Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 13, 2015

Survey: Sixth House Planets and the Jobs You’ve Had

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One of the things I love most about blogging is the sharing and learning that happens when you readers share your own charts and how various features play out in real life. We haven’t done much with the 6th house—the house of daily work—which often shows the kinds of jobs people have had. They aren’t necessarily your chosen career, which would more often be the 10th, but many of us work steadily for years in places where our skills and backgrounds meet the job description, and we make a contribution in those jobs.

For answers, we’d want to examine the 6th house:

  • Any planets in that house and their signs
  • The sign on the cusp of the 6th
  • The ruler of the sign on the cusp and the house it’s placed in

The 6th house is also connected with health and with the sign Virgo. I spent most of my social work career in health related settings, especially those where people were chronically ill or disabled. Early on, when I did as many coworker charts as I could get my hands on, I confidently expected that their charts would be strong in Virgo. I quickly learned that that wasn’t so—instead many of them had planets in the 6th house, especially the Sun.

(Do I have planets in the 6th? Nope. However, I have Sagittarius on the 6th, and the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter, is in my 12th, another of the health houses, but more chronic conditions.)

Newcomers to astrology, let me just say that I’m older now, retired from doing charts, and pretty tired, so please don’t expect me to interpret your 6th house. Just read and learn from what others have to say about their experiences.

So, Readers, join in and share your own work history and 6th house placements in the comment section. We’ll all learn a lot by sharing here.

UPDATE:  After less than 2 days, more than 60 people have already shared their 6th house information. Readers, you’re the best!  For astrology teacher teachers and students, this is  a golden chance to see how the 6th house works in real life rather than just theory.  (To follow this discussion, make a comment, however short, and then check the box below your comment to receive updates by email.)


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  1. picture a 6th house Cancer with south node just 2 degrees from the starting of cusp placidus system…Every workplace seems like meeting people from past, karma retribution etc., with moon conjunct pluto in Libra and 8th house it is legal, even politics and law this or that always (advocacy for the disadvantage …etc. ), and helping people, with lots of politics, and social care work. not to mention that dispositor is in 8th house, which only messes up the whole thing, undertones of undertones and games people play always. Cancerous work conditions with leo undertones – who’s the boss…?! Argh 🙂

    • I too have the South Node in the 6th, and found your comment about Karmic retribution interesting. I also feel like I’ve been forced to deal with a lot of difficult issues from my past in the workplace. Early family dynamics have recreated themselves over and over again and re-opened old wounds. It hasn’t been pleasant, but as the years have gone by, I have learned better ways of dealing with the stuff that comes up. Which was probably the Universe’s point, lol.

      • Yes, Laurien. i’ve also find it, that the lunar points are to some extent points of regression. There are some really primary urges recreated there. Those that are present really early postnatal period. The oral fixations and similar. The appetite there is big. Up till now i found all this operating also in the field of work – seeking new creative ventures – my south node is just leaving the start of 6th house cusp entering 5th house. Creativity for me is like a big big issue, and fixation (fixed house, yet cardinal sign of cancer…). i’ve also found out that regression can be part of my job. Or dealing with people that are part of this process – immigrants, elderly etc. The bag of nodes is kinda tricky. You put your hand in there, but you never really know what you’re gonna pull outside of it. There can be a lot of instinctive emotions in the realm of nodes – ah, the dragon…

  2. Capricorn rising with Gemini/arms/lungs on the 6th house and became injured/disabled due to carpal tunnel @ elbows and wrists. With Mercury in the 12th, conjunct the 1st. house, anxiety/nervousness is an issue as well. wi This opposition of Saturn/conjunct my Mercury to my sixth coming up in May makes me nervous already!!!

  3. Interested to read the comments. I have an empty 6th house – Gemini. Interesting the ruler is in my 10th. I’ve been fairly unsatisfied in my work for a long time, but have primarily worked in health related jobs as management. Most recently in a very task orientated job for an NGO focused on placing medical people overseas. Will need to ponder this more, but find it interesting

  4. I have a huge sixth house (using Placidus, my preferred system) – with its cusp in late Leo, includes all of Virgo, and proceeds through early Libra. As you know, this would mean that the Sun is the ruling planet of my 6th house.

    The only planet I have in the 6th is my Libra Sun, so this house is of particular interest to me – the ruler of my 6th is in the 6th. Right at home, you could say.

    I’m a freelancing classical musician…. which means I often need to find secondary income, whether that’s in the form of temping, bartending, or other jobs I’ve had over the years.

    Even playing gigs seems like a “job” rather than part of my career path, though. The dream is to play in an orchestra, but there’s only so many positions available. So a side hustle is necessary – whether it’s related to music or not.

    Apart from the work situation, I’ve found that the 6th also makes me hyper-vigilant about diet/exercise, getting quality sleep, meditation, self-development (“optimizing”). I’m definitely a green juice fanatic 😉 All of these things are non-negotiable elements of my life – they make me feel centered and stable (maybe more so than others considering my chart?)

    Anyway, that’s my experience with the 6th – looking forward to see what others have to say!

  5. Uranus in Cancer in the 6th. Managed multi-housing complexes, air travel ground handler and for the past 20+ years astrologer and feng shui consultant. My friends have always thought what I did for a living as odd.

  6. My untenanted sixth house has Pisces on the cusp; in the past, I worked as a volunteer coordinator, and at this point in my life I am actively volunteering for several community organizations; for example, children’s theater groups and animal rescue societies. True to my first house Jupiter, I tend to volunteer too much!

    More telling is the sixth house in my husband’s chart; Virgo on the cusp, and packed with late degree Virgo planets (including a Uranus/Pluto conjunction) and his Libra Sun.With house ruler Mercury in Scorpio in the seventh house, it is no surprise that a great deal of his work in the academic world has been based in collaborative research and writing. All of that sixth house energy makes him a bit of a workaholic, but he truly loves his job, so Itrust his innate Libran yearning for balance to police him when he drifts toward overworking.

    • My son also has a packed 6th house with Virgo on the cusp and Mercury in Scorpio in the 7th (conjunct Uranus). He has VE in Virgo, then Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Libra followed by the Sun in Scorpio. He has Taurus rising. He also is a workaholic! He, too works in an academic-related field bringing music education to schools. He also loves his job!

      • I forgot to mention that VE, JU, SA, PL and the SU are all in his 6th house.

    • I also have Virgo on the cusp of 6th. My sixth house also contains Pluto in Libra. Mercury is in the 12th, in Pisces. Guess what, I’m also an academic. I work in the humanities field, with odd jobs as as a translator/ESL teacher from time to time. The part of my job I like best is when I work alone on a paper or translation – I guess it’s also the influence of the 12th house ruler of the 6th house.

  7. 6th house moon in Taurus with Taurus on the cusp. Ruler Venus in Virgo in the 9th.

    I have had a thousand different jobs from engineer to barista to banker. I don’t like unemployment at all but have seen that line one too many times.

    • I forgot to add that the moon trines my libra MC.

  8. I’ve got Aquarius on my 6th and was born into an old European/Ukranian family of astrologers–really. My grandmother was also a Medium. I’ve got Uranus, my 6th house ruler in my 9th right on my Midheaven, in Gemini. I’m also a published writer (Mercury and Venus conjunct in early Sagittarius in my 3rd house) and an artist. My writings and art work reflect my natural love of beauty and metaphysics – Neptune in Libra in my 1st House. Since childhood I’ve had chronic health problems which turned out to be undiagnosed allergies. Because my symptoms are erratic, doctors tend to misdiagnose me.
    For the past 7 years I’ve worked as an astrologer and psychic medium for an internationally known company and as long as my health holds, I will continue to do so because I love what I do and consider it a blessing.
    Uranus on my Midheaven has steered the course of my life, and after the age of 60, especially with Saturn’s transit through Scorpio–my Sun sign, Saturn became kind.
    This is an interesting topic.

    • Dear Donna, thank you for this topic .I have a big 6 house with 2 cusp Libra and Scorpio . In libra i ve got Mars and Pluto and Uranus on the descendant in scorpio.The 10 th house is Aquarius. For the past 5 years I ‘ve worked as a handset purchaser for a telecom company, and now i purchase cables , poles, transformers , airport equipments and materials like aproach lamps , wind markers, furniture for airport terminals . Uranus staffs, wright? I have a beautiful venus in gemeni on second house and taurus on the ascendent. Thank you for this topic. Mika

  9. I have Cancer on the cusp of the 6th house with the moon in Taurus in the 2nd, Saturn and Mars are conjunct in cancer and straddle the cusp with Saturn in the 5th and Mars in the 6th both retrograde. Pluto is in Leo in the 6th and my only fire planet my Sun is in the 11th house conjunct the 12 th house cusp. the 12 th has no planets. Chronic health problems with arthritis and non diagnosed auto immune.

    Pluto is trine my Sag midheaven and sextile Uranus in Gemini ascendant ruler and conjunct my 4th house cusp and Neptune in Libra.

    My jobs have been many and varied, Moon working at home with computer selling goods like quilts and jewelry made by me.
    Office billing, office management, realtor, business owner, hairdresser, teacher. I have worked with healing most of my life and I love astrology and learning. And love teaching what I have learned.

  10. Libra is on the cusp on my 6th house (intercepted Scorpio + 3 degrees of Sagittarius), Pluto in his own sign.
    Venus is retrograde on the 1* of Aquarius, 9th house, 7* to MC, the most highly raised planet in the chart.
    For sure I want to save/change the world. I don’t like the idea of working for money, I always need something bigger to stand for – a cause, a project, an idea to believe in and to be optimistic that it (and me taking part in it) can do good for the future (of mankind).
    So, yes, I write (european) social (+-art) projects and try to manage them in the leap of faith that all people share my idealism… //It’s a pity there’s a high level of corruption in my home country.

    I’ve worked as a theatre critic (that’s my profession) and manager, as a (script)writer – for radio and magazines, a children’s art teacher, a project manager. There’s a joke among my friends and family that I do work for free, and that’s not far from true, as I often chance on, may I say – Pluto type employers – manipulative, misleading, disloyal, corrupted. It usually starts with me trying to help them in their (they claim to be) cause or sth. and ends with my disillusionment about their motivation and me leaving after I’ve done my job. As a creative person in the field of theatre and literature my work/ideas have got stolen multiple times, and even though I don’t really mind (because at least they face the public), it offends and saddens me that I don’t get the chance to do the things I want to do the way I believe they should be done (i.e. the right way – a Capricorn Sun + stellium calling:D), but I still hope the future holds that for me.

    I personally see myself as a writer – at the moment mainly focused on theatre and screen plays, along with poetry which is an unalterable part of it all. (Neptune conj. Mercury, a ruler of the 1st, 2nd and 5th house in the 8th, in Capricorn).

    Interesting topic. Thank you for it!))

    • Hello.. I got really interested in your comment as I share the same 6th house configuration.. sort of… Intercepted Moon and Saturn in Scorpion (in conjunction), Pluto conj the 6th house.. also Uranus and Jupiter in it.. in Sagittarius…I’m also in theatre (a director, a wanna be actress :)) and I think we share a mother’s tongue (I believe so, as the link your nickname brings me to a Bulgarian blog.. Anyway. it’s nice to meet you… and yes, I do understand completely your pain, trust me… I also do find myself not focusing that much on the payment and I usually get used by employers.. to do their job and to actually make sure things happen.. and i hate it already.. yet I always end up in the same situation.. and in a way I always end up being the hero of the day.. winning anybody’s sympathy.. :)) Must be the Uranus and Jupiter conjunction.. 🙂 Yeap…

      • Hey!))
        Sorry for the late responce, I was actually busy with what we’re both talking about. Greetings from Yambol and Svetla Alexieva!))) Write to me at my e-mail – f e l I c i t y at mail. bg. Imagine what can happen if we try to work together;D
        //сериозна съм, но, ако държиш, преди да общуваме, ще си направим синастрия))))

  11. I have Sagittarius on the cusp of the 6th house, with Uranus at 15 degrees Sag and Neptune at 1 degree Capricorn (still in house 6). Ruler Jupiter is in my Aquarius 8th house, in mutual reception with Sag Uranus.

    I’ve worked as a nonprofit intern, elementary school teacher, college instructor, writer, and editorial assistant. I’m still in my twenties and took some time to go to graduate school, but I haven’t yet found the right career/day job outside of my artistic pursuits. As far as getting paid a salary to write, I think writing for television would be amazing. I’m working on some spec scripts, but also trying for copywriting gigs to get a steady paycheck for now.

    6th house Uranus closely squares my Pisces Midheaven in a mutable cross that includes Gemini Chiron and my Virgo stellium. I prefer to have agency in my daily schedule and do best in a flexible environment or working for myself. I’ve had many short-term summer jobs and usually left on good terms with my employers. Pretty worried that I may never be very “steady” about work in general. Anyone else with similar placements have some insights?

  12. I forgot to mention about health .With Uranus ,Mars and Pluto in the 6 th,in December 2012 I had 21 days with fever 40 degrees Celsius, appeared out of nowhere and with no other symptoms. Doctors have given me various unconfirmed diagnoses and after 21 days, the fever disappeared as he appeared: suddenly and never returned . I am very strong about flu,i am sick maybe once in 5 years and the fever is always present . I have strong headaches when i work long hours without a brake.

  13. I have Mercury in Pisces in my 6th house, which has Pisces on the cusp. I have Jupiter in Taurus and House 8. It’s interesting to read that Mary, who also has Pisces on her 6th house cusp, does a lot of volunteer work and has worked as a volunteer coordinator. I am presently doing a lot of volunteer work, have supervised volunteers in previous jobs, and have worked for a number of nonprofit organizations. Some of this work (the work I most enjoyed) involved writing newsletter articles, fundraising letters, etc. I also worked as a legal secretary for a number of years (perhaps that’s the House 8 connection – I’ve typed a fair number of wills and trusts). Like Sherry, I have Uranus on the Midheaven: I’ve changed jobs a lot, worked at a variety of different things, and am now self-employed – as an astrologer, builder/manager of a website on historical fiction, editor (with my husband) of a small arts & literary journal, writer and poet. On the health front, I, too, have allergies that manifest in a number of vague, erratic symptoms – thank goodness for acupuncture and other types of alternative health care!

  14. Hi Donna,

    I have retrograde Chiron in Aquarius in the 6th, with Capricorn on the cusp and Saturn in Scorpio in the 3rd house. Interestingly (or maybe not), I worked at a hospital for about 10 years in the telecommunications department (3rd house), though that was quite some time ago. I’ve also written about health issues from an astrological point of view.

    Now I’m a semi-retired astrologer who utilizes therapeutic methods in my counseling work. However, I’ve been slowed down quite a bit since 2001, mainly because I’ve had numerous chronic health issues (Uranus in Cancer and 5 planets in Leo in the 12th, square Saturn and in opposition to Chiron) that the allopathic health community just can’t quite seem to figure out. And it’s not all in my head nor am I a hypochondriac; there is definitely something physical going on as numerous lab tests have shown (12 house).

  15. I have Libra on the 6th (it’s ruler Venus rising in Gemini and also ruling my Taurus Ascendant) with a Libran Jupiter (part of a T square to Mars in Aries in 12th and Merc in Cancer in 3rd) and also a 6th H Neptune in early Scorpio. At one time I worked as a paralegal for a large corporation, also worked for a small specialty chemical company doing their accounts receivable. With my 12th H Mars (Aries on cusp) when working at an art gallery I was a research assistant in the preparation for an artist’s catalogue raisonne (research done for the author of the book – working behind the scenes). I have also earned modest fees for doing astrological counseling looking at the psychological overlays of people’s charts (Aquarius on M.C. with Uranus in 4th). Lately I find myself drawn toward hospice work, having had some unusual experience with souls when they are passing over. At this time I have yet to make any definitive steps in that direction other then making inquiries with others who are already in the field. (to round things out if it helps – Cancer Sun in 2nd, Scorpio Moon in 7th)

    • Forgot about Chiron in the 10th

  16. Delighted to read your comments, Folks! I know we’ll learn a lot. Donna

  17. 4 planets in the 6th house. Mars, Venus, Saturn & Neptune in Libra. My longest lasting job was as an engineering aide. I did that for 32 years. I “served” engineers by doing the work engineers didn’t want to do. I am an artist, and always have been, i had to work to stay alive.

    • virgo on the cusp of the 6th house

  18. I have taurus on my 6th cusp and venus in pisces in my 3rd house. My 6th house is empty. My job experience includes being a nanny for a few years during college. I also was a waitress in both a restaraunt and a bar during college (didn’t finish my degree in elementary education). After college i was in property management leasing apartments and then i became a dental assistant for a short 3 months. I decided that was definitely not for me. i lived the relationships with the patients but did not like being unappreciated it being just a pair of hands. I became pregnant with my son, and then my daughter 12 months later, soon after and have been a full time mama and part time intuitive/tarot reader for the last 8 years.

  19. I have Uranus in Cancer in the 6th with Gemini on the cusp and ruler Mercury in Sag in 11th. I am a registered nurse who has loved her profession loved the new and exciting – did a lot of pediatrics, intensive care, public health nursing, lots of courses and study in new fields in earlier years. I changed to a new area of nursing every 2 – 4 years. I had time out when our children were young. Now for the last 9 years have been nursing in a hospice but am waiting for retirement – I am ready to leave it all behind. In my work as well as the actual nursing side my work colleagues who often became my friends were / are an important component as well.

  20. •Any planets in that house and their signs
    Mars in Pisces
    •The sign on the cusp of the 6th
    •The ruler of the sign on the cusp and the house it’s placed in
    Neptune in the 1st house

    My career has been in the employee benefits field, as 401(k) plan administrator and then employee benefits manager, helping companies provide benefits to their employees and helping employees use and understand those benefits.

  21. I have no planets in the 6th, but Capricorn on the cusp and its ruler, Saturn, in Taurus in the 10th conjunct the Moon and MC. Trining those, Mars conjunct Pluto (0°) in Virgo in the 2nd. In my teens and early 20s I worked a lot with children—as babysitter, daycare provider, nanny, special ed. assistant teacher; later (mid-30s) did extensive volunteer work abroad with a third-world orphanage. I also worked for years at a racetrack and, while moving around the country in my 20s, worked everywhere from ski areas to a glassblowing studio to a high-tech PR firm. I settled into home-office-based freelance publishing work (Merc/Sun conj. in 3rd in Libra)—both graphic and editorial—in my mid-20s, specializing in professional-level books on architecture and cooking (Saturn and the 10th/4th polarity again). Along the way, I’ve always spent time helping friends and colleagues pursue and complete artistic and entrepreneurial projects of their own. Perhaps the most evident 6th house quality is that my work has always been what I would call high-value but low-pay…Saturn limitations? Apparently a necessary tradeoff for freedom from time clocks and bosses, and to spend time on what I value most…but now we’re in 2nd/10th house territory, which I suppose isn’t surprising since both of those houses are stronger in my chart than the 6th.

  22. I have Aries on the sixth house cusp, no planets and Mars in Sagittarius in the second house trine Pluto in Leo in the tenth house. After university, I spent 10 years in large corporations doing business communications and public relations, then started my own advertising and communications agency with my husband. I like playing a creative role in business. Interesting topic…I also notice that many of us have mentioned allergies. I have sensitivities to foods too, something which I believe many people are suffering as our food supply is compromised. It’s a huge issue which the alternative medical community have been looking into for a long time. Among other changes to diet, I’ve cut out grains which has helped a great deal. Omega 3 from krill is helpful too. I’ll stop there! Thanks Donna, for continuing to blog…love your work!

  23. I have no planets in the 6th but Aquarius on the cusp and Uranus in 10th. Spent most of my working career in banking and insurance but definitely with a ‘you’re not the boss of me attitude’. Now I am my own boss with a pet accessories business online (pets another 6th house matter) and starting out doing astrology.

  24. I consider myself a 6th house person….Gemini from start to finish, Sun at 15, Uranus at 17, True Node at 20 and Mercury at 23 (Virgo Moon in 9th, Sagittarius rising). I’m educated to be a secondary English teacher…never taught. Work history…manager of city traffic department, owner of dome housing business, coordinator for therapies in rehab hospital, human resource admin, HR specialist, HR Manager, HR Regional Manager, Director of Human Capital, Owner (LED signs), and organic gardener.

  25. Sag on the the sixth house cusp, Desc. is 0 Capricorn, Jupiter in the 6th.
    Have had some two dozen ‘jobs’ in some 18 or more career fields. Jobs included machinist, pats inspector, estimator, tool draftsman, designer of hydraulic, electrical systems, automation engineer, instrumentation designer, circuit board and power supply designer, commericial products designer, technical artist, commercial artist, technical writer, marketing writer, defense plant superintendent, chemical processing production manager, software sales, software marketing, systems development, business systems consultant to name some. I’ve lived a charmed life, always had work, sometimes two jobs at once. I keep a huge notebook with brochures and samples of my work and writings, the cover of the notebook is filled with a variety of business cards — its my memories book. I’ve been retired for 14 years. Many of the jobs I’ve done are no longer existent. If I tried to have the same do-this-do-that-have-fun career in this day and age it would be impossible. Times have totally changed. So, Jupiter in Sag in the 6th, t-square to Sun-Neptune which opposes Saturn in Pisces in the 10th. Go figure. I chalk it all up to Mars/Leo in the 3rd sextile Venus/Mercury/Libra in the 5th with Saturn completing the yod. Dave

    • I love it when a man — especially one with your experience — talks astrology! lol

  26. The sign on the cusp of the 6th is Pisces, with Chiron in Pisces and Saturn in Aries (at the end of the 6th house) both in retrograde. Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house. Neptune sextiles Pluto, and Venus and Uranus (all in Virgo) sextile Neptune.

    I’ve worked in financial services for far too long – 5 years investment banking, less than a year with an investment manager and for the last 7 years in an accounting role for a global financial services company – but I hate it. Financial services is completely meaningless to me, rife with back-stabbing narcissists. The corporate environment is awful for me. I’m always searching for a meaningful career, and I’ve thought about pediatric nursing quite a bit. I’ve written a children’s book, but only self-published.

    My passion is horses! My most favorite job was grooming dressage horses. I made almost no money, had no benefits, got up at 4:30 a.m. , yet I would have done that job for free! I hated to go home at the end of the day.

    I always get compliments on my beautiful, tiny feet. I do have mild autoimmune issues (gut).

    • Nina, have you considered equine massage?

  27. I’ve volunteered for a Shakespeare company, Planned Parenthood, a polling place. I’ve earned money through being a barista, a clerk at a grocery store, doing logistics for a newspaper delivery company, tutoring, painting faces, walking dogs, makeup, babysitting, cleaning houses. I now sell real estate, write, and act.

    Sagittarius: 6th House cusp
    6th house planets: Capricorn Jupiter (Ruler of my 6H), Capricorn Mars (square Moon in Libra in the 3H).

  28. My 6th house has Scorpio on the cusp and ruling Pluto in 3rd house Leo. 6th house planets include Chiron in Scorpio square natal Saturn in 3rd conjunct IC in Virgo and a Moon/Mars conjunction over at the descendant in Sag. (They also conjunct Jupiter setting just above the descendant in the 7th). Capricorn rules the 8th and Pisces the MC. I’ve been a research biochemist, community organizer, research support staff, organizational development support staff, congressional staffer, public retirement system administrator, personnel analyst, and nonprofit administrator. On the side, I’ve raised, trained and shown Thoroughbred horses for dressage and jumping for over 35 years and developed and built a 75 acre farm with barns and outbuildings and a training arena, and a personal home. I was also a professional astrologer “on the side” for a few years in CO before moving to MT. I was instrumental in “bringing” and developing dressage and eventing as riding/training disciplines in MT. I was the first woman in the state to be appointed to the states Horse Racing Commission and the first woman in the US to be elected chairperson of a state racing commission. I was also the first woman in the US to head a statewide public retirement system. (0 deg retrograde Uranus rising in the 1st)

    Healthwise, it is interesting to note that this past Nov. 24 when trans Saturn was exactly conjunct natal Chiron (natal square) in 6th, I suffered a badly broken knee/leg, had to spend 3 hrs dragging myself back to my house from my barn where I had gone to feed my horses, promptly passed out until about 10:30 pm and didn’t get to the hospital for initial treatment until almost midnight. Emergency surgery was done there but no surgeons in town were qualified to make the repairs, so I had to move to a place 85 miles away for the repair surgery and rehab which couldn’t take place until 1/15 because the initial swelling was too great. I’m still in phys therapy for the leg and I just might get to go “home” in a month to 6 weeks. In the process, I had to find a new home for my two horses as I could not prevail upon my neighbor to take care of them for more than 6 mos. This will be the first time I’ll experience life without horses in 60 years!

  29. Pluto in the 6th in Leo conjunct Chiron in Cancer. 6th cusp is in Cancer. Moon is in Taurus in 3rd. MC is in Scorpio.

    I worked as a systems programmer for 15 years until I returned to university for Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees pursuant to a career as a clinical social worker. After 4 years my husband and I started a software business as a sideline, but it grew to require all my time and I gave up social work.

    Pluto probably accounts for my having had sexual relationships with several of my bosses including the former boss to whom I’ve been married almost 45 years.

    I got along well with bosses, even the ones I didn’t know intimately, except for those who expected my respect without their earning it or who failed to treat me respectfully. A former Naval officer comes to mind. I worked well for him but maintained what he called a “bad attitude.”

  30. Great topic Donna! I have Scorpio on the 6th house cusp, with ruler Pluto in Virgo in the 4th house, conjunct Moon & Uranus. Also have Neptune in Scorpio right on the 6th house cusp. For the past 20+ years I have had my own business, conducting estate sales on site at my client’s homes. At the risk of sounding crass, I spend my days organizing & valuing dead people’s stuff, which very much suits my deep need to “create order out of chaos” & be of service to folks in a very tangible way. Organizing stuff feeds me in a very deep way! (The other Virgos types out there will get what I mean…) Plus I have a Sun/Mercury conjunction in Taurus (in the 11th) which gives me a keen appreciation for my client’s beautiful things, as well as an inherent sense of value of their things – I may not know exactly what something is but I can literally “feel” if something is valuable & thus requires more research. (All my Virgo gives me a keen eye for detail & helps with researching values too) For me being my own boss is key – I’m way too Uranian to have anyone else tell me when I can come & go! I often work 10-12 hours a day, but am happy to do it because I love what I do & have the flexibility to set my own schedule.

    Neptune on the 6th was a big challenge when I first became self-employed years ago – it was hard to plan my days without a regular 9 to 5 job, so I had to learn to create my own structures. Making time every day for some spiritual practice (usually yoga) has been key for me! These days I have plenty of estate work & struggle with setting boundaries for myself so I’m not working all the time. And it just occurred to me that my 11th house comes into play in how I market my services – I’ve always found work primarily through referrals & word of mouth. My 11th house network of former clients & realtors & attorneys keep my phone ringing & I am very grateful for the trust they place in me!

    • I would love to talk to you about your work as I am thinking about making a huge life change and creating a business almost the same as what you are doing. It is a such a needed service done well.
      Thank you.

      • Hi, Bonnie, I’d recommend you get a copy of my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers, as it is a guide for people who want to become professional astrologers. It includes a chapter on creating a practice and marketing your work. Donna

  31. 6th house cusp at 24 degrees Cancer and the remainder holds the first 25 degrees of Leo. The Moon in Capricorn in the 11th house quincunx Pluto in Leo in the 6th house, which opposes a Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius in the 12th house. Sun in Capricorn also in the 12th house. I’ve worked as a bartender, an office manager, a 911 operator, a barista, a paralegal, a casino cashier, a baker (which I absolutely loved, but became physically unable to perform after 10 years), an RV camp ranger, and currently a travel agent. 10th house is Sagittarius with Chiron squaring my Virgo Saturn in the 7th and trine my 6th house Pluto while sextile the Venus-Jupiter conjunction in the 12th. Boredom has been the biggest problem with jobs. Being a baker and now a travel agent, these have both provided sufficient variety to keep my interest.

  32. My son also has a packed 6th house with Virgo on the cusp and Mercury in Scorpio in the 7th (conjunct Uranus). His 6th house is occupied by VE in Virgo, then Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto all in Libra followed by the Sun in Scorpio. He has Taurus rising and Capricorn on the MC. He is a workaholic who works in an academic-related field bringing music education to schools. He loves his job. He is a talented musician (wrote 26 albums) and loves being of service to the at-risk communities. I might also add that when I was diagnosed with an incurable disease in 2013, he packed up my husband and I and moved us in with him so he could take care of us, and I could be treated by the best doctor in the field of my affliction who is only 15 miles away. His long-time girlfriend is a free-spirited musician (who also has a job in the music field). She occasionally collaborates with him on his music projects. Her mother is a nurse.

  33. This is very interesting! I have a very small 6th house, Taurus on the cusp, and an unaspected Venus in Libra in the 11th. Every job I have had, has been only to pay bills while I pursued writing, although it took me some time to realise I could write fiction for a living. I have a four-planet stellium in Virgo in the 9th, part of a kiteformation, and that overrules anything else, I think.

  34. 6th House Sun Conjunct NN in Leo!! BahBAM~ How may I serve you??!! 🙂 My first job was helping out with custodial work with my dad. I kinda loved it. Then, I worked at A&W, went to nursing school and took care of elderly lady with alzheimer’s. THEN, I worked as nurse in mental health, family health, and chemical dependency. I decided I needed to go back to school but didn’t want to advance as nurse and I am now a social worker, where I work intensively with families in crisis for average of 6-8 weeks. I JUST enrolled in Criminal Justice Master’s Degree Program this week LOLOL. Jack of all trades and Master of ONE, at least. My sun and NN sextile stellium in Libra (Mars, Pluto, and Lilith) I dig justice!! Very cool to read everyone’s stories here!!

  35. Leo on 6th cusp, Uranus in Leo, 6th house. Sun in Sagittarius 10th house. San Francisco taxi driver for 25 years

  36. Ah! The 6th house…run by Libra. Moon 20 & Neptune 26 in Libra conjunct. Drs. Can never figure out/ diagnose medical problems. I have chronic hypo Thyroid problem, a Venus issue. Also have Mercury11, Saturn 14 and Venus 18 conjunct in Scorpio in the 6th, with the Sun in Scorpio at 29 degrees on the 7th house cusp. Mars 21 Aquarius in 10th trines Moon 20 and Neptune 26 in Libra and squares Mercury 11, Saturn 14 and Venus 18 and Sun 29 in Scorpio. Jupiter 29,and Uranus 26 in Cancer in 3rd house square Moon 20 and Neptune 26 and trines Venus 18 and Sun 29 Scorpio. Pluto 26 in Leo in 4th house cusp, sextile Moon 20 and Neptune 26 Libra and Squares Venus 18 and Sun 29 Scorpio. Note: Due to Venus conjuncting Saturn and Mercury, it would be considered out of orb, but I still feel it, so it is included. Mid heaven is 1 Aquarius. My career has been centered in IT ( namely Director of IT), but also included administrative and facilities management. 3 jobs in one! Mars and Pluto oppose each other and although they square, trine and/or sextile 6th house planets, it is part of an angular, Grand Square in my chart, so you can just imagine the Difficulties. People being jealous of me has been a huge issue. I am very thankful that planets square and trine my 6th house planets at the same time, because it softens the blows! Mars and Pluto squaring my 6th house planets bring trouble with males in the workplace ( and in general). If females have heavy male energy they trigger it too. Pluto in Leo baby boomers… square the Scorpio planets and if it triggers the Grand Square it is usually a problem for me. Since I am very much aware of these configs, I am astute, diplomatic, etc. so therefore, I tend to attract people who are jealous of me, or they try to take control, or try to ursurp my authority, or they just act up out of frustration.

  37. I have Aquarius on the 6th house cusp. Uranus in Gemini on the midheaven. No planets in the 6th. In my retirement I work as an astrologer. During my career years I work in the financial services industry as a manager. Sun and Mercury in the 2nd house. I’ve always loved technology. And have studied psychology for many years. I’m now getting deeper into learning about devas and nature spirits. I love very deep, non conventional subjects. Pluto also strong in my chart.

  38. “You’re not the boss of me” totally sums it up for me–I just wish I had some of the lucky sides of Uranian that you mention in your article (re. finding work easily, etc). I have Uranus conjunct and leading my Sun in the 6th, both in Leo. Uranus is exactly trine my MC, and I sure do know the restlessness that the transits bring. The dispositor of my 6th is the Moon in Taurus, which squares my Sun from the 3rd. My Sun is also in 7 degree opposition from my Aquarian ascendant.

    I have had lots of difficulty with bosses and authority–and I know it probably has something to do with my inner arrogance and outer compulsion for truth telling–just like you said in that great article you wrote about Uranians. I kind of “ran away”–got married young to a Canadian man and we did placer gold mining in the Yukon. I was part mother/housewife, and part gold miner.

    Then I left it all and moved to a Tibetan lay monastery in Northern CA, where I fulfilled some of my huge Neptune transit doing intensive spiritual work. I am currently in Santa Cruz, CA, working on getting a BA in psychology, and want to work in the field of art therapy. Being a 58-yr-old college student has sparked up my life so much. Thanks for your forum.

  39. I have Leo on cusp of 6th housr with Sun in 8th/Libra ruling. Only planet is Mars in Leo (on Regulus! And w/in 10 deg of DC). My parents’ initial aspiration was for me to be a professional soccer player (a little odd for a young girl but true). I was then a full time prof musician in a variety of styles, started with classical but ended up most known for world music. Maybe 12 yrs including college. Then Saturn return hit and crushed everything to shreds, everything taken from me relating to music including all my horns which were stolen and never recovered (and insurance wouldn’t cover)

    I went back to school for acupuncture and herbalism but am having some second thoughts about it. Just finished my degree. I don’t mind the work, actually I feel really in the zone with it and profs say I have talent, but I really am not excited about starting a business. I’ve learned that I much prefer working for someone else which is ironic given Mars 6th. Unfortunately there are not so many jobs waiting out there in places I’d actually like to live (I prefer a city with active and varied music scene) so I have to get my big girl pants on.

    I really feel that 10th house helps complete the pic. I have Venus/sag in 9th and Neptune/sag 10th both conj MC. Explains music, especially world music, also not doing just medicine but CHINESE med, as well as esoteric character to it. Also that I have always really struggled to find work and career success in general, I have to network and bust my butt on the few things I get to have enough bread on the table, I’ve always been known as a hard and hearty worker (Mars) however work opportunities are often fleeting or I’m passed over (Neptune)

  40. With a 5-planet stellium in the 4th house that includes Sun and Venus, it’s no surprise that my career was practicing and teaching Interior Design. My 6th house is empty but with Capricorn on the cusp and Saturn conjunct my Ascendant and Pluto, it’s also no surprise that I believe/teach that, to be good, design has to function as well as it looks.

  41. My 6th house begins and ends in Pisces, and my Moon resides in the midde, square Mars, and that’s it. Neptune is in in Scorpio, 2nd house, and has a lot of aspects, among them sextile to my Jupiter/Pluto conjunction in the 11th.

    I also do volunteer work, for the community and for the local jazz club. I am an artist, and I paint my emotions, actually that’s a way for me to get them to the surface so I can deal with them.

    On the side I do some graphic design when I can get it, I have a lengthy education in graphic design/illustration, but had to give up trying to be an illustrator when I realized I can’t illustrate anything but my own emotions, so in art college I took a year in fine art to be able to paint. Best thing I ever did for myself, by the way.

  42. I have Jupiter in my 6th house. Pisces is the sign on cusp of my 6th. The ruler of Pisces, Neptune, lies on the cusp of my 4th house. I have never quite understood this Jupiter – is this why my body weight fluctuates a lot, or I am surrounded by maids/people who go the extra mile doing things for me? As far as jobs are concerned, i am great with research.

  43. I have an empty Pisces sixth house, but the ruler, Neptune, is in the second house exactly trining Mars on the Midheaven in Cancer. I am often in work situations that are not what they seem at first, and it takes a while for the truth to come out. I am often directly or indirectly involved in power plays, which is think has to do with Mars on the MC. With Neptune in the second ruling the sixth, I am often underpaid for what I do.

  44. I have Gemini on the 6th house cusp and the asteroid Chiron Rx in the 6th loosely opposing most of my Sagittarius and creating a very loose grand trine with my Libra MC and Aquarius Jupiter in the 2nd house. Mercury is in the 11th conjunct Saturn both in Sagittarius. I find that I don’t stay in jobs very long, what ends up happening is that I go in with a of of enthusiasm & within months I feel like I don’t belong to the group anymore & I feel out of place/isolated. I suspect that’s the effect of Saturn & Mercury in the 11th. Never feeling like I belong to the tribe.
    Also have had to work multiple jobs just to get by, but I I hope this Saturn Return will bust me out of my fears/self worth issues.

    I work as a healer/teacher. I’m an acupuncturist, astrologer and clairvoyant intuitive. So as I work as an underpaid acupuncturist by day for an another woman, by night I’m working on building my own brand that allows me to take astrology clients, teach clairvoyant meditation long distance and eventually set up my own acupuncture practice.

    Venus the ruler of the MC is conjunct Uranus exact in Sagittarius in the 12th house. They also widely conjunct my Sun/Asc in Sagittarius. I have Moon in Pisces in the 3rd House, so writing will also eventually play a role via a blog.

    Everyone is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius. So me bringing the realm of spirituality/healing via the internet.

    I also have Mars conjunct Pluto and the S.Node in Scorpio in the 10th, hopefully building this empire will be familiar.

  45. I have Cap rising. Gemini on the 6th house cusp and ruler Mercury in Sagittarius in the 12th. Saturn resides in my 6th in Cancer and is trine MC. I worked on a grad degree in Biomed engineering for several years, taught and did research at a couple of colleges, worked as a mechanical engineer, but mostly worked as a software developer in various industries including defense, medical, oil & gas, universities, banking, telecom industries. I have Scorpio on cusp of 10th (Mars in Cap in 12th, Pluto in Leo in 7th). Mars is sextile MC and opposed to Saturn. My working career spanned 46 years.

    • Hi Bob! Fancy meeting you here! It seems you were able to channel the 6th house energies of your chart ruler Saturn (engineering, and the other fields you mention requiring serious study and dedication) into a successful CAREER vs. just having JOBS. I wonder if that is, at least in part, because Saturn is trine your MC? Anyway, thanks for sharing!

  46. I’ve had a series of jobs, never had a problem getting a job but none of them have worked out well. I don’t thrive in the 9 to 5. I was desperately unhappy when I worked regular jobs. Despite a Capricorn-rich chart, I loathe the discipline of the work environment. I was always getting ill. Since I went freelance and work from home, I’m never ill. I started my working life late (I took 3 university degrees in Geography/|Geology, Landscape Design then Landscape Management) stating as as a landscape architect, then switched to freelance journalism and now write (principally) and garden (a sideline, specialising in edible landscapes, orchards and wildlife-friendly landscapes) for a living.
    I have a busy 6th house: Juno (10 Sag), Venus (14 Sag), Jupiter (21 Sag), Pallas (27 Sag) and Mars (0 Cap).
    The cusp = 9 Sagittarius. Ruler Jupiter in the 6th

    • Maybe I should mention that my freelance journalism career kicked off when I threw up the steady job and moved to Havana for what turned out to be a decade. My 6th/Sag Jupiter and Venus trine Uranus in Leo/3rd might have something to do with that – and maybe… doesn’t Jupiter rule foreign places/travel…?

  47. Hi Donna! Natally, I have Aquarius on my 6th house cusp, with only the South Node placed therein. Its modern ruler, Uranus, is placed in the 12th house, widely conjunct my North Node. Its ancient ruler, Saturn, is placed in and rules the 5th, but Uranus in the 12th is a better descriptor for the types of jobs I have had. I have worked for charitable organizations, as a welfare case worker, and ever since my progressed Sun entered the 12th house, as a hospital clerical worker. Not surprisingly, computers and technology in general have almost always played a role in my work. I have also worked many erratic work schedules, for example, nights, evenings, weekends, extended shifts, and rotating shifts 4 days on/4 days off. I have also had many unexpected disruptions in my career, including terminations due to conflicts with employers over philosophical differences, and job loss due to restructuring. Although traumatic, these experiences have helped me to develop a more detached, Aquarian attitude to jobs, which could be summed up by paraphrasing the old joke: “Jobs are like buses. If you lose one, just wait — there is always another just around the corner!” With a Gemini Midheaven, I had hoped for a more interesting and intellectually stimulating career. But all attempts to break out of my 6th house job patterns have proved temporary at best. But that’s a whole other post! Thanks for this survey, Donna, I am really getting a lot out of reading the other posts!

  48. I am a newie to astrology but I’ll try my best to respond intelligently (one has to start somewhere). My 6th house cusp has Scorpio at 23 degrees. The rest of the house is in Sagittarius and I have Saturn in Sagi at 2 degrees and my North Node at 12 degrees. I know that Saturn rules Capricorn and Capricorn is on the cusp of my 8th house which contains my MC – although the MC is at 14 degrees Aquarius.

    I never really wanted a career as such – I just wanted to work to earn money to fund my life. Teaching people comes naturally to me and my most enjoyable jobs have been where this was involved. So, over the years I have: worked in a bank, for a mail order company (answering queries and then training people to do same), managed a shoe shop, back to working in a bank, been a playleader for the under-5’s in a school, a telephone agent dealing with water bill enquiries, systems and customer services trainer for same water company, owned my own patchwork and quilting business (lifelong hobby) and run beginners’ classes as part of that. Also helped as a volunteer in the local adult education college teaching illiterate adults to read and write.

    I don’t have the experience to make much sense of all this, but I am hoping reading the other comments will help…

  49. Any planets in that house and their signs: Sun in Gemini
    The sign on the cusp of the 6th: Gemini
    The ruler of the sign on the cusp and the house it’s placed in: Cancer Mercury is in the 7th house (part of a Cardinal T-square with Aries Saturn (3rd H) and Libra Mars (10th H)

    Currently a college adjunct instructor/teacher of World History, World Religions, World Humanities, and Intro to Philosophy; professional tarot reader; and astrologer. I have a B.A. and 2 M.A.’s, plus certificates galore in a wide variety of subjects from civil mediation to Licensed Unity Teacher to Master Gardener to NCGR astrologer. I always feel as though I have to have a good education in order to do whatever it is I want to do. Although I have tons of education, I feel as though I still need to know more in order to call myself a professional (it was hard to write professional beside the tarot reader and astrologer, although I have the education and the certificates to prove it). I had thought about being a lawyer (there are several in my family, but I never thought I would be good enough or would know enough to keep ahead of everyone else). Although I am 47, I am thinking about getting another certificate in a higher level with NCGR, working on a certificate with AFAN, etc.

    I have been afraid of working for “the man” thinking that I would lose my freedom and independence. With teaching, I am left to my own devices, my own time, etc. and I love that. I also cannot see myself in only one career or job at one time, doing things on the weekend that bring in money. But I really wish that I could be a full-time instructor and not adjunct instructor.


  50. I have Moon conjunct Uranus in Cancer in the 6th. Uranus also rules my Ascendant, plus I have Mercury in Aquarius in the 12th, not conjunct the Ascendant. I was a waitress for 13 years. Since then, I’ve had more jobs than you can shake a stick at, right across the spectrum, mostly service-oriented. I’ve been trying to find a way to serve that pays me, but the money has never come.

    • I feel your pain! This supports my own experience that Uranus and the 6th house don’t mix very well. I found things got better for me whenever the Uranian tendencies could be expressed in more positive ways, like working with computers, or unusual work schedules instead of a 9-5 routine. Good luck!

  51. Scorpio on the cusp, Sagittarius intercepted, Jupiter in fifth in Scorpio, Pluto in first conjunct Venus in Cancer. Started out working in restaurant kitchen, food prep, dish washing, then shoe manufacturing, food service in family restaurants and a couple of corporate chain restaurants. GED at 30. At 51 went back to school, got certificate in medical assisting. did that for nearly 18 years. Went half time to college while working as med asst., got Bachelors Degree in Human Behavior. Back surgery, had to retire from med. assting., then went to elder care for six years, retiring at 76 1/2. Had 6 children before I was 30. 🙂

    • Wow, it’s amazing that despite your back surgery, you were still working at 76! Must be that Scorpionic tenacity! It sounds like you were able to reinvent yourself many times over (like that symbol of Scorpio, the Phoenix rising!) but the theme was almost always service to others. I wonder if the fact that Sag was intercepted in the 6th meant that you were only able to pursue an education later in life, after you had worked through the issues represented by Scorpio on the cusp of the 6th house? I am in my 50s and retraining for another career too, so it is nice to hear from others who did so successfully Thank you!

  52. Plus, I taught myself astrology basics and took a course by mail in the years my kids were teens. 🙂

  53. I have Neptune in my 6th House in Sadge, exactly square my MC/IC (4 minutes) in Pisces/Virgo. Jupiter, Juno, and Mercury are all within one degree of my IC in Virgo.

    I started working at a young age. I have been a tattoo artist, in-home caregiver, TA and university instructor (I was in a PhD program for 6 years), nanny, Tarot reader, and sex worker (as a Cyber Domme).

  54. My 6th has Aquarius on the cusp and is tenanted by my retrograde Chiron in Aquarius opposite my 12H Uranus in Leo (ruler of my 6th).

    Before my Chiron Return, my longest (paying) job was as a manager in special education. Since then, I’ve volunteered . . . giving Reiki at a clinic, sharing intuitive insights and informally advocating for various causes. More and more, I find myself drawn to social justice issues, like elder abuse, poverty, lack of access to affordable healthcare and housing, homelessness, child slavery, forced labor and human trafficking.

    Though I’m the first to admit my advocating efforts haven’t generally been all that productive or well-received (which is an understatement!), I can still work on changing any habits of *mine* that perpetuate or contribute to the world’s suffering. My dreams are big but my work is very small. I remain open to the possibilities.:)

    • How very Aquarian your diverse activities have all been! It sounds like you are managing your 12th house Uranian energies really well by finding positive outlets for them. Kudos to you!

      • Thanks, Laurien.:) My Virgo Rising (and 12H Pluto in Virgo) definitely need outlets through practical service.

      • OK, this is definitely a case of synchronicity, because in addition to having Aquarius on the cusp of the 6th, Chiron in the 6th, and Uranus in the 12th, I also have Virgo Rising and Pluto in the 12th! No wonder I felt compelled to respond to you! But I find when you study astrology, such coincidences happen all the time. I think it has something to do with that “remaining open to the possibilities”. Best of luck to you!

    • I forgot to mention how the special education school I worked for also taught computer skills. I started working there when my progressed Moon was exactly conjunct my natal Chiron in Aquarius. This was back in the 1980’s, when personal computers were much larger, heavier and had various components. Businesses still used electric typewriters and rotary phones, and small office managers and administrative assistants were not expected to IT experts.

      Much as I’ve benefited from certain aspects of technology (I am, after all using a computer right now to connect), my own relationship with it has been complex and challenging. I became temporarily disabled during my Chiron-Return and afterward quickly realized I lacked the technical skills needed to find a new job in my previous line of work. Though I eventually came to see this as a blessing and would now be content doing a humble job earning a modest income, even that has eluded me so far, and I know I’m not alone. These past few years, I’ve become increasingly aware of the social, ethical, and environmental problems associated with our addiction to and over-consumption of all things technological.

      Chiron trines my 2H Venus and North Node in Libra and sextiles my 4H Saturn in Sagittarius. Finding a ‘right livelihood’ is important to me.

  55. My 6th house begins at 13 degrees/2 minutes Libra and ends at 0 degrees/ 56 minutes Sagittarius. It encompasses Jupiter 26 degrees/54 minutes Libra (and squares my sun at 24 deg/14 min cancer and mars 29 degrees/20 minutes cancer) and Neptune in Scorpio at 28 degrees/16 minutes.

    Just a couple of interesting “fun facts” ~ I work in the legal field (Paralegal), which, I believe is a Libra ruled profession. In my work, I like to make things “presentable” in a creative way (venus ruler and Neptune in the 6th house). And with regard to health and the 6th – last year I had to have a giant kidney stone surgically removed (through my back) (Libra rules the kidneys) which was only discovered after uncontrolled high blood pressure and a lengthy undiagnosed kidney infection (Neptune in the 6th contributes to difficult to diagnose ailments. Since the stone removal, my blood pressure is back to normal.

    Coincidence or not? HMMMmmmm….

    I think my fifth house is pretty interesting … I’ll have to find that blog too!

  56. Sixth house cusp 21 Gemini. Sun 21 Gemini conjunct 26 Uranus. Mercury 7 Cancer conjunct 9 Venus. Ruler of Gemini, Mercury in the 6th. So guess what? I was a dedicated teacher of special education students for 30 years. Being confined by rules, laws, a clock and a classroom was really difficult, but somehow I did it and have been retired almost 8 years. My love (Tenth house cusp 9 Scorpio, no planets, ruler Pluto in my 7th house…another novel) was/is paleo-archaeology. I need more lifetimes!

  57. My 6th house is Pisces, ruler is Neptune (which is in my 2nd house). There are no planets in my 6th house. Chiron in Aquarius is on the cusp.

    • Forgot the jobs… I’ve worked in health care for 30 years as a secretary or admin post but I am currently srudying to be a psychi medium and healer. I’d really like to write a book though.

  58. Aries on the 6th house cusp….no planets there. My Mars is in Gemini, technically in the 7th. But a couple websites interpret it as being in the 8th (because it’s right on the cusp, at the end). Ehh?

    Anyway, I do not do well in regular 9-5 jobs. A large chunk of my money has come from freelance writing. I suspect that’s the Gemini influence. I get bored very easily and sometimes I have a hard time focusing. Lol.

    Maybe I should add that my Mars trines my Mercury and Saturn in the 3rd, and inconjuncts my ascendant. (My 3rd house is freakin packed with a stellium, so that might alter this). At any rate, I need work that won’t make my mind feel mundane…and where I don’t have to sit in one place for hours on end. Ideally.

  59. Aries on the 6th house cusp with Mars combust Sun in 8th house Gemini, Mars is also the co-ruler of my Scorpio Ascendant. I’ve held positions as the head of an export office and then as an Executive Secretary to an important fashion designer. I left work to help my husband in his company many years ago and am now retired. So, yes I’ve been looking after other peoples resources in my work….but work is different from vocation…my vocation has probably to do with metaphysics: 4th house Pisces Moon conjunct NN apex of a yod with Pluto (9th conjunct MC) and Neptune (12th) and Uranus 9th trine ASC.

  60. Libra on the sixth house cusp, with Scorpio intercepted.

    Neptune at 02 Scorpio
    Vertex at 04 Scorpio
    North Node at 25 Scorpio
    Saturn at 12 Sagittarius

    Venus (Ruler) at 24 Capricorn in 8th house on 9th house cusp (within 9′ of arc), in a wide conjunction with Mercury at 17 Capricorn.

    FOr all of my working life (36 years), I’ve worked in some manner of the field I studied: Communication Arts, with major course work in Mass Media Communication. I started in network television as a production assistant at a small local NBC network affiliate station, then moved to public television for 17 years. I then spent 4 years as an administrative assistant for a telecommunications firm, then moved from northern New York to work in the Baltimore, MD area as an administrative assistant. Within a year, I began doing marketing and proposal work and am now Principal Proposal Writer for two branch offices of the firm.

  61. Hi,I read your article,very interesting, I have a vocation for helping other people, it was compulsive first, now I have learned how to control it and channeled after I studied my chart. I have Virgo inn 10th house and there are 3 planets,pluto Uranus and Venus. Nothing in the 6 th house wich is in Aries. Taurus. So now I work with energy,which seems the best I can ddo,but I’m not sure if this is due to my Sun and Mercury in 12th house in libra. Maybe the two things together.
    Thanks for your ininsight. You always inspire me for further investigations.

  62. I have a huge 6th house… from 20 Scp to 29 Sag.
    Uranus sits 2 degrees from the 6th house cusp from the 5th and I have notice Uranus effecting both houses.
    Anyway, the details: planets in the 6th house
    Uranus @ 18 Scp, ruler of 9th (opposite Moon- apex of yod)
    Merc Rx @ 6.36 Sag, ruler of ASC/IC (exactly squ MC in Pisces)
    Neptune @ 18 Sag, ruler of 10th
    Sun @ 19 Sag, ruler of 3rd, conjunct Neptune
    Pluto @ 19 in Libra rules my 6th, in 5th house
    (my Yod is: Pluto, Sun, Neptune, Moon @ 19 Taurus- apex, with Uranus opposite Moon)

    I don’t even know where to start: I have had about 40 jobs, sometimes 2-3 at a time. I started working when I was 13. I have moved all over the country, and gone to about 8-10 different universities. I have degrees in Music Education, Architecture, and Photography and Design. My last year of my Music Ed degree (2 degrees- so my 6th year) I had a sinus surgery which the doctor hit a nerve in my face and left most of my face numb. It completely ended my career; I could not play my horn anymore. When this happened Tr. Pluto (ruler of my 6th, in the 5th) was conj my Sun and Neptune (triggering my yod). Then I moved on to Architecture but it didn’t get my interest enough, but I drew professionally for about 5 years. 12 years after my music career ended I have finally started settling down into the photography thing working on building my own business. I’m very good about picking up/learning technical skills that are creative related. I started playing piano when I was 7, and by the time I was in 12/13 I had taught myself how to play every wind, brass, and percussion instruments. I started out as a percussionist but when tr. Pluto was opposite my Moon I ended up having to switch to a wind instrument b/c I practiced so much that I ruined my shoulders and wrists. B/c of both injuries I was not able to switch to a different instrument to go to Grad School (to teach in my state you have to be working on your Masters).

    I do have some medical issues. I was born 2 months early and it’s caused some learning disabilities (which ADHD is the worst of them). I’m also sensitive to so many things… I can’t go a day without having an allergic reaction to something but it’s not enough to put me in the hospital (I usually get a rash/upset stomach/sleepy). With the ADHD if my medications are not working I have a hard time functioning b/c I’m oversensitive to everything: light, sounds, temperatures. Senses overload most of the time. When I was born I was immune to 2 of the hepatitis’, chicken pox, measles, mumps and a couple others but I usually have a hard time remembering them. I rarely get sick (once in the last 20 years). But, I am always “sick” from some kind of allergic or sinus issue.

    To continue with the health issues… When Tr. Pluto was opposite of my ASC I started having issues with my spine and was told I was going to have a spinal surgery (in 2009). From 2009- to now I have spent off and on not being able to walk. In Oct 2014 I begged to be allowed to go to physical therapy (I was told it wasn’t going to help) and found out the whole issue was from my hip being out of alignment and I didn’t need a surgery. I’m still PT fixing all the damage that was causes by my hip being out of alignment and being on steroids for way too long. As you can tell I have had issues with doctors all my life too. lol.

    • Hi, Rebecca, with 4 planets in the 6th, you have a stellium by house, and a big one, with major planetary influences. Extremely complex grouping. Not many conjunctions in the picture, though. You’ll find lot of information about stelliums on this blog, as well as my ebook, The Stellium Handbook.

  63. I have a stellium in my sixth house: Mars, Venus, Moon, and Mercury, all in Leo. I have the sun in Leo too, but in the seventh house. Cancer’s on the cusp of the sixth house.
    I haven’t had a job yet (just turned sixteen last August), but I have done community service, which I think is significant enough to be mentioned in this discussion, considering that my packed house is the one of service. Helped out at a few festivals, the most recent one being a little more than a week ago. I was assigned with the task of selling some things (and was surprisingly successful at it), but I think the amusing part was what the things were: crowns! I’d like to think that that was the Leo energy at work, lol.
    I actually used to be a lot more hardworking and driven, but I’m currently going through a giant slump, and have been for a while now.

    • Great to hear from a young person with a stellium. Given those 4 planets in the 6th, I have no doubt that you’ll make an excellent contribution through your work, and with all four in Leo, you’ll have the gift of a great sense of fun while giving service. Donna

  64. Dear Donna,

    Sorry for taking it too long, I was unsure how to put all the details that i think are importante to obtain my professional information from my natal chart.

    I have been working as a Finance Manager for more than 10 years. It has been always working long hours (14, 16 and sometimes 18 hours/day), stress, very demanding, too much pressure.

    Since the beginning in my career, I have been facing through many difficulties, without much support/help from other people (co-workers, employees, bosses).

    I have also faced too much jealous people who instead of working in their career to make them grow up they create difficulties for me.

    Besides all of these, I still work with pleasure (maybe because I have Vênus in Virgo at 10th house in conjunction with MC).

    After a very dark period that i lived in my career and personal life, i went to study Astrology to know a more about myself and others. And I am thinking to work in future with this. What do you think? Can you give me your oppinion?

    Here are the details of my Natal Chart.

    =>House 06th: from Taurus 9.00” to Gemini 14.02”

    Priapus at Taurus has the following aspects:
    o Trine Pallas at Virgo in 10th house
    o Opposite to Moon in Scorpio at 12th house
    o Square MC

    =>House 10th: from Virgo 0.13” to Libra 2.40”

    Venus in Virgo has the following aspects:
    o Trine Jupiter in Capri in 1st house
    o Conjunction with MC
    o Sextil Mercury in Scorpio in 11th house
    o Square Neptune&East Point in Sagitarius in 12th house

    MC has the following aspects:
    o Sextil Mercury in Scorpio in 11th house
    o Square Neptune&East Point in Sagitarius in 12th house

    Pluto in Libra – is at the latest degree of the 10th house, almost on top of 11th cusp – has the following aspects:
    o Conjunction Mars in Libra in 11th house
    o Conjunction Pallas in Virgo in 10th house
    o Square Sagitarius in Capri in 1st house
    o Sextil Neptune in 12th house

    Pallas in Virgo has the following aspects:
    o Conjunction Pluto in Libra
    o Square Jupiter in Capri in 1st house
    o Sextil Neptune in Scorpio in 12th house
    o Quinc Vertex in Taurus in 5th house
    o Sextil Lilith in Scorpio in 12th house
    o Trine Priapus in Taurus in 6th house

    =>House 1st: from Sagitarius 14.02” to Capri 8.40”

    Jupiter in Capri has the following aspects:
    o Trine with MC and Venus in Virgo
    o Sextil Mercury in Scorpio at 11th house
    o Square Pluto in Libra at the end of 10th house almost in the cusp of the 11th house (libra)
    o Square Mars in Libra at 11th house

    I think it is also important to say that I have 4 planets and 2 asteroids in the 11th house but they are not in stellium: –

    Pluto conjunction Mars at the beginning of the house

    Uranus conjunction Sun and Demeter Trine Saturn in Gemini in the 7th house. And Uranus/Saturn/Demeter are also in sextil with ASC.
    o Mercury & Juno in conjunction in Scorpio sextil MC/Venus and Jupiter (1st)

    => I have Saturn in Gemini with trine Sun conjunction Uranus at 11th house (Libra).

    Thank you for the opportunity to share it with you.

    • Thanks for sharing–it’s a complex picture. Donna

  65. Hello! 🙂

    6th house is really not working for me and I am glad I have the opportunity to discuss it with you!

    My 6th house is in Saggittarius. Ruler-Jupiter- is in 4th house in Libra stellium, conjuncting Saturn, Pluto and Mercury.

    The one causing all the problems is Neptune. He is the focal point of a T-square with Sun (3rd) and Moon (9th). He is squaring MC, while that MC ison 29.17 Pisces, so also ruled by Neptune.

    Anyway, I am in my thirties, worked only a year and for free, volunteered. All this due to bad economy, fear that I have no experience and don’t know how to do anything (the story where it’s hard to gain experience when they only hire ppl with experience) and most importantky, long studying due to change of university, which is in line with MC in Neptune that doesn’t know what it wants to do.

    The job I did, was in a hospital. A psychologist on a psychiatric department.
    I graduated in Psychology.

    Is there any way out of this? I would really like to work. Also Saturn will transit 6th house next (now in 5th -got pregnant and gave birth).

    Considering health, nothinh major, but like hip pain, anemia, no energy etc

    Thank you for reading! 🙂

    • Shali, this isn’t the kind of issue that can be answered in the comment section, and you really need an astrological consultation. Now, clearly, finances would be an issue, so that would be hard to afford. I’m completely retired from doing consultations for many years.

      However, what you might consider is writing to Eileen McCabe, the advice columnist for Dell Horoscope Magazine. Her background in social work and 30 years in astrology is very similar to mine. In her monthly column, none of your identifying information is printed, and there’s no fee. For information abut how to do that, see the tab marked “advice” on the front page of this blog. (Feel free to tell her I suggested it.) Best wishes, Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you very much for your answer and advice! 🙂 I’ll try that! 🙂

        All the best,


  66. My H6 is rules by Sag- holding only N Chiron at 27 Sag

    N Jup is 13 Aries conjunct MC of 9 Aries

    My work has very often put me before the public


  67. Hi,

    I have a Uranus Pluto Conjunction in the Sixth House in the sign of Virgo. Capricorn MC. I have worked for 20 yrs. in a courthouse as a courtroom deputy. I always get good evaluations but have been told numerous times that I really should work for myself. I like the legal field but I am getting bored with job. North Node is in 6th house in Libra.

    Early part of my life was spent around hospitals. I was very close as a child to an uncle who was a quadriplegic. As a child one of my favorite memories of my uncle is that he would let me stand on the back of his electric wheelchair and give me rides. I hope to live to see the day where there is a cure for spinal injuries.

    Diagnosed with rare blood disease as teenager. I always thought this was linked with 12 house planets of Saturn, Venus and North Node in Aries. 12 house cusp is in Pisces.

    Seven years away from retirement and thinking about going back to school to study occupational therapy.

    The blog is very interesting and I enjoyed reading the comments.


  68. Mars and Venus conjunct in Gemini/6th, also Saturn in Gemini, but 5th house, and connex to Mercury in Aries/3rd house. I was a classical musician and teacher for many years, then moved into journalism. I’ve worked as a special ed substitute teacher, PR director, office lackey (wanted to pluck out my own eyeballs eith a staple remover), editor, writer, coach, solopreneur, library assistant. I’m reeeally into linguistics, performative learning and improvisation, and deep listening. I have a lot of mental and physical stamina — I can go hours working on crazy deadlines and forget to eat, drink, pee, etc., without too many negative effects, knock wood. Oh, and I’m a tiny bit competitive. Any surprises here? 😺

  69. I have no planets in the 6th house, but my 6th house spans from Virgo (Mercury in Taurus / 12th house or if you go with Chiron being Virgo’s ruler – Pieces / 11th) to Scorpio, totally engulfing Libra, which I think may be significant for the story I’m about to tell.

    I had two long-term partners in my life, from when I was 20 to 40 years old – 1 man, 1 woman. Both were workaholics, work being their first “drug of choice” to avoid themselves and their healing, alcohol being their second drug of choice.

    If I have correct birth time info, my first partner’s (man) 6th house is empty (cusp on Aries, Mars in Gemini / 7th), but my second partner (woman) had Pieces Sun, Moon and Jupiter all in the 6th house (along with their Venus in Capricorn in 4th house). We eventually split up because it was like pulling teeth to get her home from work. If she wasn’t actually working there, she were hanging out in the warehouse after work drinking beer, often with the CFO of the company. (very similar sorts of stories with my other ex)

    We even lived together and worked 3 blocks from each other for a while, which I thought was a great carpooling opportunity but I had to abandon that so I didn’t have to sit around after work watching her work or drink beer or begging and pleading with her to go home.

    I myself worked, was responsible, had a gleaming credit record, worked overtime when approved and needed, but never milked it. Myself, my parents and siblings all could work hard and smart but none of us were workaholics.

    This Pisces, being water element, also had no concept of time passing and acted like the world, the clock and whoever and whatever would just wait for them while she did whatever she wanted. She were also subtly controlling through passive aggression, always running late when we had plans, especially if she was coming from work.

    After we split up, I asked her out to dinner one evening. She said yes, but wanted to work-out after work. It was close to 5pm and I said I wanted to go for a walk, then shower, so no problem. But this time, I was not waiting for her. When I was ready I headed to the business district. As I was parking I get a call from her saying she was done working out but wanted to have a beer. Fine. I go find a restaurant. I sit down and place my order. She calls again saying she wanted to then go tanning. By the time she was standing next to me, looking like a little kid who thinks they’re in trouble, I was just handing back my signed credit card slip.

    But that seemed to cure her. She was never late again if we made plans or if she was, she didn’t wait for me to call her or for when she was actually late but instead called as soon as she knew she would be and it was not more than 10 – 15 minutes. Gee, if I’d only known years earlier that just not waiting for her would cure her of that. But I have no regrets no longer being in that relationship. I could observe (Gemini Sun) what was going on and we talked about it many times and yet language obviously wasn’t her language. I’m a very direct communicator myself (Mercury in Taurus) but had to read facial expression, body language and actions with her.

  70. Sixth house cusp is 29 degrees Leo with 0 degrees Pluto in Virgo in the 6th house. Mercury 28 degrees in Leo in the 5th conjuncts Pluto in the 6th. I’ve worked as postal worker, clerical work in a car dealership and real estate offices, medical transcriptionist, and tutor for school-aged kids. I’ve also experienced a good amount of workplace bullying.

  71. Empty 6th in Virgo. Mercury in Pisces in the 11th house.

    Aspects to Mercury:
    -Conjunct sun
    -Tight square to Gemini Mars in 2nd (chart ruler)
    -Sextile Uranus & Neptune/Juno from the 9th
    – Semi sextile Venus from the 12th.
    -Opposite 5th house Pallas in Virgo. ( forms t square with Mars/sun/merc)

    There are other aspects but these are the closest (at v most 2 degrees, most 1 or 0)

    Work history:

    -Have worked casually in hospitality since age 13 (now 24)
    – Post high school started working in a bar and became a manager after a year. (4 years here)
    -Now working as a farm insurance advisor (2 -3 years). But still doing casual hospitality work when desperately needed.

    Can’t seem to escape the ” service ” oriented jobs!!!! (Not for lack of trying!!!!)
    I am competent at what I do but do not love it . I am toying with the idea of charity work and am trying to earn money on the side via playing music. Having a lot of side jobs seems to be a theme here…

    Love reading about everyone’s 6th house! I have always glossed over mine since its empty but is interesting to consider when you have to write it down.

  72. my 6th house cusp is libra
    the ruler is in the 9th house
    i have a scorpio pluto & moon in the 6th house

    i have worked security most of the time in my life which i dont like

  73. Hello,
    What a great discussion! 🙂

    -Any planets in 6th house and their signs
    Mercury in Gemini and Venus in Cancer

    -The sign on the cusp of the 6th

    -The ruler of the sign on the cusp and the house it’s placed in
    Mercury is in Gemini in the 6th house conjunct Chiron. (Too much! haha)

    Mercury is also the ruler of the 9th in aspect to Uranus in Sagittarius in 12th:
    I did my bachelor in international relations…

    Venus is the ruler of my 10th house (with Pluto there) in aspect to Neptune in Capricorn in 12th.
    … and now I’m doing a master in public policy.

    I had many jobs and many of them for less than a 1 year.
    Hostess, business consultant, english and spanish teacher, translator, project assistant, saleswoman and astrologer.
    Most of the jobs were related to the attentive use of words and numbers.
    Perhaps only the hostess position was the most connected to the Venusian energy (I worked in a live performance and a cultural event).

  74. my dob is 9-5-1993, 5:54 am at haldwani uttarakhand india. can neone tell me about getting my first job.

  75. Mars conjunct Uranus & Neptune all in my saggitarius south node house 6!!!!!

    I’ve spent most of my adult life serving when working or escaping through international travel..

    Jobs been welder, maintenance man, concierge in flashy hotels, special needs teacher, and cranial sacral therapist..

    Im now 33 and still trying to find a job that suits me…I now know I will only work for myself or at least in some freelance way..

    Most recently I feel acupuncture may tick some of my lifestyle needs…

    I feel the need to serve and be action orientated..I suffer a lot from migraine and my energy can be sporadic with spells of weakness..

    The health and wellbeing side of life is defiantly my career of interest..

    • What an interesting group of occupations, Ross! Never gets boring, I’d imagine, with so many possibilities to draw from. Donna

  76. Pluto, Uranus, Fortuna and Vesta in the 6th House Libra

    I run a Sanctuary for abused, disabled and aging animals as well as a pet cemetery. Seems rather fitting.

  77. Hi Donna, I am late to the topic but hope this helps, I have Sun, Mercury, Venus Rx, and Neptune in Scorpio in the sixth. Scorpio’s ruler, Mars in Leo, squares Venus, MC is Aquarius, Saturn in the 9th. I worked as a surgical assistant and clinical counselor in woman’s clinics for 20 years. I see clients as a hypnotherapist and astrologer, teach online classes, I’m vegan and volunteer with dog, cat and house-rabbit rescue so I definitely agree with the importance of the sixth house.

    • Wonderful use of those 6th house planets, Inga!

  78. My 6th house cusp is in Pisces, with Neptune in Scorpio in the 2nd house (along with Mercury, Sun, & Venus). No planets in the 6th house. I’ve done many jobs, but never have been completely satisfied with my “career”, but needing to pay the bills! I thought it would be helpful to name the careers chronologically, since our life’s story unfolds that way. I have a BA with a major in Art (Libra rising), worked part-time jobs while in school: Cleaning an office, odd home-repair jobs, waitress/hostess, retail in computer/vacuum store, clerical, farm labor. First career as a Goldsmith, moved to new area and worked in medical office and accounting clerk for casino (while looking for another jewelry job), retail sales in jewelry, then laid off and went back to school for teaching credential. While in school did waitressing/cook and 21 dealer in casino, where I received two promotions – one to teach customers how to play table games and the other to Pit-Boss (casino floor supervisor). I stayed at the casino for awhile after I finished my teaching credential. It took 5 years for me to find a teaching job (after moving to be with my now ex-husband and moving to a different state). One bizzare situation after another, lead me to leave my teaching job after 5 years. I then was an education coordinator for a non-profits training program and was laid off after only 6 months. The only job I could get after that was an Outside Sales position at a local newspaper (desperate times, call for desperate measures!) I divorced my ex-husband and moved to the major city in my state and took temp jobs until I landed a job in Human Resources which changed into an HR Technical Writing position. Laid off again right before the 2008 resession and was forced to move in with parents in a very small area with even more limited opportunities. I took another Outside Sales job, this time for a small local radio station, a position I still hold (though I would rather not, but love the freedom and have a great boss!)
    I’m an amateur astrologer, just using astrology to better understand myself, but am curious as to why, with Mercury, Neptune, Sun, & Venus in Scorpio, in my 2nd house, I haven’t done Scorpio careers. I have Jupiter conjunct Chiron in Pisces in the 5th house – which may account for the Elementary Teaching and Casino jobs. I have no planets in Taurus, though it rules the 2nd house and may account for my Goldsmith, Jewelry Sales jobs. If you’re wondering, I have no planets in my 10th house, but the North Node is there in Leo but the MC is in Cancer.
    My Uranus (rules radio broadcasting and mass media like newspapers) is in Virgo in the 11th house conjunct Pluto by 7 deg. And my Mercury (rules communication, teaching, mass media, Sales, and writing is in Scorpio in the 2nd house) Gemini is mostly in the 9th house with no planets residing there – both in Gemini and the 9th house.
    There is a strong Mercury/Gemini theme in my jobs overall, but ironically both the 9th & 3rd houses have no planets and the cusp of the 3rd house is in Sagittarius. This leads me to think that the Sidereal system is more accurate than Tropical, since My MC is in Gemini and IC in Sagittarius in my Sidereal Natal chart.

    • What an array of careers! Pisces/Neptune is the dominant part of the picture,in part because Neptune is part of that 2nd house stellium. An outer planet like Neptune can dominate a stellium and be stronger than the sign (here, Scorpio). Donna

      • Ah ha, that makes more sense! Neptune has been slippery for me, I’m still wrapping my brain around this boundless, elusive planet. So, you would consider my Mercury, Neptune, Sun, Venus a stellium, even though the personal planets represent 3 of the 4? Their positions are 8-46′, 13-23′, 17-36′, and 21-23′ Scorpio (all in order from Mercury to Venus).

      • Yes, I would, since there are four plants altogether. But just Sun, Mercury, Venus would not be. It’s also a string of conjunctions (rolling conjunction) since each one is less than 10 degrees from the one on either side. Welcome to Stellium Land. Donna

      • Thanks Donna, that helps!

  79. Hi Donna and all,

    I have Scorpio on my 6th house cusp with Sag intercepted and Jupiter in the 6th in Capricorn. Neptune (ruler of Scorpio) is in my 5th house. In high school my first jobs were in retail and cleaning my dance teacher’s house. I then worked as a waitress for several years, as a playground supervisor for kids in summer camp and more retail jobs. My first “real” job out of college was as a speaker/admissions counselor and recruiter for a private university and involved travel, which I always attributed to 6th house Sag.

    From there I went to law school and worked for a judge for 5 years doing research and writing, getting to the heart of the legal matter–Scorpio-like? I’m not sure. After I left the law I did contract-basis travel writing for 3 years for a PR travel company. Soul searching prompted a life-changing nighttime dream (Neptune) that initiated a stint of stand-up comedy. From there I did trainings in Expressive Arts Therapy and Soul Coaching, started leading Artist’s Way group workshops out of my home, while raising my daughters as a ‘full-time’ mom. Self-employment in the healing arts expanded from there. Now I’m an Intuitive Life Coach, Speaker/Spiritual Teacher and Author of The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart’s True Calling. I do deep healing work with my clients–Scorpio again, I imagine?

    I wonder if the stint as a lawyer was precipitated by the little bit of Capricorn I have in my 6th and also my 7th house cusp. I have also coached a number of lawyers in my current practice.

    Many times as a self-employed person I’ve been tempted to get a job for better cash flow and more financial certainty. With Leo in the 2nd I have found it very challenging to try things to grow my business and not get results. I notice I want continual positive feedback and that is rare (although I do love my connections with my clients).

    I’ve contemplated part-time work to supplement my income but I’m not good at splitting my focus (Sun, mercury and venus in the 12th in Gemini, maybe?). I just learned today that my Gemini planets are intercepted too and that this means they don’t have the power they would have otherwise, which was discouraging to learn) In any case, I seem to throw myself into whatever I do, hence the challenge with trying to have a business and a job. When I have contemplated getting a job though, I always seem to be drawn to University (higher education) and health care settings (possibly a hospital).

    I love my coaching/teaching and writing work but wearing all hats gets old. I’m still trying to figure out what I could be wildly successful at that also turns me on spiritually and mentally and allows me ample free time to play.

    Thanks for this great thread!

  80. Recently I had a client come for an astrology chart and I was quite excited because both he and I have Mars in Capricorn in the 6th house so I was looking forward to an interesting talk. I began with saying that this Mars is perfectionistic and can be a workaholic, likes to run things with military precision and adores organization on the job. We sometimes handle knives, guns, and cutting instruments and often bear the scars as well. We can get ourselves into dangerous situations on the job or off and may endanger our health either through the work we do or through our own health routines. We frequently suffer from GI distress (IBS) and need to learn the ins and outs of restricted diet and probiotic usage. Some of us are skilled in healing ourselves and others and make our own diagnosis. On the other hand we may suffer from inefficient doctors and should be very careful about surgery and prescription drugs. If we are not ambitious for work we are completely the opposite, depending upon the aspects to our Mars and transits at the time. Therefore we fluctuate between being over-employed and unemployed. I’ve worked for the military, argued with bosses and co-workers and doctors and cleaned up after pets since I was old enough to handle a shovel. We are ambitious and may become the bosses favourite or take his or her job away. We feel better when we are up and working and deteriorate when we sit around. We do anything to keep busy including walking and biking and other exercise. This client admitted that he was a member of the police force and everything I told him about Mars in the sixth house was true.

    • You’ve really tuned into the sterling and not so sterling qualities of Mars in Capricorn, Maureen. If I’m not mistaken, Mars is supposed to be “exhaulted” in Capricorn, meaning it’s at its best. Donna Cunningham

  81. I just came across this article and can chime in since the 6th house seems to be a significant part of my chart. I have Pluto and my Vertex conjunct in Libra in the 6th with the cusp at 1deg Libra. My Sun is also in the 6th at 2deg Scorpio. I have my North Node in Virgo in the 5th along with Saturn. My MC is Capricorn and all my planets are located in the 4th-8th houses (Leo through Sag signs) except Chiron conjunct my AC in Taurus in the 12th). Uranus, Mercury, Venus and Mars form a Scorpio Stellium/conjunction in the 7th conjunct my DC and square my moon in Leo on the 5th house cusp.

    I’ve been reading about matters of physics, physiology, psychology and metaphysics for fun since I could first pick up a book. I read Time Life’s Atlas of the Human Body cover to cover when I was 7. It sat on my nightstand next to Goodnight Moon. I was drawn in two directions in college – majoring in the social and behavioral sciences or in physical therapy. During college I was personally transformed by a wilderness leadership experience and decided that’s where the healing was happening for me so that’s the way I felt called to be of service – to create healing and transformative experiences for myself and others. I’ve been guiding and teaching youth and adults outdoors for nearly 20 years. I also never let go of the other path, which feels more like the one I will age with and develop in my life’s second half – I have a private practice in massage therapy and hands on healing work.

    Now if I could only find a PARTNER…(Ahem, 7th house stellium…)…=)

    Thanks for your wonderful articles, books and guidance.

    • Welcome to Skywriter, Cori. It sounds like your work will continually evolve, but definitely be rewarding. Donna Cunningham

      • Hi Donna, I also had a questions that came up when I was reading a different post but I can’t recall which one at the moment so I’ll post here. I read somewhere else that Uranus is exalted in Scorpio, yet I noticed on one of your blog posts that aquarius and Scorpio are thought to be intensely incompatible. What is the thinking behind both of these being true?


      • I can’t imagine why Uranus would be considered at its best in Scorpio–it sounds like a potentially volatile combination to me. At its very worst, Scorpio can be vengeful and hold a grudge forever, and at its very worst, Uranus can be explosive. I’m not saying that everyone with Uranus in Scorpio would be like that. Obviously, it would depend on a lot of other chart factors and on transits that might trigger it.

        Donna Cunningham

  82. Well, I wouldn’t put that potential past myself. =). I could also see how the positives of both hold equal potency. Here’s one of many places I’ve read of such the exaltation being the “standard” or traditional interpretation.

  83. Im a 6 house virgo cusp. 3 planets in 6 house, mars, saturn and pluto, all in the sign of scorpio. The ruling planet of my virgo cusp is mercury in saturn on my capricorn midheaven.

    Relation to health : accident when 19, ankles crushed and broken spine, otherwise, athletic body, good health when young, energy, sports, horseriding. Now 32, recovered from accident but lower energy, i have to take extra good care of my health, yoga, vegetarian, rest (which i have trouble accomplishing). Otherwise, despite my injuries, i am healthy and happy.

    Relation to work and service:
    Unstable work. Have not had a real work since the accident. I have studied on university, lingustics, but i didnt like it, i felt awkward and different, subject was too analytical and sciency. I worked as a kid, from 12 years till 19. Shopkeeping, library, etc. I have a 3 year old daughter, she is my world, 5 planets in taurus ❤ I love to write, play music, sing and anything mysterious and out of this world and in it 😉 my dream is to be able to make my own business offering workshops and working with music, healing and spirituality. Now im starting on business school for one year.. hmm, what? So not me :o) Living easy and in tune with nature and each other, thats my dream.

    • Thanks for joining in with such a thorough review. Donna

  84. I’m a bit late but I thought I’d join in the conversation, if only to help and provide extra information! 🙂

    I have in my 6th house: Sun, Neptune, Saturn and Uranus all close to each other and all in Capricorn, as well as Venus in Sagittarius. My 6th house starts in Sagittarius. Furthermore, my Jupiter is in Taurus in the 11th house.

    At work: I’m a self-employed illustrator, designer and creative consultant. I work mainly from home and enjoy my work a lot. I like a lot the spontaneous and changing nature of the work as every new project I undertake is different from the previous one. I do admit liking the work for the work itself, but also seek to provide a service.

    My challenge in work is to find a way to get more money for the services I offer. I know I’m very skilled at what I do, I just have some trouble asking for the right price confidently at times. I’m getting better at it, but it’s still a work in progress as the fear of being rejected creeps in. I also want to help everyone, which is not always profitable for the business haha

    My health: I’m healthy, never had any major incidents or accidents except twisting both ankles as a kid. My flat feet sometimes cause me some minor discomfort/pain but that’s pretty much it, really. I’m very health oriented and have been vegetarian since 2006 at the age of 17. I walk every day at least 1-2 miles or more. When very stressed, headaches, allergic reactions, intestinal cramps and acid reflux show up, but I take it as a sign from my body that I need to slow down and rest, which I always ultimately do. And then it disappears.

    • Hi, Tina. This may surprise you, but you are part of a very rare generation, born in the late 1980s to early 1990s with a stellium in Capricorn. A stellium is formed when there are four or more planets in the same sign or house. This particular combination of slower moving planets (Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune) only occurs once in about 620 years, but about 438 million people around the globe were born with it. Go to for more information.

      Also, my ebook on stelliums has a chapter devoted to your generation and lots of tools for analyzing that part of your chart. It sounds like you are using it ver well in your work. Donna Cunningham

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