Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 10, 2015

Another Scam? Email box full?

ANOTHER SCAM?  I just got an email saying that my email box was full and that I couldn’t send or receive any more emails unless I clicked on a link and supplied information. As I have a new email server, I hesitated, but didn’t click, as I had just been sending and receiving emails. NEVER  click on a link like that or give personal information.   Donna

PS. Thank you all for joining the discussion on scams and for your helpful suggestions.


  1. Indeed that IS a scam. Delete and flush any such email. Notify your Internet Provider that such crap is coming in through their servers.
    You might get a legitimate notice that your email box is full but it won’t tell you to click on any links.
    All you need to do is delete unneeded emails (including your sent folder and any RSS feeds) and empty the deleted emails file. DONE!
    If you want to save the emails but clean up your inbox, simply move them to the Large Personal Folders.
    And you can set up your mail to Auto Archive, which will save the information on your C drive but get it out of your Inbox..

  2. Very wise to check. Usually anything requesting information is a scam. Best to check directly with your ISP/provider.

  3. Google tells me i have 26% of my storage full (ugh) so it will be quite a while before it is really full. Never heard of that scam but my point is, i don’t think i’d buy it…

  4. Sorry that happened to you. In January 2015, the New York Times reported about ransomed computers. Hope this is helpful.

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