Posted by: Donna Cunningham | October 2, 2014

Pluto’s a Planet Again! Now We Can Breathe Easy!

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Were you, like me, perturbed when Pluto was demoted from planet status several years back?  I mean, what were we supposed to do about Scorpio, and what if Pluto was one of the strongest features in our charts?  What about Pluto transits that kicked us in the keister on the way to transformation? And how were we going to explain it to our clients?

It just didn’t make sense somehow to dismiss Pluto’s role in astrology when its expressions were so hard to ignore. (Here’s the backstory: Planet or Not—Pluto IS Powerful! )

Well, there’s good news today. Astronomers have reconsidered. (Who made them God in the first place?) And now Pluto is back on the rolls. Here’s the story, found at:

 “Planetologists (not sure if that’s a word, but it is now) can rejoice today because Pluto is once again a planet, eight years after being relegated to the status of dwarf planet by the International Astronomical Union (IAU).

At least, that is, according to the audience at a debate at Harvard. Astronomers at the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysicists (HSCFA) debated the topic “What is a planet?”

“The debate was needed following the confusion that arose once Pluto was deemed too small to be a planet. The defining characteristics of a planet (a round thing which orbits the Sun and has ‘cleared the neighborhood’ around its orbit) “baffled the public and classrooms around the country,” according to the HSCFA.

“For one thing, it only applied to planets in our solar system. What about all those exoplanets orbiting other stars? Are they planets? And Pluto was booted from the planet club and called a dwarf planet. Is a dwarf planet a small planet?

Not according to the IAU. Even though a dwarf fruit tree is still a small fruit tree, and a dwarf hamster is still a small hamster.” “Astronomer Owen Gingerich pointed out that the word “planet” (derived from the Greek for ‘wanderer’) “is a culturally defined word that has changed its meaning over the ages,” and that Pluto definitely meets the criterion set out by fellow debater Dr. Dimitar Sasselov as ‘the smallest spherical lump of matter that formed around stars or stellar remnants.”

But Gareth Williams, associate director of the IAU’s Minor Planet Center (read: the baddies) argued that because there are many other solar bodies the same size as Pluto, they would have to also be considered planets, and that would be confusing for schoolchildren. “If Pluto is a planet, the number of planets in our solar system could rise to 25, “with the possibility of 50 or 100 within the next decade. Do we want schoolchildren to have to remember so many? No, we want to keep the numbers low.”

As an argument for keeping Pluto at the kiddies’ table, that seems pretty weak. The audience thought so too, and voted to restore Pluto to planet status. Good news for these Plutonians. And fans of Gustav Holst, who have probably been listening to an incomplete Planets Suite for several years.”

What about you, Reader?  Are you glad Pluto is back? Let us hear from you in the comment section.


  1. Yea! Pluto always prevails, doesn’t he?

  2. I never doubted it for a minute. I have a somewhat Plutonian chart, so I knew he was a planet.

  3. Hooray! (But we astrologers knew it all along, didn’t we?!)

  4. Wasn’t bothered about “scientists” demoting Pluto….its still Pluto but I do wonder about its lock with another planet and that they whorl around each other eternally locked in embrace…and what about Ceres who is the same size and representative of earth mother , her abundance or non- abundance. Will she rate a promotion?

  5. That’s the way Pluto likes it 🙂 He disappears fore a while and comes back secretly …..

  6. Pluto is “reborn.” How appropriate!

  7. As a mid 60s born kid..Pluto-Uranus conjunction…damn!.. O well still explains my dark brooding side… and love of reading about secret societies and their manipulating coverups. Glad the begger’s back, even though he never went away 🙂

  8. There is much rejoicing here in Las Cruces, NM, home of Clyde Tombaugh who discovered Pluto back in 1930.

    • LOL! Say hello to the Pluto Gang for me! Donna

  9. What about Ceres? She was promoted to dwarf planet as Pluto was demoted maybe appeasing their mythical feud for daughter-napping. How are we going to balance the feminine here?

  10. Sorry Barehand, I missed your comment

  11. Like others have already said, I never doubted it was a planet. That said, whatever designation you give it, if you have a pluto transit, it Will affect you. I have a Cappy sun, additionally Uranus at 12 Cancer and Pluto, planet, planetoid or cigar irrevocably made the necessary evoloutionary changes it’s famous for. Additionally in my natal chart Pluto aspects most everything and it’s affects are indisputable. Nothing does what the lord of the underground does.

  12. I’m so relieved! I have a grand trine with Pluto, Sun, and Moon so this is an important feature in my chart and the demotion was so disheartening. Since Pluto is in Leo and my 12th house I must create something in celebration!!
    Pluto cookies with black frosting?

    • Or some really good dark chocolate!

  13. Awwww, what do ‘scientists’ know?! I get to say that ‘cuz I was one until I remembered that LIFE is bigger than science. Pluto never went away as a planet for me. He may be small but he can still royally kick our A$$es!! Hahahaha….

  14. I never took Pluto’s demotion personally. Because Astronomy decided to divorce Astrology – Measure divorced Meaning – a few hundred years ago, I assumed the argument to be internal to the field of Astronomy. Of course Pluto is Astrologically effective – Astrologers can prove Pluto’s power to themselves quite easily by our regular working methods. It is just a matter of classification for the Astronomers.
    I have had to defend my use of astrology on the grounds of this argument many times in the past eight years. What I have argued is that we have many proven methods and techniques that require no physical body at all, such as the nodes, the lots and midpoints. None of these have a physical body, but to argue against their Astrological effectiveness would be folly and would betray the speaker as ignorant of practical experience in the Art!
    The intensity of experience associated with the outer planets may be in part due to their speed. The slower planets being less fleeting, acquire a more pronounced effect. The Earth’s average Speed is 67,062 Miles per Hour, whereas Pluto’s speed is10,623 MPH. A significant differential! The Earth travels 93 million miles to complete an orbital cycle. Pluto’s orbit is 22 Billion,
    seven hundred thousand Miles! So Pluto travels much slower than the Earth and travels way farther distances. Perhaps this is a clue to the potency of Pluto in Astrology? The Moon with her speed averaging 14 degrees a day is like a rock skipping across the surface of the water. Try skipping one very slowly and see what happens! Pluto doesn’t skip across the surface, but sinks in to the depths, and stays much longer than is usually comfortable.
    I do find it interesting from a psychological perspective that the power structure, which itself is Plutonian in so many ways, and often the least pleasant ones, would desire to dis-empower Pluto at a time when he threatens to permanently alter the status duo!

  15. I made a mistake typing the above comment. Pluto’s correct orbital distance is 22 Billion, 698 Million, 700 Thousand.

  16. So the powers that be have promoted Pluto to Planet status again! Well never mind it’s size and no matter what astronomers may say, was it ever anything else?? I’m probably biased as I have Scorpio rising with Pluto in the 9th and If I ever doubted its powerful transforming energy before, I was left in no doubt after it crossed my Ascendant and a few degrees later opposed my Sun!

  17. Planet or no planet, whatever it is– it is having a big impact on me as it conjuncts my progressed Venus while squaring my natal Venus at the same time !!! WOW

  18. Hooray! Hoorah!! Welcome Back to Being a planet Pluto, I Never Doubted Your Status….(as I have Pluto in my first house!!)
    Well done the sensible people at that conference, will it make it correct with the International Astronomical Union though???

  19. Yaaaay!!! Donna, thank you for a great news!!! I am soooo happy to hear that!!! Nothing ever changed Pluto’s influence on us but it’s good that he is officially back! :)) I’ve never stopped believing that Pluto was a planet and a very potent one! I know it well ~ natal Pluto Rx is in my 1st house and more importantly it’s only 17’23” from Asc. :)))

  20. I wonder if this good news was prompted by transiting Saturn and Pluto in mutual reception? It’s like the scientists finally allowed good sense to prevail. Then there ‘s transiting Uranus (science)retrograde in Aries square Pluto in Cappy. Talk about a 180 turn of mind!

    • I never thought of it, but no doubt you’re right–Saturn represents “the authorities,” whoever they may be. We didn’t need them to know Pluto was important. Donna

  21. wonderful I always knew that Pluto would be re-instated as planet status and is my ruling planet located at the MC and I of course have Scorpio rising.

  22. OK, he’s dark, and brooding, and his breath probably stinks, but I like him, and I’m glad he’s a planet again. I feel like he just needs more hugs. (And “dwarf” was just so politically incorrect, no?)

    • LOL! No, “dwarf” is very politically incorrect and has been for at least a decade. Since human “dwarfs” are now called “Little People,” should we be calling Pluto a “Little Planet?” Somehow, I think that if we did, we might be verrrrrry sorry. Donna

  23. Delighted that Pluto is back. His position in any chart is just too forceful to ignore. Ignore Pluto at our peril! At least if we take his position in the chart into account, we can understand so much more about what is really going on for the individual.

  24. Pluto was always a planet to me! (Sung to “Always a Woman To Me” tune)

  25. Ok, I might lack clarity here( and a reality check) , but aren’t the strongest people/things/tycoons/planets – usually weak in the beggining, than after time passes they prove their ability to come back again- stronger and more fierce. What if Pluto the planet has it that way too- I mean- the status has been destroyed, the planet got down from its rightfull place- called infamously- dwarf planet- And now he’s back= regenerated. What if Pluto as in the concept, the myth but also the planet, must pass through ordeals, destruction to teach us it’s own lessons?
    There isn’t greater strenght, than admitting that you are vulnerable and not being afraid of that. Another of the lessons of pluto.

    • Terrific insight, Narina! You nailed it. Donna

  26. Thank you! 🙂 This introspection holiday is not that after all.
    ( pluto transiting 12th house)

    • that bad**

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