me, (says my 9th house Leo stellium).

  13. Hello Mary. As with you, while Saturn moved through my second house, my character & values were questioned by horrible people trying to undermine things. Saturn is bigger than they are, so I’m sure that in the end Saturn will have it’s way. Fear not–Saturn has a long memory and can be very kind. It’s always trying to balance the books. Saturn often asks us to work alone.

  14. I’m really enjoying this conversation about Saturn.

    • I have done an informal poll of my friends and acquaintances, and this Saturn in Scorpio run has been challenging most of them with feelings of loneliness, especially the “lonely in a crowd” variety. I can see that this is already yielding a gift for me; I feel so much more authentic now, and I feel that Scorpionic compulsion to look deeper with other people, too…I am discovering common ground with people whom I would never have identified with a few years ago (eg, my in-laws)!

      • Thanks for sharing, Mary. I relate to the “lonely in a crowd” feeling. This transit has seen me let go of two long-time friendships where I’d held on too long and/or put up with entirely too much over those many years. So I’m at another phase of sorting out what friendship really is. Donna

      • Oh, and something ironic I realized in the middle of a middle of the night brooding session about these friendships. Both of them are in my will, minor cash bequests, and now I’m going to have to redo my will to take them out. How Saturn in Scorpio is re-making a will? (For those who haven’t tried it, it’s realllly a lot of work, and you have to get it exactly right legally.) Donna

      • Hi, again, Donna! I felt a ping of resonance when you mentioned having to re-write your will. Part of the transformative experience I am having with my in-laws now is that they have decided to set up college funds for my two children…a huge step, because they were a bit uninvolved as grandparents for most of the kids’ early years. I believe that the change of heart, on their part, has something to do with transiting Saturn hitting my father-in-law’s natal Venus and Mars in Scorpio over the past year. He is a retired CPA, and so he wants his legacy to be financially sound and legally proper; we have been doing a lot of paperwork with him for the past couple of months. That has been a Saturn lesson in itself!

        Good luck with your adventures in paperwork!

      • I second that; it is a lonely transit, particularly when it opposes your Venus (and it’s the only planet that’s doing so). I noticed people nowadays seem afraid to talk to each other, or even look at each other – we all seem to feel lonely, maybe even to the point of paranoia.

        The focus for hard work and discipline has shifted inward. We’re all stuck in our own heads.

  15. Donna, it is quite interesting that your post made me look at my life in retrospect from October 2012 onwards. I have a stellium (Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto) in Scorpio in my second house, and these past 2 years have been quite eventful.

    I met my fiance a few months before Saturn’s move into Scorpio, and moved in with him during this transit. I was able to take a stand against being sexually harassed at my workplace, and formed a very productive professional alliance in its place. I have been working really really hard at my current job and was promoted last year. I have also received appreciation for my work like never before.

    The downside has been my dear uncle getting diagnosed with cancer (Jupiter’s transit of his 12th house), and I have had to support both him and my fiance financially. I have also had to deal with deaths of some close relatives!

    • It does sound like you’re using those transits extremely well. It takes guts to take a stand on sexual (scorpio) harassment, but Saturn transits often help us learn to sety boundaries and limits. Donna

  16. Hi Donna, great post. Made me think of my current Saturn Return in Scorpio 10th house. It has been a whirlwind the past 6 months & I am told this Saturn transit will last throughout 2014. I don’t quite know what else to expect given how every single aspect of my life seems to lack structure/meaning and is reduced to a bare bones status where I’m forced to examine, realign and rebuild it all.

    Interestingly it has not just been focused on career, it brought out all weak areas of my life and very suddenly so – relationships, life direction, family, karma, past patterns and mistakes, soul purpose. I am very interested to see what my future has to offer and while I have been hurting myself and my relationships during this stressful time, and struggling relentlessly to search for answers, it would be a lie if I didn’t I say that this has been an extremely humbling experience.

    • Hi, Sj, hard stuff–basic training in survival skills. The Saturn return usually lasts about 8 months, concentrated around the time when Saturn is within 3 degrees of natal Saturn, but it all depends on whether there are other natal planets involved too. and, yes, there can be a lot of rebuilding when the foundations aren’t solid. That’s so you can be on solid grounds for the middle part of your life. My motto is, take care of Saturn and Saturn will take care of you. Donna

  17. Saturn has been transiting my first house- Neptune, the Sun, and Merc are there. It has made me begin to look seriously at my future. I’ve been concerned about finances and looking for more stability. I’ve had many dental problems and a resurgence of a physical injury to my knee. I have become much more serious but I also feel more confidence in my work as a teacher. I have had some successes in my other writing career. I have been working more than ever. Can’t say it’s been great but perhaps a necessary wake up call.

    • That’s exactly the point, Terez. Under Saturn transits, we’re asked whether our current choices are the best and most self-sustaining. If our foundations are shaky, we’re asked to get real and take care of needs. NOT fun, for sure, but important to address. You’re doing that, clearly. Donna

  18. I’m still waiting for my big hit. My moon in Scorpio is at 25, conjunct Neptune at 18. The power of the transit is still being felt though and I’ve watched my Dad disappear into the shadows, but still alive. He too has Moon in Scorpio. I’ve watched him ‘die’ as my dad and a character who I love, still love and adore. My mother too, possibly as a result, has gone from a strong powerful individual to being frail old lady. My relationship with another Scorpio Moon, man has changed from mad, crazy love to platonic but excellent friendship.
    As a result of all this I feel finally emotionally grown up. Hard but necessary. I am a better person as a result, I know I am.

    • Yup, that’s a major Saturn transit for you–all growed up, at last. Wheee!! Not fun but solid progress. Donna

  19. Glad to find this post, late, but better than not. Saturn in Scorpio has transited my 10th House, crossing the MC, Mercury, Chiron and now parks himself on my Scorpio Sun in the 11th House. Scorpio applies natally in mutual reception with a Leo infused Saturn-Mars-Pluto conjuct in the 7th and 8th House. The intensity of power struggles, issues of family secrets and intimate relations is a life time enterprise so this transit is actually a transformative time for power. Saturn plays with very specific rules which as I age I understand and apply with more agility. Strange ha. But not really, the long-term lessons are precisely Saturn’s domain. In Scorpio that means deep stuff.

    My experiences with Saturn in Scorpio have and are very deeply transformative: deep dreaming and unearthing secrets ancient (8th House ancestral), old as birthing and re-birthing (my own birth) and in the process my 10th House of ‘Career’ as an elder finds a voice in the writing and sharing of cultural and magical myths. The process is huge and wondrous. Fun and unexpected, both surprising those who have/had known me ‘back in the day’ of maidenhood; and surprising myself.

    I think it’s especially important for me, a woman born into a culture that was raped and colonized, to make the most of the deep and transformative energy of Saturn (time keeper and master of lessons) in Scorpio. The unearthing on a personal level heals me at multiple levels, and with Saturn having transited my 10th house (public) Mercury the communication = writing and storytelling weaves a sturdy message(s). For the first time in decades I have taken on an ‘apprentice’ to pass along the process of elder-in-training. It is a different sort of enterprise that seems to suit us both in mutually beneficial ways. We are both Scorpio, she young enough to be my daughter; I old enough to be her mother.

    It takes time (a lot of it!) to find a good fit in one’s skin; and I believe, it takes magic to allow time to become the life’s blood. At least that’s what I believe today. Thanks for the great post and diverse comments friend!

    • Thank you, Moki, for sharing on such a deep level. I do think that Saturn in Scorpio takes us very deeply into power and betrayal issues. And to add that to Pluto (Scorpio’s ruler) in Saturn-ruled Capricorn pretty much doubles its effects. It is time we collectively looked at all these things, as you are. Donna

  20. Is anyone experiencing the Saturn retrograde period as sort of a respite – a chance to take a break and breath until it goes forward again?

  21. That’s a good point, Charles. Thanks! Donna

  22. I’m not sure I’ve “grown” with this transit. I have a stellium in Libra 9th house (Mars, Uranus, Venus and Pluto), and both luminaries in Scorpio 10th house. Since Saturn entered in Libra, I lost my carrer (I was a nerdy academic, my life and carrer was all about higher education, in humanities).

    But the depression got even deeper when Saturn entered Scorpio, I lost completely my will to be in public, to start working again, etc. I’m happy though that financially it didn’t affect me much. And I still have Mercury conjunct Neptune in Sagitarius, and Im thinking “omg there is still more planets for Saturn to destroy, maybe I will get some brain disease and even my intelligence will be over haha”. (thats my black humour, sorry).

    I honestly thought that Saturn would hit badly just on its return (5th house Gemini). It was 13 years ago. But by that time honestly, it was quite allright, except for bankrupting (for real, counting pennies to do groceries, and a thousand bills unpaid).

    People complain about having planets apart all over the houses in the chart, saying that there are problems everywhere…. but honestly, I can say from experience that when all planets are clustered on few consecutive signs, the changes are too big and painful. For me it is 7 cursed years, 4 gone, 3 more to go!

    Anyway, sorry about the negativity. On the bright side, I spent a lot of time enjoying things that were not possible when I was a workhaholic (my whole life was just study/work/research/writing). I learnt new cooking recipes, I watched a thousand seasons of all fun tv shows, I got deeper into astrology, I play videogames for hours, I learnt how to relax and to appreciate being alive. I’ve learnt that my life was not my stellium, and now I’ve learnt how’s life without all the Scorpio intensity.

  23. I have a scorp stellium with the sun, pluto and venus in the 4th house and mercury in the 5th. Saturn only visited my stellium for a few weeks last year. That’s when I really started getting so bogged down by everything. I was being ordered around(more than usual), I was hiding a huge part of my life even at home, I was suffocated and the responsibility I had at the time, coupled with the inability to handle it was just such a guilt trip. On the plus side however, I found solace and pleasure in working at home. It gave me big ideas for starting a business in the future. Also, looking back so many things happened during this period that set an itch in me to move out and be responsible for myself. By the time saturn was almost done conjuncting my venus, my mom and I began searching for a more practical home to stay in. As a result, I’ve begun expressing myself at home better, revealing more of myself, found a practical job and found a new place with mom that’s well within our budget and more spacious.

    And then Saturn comes back to re-assess my a few members of my stellium. He stopped right infront of my Pluto and shook his head in disapproval. My fuming Pluto caused such a nuclear explosion at home and I ended up leaving. Lucky for me, my Venus is smoothing things out. I haven’t found a home yet. I’m only staying at my aunt’s place for the time being. Although I have come out from under my parent’s control, I have managed to do it without breaking ties. Still I haven’t yet assumed responsibility for myself but I probably will when Saturn is done with my Pluto. It’s a shift of power and responsibility. 🙂

    Let’s see how things go…

    • What a huge and upsetting transition, Sage, but you’ve handled it courageously. Donna

      • Thanks!! Saturn transit can make me pretty gloomy. Analyzing my chart and transits help me see the silver lining. Plus it’s fun matching the transitions in the stars to the transitions in your own life. I’m excited to know what retrograde saturn transits are all about. Will post an update once it’s done fussing about my stellium. 🙂

      • I’ve posted about the beginnings of Saturn’s effects on my little Scorpio cluster… After whipping my Venus, Sun and Pluto into shape, Saturn left my 4 th house and I find myself living on my own for the first time. I have now been responsible for myself for exactly a year now, paying my own bills, taking care of myself when I’m sick. I can honestly say I am proud of myself. I’m now an independent woman and my relationship with my parents have finally gained a healthy balance that was only achieved by this little bit of distance.Transiting Mars during this period conjuncting Pluto was very useful. It lent me such stamina to do hard and necessary things I’ve never done before. Interestingly I got to know my father better. I wish I could say vice versa, but I guess that will take time.
        Now Saturn has left my 4th house and is worrying my mercury in the 5th. My mercury in Scorpio has been getting me into obsessions after obsessions but everything of the constructive sort! All my creative ideas that have been mucking around in the ether of my brain are finally being manifested through no-nonsense work and discipline obviously. I’ve recently realised the importance of time and gained the ability to better manage it. Never realised what a ‘doing house’ the 5th could be. The not so great effects of Saturn are the bouts of depression, the brooding, the heaviness that comes with obsessions and my brain has housed a very insistent version of what you would call a conscience, that has me convinced it would be it would be dishonourable to let my ideas go unrealised.
        One curious thing to report is how I have passed power from my parents and to my boyfriend as Saturn moved from Pluto in the 4th house to Mercury in the 5th. This time it’s because I worry and brood and seek his help to shake me out of it. But Saturn is definitely trying to shake me out of that too and getting me to truly be independent. Hopefully at the end of this transit I’ll be capable of making my own decisions without needing external validation. I hope I can get a handle over myself, my moods and finally know my mind. I hope my relationship survives the Saturn transit. I also hope I will continue being creatively active and productive.

      • Thanks for the followup, Sag. You’ve done an impressive job with Saturn’s time in Scorpio…working through some very intense issues.

        When it finally moves into Sag for good, I hope things will flow more easily. Regards, Donna Cunningham

  24. I have learned that Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto in Libra in the 7th house is about OTHER. PEOPLE’S. PROBLEMS. I am always, always, always learning that most of the “stuff” I carry around is not actually mine.

    If you have Saturn in the 7th, my advice would be to read the astrological descriptions as though it is about the people in your life, it is not actually your lesson. Your lesson is learning where your actual responsibilities to other people are, what is theirs to work out, how to not take it on, what is not yours. Do NOT read those descriptions as though they are (literally) for you or you will continue in the trap of trying to work out things that are actually others’ problems they dump on you, make you responsible for. Just my opinion.

    • Excellent point, Spockr. I think the same is true of transits through some other “people” houses. I have a stellium in the 11th, and throughout my life, transits to that 4-planet lineup are more about what is going on with my friends than directly what is going on with me. However, with that packed 11th, what happens to my friends can be very painful for me.

      During the 80s, while I was in my 40s, some very heavy transits to that house coincided with losing some beloved friends to AIDS. Now that I’m in my 70s and Neptune in Pisces is starting to square one after another of those 11th house planets, my friends are really declining in health and slowly losing a lot of ground. It’s heartbreaking to watch.

      I do have disagree on one point, however. These were true friends who had helped me through a great many tough times, and they were not dumping their problems on me during those transits. I’d guess that part of your Saturn transit experience is a lesson about how to tell a true friend from a user and not to adopt users as friends. Donna Cunningham

  25. Oh, I definitely agree, not all Saturn transits through the other people houses are about users, abusers and vampires. I didn’t mean to sound so foreboding there! It is about reality though, and it is in some way about how other people’s difficulties affect you, how you deal with it, but isn’t necessarily actually your own direct problem. I should have also been more clear that natally I have Saturn in Scorpio (retrograde and stationary) cnj. Pluto in Libra in the 7th, so that’s why it’s such a big thing in MY chart that I not read these Saturn in Scorpio transit descriptions in a completely literal way. It’s much more about disowning and detaching from things that aren’t mine, patching up any energetic ‘holes’ that people can put their straws into.

    Much of the descriptions with the 7th emphasize changing yourself to accommodate relationships, about how you need to tear down walls and boundaries, rather than learning about what works and what doesn’t, and that can be really bad advice, if in your chart, it’s totally the opposite lesson. A lot of the Saturn in Scorpio transit descriptions talk about ‘Fears around merging and intimacy, facing the need to merge resources,’ and I have to say, I think Saturn is saying look at the areas where there might be TOO MUCH ‘merging’, it needs to be streamlined, cut down or out, structured. I’ve seen other people with Saturn in the 7th on astrology forums saying, “You know, it seems like it’s always about other people’s problems that they lay on my doorstep,” and there’s a tendency to advise that it’s really just you projecting your own issues onto others that you won’t accept in yourself (like, if your partner is an alcoholic, you are also an addict, too, but you’re not admitting it — you might be enabling them and have a problem with being attracted to alcoholics, but it doesn’t mean you’re actually an actual alcoholic, too). You have a part in the dynamic, but I’ve seen a lot of encouragement to do kind of the opposite of what Saturn in the 7th is teaching. I mean, you do need to work it out but it’s more likely to be about saying, nope I can’t really carry this for someone else no matter how hard I try. Other people’s stuff really is their stuff.

    Saturn in Scorpio is a doozy! Saturn, concrete reality and structure has a hard time getting a handle on tumultuous, sometimes scheming, hidden Scorpio. If Saturn is about recognizing, defining and cleaning out “BS”, it can be quite difficult to give definition to the type that can inhabit Scorpio.

    • I see what you’re saying, Spockr. So you are getting your (first, I gather) Saturn return, with natal Saturn in Scorpio conjunct Pluto, which is the ruler of Scorpio, so it’s like a double Scorpio/Pluto influence. You’re drawn to that type in your relationships, and it’s not surprising that this Saturn return experience is a big turning point in the kinds of people you get close to (blinders off the eyes!). It’s heartbreaking and disillusioning, certainly, and it’s important to give yourself some time to grieve those illusions if not the actual people involved.

      It’s also wise to give yourself some alone time–even if it gets lonely. Because once you know that you won’t perish from not having a relationship (all that Pluto/Scorpio intensity in the 7th), you can hold back from forming new ones until you’re sure it’s not just the same old pattern coming back (maybe looking different on the surface, but the same old pattern once you get “hooked” on them. )

      Been there, done that, did a whole lot better after lots of Adult Children of Alcoholic meetings and getting to understand and avoid codependency in my relationships and friendships. Donna

  26. So I’m curious how folks are experiencing the imminent station of Saturn at 16 Scorpio, set to move forward on a direct path which will finally take it out of Scorpio and into Sagittarius. For me, it’s like the light at the end of the tunnel is finally visible. I know things are about to change, and I know I have little control over the specific way things will change, but I do feel that, either way, it can’t help but be a positive change. Saturn stations ON my 12th house Neptune, never to conjunct my natal planet again in this lifetime. It’s been tough, (especially considering that Neptune went over my Saturn a few years ago), and I’m just about fed up with all this 12th house stuff. My sun very recently progressed out of the 12th and into the 1st, (YAY!) and, although Saturn will briefly re-enter Scorpio, it will not re-enter my 12th house. (YAY!)

    • Did I say never in this lifetime? Of course it will – in 28 years!

    • Yes, it’s been a rough part of the Saturn cycle, for sure. It’s pretty well done with all my planets, thank God, except that my Sun/Moon midpoint–which among the midpoints is very strong–is at 27 of all the fixed signs, and it’s never what you’d call a blessing.

      I always think the next Saturn sign will be better (e.g. moving from a tough one into the next sign), but before you know it, people are bitching about it once it switches (me too). Donna

      • Well, Donna, there’s a chance, after coming out of this transit, that I may never bitch about anything again!

        I look back at the last time Saturn was in Scorpio, ca. 1982-85, and it was a similarly dark, dark time in my life, (“dark” in the broad sense of the word, encompassing both positive and negative aspects of it). I had just graduated high school in 1982, and I felt directionless in my life. There was Saturn transiting my 12th, impelling me to “do something!” while at the same time saying “sorry, not yet!” I was young and inexperienced then, and my Sun hadn’t progressed through the 12th yet. When Saturn leaves my 12th this time, I really, really hope I can cast off this cocoon.

        I know this thread isn’t about the 12th house, but Saturn-in-Scorpio and the 12th are so intrinsically woven together for me, it’s hard to avoid that topic. There’s a 4th house/10th house flavor to it, as well, because Scorpio’s ruler, Pluto, (the lord of my 12th), sits on my Virgo Midheaven, and my 12th house Neptune rules the 4th. The 12th is the house of imprisonment and, while I can’t relate to that in a literal sense, I do feel like the inmate who, having been released from prison after a few decades, feels breathtakingly liberated, but wonders how he’s going to make it in the world. In some ways it’s apt to think of the past few decades, while the Sun progressed through my 12th, as “lost years,” because I don’t feel like I’ve made any outward, worldly progress.

        The progress has been inner, of course, but it’s not clear to me yet how I’m going to translate it into an outer persona. Hopefully when Saturn leaves my 12th it will become clearer.

      • It does sound like an especially tough place to have a Saturn in Scorpio transit, Charles–takes a lot of grit, and you seem to have it. There’s a piece somewhere in the list of 12th house articles which deals with the process of having a planet transit the 12th and then cross the Ascendant into the first. The 12th is an inward time, reviewing and digesting what has gone on with that transiting planet during the years since it last transited the 12th. Learning from the review, getting some wisdom as to how the tr planet is being used, getting ready to make a change. Then when it emerges into the 1st, showing the world a new you, ready to present the higher use of that planet. For Saturn, presenting a more mature disciplined you, ready to offer something to the world that you weren’t quite ready for before.

        The piece is called: Transits from the 12th House to the 1st–Like Night and Day . Hope that helps. Donna

      • Hello Charles, I want to say that I can really relate to your comment about Saturn in Scorpio. It was also an extremely DARK time of my life. The total DARKNESS seemed to over shadow the goodness in my life. The main goodness was the birth of my son in February of 1983. Now, he is 31 and still an absolute ANGEL in my life. He was definitely the sunshine that came into my life and our family’s life in early 1983.
        My family was facing extreme poverty in late 1982, 1983, 1984 and the early part of 1985. The interesting fact was that in the first half of 1982, my family was blessed with abundance and ample financial resources. My husband had found a job in Saudi Arabia that paid really well and I beat myself up many times over our sudden decision to leave Saudi Arabia in early September and return to Texas. You usually hear about “rags to riches” but our family’s story at that time in the Fall of 1982 was “riches to rags”. Anyway, I realize now that Saturn in Scorpio was playing a major role in our life. So, now, with this transit of Saturn in Scorpio, I am drawing on all my wisdom from the past 31 years of life. I am Libra Rising with a 12th House Neptune. My Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Pluto, are all in the 10th with Capricorn (ruled by Saturn) on the cusp of my 4th House. I totally understand about feeling in prison!!! To top it all off, my moon is in Pisces in my 6th House.
        Elisabeth Barry

      • Thank you so much, Donna. And may I also express my gratitude to you for hosting this wonderful forum.

        I often gain insight through writing, (as a writer, maybe you can relate to this). It occurred to me that “DO SOMETHING NOW!/SORRY NOT YET!” is a very apt description of the 12th/10th house dilemma. With my 12th house ruler on the MC, and Saturn currently transiting the 12th, I very much relate to this. (We Librans tend to say “relate” a lot). I suspect that the only way, (or maybe the best way) to resolve this dilemma is to have a 12th house type of career.

        I will definitely search out the blog entry you suggested!

        By the way, I’m switching over to my Facebook ID, and will use it from now on to comment on your site.

    • @Donna: thank you; still impregnating your books as well as Joyce Mason’s; great to make sense out of stelliums, outer planets and Chiron’s shake!

      @Charles: having Saturn transiting Scorpi.XII, also residence to retro.Neptune, happened during retro.Chiron.Pisces.IVcusp return opposing stellium.Virgo.Xcusp, following the full bang sequence of Pluto.Uranus.Planets cross (my water signs still hurt).Talk about pain, loss and shadows! Resistance was futile.

      I was on the comeback when I met with Donna’s amazing blog and tried the tests to weigh planets in my chart. Chiron.Pisces.IV (14°56) leads my game by far. As yours, my career does not exist yet either. Referring to Joyce Mason’s Chironic work sparked many insights.

      Saturn imposed conscious and attentive contemplation on each iota-second of being rewired alive, and the rascal squared itself during the transit.

      Saturn is now sliding out of XII, into Scorpi.ASC, soon to visit Saggitarius. Chiron’s return will last until mid-february 2017 for us.

      I hope you found some clues and are in the middle of setting up your next moves. Mine are not clear yet, but I can feel something is emerging.

      As you mentioned it, being of service is a main ingredient in what comes next!

  27. I am a scorpio saturn is currently transiting through 12th house. Since last October I’ve been stuck at home with major panic attacks & anxiety. My heart wants to fly freely but fears of the world hold me down. I’m a Decan 2, hoping all this lightens up by October of this year, any thoughts/advice will be greatly appreciated.


  28. Here is an update about the complete effects of Saturn transiting my Pluto. So to make a long story short, during this transit, I have not only broken free from being dependent on my parents but have also learnt be responsible for myself. A lot of things happened since I last posted here. I had finally moved out from my aunt’s place. The move was delayed so much since I couldn’t even find a new place. My aunt was beginning to get irritated by my extended stay. Finally I became so desperate for a place that I roamed around an entire day on foot until I found the right place which was well below my budget giving me lots of money to spare.

    There were so many lessons learnt since I moved in. For the first time I truly felt the weight of responsibility, at work, at home and with regards to my health. The most important was me having to take care of someone else. It brought into perspective what I think my parents would have gone through with me. Full circle. Quite honestly, I haven’t gotten a handle on it yet. But I think I’m heading in the right direction.

    • Sage, you’ve done a heroic job in working through this transit. Saturn in Scorpio, a fixed water sign, can be among the hardest of transits, but you’ve grown so much, and your life is truly your own now with new strength to make the most of your abilities. Donna

  29. I keep thinking that the worst of my Saturn transit troubles are now behind me, but the road is long, being stretched out by a very important character in the story of my life, my former husband. More about him later. Since, I am Libra Rising, relationships are extremely important for me. Mr. Saturn always begins his toughest class for me with his transit over my mid-Libra ascendent. Then, when Saturn goes into Scorpio, I am plunged down into a deep pit of depression and confusion while learning lessons of responsibility and maturity. I always try to think positive, but positive thinking can become difficult with Saturn transits. You mainly have to dig deeper to find the golden nuggets of what Saturn ultimately has planned for you. Because my former husband has both his Venus and Mars in Sagittarius and is a Sun Sign Capricorn, I am seeing the better future ahead for him and my whole Saturnine family because of the positive traits of Venus and Mars in Sagittarius. I have to go now but will add to my comments later.

  30. Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio – How are we doing this summer of 2015? It all depends on how this aspect is touching or not touching your own chart and if you’ve got a good foundation to begin with, in order to withstand the stress.

    An atmosphere of “financial fear” hovers over the population and Greece, on the verge of financial catastrophe, reluctantly settled for another bailout. The price of oil fell drastically, the Canadian dollar also slid downwards; all across the nation there were layoffs, especially in the oil patch of Alberta. Prices shot up and consumers backed off – this was to be the summer of searching for all the fun “Jupiter in Leo” that you could have for free, without having to pay for it “Saturn in Scorpio”. Traditionally, Jupiter square Saturn runs away from responsibilities, especially financial ones. Those born under these vibrations may bear the brunt of it karmically. Saturn represents the father and his ability or inability to fulfill his obligations.

    Last summer (2014) with Jupiter in Cancer in trine aspect to Saturn in Scorpio all of the best Scorpio qualities shone forth – there was money in the bank, saved, earned, invested and careful financial planning. Wealth was in the picture, possibly inherited through the family or easily earned. Home and family synchronized sympathetically with the need to handle money carefully and many benefitted through land and real estate deals. The best of Jupiter trine Saturn is the ability to assume responsibility and a practical attitude and honest work will get you there. The new Prince George was born under the beginning of this beneficial Jupiter in Cancer trine Saturn in Scorpio in 2013.

    However, Jupiter in Leo square Saturn in Scorpio in parts of 2015 and the urge to shine through creative talent, does not mix well with paying the bills and the old astrologers warned that bankruptcy, problems with insurance, credit and creditors and difficulty with sex, death, the occult and all of those hidden deep mysterious areas of life would ooze to the surface under stress aspect. I would agree, and am looking forward to Saturn moving forward into Sagittarius where financial matters can take a back seat and religion, travel, publishing, philosophy and foreign affairs can take front and centre stage; but then, I have Venus in Sagittarius and enjoy this scenario anyway. Keep on moving ahead, planets!

    • A good and hopeful summary, Maureen. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Donna

  31. A positive point that I failed to mention is that Jupiter in Leo is also transiting trine Uranus in Aries so some of the beneficial rays of this placement, creative talent, generosity and pride, good luck through children and speculation, independence and originality (Aries); becoming your own leader instead of following others, is bound to pay off. So even if there is stress from the financial angle (Scorpio) there will be recognition and public popularity (Jupiter trine Uranus is a people pleaser). Although it may not translate into dollars in the bank, it may still hit the spotlight.

  32. I’m preparing to launch my online business after years of doubt (since 2006). It has been a lot of hard work, but I’m happy.

  33. Saturn in Scorpio in the ending degrees of Scorpio is teaching us to clean out all the relationships in our lives that are not working out in a balanced way. It is so good to see Saturn moving forward now heading for happy Sagittarius. I am so excited about the planets moving into Virgo as I am now working hard on a healing project for myself and another important karmic member of my family. Expansive Jupiter in healing Virgo is wonderful and soon the Sun will be in Virgo! I am heavily focused on healing this fall and excited about the outcome. I visualize great healing for my complete family.

    • Good to hear from you, Elizabeth. You’re handling some challenging transits with a great spirit. Donna

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