Posted by: Donna Cunningham | May 25, 2015

Memorial Day—Let’s Remember Astrology’s Great Teachers and Writers

©5-25-15 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Have you ever visited the Astrologers’ Memorial Webpage?  Today would be a great time to remember our teachers and writers and to appreciate what they taught us.roddensm-herown

Early in this millennium, I started the page.  I was housebound, waiting for much needed hip replacements and needed a way to still feel connected to our field. I don’t recall how I got started on it, but it was a joy to create the pages and to remember and to honor the people who taught us so much.

The pages included as much information as I could gather—their contributions, photos, books they’d written, and memories and testimonials from astrology folks who loved them and respected their work.

Lois Rodden’s amazing collection of astrologer’s charts made it possible to include the birth information and natal charts for a great many of them. (Here’s a picture of Lois.)

So many people sent materials, digging through old journal stacks and boxes in the basement, but I’d particularly like to commend Kathy Kreshock. She was a partner in the mission, as she contributed so much from her awesome store of decades of materials and photos.

Fittingly eidemon-ciaglionough, the Memorial Page opened on Memorial Day. The official opening was for mid-morning on May 28, 2000, to coincide with an exact Jupiter/Saturn conjunction. That was a combination fitting for a site to commemorate the most respected teachers and experts of our field.

I know it sounds awfully Plutonian, but I truly loved doing it and loved remembering and honoring my heroes. Here’s a photo of my main astrology teacher, Richard Idemon.

However, when two of my most-loved colleagues, Lois Rodden and Betty Lundsted, died, it was hard to continue.

It took a year to find someone with the skills and commitment to take it over, but Liz Houle volunteered and has done a great job ever since.  Because her work load is very heavy at her job, her time to work on the page is quite limited, and she could use volunteers. If this is something you’d like to contribute, write to her at

And, if you write to her to suggest a new memorial, please have all the needed information about the person and their work including birth data if possible. And be patient–there’s quite a backload.

Readers, if you’d like to revisit an astrologer who’s passed on but is still alive in your hearts, go see the page.  Not only are there photos and birth charts for most of them, but for some of them, there are short recordings of their voices.  Here’s the link:


4:00  PM: I’m getting lots of emails from people who can’t get in to the site due exceeding the band width.  I think the site is getting heavy traffic due to my post and to it being Memorial day.  People tend to stay on the site for a long time when they go, browsing. I didn’t have any trouble getting in this morning.

Astrology lovers, who do you want to remember today?  Who was the first to share the awesome light that astrology sheds on our lives?  What writers did you love for their insights into the planets, houses, and signs?  Share your memories with us in the comment section.


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  2. wow, tried to go there and got “bandwidth exceeded!”

    • 4:00 PM: I’m getting lots of emails from people who can’t get in to the site due exceeding the band width. I think the site is getting heavy traffic due to my post and to it being Memorial day. People tend to stay on the site for a long time when they go, browsing. I didn’t have any trouble getting in this morning.

      • Still getting the “bandwidth exceeded” message. I will keep trying but today is the 26th and I thought for sure I’d get in! More Mercury retrograde shenanigans I guess!

  3. My favorite teachers have been (and continue to be) Robert Hand, Stephen Arroyo and Donna Cunningham. I agree with whoever said, “If you truly understand a subject, you can explain it clearly to a six-year-old.”, and these three definitely fit that description. They’re not only extremely knowledgeable, but they also make the most sense with the least mumbo-jumbo.

    Thank you, Donna, for everything you’ve done on behalf of Astrology and Astrologers. The field would be noticeably poorer without you in it.

    • Good to hear, Sally. Steven Arroyo was actually the one who set me on the path of writing books. I’d published quite a lot of articles, and he had a small publishing house. He wrote to ask if I’d consider doing a book, and he coached me through the first several chapters. Donna

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  5. James H. Holden! He was a Renaissance kind of man! He commanded a wide range of knowledge. He could speak many languages and he was fluent in latin and ancient Greek. He was a major expert in Hellenistic and Medieval astrology. And a very humble man, always willing to assist you…

  6. I’m delighted to learn of the connection between Stephen Arroyo and Donna Cunningham. Arroyo’s “Astrology Karma & Transformation” is always floating around the house; and “Healing Pluto Problems” was my bible through the dark night of the soul. Words fail in expressing my gratitude for that book. Also I laugh, remembering the time I lent it to a plutonian woman who was not going to return it. I had to ‘splain to her that I was more plutonian, and that she would be giving me back my book! It all worked out OK — she gave me back my book and we became deep friends. In fact, when the time came for her to face mortality, she asked to spend her last day with me. I was very much humbled and honored.

    Grant Lewi, Frances Sakoian and Louis Acker (“Handbook”) were great help for being straightforward and uncomplicated with instruction. I appreciated Zip Dobyns’ alphabet, too; and Tracy Marks’ work on T-squares.


    In case anyone is interested, I created a Facebook site dedicated to the teachings of Zip Dobyns about a month ago. Thanks for your time!

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