Posted by: Donna Cunningham | April 30, 2015

Amazing Finds as a NASA spacecraft Crashed on the Planet Mercury Today

NASA’s MESSENGER spacecraft crashed into Mercury on April 30th, ending a years-long mission that made many unexpected discoveries about the innermost planet. The Science News summarizes some of MESSENGER’s most surprising finds at this link:


  1. Mercury bashing as we prepare for the retrograde.

  2. Wow! Thank You. I always knew (felt) Mercury was magnetic somehow and to find out there’s a dynamo in there and the planet is contracting, Wow! And the info. comes out when Mercury is in Gemini, holy cow!

  3. Thanks for the link, Donna. Mercury is beautiful! I love that it has a tail – this
    makes me think of the wings on the god Mercury’s feet and hat.

    • Yes, and that the spacecraft was named messenger, and the god, Mercury, was the messenger. Donna

    • That’s wonderful symbolism about the tail, margaretdt. Too bad we can’t have a photo of that. Thanks for the article, Donna!

  4. The event proves that mercury is magnetic. More due to its proximity to sun

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