Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 2, 2014

Out of Sign Conjunctions: Your Input Needed

©7-2-2014 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Any time you find one planet in the last few degrees of a sign and another in the first few degrees of the next sign, it may be an out of sign conjunction. If the two planets are within 8° of one another, they’re conjunct. Many astrology students and practitioners ignore them, most likely because they’re complicated to interpret.

I’ve started to research out of sign conjunctions, and I’ve come to the conclusion that not only do they work; you run a risk in ignoring them, because they can represent an important dynamic in your life.

Suppose that you had a Sun-Neptune conjunction. It’s hard enough to understand these two planets merged in a single sign—lots of confusion and denial about who you really are. If they were straddling two signs and you ignored the aspect, you’d have an even harder time seeing your true self clearly and realistically.

Or, let’s say you had a conjunction between Mars in Libra and Pluto in Scorpio that you’ve basically ignored. You own up to Mars in Libra, thinking, “Mars has a couple of drawbacks in Libra, sure—it’s indecisive and has trouble taking the initiative. But it’s so charming and agreeable—a lover, not a fighter. Altogether, it’s a nice little Mars.”

I can’t agree with all those rose-colored interpretations, because Mars in Libra people can subtly provoke others until they explode. Then the Mars person blames the fight on the other person, saying something like, “You started it, but I’m going to finish it!”

In addition, when you leave Pluto in Scorpio out of the equation, you’re leaving yourself in the dark about major issues around conflict and control that can cause serious difficulties in relationships of various kinds. Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio, and with Pluto IN Scorpio, it’s not just Pluto plus Pluto, it’s more like Pluto times Pluto—a powerful placement!

 To team it up with Mars and pretend the conjunction isn’t important leaves you in denial about parts of your personality that need tending to. It also prevents you from capitalizing on the greatest strength of Mars-Pluto conjunctions, something I call Manifestation Mojo. (Read about it here: Mars-Pluto Aspects? Use your Manifestation Mojo!)

By glossing over out of sign conjunctions, you might also miss out on strengths of some choice combinations of planets. Imagine that you have Venus in the latter degrees of a sign and Jupiter in the early degrees of the next sign. Wouldn’t that be a great aspect to capitalize on?

Embrace your out of sign conjunctions, then, and deal with their strengths as well as their drawbacks to realize more of your potential.commentsgreatdiscussion

I’m working on a new book about aspects, and am going to include a chapter on out of sign conjunctions. I’d like to have examples of how they work. The ones I use will be brief vignettes, no more than a paragraph, and there will be no identifying or birth information. I’d need to know the planets and their degrees, then the house and the two signs involved. Then explain how you see the aspect working.

So, Readers, will you join me in gathering information about how out of sign conjunctions show up in the lives of people who have them? If you or people you’re close to have one, share about it in the comment section. (Or, it could be the chart of a famous person, in which case, include the birth information). Your input would help all of us to understand these often-ignored aspects better.

 More research into the Little-Known Aspects: Several summers ago, Skywriter Readers and I did research on some of the so-called minor aspects and learned a great deal. The comment sections are where they shared their experiences, and those sections are great to read. You can still add your own observations, for the more we understand these aspects, the better we can interpret them.

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  1. I’m a perfect example of the out of sign conjunction. Wit a 29 degree Capricorn Moon, all my life I’ve attracted early degree Aquarian type people. An 8 degree Scorpio myself with Jupiter 7 degree Scorpio in my second House by birth, I dislike the erratic, unstable qualities and overall attitudes of Aquarians, but I can’t stop attracting them. I pull them to me like magnets.

    I finally decided they were lessons in understanding people completely different from myself along with lessons in forgiveness, which has helped, but not prevented the issues they bring when they enter my life You would think I’d get along with them, but I don’t. To me they’re like aliens. I guess I sound jaded but they act so erratic and strange there’s no common denominator for compatibly yet they come as an endless stream of torment to me. I love Capricorns but don’t generally attract much as Aquarians. Any comments would be helpful.

    • Thanks for joining in, Sherry. Ironically, the next facet of out of sign conjunctions I plan to research are planets in 29 degrees or 0 degrees of a sign. Supposedly, these are considered “critical degrees,” and the old school, fatalistic astrologers considered them as unfortunate placements. Stay tuned and we’ll find out if it’s so.

      At any rate, the 29th degree is the end of a sign, and so there’s tension about leaving behind an old life pattern and moving into the next phase of expression. Hence, at 29 Capricorn, you’re holding on with all your might to a more conventional, solid, even conservative lifestyle, while all around you, the new technology and new, wilder way of living seems to be taking over, much to your discomfort.

      Most of us over 40 are feeling the same way, out of our element and over our heads with the fast pace of change. But with 29 degrees of Capricorn as your Moon placement (representing your security base), it hits far too close to home. Donna Cunningham

      • Thanks for your response. Part of the problem is that I have Saturn at 8 Leo conjunct Pluto at 13 Leo squaring my natal Sun and Jupiter, and I feel the Saturn/Moon opposition to my 29 degree Capricorn moon which inflames the early Aquarian aggravation I encounter with people of this type. It’s a wide out of sign opposition, but it’s there. It’s operating in my natal chart and has since before birth. I can see the situation but feel powerless to do anything to alleviate it. My mother hated being pregnant with me.

        I didn’t get the connection until another astrologer said, “Don’t look at signs, look at degrees.” Then viola, the reason was there all along. It’s definitely this out of sign stuff you’re talking about. As a Scorpio I love to research, and I admire and respect your excellent work. My mother had Jupiter in Aquarius and an early Aquarius ascendant. Her Saturn conjuncted my Mercury and my Venus. Her mars opposed my Natal Sun.

        My natal moon sat on her 12 house cusp, and I could feel that hatred growing up that was coming from the Saturn/Moon opposition I was born with. I was nothing but a responsibility she didn’t want. She died saying that she had two wonderful sons. I wasn’t even acknowledged. Both brothers are Aquarians. With all three of them, in their minds it was as though I didn’t exist. Their Aquarian lack of responsibility made everything fall on me, and my Capricorn moon handled it.

        Out of sign aspects operate just as any other aspect. Tell your followers, “Look at degrees, not at signs.” There’s the proof. Namaste.

      • Thanks, Sherry, it is the degrees, not the signs, because the planet is always stronger than the sign, and the degrees show the way the planets are affecting and modifying each other. Donna

      • Hi Donna, I know this is not a blog about the 29th degree, but I couldn’t resist commenting, as my Moon is at 29 degrees Capricorn as well in the 8th house, and I’m 48 this year. It is tightly conjunct Venus at 28 plus degrees. I don’t relate to your description above as I love technology and the pace of change, probably due to my Aquarian Sun at 28 something degrees on my MC, and my Gemini Ascendant.

        But I am deeply sensitive emotionally, and I have had to work hard to allow my vulnerability to show through. It’s taken me years to learn this. I am quite traditional in matters of love. I tend to fall in love quickly, but am rather selective with whom. I enjoy discussing emotions and am able to do so in a rational, pragmatic Capricorn way, even when I am deeply impacted.

        I really look forward to your article on the 29th and 0 degrees. My north node is also 0 degrees Gemini in the 12th house, and I’ve long sought good sources of information on cusp energies as I have a bit, and always find myself attracted to people who have cusp sun signs as I do.

        Thanks for all you do Donna, you are a fabulous resource.

      • Hi, Sandy, we’ll be looking at the 29th degree and 0 degree soon, mainly about how they work in out of sign conjunction, but also to discover why the two of them are considered “critical degrees.” Donna


      Scorpio me (14 degrees) dug around. 29 degrees Cap. info attchd.

  2. Hi Donna. I have my Sun at 5 degrees 57 Virgo and Mars at 27 degrees 9 Leo, both in the 7th house with my south node sitting between them. It’s a bit wide – not sure it counts (Virgo nit picking?!)

    I get a lot of push and pull between wanting to hide out in the background and not be noticed or make a fuss, and being more forceful and direct. I always attract and am attracted to very creative men, often with Leo in their charts or other fire signs. I have my moon in Leo too, right on the descendent. There has been a dynamic of me being the practical, sensible one and my partners being the creative one. And then I would get resentful that they seemed to be having all the fun while I was stuck making sure the bills got paid. My temper tends to explode out of nowhere too, simmering under for months and then a little detail will set it off – but that might just be Leo.

    Mars is pinned in a T-square too, between a Saturn and Neptune opposition which tends to hold it back. I am managing to express more of my creativity now but that seems to have been at the expense of my relationships – to date, at least.

    • No need to let those few minutes deter you from looking at that conjunction, Jessica–especially since aspects to the Sun (or Moon) get a wider orb. My rule on orbs is that when an aspect seems like it might be a bit wide, I describe the aspect to the person to see if they relate to it or not. They often respond strongly to even a bit wider than you’d think, especially with the Sun or Moon.

      And Mars in Leo is very noticeable in any aspect. Mars in a fixed fire sign? It might as well wear neon lights! And it sounds like you primarily assign it to the men in your life rather than own it as part of yourself. That’s where the reticence and modesty of a Virgo Sun comes in. So yes, you do combine the qualities of Sun in Virgo, Mars in Leo, a true out of sign conjunction. Great example! Donna

  3. I am so glad for this post! I have often noticed the aptness of out-of-sign conjunctions in charts, and I have firsthand experience of their potency.

    My teenaged daughter has Venus in Libra @28′ and Moon in Scorpio @3′, both in the 12th house. She is kind, gentle, genial and courteous in social situations, but she is also intensely emotional and shy to the point of secretiveness. Already, I see that she utilizes her Venus as a handy social persona, though she lives from her Scorpio moon. She is interested in becoming a child psychologist; a 12th house Moon/Venus conjunction career choice, for sure.

    In my own chart, I have natal Chiron @28′ Pisces exactly conjunct the Descendant, and out-of-sign conjunct to Moon in Aries @0′. I have always attracted/been attracted to underdogs and outcasts, and feel compelled to come to their rescue. Fortunately, I have managed to avoid codependency (thank you, Aries Moon!) but our family does have ten pets, all rescues from the pound or strays who stayed.

    • Yes, it sounds like that Moon-Chiron conjunction works strongly in your life. Aries Moon can be a strong defender/advocate, and yours wants to rescue those dogs from being euthanized. Donna

      • Holy moly, you must have some canine readers as well. A sweet puppy followed me home on my evening stroll. She is hunkered down in the backyard for tonight, and I just finished making “Found” fliers to post throughout the neighborhood…I hope her owner comes through for her, because we are full up here!

  4. Hi Donna, long time i commented on blog (do read the email subscription though)
    I wish your health is better or at least same as before (age makes it difficult to maintain for sure…coming from someone about to cross 30’s

    Read mention of Pluto times Pluto.
    Have Pluto & Moon conjugated on 2 & 3 degree in 12th house scorpio (no out of sign conj here thou).

    If that’s of any use… let me know how to find this -> “Then explain how you see the aspect working.” 🙂
    Would be happy to help, regards

    • Pluto times Pluto is my somewhat exaggerated version of how it works. As for your 12th house planets, there’s a really long series (about 15 articles) about 12th house placements, and I think you’d get lots of insight by checking it out. (Use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the blog.) Donna

      • yeah, i have bookmarked them all & even read them more than once(prolly most). Thanks for your reply.
        I commented thinking those also are part of this study of yours but now having a relook, i think its only for out of sign conjugation
        Sorry for bothering. 🙂 Regards & wishing good health

  5. I always count them as I would see them from earth, in the sky together.
    Famous example fresh in my mind is Gram Parsons 29 Scorp Mars conjunct early Sag Mercury, Venus. Thank you

    • Apologies, I was unable to add more earlier, I will do so now. For those unfamiliar with Gram, he had the aforementioned Mars at 29 Scorp; Venus at 1 Sag, Mercury at 5.
      The legendary circumstances after his death (Scorpio) are telling with this out-of-sign conjunction. Due to family legalities/estate issues, his body was stolen by two male (Mars) friends (Venus) with whom he had made a secret pact re: death rites (Scorpio) from LAX with forged documents (Mercury). He was driven across state lines (Sagittarius) by friends to Joshua Tree where they poured gasoline over his body and set him on fire, (Mars) as was his request. Thank you

  6. Hi Donna, Thanks for searching this out. Will look forward to your findings, as I ponder the out-of-sign conjunction a lot as well. I have Moon 0 Scorpio conjunct Neptune 29 Libra, conjunct Ascendant 26 Libra ;MC 29 Cancer conjunct Uranus 6 Leo ;IC 29 Capricorn conjunct Dark Moon Lillith 3 Aquarius, conjunct Chiron 6 Aquarius; some of my houses also conjunct 29 degrees of a sign……The American Indian used the circle to help heal people with illnesses. I have envisioned my wholeness in the Astrological Wheel since I was 18. Took me many years to incorporate/integrate lost/dissociated aspects of myself. So grateful for the wholeness, oneness…..

    And to Sherry – I grok the estrangement from your mom. My heart goes out to you. I have Sun Libra opposition Ceres/Demeter Aries to the degree, and it was not until Uranus in Aries passing over within the past year, then going retrograde/direct, and rubbing my nose in it, that I have had to come to even more terms with her and my childhood. Getting there, but not easy. I occasionally have flashes of compassion for her, but not often……

    • Thank you for joining in, Beverly. I have some theories about people with 29th degree placements, and their place in the world, but am still just thinking them through and need more examples.

      I’m thinking that 29 degrees is a transitional degree, and if so, that when an outer planet crosses that degree and then goes into a new sign, the events that are triggered by that transit propel the world into a new era. If a person has that degree in their chart (especially if more than once), then they are affected by that energy of transition every time there’s an outer planet change of signs. Thus, they MAY be more affected by transitional eras than others, but PERHAPS they also wind up developing strategies for coping with the transition and the new era that could help the rest of us deal with the transition too.

      I intended to make the 29th degree the subject of the next piece of research, so I wasn’t intending to talk about these speculations now. It seems, however, that we almost have to talk about the 29th degree and the 0 degree point when we talk about out of sign conjunctions. (In traditional, rather fatalistic astrology, those degrees are called “critical degrees.”)

      I must stress that these ideas of mine are just theories at this point, and I need input from readers to see if they’re just theories or if they hold water. Donna

  7. Be glad to add my out of sign aspects….my chart is almost all conjunctions of the early 1940s type. Start with an end of the 7th house 28 Taurus Mercury conjunct 8th house 5 Gemini Uranus. I get so much info from other realms and can’t explain why I know things….then my astrology teacher told me why. Life long awareness of past life and people and sometimes I feel like a radio station broadcasting ahead of actual events.

    25 Cancer Jupiter in the end of 9th house conjunct my MC/Venus at 0 Leo, conjunct 5 Leo Pluto, then 13 Leo Moon, 17 Leo North Node stellium. I’ve always been aware of my good guidance and luck when it came to my profession, in which I started off as a commercial artist doing fashion illustration. Multitude of protections and good timing.

    Not a conjunction but the only opposition in my chart: Stationary going direct in the very end of the 11th house 29 Virgo Neptune opposite my 6th house 8 Aries Mars. I was a MENs fashion illustrator. If I had been the marrying kind I would have married much, but never went that route. My delusions worked better in art than in life. I do have a daughter whose 17 Leo sun conjuncts my 17 Leo north node. (Was given very direct psychic messages from a multitude of guides I perceived as ‘male’) I was always interested in psychology with the Virgo Neptune and was out of step with my contemporaries who were redefining marriage ( Neptune in Libra) – which I absolutely had no interest in! I wanted a career and I had it….

    Birth info: 6/7/1943 at 4:10 pm, 0 Scorpio 14 rising. Honolulu.

    • Thanks for adding to the search for answers, Judith. And, yes, out of sign oppositions are really strong too. The one from 29 Virgo to Mars in Aries has to be really strong but hard to keep sorting out. Going far afield, when I plotted out all the out of sign aspects, the opposition was in signs that are quincunx one another, so the aspect has some of the flavor of a quincunx. Aries-Virgo is a doozie! But can be used to both advocate (Aries) and serve (Virgo). Donna

      • Re Virgo /Aries and advocate and serve. My career has always been about doing art work for a client and not for ME to express artistically about my own views …. Such a strong energy too! Have Pen (pencil, brush) – will Travel….not for me, but for the client…and I do also do work (mostly pro bono) for a friend with a foundation helping children with disabilities. My friend advocates for them…..

      • That is really interesting about the quincunxes. I never saw that!

  8. Hi Donna, I was born with a Powerful Pluto and Saturn conjunction in Leo which I have been working on figuring out all of my life, almost 67 years this coming July 9th. This conjunction is in my 10th house of career which has my Sun in Cancer at my MidHeaven. I feel that I am now finally on the brink of moving into my mysterious career. Neptune in Libra on my ascendant has kept me in the dark for a very long time. Neptune is actually in my dark and mysterious 12th house of perfectionist Virgo, even though, Neptune is in the sign of pleasant Libra.

    My sweet Pisces son was born with an out of sign conjunction of Pluto and Saturn in his important 9th house. His Pluto is 29 degrees, 22 minutes of Libra Retrograde and his Saturn is at 4 degrees, 19 minutes of Scorpio Retrograde. So, this is a very close out of sign conjunction. His MidHeaven is 13 degrees, 20 minutes of Scorpio with no planets in his 10th. But, believe me, his 9th house energy spills over into his 10th house career energy. For one thing, his Rising Sign is 26 degrees, 15 minutes of Capricorn, making his 9th House Saturn in Scorpio much more important. Then, he has an extremely important conjunction of Uranus and Jupiter at 8 and 9 degrees of Sagittarius, the Spiritual Teacher in his very important 11th House. Neptune in Sagittarius also falls in his 11th house at 28 degrees, 53 minutes of Sagittarius. This aspect is almost exactly right at the Mid Point of our Solar System! That is our Galactic Center.

    I am just as excited about my son’s career as I am my own career. Now, I am patiently waiting for the universe to surprise me and also to surprise my son. I am feeling real good about my family’s collective future!

    A Loyal Fan, Elisabeth Barry

    • Interesting about the two Pluto-Saturn conjunctions, Elisabeth, because aspects do run in families. I am well aware of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Leo, as my younger sister has it very prominent (cusp of 6th-7th, conjunct her Leo Sun) and has had hellish health and marriage sitations all her life. That’s how I got interested in conjunctions between the slow moving planets.

      I was aware of the Pluto-Saturn conjunction in Libra, but not that it had continued into Scorpio. His sounds extra strong because Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and so it not only is conjunct Saturn, it also “disposes of” Saturn. (An old fashioned term, which means that it kind of takes over a planet in the sign it rules.)

  9. I view Pluto as the most Powerful Planet so that makes sense to me that it would completely merge with Saturn. Pluto is pushy and controlling so I can see that his conjunction is much more Powerful than my conjunction. Very interesting for a young man who is hoping for a dynamic career. My vision of my son is for him to become an extremely dynamic and very Powerful Spiritual Leader and Teacher!

  10. A great example of a Mercury/Moon out-of-sign conjunction would be Louise Hay who has Mercury at 27 degrees Libra and the Moon at 0 Scorpio in the 4th House. Much of her life has been about promoting the use of affirmations to heal your life. The affirmations take on the quality of the Libra energy (positive, beautiful and even somewhat “flowery”) but also have the Scorpio power of emotional release and transformation.

    Her birth data is : 10/08/1926 12:30 pm Los Angeles, CA

    • Hi, John, that’s a chart I hadn’t seen in a long time, and of course at that time I wouldn’t have noticed the out of sign conjunction. Louise and I met in NYC many years ago, when we both took several years of classes in Science of Mind. She took astrology classes from me, and years later, I learned a great deal from her writings. Donna

  11. Hi Donna,
    I have a conjunction of my Aries sun at 28 degrees and Mercury at 1 degree Taurus, both in the tenth house. While at work, I was very nimble minded and quick to act upon those thoughts, but in my private life, my think it out slowly mercury takes over, often to the point of being unable to get started. I guess the situation/atmosphere is a part of how I deal with this.

    • That’s an interesting combo, Teri. About Mercury in Taurus, I always say that the cow has four stomachs and digests its food very slowly as it moves slowly through all four. That’s similar in my mind to the way Taurus Mercury processes new information–slowly, thoroughly, but then they have it for all time. Donna

  12. Hello Donna,
    I still have to learn a lot (I purchased a couple of you’re books 😉 ), so I must admit that I am not sure how to look at this conjunction at all. Plus it involves Neptune, so I’m a bit blind! But I love the idea of helping out in your research, so if you feel like giving me some clues, I’ll be happy to see if your understanding matches some dynamics in my life.
    I have Jupiter 28 degrees in Scorpio and Neptune 0 degrees in Sagittarius.
    All in the twelfth house.

    • Welcome, Co. You do have a close out of sign conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune. It’s strengthened by the fact that Jupiter rules Sagittarius, and thus “disposes of” Neptune as well as conjuncts it. The combination is also a bit more “watery” and emotional than you might expect because Jupiter is in a water sign (Scorpio) and conjunct a watery planet (Neptune, the ruler of Pisces). So we have a dichotomy between Jupiter/Sagittarius, which tries to be logical and correct in its search for knowledge, and Scorpio/Pisces both of which are attuned to deeper/higher realms of being and so are intuitive. Hope that helps clarify some of the confusion that so often reigns when Neptune is part of the picture.

      Hey, folks, I’m not supposed to be the one doing the interpretations. You’re supposed to be telling us how the aspect shows itself in your life. Sigh! But it’s all interesting, isn’t it? Donna

  13. Hi Donna,

    Having practiced astrology for 40 years and having had several clients with out of sign conjunctions, I’d have to say that it DOES pay to interpret these aspects, since there is (in my opinion) quite a bit of significance as a result of their proximity.

    In fact, much like astrologer/author Bill Herbst who believes that when a planet sits close to a cusp, it pulls in energy from both houses, I feel that an out of sign conjunction is quite similar: regardless of the fact that the two planets are in two different signs, they interact with and affect each other, and therefore add a nuanced complexity to the expression of the natal chart and ultimately the individual.

    As for a brief interpretation of out of sign conjunctions, I actually have two in my own natal chart. The first is Uranus at the anaretic degree in Cancer, 1 degree inside my 12th house cusp, and my Moon at 6 degrees Leo, also in the 12th of course. The second is my Pluto in Leo at 26 degrees – right smack dab on my Ascendant, also at 26 degrees of Leo – and conjunct my Mercury in Virgo at 3 degrees in the 1st house.

    Two additional significant features of my natal chart are that I have a large stellium of planets in the 12th house – 6, to be exact (in fact, my chart looks very similar to the chart of Anne Whitaker, who reviewed your Handbook of Stelliums book, even so far as being born on the same day, though a few years apart). Uranus and the Moon are the first two planets of that stellium, with the stellium culminating with my Pluto in Leo on my Leo Ascendant conjunct my Mercury in Virgo in the 1st house.

    As for the effect the Uranus-Cancer/Moon-Leo combination have had and continue to have on me are that my emotions in general as well as sudden emotional upsets were always a surprise to me as well as others, and could (and did) often create challenging and unpleasant situations within relationships when I was younger. Fortunately, I’ve learned to be more cognizant of my emotions and the directions they take, and have learned to moderate and tweak them as necessary in order to keep the peace.

    However, I feel that the most significant effect of this combination is the out-of-sign effect, and that is that the nurturing and caring-for-others trait of Cancer has offset the egocentric ‘me-ness’ of the Leo Moon tremendously; that is, it’s softened the harshness that the Leonine tendencies typically express.

    Regarding my Pluto in Leo on my 26 degree Leo Ascendant conjunct my Mercury in Virgo at 3 degrees in the 1st house – I see my tiny little Mercury in Virgo as a powerhouse in many ways. After all, even at only 3 degrees, it’s managed to shut the mouth of that train-load of Leo planets, with Pluto being the lead engine. Pluto, of course, lends not only power and transformation to this combination, but it allows me the creative expression (Leo) I’ve required, while curtailing a significant amount of the bluster, egocentricity and ‘look-at-me’-ness of the Leo archetype (I hope! lol; at least I’ve been told that this is the case.)

    Finally, with my Pluto on my Ascendant and with Pluto just being Pluto, I still come across as quite intense. I don’t mean to. But, unfortunately, I do. (Good thing the majority of my Leo planets are in the 12th house which keeps much of this hidden!) And because Pluto is 6 degrees from my Mercury in Virgo, I often come across as being extremely intensely creative (Leo) as well as intelligent, yet subdued (Virgo) to a greater degree than such a plethora of the Leo archetype in one chart might suggest.

    For the record my birth information is August 16, 1955; 6:32 a.m.; San Diego, California USA.

    • Great input, Kat! I especially liked, “In fact, much like astrologer/author Bill Herbst who believes that when a planet sits close to a cusp, it pulls in energy from both houses, I feel that an out of sign conjunction is quite similar: regardless of the fact that the two planets are in two different signs, they interact with and affect each other, and therefore add a nuanced complexity to the expression of the natal chart and ultimately the individual.”

      You’ve clearly had a great deal more experience with these conjunctions, both personally and in your practice, than I, and I appreciate your examples and interpretations.

      Going along with your conclusions, what I’m seeing most clearly is that the two planets are in next door neighbor signs, and thus partake of a bit of the energy of a semisextile. The two signs have nothing in common (different elements and modes) and yet they’re made to work together. I always say that semisextiles can either bring out the worst or the best of both signs’ qualities–so they’re either good neighbors or bad. Donna

  14. I suppose my most important out of sign conjunction is my 26 balsamic Leo Moon conjunct my 3 Virgo Sun both in my 11th house. My Moon sextiles my 9th house 27 Gemini Jupiter which conjuncts my 2 Cancer MC and sextiles my Sun. My Sun also sextiles my 2n house 3 Scorpio Mars which apart from directly trining my MC also widely trines my Jupiter.

    So they all seem to be connected, and when I get all these different energies going I am a joyful unstoppable boisterous bulldozer. I do thank God that my sensible Virgo Sun is the centre of all that energy. In my earlier years the Leo Moon tried its best to outshine it.

    • It’s hard to separate out all those exhuberant energies, but I’d say the out of sign conjunction from Jupiter to the Midheaven would be really strong because any planet within 10 degrees of the four angles (MC, ASC, IC, or DSC) is very strong. Donna

      • I do feel the Gemini Jupiter Cancer MC very strongly. My first visit to an astrologer was in 1985 when I was a 19 year old musicology student who just wanted to sing. He very friendly said you just sing along, and when you get older you will sing for people in a different way.. I still have the handwritten chart from way back then, where he and his wife who was clairvoyant had listed all my life’s major progressions. At 56 my progressive Jupiter will go Rx and their interpretation of that was ‘your life is now meant to serve a larger purpose’. Very strange for the young man, But it seems to grow in that direction, however it will materialise.

  15. I have Pluto 24 Libra 22 in the 9th and Jupiter 1 Scorpio 15 in the 9th (7deg), I’m still at the very beginning of learning astrology so I’m not quite sure how this plays out but I can confirm or deny what ever anyone wants to interpret this as. Looking at the charts I can confirm interpretations on I am the only one with this type of conjunction.

    • Hi, Christa, yes, you do have an out of sign conjunction between Pluto in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio, since conjunctions can be as much as eight degrees apart. And, no, you’re not the only one either with an out of sign conjunction or a Jupiter-Pluto conjunction. Donna

      • Hi Donna, Yes I know I’m not the only one. I meant I was the only one in my family so I am the only one I could either confirm or deny interpretations on. Sorry for the confusion Mercury is a major player in my chart. I am afraid the station motion was still affecting me LOL.

  16. That would be me with Venus in Cancer 00.00 making an out of sign conjunction with my Gemini stellium (SU/MA/ME) on the 29.48 Gemini Ascendant. I very much identify with my Venus. Ignoring my Venus is impossible! If there is one planet I would identify less with it would be my Mars.

  17. Hi Donna,
    My husband has moon at 29Virgo conjunct Mars at 1Libra, and it’s in a wide conjunction with the MC. The Virgo and Libra help make this a less explosive combination that it could be, but I’ll say he certainly has a knack for infuriating people with a smug smile! (I suppose being a Sag Sun and Rising doesn’t hurt in that department either)

    As a teenager he found his father getting angry hilarious, and is quite adept at analyzing the bejesus out of emotional situations. I suppose in this case it seems like the Libra Mars charm-them-to-death approach is quite supportive of the Virgo moon’s sensitivities, ie he doesn’t have to get too down and dirty with people’s anger. BUT he is quite a worrier, and holds passionate opinions.

    My personal interpretation of this aspect, (I spent some real time thinking about this a couple months ago), in the most positive possible expression is “ALL FORGIVING WRATHFUL MOTHER” Like a Kali type figure. It is in the 9th house, after all.

    He’s very good at babying a sick or melancholy wife, but simultaneously will not abide anything he sees as a philosophical misstep. For example, if I’m upset about some perceived “wrong” done to me, he does not hesitate to tell me why the other person has a valid position, or that I am the one who is wrong. And, of course, he’s smiling (smugly or sweetly, I can’t decide) when he says this. Sigh.

    • Great example and excellent interpretation, Neela. It sounds quite a lot like Mars in Cancer, another Moon/Mars combo. And Mars in Libra is NO saint, one way they deal with anger is not to express it but to provoke others until they explode, then join in the fight (“You started it!”) Donna

  18. Donna,
    I think i have referenced my chart here before, but in case I haven’t, allow me to chime in with my Saturn/Uranus conjunction @ 29° Taurus conjunct Mercury @ 00 Gemini. (All in a tight Sextile to Venus @ 29° Pisces.)

    For sure, I consider the conjunction. But then drop the whole shebang, plus the Sun, into the 12th house (unless you happen to use the Whole Signs chart, which I do).

    Without the restraining energy of the two bigger, older guys, I afraid that my young Mercury would have gotten me into more trouble than it already has. ;).

    Or looked at another way, brilliant ideas (flights of fancy?) born of the Ur-Me conjunction grounded (confined?) by the weight of Saturn.

    But it’s been a charmed life, all in all.


    • A very complex conjunction, Johnny. I see two kinds of connections among the three plants. Mercury and Uranus are very akin, both airy planets, and Mercury is strongly airy in its own sign, Gemini, which is a mutable sign. On the other hand, Saturn and Taurus are both earth-type influences, and Taurus is fixed/earth. So the tension between earthy and airy is extreme, yet potentially productive. Air keeps earth from being too dry and inflexible; earth keeps air more grounded and common-sensical. The way to handle tension of that sort is to give each side its due, rather than identify with one and value it while dismissing the other. Good example! Donna

  19. Hi Donna! You just gave me something of a revelation plus a whole lot to think about just now. I have an exact Uranus/Mercury opposition where Uranus is 29 Cancer/10th house and Mercury is 29 Capricorn/4th house. Mercury is also in a wide conjunction to Chiron 7 Aquarius and Pallas 6 Aquarius, both in my 5th house. I’m an artist and I think I just realized why I have a completely different creative process than other artists I know, and why it was so hard for me to do things they way they taught us in art college. Because even if the conduction is wide, I can always feel the wound when I create, and in many ways that’s what I communicate when I paint, although it’s not obvious to everyone. I’m not sure how much sense I make here. I just wanted to thank you for giving me this little insight. 🙂

    • Yes, those Cap/Aquarius placements are out of sign conjunctions, and you also have a series of out of sign oppositions from those placements to Uranus in Cancer. Glad it was illuminating. Donna

  20. I have Mars in 8 degrees Libra (4th on cusp of 5th) trine my Sun (in 12th) at 8 degrees Gemini. Mars is also inconjunct my 9 degree Pisces Saturn (in 10th conjunct 5 degree Pisces MC).
    In retrospect, and as life traveled on, I seem to have been a passive-aggressive female with a challenge to become assertive, especially within my opposite-sex relationships. I did hold a lot of my feelings (anger) internally, which eventually resulted in many external body pains.

    • Those are good interpretations, but I’m not seeing the out of sign conjunctions. It would involve two planets not more than 8 degree apart but in next door signs. So, in this case, it would be between a planet in Aquarius and one in Pisces. Donna

      • I realize these are not oos , but I did not see any place to send a comment…I wonder if you would comment further….if a sextile reaches 6 degrees, then my Uranus at 3 degrees Tauraus is forming a YOD with Saturn/Mars (Mars the focal point). Do you have a comment? Thanks

      • That’s not a comment, a Yod is a five page written chart interpretation, and I’m retired. Donna

      • I was asking how many degrees of separation in which you would consider a sextile effective? I have seen different opinions.

        Thanks, Carole

      • Sextiles aren’t all that major, so I only give them 2-3 degrees. AstroDienst probably gives them about 10 degrees, but their orbs about most aspects are over the top. Donna

  21. This also brings a really tight square between sun and Saturn. Oh, and Saturn is opposite my 4th house Neptune at 12 degrees Virgo. What a life!

  22. I would like to see an article on planets in szygy. I have found very little on this, and have Venus and Moon in that aspect both 22 degrees from my 1 degree Cancer ascendant. The two are also in Mutual Recepetion.
    Thanks, Carole

    • I’ve never worked with planets in szygy, so I’m not the person to write about that topic. Try googling it. The astrologer who did the most work on it was the late Charles Jayne, so put his name into the search engine as well. Donna

      • Thanks. I do believe he is the one I was reading. Carole

  23. This is a fascinating discussion for me personally and also in regards to charts I have looked at, My twin sister and I also happen to have planets occupying the end of a sign and the beginning of others, including Mars at 0 degrees Taurus, Venus at 0 degrees Aries and Saturn at 29 degrees Taurus.

    The out of sign conjunction we have however, involves our Moon at 26 degrees Sagittarius conjunct Jupiter at 0 degrees Capricorn. I know this conjunction is traditionally considered a “fortunate” aspect and doubly emphasizes the Jupiterian nature of our Sagittarius Moon.. I have however, over time, come to regard this out of sign conjunction in itself as a blessing.

    Jupiter in pragmatic Capricorn has seemed to give our Moon an Earthling supportive role…. almost like a sensible benefactor, prompting us to balance, ground and integrate some of the more exhuberant, restless and pleasure seeking qualities of our natal Moon in the 5th house!

    This conjunction is involved in a T-square dynamic with the 0 degree Venus in Aries in the 9th opposite Pluto in Libra at 2 degrees in the 3rd as well as forming an inconjunct aspect with Saturn. With a predominance of Air and Fire in our birthcharts, I’ve often thanked heavens for Mars and Saturn in Taurus and Jupiter in Capricorn – EVEN IF THEY ARE placed at the very beginning and end of these signs…Due to the way they operate in our birthcharts, we have both learnt vital life lessons of responsibility and integrity


    • A really great example, Lizzie, and you’ve analyzed it well. The Jupiter-Moon conjunction is probably reinforced by the fact that Jupiter also “disposes of” the Moon, that is, the Moon is in Jupiter’s own sign, Sagittarius. Donna

  24. My Venus and Uranus are both at 28 Can conj my Mercury at 1 Leo. 11th House. Venus and Uranus have been such a hard conjunction all my life that the Mercury gets lost I tend to think of it more and part of the Leo grouping that includes Sun 7 Leo, Jup 10 Leo, Mars 1 Leo, Vesta 14 Leo in the 11th, and Pluto 25 Leo in the 12th. I was a member of the speech club in high school . Sang with a couple of choirs and did a could of opera workshops in my 30’s, and in the last 15 years I have been a radio news reporter and public affairs program producer, so I guess there is the use of the voice. But I don’t know if that is the out of sign conjunction or the linear conjunction with Sun, Jupiter, Mars and Vesta.

  25. Hi Donna, I have 29 deg Virgo Uranus conjunct 0 deg Libra Sun. I have always been a loner, felt like a bit of a misfit. I have never felt the need to be part of a group of friends, only ever needing one special friend. I have Sun, Moon, Venus and Mercury in Libra 4th so as an adult, that one friend would be my partner, although I am “friendless” at the moment and not a happy bunny. As an example of how this plays out, even though I am currently living with just my two cats, I sometimes feel the need to check into a hotel for the night so that I can be completely by myself. Even when I was married, my husband and I would have one night a week apart to give me some space. For a time I would be upset if I was left out of things in the work social environment, even though I have no real desire to be a part of the group anyway. It doesn’t bother me anymore (now aged 45)! These planets actually are part of a Virgo 3rd/Libra 4th stellium Jupiter, Pluto, Uranus, Sun, Moon so I suspect it is a little more complicated. I am working my way through your Stellium workbook to try to decipher it all.

  26. My sun is at 27 Sag conjunct my late 80s stellium in Capricorn: Uranus at 5 Cap, Neptune at 11 Cap, Saturn at 14 Cap, and Mercury at 17 Cap. The distance between the sun and Uranus is wide, but I do think of the sun as belonging with the rest of the stellium. With 5 planets there it’s hard for me to interpret how the *planets* influence each other, but I will say that in regards to the signs the Sagittarius does sometimes enliven and open up the Capricorn, and the Capricorn definitely puts a pretty serious face on the Sagittarius. The earthiness usually wins out (I also have the moon in Virgo and Taurus rising)–I pretty much can’t help but be overly practical–but I do feel I am at my truest when I manage to be more impulsive and jovial. It’s strongly there but it takes a minute for it to come out.

    I also have Mars at 1 Sag on my descendant at 27 Scorpio. This is a rather difficult placement for me. The intensity and impulsiveness of the Sag Mars tends to bring out the possessive and jealous nature of the Scorpio descendant. Relationship stuff, particularly in the arena of jealousy, is the only time when I really find myself getting angry. Not easy, especially with an Aquarius Venus! It’s definitely been a huge point of learning for me.

    • Hi, Hj, The Sun-Uranus is the only Out of Sign conjunction, but would greatly strengthen Uranus’s contribution to the stellium. There’s quite a lot about that triple conjunction of Uranus-Saturn-Neptune, which is so rare it only occurs at 650-year intervals. You’re part of a huge world-wide group born with that triple conjunction that you can read more about at There’s also a special FaceBook group for people with this combination. Donna Cunningham

  27. Mine is not too different to above. But I’m not able to analyze as well and am not sure what to attribute to the conjunction itself. I have Moon at 0 Cap 54 conjunct Mercury at 28 sag 23, both in 12th house. Sag is on cusp of 12th and Jupiter at 27 Vi 30 in the 8th is square both. Moon is also involved in T-square conjunct Mars at 5 Cap 2 square Neptune at 6 Li 26 in 9th house and opposed by Saturn at 6 Ca 9 in 6th house. These are some of the experiences I think are related to this configuration:

    1) I am good at talking people through problems, thinking outside the box (Merc in Sag?) and communicating that in a sensitive way (noticing and carefully structuring my response to feelings, Moon in Cap?);
    2) I think I was able to teach in the same way, noting feelings and reactions of students and restating in new ways to explain better;
    3) I think I had good ideas at work-BUT sometimes I overestimated their worth or my ability to bring them to fruition (Merc in Sag and square Jupiter in Virgo) and either “mother” (or some authority figure) criticized me or my internal mother did it (Cap Moon critical of having silly thoughts?). And I reacted with depression, being quiet, hiding (Moon in Cap in 12th?);
    4) I also LOVE to research all sorts of thing (12 house? Merc? Sag?) but I mean everything including “taboo” subjects like psychology or astrology and “extremely religious” mom criticizes or is horrified at my doing so. (I always kept these studies hidden (12th house) from everyone). Obviously with Neptune in early Libra I am old but those childhood teachings still bother me (Moon in Cap in 12th?)

    I note there are 2 mutual receptions here: Jupiter in Virgo and Mercury in Sag and Moon in Cap with Saturn in Cancer. Anyway I could go from intellectual highs to very emotional lows in a very short time. Sometimes my emotions kept me from thinking clearly or expressing myself coherently and I certainly felt guilty a lot for some of the things I’ve thought about or been interested in. I also was quite careful about my speech in effort to use the “right” words.

    This is a neat topic Hope I’m not off topic. Thanks

    • Hi,Bob, and welcome. You’re doing well at interpreting your OOS aspects–after 20 years, that’s a good job! Donna

  28. Hi Donna,

    I have a Virgo Moon at 27 degrees that is conjunct to my Mars in Libra at 2 degrees and Pallas Athena also at 2 degrees in the 12th house. I find myself dealing with the anger issues and quickness to reaction, heat of Moon-Mars – the repressed anger, passive aggressiveness and also self criticism though I have learnt how to temper the ‘explosiveness’ quotient quite a bit, was a bit of a looser cannon when I was younger. I also have Pluto in Libra at 24 degrees in the 1st house 1 degree away from my ascendant, which makes the understanding the anger of the ‘Moon Mars’ bit – even more crucial. The beautiful bit of this aspect of course is that it is creative, I am an Artist and baby Astrologer as well, and I use the Moon Mars to help me see patterns and in the 12th, connect to the imagination, to inspiration, when I feel connected it can feel ecstatic and I think, with Pallas and Mars and Moon, “Archetypally” 😉 can be like a spiritual warrior aspect – I do identify with the Pallas Athena story (Virgin warrior goddess) and Virgo Moon, perhaps like a Joan of Arc or Mu Lan warrior story…grew up with 3 brothers and being the only girl I’ve definately taken on those qualities and some qualities of being a tomboy.

  29. I feel sadly overlooked……

  30. I have Pluto at 23 and Jupiter at 29 degree Virgo, SN at 00 and Uranus at 01 Libra, which are all conjuct my ASC at 22 Virgo. I feel that my Pluto most strongly influences my life experiences and my behavior; all or nothing situations, intense analysis and never wanting to be in spotlight. Jupiter shows my scientific knowledges as well as philosophical approach to life and plays as a luck. Uranus describes my detachment and independency, and plays out in my opposite-sex relationships. I have read that some astrologers consider OOS aspects not as made of 2 completely different things but as the former planet gaining more of the characteristics of the latter sign as it gets closer. So I would say, in my case, my Jupiter at 29 Virgo has something to do with my relationships, combined with my Uranus. I observe, that when he shows up in sensitive points or makes major aspects to the sun in solar returns and transits, that I usually have some important changes and experiences in relationships. But I have to add the influence of Pluto too, since all these plantes are conjuct opposing the DSC. Well, complicated indeed…

  31. How about between two people? I have my Venus at 1Cancer my husband has his Venus and Mars ar 23, 24 Gemini and his N node is 1Cancer. He’s a flirt and often has another woman in his head in secret 12house placements with 10 Cancer rising. I am emotionally sensitive and also very creative nurturing as well I’ve been a cAregiver in many forms. My Venus is in the 11house where I have wonderful friends but the detachment isn’t very strong! This dynamic is upsetting I’m a loyal Leo in spades. The ruler of my 7th Uranus is in the 12th conjunct my Acs with the Sun and Moon conjunction at 13 the partners I’ve had seem to have more detachment than I…
    Please keep me anonymous …

    • Tough situation, Fay. I do think out of sign conjunctions probably work in synastry, but synastry uses a smaller orb, only about 3 degrees, even when the conjunctions are in the same sign. Donna

  32. I have Venus at 29 Scorpio in the 12th house (yes, yes I know!), and then Neptune at 5 Sagittarius, Mercury at 6 Sagittarius and Ascendent at 7 Sagittarius. While the out of sign orb is approximately 6 degrees, this set up is tightened by my moon opposite the lot at 3 Gemini.

    Even without Venus adding to the mix, Neptune, Mercury opposite the moon can be confusing, inspirational, send my mind and identity into a spin (I also have an out of bounds moon which is super fast).

    Adding Venus to the mix (I think) makes me appear more attractive than I necessarily am (I’m a very tall, amazonian, unusual looking woman who carries bit too much weight).

    My creative and intuitive side is very alive – I trained in classical piano, adore poetry, read tarot and enjoy writing. I am an astrologer, I think Mercury and Neptune just on the Ascendent, pull my Scorpio Venus, and 12th house bits out into a more visible space. If the 12th house is where the seeds of manifestation brew, then the 1st is where they are born into visibility.

    • A very complex picture, Tuesday. It’s multiple out of sign conjunction as part of a triple conjunction in the 12th that is also conjunct the Ascendant. Really a lifetime worth of integrating all those factors, but you surely seem to be juggling them all well. Donna

  33. Hi, Donna,

    Better late than never. Here’s my contribution. I’m another member of the 29th degree club with my Sagittarius Sun at 29 degrees, 52 minutes conjunct Mercury at 4 degrees Capricorn. Both planets conjunct Jupiter at 8 degrees Capricorn. I consider them all conjunct because the Sun is involved. All three planets are opposed by Uranus 28 degrees 30 minutes Gemini and retrograde. It’s been a lifetime of no-you-won’t-tell-me-what-to be, think or believe! Needless to say, this has caused a lot of turmoil, especially with all kinds of authority figures. It’s been a struggle to “tame” this energy, especially for the sake of earning a living.

    By the way, Donna, thank you for your posts about the ethics of discussing such heavily loaded topics as death, suicide, violence, etc. Astrology deserves – but seldom receives – recognition as an ethical practice.

    Thank again, Amy

  34. Ah! I’ve always wondered about this… My sun is 29 degrees Libra conjunct 1 degree Pluto and 6 degree Mercury Scorpio, 12th house. The only “solution” I have ever found to this incredible dilemma is art and a passion for justice. Because it seems everywhere else in life its a constant go round.

    It goes like this:

    Libra sun is nice, everyone’s buddy. I also have the moon in Libra (11th house) and Venus Sagittarius in the 1st so I REALLY want to be a people person.

    I want to look nice. I want to be popular. I hate when people argue.

    Then along comes my intense Scorpio. I also have Scorpio Saturn in 12th house and a Scorpio ascendent. There I am, the sparkling socialite…then someone tries to get a step closer. Maybe they want to hang out with me one on one or ask a favor of me… whatever. That’s when they see the next layer.

    I am intense…emotional…deep thinking…sharp tongued…at worst jealous and controlling…incredibly sensitive and even secretive…very sexual. Very passionate. A ranter and raver. Not so light hearted and fun, right? So I end up pushing away the superficial in favor of deeper relationships, often at the cost of my hard won popularity. Sigh. It seems the social world is quite tricky for me after all.

    In relationships I have endlessly given my power away…lost my identity completely so many times that I fear any codependency of any sort…

    It seems like the only graceful synthesis of Scorpio and Libra in my life is my passion for art and self expression. Being the peaceable person that I am, I feel incredibly self conscious spewing my intensity all over people. Art acts as a secondary identity of sorts. My art is very, very raw and dark. And once its on paper I feel its ok to go back to smiling and waving at everyone. I also enjoy the tiny contradiction of being so “cute” and then showing someone my art which can be so utterly twisted!

    • Ooee! Oreanaa, you could have written this about me. So close.

      I’m a Scorpio Sun (conj. mercury & Chiron…all squaring Pluto/Mars/Sat in 11th House)….heavy, I know…..diff. than your lovely Libra Sun/moon combo.

      But what you described, abt. being charming, well-put together on the outside…until someone finds out how deep and dark you are, and then they’re gone…..O god, that’s me.

      Here’s the “out-of-sign conjunction” part. Have Venus, 1 degree Sagittarius (3rd Hs.) widely conjunct.. my S. Node, 23 degrees Scorpio (2nd Hs.).

      How does that play out?? Lots of really deep dark stuff I brought in with me bubbles up at the darndest times, usually just when I I’ve convinced myself (and more importantly, everybody else) I’m not as dark as I seem to be. Feels like Venus in Sag. sociability / want-to-connect /let’s-go-have-a-beer “ness” just gets trashed becs. I have to go “home” to work/cry thru yet another unnamed anguish. I don’t tell anybody, I just disappear.

      I also have Neptune conj. my Libra Asc and a 12th Hs.Virgo Moon.
      Spacey…yes. A mystic…yes. I’m so Libran in my soul…beauty, music, justice and reconciliation between nations, rescued animals, touches me and tears usually result. Similar to you.

      There’s a site I’ve been consulting lately. It’s really unique and wise and hopeful. Here’s the link: (Sorry, my Cancer midheaven kicks in and I just have to pass along stuff I think might help…appropriately, I’m hoping :D).

      Thanks for being so candid. It really helps. I don’t feel so alone. Thanks again. Blessings.


      • I too am a Scorpio with Sun in 2nd having Pluto square my Sun out of the 11th house; Mercury 1 Sag and Venus 2 Sag Rx, so I know what you’re talking about. Now that Pluto is in Capricorn in in my 4th house, family secrets are coming to light. Very interesting.

      • Your birthday sounds pretty close to mine. Among other things, I’m a writer as well. Scorpio sun, late Virgo ascending, 29 degree Capricorn moon.

  35. orianaaa, I would love to see some of your artwork. Is 12th House Libra Sun the loss of ourselves through relationship, among other things? I may have compensated for this by choosing mostly Libra men for boyfriends/husband. Father was Sun Libra, Jupiter, Saturn, North Node – have no clue what time he was born (1921, at home) but am muscle testing. Mom Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury Scorpio, so I am familiar with these energies…I have been on the lookout for Sun/Moon Libras, since, if the OR docs/nurses got it wrong (C-section), I could easily be just that, but I don’t think so. I was quite taken with Christoph Waltz’s character – the dentist – in Django Unchained. Such refinement!!! He is Sun/Moon Libra….

    • Bev, unfortunately I don’t have a website of any kind at the moment but I can email you a couple drawings if that’s kosher… I was definitely drawn to Christopher Waltz in Django as well!

      Sun in Libra 12th house is definitely an invitation to dissolution through relationships…or an invitation to date alcoholics and drug addicts which I have definitely have in every case. I’m sure there’s a way to rise above it but its a long path so far.

      On the topic of c-section, I was born by c-section and always felt it was indicative of sun libra/pluto scorpio conjunct in the 12th. I think its a very deeply psychologically scarring way to be born (12th house: the womb, the unconscious). Being suddenly ripped out of the womb without a birthing process (pluto in scorpio: surgery, trauma, loss of foundation, life, death, birth) is a pattern that has followed me my whole life. I have always felt that everything is about to be ripped out from under me when I least expect it. But also given me a tremendous feeling of strength, especially in the most harsh moments. I’m often the most in control in the midst of a crisis, or the rock everyone clings to when their lives are shaken by a major disaster. I used to resent the softness of my Libra moon until I realized that my love of beauty and friendship is what keeps me from turning into a completely selfish power hungry psycho!!!

  36. My Mercury is @Libra 0’56r, Venus@ Virgo 26’54 and my sun is @ Virgo 22. Sun is house 8, Mercury and Venus house 9. (Venus is the midpoint) My curiosity is boundless and casual interest turn into passionate causes (like raising children which lead to psychology which lead to neuro psychology and compairing that to astropsychology. I will never tire of people watching. Or the millions of things going on in my garden. I also love to draw, paint, knit, crochet, sew, renovate houses, plan the garden etc…) So this is a creative aspect. that gives a far-too-broad range of interests.

    Second out of sign conjunction is Libra/Scorpio. My Libra 28 MC is joined to a Mars/Vesta @ Scorpio 2, all opposite Sedna. I would love to be popular but I am way too busy trying to understand why so many people behave the way they do when it makes their lives so bad. I also hold a grudge for years. (Mars and Sedna seem to bring out the worst in each other) My Moon is conjoined with Regulus @ Leo 28 – 29, so my basic nature is fiery and for lack of a better word, warriorish.

    Great fun for a Virgo (my Sun) who really just wants a happy home (Libra MC joined with Vesta) and wishes everyone would just get along, even though I couldn’t keep my own mouth shut to save my life (Mars in Scorp, Saturn Aquarius)

    All these endings, (planets @ 28 and 29 ) all the finalisation of lessons to be learning in this life time. My life has been so hard up until now, when I finally understood the meaning of it is family, either the family your born with or the one that you earn by living the life you are meant to live, being who you really are and staying true, even when it’s hard.

    At least, that’s what it is for me. 😉

    • Thanks for your example, VA. Well-explained and delineated. The theory I’m developing is that people with out of sign conjunctions (especially when the 29th and 0 degrees are involved) are strongly affected by those periods of time when the slower-moving planets are moving through the end of one sign and entry into the next door sign. It does make life hard, as those are unsettled, transitional periods, and so it’s hard, being impacted by them. Donna

      • Hi again 🙂 Just needed to tell you that the absolute worst experiences in my life happened when my Sun progressed MC, Mars and Vesta. Several things beyond my control ended up overwhelming me entirely. When it was over it was as though I had been in an acid-bath or sandblasted. There wasn’t much left but WAS left was sold and genuine. After that my life improved significantly, much due to the life lessons I had at that time.

        Life IS unfair, but we tend to make it more difficult than we need to. At the end of the day the same things seem to matter to most people, everything else is secondary.

        Progressions seem to finalize what ever is in the natal chart, at least as far as planets at the very end of a sign ( 28, 29 0 degrees) are concerned. Explains a lot to me now.

  37. I have 3 different conjunctions in my chart, but only 1 out of sign: Pluto 29′ Libra with Saturn 3′ Scorpio in the 1st house. With my ASC 19′ Libra, Pluto makes a very wide conjunction, but it’s enough space to hide my scary-Plutonian vibe under that Libra charm (I have a blinding smile!).

    Pluto in Libra is the great champion of relationship equality, but Saturn in Scorpio fears the depths of emotion inherent in close relationships. Both in the 1H has been a boon…people are naturally attracted to me, and I do get comments on my scary eyes when I’m mad! Saturn here has always made me seem older as a child, and others trust me to be responsible. Not a hard task for a Capricorn Sun-Moon-Merc triple-conjunction.

    Regardless of how I feel about it, it doesn’t take very long for a group of people to nominate me to lead them. I am capable of long hard work in difficult situations past the point when everyone wants to give up, and I mesmerize others into following suit against their will…Pluto in Libra is the ultimate snake charmer, I think! Luckily I discovered that work is the best arena for these two, where I usually manage others….personal relationships are difficult. I channel my Scorpio fears into balanced Libra discussions instead of manipulating my partner with guilt trips!

    • Very interesting. You have the same out of sign conjunction of Pluto in Libra/Saturn in Scorpio as the person who wrote the comment just above yours, and it’s interesting how similarly it plays out. (In fact, there have been lots of out of sign conjunctions with Pluto or Scorpio in the readers who answered this request–maybe you’re just more naturally self-examining than most people.) Donna

  38. As I mentioned on another thread, I have Pluto in Libra (29’29) cnj. Saturn in Scorpio in the 7th. Scorpios are just everywhere in my life, but I am a double Aquarius…

    The Scorpios in my life (only speaking of those I have known), including even my dog, are most comfortable being in control, that is their focus in life. I am not capable of being controlled, it sucks all the life out of me. Even when I try, I can’t actually do it, it makes no sense to me. With Pluto in Libra, there tends to be “enemies” with high social status, a skill of social climbing and manipulation, and using higher social status “against” me. There’s a kind of Libran veneer over underhanded stuff.

  39. Hi Donna,

    My example of an out of sign conjunction is my Sun 23 degrees Aries with Mercury in Taurus 1 degree, both in the 1st house. Finding my voice and expressing myself in a satisfying way has been one the big issues in my life. Aries just wants to express. Taurus wants it concrete. If my Mercury had a voice, it would say: ” Is it real ? Can you prove it ? Will others relate to it ? Will it make a difference ? Can you express it in pictures?”
    (In fact, I discovered that ‘thinking in pictures’ is what helps my expression.) Needless to say, I can sometimes question myself into silence !

    Recently I saw an opportunity to give a public talk about the early days of filmmaking. ( Thank you Donna “Go Big or Go Home ” :-).
    My Aries Sun jumped at that new opportunity. My Taurus Mercury came through with a love of research and structure. The combo created a dynamic in me that wanted a good solid story, good structure, and pace and also to not waste people’s time. (All good Taurus values !) It made me feel confident that I could really inhabit the story, not lose my way, nor lose my voice while keeping the audience’s interest.
    The whole process for me was like painting or sculpting the story for the audience to follow, feel and relate to.
    Because of that, I had so much fun giving the talk. I knew my subject. I enjoyed the subject. And the only thing left to do was tell the story. When someone gasped at a suspenseful part of the story , they gave me the gift that I was doing a good job. Another person laughed at another part and I knew I’d given them a gift. My Taurus Mercury sees communication as something palpable. My go-it-alone, often shy, Aries Sun has more fun and is less lonely when she includes her story-telling Taurus Mercury for support !

    My chart has other aspects that play into my communication issues and drives as well. Neptune 29 Libra 7th House opposite my Mercury 1 Taurus has often given me an overload of intuitive information about people or situations that has slowed down my Aries Sun. Hmm, what to do about all THAT info..? It has scattered my energies in the past.
    And Jupiter 21 Leo Trine my Aries 23 Sun is the opening for really having fun and being creative. For literally stepping out on the stage…but only, my Taurus Mercury says, if I can make people feel something and not waste their time.

    Hope this is helpful.

    • Yes, thanks, Maria. It’s a good example and well-delineated. Donna

      • A belated Happy Birthday Donna . Your blog really opens further insights into the out of sign conjunctions and other aspects. Am so grateful.
        I don’t know if others have struggled with an out of conjunction like my Aries sun 23 and Taurus Mercury 1 in the first house but perhaps it would be useful to elaborate on my experience.
        For me, it has manifested as a real difficulty, at times, speaking in my own language. English. I have studied French ( even lived there a year) and sign language. There has been something very freeing about getting beyond the communication ‘constructs’ of my upbringing and communicating in another language where I have no previous history.
        Another language helps me get past the ingrained ‘gridlock’ I have experienced with my Taurus Mercury so close to my Aries Sun.
        But determined to find a way to express myself has brought me to writing and public speaking where I can prepare in advance.
        It tickled me to realize recently that a first public talk I gave on the early days of filmmaking, was in essence about the era of silent films – films with no voice track ! So i am drawn to giving voice to that time period. Funny – huh ? It was the era of a grandfather I never met, so there’s a completion there too, probably visible in another area of my chart. Ah, I love e constant learning in astrology.
        Thanks for your work and this blog helping so many.

  40. I look forward to your synopsis of such conjunctions. Mine involves the 2nd house with Sun (28 Cap) conj Mercury (2 Aquarius). Probably not that unusual to have Sun and Mercury conjunct. However, the Aquarian Mercury (trine Libra Moon 10th & opposite Leo Pluto 8th) has served my Capricorn nature well with regard to 1) planning financially for retirement by seeing a big picture and paying attention to up/down cycles & many different opinions; and 2) using my mind to gather information to help me with self worth and deal with all the emotions that I grew up with since the 1940s about such issues as value of females (employment, ownership of property, independence, etc.) or seeking new and different ways of taking on the world.

    This has enabled me to be a “change agent” as I keep up with what is going on and opportunities to make a difference for others too. I am rarely “out front” but see and know ways to encourage and support change.

    Hope that contributes to your endeavor. Thanks for the opportunity.

  41. Hi Donna,

    I have Pluto 28 degrees Leo and Jupiter 1 degree Virgo both in my first house. They are not near my ascendant at 5 degrees Leo. I have never taken much notice or felt any big effects from these planets, but I always felt sorry for my Jupiter being miserable in Virgo, as I have my Sun in Sagittarius (20 degrees). I also have my Moon at 11 degrees Sagittarius and my Mercury at 25 degrees Sagittarius (trine these two). Can you shed any light on this conjunction, it should be dynamic, shouldn’t it?

    Thanks and Good Luck with your book!

    Warm wishes,


    • Frankly, Jupiter in humble and service-oriented Virgo is a good counterbalance to Leo’s self-involvement. Donna

      • Hi Karina, Don’t feel sorry for your Jupiter being in Virgo. Donna just gave you a very important insight. All humans at some point must allow the selfish ego represented by the Leo part of themselves to wither away. This is how true, honest happiness, joy and bliss is attained. You have a whole lot of good energetic fire in your chart. Honor and respect your humble and service-oriented Virgo. Virgo is a wonderful earth sign and helps you to keep your feet planted on Mother Earth. Humbleness is a gift.

  42. Hi! I find this article amazingly awesome, as I’ve always had some trouble discerning my own out of sign/house conjunctions.

    I have a Libran Sun conjunct my Mars in Scorpio, in the 11th house. I’ve found that my libran sensibilities and hopeless orientation toward the “other”, can be offset by a powerful scorpio mars, who is very aware of her own, self-centered intentions. It’s interesting to have such an airy, passive, sweet orientation, that is simultaneously energized by the force of deep deep intention and emotion and connective power.

    Sometimes my face feels funny while listening to a client or a friend speak. Why? Because my libra sun wants me to smile through the interesting information exchange, but my scorpio mars (conjunct mercury, widely conj pluto in scorpio) is SERIOUSLY intent on listening and soaking up the info.

    So what I come to find is my face, awkwardly bouncing from a smile to soothe the client, to an intense, deep soul stare, and back.

    I laugh it off, lol.

    • I too have Mars in Scorpio – @ 26 degrees. It’s conjunct my 1 degree Sag Mercury and my 2 degree Sag Venus in 3rd house. For those with strong Libra in their charts life can be a balancing act. Scorpio makes it interesting. Early Sag planets have Saturn approaching later this year, so the procrastination re family projects can’t be put off much longer. New areas of study for personal growth are in the works. Good time for early Sag to begin that book they’ve thought about. .

  43. Hi,

    I have Neptune Rx at 29* Sag and Jupiter Rx at 4* Cap in my 11th house. I don’t really know how that manifests in my life, other than evolving in and out of vaguely satisfying or wholly dissatisfying friendships thus far. I’m a late bloomer with commitment and escapism issues, more or less.

  44. Hi Donna,
    I have a very wide out of sign conjunction between moon in Leo at 20* + Mercury 0*Virgo both in 3rd house. (Just to add to it all my moon also conjuncts Uranus14* Leo) Mercury conjuncts my IC at 1* Virgo, + Venus/Pluto both 2* Virgo/4th. The virgo planets sextile Jupiter/Neptune 0* & 2* Scorpio.

    I write an astrology article for friends every month & when I write, it comes from my heart – I literally feel it, I love to inject a touch of drama & fun & often something a tad controversial in order to get my friends to think outside the square, to see other ways of looking at life. I write other articles as well.

    Dawn is my favourite time to write – I wake up & write intuitively, then I go back & edit what I’ve written later on. And yes, it needs to be deep & meaningful haha. I also experience sudden flashes/insights or urges that I need to write down so I purchased a voice recorder. Saturn trines my Leo planets & now much of my writing comes from personal experience given my age (56).

    Other articles I write are ‘inspired’ – I just write, not truly concentrating on what I write until I finish. Transiting Saturn is squaring all these planets right now & I am learning wonderful new ways of communicating in relationships via the understanding of our feelings & needs. I am considering training in this field next year as a new career path. I could go on, but I think you get the picture.

    • Thanks for sharing about your out of sign conjunction, Gail, and the description surely matches a Leo-Virgo approach to writing. I’m very much like you–my best writing comes at dawn, and I have to jump out of bed to get it all down before it’s forgotten. Donna

  45. Jupiter at 29 Virgo , Chiron 2 Libra and Neptune 5 Libra. Visions of occult reality confirmed by earth based facts .

  46. Hi, Barehand, thanks for joining in. Interestingly enough, for a long time the past couple of years, there was a slow out of sign conjunct of the same trio–Jupiter, Neptune, and Chiron.

    It started in Aquarius and then gradually transitioned into Pisces. It was especially close in 2011 and would have aspected each planet in your own out of sign triple conjunction.

    I’m wondering what developments in your own psychic/spiritual life you experienced. Donna

  47. Hi Donna, For my self I lok in this matter a little more. But do not understand everything. I have mars in scorpio on the 29th degree than blackmoon lilth in sagitarius 3e house than 6 degrees neptune than venus on 13 degrees than also mercury on 21 degrees 3e house in sagitarius. So that is a lot but I have now idee how to incorporated it.

    • Hi, Esmeralda. With all those planets in the 3rd, you have a stellium, which is a very complicated subject due to all the planets involved, but look at the tab on top of the front page for information about stelliums. Black Moon Lilith is not considered a planet, so that’s not an out of sign conjunction. However, Mars at 29 Scorpio and Neptune at 6 Sagittarius would be one. Look up interpretations of Mars-Neptune aspects, and then consider how different Scorpio and Sagittarius are. A complicated combination, and not one I’d address in the comment section. Donna

  48. Hello! I’ve been checking out my chart to see if I may have an out-of-sign conjunction: not too long ago I was reading about asteroids and noticed Venus 9′ is conjunct my Juno 7′ Aries in 9th house. Setting aside my already strong 7th house influence, I felt this aspect more like being a huge book-worm, when a topic sparks my attention I’m so committed to learning everything about it and I’ll probably get tired of it only when I really have read all there is to it (and I’ll keep searching even after that!). And after reading your article, I’m noticing now my Mercury in 29’58” Pisces also in 9th house (is it double detriment?), which honestly has been difficult to integrate since I do feel it makes me quite indecisive and hesitant to act when required with a tendency of daydreaming! (may be due to Mars 13′ also in Pisces 9th) Nonetheless, this out-of-sign conjunction could explain why I felt my Venus+Juno influence the way I did. As a side note: yes, travelling always brings almost ground-breaking personal growth for me and I study media haha!

    • I’d think that Mercury in Pisces in the 9th would be well-fulfilled by spiritual studies. In fact, it sounds like you may have a stellium in the 9th, so those studies could be an important part of your life path. Donna Cunningham

  49. i have Saturn in Capricorn (end of 4th house) and Jupiter in Aquarius (5th house).
    Unfortunately, my life has been too complicated (in a non-eventful way) to even know where to begin discussing it.

    I can say I have an extraordinary capacity for joy and pleasure – and some luck in gambling (not that I actually gamble beyond the occasional lottery ticket – but I have won more than mere pocket money that way, and more than once).
    I am also naturally quite fertile (and VERY good with children), but I do not have children and never wanted any.

    On the other hand, my mother suffered a very serious health problem when I was not quite thirteeen, which affected our family’s entire life forever (not necessarily in a “bad” sense, mind you, but it certainly affected it in a major way).

    My parents’ marriage wasn’t a happy one, by any means. They hardly ever fought, there was never any hint of any sort of violence between them (or sex, for that matter!), they did sometimes (rarely) do things together and even laugh together. But I always felt quite clearly that my mother never loved my father, and that she actually despised him. I don’t know why she married him, but it certainly wasn’t for love.

    (Interestingly, my sibling and I were both born with Venus square Saturn.)

    I was also quite conservative as a child and pubescent girl (as many are) – but as an adult I have been anything BUT.

    Also, and I think this is important, I have never ever been in love – not really. I wanted to be, very much so, but it just never happened.
    Concomitantly, I have been consistently “denied” any real opportunity for expressing myself and finding joy or pleasure in romantic relationships (that has probably more to do with my natal Venus square Saturn). Despite being (so they say) gorgeous, intelligent above average, highly educated, very kind, a very good listener, and FUN, I haven’t been in a relationship for about 25 years now. The only real relationship I had before was with a married man (who then divorced his wife). We were toghether for a little less than five years.
    After that, I only had a few flings, which gave me little emotional (or even physical) pleasure.

    I also have a feeling that whatever joy I encounter I somehow have to “pay” for it not long afterwards.

    Does this help? 🙂

  50. It’s not a planet but my MC is 28 degrees Libra followed by Neptune 6, Mars 7, Sun 8 Scorpio (along w/Moon later @ 18 degrees) Libra has been a definite influence. Even w/strong Scorp and no Libra planets, I’ve many times felt more “Libra” (and many people view me that way) than a Scorpio or my Capricorn ascendant.

    • Hi, You’ve got Libra on your Midheaven. People often see the traits of the sign on the Mdheaven just as they do the ascendant. People of that sign are also the ones most likely to somehow bless us. As a Scorpio myself in have Gemini up there and often people think I’m Gemini, and Gemini’s always want to “do for me.”. Go figure.
      And I’ve never read about this in any book–but think about it.

      • makes sense Sherry…..MC 29 degrees Cancer and I always have one or more of these people in my life…..wondered if it was because of my relationship with my mother, since Cancer people can be somewhat motherly, or if it is because of my heavy emphasis on my moon….good info

      • Somebody needs to study this because I’ve observed it to be true, without fail. What ever sign is on our Midheaven, people of that sign do the most for us–often completely out of the blue. They volunteer to help us move, loan us money then don’t want it back, repair the car, give us things, drive way out of their way, offer their services, etc. Also, they seem to be interested in our lives. They like us, they want to get to know us better, and seem to really enjoy our company. They go out of their way for us, extend invitations, then buy us lunch. Sometimes it’s absolutely amazing. Ask the astrologers you know . . . of course each situation is unique, yet–I’ll betcha.

      • Hi, Sherry, you’re touching on something we’ve discussed at length in the comment section of one of the most popular articles on this blog. Use the search engine at the top right hand side of the home page and put in “Midheaven and Synastry.”

        People who are born under the sign on your Midheaven generally have either the Sun, Mercury, and/or Venus in that sign, and one or more of that trio could be within about ten degrees of your Midheaven, so they can be quite helpful to you. Read the article, as it describes the effect of those conjunctions on your career. Donna Cunningham

  51. Beverly, I’m a Scorpio with a 29 degree Capricorn moon, by the way.

  52. Sorry, I am new to chart interpretation… I was born with Libra rising at 1 degree so most of my house cusps are near 0 or 29 degrees. I have Pluto retro in Libra at 4 degrees, Saturn in my 10th at 2 degrees Cancer. Since I’m relatively new at following transits I haven’t paid much attention to life events relative to planetary movement. Saturn in Scorpio, my 2nd house prompted me to pay more attention to transits. I’m interested to see how Saturn’s movement into my 3rd house manifests.

    • I think those don’t count as out of sign conjunctions, Gretchen. The Ascendant and Midheaven angles are the same in most house systems, but the degrees would depend upon an accurate birth time. They change one degree for every four minutes of clock time. The degrees on the other house cusps depend on which of several house systems you use. (A longstanding and tedious controversy among astrologers.) Donna

  53. Hi Gretchen: I have a 29 degree Capricorn Moon conjunct Ceres in my 5th house and I love cooking food for other people. Saturn just entered my 3rd house and like you, I am wondering and watching how this new Saturn transit will be for me–what it will bring. It’s closing in on my Natal Mercury and Venus at 1 & 2 Sagittarius in my 3rd.

    Recently a double Capricorn stalker attorney located me again. I can’t help but think that Saturn is setting up an old situation in a new way. Also, I’ve got a 93 year old father. Let’s stay in touch and explore this Saturn in the 3rd experience we will both be having.

  54. I’ve just finished reading your article on Out of Sign Conjunctions in TMA and my paranoia immediately said: “She’s got some sort of scope and she’s talking about me!” In the Emphasis Section I have seven of the nine qualifiers, maybe eight! I was born 1/8/1935 at 2:25 AM at Newark, NJ. Take a look.

    In 1971 Zoltan Mason said to me after doing my first horoscope, “You were born two hours and thirty-five minutes before Elvis Presley. You could have been the twin.” I left his office/bookstore with all the books, didn’t leave my New York City apartment for a month except for food and did the horoscope for everyone I knew. Astrology became my passion.

    There’s much more about “Elvis and Me,” my first article I’m preparing for TMA. I’m also in the entertainment business, now as a writer and my first motion script, was recently optioned. According to Ray Merriman’s/Matrix software on solar returns this year 2015, is my year wherein for the first time I’m in the right place at the right time. Let me know if your interested in more.
    Happy New year, Richard F Lacey

    • Fascinating, Richard. I remember Zoltan Mason, as does everyone in the NYC astrology scene over 30. What a character! So if you’re Elvis’s astrotwin, that must mean Elvis also had out of sign conjunctions. Must have a look at his chart again. Best wishes on your TMA article. Since the readers have recently seen my article on the topic, you might want to mention those conjunctions in his chart. Donna Cunningham

      • My question is this–Can you sing?

      • At first, I looked upon the Moon conjunct Saturn in my chart as my biggest headache but now, at age 80, and many rough and tough years, I look upon it as my best friend that saw me through some very negative trials. Self-control, a cool head, and the ability to see through adverse situations and especially with the added help of astrology (knowing the horoscopes or sun signs of who I was dealing with) and what they must be going through, e.g. learning, experiencing. Having this conjunction in the forth house conjunct the IC and the innate skills of a Capricorn sun I was easily able to start a home repair business in Los Angeles that saw me through thirty-five years of study in Astrology, most of the major TM courses and screenwriting.

  55. I have an out of sign Sun-Moon opposition. Sun is at 29 Sag and Moon is 4 Cancer(conjunct 7 degree South Node). Sun is in 5th house while Moon is in 11th house and is the only planets in the top hemisphere and the handle to my bucket chart. All my life I’ve struggled with a need to please my parents which usually means doing things for them, while never being able to make them understand, appreciate or accept who I am. They have no idea what makes me shine, what makes me happy. They’ve always had problems with my friends(11th house cusp is gemini), my beliefs, spirituality, my haphazard, positive and carefree approach to life.

    Sorry don’t have an out of sign conjunction.

  56. Hey Donna!

    I have an out of sign conjunction between my Sun/Asc at 26-27 degrees of Sagittarius and Neptune at 3 degrees of Capricorn. Its strange enough having morphing abilities, and it took me sometime in my early 20s to firm up my own personality & sense of style, it would be too easy for me to adapt to the people around me to the point of getting so lost that I began to forget what made me, ME!

    People see me all kinds of ways, cheerful, sunny, leader like, wise, someone they can tell their secrets to without prompting, I can’t tell you how many strangers will seek me out of hundreds on the streets of New York City just to ask for directions or advice. It’s like a heat seeking missile and fun to watch. Internally I tend to feel more serious, concerned about my future, the steps to take to success, wanting my dreams to be of substances, to take material form. I feel hopeful, yet cautions all at once. It doesn’t help that my 1st house is also intercepted, so it does feel like its hard to access that part of myself.

    Its a very Neptunian situation, backed up by a loaded 12th house and a Pisces Moon

    • I believe you are psychic with mediumship abilities. Naturally tuned into “the other side.” Your remarks that people see you all kinds of ways is interesting. With your 12th & 1st house aspects you are like a kalidescope; always changing, beautiful, and mezmerising–being all things to all people. Don’t be a pushover. One of your gifts is with people–you were born to help humanity. Your ability to instinctually know what folks need is why they draw to you. The creative side of your nature will emerge.

  57. I am wanting to know how to interpret a out of sign conjunct between my moon in Aries and my partners moon in Pisces ???. Any information would be greatly appreciated . I suppose im wanting to know if it is better than a square

    • It would help to know the degrees in that if it’s not close then you may not have an out of sign conjunction.

      • I’d say 8 degrees for a conjunction, perhaps 10 if it involves the Sun or Moon. Donna

      • I agree. Aries moons and Pisces moons are so different, I suppose they could agree to disagree and still experience the benefits that Moon conjunctions offer partners, if they are well aspected.

  58. Good reading of posts in here, especially the ones of moon out of sign conjunctions and of mars/pluto.

    I have only sun 00 gemini conjunct venus in taurus 23 38.
    As the taurean side weights more because of the ic and mercury, I feel more drawn to the venusian re-enactment of this conjunction. Not to mention that never felt very gemini-like and deeply believed that I am a taurus sun (before discovering the ephemeris-) it’s so hard to adjust mind to the “actual” natal map. (I guess they call it stubborn.. )
    Venus is oriental and read some things that make sense about venus as a guiding planet and also it’s a bit mixed, because she’s under the sun’s beams so sun gemini/takes precedence- therefore the planet before venus acts as a catalyst for the oriental position (since venus is just a bit in deficit) and that is my mercury taurus! so it’s really a mixture.

    • A great example, Narina, especially where you describe never feeling like a Gemini. Thanks for joining in. Donna

  59. Happy to join, because, as always, lots of things to learn in here.
    Found the quote for this type of gemini: “I am a butterfly, but my wings are tipped with iron.”
    honouring both capricorn/earth influence and the sun.

    • LOL!! As it happens, with my Gemini stellium, I am a butterfly, too. Donna

  60. Yes, you are a rabble of colorful butterflies. 🙂

  61. I have sun in 2 Pisces 47 in 2nd house conjunct (7.4 orb) Mars in 25 Aquarius 25 in 2nd house. Sun also conjunction (weak 10.5 orb not sure it counts) Mercury in 13 Pisces 17 in 3rd house. So I have an out of sign conjunction and and out of house conjunction. I am not exactly sure what this all means, but The way I try to think about it is that my sun in Pisces (soft placement so to say) is modified and “strengthened” by conjunction with Mars (although in Aquarius cool notify her sign). I am also born on the cusp between prices and Aquarius and this could potentially strengthen the Aquarius influence, also not quite sure how. Re the sun- Mercury conjunction – both being in Pisces I see it as reinforcing Pisces tendencies (daydreaming?) in mental processes. Mercury in Pisces (water and emotional sign) in its house 3rd an air and mental place baffles me a bit. Thoughts on all this?

    Does it matter that I have Leo/Aquarius intercepted? Thus, Mars is intercepted- does that weaken it’s influence?

    I also have Sagittarius rising and moon in Sagittarius, with Neptune lingering closeby forming a close conjunction (2.5) with the ascendant and a weaker one (7.8) with the moon – but all are in sagitarius in the 1st house. Not the topic of this thread but disclosing in case it helps with the conjunctions above. does all this make me a dreamy freedom loving escapist, physically, emotionally and mentally, who wears their heart on their sleeve and judges reality through emotions and illusions? Not entirely true but definitely sensitive and learned to be tough. Thoughts on this would be appreciated.

  62. *Not a fiery sign*

  63. I only just found this; I have two out of sign conjunctions. The first one, the big one, I feel, is my 26 degree Saturn in Leo in 10th house conjunct my Mars @ 3 degrees Virgo in the 11th.

    I also have my 29 degree 8th house Gemini Sun conjunct my Mercury @ 6 degrees Cancer in the 9th house.

    When trying to glean info from my own chart, I get confused first and foremost by the Mars/Saturn conjunction. At times it feel like a wild pony with a long length of chain; I run along to a certain point and then I find myself yanked back, usually by my own fears.

    I said to a woman a few months ago (prior to Jupiter entering Virgo) that I had always wanted to help a cause; particularly something having to do with children (I have Mercury and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer, plus Venus in Leo conjunct MC), but, I had a lot of fears about doing so…like I wouldn’t be good enough, or effective enough, etc. The woman basically said something that made me feel kind of bad about myself for not doing it in the past, so I went ahead and signed up for something local having to do with children. I essentially faced my own fear…and now my life is starting to take a completely different path. I should also note that I am/was having my NN return.

    For years I had struggled getting a graphic design career off the ground or beyond random freelance assignments; now, I work part time in a children’s museum, plus I am doing my advocacy work for children. In no way am I able to sustain a living off of this part time job or advocacy work, but I almost feel like this is what I was meant to do all along. I don’t know. This is my way of telling myself to not feel so bad being poor, I guess 🙂 In all seriousness, something about this feels very ‘right’.

    • First, congrats on taking the risk leading to other good decisions pointing you towards your best life. With Saturn 29 Leo in your tenth, your real work reveals itself a little later for you than for most–you are a “late bloomer,” and there’s nothing wrong with that. Timing is everything. From a metaphysical perspective, this astrological placement gives you an earned position of kind authority that would be used best as loving guidance towards those around you. In Leo it points you towards younger people. The energy of this placement is powerful and it probably didn’t trigger expression until over time you accumulated enough spirit-wisdom to use it effectively. Saturn takes all the time it needs and when you were ready–viola. Saturn in Leo also teaches us the lesson of self love, and from what I hear in your question to Donna, there’s been a lifelong fear of “I’m not enough, and what if I fail.” With this placement, the parenting style of the dominant parent towards you prevented true creative self expression probably from the beginning. I would imagine early on you felt suffocated. Any confidence you managed to gather was removed from you one way or another and tossed aside. The parent themselves may have been harsh and immature, fanning the flames of lifelong insecurities within yourself as far as your natural ability to lead was concerned. Nevertheless, Saturn can be kind and all along you were being groomed for your best soul expression, so do not fear–you are more than enough right now, and you always were. Your Natal Sun placement in the 8th and your natal Mercury in the 9th makes you a seeker of higher knowledge and a seeker of timeless truths. Do not fear Saturn moving towards opposing your Gemini planets. Oppositions often pull things into balance, and in your case I get the feeling that is when you will be challenged the most but also when your light will shine the brightest. You couldn’t have a better teacher through this than Donna. Saturn says “listen close” and don’t be afraid. You have the protection of Jupiter. Guides and teachers are all around you. Press forward. Namaste.

  64. I’m late to the party!

    I have a “small grand trine” with:
    – Mercury at 0°45 degrees in Virgo (stationary on its way to recover from retrogradation)
    – Pluto at 0°11 degrees in Scorpio
    – a cluster of Moon (0°21 degrees Capricorn) squeezed in between Neptune (28°40 degrees Sagittarius) and Jupiter (3°10 degrees Capricorn).

    I had a bumpy road in my 20s going in and out of depression and what felt like indescribably mental states (i.e. now I’m feeling completely emotionally numb, now I’m experiencing deep intense emotional feelings) which I guess stem from the Moon-Neptune-Jupiter stellium.
    Now i’m in my 30s and I’m just beginning to feel that I am finally getting a grip on my emotional states and that I can use them to my advantage.

    • Capricorn/Saturn things do get better after the Saturn return, Mihai. If you haven’t seen it already, look for the Michelle Adler’s article on Skywriter about the 29th degree of a sign, and read the responses in the comment section. You’ll find much to identify with. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you Donna!

        It is my understanding that one must not round off from 28 when identifying the critical degree.
        My Neptune is still well into the 28th degree and I wonder whether its conjunction to the Moon in the next sign might result in a sort of “functional” 29th degree conjunction.
        Were you implying that I don’t have a planet in the critical degree but rather a conjunction spanning it?

      • Yes, that’s right–the pieces all work together, though, and I think you’d identify with quite a bit of what she had to say. Donna

  65. I have Mars at 25’24 Aquarius and sun at 2’48 pisces both in the same house. As they are within about 7.5 degrees of each other it seems like a conjunction although quite wide. I’m not quite sure how to interpret it – but bith are in rather mellow signs. I am competitive and I like to win and I noticed that healthy competition has been the reason why I pushed myself in certain areas. I can have a short temper and like to be right (not sure it’s this aspect though) but at the same time I have worked all my life to fight shyness and timidity and can fluctuate from being very assertive to distant. Some people say I’m blunt and direct while others than I’m too distant and shy… How to help Mars pull my sun out of the watery pisces more harmoniously?

  66. Hi Donna,

    What a rich conversation, thank you for opening it! Look forward to your book.

    I’ve been a student of astrology since childhood, and sensed the strength of this conjunction early on. In my teens, discovered Isabel Hickey’s description of natal Moon/Saturn conjunction. Recognized myself and my life in her words; it’s been a touchstone aspect of my chart since.

    Have often been told it’s not relevant due to the sign difference. Living the reality of it overrides that theory.

    I’m a 57yo woman with an out-of-sign conjunction between Moon 29° Sag 31′ 36″ and Saturn 5° Cap 30′ (in 12th house).

    Have only begun to read through the many wonderful comments, but wanted to jump in now (though I recognize this post is over two years old, and perhaps you’re no longer monitoring it). Thanks again for your research, and thanks to everyone who’s joined in this thread. Looking forward to reading all your thoughts.


    • Hi Kavitahh,

      Isabel Hickey was my hero too, and I learned so much from her. AS for the out of sign conjunction, they are important because the two
      signs are so different, and yet they serve to balance the best–and the worst–qualities of the two signs. They are like a semi-sextile
      in certain ways, yet stronger.

      As for the 29 degree Moon, you will find our long-lasting discussion of the qualities of that degree in a recent post very enlightening. Hundreds of
      readers shared their experience of that degree in the comment section. Use the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page,
      and type in 29th degree. Very interesting! Donna Cunnningham

  67. I have an out of sign conjunction with Saturn/Leo/28 degrees and Venus/Virgo/0 degrees at the end of my 2H. Saturn and Venus don’t really aspect any of my other planets, besides their quincunx to my MC/Aries and a trine to Chiron/Taurus. I have been trying to understand this placement as of late. I have never been married but experienced several serious committed relationships. I believe the Venus/Virgo can be a bit critical – but this also ads to my creative life as an artist being in the second house. Saturn seems to throw a curve ball into my love life. What planet is more powerful in a conjunction like this?? I would defiantly like to learn more about this out of sign conjunction.

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