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Reviews of The Stellium Handbook


 handbook cvr smWhen my new ebook, The Stellium Handbook, came out, I needed to reach people with stelliums or triple conjunctions with my suggestions on how to make the most of the potential of these high-focus combinations. The major impetus for writing the book was the young generations with challenging stelliums in Capricorn or Aquarius. Their charts have a rare conjunction of Uranus and Neptune, with two to five additional planets in that same sign or house. Since there are now only two major newsstand astrology magazines, the internet was the best medium to spread the word. My solution was to offer review copies to astrology bloggers. The response has been wonderful, and so have the reviews.  Here are excerpts from some of the reviews, with links to the astrologers’ blogs. They’re a gifted group with much to share!  From Anne Whitaker: “Master astrologer and writer Donna Cunningham draws on her long and deep experience in astrological and related fields to produce this first ever thorough, in-depth work on stelliums – a very much-needed aid for readers of varying levels of astrological knowledge. Her commitment is to make the book available to everyone with stelliums, not just astrologers or astrology students. “It is written with Donna’s signature depth, clarity, humour, and compassion. One of her gifts is to be able to be briskly honest and realistic about the most difficult topics, but in such a compassionate, often witty way that the reader feels encouraged rather than squashed by the information provided. “The core aim of the book is to help stellium folk find their ‘mission’ in life, as revealed by the stellium’s planetary composition and location in sign(s) and house(s), and ‘to focus on that in a more constructive way’, with the emphasis on self-help throughout.  ‘This fine book, the latest addition to her abundant astrological output, is an essential reference work for all astrologers’ libraries, one to which they can return time and time again as they encounter clients who are trying to come to grips with one of the most challenging, and potentially rewarding, of all astrological patterns: the stellium.” See the rest at: Review of Donna Cunningham’s Stellium Handbook in the Astrological Association of Great Britain Journal: “There hasn’t previously been much written in depth about stelliums – those multiple conjunctions within a sign – so Donna Cunningham’s book is a very welcome addition to astrological literature homing in on a special characteristic within a chart. The book will naturally be of interest to readers with natal stelliums or triple conjunctions as well as to consulting astrologers whose clients may have them. Donna’s easygoing writing style and side notes ensure the book is equally accessible for newcomers, students and astrology professionals.” Review by Mary Plumb in The Mountain Astrologer: “Donna Cunningham, well known and well loved in astrology circles, has a new book on stelliums. She has a warm and encouraging voice, with a realistic view of life’s difficulties. I don’t know of anyone else who has examined and written about these bundles of three or four planets in the horoscope. This is a much-needed addition in the astrology library.” Review of Donna Cunningham’s Stellium Handbook by Anthony Louis: “Before reading this book, I never realized that so much information could be gleaned from analyzing stelliums in a natal chart. Donna’s approach was an eye-opener. This book is refreshing for both its new insights and its transparency of presentation. Donna has a Master’s Degree in social work and many decades of experience as a professional astrologer. Her knowledge and experience in dealing with clients shines through on every page “Donna’s book contains worksheets for evaluating the strength of each planet in a stellium and explains how to judge the order and importance of each planets role as the stellium is triggered by transits and progressions. It is written with beginners in mind but contains much valuable information that will appeal to experienced astrologers. All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed this text and learned a lot by reading through it. I will never look at stelliums the same way again.” (Posted on November 29, 2013.) Review by April Elliot Kent: “I was especially eager to get my hands on this book, and it met all my expectations. Why eager? Because more and more of my clients were born during the late 1980s, and the most eloquent astrologer can find herself struck dumb in the presence of a chart with practically every planet in, say, Capricorn. “Those born with stelliums have great gifts, Cunningham asserts―a strong sense of mission, passion, intense focus, a unique range of skills. But stelliums also make you vulnerable, since too many of your astrological eggs occupy a single basket. Your life may lack balance, and with so much depending on success in one area of life, setbacks can really hurt. “Donna Cunningham is extremely effective at laying out complex astrological concepts in a user-friendly way. And what I love best about her books is that she doesn’t just leave you stranded with a technical understanding of the astrology, but also offers a self-help life raft of tools and resources to help you get the most out of your chart.” Read more here: Emerging Pattern writes: “You want to learn everything about Stelliums that is worthwhile to learn? Read Donna Cunningham’s new A Stellium Handbook. Sooner or later, every professional astrologer will meet clients with stelliums, or perhaps he or she also has a stellium. Donna Cunningham’s book provides a valuable source of support for unleashing and focusing all these energies into a constructive approach to bring change, healing, and transformation both in oneself and the world. It’s a workbook, stuffed with information for both astrological beginners and professionals. You’ll find lots of work sheets to help you structure your stellium analysis. “I especially appreciate her kind and respectful encouragement to take responsibility for the positive and negative traits of astrological constellations. She values her clients and readers as people who are totally capable of growth and transformation.” Read more at: Review By Leah Whitehorse: “Packed with information, The Stellium Handbook is geared to all readers as there are explanations of chart basics, terminology, and a glossary for beginners as well as fascinating research to keep the advanced astrologer’s interest. There are a ton of examples, clear and consistent information along with tools to ensure that you can work through your own stellium and gain a better understanding of it. “If you have a stellium in your chart, or you are interested in studying more about them, I would highly recommend this book. I think this is an important one for every astrologer’s shelf. With over 40 years experience as an astrologer, the author has a wealth of experience to draw upon. “Anyone who visits her website will be familiar with her practical style and a love of gathering real world examples of how planetary energy can manifest. Perhaps this gathering of information may be attributed to her own Gemini stellium. Not only has Donna fully researched the topic, she has lived it too!” (Read more at:  handbook cvr sm The offer of a complementary review copy of The Stellium Handbook is still open to astrology bloggers, since you each have a different audience. I am broadening the offer now to include astrologers with newsletters. To receive a copy, write to me at and send a link to your blog or forward a copy of your latest newsletter.  Details of the Book:  Download a sample file here:  Stellium Handbook SamplerThe Stellium Handbook is $20.  Order it at


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