Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 28, 2015

“But NOTHING happened!” Why Big Transits Can Sometimes be a Bust

© 3-28-2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 A longtime Skywriter reader wrote to ask a question that had been bothering her for quite a while. She said that despite predictions of big changes in her life, major transits had often produced little or no effect in the way of happenings. I understood what she was saying about big transits and nothing happening. I have observed such things with myself  and others, too–clients and friends or loved ones. When I examined their lives more closely, it became clearer that the long outer planet transit correlated with internal changes that moved them. Eventually and only gradually, under internal and/or external pressure, did they take action to change their approach to life and to significant others. It’s often something like a realization that ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. These inner shifts come first in most of the slow transits. Only then does something take place that the world can see. For instance, the gradual development of health issues can be one of those internal processes, especially if slow-moving transiting aspects to the Ascendant or planets in the health houses (6th, 12th, or 1st) are involved. How astrology is an asset is that knowing about potential health risks in advance can prompt people to change their lifestyle and take better care of themselves. As an aside, why do I include the 1st house as a health house, you may wonder. The 1st can represent your physical vehicle and conditions or limitations you were born with that are a part of your appearance. Transits to the 1st, and especially to the Ascendant can represent the outer manifestations of conditions that were slowly developing while the transiting planet was moving through the 12th. (And, yes, the Sun is part of your physical makeup as well, but this is not an article on medical astrology, nor am I a medical astrologer.)

Examples of how the Internal Process Affects External Developments

 To use myself as an example, I’ve been quite anxious for several years about the Pluto-Uranus square repeatedly touching on my Cardinal Sun, Moon, and Midheaven at 12°, 14°, and 18° of the Cardinal signs, all in short order.  So far, nothing catastrophic, not even the deaths I was worried about for two major women in my life with serious health issues. (Since Diana is the Moon Goddess, it’s no coincidence that both of them are named Diana.) However, as is often true with big, slow aspects like this, for me the process has been about internal developments that slowly manifest in big changes in my approach to the world. I found my stamina slowly decreasing, and I had to learn not to be such a workaholic. I have very gradually let go of several major pieces of my career, like no more conference appearances or public lectures, no more classes taught, and resigning from my Dell  Horoscope advice column after nearly 20 years. As a result of letting go of these things, I’ve had to become a better businesswoman—quite foreign to my nature—in order tofish-color--sm-donna meet expenses. I’ve also had to find other things to occupy myself with, like the drawing classes I’m loving. I’m finding out that I actually do have a bit of unsuspected talent at art. (The fish shown here is a recent drawing, a birthday gift to a Pisces friend, who promptly framed it.) Another memorable example comes to mind. Years ago, I taught astrology classes as a volunteer in an alcohol treatment center. Neptune was traveling through Scorpio then (yes, that long ago!) and one of my students was a Scorpio, with several planets in that sign. I predicted many things happening for him during those transits. To my embarrassment, NOTHING, but NOTHING happened, at least on the outside. Eventually, I realized that most of the change was happening for him on the inside. After drinking himself into devastation and intermittent homelessness for many years, he was sober and totally committed to his recovery and to service to other alcoholics. Enough was enough, and the Phoenix had risen! So, we need to learn to examine the internal process during big transits by Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto, because that is the underlying impetus for external events. A shift in your feelings toward others and toward conditions in your life, even if you’re not talking about that shift, can catalyze changes. An aside to astrologers:  keep this principle in mind when you make predictions to clients, to avoid their disappointment if nothing happens like you predicted.  Examine the inner process thoroughly first. Folks, as kindness to a very tired old lady, please do not expect me to comment on your transits or analyze them for you. However, I think all of us would benefit from hearing about your experiences of transits that didn’t look like much on the outside, but that were part of an important shift on the inside. Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


  1. As for my Capricorn Ascendant at age 63, yes enough is enough last 20+ years !! I laid low during these eclipse times. Since the eclipse was in my fourth house, (home/family) in the sign of Pisces (alcohol/illicit drugs) my nephew was arrested for DUI !!!!!!

  2. For some reason my transits don’t seem to kick in until they are in the house after the house they are supposed to effect. For example, when Saturn transited my 2nd House, I was finacially flush and now that it is my 3rd, I am experiencing financial grief with unexpected bills, mistakes, etc.But I am experiencing no particular 3rd House issues and Saturn makes more aspects to things in my 3rd.
    My biggest transit issues seem to be with Chiron and health, as Chiron is squaring my Natal Chiron and transiting my 6th.
    From one tired older lady to another, l’chaim!

    • Good to hear from you, Melo! Hmm, that is strange about the houses. One would wonder if the birth time s a bit off–or experiment with different house systems to see if one version would place Saturn still in your 2nd house. Donna

      • Enlightening article for me Donna, thank you. Also agree with trying a different house system. Thought only Placidus was the way to go but after an old (30 years ago) boyfriend contacted me I was baffled until I redid my chart using Koch. The day his email arrived, Retrograde Venus hit the exact degree of my 3rd house cusp. I am no expert, but I took that as significant.

  3. With all the Piscean energies afoot, that eclipse would surely have acted as a trigger. And at 29 degrees, also! Donna

  4. Great article Donna and I love the Fish :0
    I was taught that Mars will also trigger the available/latent energies.
    Waiting to see for myself!
    As for health and 1st house, absolutely! I have Jupiter/Uranus conj in Cancer in 1st, with 9 Cancer rising and have had serious health obstacles all my life. During the January Capricorn transit, I was hospitalized with Sepsis.
    Came out a complete Sloth energy wise, but rich internally. So I live to write another day!

    Best to all,

    • Ma Belle, so good to hear from you. Yes, good point about Mars so often acting as a trigger, especially with a somewhat sluggish planet like Saturn. Donna

  5. I have Uranus transiting my 4th house, and when that happened I braced myself for all sorts of things happening to my building. And nothing happend on the outside at all. Instead I’ve gone through a major shift internal, were I have been forced to realise that my current living situation/relationship is not what is best for me. The process isn’t over yet (uranus has also been hitting my natal stellium in Virgo), there’s been a lot of stops and starts. But now, as I’m getting ready to start over, there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I have gone from total denial and panick, to acceptance and clarity over a couple of years. Weird, but also kind of wonderful.
    Wonderful article and your fish is awesome!

    • /Oh, my, /Natalie, something parallel happened with the Uranus-Pluto aspects to my Moon and IC. I live in a nice high rise senior building and was really terrified that I’d wind up having to make a move, nearly unthinkable for a Cancerian my age. Then we found out that because a sealant hadn’t been done on the bricks for decades, they were cracking and some of them were falling off the building, a serious danger for anyone down on land. So then, my fears about the building ramped up considerably–we were told that if the cracking and loose bricks weren’t removed, whole sides of the building could come crashing down.

      The reconstruction project took over a year, and the noise and vibrations were nerve wracking. Not only that, but many of the residents were irritable, anxious and emotionally overwrought. Including me. It took months after the work was finished for people to be at peace again. So, thankfully no move necessary, no catastrophe, and the building is once again safe and structurally sound, but, my Lord, what it took to get there. Donna

      • With Uranus in my fourth it has become a lot more quiet around my two story duplex. The neighbors upstairs have 3 adult dogs on hardwood floors. The basset hound is 16 yr. old with a skin condition, and had been hammering his hocks on the wood floor while scratching himself for the last 3 yrs. I will admit I have been like swamp witch Hattie after 3 yrs of the knocking above my head…I thought they had fleas since I had never seen any flea collars. After notifying my landlord, I got a note taped to my door by them, and what the vet was doing to solve the issues with benedryl, and steroids. Heard no change except when the dog was knocked out from the benedryl. I looked into the advertised “Dinovite” product and saw that it was fish oil based and I gave them some of my fish oil capsules…..The silence has been deafening!!!!!!!!!!!! I finally have “PEACE”, I am hoping the eclipse in Libra continues that theme.
        Now there is an example of how I can truly be my old Cappy
        Rising self along with transiting Pluto in my first/square all this Uranus stuff in the fourth !
        God bless the researcher/investigator Pluto the ruler of my Moon (home/Family) in my tenth house ! 🙂
        This same kind of researching solved my medical/colon issues with using Uranian (alternative remedies) as the stress (causing acids/too little acid) from above issues with the dogs above me, were causing my colon to shut down. So still in the home/family/ food/moon theme, I am now fermenting my own sauerkraut for the probiotics as it is the cheapest was to go on a fixed income. Kombucha coming up!
        Uranus in in my 7th house in Cancer.
        (open enemies/opposers/partners.)

  6. I’m so glad your building is okay, Donna! Nothing bad happened to my building, but there has been construction work going done on every building surrounding mine for the last three years. When one building was repainted or got balconies installed, the next building started. It was contagious. My building got new chimneys and new paint last year, and right now, we are getting new balconies. In addition there was a major water leak in a small mews house, requiring the backyard being dug up and the house totally renovated. The noise and dust never ends. In addition my building discovered that the accountant had stolen money from us for 15 (!) years. Nobody noticed until a bank demanded payment for a loan nobody had taken. The good thing about that was that while we never had money for common repairs before, now we have. So good things do come from bad things 😀

  7. This is a great question and one my dear astrologer friend and myself asked often. (BTW, we enthusiastically followed your fabulous conference appearances in NYC back in the eighties and studied all your Pluto books.) As Virgos, this was especially upsetting when we’d read our own charts. (smile) What I realized was that particularly impressive transits would impact fire and air sun signs/ASC much more vividly on an outside stage whereas earth and water signs would experience more of an internal shift. And this seems to apply to transits to natal suns placed in 1, 4, 7, 10 houses as well.

    • Oh, my, Nancy, that is an excellent point. I think the water signs would especially be attuned to the inner life and internal emotional shifts. Donna

  8. I’m glad that we have just passed the 7th and final square of Uranus and Pluto in mid-March of 2015. These important 7 squares have changed my family. Being a Cancer Sun, Libra Ascendent with Moon in Pisces, my mind never strays far from thoughts of family, emotions and relationships.

    I, myself, was majorly affected by the second Uranus/Pluto Square in September of 2012. I had an unexpected brain virus….something like the West Nile Virus, but thankfully survived after spending 8 days in the hospital. After 2.5 years, I can still feel myself healing, faster at times and also slowly at times.

    This year, the huge happening pertaining to the most recent and thankfully last Uranus/Pluto Square happened to my former husband on 2-1-15. He had a very serious accident at his apartment, falling on his head and fracturing his skull in two places. My son had a feeling that something wasn’t right with his dad and when he did not answer his phone, he went to his apartment and found him, dazed and confused, bleeding from a cut above his right eye. He spent about two weeks in the hospital and then was transferred to a rehab/skilled nursing facility. He is recovering but his recovery is extremely slow. We have been told that his healing could take a year to a year and a half. Serious brain injuries heal very slowly.

    This accident has strongly affected my complete small family, myself, our daughter and son and also my sister with whom I live. My former husband is a Capricorn, Aires Rising, with Moon plus also Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus, in Taurus. I feel that these important happenings in my family pertain to the culmination of a 30 year Saturn Cycle. My son just turned 32 on 2-24-15. I am staying very positive because I know that when Saturn comes for his second important Return, he is the bearer of happiness and rewards for surviving all of those tough Saturn poverty years.

    Donna, I just read your post about the structural foundation of the high rise that you live in. Although, my life is very different, I do feel that my whole family has been very involved on working on our inner spiritual foundation, especially myself, my former husband and my Capricorn Rising son.

  9. Dear Donna,
    Thank you so much for your communication and insight on the transits.
    Presently Uranus is transiting my Ascendant 15 degrees Aries and opposing natal Uranus. My natal Mercury in Aries makes an exact conjunction to the Asc. So I’m used to the Uranian jolts of ideas and disruption. But since for the past two years my life has been very ‘exciting’ not a dull moment. It’s been a long process, internally and externally. Chiron is 12 degrees Aries so it also plays a part. What I’ve learnt from this transit so far is to be very flexible and make short term plans and be very considerate when other people are involved in those projects. Above all, I realised that I need to strenghten my inner connection with my higher self. It’s an ongoing process. Uranus being the higher octave of Mercury is highlighting this process. This Uranus/Uranus opp marks the period corresponding to mid life/individuation. I am still processing this idea… perhaps when the dust settles I will understand more clearly what was all about!

    Dear Donna, you certainly are very talented in many ways and drawing and painting is certainly one of the talents. I love your Pisces ( my Sun is 27degrees Pisces!). Thank you for sharing your wisdom. Sending you much Love and Blessings! 💖😊✨💫

  10. My natal Moon (natally trined by Venus) was caught up in the Pluto/Uranus square and I too was concerned. In the end I can clearly see that I became the adopted grandmother to two boys (other people’s children) and they became quite a priority in my life. Then abruptly, due to a divorce the boys were out of my life. The ending was sad, but our time together was mutually beneficial – a lot of internal changes for me!!!!

  11. Last May 13 at 6 am I awoke to an ischemic affecting my right side but not my speech typing is difficult (s0rry) walking is almost
    restored.the transits were amazing..uranus coming to its return on my 15 degree aries sun and north node all squared by pluto and more(full moon) I will be 84 april 6 and hope no more squares on my cancer 13 ascendant are in line. i am ha

  12. yes I am happy to be here and so blessed

  13. somehow Stroke was deleted ) it was an ischemic stroke that “”happened” during uranus/sun/north node/pluto square on my aries/cancer degrees

  14. Thank you, Donna, for this excellent article. About three years ago, I wondered why I wasn’t feeling a stronger reaction to Pluto transiting over my 9th house Cap Sun, setting off the energies of a personal and sensitive Yod. Well, it was a long and major transformation. I wonder no longer.

  15. Lovely and so pertinent picture: Neptune working with Chiron on dissolving pains? I am so profoundly savouring this time of “Nothing”, like the brief pause after exhaling, a much graceful space. Being “PUNCed on the wires” taught me early to embrace these “Nothing” blessed reposes.

    Pluto’s 1st square was but a gentle kiss. Stellium in Virgo 10th is still processing the late Pluto.Uranus bangs and rebangs on 8th Cancer Sun. Now Pisces Chiron is returning on 4th (found a safe healing grotto at last) with Neptune trining itself in Scorpio and ascendant. Transiting Pluto is sextiling natal too. Going through a complete make-over on all planes. Flower essences lead the repairs.

    I’ll be facing my Pluto.Mars atomic wound through hypnosis at last this month, a long awaited integration (gulp, exhale and pause). The heart is ready.

    And then Uranus will be sparking Aries Jupiter 5th plugs (only fire planet, inhale deep), activating the sesquiquadrate to natal Virgo Uranus (high octane freedom trigger, inhale deeper) and maybe some extra lottery muscle?

    I was reading your stellium handbook conclusion about maturity when you posted. I wonder where Saturn fits in our era of accelerated vibrational frequency. Mutation suggestions? Too much Star Trek maybe, or not :o) Please be well, live long and prosper!

    Right now, “Nothing” IS good!

  16. Donna; I thought your drawing was great and found it inspiring because I too ignore my other gifts. You could sell your drawings on your website.

  17. I had that some Uranus/ Pluto square affecting and right on my descendant and nadir. At first, Pluto conjunction my south node in the 3rd House was behind deep profound insight into the historical past of world culture and how it evolved to this. Then I moved after being stationary for 19 years( unusual for me) a month after I moved, the entire Trailer court got notice to move cause the place was sold.
    Then I accidentally found out my 2 younger grand daughters had been taken by social services where they did their best to adopt them out. They should have notified me because the day after the first one was born I suspected her mother would not be able to raise her and I let it be known I the grandmother would raise her.
    They tried all kinds of skulduggery to steal them . This took 3 years of Court. I won 3 times with different lawyers and Judges…6 Judges later. The lawyers said the prosecuting attorney and social service, child protection were not use to losing and thought they stood above the law and Judges rulings.
    The last Judge was taken over by an evil entity so I got 3 Native Indian Holy men and several pure ministers to remove it from him so we got a fair hearing and it worked.
    Meanwhile I moved several more times and my health took a turn, mostly caused by stress . I was sweating this last pass in March but it had moved on a few degrees and everything was ok except I am left dealing with a case of psoriasis, which is slowly clearing up.
    Ever since the gulf oil spill and the Arab spring there hasn’t been a dull moment.

    • Good to hear from you, Barehand, and sorry for all you’ve been through. Glad you persevered in fighting for your grandchildren. Donna

  18. Donna – great article. I have been saying this to myself and my clients for years. thankfully most of the good things that do happen to us come from an inner source. Could one imagine how stressful life would be if each transit triggered an outer manifestation? We’d be putting out ‘fires’ all the time and not really be able to grow on the inside. thanks for sharing. BTW – love the fish you painted.

    • Exactly, Linda! Especially this series of tough aspects in the Cardinal signs–starting with the Pluto-Saturn square and now the long Pluto-Uranus squares. If all the DIRE potentials manifested themselves, we’d all be toast by now! Donna

  19. Hi Donna,
    I really appreciate this topic because it is seldom discussed and vastly important. May I reblog it on my site so my readers can benefit as well?

    It also has implications for those of us that have charts that seem to deviate from “typical” responses to transits. I personally thought my Saturn return was meh. Nothing of substance happened outwardly that would be expected of this significant reties of passage. Saturn to my Sun, different story! I have been told that us Uranian types don’t always experience astrology like the majority of folks. Some transits have produced clear outer events, but a few of my major progressions were also meh.

    BTW welcome back! 😉 Linda

    • Yes, Linda, I’d be glad for you to do it. Recommend that they follow the link to the comment section, as some very important additions are coming up in the discussion. Donna

      • okay, will do

  20. There were devastating problems for several lines of my family and so closely timed within the month before the Uranus and Pluto squares exacted that the correlation was undeniable. Even my mom who frankly always disapproved of my interest in astrology is now accepting since she broke her hip during one of these pressurized passages.

    She’s doing very well now, but many changes have occurred including a death, an arrest, a commitment to a mental health facility, and job losses among other issues for my brother’s and sisters’ families.

    For myself I have Uranus in my 10th house of career conjuncting my sun. The transits have resulted in two bouts of unemployment that became periods of productive growth for me that hopefully will prove to be very beneficial in the long run. Some changes like quitting smoking and and I’m even more embarrassed to admit ceasing to bite my nails actually came very easy during this time though I am still trying to accomplish the launch into the new career.

    I have just tried to be supportive of everyone, to remind that the changes are hard but are part of a path of growth and change for each person, driven by our own needs really. The tragedies have forced some family members to get help or face problems they were avoiding. Even my mom who was saying she needed to slow down and stop doing so much for everyone else at her age, now is taking care of herself instead of other people to such a degree.

    I’m not a pro astrologer, but I was able to use my experience to help a couple of sudden believers engage constructively instead of feeling under attack or fatalistic. We will be really glad to see the end of this though !

    • Hmm. That reminds me of another point I should have made in the post. Very often, big and difficult transits often play out in events that happen to other important people in our lives, rather than directly to us. The transit’s effects are through what happens to these significant others, and how their losses or difficulties also force us to adjust to important new dynamics. That kind of transit would usually occur in one of the houses that describe these significant people…like the third for a sibling, or the 5th for one of the person’s children. Donna Cunningham

  21. Reblogged this on litebeing chronicles and commented:
    This is a meaningful discussion of an under-reported issue in Astrology that is quite informative. Please scroll down to the comment section as well to get first hand examples of how major transits often manifest internally rather than in outside events.

  22. IMO, it’s important to look not just at the transit itself, but how it affects the natal chart as a whole. You may have an outer planet transiting a certain house and expect certan things to happen as a result, but perhaps that transiting planet will make either good or challenging aspects to your natal planets. For instance, transiting Pluto is squaring transiting Uranus, but both planets form trines to my chart, so regardless of what effect they have on my houses, the overall effect is smoother in my experience of the energies.

    My late, beloved astrologer always told me to remember my “natal promise.”

  23. Aloha Donna!

    First, the fish painting. It’s great. You’ve redirected some of those lovely creativity expressions and it’s watercolor isn’t it? How fun to see what can happens when we open space for it.

    This topic is useful. Pluto has been transiting my 12th House, and aspecting my Capricorn Moon so the effects are deeply transformative and dig into the legacy and soul journey. With Uranus in the 3rd my brother’s passing last May added to the work that I have been experiencing as genetic memory and aging square up my life. It’s mainly internal, certainly, private work with intense dreams nightly. But it also spreads into the daily practicals and I find ways to turn them into medicine stories that help me to crisscross the borders stitching my way through the transits like a good woman with needles:)

    Aging in place, I read your description of the bricks on your apartment and could see both the myth and the mortar of it. Geez, what a journey! Glad you have come through it and put that story here for us to share in your transit.

    It’s really nice to read your posts, glean the new season of creativity within you, and get a chance to write with you, again.

    xo Moki

    • Hi, Moki. good to hear from you. Yes, it’s been quite a journey, and a crossroads in my career. I don’t know where I’ll wind up, but for now, I am taking a break from writing and am much enjoying learning how to draw. Donna

  24. Having studied astrology since I was a teenager (now 68) I’ve come to realize that these major transits with outer planets will set things into motion for later. We do live our lives from the inside out. Change is a process–the road is log, the path is wide, and we are all upon it. Embrace your growth; the process is unending, the rewards are forever.

    Hurray for long-reaching slow moving transits that involve the “big ones.” They have been guiding us since the beginning, and as for me, I believe they know what they are doing. We should watch out lives with new eyes and listen to what the transits are telling us with insight.

  25. As far as external events go, I can’t say that I’ve ever seen a major event (implied by one or several heavy planet transits) happen without the background progressions being there in place first. In my experience, if the progressions aren’t there, it’s not likely that a external event is going to happen. Progressions run the show- the transits just give you the timing! No progressions/solar arcs- no external event.(I only use the hard aspects with progressions and transits, including the 135, 45, and 22.5). And you can’t ignore the significant midpoints in a person’s chart either- they are extremely important too.

    Just my observations…

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  27. This article has points but in my situation I don’t understand, right now I have Jupiter conjunct midheaven transit and Jupiter conjunct venus transit, I have been trying so hard these last months to make something anything work career wise but nothing has happpned, I got fredf rom a job after two month of work, then got another job that I am qutting this week I almost want to quit trusting astrology at this point. and keep in mind my natal venus is closely conjunct my midheaven

    • Hi, Jay, many astrologers exaggerate the effects of a Jupiter transit. Sorry to say it’s not necessarily a hit the lottery aspect. Jupiter crossing the midheaven would indicate a period of about a year when you’d have opportunities to gradually expand your career potentials, especially by learning new skills or reaching out in new ways. Donna

  28. I have been having Uranus transiting my DC/7th house. I haven’t had any spectacular break-ups or new and sudden,meetings of charismatic or eccentric folks. What has changed is my tolerance for others erratic, immature negative Uranian behavior. I just won’t put up with it any longer.
    The plus side of Uranians is genius and progressive thinking. The negative side is being an impulsive, immature, erratic, moody crank.
    Case in point is the Cap Sun brother of my long time male friend. That guy is just so eccentric and erratic and won’t change his habits or behavior regardless of the consequences to himself or others.
    I have put my pal on notice that I won’t deal with his brother anymore. It’s just too exhausting to have to constantly deal with such an immature psychic (and financial) vampire.
    Neither my pal nor his brother may change as a result of my decision, but I have made life easier for myself. That’s an internal change as much as external.

  29. Reblogged this on Grandtrines and commented:
    Very rarely do I reblog articles, but this one is truly outstanding.

  30. Wow! What an appropriate post for me. Pluto was exactly conjunct my ASC in January (a few days after my b’day) and Uranus exactly square in February and both have made several passes in orb the last year or 2 and will continue to for some time the next year or so. I have had several astrologer friends ask what outer events happened and I had to honestly reply that to me it seemed mostly internal changes that I noticed. My mother did pass away last year in June but she was 103 and had lived a very full life. Internally I have felt freer to pursue interests like astrology and am studying it with passion. I have joined several astrology organizations and more openly talk astrology, take classes and correspond with astrology friends, whereas before I kept my interest hidden for fear of offending my very religious family. I do have renewed energy to pursue interests which were “forbidden” before so was very pleased to see my observation about mostly internal over external events in major transits validated. Now if only the same can be said about my upcoming Uranus square Sun next year and Pluto conjunct my Sun in about 4 or 5 years, lol. Thanks!

    • Forgot to mention that t. Neptune was also exactly conjunct my Venus in March so all outers are closely aspecting sensitive points in my chart this year

  31. Hi Bob, I’d like to make a comment about the importance of Pluto conjunct any very important planet and/or ASC. Pluto was exactly conjunct my Neptune in Libra 8 degrees and 8 minutes the day my dad died in March of 1975. Neptune is conjunct my ASC. My dad was an extremely Neptunian influence in my life. He and I had a closeness and he was the glue that held my extended family together. My dad was the black sheep in his family and I am the black sheep in my family. I totally understand about hiding an interest in astrology. My family is also very traditionally religious. I know better than to even bring up astrology. I am very interested in seeing how the next few years unfold in my family’s life. Hidden knowledge will be coming out!!! Elisabeth Barry

  32. I have been having a tough time lately. The Transit Pluto in Capricorn squared my Sun, Moon and Mercury during three different intervals. Some interesting things happened to me. Three of my girlfriends told me they couldn’t be friends with me anymore, when Pluto was squaring my moon , and when Pluto squared my Mercury my boyfriend broke up with me totally out of the blue. Whenever Pluto transit hits your most personal of planets you will feel them in some form or another. When transit Pluto was squaring my natal Moon my mother who I haven’t spoke with in almost 20 years took me out to lunch. It was a very weird time for me but now I know who is important to my life.

  33. Its probably because big transits don’t really kick in unless there are supporting progressions, solar arc, solar return stuff. For years, I wondered why these big transits never really did anything until I found out about other predictive astrology techniques

    • For major events, absolutely. It’s like the old rule of things not being major unless you can see them three ways in the chart. Donna

  34. I think this makes a lot of sense! I do think though that some times things happen in life, without us actually “doing” anything but the internal shift comes first. For example, most of the job offers I’ve received have “come out of the blue.” Without any initiation on my part to finding a new job. I think it’s likely that those external events come after that internal shift takes place. Hence, like you said, why the transit itself to the natal planet, doesn’t immediately bring a life altering event. It’s more likely to be gradual once the universe decides you are ready!

    • Yes, that’s a good take on the inner shift that’s needed first. Donna

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