Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 17, 2015

Positive Uses of Neptune in Pisces–Update

(c) by Donna Cunningham, 4-17-15

A few months back, I asked my readers to share the positive ways they were using transits by Neptune in Pisces.  The responses were quite uplifting….most of the time.  Some used it as a gripe session, which wasn’t quite the point. I’m very sorry if you’re drowning in a Neptunian sea right now, and, yes, it can sometimes be very painful.  However, one way to move out of a state like that is to learn ways of using Neptune well and focus on them while avoiding the less constructive expressions.

It’s a process, like most transits.  What often happens in the early stages is that you bottom out on self-sabotaging ways you’ve been using the natal planet that’s being transited and in the matters of the house being affected.  Typically, you’re burned out and it’s too hurtful to keep on doing that, but you feel stuck–a sense of stagnation.  You don’t know how you can possibly get to the other side without disturbing the status quo too much, risking important relationships, or taking steps that you’re absolutely certain you’re not up to.

So you may retreat into a negative Neptune funk, escaping, getting into some sort of addictive pattern like spending too much, eating too much, or playing computer games or watching old movies endless hours every day.  Those sorts of responses are common during the early  stages of Neptune transits, as it takes time to get the clarity and courage to take the next step.

Meantime, it’s helpful to explore the positive ways of using Neptune.  Maybe in some of them you’ll find new inspiration and uplifting things to focus on rather than the misery. Things like spiritual pursuits, inspirational reading, creative outlets, volunteer work, music, art, dancing, or tai chi.

For me, it’s swimming. It’s therapy and meditation all wrapped up into one. I could be brooding or wallowing in self-pity, but an hour in the pool, and I’m back on track.

The thing I am completely burned out on, I hesitate to reveal, is writing.   Not blogging, mind you, but the type of totally focused writing and year-long commitment that it takes to write a book. Transiting Neptune is squaring my three early Gemini planets, while transiting Saturn is opposite them.  I guess after 40 years of writing and publishing articles and books, it’s time to take a break.

In trying to find what to do with myself now that I’m almost completely retired, I’ve started taking art classes.  I doubted that I had even a smidgeon of talent, based on  clumsy doodles in the past, but I do love art.  And, as serendipity would have it, my senior building had gotten  a grant to fund a free class and art materials.

fish-color--sm-donnaHere’s a drawing from a few months ago.  I can’t share one of my newer drawings yet, as I’m having a lot of trouble getting used to my new computer and may have to buy a new art program. (The picture is fitting for Neptune in Pisces anyway! And,no, I’m not fishing for compliments!)

But, based on six months of drawing classes, everyone who sees it seems to find the work  good and with a distinctive style of my own.  I don’t quite believe them, but some of them are people who wouldn’t lie to me.

Last night, my fellow students from the building and I actually had an art exhibit/chili dog dinner for our neighbors. (The tree frog drawing is one of mine.) Some of the other residents who do arts and crafts showed their work as well.  It was an amazing event, and I feel joyful about this new way of using my Neptune.

art show--drawings2 sm

Here’s a link to the original post, and do check out the comment section there to read what other readers are doing to make this transit a positive one.  Then share here–or there–your thoughts about how to get to the uplifting part of Neptune in Pisces.

How Are You Using the Strengths of Neptune in Pisces?


  1. I appreciate a reminder! What are the dates of this transit? thank you!!

    • From now to the end of eternity. No, seriously, I’d guess for bout 10 years total, but it only affects you directly when it makes an aspect to a natal planet or angle. Donna

      • Uh-Oh! That might be to the end of my natural life!! Good reminder, Donna, for me to throw this into the mix of what I am coming to understand about this stage of my life (and the FIRST stage of my life)! What would life be without learning? Great posts, thanks!

  2. I have the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Pisces in my 5th house. Venus is square Neptune in Sagittarius in the 2nd and Neptune rules my 6th. I’m currently taking creative writing classes at The Gotham Writers Workshop here in New York. I’m also studying medical astrology and reiki. Creativity, healing work and bonding with my 7year old daughter, whose Moon is in Pisces, has been doing wonders for me. Grounding myself has always been an issue, and during this transit it has been particularly difficult. My boyfriend died suddenly last November (Venus in Pisces as well) so it’s been rough. Going to museums, listening to Bjork and creative expression has done wonders.

  3. Thank you for this article. The description of the different phases of coping resonate for me. Neptune was squaring my MC/IC for a good while, creating lots of deception in the workplace. Now I am leaving Neptune opp Pluto and entering Neptune trine Neptune. I am very Neptunian anyway and I love creating and appreciating art. Love your drawing BTW. I also love escaping and found this new computer game Fishdom: Depths of time, which features maintaining and decorating aquariums. It is also mystical and the decorations move! So Neptune and so me. Have you ever written about astrology and aging or midlife? As I was typing this idea came to me?

    I am semiretired and really hankering for a new direction as I am still too young to sit here all day and can relate to your predicament. How is your moon aspected lately? You do not have to address this here but I thought I would brainstorm a bit for you?



    • fishdom? Cool, I’ll have to pass that along to my Pisces friend who had to let go of her aquarium a few months back. My favorites are Lettergarden, kind of solitare scrabble at high speeds.

      And this one would be fun for astrology folks, especially for newbies still learning the glyphs–Majong Slide.

    • Pluto and Uranus have been aspecting my moon for a very long time and not done yet. Private, family stuff, but while I had expected disaster, I visited and found it all amazingly good, lots of healing since last visited, and all on a positive growth pattern. Donna

      • Happy to hear it Donna. Thought aspects to your moon since you have Cancer sun, may be clues to new activities for you going forward. peace, Linda

      • No, since my Moon is on my Midheaven, it is instead a progressive ending of many pieces of my career. By choice.

  4. With Neptune in Virgo 12 degrees in the 4th, Saturn in Pisces in the 10th in a T-square with my Sun in 9 degrees Gemini in the 12th, transiting Neptune is conjunct natal Saturn, opposite natal Neptune and square my Sun.. I would like to go into detail but it is a long, dusty, hazy, misty, foggy story involving some of my adult children, and an adult grand daughter. I’ll just say I have found I cannot trust them any more due to alcohol and drug use on their part. And yes, part of this comes from my own self-deception in believing I could trust them. I hope I have learned my lesson.

  5. Plus 5 degrees of Pisces/Virgo are the cusps of the 4th and 10th. I have Cancer 1 degree on the Ascendant.

  6. Neptune transiting in my 12th house moon ascendent, i have been utilizing this transit by getting deeply interested studying astrology. Being connected with astrology and dreams have been very active. Some psychic emphatic activity. I can feel and persuade emphatically. Shouldn’t persuade evade.

  7. Reblogged this on Venus In The Fifth.

  8. Astrology..I have self taught mostly with formal lessons in between startn seriously in 2011 and am now totally immersed..I love it.Amongst th various crises in th meantym my saving grace is astrology..helps me t understand the “whys” of this world I no longer go crazy askng myself “why me”.And Im loving th summer music festivals that are on offer around th country..I can’t wait till nxt Summer to get amongst it.

  9. Neputune is transiting my sixth house. I’m in a job I’ve had for almost seven years and am dying to get out, but I feel like I’m trapped! Fortunately, Neptune makes good aspects to most of my natal chart. I only have about eight years of work left before retirement, and it all feels hopeless, but I will persevere!

  10. I’m happier than I’ve ever been – an inner contentment after a long period of inner discontent. I’ve finally been able to let go and exit gracefully from a long period of a particular public role – got to the point where I’d rather watch paint dry. Efforts in my day job are finally paying off after 3+ years of slogging away and it turns out that’s just what’s needed right now by management.

    Serendipity rocks. I’m having the time of my life which as an outer planet person I’d not anticipated. Also losing slowly a lot of weight after purchasing an electric assisted bike six months back. Fabulous moving meditative space. I have natal Neptune in Scorpio rising with Libra Ascendant
    Transiting Neptune is towards the end of my 4th house.

  11. Reporting/dissolving directly from Impatiens flower essence bath, with Stravinski’s Le Sacre du Printemps on speakers, after a Zumba class.

    I recently launched another “Double-Plated Seahorse” submarine operation (Scorpio Rising, 4th Pisces retro Chiron, 8th Cancer Sun) with the current Neptunian wave opposing my Virgo MC. Hypnosis and Point-Zero therapies were used to figure out who was the Pluto+Mars player/atomic wound up there, a well-kept secret guarded by Scorpio retro Neptune conjunct ascendant.

    The operation was successful. A 48-year old buried memory (“silencing contracts” are such powerful consciousness seals!!) revealed an occulted child abuse which was immediately “fore-given” to the Higher Self. The breach of integrity was repaired. The body is tired, still adjusting and detoxifying on a cellular level. So I am currently nursing a 4 year-old back into adulthood (lots of chocolate, Kung Fu Panda movie, EFT, carte blanche on cultural events, etc.). Connection with HS is more fluent.

    Owning a cleaned-up Pluto+Mars energy feels intense. I might “plutonicize” myself just by looking at my own gaze in the mirror! Excellent for boundary setting on the energy and earthian planes, as well as for laser-focus lucidity.

    I am redoing my chart by hand, with tighter orbs (kind of an astrological make-over), and got rid of some trines and squares to which I honestly could not relate. Added arrows to the aspects lines give a sense of the energy flow between emitting and receiving planets: fun astrological plumbing, turning my chart into a colorful mandala. I might even stick my face in the middle, some kind of me-me Uranus in Aries wink?

    As for more Neptunian humour, I recently found out that the Sabian symbol for my Scorpio 14th degree is: Telephone linesmen at work installing new connections… ;o). Double-Plated P+M powered submarine Seahorse out.

  12. I have been enjoying the energy of Neptune in Pisces as it transits through my sixth house. Herbalism and homeopathics, exploring the everyday sacred through Zen mediation, and finding outlets to offer compassion to my community–it has been very fulfilling, so far. I have made an effort to stay on top of doctors’ appointments, though, because at 46 I am not going to take chances the way I used to.

    I feel like I was prepared for this, though, by insistent Pluto transiting over my Sun a couple of years ago and igniting a chain reaction of transformations in my life, and Uranus transiting my Moon and awakening a desire to embrace the out-of-the-ordinary. It is as if the outer planets each have their own agenda, but work together at the same time.

  13. Dear Donna, I just want to Thank You endlessly for all you give to all of us, and to the whole world, with your eloquence, expertise, wisdom, compassion, and humor. I thank Heaven for the day you found your “star” in casting your horary chart for your life’s purpose, and became the most illuminating astrologer ever! I’ve got Neptune transiting my 2nd house and opposing my Virgo Moon in 8th, Pluto running over my Ascendant — I’m actually feeling slightly sane again after reading many of your infinitely helpful articles and books, and enjoying your sweet and soothing drawings. Thank you. Wishing you every blessing always!

    • Dear Abby, I’m glad you enjoy my work. This is the wonderful thing about blogging–the direct connection with my readers. Donna

  14. Neptune under attack – end of September 2015. With Jupiter in Virgo oppose Neptune in Pisces and Saturn in Sagittarius completing the T-square, we start off the school year with a lot of disgruntled students, dragging their feet (Saturn in Sagittarius). Pisces, doesn’t want to be bothered with philosophy or religion, unless it has an emotional overtone to it and seems lost in the clouds (Neptune in Pisces), avoiding real issues. Jupiter in Virgo makes promises about all the work that it’s going to do and then finds excuses why it can’t show up for the job. Seems to boil down to a lot of confusion. I am noticing many of my Pisces musician/artist friends and relatives withdrawing – dropping out of sight, losing contact. This is strange and not a good sign, that they would act this way. With Saturn square Neptune can we suspect some mental illness/psychological turmoil going on in their lives and if so, what can we do for them? Hopefully Mars won’t connect with this T-square so drugs don’t become a problem, even if through mistakes made in dosing medications. As this long term influence continues (Saturn square Neptune, especially), watch your Pisces loved ones and maybe make an impromptu visit, just to check on them and see how they’re doing.

  15. This is a very interesting call for us ti be positive constructive and grateful !

    Needless to say I am very affected.
    Neptune is me. Natally conjunct AS and trine + sextile the 2 co-rulers of the AS Scirpio, one of them being Mars in… Pisces. The other is Pluto in Virgo exactly opposing Mars in Pisces at 22 degres. In Pisces i also have Mercury at 2 extactly opposed to Virgo Jupiter, and Chiron at 26 of Pisces. And FC at 14 Pisces.
    So how do i live this Neptunian transit?

    First by drowning because Moon is at the begining of Gemini and received the square.
    It was tough because Pluto and Uranus both were also affecting other personal planets and/or angles. So i went through a deep long crisis and i am still in the process of bouncing back. It’s very intricate as you can imagine.

    In short the positive part of Neptune in the crisis was certainly to call me to

    – have a less rigid and conventional vision of my spiritual path and open doors for a more intuitive approach, with the prospect of being creative in that field for my own development (while i otherwise love my tradition as a tradition –Tibetan Buddhism)

    – realise that my spirituality is about being truer and more compassionate to… myself. That’s a big big huge thing because i had a blind spot there. I am Aqyariuus Sun Gemini Moon and that has not proved to be the best combination for deep feeling if self love. (i may thank my Saturn in H5 squaring Venus for that ?)

    – decide to be creative full stop. Resumed drawing and dancing which have been hobbies decades ago. Looking firward to invest more energy into that but the whole crisis does dusrupt my energy level a lot)

    – realise i need to take care of my body so… resumed Chiqong and started yoga. And this with the rest as above is an excellent evolution much much needed.

    I could go on and on. But Pluto and Uranus have been contributing a lot too. And its not over…

    Thanks Donna

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