Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 23, 2015

Mercury at a Standstill–How to Handle It

©5-23-2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I always say I’m not going to write any more articles about Mercury Retrograde, but here I am again.  My regular readers know that I take the prevailing hysteria about it with a grain of salt—well, more like a whole shaker full of salt.  Too many people make these retrogrades sound like some terrifying boogie man, and I think they’re just addicted to high drama.

My approach is more sensible, I like to think. I double check everything I do during that time, hold up on major outreach, don’t start major projects, and back up my computer after every writing session.

And I capitalize on those periods by working on what I call my Mercury retrograde projects—usually involving revisions of things I’ve already written. (Follow the links at the end of this article to see how you can create a project of your own.)

How Mercury Stationary Complicates Matters

Here’s something I haven’t written about before, however, and that’s how to handle the days at the beginning and end of the period, when Mercury is at a standstill. It can remain at the same degree for several days and sometimes as long as a week. This time around, Mercury is stationary turning retrograde at 13° of Gemini from 5/15 to 5/23/15. It turns direct again at 5° Gemini and remains at that degree from 6/6 to 6/15/15.

I would venture to guess that a good number of the horror stories we hear about Mercury retrograde actually happen within the stationary periods themselves, when Mercury isn’t moving at all.  In the past few days, at the peak of this first of two stations in Gemini, I’ve heard complaints from several non-astrology people about severe hassles they’re experiencing in their work.

They’re complaining that they’re spending all day trying to get ONE piece of work done. Saving something and then finding out that it’s not all there. Odd disappearances of files they worked on until late at night. Trying unsuccessfully for hours to get in touch with someone far away that they need to hear from in order to fix a problem in their software.

The point here is not whether Mercury is hurtling along but in retrograde motion. IT’S THAT MERCURY ISN’T MOVING AT ALL—NOR ARE THEIR TASKS AT WORK.

What I advised them is what I instinctually do when something I’m working at comes to a standstill. NOTHING! LEAVE IT BE!

If you’ve tried something several times that day and it’s just not happening, shut it down and leave it for a day or two before you pick it up again. Otherwise you’ll just keep spinning your wheels and getting more and more frustrated.

When that happens, even without looking at the ephemeris, I realize that the timing is off and that the third time or the fourth time or the fifth time won’t work out any better than the first or the second.  So, of it happens to you, walk away for now, and if the boss asks you why, tell him an astrologer said so. Well, maybe not.

As I see it, it’s not Mercury that’s creating problems for us, it’s that all too human tendency to try to force things through that aren’t working, rather than to step back and think the situation over.

What’s Special about the Current Mercury Retrograde Period

As a writer with four planets in Gemini including natal Mercury, I’m pretty psyched about this particular Mercury Retrograde period, as it will highlight each of those stellium planets several times, quite an uptick in Mercury energy.

In addition, Mercury is in Gemini this year from April 30th to July 9th, a total of 71 days. If you’re a writer or if you aren’t but need to get lots of writing done, climb on this rare gift and work it for all it’s worth!

Naturally, there are Mercury-related things I wouldn’t do during any retrograde period, but especially in Mercury-ruled Gemini. I’ve been engrossed for a month in a long needed overhaul of my ebook website, Moon Maven Publications.  My designer, Susanne Bird-Harris is doing an incredible job, and I’m very excited about it. I’m even planning a virtual housewarming when it opens, complete with door prizes and virtual champagne.

The process was going along really well, and it looked like we could launch the new site on June 1st. But then I saw that Mercury would be retrograde. For a WRITER (Mercury) to launch a website then for the purpose of sales (Mercury) of her books (Mercury) would be sheer idiocy.

Suzanne was also concerned—she’s had dozens of website or blog clients who were astrologers, through word of mouth referrals, so she’s used to hearing about Mercury retrograde and uses that information in planning her work. We decided to postpone the launch until Mercury is direct and moving along at a good clip.

CareerChoicesChallenges-cvrIf you’re a Skywriter subscriber, you’ll get your invitation to the mid-June launch and a glass of that virtual bubbly.

So what I’m doing with this extra-special Mercury retrograde is to buckle down and work on editing and revising a collection of about 30 previously-published vocational astrology articles. Entitled Career Choices and Challenges: an Astrological Guide, it should be out in late fall.

Because we needed a cover for it for my new website, here’s one that Suzanne made for me. (Read about her services here: WebsitesInWP: Building success, not just WP websites.)

How about you, Readers?  Do you have a Mercury Retrograde Project in process and how is it going? Or, can you think of one? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  1. Just what I needed to hear! Thanks

  2. Hi Donna,
    Great post as always and your revised guide sounds wonderful. Now I am not sure if this was deliberate to drive home the point, but, there are repeats of a few paragraphs in your post, starting with:

    Suzanne was also concerned—she’s had dozens of website or blog clients who were astrologers, through word of mouth referrals, so she’s used to hearing about Mercury retrograde. We decided to postpone the launch until Mercury is direct and moving along at a good clip.

    I thought you would want to know 😉

    take care,

    • SOOOO Mercury station-arius! I actually fixed that once and yet it came back. Thanks for giving me a heads up, Linda! Donna

      • you are welcome.
        was not sure if you planted it there for your readers to discover as an example of the station. 🙂

  3. Reblogged this on Grandtrines.

  4. Hi Donna,
    I am a student at Kepler and enjoyed your books this semester and love your emails.
    I have Mercury Stationary in my chart and on the day Mercury went stationary we were to have an open house to sell our home from 12-3. That day, I happened to check to make sure it was listed at 10:45 am and noticed it changed to 11-1 and we had no foreknowledge of the change nor even knew Mercury was preparing to retrograde. No problem, we were ready, and had a good laugh about it.
    Joyce M. Bunting

  5. Yes this retrograde Mercury is a bummer. The first day it was stationary I got a virus in my computer. I got it fixed but none the less it happened. Right now I am planning to go to a conference in Toronto but I am not receiving answers from the place where I plan to stay. Again this is all Mercury!

  6. Retrograde Mercury certainly didn’t prevent you from writing an excellent post about it (minor glitches notwithstanding)!

    • My current project is revision #3 of the novel I am working on, and it’s going well – a very Mercury retrograde project.

      • You go, Girl! Milk this retrograde for all it’s worth! Donna

    • Thanks a bundle, Margaret! Donna

  7. 5 Gem conjunct natal Merc & Part of Death/Separation and 13 Gem conj natal Venus and Ophelia asteroid..not t mention 1Gem conj natal Sun and Karma..all in my 10H (mid Taurus rule).Am takn yr advice t jst do nothing..dnt force or try fix it..thanks Donna.

  8. Thanks Donna – finding this post this evening is great reassurance and reminder that the universe is mainly spot on. I have an observation to share – I have passed a test of will today, a test that has stymied me over much of 56 years on this planet. Graduation and acknowledgement come with fatigue and release as Mercury moves. The stationary point before the move into retrograde can offer us the time and chance to rework an old problem, and find a better solution.

    It is far more joyful to see the backward movement of Mercury as opportunity to retrace the places we have been stuck, and use the momentum to find a better path. No fear, no worry, no frustration, just acceptance and gratitude for another chance to face our issues, and
    pass the test.


    • Thanks for sharing your progress, Bobbi. The will does get stronger–and wiser-as we work consciously on it. Great work! Donna

  9. Thanks for writing this. I learn well by reading your articles, when I make time to.

  10. Reblogged this on April Sky.

  11. God, now I know why I could get no writing done last week. Hope this week is better as I have a conference on 5 – 6 June (lousy timing) and I cannot put it off any longer.

    • Hmm. My advice would be to spend some time pulling together pieces you’ve already written–old notes and such–take time also to just think and plan, as in just a bit, it will start coming together. Good luck on the conference! Donna

  12. Donna!
    I planned and created a Webinar Course of Three Modules three classes in each: on material I have been working with for years, as you know . . . ‘Astrology, Mythology and the Psyche’ . . . It began yesterday, the 24th, and no glitches . . . BUT I actually did a mini seminar of 4 hrs instead of 2.5 hrs . . . and I didn’t realize it. I was looking at my clock incorrectly! So, I have to laugh. Thank goodness no one ‘walked out’!! Your project of a new ebook is great, and I look forward to it!
    Cheers, Erin

    • Walk out??? Erin, I’d be surprised if you didn’t have to beg them to leave! Donna

  13. Ha ha Donna! That’s great . . . feeling better already!

  14. Hmm…Donna, could you please tell me how mercury rx affects a gemini?
    And what would you suggest when it’s inevitable to START a new project. (e.g exams, diploma paper,etc.) I am in the middle of my diploma paper – but the thing is, I started that a year now it’s more like a follow-up.(hard to get my mind to work…)
    But communication and devices are all CRAZY. As usual during this time, at least for me.
    Also ex-called and we talked a lot about health matters. Isn’t mercury so obvious? 🙂 I have gemini on 5th and 6th house, mercury rx was transiting my 5th.

    • Well, because it rules Gemini and it’s retrograde in Gemini this time, it should have more effect on Geminis or people who, like me, have natal Mercury in Gemini. (I have four planets total in that sign.) At least, that’s what I’m counting on, because, yes it is likely to activate our Mercurial traits more than other people, so we’re more directly stimulated by it–more likely to get us wired and mentally hyper.

      But also, I would think many of us would have more expertise in using its energies than, say, someone with Mercury in a fixed sign like Taurus, so we have the potential to accomplish more.

      One thing I notice about transits from fast moving planets like Mercury or Jupiter to my Gemini planets is that I start getting restless and bored. I always have a really low threshold for boredom. Boredom is trouble! I want something more for mental stimulation, and thus transits like these push me into hunting for something new.

      I’m aways excited when I see that Jupiter is coming to Gemini, and I’m always pretty disappointed, because I wind up being bored. But that pushes me to expand mentally or in my writing in a new direction. It’s a good thing, eventually, but I don’t experience the sense of expansion and excitement I’d expect under a Jupiter transit. Donna

  15. Wow, you are a trully geminian-influenced, Donna! 🙂 But with all the great information on blogs, it’s not surprising, your blogs are of so much help!!
    not to mention the calculation sheet for planet scores.
    Very interesting about the comparisson with jupiter transits. ^^
    Thank you for responding and explaining, appreciating (even more because it;s merc rx) .
    I guess it’s a mixed bag for me…I only have the sun in gemini, my mercury is in taurus, and like you said, it;s very hard to ”move around” mentally and get the job done. Feeling mind-blocked and it’s sooo bad, because the true-heart capricorn I really am, wants to finish the task, and to do a good job in the process.

  16. A must read. 😀

  17. Dear Donna, Great article! Thanks a lot. How would you interprete the meaning of a stationary mercury in a birth chart? “Not thinking anything” hopefully not. 😦

  18. With Gemini rising, I’m a writer who’s feeling this transit big time. Mercury has now turned direct smack-dab on my 5 deg. Gemini part of fortune. This is the transit I got my novel-in-progress organized: rearranging scenes, eliminating unnecessary characters, giving others a personality- change or eliminating them all together. I lost a couple of scenes when I was playing around with the archive folders, but found them in another back up file. Whew! Really dumb thing to do in Merc Rx. It’s 6/13 and I’m going to re-write some old scenes to reflect the changes. BTW: Thank you for Astrological Writing Tips e-book. A must-have!

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