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Readers’ Favorites: Top Skywriter Posts of 2014

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 2014 bestThis week is Skywriter’s 7th anniversary. This blog got underway in December, 2008, and in the seven years since then, I’ve published over 600 articles on a large variety of topics. Today, the statistics from WordPress tell me that there have been over 3,300,000 page hits since then. That number doesn’t include the 3300 of you who get my new posts by email.  What a happy anniversary!

From time to time, I like to look at the list of reader’s favorite articles to see what topics we could explore more thoroughly. WordPress keeps a list of the top articles and how many visits each of them received. The all-time favorites include most of the tests of planetary strengths you’ll find under a tab on the front page.

Pluto seems to be the one people worry about the most, since more than 62,000 have taken that test since this was published in the spring of 2010. (This past week alone, 236 people took it.) From their comments, it’s not clear whether they’re bragging or complaining!

In the weekly summary, the posts that get the most visits are the same ones every week, and that tells me that there are particular issues that consistently send people looking for answers. Each week, the top four or five are the same ones, and some of them have been on this blog since 2010.Apparently, a great many people struggle with the Cancerians in their lives, because week in and week out Why Cancer Isn’t a Popular Sign is in the top three or four. I finally closed the comment section, because I was sick of people bitching and moaning about us Cancerians. This week, there were 324 visitors to that article from 2011.

Another surprising favorite is How to Bond with an Aquarian Woman, a guest post from Mary English’s excellent series of books exploring each Sun Sign in turn in depth. Since it was published in 2011, that excerpt has been visited by 46,000 people, 284 in the last week alone. Enlighten me folks, are Aquarian women that hard to get along with? I wouldn’t know, since I’m a Cancerian, and we just don’t run in the same circles. (For more information on the series, visit her website at

Skywriter‘s Top 10 Posts of all time (with links):

The Midheaven in Synastry—Meaningful Career Connections 64,046
How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score! 62,304
Things You May Not Know about The 5th House and Children 58,889
How to Bond with an Aquarian Woman 46,577
How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score! 37,790
Venus-Saturn Aspects—Waiting for Love 35,896
Why Cancer Isn’t a Popular Sign
Your 2nd House—A Clue to Extra Income 12,216
Full Houses vs. Empty Houses in your Chart—What to Expect 11,734


Here are some other things Skywriter readers have enjoyed:

 A collection of Links to Skywriter’s 650 Astrology Posts, sorted into categories, including the houses, planets, signs, and transits. Excellent resource for astrology students. Save it to your hard drive rather than print it, and then all the links are live. Download it here:  1-Articles Index Skywriter 12-14.


 Subscriber’s Bonus: If you’re a subscriber, you’re eligible for a free copy of my 87-page e-booklet,  Astrological Insights, which includes excerpts from my no longer available Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon booklet plus excerpts from all of my available books. If you want to subscribe, go to the box at the top right hand corner of Skywriter’s home page. To get the booklet, send the email confirmation of your subscription or an email notifying you about a recent Skywriter post to

 A tip for bloggers: If you need to grow the readership of your blog, the page of statistics linked to your dashboard is an invaluable tool. Following these numbers will show you which blog articles are drawing readers and which lie dormant. You can find out what topics are of greatest interest to your readers. You can see which search terms are bringing people to your blog, and where the people are coming from. I don’t know about other blog platforms, but the statistics features on WordPress are a great help. (Here are more articles for you: Tips for Bloggers 1—Retooling your Astrology Posts to Keep them Fresh and A Collection of Articles for Professional Astrologers.)


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