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The 12th House as a Vocational Indicator

©6-12-15 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 I’m going to go out on a limb here. It won’t be the first time, and it won’t be the last. I’m something of a regular there.

If we were studying astrology in the 14th century or up to a thousand years before that, the 12th would be listed as one of the career houses. Planets placed there can show a vocation in the original sense of the word—a calling. It’s not something you chose, but instead something that chooses you and that you wind up devoting your life to.

When you have a calling, Your Higher Self is impelled to take on some specific type of service work, no matter how challenging or how much it interferes with your own personal needs and desires. You may feel drawn to a mission to bring comfort to those who are suffering or to shine light on those who need to be shown out of dark places.

The work may be hard or even thankless at times, and it sometimes doesn’t pay much. Still, we 12th house types are doing much better than in olden days, when all you got was free room and board at the abbey, plus a plain but serviceable black uniform to wear. 

There’s a sort of state of grace you sometimes reach in devoting yourself to service when the work is going well—a feeling of bliss and of a life well spent.  How do I know this?  I have Sun and Jupiter conjunct in Cancer in the 12th, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Was I called? Yes, twice. My original plan for my life was to be a French teacher in some dinky little town in my home state, Iowa. I loved languages with a passion, and had taken four years of Latin and three of French by the time I finished high school. In college, I majored in languages, including French, German, and Spanish.

A series of courses was required for a teaching certificate, so I began with a psychology class. Within months, I got THE CALL, and knew I was meant to become a counselor.  I switched majors and focused exclusively on psychology and sociology courses until I got my degree. I decided to go to social work school, since that was only a two-year program.

When I finished my master’s, I went to work in a dilapidated old hospital in New York’s historic Lower East Side.  I was settled in for life, no doubt about it.  Then one of my coworkers got bit by the astrology bug, and he went around reading people’s signs out of Linda Goodman’s 1968 best seller, Sun Signs.

I was dumbstruck by what it said about Cancer. There it was—CALL #2! Within months, I was taking astrology courses three nights a week and pouring over charts on weekends.  Not too surprisingly, my social work degree turned out to be an ideal background for a professional astrologer. And here I am, almost 50 years later, still exploring astrology and using it to help people find themselves and their true path.

As mentioned earlier, a call chooses you, you don’t choose it. But planets in the 12th can definitely suggest a 12th house type of career. Here, in the order of their strength, are some 12th house placements that can act as vocational indicators. The more such indicators you find in a chart, the stronger the indication:

  • 12th house planets that aspect or rule the Midheaven
  • 12th house planets that aspect planets in the 10th, 6th, or 2nd
  • The Sun in the 12th
  • Virgo or Capricorn planets in the 12th
  • Saturn in the 12th
  • The rulers of the 6th or 2nd in the 12th

Some of the many possible service fields include: hospital staff, institutional personnel, workers in long-term care facilities. Priest, nun, ashram staff, yoga or meditation teacher, psychic. Staff of alcohol or drug treatment program, group home for the disabled, halfway houses, or corrections workers.

Readers with 12th house planets, have you also felt called to a particular vocation? We can all learn more about the 12th as a career indicator if you share with us in the comment section below. 

Please know that an expanded version of this blog article will appear in the book I am writing about vocational astrology. A few of your comments may be used in that book as brief teaching examples, just the astrological picture of the 12th with all identifying information removed.  (If you prefer not to be included, please say so in the comment.)

UPDATE: Do check out what Readers are sharing in the comment section!  There are wonderful stories, and it’s clear that we 12th house folks are a breed all our own.  If you’d like to receive the comments by email, check the box below your comment.  

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  1. Hi Donna,

    I love this post. Can you share some information how I can do more research on having Saturn in the 12th house?

    Kind regards.

    • Google Saturn in the 12th, for starters. But I’d especially recommend Tracy Marks’s thick book on the 12th, as it’s very inspiring and does cover every possible natal and transiting 12th house planet. Donna

      • Liz Green’s book on Saturn is great as well.

  2. Hey Donna!
    12th houser here! I have Venus (Ruler of my MC) conjunct Uranus exact as well as the Sun conjunct the Ascendant by one degree in Sagittarius all in the 12th. Everyone is ruled by Jupiter in Aquarius in the 2nd & squared to my Pisces Moon in the 3rd.

    So far I have received roughly 4 to 5 callings, they go off like church bells & ring until they’ve been properly seen to.

    1. Astrology called me up at my Jupiter Return at age 12, spent hours reading, researching, looking at charts & learning on my own.

    2. Counseling called me during my undergrad years where I thought I would be a Family, Marriage & Sex therapist

    3. Traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture called me up during my 2nd Jupiter Return at age 23, enrolling me in my masters program for 4 years

    4. While in Grad school another student introduced me to tools to harness my clairvoyant abilities and give readings.

    5. Currently in Jupiter opposition where I find myself starting to push all of these callings to work so I can make a career for myself!

    • Oh, my, a plethora of callings, but it sounds like at some point they’ll converge. Donna

  3. What a great story! I love the way you explode over-simplifications about the so-called “bad” indicators in astrology and show they also have positive potential. I don’t have any planets in the 12th house, but the cusp is Virgo, and Virgo’s ruler, Mercury, is in my 6th house and in Pisces.

    I do have a calling to write – have been aware of it since I was a child – and what I write tends to have a poetic, Piscean quality. Like the monks of old, I haven’t made piles of cash from my calling, but I do it anyway.

    • Good example, Margaret. Glad to hear from you. Donna

  4. Hi again Donna
    I’ve got 12th house Uranus in Leo
    I sympathise with mental health issues and now work as astrologer, author, homeopath, hypnotherapist !
    My job is as looney as you can get but I love every minute
    Read cards for friends age 13 became palmist age 18 couldn’t make a living went into retail….
    First BIG calling was to become a homeopath when I cured my son from croup using a home remedy
    Second calling was astrology when my homeopath said something must have happened during my ‘Saturn Return’?
    What was that!? Went off found out researched my chart added astrology to my skill set
    Revisited my psychic child skill set and now practice all of above and cards palms astro homeopathy and have just qualified in hypno
    Authoring was easier, no suffering
    Next book A Little at a Time, Homeopathy For You and Those You Love out next month
    Love my hidden Uranus
    I keep it very happy by doing volunteer work and allowing it to express itself creatively
    Hope yr well xx

    • Hi, Mary, good to hear from you. I’m a great fan of homeopathy, as you know. Congrats on the new book. Donna

  5. Hello, I have sun/jupiter conjunct in Virgo in the 12th and Mercury in the 12th conjunct the ascendent in Libra.

    I wasn’t called but fell into my career, employee benefits professional, helping employees understand and use their health and pension benefits. I started out as an assistant; my confidence was not great. Took many years to become comfortable in my role. I am happier behind the scenes instead of out front promoting programs. But I was good at explaining complex information to people.

    • Thanks for sharing, Marie. Your description of Virgo planets in the 12th is so spot on! Donna

  6. Hello Donna,

    Thank you for all your fantastic work on the 12th house. It’s not easy being a 12th house stellium (with most planets in Scorpio, no less!)

    My 12th house contains my 29 degree Sun in Libra conjunct Pluto and Mercury in Scorpio and widely conjunct Saturn in Scorpio which is widely conjunct my ascendent in Scorpio. Phew!

    My 12th house ruler is Venus, which is found in my first house conjunct Uranus, both in Sagittarius (and opposed my 7th house Chiron but anyway…).

    Despite having Mars and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn, career has ever eluded me. Ambition by the ton, but I feel unable to define myself.

    I have most definitely felt callings about what I want to do, but have scarcely been paid or acknowledged for them (except within social circles).

    I am now 30 and panicking a bit…I can’t wait to know more of what you have to say about maneuvering a career from this foggy place.

    Anyhow, when I was very young, basically as far back as I can remember, I knew one thing and one thing only and that’s that I wanted to be an artist. Period. I drew constantly. I agonized when kids my age were better artists then me. This ambition has never changed, ever. Though some complications and twists have arisen.

    Around age 11 I fell in love with photography and have never stopped. The minute the yearbook in 6th grade asked me to contribute (after noticing that I took photos incessantly) I knew I was on to something and this is what I wanted to do.

    Age 13 I started obsessively video taping and photographing everything! I had a crazed need to document!

    Around 14 my interests in psychology and astrology intensified and I began studying both, while still focused mainly on drawing, photography and video.

    Sadly, my life took a turn for the worst around age 16 and I left home early after a series of unfortunate events- hitting the ground running, so to speak. I was too busy surviving to think about taking out thousands in loans, etc., so I didn’t go to college.

    I’ve mostly worked my 6th house (ruled by Aries). Always very physical work- at the moment I’m a bike messenger.

    I presently feel like life is shuttling me in a direction- as if life is placing me despite what is “reasonable”.

    The last few years three things have cycled round and round in a maddenning way.

    1. secretly singing and playing music.
    I tried to tell myself it was ridiculous because really I have NO musical experience and am basically learning like a baby but I can’t stop. The dream is stronger than me. It’s insanity. Since I became obsessed with learning to sing I have sought solitude viciously. I live alone most of the time. I look for any opportunity to be alone. I fantasize about living in a soundproof room so I can really go at it! And no one understands and no one really knows, hardly anyone has heard me play and only one or two have heard me sing. It’s a big secret. Shhhh.

    2. photography
    I tried to ditch photography- or really just got confused about whether it was what I wanted to do and thus stopped promoting myself, but people really aren’t letting go of it. I was just asked to go on a short tour with a band and photograph them. Actually very much a dream come true but not as strong and visceral as the need to play music. Still, photography haunts me. Most every fantastic opportunity that has come my way has been related to photography. This I feel more than anything is what life is pushing me into.

    3. astrology

    All of the sudden in the last two years people started coming out of the woodwork everywhere asking for astrological advice- and I really enjoy helping people. I do not, however, find astrology to be self expressive enough for my liking, career-wise. But I can’t stop studying. I can read and reas and read about astrology for hours and never get sick of it!

    4. film

    I just acted in my first scene in a movie (a nod to my Leo MC) and I did way better than I thought I would! I fell in love with video and film all over again. I felt a strange stirring to return to where I left and possibly learn to make movies…

    So that’s what I’m dealing with…all I’ve figured out so far is that I need to express something from that deep watery place. And I am hell bent on glory! Ha!

    • Whoops- guess that was four things! Haha

    • Hard to fathom where it all is heading, Orianaa. Hoping it begins to clarify for yyou soon. Donna

      • Hard to fathom indeed…hence the panic.

  7. Hi Donna – I’ll add my thanks to the others for all the 12th house help you’ve offered us 12th house people. It is much appreciated!

    My mom sparked my interest in Astrology when I was around 14 and I used to read your articles in Horoscope magazine. The interest has been an on-again off-again thing most of my life and is now most definitely on-again.

    I have my Sun and Mercury-rx at 27 Capricorn, Jupiter at 10 Aquarius and Venus at 17 Aquarius opposing Pluto-rx in the 6th and Ascend at 25 Aquarius with Pisces intercepted in the first. It has been an interesting life so far with a few marriages, kids, and different types of jobs from bartender, 911 operator, office manager for a property management company, paralegal for an energy law firm, casino cashier, RV park ranger, and what I think of as my true love, I worked as a baker for about 10 years until the body gave out. 100 pound sacks of flour and sugar to say nothing of making 15-30 loaves of bread a day was just too much for a 40-50 year old. But, that took me, at age 50, to college for the first time and I fell in love with it. I got my AA degree in Human Services and did one semester further till I ran out of money and could not continue to get my BS in Social Work as I wanted. Had I the money, I would have gone all the way in college and kept right on going. Loved the learning.

    While in college my English professor recommended I start writing, but due to a lack in self-confidence, I have not done so, although I really enjoyed it. I have been thinking about it for some time now (I’m now 65) like someone is banging on the door of my brain. At the same time, I am delving back into Astrology as I am still seeking. I am a semi-hermit, and loving that frankly, with my music, cat, and my books with no real need for others. Having to work to supplement Social Security, I now work part-time as a travel agent and like that quite a bit as it was a real challenge learning the database language (like learning a foreign language).

    I can say with a smile that I am truly content living on the Oregon coast with my cat, music, books and part-time job, but at the same time, I am hungrily seeking for meaning in the world. Thanks for listening – blessings.

  8. I have Mars in Capricorn in the 12th opposing Uranus in the 6th and although working since 16 ( now 62) I have never applied for a job…they have always come to me. I have always thought that odd. Somebody always taps me for the job.

    • Thanks for sharing, Mary. Mars is supposed to be at its best in Capricorn (“exalted”) and wears the robe of leadership well. Donna

  9. Hi Donna,
    I have a 12th house Virgo Moon sextile Mercury/Mars in Cancer in the 10th. This Moon also trines my Uranus conjunct the IC, and trine Neptune in the 4th as well. That Neptune opposes that Mars/Mercury though.

    I have always felt a desire to “care” for people, particular children and women, a quality I have displayed ever since I was young. I’ve also always been drawn to writing as well, but have long been told I should investigate ALL the vocations you have listed. 🙂

  10. Ah I also forgot, I have this 12th House Moon opposing Juno in the 6th House which means I really have to be committed to the vocation that I choose.

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    12th house insights from expert astrologer #DonnaCunningham!

  12. I have a Mars / Saturn conjunction in my Gemini 12th house and I’ve always had a calling to be creative. I like to write and paint. 🙂

  13. Hi Donna,

    I have a party in the 12th with Sun conjunct Jupiter, and Mercury conjunct both Part of Fortune and Uranus. All are in Cancer, which also rules the 12th.

    I cry a lot; it’s a language I know well. What I do not know well but am convinced I need to learn (even at my ripe age) is self-regard, self-care, and self-advocacy. I’d say my struggle with these stems from an ancestral wound that’s carried deep in my DNA the same way an addict carries a genetic predisposition to abuse any number of substances.

    I’ve struggled with a “calling” for more than twenty years now (!) and know that much of this has to do with enormous self-doubt that gets reinforced by self-sabotaging behavior. In other words, once I decide this calling (to write fiction) is authentic — or important to me anyway, let’s say — I take myself out of the arena by procrastinating, medicating, ridiculing, you name it.

    This calling doesn’t seem to have much to do with serving others, especially if I never produce anything publishable. But it just might have something to do with serving future generations in my family line if I can break the spell that says personal wants and needs are not important. It just might matter a lot – a whole lot if we consider Jupiter’s location here — to honor these twelfth house planets in a way that seems most authentic if to no one else but me.

    Whew. Too much talking about myself; need to go hide now.

    • Kate, I get the impression that you–and your family line–could benefit from ancestor work. You can read about it on Patricia Walsh’s site.

      I did quite a lot of it over the years (just intuitively on my own) and it did help me. And I visited my family for the first time in 14 years recently, and found them all amazingly better. Now I’m struck by wondering whether some of the ancestral work actually did serve as a catalyst. Donna

  14. Neptune in Scorpio 23 in 12th, trining Saturn in Pisces 23 in 4th. Pluto rules 12th house, in Virgo and 10th house, conjuncting Uranus.

    Saturn’s transit in my 12th house has triggered a career change/mastery from a career counselor in colleges to a Reiki energy healer, psychological astrologer, and memoir writer sharing a journey of healing from bereavement and chronic illness via mind body spirit.

    It’s a departure from where I used to live and people who used to know me, and doing my own practice has challenges. At times I get tempted to find a job using my Ed.M degree but the Neptune in 12th calls me back. Great article!

    • Folks, I want to say how wonderful it is to read all your comments. I do feel a special kinship with my fellow 12th house folks. We are a breed all our own. Thank you all so much for sharing. Donna Cunningham

  15. When I was a kid I at some stage discovered that I was going to die one day. I got totally hysterical and screamed for most of a night with fear, outrage and incomprehension, that this life that I loved so dearly would once be ended.

    My father had exited from the church, at most he believes in radio waves, and me and my brothers were definitely not baptised, he tried to say, “but not until in 60 or 70 years” which somehow just made it all worse.

    I always sang very clearly and with passion, and entered a church choir at 15 when my voice had broken. That was and is my first calling. I have sung, performed and taught classical singing professionally for 35 years, and I cannot be thankful enough that I do what i really love with body, mind and soul, no matter how hard its been over the years.

    At 19, when I studied musicology, a fellow student and roommate introduced me to astrology and other somewhat occult practises. She had had an astrological consultation with one of Denmark’s leading astrologers and I, pretty scared but more curious than frightened, ordered a consultation for myself. It was a married couple working together, he was the astrologer and she was a kind of clairvoyant, and they were really excellent, it was not question of believing in astrology or not, it was something that so obviously worked, and I started studying astrology and casting charts myself.

    Im mostly interested in astrology as a tool to understand myself, others and get a grasp of the mechanism of the univers, but the couple’s predictions of that first consultation have been so accurate. They encouraged to sing along, predicted that Pluto would in an almost occult way take me to big theatres, churches etc.

    And that as Id grow older. my interest in the worldly glamour and success would recede and I would develop a sense of being able to guide other people through the passing of physical death.

    Quite a mouthful for a young guy, who was still totally panicky scared of dying. Around the same time I met a Chilean guy who read my palm and predicted that Id die at 32, and I had another night of screaming, again calling my dad who still had no advice to offer.

    Some of my friends’ other occult practises also at a session predicted a friend’s dying and clearly that I shoul help him dying, and as I managed to be part of saving his life from an undiagnosed meningitis a month later, it was too much for me, I closed that door abruptly and focused on singing.

    I financed my studies by singing at some 1000s of funerals, discovering that I could through my singing actually give something really valuable to the grieving families.

    At 32 I almost did die from AIDS, I had contracted the virus at 20 but out of fear. I had never dared go to a doctor’s for an HIV test. But at 32, in 1998, the combination cure had come, and with a weird sense of timing I got a test just before my last T-cells had dissppeared, I got medicine and I live very well and without any special complication from that chronic disease.

    But it was a kind of death, I lost the the original beauty and power my singing voice and it took me 14 years, another death, a divorce and another venereal disease, Hepatitis C, that I with a kind chemo therapy had successfully treated to relax and open up my voice again.

    At that time I also went back to inastrology and experimented in various ways of opening for the tightly closed door to my own occult abilities, or just to my empathic intution…

    Now, when I do not perform on stage, I work unconsciously consciously with singing as a healing force and I am trying to develop a way to help dying people and people in other extreme situation to find peace, courage and acceptance, which has met with an overwhelming interest and support when I present my project, “Songs of Life”.

    The vocal chords are the only muscles of the human body that are not controlled by the conscious brain. Phonation is controlled by vagus nervus that also act to lower the pulse rate of the heart. This fact is for some reason not especially well known. but it is the basis of a thesis that I have developed about the healing powers of singing, not that I need it myself, but it’s good when I am applying for grants.

    This I would call my life calling, joining my greatest love, singing and performing for an audience and my greatest fear, dealing with death, into a healing device.

    I have the vintage 1965 Pluto and Uranus conjunction in my 12th nouse, in a partile opposition to my 6th house Pisces Saturn, trining and sextiling my 2nd house Neptune, apart from a square from Neptune to my 11th house Leo Mercury with no aspects to personal planets,.

    • What a beautiful story, Mads! Thank you for sharing it–what an inspiration you are to us fellow 12th house folk. Donna

  16. Hi, Donna. I have my north node at 22 Gemini, ruler of my 12, opposite my Mercury at 18 and Venus at 13. Definitely think I’m meant to do something here through writing. I’m a writer and editor by trade, but think I’m working a linear path to what the type of “message” I’m to deliver. Also, the last two years I’ve been working alone, which has been challenging as I’m an extrovert, but I feel it is meant to teach me discipline, etc., for something else.

    • “Message” is exactly the word for what we 12th house writers do. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  17. Hi Donna,
    I enjoy your posts very much. The topic, 12th house as a vocational indicator hit home.

    Although, over the years, I’ve been working in fits and starts to build it into a viable income, I’ve been called to astrology since I was 14 and discovered Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs at the local public library.

    I don’t know that I’d call my current job as a welfare caseworker a calling–I refer to it as my “day job.” But perhaps a higher power was involved when I landed the job five years ago at the height of the recession when I really needed to stabilize my income.

    12th house indicators include Mars at 27 Aries (intercepted in H12) making a tight opposition to 6th house Neptune at 28 Libra in H6 conjoining my Desc at 0 Scorpio as well as a Sun/Moon conjunction in Pisces (3 Pi/2Pi respectively) in the 11th house.

    The timing of the offer contains quite a bit of serendipity perhaps reflecting the July 2010 solar eclipse at 19 Cancer conjoining natal Jupiter at 20 Cancer and the IC 17 Cancer. My primary income, a business I had built providing party entertainment through drawing caricatures and reading Tarot cards had collapsed with the economic downturn. I tried some other things but nothing was working well and I was depleting my savings.

    A couple months before the eclipse, a recruiter from our state civil service commission paid a visit to the local library to encourage people to apply for civil service jobs. Welfare caseworker was the one position with far and away the greatest amount of openings in my area. I went through the process and the rest is history.

    • Hi, Ellen, I suspect many of us with these 12th house positions go through lots of career twists and turns….but then, who stays in one job or one field for a lifetime in modern life? Donna

  18. I’m such a novice at astrology, all I can do is “list” my 12th house stellium here, and say that I KNOW it’s Powerful in my life. Now 57 (in my Saturn return) I’ve spent my whole life trying to figure out what “I’m here to do”. I’ve had many Underworld experiences, I feel like and live like a Nun/Hermit, and have spent the last 11 years devoted to The Divine Feminine and now more recently seeing The Dark Priestess calling me to bring Her back into Our Consciousness. Feels like a NEW direction is pulling me. But as many have said, I’m always pulled back and most interested in Consciousness, Sub-Consciousness. I have strong communication/channeling skills.

    Part of Fortune 4°Leo
    Uranus 8°Leo
    Sun 0°Virgo
    Pluto 0°Virgo
    Chiron Retrograde opposition 13°Aquarius in 6th House

    • Hi, Karena. Your description is very 12th house, as the 12th is the house of the subconscious, among other things, as well as mysticism. On the list of articles about the 12th house, you’ll find one about a 12th house stellium. Also on this blog, you’ll find lots of material on stelliums. Stick around! Donna

  19. Thanks Donna. I read ALL of the linked articles yesterday when my astrology mentor/friend sent my the link to this article. It ALL resonates perfectly. I will definitely “stick around”!!! x o ❤

  20. Hi Donna, In the 12th I have the SN in Cancer and Jupiter conjunct Uranus in late Cancer on my Leo Asc. Uranus squares my Aries MC. Both Ur and Jup oppose Chiron in Capr in the 6th. and SSX Pluto in Leo in the 2nd, Uranus /Pluto is partile. I retired from a 33 yr career as a Physician Assistant and Masters level Counselor. Most of those years I worked in hospitals/institutions including 2 Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs, with the last 20+ being at the VA in Psychiatry. Since retirement I teach some yoga and meditation and have begun practicing astrology. The 1st Substance Tr Program I fell into, not sure if I was called , as I was working as a massage therapist w/ tendonitis in my wrist and massaged a woman who was head nurse at the Substance Tr Program. When she learned I was a PA , she said they needed a PA for 6 weeks, I took the job thinking it would be great to rest my wrist but stayed for 6 years. The calling I have felt was when Transiting Uranus approached My MC (along w. P Mars) and it was to astrology. Something I’d loved and studied intermittently for >30 years but not considered pursuing as a career. Now at 60 years old, I am passionately pursuing my love of astrology. Perhaps it had been calling all those years and I finally awakened to it. Blessings to You Always,

    • What I’m seeing in your history, like mine and like so many others who’ve written in, is this pattern of having the equivalent of several 12th house-related careers…and long ones, too. I wonder if that’s common, and if so, why? Donna

  21. So interesting what you mentioned about discovering astrology in 1968 and finding what was said about Cancer to be so true. I had almost the exact same experience that year when I discovered astrology in an article in a scholastic newspaper handed out to my 5th grade class…

    I have Mars in Aries in my 12th house (it’s ruler). I have always felt that I will never really achieve anything placing me in any kind of spot light, but that my contributions will always be behind the scenes. Recently I have felt drawn to hospice work (which I have yet to pursue) after many years of what some would deem to be “other worldly experiences.” I also have extremely vivid and involved dreams, a most recent one which has inspired me to write (my 12th house Mars squares my 3rd house Mercury in Cancer – actually a T square with a 6th House Jupiter in Libra) about my life with my family and being well schooled in the history of many of its generations. Even if it is just something for myself I feel it is something which must be done.

    • You’ve experienced so many facets of the 12th. It’s the house of dreams and the unconscious. The very first “book” I wrote–a tiny booklet they sold at grocery store checkout counters back then–was about dreams. Donna

  22. PS I also have my South node at 29 degrees of Aries in my 12th H

  23. Ooo. I went over my chart and found that I have mercury in the 12th opposite the sign it rules, gemini. I am still learning astrology, but definitely feel a lure to me to health in the field of nursing, which I’m curre n try going to school for. So far I love it, and am hoping to find more about myself through astrology. Wondering if mercury in 12th has anything to do with my interest and deep compassion to help others with mental illnesses or health related issues. Thanks for this post, it’s great!

  24. Donna, your 12th house work has been and continues to be a revelation :0) i have moon, sun, venus and mars in 12th and all in cancer, mercury in 12th but late in gemini.
    Making things “better” has always been my theme, whether it be antique furniture, vintage cars, tractors or an old stone barn, it all seems to be about repair and maybe re-birth??, aside from and in conjunction with this is the rearing of animals (poultry mostly) and growing veg (self sufficiency).
    the drive seems to be to create an oasis of calm, free (in general) of people unless they are nice and calm.
    At present i live in between two large farming enterprises on a hectare or so of land, all the ousted wildlife from the two neighbouring businesses migrate to me :0)
    I assume its vocational? or perhaps just escapism, though im as content as a 12th houser can be? ;0)
    Thanks for ALL you do x

    • Hi, Nick, you do sound contented. You’re a great model of how good a 12th house stellium can be!! Donna

  25. Hi Donna. I stumbled on your site a few years ago because I was searching for clarity re 12th house. While I don’t understand the intricacies of astrology, I can say i have a stellium of 12th house ie. 7 planets! Sun, moon, Venus, mars, Jupiter, Pluto all in Leo in the 12th hse & Uranus in cancer in 12th hse. I sometimes wonder why i chose such hard lessons in this life & often need to pray for respite & reprieve. My 1st marriage was to a schizophrenic & thereafter from the frying pan into the fire to a wife beater.

    I have always been drawn to mysticism, healing, yoga, meditation & more & sometimes wonder if it’s been my escape from the harshness of life. Before I had my daughter (who is Down Syndrome) I taught movement ie eurythmy to special needs people… And I started realising that it was because of such intense 12th hse aspects in my chart, that I am comfortable working with the elderly, special needs people, recovering addicts. At the moment I teach children’s yoga @ a remedial school & play music with a lady who has dementia. I believe music is remembered the longest in the elderly with dementia. Thank you Donna, love your posts!

    • Thanks for sharing, Sharon. Yes, exactly the population we 12th house people are likely to serve–and to serve lovingly when we can. In my social work jobs, every one of them was with people like those–hospitals, special needs, people in recovery, homeless shelter, etc. Donna

  26. Hi Donna,

    I recently discovered this marvelous blog – I’ve always loved your work, and was delighted. I am learning so much from you and the rest!

    This article definitely hit home for me – I have a stellium in Scorpio (Sun, Neptune, and Mercury) with Sun and Moon in the 11th (with Libra on that cusp) and with Mercury just a couple of degrees into the 12th house. My rising sign is Sagittarius, and Jupiter is in Capricorn on the 2nd house cusp. My 10th house is in Virgo, and Pluto is in the 9th house in Virgo. You might say my calling is helping people find theirs. For the last 30 years I’ve worked in a mainly government-funded service-oriented profession, one that helps people get the training and assistance they need to get good jobs, and businesses and other employers to get the skilled workers they need. So much of what everyone who has commented resonated, of course, with what my “outer” vocation is, but I just have to smile at the 12th house hidden dimension to things. By day, I work for government, makiing sure these services function as they should through guidance and oversight; but outside of work, I have a strong spiritual dimension that includes such “woowoo” things as astrology, shamanism, etc, and regularly serve friends and others as a counselor in spiritually oriented matters, or usuing spiritually-based methods, such as tarot, psychometry, and astrology.

    Many times people ask me, “how can someone as spiritual and unconventional as you work in government???” The answer is, I honestly can’t see them as separate. What makes me good in my job, and satisfied (and often ridiculously happy) in my work, is knowing that, everything I do is a spiritual action and the outcomes achieved serve a higher purpose. Scorpio (and Pluto) are about transformation; and while without question finding and answering one’s calling is a transformative experience, for many, just being able to get a good job that allows them to have a living wage and support their families is just as much. And when the two coincide, it’s just amazing.

    True to the Mercury in Scorpio 12th house, I prefer to use whatever influence I have within my sphere “behind the scenes”, and in most positions I’ve held, I have served as an informal advisor to those above me in rank. I think the reason for this is that I’m not someone who thinks fast on her feet; I am much better being able to analyze things objectively, and with enough distance to discern and verbalize what my intuition is telling me.

    Finally, my motto is, “she who helps the most people before she dies wins. “

    • “You might say my calling is helping people find theirs. For the last 30 years I’ve worked in a mainly government-funded service-oriented profession, one that helps people get the training and assistance they need to get good jobs, and businesses and other employers to get the skilled workers they need.”

      I LOVE your story, Liz! Here you are, a “Fed”, and yet you are living your path within that setting and doing all you can to uplift your clients and help them find their own path. Beautiful! Donna

  27. Reblogged this on Astrology: Questions and Answers and commented:
    My main blog is “Writing from the Twelfth House” which may give you a clue that I have a great interest in this mysterious house, not to mention having many planets there. Here, master astrologer Donna Cunningham adds to her already extensive writings about the Twelfth House.

  28. Hello Donna, I have 5 planets in the 12th house. Starting with a Mars/Cheiron conjunction in Taurus, Sun, Venus and Mercury in Gemini. Venus is calling. No major and no minor aspects. Venus is also the ruler of the 12th house. Mercury is opposite a Moon/Neptune conjunction in Sagittarius 6th house.

    I still don’t know exactly what my calling is but at an age of about 12 years old I got very fascinated with astrology. Back then I also had a very vivid dream life. I thought that was very normal. Through my dream experiences I know there is life after death and there are other dimensions.

    Like I said I don’t know what my calling is but I do know what not my calling is. Because once I did an education in foreign languages and economics. Every night I had the same kind of dream. Very irritating. When I admit to myself that this study wasn’t for me and I took action. The dreams stopped.

    My work has little to do with the 12th house. I am working at an insurance company. Besides my work I volunteer as a consultant. I’am helping people with legal questions about work and income. I like that very much. I spend a lot of my free time reading and investigating astrology. And someday I want to blog about it. Mythology, fairytales, tarot and the subconscious are also favorite topics of mine. Not many people know about this. Very secret 😉

    • Thanks for sharing, Bianca. We’re getting quite a few responses from people with 12th house stelliums. I did posts about two famous people with 12th house stelliums–two with very different ways of using that energy and thus two very different outcomes. One was Nick Vicjucic, a man born with no legs or arms who has become a minister/motivational speaker with a huge following in Australia. The other was John Edwards, a former senator and presidential candidate whose promising career was ruined when his considerable misdeeds came out. I’ll have to do a post on 12th house stelliums. Donna

  29. Hello Donna…Some years back, I had the honor of a personal reading with you, sitting across from you, in San Francisco. So much time has flowed under the bridge! I am a Triple Pisces with a stellium in my 12th hse of Pisces. First, PALLAS conjuncts my MARS (late Aquarius) conjuncts my SUN (2 degrees Pisces) which conjuncts my MOON (7 degrees Pisces), which conjunct my CERES (11 degrees Pisces), which conjuncts my MERCURY (20 degrees Pisces) which conjuncts my ASCENDANT (24 degrees Pisces)…And I’m still alive!!!! Doing very well…my main love & vocation has always been babies. I’m additionally a photographer, astrologer, and personal assistant. The consistency – MOST important – is I’ve always worked from home. I raised 2 brilliant kids, as a single mom, and loved that experience for the entire 20 yrs or so. I supported them (and self) in TIBURON (!!) by having my own licensed Infant Daycare(from birth-3 yrs) in my home. It was a G-d-given idea that worked perfectly: steady income, and being at home with my own kids! I’m still in touch with many of those children and their parents…we all became great friends….just thought I’d say Hi!!! Much love, Lucinda (Smith) Riva – 2/21/1947 @ 7:43am, Plainfield, NJ.

    • Hi, Lucinda. Still another 12th house stellium! Quite a theme here. But yours is an even stronger combo, given that the 12th and Pisces are naturally connected. It sounds like you’ve done a great job of using that energy. Donna

  30. 12th house cusp at 4 Capricorn, Saturn at 5 Cap & ASC at 28 Cap. Interested to hear from other 12 H Cap Saturns here. I’ve mostly worked corporate jobs, but have studied astrology as a hobby since I was a teen and have a calling as a counselor, but not the Master’s degree to back it up. Saturn trines my 7th H Moon – Pluto conjunction in Virgo.

  31. Hello Donna! I have Pluto in my 12 th house. It is the ruler of my chart as I have Scorpio rising. I studied Politics at University and I was going to spend my life investigating about political parties, theories and so on. I used to say that I was an atheist as I belong to a leftist family. But then I have a deep crisis and I felt that my life had to change. It was a year with Piscis rising in my solar return and a really difficult relationship with a Plutonian guy. I started working with an astrologer and realised that I have always wanted to study Astrology and practicing Ashtanga Yoga. Fortunately, I was also able to leave behind that relationship and here I am, working as an Astrologer and Yoga Teacher. It was Pluto calling my soul. Love!

  32. Hi Donna,Interesting read and by the way ,spot on !.I have Sun,Moon,Jupiter,Mercury and Uranus in the 12th. house. I have taught medical healing Qigong for 15 yrs. I am a Qigong instructor and teach various forms of Relaxation meditations in a health club,medical facility and wellness center. I have been a therapist within my state’s division of mental health also.I am extremely emphatic and psychic.I occasionally do spiritual readings in workshop formats and have been extremely affirmed and encouraged to develop more of these skills but haven’t yet.I am in my early 60’s and feel around 39 .My sun,moon,and rising are in Leo .Uranus and Mercury are in Cancer.I plan on doing more reading on the 12th. house disposition.regards,jeff

    • Thanks for sharing. What’s interesting is that there are so many 12th house stelliums joining in, and they all seem to have not one calling but a number of related ones…maybe holistic should be a new keyword for the 12th. Donna

  33. Love this. Pondering the 12th house as a house of vocation is allowing me to see my chart with fresh eyes. My calling is to be a writer, and I’ve known that from a young age. I have Chiron at 14 Gemini in my 12th house, squaring my Midheaven at 13 Pisces and opposing Uranus at 15 Sagittarius in my 6th house. Chiron also trines my 5th house Libra sun.

    I wonder how your criteria might apply to Chiron in the 12th? It does have close aspects to the midheaven and 6th house, but since Chiron doesn’t have a rulership the rest of the questions can’t quite be answered. Yet I think that wounded healer/teacher symbol is extremely important to my work as a writer.

  34. This is so interesting. I have Venus and Neptune in the 12th both opposite saturn in the 6th. I work for a community arts project in a very deprived area of my city. I’ve always wanted to be a alternative therapist and have studied extensively: I’ve just never made a living out of it. Your article is like a light bulb moment! Thank you.

    • Wow, that arts project is a perfect application of those placements. And the opposition to the 6th shows the practical side of it. Donna

      • The 6th house saturn is in financial Taurus, I do all their bookkeeping and finance too!

      • LOL! Like I say, it’s perfect. Fits the whole picture.

  35. I am a Libra rising with Pluto conjunct the ascendant from the 12th house. The Sun in Scorpio in the 2nd and Moon in Virgo in the 12th. After searching for a long time I feel like being an astrologer is perhaps my calling. I have been studying off and on since 1994/1995. I also have mercury conjunct Libra in the 1st house.

    After reviewing some of the possible careers/jobs associated with the 12th house you listed the only things that resonate are maybe nun or psychic. People have told me that I am psychic. I think maybe I am little bit. The thought of working in a hospital or prison does not appeal at all.

    I love solitude though. Especially as I have been getting older. I have become more anti-social to the point of rudeness. I have had people attack me because of my lack of friendliness. I run hot and cold about it, and I think some people become confused because of my lack of consistent friendliness.

    I find that I am becoming less and less interested in people at all. At this point, in my life due to much trauma I don’t much like people at all.

    I have been misunderstood by pretty much everyone in my life, and at this point I don’t even want to get into any more conversations where I often try to explain myself or clear up the misconceptions.

    • I think what happens as you open up psychically, Siri, is that you become more and more sensitive on every level. Learning some techniques for psychic shielding can cut down on that. Look for several articles on this blog where I talk about the “Cosmic soup” that we live in. And with such a strong Pluto but in the 12th, you might find some helpful perspectives on your relationships with others in my book, Healing Pluto Problems.
      Donna, a fellow Plutonian with Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, but in the first.

  36. Scorpio in 12th house with:
    -Moon quinc Saturn in Gemini 7th house.
    -Neptune Sextil Pluto (in Libra) conj Mars (in Libra) in 11th house cusp.

  37. The 12th house is one of my most favorite houses. So calming and spiritual. I know about the darker side of it too, but I overall like the house.

  38. I have Jupiter in Virgo in my 12th, and I have worked for about 20 out of 40 years doing clerical work in hospitals. Not surprising, eh?

  39. Well I am going to write from the dark side. I consider myself a “professional under achiever” and still to this day…none of those listed 12th house professions appeal…except psychology and astrology. I am sun merc conjunct in Capr in the 12th. Currently in a full stop with depression and ridiculous apathy. all I care about is joining this discussion and being brief. Period. Praying to Jesus these antidepressants will work. Thank you Donna for your story and background which are always fascinating. Thank you for sharing that.

  40. Donna,

    Thank you for your words. With Pluto rising, I’m sure you and I both have war stories we could share. Here, in my relocated chart, I have Pluto conjunct the ascendant in the 1st house.

    I am tired of people projecting their darkness and twisted assumptions on to me.

    I have often been the target of much cruelty from others.

    Since I am not forgiving then things always kick up a notch.

    The whole “chip on the shoulder” thing I don’t agree with at all.

    It is difficult being an introvert in a world that values extroverts.

    I can be charming and extroverted especially when meeting people at first. However, it’s difficult for me to maintain that so then the problems kick in.

    I often feel like if there is a mentally disturbed person within a 1 mile radius then they try to latch on or target me in some way.

    I have a mutable t-square involving Jupiter, Neptune, Moon so in the very near past I had a problem with poor boundaries and made some terrible choices due to missplaced compassion.

    With Saturn passing over my sun these past few years, I have finally begun to learn true wisdom and detachment.

    • With Pluto closely conjunct my Ascendant, I can totally relate to all you say about people projecting their shadow side. This has especially been true of male astrologers and speakers, who seem to perceive me as a threat and as highly competitive (Mars in the picture, too, alas.) The only person I’ve ever competed with is myself, as I want to get better and better at what I do.

      Did you check out the blog post here about 12th house people tending to be introverts and the book about that? Donna

      • The person with Pluto in the first house also can pass through the same situation? or lighter as it is not conj with ASC.

      • OH, I’d say that having it in the first but not conjunct the Ascendant would be somewhat less intense, but then Pluto is always pretty intense. Donna

  41. sun/jupiter/mercury-H5 Leo (sun & mercury no aspect to moon)
    venus-H5 Virgo
    pluto/uranus-H6 Virgo
    mars/neptune-H7 Scorpio
    moon/saturn/chiron-H12 Pisces
    AC-Aries MC-Capricorn

    My most current experiences include all the major themes from the outer planets which have completely affected my personal character in all aspects of my life. I have difficulty relating in close relationships especially with intimate partners and/or authority.

    My life has been filled with monetary success, wonderful experiences and enduring relationships both personal and professional. Unfortunate major events and tragedies in all areas of my life completely altered every aspect of the life I knew. Although I enjoyed the work in my career for 26 years the competitive and superficial social attitudes of the business affected my own values deeply and I began to resent being in that environment.

    When it all came to the end, I was humbled, yet felt a huge relief. Although unemployed, alone without family due to tragedies and losing touch with close friends due to my own isolation and another failed relationship with the wrong man, still I felt in my soul there was a reason for it all.

    I turned to Astrology so I could understand what was happening in my world through me. The mystery of who I am and what my purpose is has plagued me for many years though I repressed the meaning inside me to meet the expectations of my outer world. I always felt there was something “different” in me from everyone else but made excuses to myself.

    The world I created and the reality I lived was the way I was encouraged as a right direction for me to live happily and I reached a pinnacle in my career so why complain? To be successful and have what you want you need to make money with a good job and hopefully it will reward you to travel and find love and friendships, etc.

    Yes, part of that may be true, however, if your soul constantly feels like you are misplaced, no amount of monetary rewards can bring your soul or life to happiness no matter the abundance of material rewards. I could and did play the part and act the role (Leo) but felt like a square peg in a round hole.

    I turned to Astrology so I could understand what was happening in my world through me. The mystery of who I am and what my purpose is has plagued me for many years. Finding my spiritual path has also been a lifelong journey. My father took us to Catholic church when I was a child and I still remember waking up on Sunday morning to get everyone up and ready to go to church. I’m the youngest of 3 and the only girl, so you can imagine my brothers yelling at me. Though the spiritual influence was instilled in me, I didn’t understand any of it and never could relate to the teachings but I like the aesthetics of the church in its serenity.

    I’ve experienced other Christian worship through friends and relatives but always felt disconnected and complete confusion of their purpose. I’ve always dreamed of the stars infinity and while thinking of the meaning of heaven I felt a connection somehow to the universe, it made sense to me to turn to Astrology for answers.

    I’m 47 now and over the past year I’ve been immersed in learning Astrology, to learn the effects of the energy and the creation of me and how I fit into this world. Because of my sensitive nature as well as my ego issues and need for isolation, it has helped tremendously in understanding why my personality can be so polarized and sometimes in extreme. The traits I portray versus the way I feel has been a life long struggle and I am learning to understand how to use all the positive energies to hopefully balance me. I will admit I’m still learning to understand my personal relationships and having difficulty choosing a new career path which will satisfy my soul. Everything points to spiritual teaching of some kind of service and self sacrifice to others. My Leo/Aries energies struggle to accept it(ego). Pluto problems, Saturn Return and Chiron are all affecting my soul deeply and Neptune is fogging my perception while Jupiter enhances even the negative so the internal process is currently my biggest challenge. My instinct is to escape from all which I have in some degree but my arrogance and ego drives me to continue, not accept myself in failure and to get real. I continue my journey, considering further study in astrology but also creatively thinking about a way to possibly incorporate what I’ve learned to utilize in the profession I had and was competent in. To start in a completely new endeavor fills me with uncertainty and fear which may be my fate to this lesson, I’m unsure. I think of my age a lot now and its been the most challenging time of my life but hopefully will become the most rewarding.

    Thank you for the articles and insight of the 12th house. Its been a tremendous benefit to me. I just picked up your book on Moon Signs but haven’t read through it yet. I was born during a full moon on a Monday too, does that add another element to my strangeness?

  42. Where do I start? I’m new to all this, Donna, and your site has been illuminating, so thanks again (guess it’s time for a trip to your bookstore…). It helps me understand my Cap Moon and Sag Saturn in the 12th house. I also have Sun/Mer/Vir/Plu(plus 3 asteroids) all tight in Vir8th, Cap Rising.

    Here are the indicators you listed, as they apply to me:

    • My 12th house cap Moon conjuncts my cap ASC: I call it the planet Moonrise. There are 6 sextiles between it and a triple conjunction MC+Jup+Nep, all in Scorpio/10th. So, in my lingo, that’s Moonrise superSextiling Heavenepter.

    • This 12th house MoonASC also trines Mernus (Merc conj Ven) 4x, plus MoonASC trines Pluto.

    • And a minor aspect is MoonASC biquintiling Mars (Tau straddling 5th-6th)

    • My 12th Cap Moon is ruled by Sat & Ura, and it squares my Sun/Mer/Ven.

    • My 12th Saturn is Sag ruled by my Moon in the 12th, ruled by Ura. Then I have a Sat trine Ura (a little relief).

    And that’s just the indicator stuff… I started writing a draft response, and it’s up to about 6,000,002 pages egads, so I guess it’s best if I list the above and then just describe a few of the many callings and retreatings I’ve had. Maybe that’s part of a 12th house Moon complex, waxing and waning way too frequently, swaying like the giant arms of some tidal sea creature, a monster of a white octopus Moon with aspects spreading out every which way, then curling back into itself, back into my 12th house cave. And taking Saturn with it. And my concept of career.

    You name it, I’ve done it. I’ve had the very best of opportunities. I’ve pretty much shunned them all, or messed them up, reliving traumas. My main calling is writing, poetry, but I was disowned by my parents, after years of conflict, because of my grad school thesis of poems, unpublished, which touched on the reality of my family. It was very sad. Way sadder than that. Partly because I had just been tapped on the shoulder, been given entree to the career any poet would dream of. Yet what I wanted more than that was to have my poems Do No Harm. And so I gave it all up. Let go. (But I kept writing in my 12th house cave.) I’m very well trained and I’m very well hidden.

    And my second calling—even more hidden—is that of a healer. In a way, my healer will probably stay in the 12th house—I don’t want to bring that out as a paid career or even as a publically known calling, though I have trained for that as well, psychically. Too scary to come out of the closet. Too ripe for being taken down, and I’ve been there done that too often in my family, the middle of 7 sisters, like the Pleiades, who got squished out and rocketed into the 12thOsphere. It’s the writing calling that is more my ASC, though with all my chart’s attributes, it’s been waffling between the dark side and the light—some know me as a writer, some have no clue. I can be so incredibly adaptable. It’s been very hard to let myself rise.

    That said, I have been mustering the courage, off and on, for the last few decades. The healer in me is a major scholar. I’ve subsisted in a variety of avocations—ones I was good at like being a freelance chef, or a teacher in the inner cities, or a low-level admin doing high-level stuff, like at depth-psych grad schools or in government, and lately I’m a caregiver—anything that allows me my 12th house exploration, deep deep in the cave. So many talents and way too many crumpled opportunities. And now as I learn about my chart, having been led to find it as I found myself rising, I’m not beating myself up in confusion, because I see myself mirrored in all the various words that describe my chart’s qualities. I find, gratefully, that the octopus is being transformed into the Arch of Triumph, like in Paris, where it radiates out into splaying roads, each going in a wondrously Other direction, me having trotted down many of them, sometimes trodding late at night (as I am now), but having my Moonrise, with its many tentacles, finally morph its hidden light onto the one true path for me: publishing my poems, my translations, some exposees, and having them be what guide me to the inner healing, to guide others on the path with me, shining and standing tall in the sunny stellium of my Virgo 8th, with its champion Heavenepter and my SuperSextile fuelling the trajectory. And Mernus. With Mars, with all its stars upon thars, as the apex on my bucket. Thank you for this chance to respond to the intriguing questions you have all over this site, to see how I fit together, where it can lead, still learning it all, still new, and wondrously large and whole. Illuminating, at last.

  43. CORRECTION: My 12th Cap Moon is ruled by Sat & Ura, and *SATURN* squares my Sun/Mer/Ven.

  44. I’m not sure how I got to this discussion ☺️ But am glad I’ve come across it.

    Going on a placduis chart

    I have Neptune 5 dgs in 12th house in Sagittarius( but my 12th house is Scorpio as well)
    Neptune trine Mercury
    Neptune trine sun
    Neptune trine moon
    Neptune sextile Pluto
    Sun is 4 d Aries 5th house
    Mercury 15 d Aries 5 th house
    Uranus 16 degrees libra 11th house
    MC 29 degrees Leo, Pluto is 0 degrees in 10th house
    Leo also 9th house, which has moon 15dgs
    ascendant 20 degrees Sagittarius,
    Jupiter is 6 d in Capricorn 12d
    IC 29 degrees Aquarius,
    DC 20 degrees Gemini
    12 d Taurus 6th house Venus20, Mars 28d, Saturn 2d in Gemini but also in 6th house
    2nd, 3rd,4th,7th,8th, are all empty except my 2nd house has mean node north 2d, and 8th house south node
    I work in real estate, have done for 17 years as a property manager, previously I worked as a bar attendant.

    The funny thing is….. I have very unusual experiences with the other side, there are so many things I could tell you but to keep it simple, I’ll just give you a overview…. In the office I work, I regularly give customers messages from deceased friends or family, keep in mind that the information I get is random and it can come from nowhere, basically I could be discussing a tenancy then out of the blue I’ll just ask something like ” is your mothers name Diane” and before I know it I’m telling them things that I would never know about their loved one who has crossed over. In addition to that I have many visions of things before they happen. It’s been quite scarey at times, thinking that perhaps I’m a freak or just outright crazy.

    As a child I had an imaginary friend( her name was Connie) which was apparently ( I don’t remember her) quite intense and it had my mother completely freaked out. I guess that’s where the conditioning started, my mother telling me that there is no such person and it has to stop etc etc, perhaps that’s why I have have had a lot of doubt throughout my life and didn’t think that I was getting messages, and visitors that no one else can see, and I was just a weirdo:)

    I’m extremely interested in astrology, and have spent many nights reading reading reading and I’m trying to teach myself everything I can ( endless information to take in) which is really hard as I don’t know anyone who is also interested in it, but I feel very pulled towards astrology, I LOVE IT, 🙂

    Although I’m no councilor, I have been told by many that I should be, basically I seem to be the go to person, I can really give a lot of insight and have helped many people, where the insight comes from….I have no idea.

    Now getting to the point….sorry to ramble on
    Ironically as a property manager, we have the dreadfull job of evicting tenants who default on rent etc, which means we have to go to court, my actual job title is ” court officer” and I solely deal with all the tenants who default, we have 800 properties and each property manager has 150-200 propeties each, in 2008 my role changed from property manager and is now the court officer, I deal with this side of things instead of each property property manager with their own court matters, anyway my point is that I spend a lot of time dealing with court matters, paper work, magistrates, etc etc…… There are a lot of criminal matters at the court, being dealt with and I’m there amongst it all, would that be related to the 12 th house? Or would that be Jupiter in my first house?
    As I said before I’m trying to teach myself astrology as I feel very drawn to it, but it is so confusing as I have two rulers in some houses. I know that I’m meant to be doing something other than a property manager/court officer , but at 43 years old I just stick with what I know – real estate

    I would also like to say that I have no water in my chart at all……which seems a little odd, all the water houses are empty….. Pisces is 4 th cancer 8th, Scorpio 12th……….so confusing because my chart says that Neptune is in my 12 th house in Sagittarius

    Anyway I’ll stop rambling on and hopefull I’ve helped with your research, thank you for all your information, you are appreciated

    Love and light

    • A fascinating career path, Anita. Thanks for sharing. Donna

  45. Hi Donna!
    I just read the Saturn Uranus article originally published in The Mountain Astrologer, just released on Although I do not have a true opposition (I am born in the ’64-’67 stretch) and I have Uranus conjunct Pluto and Saturn is within 4° of Chiron. Also, I have the Sun (Leo), Jupiter (Cancer) and Mercury (Leo) all in my 12th house. I find myself at almost 49 going back to university to get my teaching certificate. I got a BMus almost 20 years ago. I have always described myself as a red herring and I find myself starting over every so often, like now. I have had people tell me I have a hard life, but I don’t necessarily see it that way. I struggle at times but I am basically a happy person. I know I don’t fit anywhere and I am coming to embrace that but I have not always been that way. Reading your article has helped me understand why I am who I am. Another piece has settled into place. It’s always better when there is understanding, it is easier to manipulate (change, work with) a known than an unknown. Thank you.

  46. I have an empty 12th house, but I very strongly got a call to do psychic/metaphysical work while I was totally involved in other career goals. I have a stellium of 4-5 planets, depending on the house system, in the 8th house. The call came when Jupiter was conjuncting my Part of Fortune in Capricorn and the North Node was retrograding to within 3 degrees of my Midheaven. I thought it would be a sideline as I was already involved in my first love, but in fairly short order, spiritual work overtook all else and I never looked back. I have often seen a correlation between the 8th and 12th houses and spirituality and sacrifice. Has anyone else with strong 8th house planets gotten “the call”?

    • Hi, Ang. The 8th house stellium would be consistent with mediumship, one of the psychic arts and also with spiritual healing. Donna

      • Thanks, Donna. The way you described getting the 12th house “call” sounded so familiar to me, and I often see descriptions of the 12th that sound like my understanding of the 8th. Having no planets in the 12th, it’s hard for me to guage, though I do know that people like me who have the same sign on the 12th cusp as the ascendant, tend to trip themselves up!

  47. Donna, I forgot to mention, I got the call to music when I was 4, and I have been teaching people (documented in my earliest report cards) since grade 1. I also, feel like I had a religious call in my teens, but due to circumstances (mostly being a teen) I have not pursued it but I have always felt it there, even still.
    I have enjoyed the 12th house people comments. Makes me feel less of that red herring and more in keeping with some really interesting people.
    Thanks againg.

    • Thanks, Teri. You’ll find lots of 12th house people here, and lively discussions in the comment section of many articles. There are also about 16 articles on the 12th house, so use the search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page. Donna

  48. My natal moon and uranus are in the 12th house. After I retired from teaching, I had a calling to work in Activities at a nursing home. I worked there part time for 3 years.

  49. im an Aquarius rising, i just have my sun and mercury conjunct in the 12th in the sign of capricorn.
    i dont kn wht my calling is,
    i hv saturn and Venus conjunct in 10th house in sign of sag,
    not sure if im supposed to have a calling.
    any thoughts on this ?

    • Sometimes it takes a long time to find it, and often all the steps along the way are what leads you to your ultimate path. Donna

  50. Very good article Donna! I have Sun in the 12th house and I do feel a calling on my life. I’ve been told my all of the psychics ( not knowing Astrology) that I’ve been to, that I have a spiritual calling on my life. Most of them said that it had something to do with healing. One has encouraged me to develop my psychic abilities. I’m suspecting that if someone has a planet in the 12th house (especially sun in the 12th) and are not answering their calling, they pay the price by having health problems and depression. But since the 12th house has been called the house of spirituality, could it also be that if one doesn’t develop themselves spiritually in some way, their physical and mental health suffers? Thank You again.

    • Good points, Omni. Some old time astrologers used to say that with 12th house planets you would serve or suffer. I don’t believe everyone with a 12 house planets MUST suffer if they don’t serve, some planets there just point to an inner life that we don’t share with the world–we can be very private people. But many of us have suffered and found a way out of the pain–often through spiritual pursuits–and then we serve by sharing what we learned that helped us. BUT if we serve in unhealthy, codependent ways like enabling or doing so much for another that they don’t learn how to help themselves, then we can wind up suffering ourselves. So, it’s very complicated. Donna

      • Yes, I believe this is the key. And one of the gifts of 12th house placements, I feel, is that we gave ourselves a place to retreat to for as long or as often as needed. Then we rise and rejoin–renewed–engaging the other gifts that called us to this life. And blogs like this are so centering and create a feeling of commonality, of communion. Thank you…

  51. Thanks Donna, what you said at the end make so much sense to me…the codependent problem has been plaguing my life for awhile now and I have been suffering, sometimes terribly. I have been desperate to find a solution. Then I started listening to the calls I have (music, teaching, I have mentioned before) and the solution presented itself. The pieces to this solution just keep falling into place, almost magically, so much so that at times I feel like I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. I have to survive two years (this is a completely attainable goal) and I could be in a position to free myself from the person I have been enabling. I am hopeful.
    This whole conversation has been an education. Thanks again for having this blog.

  52. This article gave me some hope that perhaps I won’t feel so LOST my whole life! My twelfth house cusp is in pisces. It’s occupied by saturn in pisces and my moon in aries (10 degrees behind my ascendant). My midheaven is in capricorn so it’s ruled by my 12th house saturn so it’s a mutual depositor with my 10th house neptune (also conjuncting uranus). This neptune-uranus conjunction in the 10th house as well as my 9th house venus which conjuncts my mc, all aspect saturn. My moon also squares my midheaven and is in exact opposition with chiron in libra which falls in my 6th house (don’t know if many would consider it though). I’m 19 and about to enter my 3rd year of university, I really hope I’ll get this calling soon.. but given the nature of saturn, maybe not.

    • Don’t despair, Kym. Even without Saturn and Capricorn in the picture, these vocations can be complex and have many facets. I was 28 and in my Saturn return when the final piece fell into place as I got involved with astrology. Donna

  53. Dear Donna you are one of the great Astrologers of our time. How is your Pluto Venus getting on at the moment..? Also I hope your back is bearing up with all life’s burdens. I send you blessings keep up the good work. John

    • Thanks for your kind thoughts, John. My Pluto-Venus aspect is a sextiles, alas, making it all too easy to relate in that manner. (There are some benefits to getting old.)

      My back probably could use a good chiropractic adjustment, as life’s burdens nowadays are hard for all of us, given the turbulent cosmic weather conditions like the seemingly eternal Pluto-Uranus square and the transiting Saturn-Neptune square. Donna

  54. 12th house 29Gem35’54’’, Mars, Sun and Venus conjunct and Moon in 12th as well (2Leo19’53’’, with AC 2Leo26’34’’. A triple conj. and (depending on definitions) a stellium.

    Two yods: Apex Saturn (in 10th house/Aries along with the true node!) + Neptun/Uranus and apex Neptun + Saturn/Merkur.
    Several aspects between all planets (many squares) – but strangely enough true node has no aspects.

    I have been drawn towards the Unseen from a very early age, but I have a master in physics as well (and half a Ph.d) and I have worked in different areas (but not too long each place ;-).
    The only thing I have been really consistent with is the ‘call of the wild’ and I have received more than one call.
    I have a book coming up (hopefully soon) on the subject of “Friendship with Elementals, Entities, spirits and other beings” and as part of that I have a blog (in progress!) with the subject of “Friendship with the Unseen”.

    Kind Regards – and Donna, thanx for your insightful blog!
    Nancy Nanx

  55. Funny, I always called it my “deployment”. I guess it absolutely is a calling, something that comes up and you just know you’re going to do it. With me, it always came with a sense of duty to help another (no planets in 12th, but ruler is in 7th) and there was never any question of the sacrifice I knew I would have to make. Because the planet in the 7th was Neptune in Scorpio, it always involved some kind of life-and-death issue for another. Frankly, I’m glad it’s only come along a few times in my lifetime (I’m 58 now) because they were really draining!! But I have no doubt whatsoever that should I receive the deployment notice again, I’ll belly up to the bar. (a little neptune humor)

    • Deployment–good word for a complex situation! Donna

  56. I simply had to thank you very much once more. I’m not certain what I might have gone through without the actual advice contributed by you over such problem. It truly was a frightening circumstance in my view, however , being able to view a new professional style you resolved that took me to weep over contentment. I’m happier for this help and as well , sincerely hope you find out what a powerful job you were providing educating other individuals through your web page. More than likely you have never encountered any of us.

  57. Hi Donna,
    My daughter has a jam packed full twelfth house with peregrine jupiter, I think peregrine uranus as well,along with mars venus and neptune..
    she also has peregrine saturn in the first house ,she works so so hard.
    She is going to university next year hopefully and at present doing triple a level art.
    Her art is the wild,rebellious and even blood thirsty.At times I have been ‘concerned’.she has a real talent also for photography having an eye for shots but also uses all sorts of mod techno weirdness to capture moods etc.
    I have never seen anybody else who does art like her.
    I think this is twelfth house calling.

    • A 12th house calling, for sure. I’ve written a lot about the unusual generation born with a stellium of up to five or six planets in Capricorn, and my ebook The Stellium Handbook was done in great part because of their need to integrate all those planets and the gifts as well as the more difficult qualities of that combination. Have a look at my website intended for them––and you’ll also find out about a Facebook group that was formed for them. Donna Cunningham

  58. Hi Donna,
    Previous post, forgot to put her birth date on..13 th jan 1998 at 9:51 am in derby uk.
    I think it’s a very interesting chart and a good example for this blog.
    Thanks Donna for all your wisdom on all your threads and blogs.
    Much appreciated.

  59. Hi Donna!

    Fantastic blog! Thank you for sharing your knowledge with all of us. The beneficial ripple effects must be infinite…

    I have Libra rising, Virgo 12th house (I noticed quite a few of my fellow commenters are Libra rising folks as well), with Pluto conjunct my ASC in Libra. No planets in the 12th house, but I have mercury in Gemini in my 9th, and a Taurus sun in my 8th house, and Jupiter in Pisces in my 6th.

    My career has been unfulfilling (Mars and Saturn in Cancer conjunct Midhaven) until recently. I stumbled upon a freelance writing gig about 18 months ago. Despite any formal training, writing comes naturally to me, especially marketing writing.

    Along with marketing writing I write LinkedIn profiles and cover letters for folks. I feel that is a true calling (guessing it’s the Virgo 12th house) to serve in and help people. Although I am on the hunt to find a full-time job to stabilize my financial situation, I want to continue to help through this avenue. The upcoming eclipse in Virgo should be interesting.

  60. saturn in scorpio in 12th house

  61. plus rahu in pisces sitting in my fourth house which aspects my saturn in scorpio

  62. “12th house planets that aspect or rule the Midheaven”
    12th house Leo mars square Taurus Midheaven

    “12th house planets that aspect planets in the 10th, 6th, or 2nd”
    12th house Leo mars opposite Aquarius Saturn in the 6th house

    I’ve haven’t had a lucrative or fulfilling career life. I worked in various clerical and procurement jobs in high tech most of these were temp jobs.
    I wanted to be a social worker as a teen but my parent disapproved.

    I’m middle aged and currently studying Psychology at the local Junior College.
    I’ve also have worked a number of very low paying jobs while attending school and I’m scrambling to keep my head above water.
    I’m gambling that I have the natural talent to successfully pull off this 12th house Psych career very late in life.

    • Go for it, Bri! If you don’t, you’ll always wish you had. Donna

  63. Hi Donna,

    I’ve got Neptune in Scorpio on the cusp of the 12th opposite Sun/Mercury on the cusp of the 6th in a T-square to Jupiter in the 2nd, and my late Scorpio Moon is in the 12th conjunct my Sag AC (4 degree orb) and in a loose square to my MC at 20 Virgo.

    I’m a singer-songwriter/musician and licensed massage therapist but a health condition has severely limited my ability to work in these capacities. Being forced in on myself with lots of downtime resulted in my becoming an astrologer and shamanic practitioner. I’ve felt ‘called’ to all of these pursuits.

    I’m also an online activist, working to wake people up to the corporate takeover of America and fighting for those who are suffering as a result of it–the poor, the disabled, children, the elderly and minorities as well as the Earth herself and all the creatures going extinct (with humans on the menu), so many of whom and so much of which is ‘invisible’ to the average person. I’m compelled to do this work because of the urgency of the situation, despite frequently feeling burned out–12 years online daily plus occasional rallies and meetings (limited again by the health issue so most of the work from home).

    Saturn’s transit through Scorpio and my 12th House has been difficult but it has also given me some beautiful gifts together with Uranus’ transit to my Venus during the Pluto square–I studied astrology obsessively and it’s as if a ton of information got ‘downloaded’ (while Saturn was also squaring my Uranus). Saturn just transited my Moon and with it came a powerful new guide and a powerful new guardian. I’m so thankful to have this knowledge so I can work with these planetary energies instead of against them and be able to recognize the gifts that come along with the challenges…

    • It seems to be a common pattern among us with 12th house careers that we study a number of ways of healing people, adding new ones from time to time. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Donna

  64. I think the notion of vocational calling: can be broadened beyond the “narrowly defined” standard list of 12th house vocational tendencies. I believe our planet is in trouble, as a scientist I see the real effects of climate change, and as a trained biologist, I see how its harming all living things. I have been “called” to save wild places and wildlife since I was a small child. No: I am not called to the nunnery. Or called to the psych ward.

    Yet what I do every day: manifests thru this very same stage…..

    And: being highly sensitive in an indifferent, numbed out distracted world: does lead to health issues.

    Sun gemini in the 12th (Mars, Mercury, Uranus, also)

    • Ah, you have a Gemini stellium–lots of diverse gifts, especially in communicating about the causes you wish to serve. (I also have a Gemini stellium and have been a writer/teacher/communicator all my adult life, but mine is in the 11th. Sun and Jupiter in the 12th, all my social work jobs have been in 12th house settings.) May the message you need to communicate come through in a clear, compelling, effective manner! Donna

  65. I have always loved astrology and taught myself a fair bit in my early 20’s. I always thought it was pretty accurate with regard to personality traits of people and synastry. How I was able to stay married 15 years to a Capricorn squaring my sun and moon I may never know. I was also freakishly good at Tarot card readings but never went into either as a career. I haven’t really had a career. I have a master’s degree in psychology but stayed at home wth kids. Now in late 40’s and divorced, I need to have an income. Finding a psychology position 14 years post graduation has been challenging at best. I have most of my planets in the 12th house and have researched their meanings over the years. I’m a triple aries (with a twin sister no less with whom I do not get along or really even speak), Pisces on the 12th house and Asc 17 Degrees Aries. In the 12th are following:
    Venus 14 Pisces
    Mercury 15 Pisces
    Moon 2 Aries
    Sun 7 Aries
    Fortune 12 Aries
    Saturn 14 Aries

    North node conjunts Asc at 18 Aries but in first house.

    I love singing, write pretty well, and have recently discovered the enjoyment of the creativitiy of soap making and personal skincare products. I very much enjoy astrology and psycholoty and should have been in the FBI because I am the best private investigator (to the creepiness of my children) and can problem solve just about anything. I am a case study in missed opportunities though and am feeling rather unsure how to make a living for myself now. I think the fact that Aries is so prominent makes it such that I’m not a weenie basket case wallowing in self loathing. I do wallow, just not for long. If I think I could learn astrology better and somehow make a living, I would. I don’t know, I feel as though I have great potential but no one to recognize it and offer me a position to the multitude of position to which I have applied.

  66. Hi! i have always been intrigue by astrology and the unknown.I would go to tarot readers and then lately i have been watching videos on you tube about astrology.I have Sun conjunct Mercury In the 12 house of Cancer(Birthchart).Here is what i found out as i checked:
    my Mercury sextile MC(saturn-10th house) at 3’14 orb
    my Sun sextile Pluto(my 2nd house) at 1’27 orb
    my Mercury sextile Pluto (2nd house) at 5’21 orb
    My Sun is in the 12th house
    The ruler of my 2nd house(Virgo) is Mercury.

    All i know is when i was young i really wanted to be a doctor,even
    if i did not pursue such career.I have medical books.And that i am a
    lover of writing and poetry.And yes i was always in awe of astrology.
    For a time i had a small business,it was okay but it’s now bankrupt.
    Until now i don’t know what i want to do.I stayed at home be to take care of
    my children( got pregnant in my teens) and was not able to pursue anything.I am in my 40’s now.

  67. Sun in Virgo in 12th. The following are all in Libra and conj. my Libra Ascendant…. Mercury retro in 12th, Pluto, Juno, Mars, and Venus in 1st. I also have Uranus conj NNode in 1st but in Scorpio opposing a Lilith – SNode – Chiron conj. in my 7th house Taurus.

    I got my bachelors in psych, which in hindsight was a waste since I already intuited/analyzed enough people by then that most of what I was taught I already knew.

    After looking into my Uranus – Chiron opposition I’m beginning to think it’s effects have consistently pulled my attention to my own health matters as it’s easy for me to become depleted energy-wise whenever I attempt to help others.

    In keeping with 12th house themes, I find hospitals a drain, prisons downright terrifying, tight or confined spaces uncomfortable however I always seem to be in living situation that is restrictive to my freedom of expression. As one might imagine having a 1st house Uranus makes that scenario very very annoying.

    Lastly, as has been mentioned by others, Pluto sitting on my Ascendant has attracted thus far more undesirable interactions than beneficial ones. Ironically, the more I have begun focusing on myself and less on helping others the better my interactions have become. This really annoys me as it goes against my Sun – Moon (Taurus/8th) combo.

  68. Well, I have an interesting situation apparently. My sun is Aquarius and 12th house. Then I have Capricorn mercury 12th, Capricorn venus(retrograde) 12th and Capricorn neptune 12th. I have sun conjuct venus and neptune, and venus conjuct neptune. Overall in my birth chart I am aquarius dominant.

  69. I have an unaspected Mercury in 12th house. It’s taken me 67 years, but I’m soon to have my first book published, a science fiction novel. I’ve always felt I had a spiritual message to give people, and now I’ve found how to put it across in a way that is easily understood. Keep going, 12th house people you can make it.

    • That’s exciting, Janet! Maybe it isn’t you–maybe the world wasn’t ready or didn’t know they needed the wisdom you’ve accumulated in 67 years. Not too coincidentally, I’ve just started work on a novel about a medium/past life therapist whose agent tells her she has to write her life story. (Guess where that info comes from.) Do subscribe to Writer’s Digest. I just picked up the newest issue the other day, and it’s a lot about marketing your books. Best wishes on your success.

      Incidentally, there are about 15 articles about the 12th house on this blog. Check them out. Donna Cunningham

  70. Hi Donna!

    I have Sun, Venus and Mercury in the 12th house in Gemini and Sun conjunct Venus. I’ve experienced several callings in my life so far.

    The first was going to law school, where I mistakenly thought I would be more counselor than lawyer. I left the law and during subsequent soul searching, I had a powerful vivid dream that translated into a calling to do stand-up comedy, which I did for two years. (I am still in quiet shock that I was a comedienne and always felt “possessed” by Spirit guiding me rather than taking it on as an identity). After that I was called to participate in an Expressive Arts therapy practitioner training and began to facilitate self-discovery groups out of my living room. Eventually I offered visioning and soul-connection workshops and began doing one on one counseling and coaching. I do get a great deal of satisfaction from helping people heal and ease their pain. Most recently I wrote and published my first book, entitled The Magic of Saying Yes: Answering Your Heart’s True Calling. (smile)

    Thanks for another wonderful post!

    • What a wonderful use of your 12th house planets, Betsy! And it sounds exciting and fun to use your creative gifts to benefit others.

      If any of those planets is within 10 degrees of the Ascendant, it makes it easier for people to see the planet’s qualities so it must help with performing and leading groups. Donna Cunningham

      • Interesting, Donna! Actually none of my planets are within 10 degrees of the Ascendant. The closest is Mercury which is at 22 degrees Gemini. In fact performing and leading groups usually takes a lot for me to muster the courage to go do. Once I’m in the flow it’s lovely and sometimes even thrilling (as a Gemini I do thrive on connection!), but I’ve often wondered why I would be called to do something that requires me to transform myself to be successful at. (Ha ha!) Transformation for sure seems to be part of the 12th house work. I am now working on transforming my 12th house Venus as so much that is written about Venus in the 12th (ie, unrequited love) is disempowering. Cheers and love!

  71. Good day, Donna!

    I have a 6-planet (mercury, venus retrograde, mars, saturn, uranus, and neptune) stellium in my 12th house (capricorn) most with opposing aspects with my 6th house cancer moon. Chiron and Jupiter retrograde are also in my 6th house. Pluto and BML are in the 10th house (scorpio). My sun is in aquarius in the first house. I’ve always been drawn to the monastic life and its simplicity and i’m thinking of becoming a buddhist monk, in fact i’ve been having dreams of sacred baobab trees, dolphins, monks (christian and buddhist), nuns (i’m a man sometimes a woman dressed as one and/or be in the company of nuns), and Jesus, though i’m not a strong believer in the christian/catholic faith. I have jupiter’s glyph on the creases of my left hand too. Thank you for providing us with this great information. Good to know that i’m not going crazy.

    • Onji, you are very special, hang in there, trust yourself…

  72. Hi there! So I am a 20 year old (girl) and my astrology chart is hilariously spiritually bound. Honestly I thought there was something wrong with me but the more research I do, the more everything makes sense! I am a 12th house sun in Cancer, with venus and mercury there too. Then… Saturn in pisces in the 8th house (retrograde but hey). In fact, five retrogrades from the outer planets. I loved reading this article, especially these 12th house sun based articles because it is finally giving me confirmation I am NOT CRAZY! 🙂 Love and light to you xxxxx

    • NO, Not crazy at all, Lydia. We 12th house souls are a breed all our own. Donna

  73. Interesting. What would the 12th house ruler (Sun) in 2nd house conjunct Uranus indicate for a calling? Utilize my personality to earn money?

    • Use your unique and inventive qualities to inspire others to find their own unique potentials–and to make living doing that. Donna

      • Thank you. Pluto’s also in the 2nd house. I really need to meditate on this subject. 🙂

  74. Hola Omaira
    I have Saturn, Mercury, Sun, Mars in my aries12th house, midheaven in Capricorn, 6th house Virgo, 2nd house Gemini. As you can see a strong calling but I don’t know what. What dont know what yet.wish me luck

  75. Oh I would LOVE to know more about mine. Life has felt outright destroying at times, but hey i’m 21 now and feels like i’ve got the knowledge of an old man already.

    Scorpio in 12 with sun, mercury, jupiter and pluto chillin there too…

    Ive also got a grand trine of Saturn 6’13 -Venus 4’41-Moon 3’0
    North moon node in 14′ scorpio 11th house and south 14′ taurus 5th

    I got hit by something about a year ago so im still trying to make sens of all of this… definitely have felt a calling but it is as of now in a creative way, trying to inspire people to follow their true desires and dreams.

    I would appreciate so much some advice, your posts have been helping me a ton lately.

    Thanks a ton!

    • Hello, Santiago, Saturn was traveling through Scorpio for about 2 1/2 years (now is in Sagittarius) and that’s why you feel like an old man now. It represents a time when you’ve been forced to grow up and let go of sabotaging yourself find a way to deal with the world in a responsible and realistic way.

      You have what is known as a stellium with four planet in one sign and house, so you are definitely a 12th house type. You’ll find a series of about 15 articles about the 12th house and its many facets on Skywriter. Also check out the articles here on stelliums, and perhaps my ebook about stelliums as well. There’s a long learning curve with stelliums, but there’s much to work with in the handbook, which you’d find on my website Best wishes, Donna Cunningham

  76. I love your work!
    I have Pluto and Mercury conjunct in Scorpio in the 12th along with scorpio sun and ascendant💭
    I find that people tend to talk to me about their very private affairs, which i love😊
    I sit and listen because sometimes people talk more openly to strangers.
    Been thinking of becoming a counselor…

  77. Donna, I love your work on the 12th house – it gives me hope!

    I have a 12th house stellium in virgo (and also a 2nd house stellium in scorpio – sun, moon, mercury, neptune):

    venus conjunct pluto at 0°46
    venus conjunct uranus at 4°36
    uranus conjunct pluto at 5°23

    and saturn opposite uranus 9°20

    I went to art school and was a freelance graphic designer for a short period. Horses are my true passion, and I wanted to be a jockey. My parents were not supportive of that, so I became a dressage groom for a few years. Wrote a children’s book. I needed more financial stability, so ended up working for an investment banking firm. Fourteen years later I’m still stuck in financial services with extreme burnout after working in meaningless jobs in a meaningless industry.

    I feel myself pulled toward healthcare, but I’m not sure where exactly. Thought about going to nursing school, but not 100% sure. I’m about to start volunteering at a hospice, learning to do reiki for patients and also being with dying patients that have no family. This year I also started attending synagogue and getting the Hebrew education that was denied me in my youth.

    I’m also an INFJ.

    At age 48 I’m still trying to find my calling in life!

    • Forgot to add that I started with astrology around 4th grade,proudly wearing burgundy scorpio knee socks and reading the sun sign booklets near the checkout at the grocery store. I’ve used astrology as a very important tool for self-understanding.

    • Hi, Pennie, welcome to the 12th house career world. What I’ve observed is that we tend to keep learning and adding new experience and even change career direction several times, but incorporating progressively more experience and tools as we go along. It’s all about service in the end.

      There are at least 15 articles on th 12th house on Skywriter. Use the search box at the top right hand corner, and you’ll find plenty to relate to. Donna

      • I am proud to announce that I have passed my entrance exam for nursing school! So finally, at age 48, I feel like I am on the right path.

        Even though the INFJ personality type is rare, I’ve encountered MANY INFJ nurses. I was initially worried about being successful at nursing as an INFJ, but now I know there is no reason to worry.

        I’m very excited to close the financial services chapter of my career!!!

      • That’s a wonderful achievement! Congratulations!

        As I am exactly on the borderline between INFJ and INFP and have Sun and Jupiter conjunct in the 12th, you have me wondering if more 12th house people are one or the other of those types. Certainly fewer of us would be the E type, wouldn’t you think?

        There is a collection of about 15 articles on the 12th house on my blog, and one of them is about 12th house people as introverts. To find the series, go to the onsite search engine at the top right hand corner of the front page and type in”12th house.”

        Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you Donna! I passed my exam on Friday, so maybe the energy of the eclipse helped! My natal Chiron is 25 Pis 50′ 05″ retrograde in the 6th house.

        My interest is in surgical or research nursing, however that could change after clinical experiences. I know I do not want a lot of interaction with patients’ families. I’m very good 1:1, but I find more than 1:1 utterly draining.

        I think E type would be very rare for 12th house people. Although, maybe this is where the “shy extrovert” exists?

        Your article about 12th house introversion is very accurate. I too learned to understand my introversion through astrology. I’m glad you referenced the book Quiet – an excellent book!!!

      • Or 12th house people with the rising sign or several planets in the more extroverted signs like Leo or Libra. Donna

      • I am Libra rising, which has definitely helped me to be more social when needed. However, at first it makes me seem more extroverted than I really am, so people are surprised at my introverted nature once they get to know me.

      • With me, it’s Leo rising and three Leo planets in the first. It’s a kind of disguise that helps me hide my introverted self.

      • I have no other air in my chart, and my only fire sign is Saturn in Aries. I also have NN in Aries. The rest of my chart is split between water and earth.

  78. I do trust all the ideas you’ve introduced in your post. They’re very convincing and will definitely work. Nonetheless, the posts are very brief for beginners. May you please prolong them a bit from subsequent time? Thanks for the post.

    • Hi, Tracey. The recommended length of blog posts is generally about 700 words. My articles in magazines like TMA are usually 2000-3000 words. It would take up a lot of my writing energy to write that much for a blog, when I need to be saving my writing energy for magazine articles or my books. Donna

  79. I was glad to read this, as I find the 12th house is strangely misunderstood- mostly in a bad way. If houses were to correspond to signs, I should note that no sign in the horoscope, Pisces included, is so bad mouthed. The perspectives there are a bit more balanced, with each sign depicted with strengths and weaknesses. So maybe no house deserves such bad rep, the 12th included? So yes, house of calling does sound better than house of punishment.
    I have Sun, Moon, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in the 12th conjunct, sextile Mars and Neptune, conjunct in the 2nd. I am actually an architect, which I’m not very unhappy with, but not much more. I considered medicine and writing or arts as career paths, but did not pursue either officially. I did not have the money nor the funding opportunities for the former (and/or family would not support me with it). As to the latter, I am and have always practiced both in my free time. A peculiar thing so far is that I have been successful in my career (got prestigious awards/ opportunities), but have often/mostly been underpaid. My theory about it is that I am meant to go it alone to be at my best (including financially successful), and have not done that just yet (been an employee so far). For ref, Midheaven is in Leo.

    • There’s so much more you might want to explore on this blog. First of all, there is series of something like 15 articles on the 12th house, because as a 12th house person myself, it’s been a favorite topic to explore.

      Second, as you may already know, your combination of five planets in the 12th is a very strong stellium. I wrote an ebook on the subject (The Stellium Handbook) as very little had been written about it before. You can find it at

      It’s typical of 12th house placements to keep learning more and adding new facets to their work throughout life, in order to make an important contribution to our world. Regards, Donna Cunningham

      • Thank You for such delicious 12th house insights & awareness!
        As a practicing astrologer, having recently committed to a relationship with a Taurus man, who has his Sun, Mars, Mercury, & Chiron in Taurus in the 12th, & Venus in Capricorn in his 12th, I continue to be intrigued as I witness his continued growth & opening!
        At 33, he is experiencing an increasing desire to change his vocation to a meaningful, fulfilling one, & I know that this tool can be of great assistance.
        I would Love to have you look at his chart, for us to have an efficient explanation of what steps may best serve him, to focus on.
        He just began writing, & I (Virgo, with a Mercury Sole dispositor) am in awe of his sensual & provocative delivery!
        Please let me know how we may connect with you, Donna, as your passion for the 12tg house, is where I see the most value in tapping into!
        Thank You!!!

      • Hi, Lani, glad the materials was helpful Your fellow has what is called a stellium, a powerful career indicator in the 12th. I’ve sent you a list of astrologers whose work I know and admire. As a practicing astrologer, you might also want to have a look at my two most recent ebooks. The first is The Stellium Handbook, the only book I know of about this topic. The other is a two-volume collection on my writings about vocational astrology called Career Choices and Challenges. Both ebooks are filled with tools to help you interpret those chart features. I’ll send you an e,ail about the books as well. Regards, Donna Cunningham

  80. I have saturn 2 degrees cap and uranus 0 degrees cap my 12th house. My rising capricorn 8 degrees sun pisces 27 degrees. I have been studying astrology for over 10 yrs finally starting to understand it. I originally wanted to become a geologist. But it didn’t work out. I have been in school for 3 yrs on and off and nothing seems right to me. Last yr i decided i want to start my own business. I wanted to be a certain theme. When i went to jamaica this yr because my bf lives there, i was hit. All i wanted to do was help the ppl. They can flourish i thought. Contrary to what ppl think jamaica is beautiful. The culture is amazing. I got to experience first hand the real jamaica. I knew i belong there. I knew i have to help them. That’s my calling. My chart states as my ruler of my 1st house in my 12th house that signifies living abroad permanently. The only other place i have been is canada. I don’t feel my calling is there. I left when i was 20. Im not 28. My saturn return is coming Jan 2018. Im ready for my challenge. As a 12th house saturn i am planning preparing. I’m doing what i need to do to get home.

  81. Reblogged this on Inspired by… and commented:
    Sometimes people need a little vocational direction. I thought it interesting that vocation looked a LOT like vacation, but with a little vowel change. 😉

  82. Cancer rulez my 12th. I have sun in Leo placed in12th & mercury in cancer, smack dab on the cusp of 12th. Mercury sextilez my moon in Taurus which iz placed in 10th. Taurus also rulez my 10th house. I,ve always been obsessed ( Pluto in scorpio, square to both sun Leo & mercury )with the occult, spiritual, the metaphysical paranormal & unsolved murderz(12 th us overtonez)& shadow play of life; The dark vs. Light.

    My greatest aspiration iz to one day help solve cold casez thru use of astrology &metaphysical meanz.(perhaps reflected by my mercury bq Uranus in sag 4th houze) striving to get to the root of a matter(4th houze) in unusual or non traditional route (Uranus in 4th in sign of sag).

    My father left us in my infancy never in picture leo sun in 12th but he & i made this agreement before I waz born, I needed the seperation for my karmic balance & growth. Mother & i & my grandmother almost murdered by a man all in same night in one fail swoop when i waz an infant (Taurus moon in last degree of taurus (Pleiades/Tragedy to mother lineage??) But mother won the battle( due to moon in exaltation perhapz?) He would have literally gotten away w/ the murder if he succeded.

    This I feel, inspired me to yearn deeply to want to solve cold casez & maybe teach otherz who are SINCERE how to do so az well. Unsolved, they disturb me deeply. Like the Morgan Harrington case before it waz solved I obsessed over it & I didn’t even know her.

    • A very sad history, and yet you have come out of it ennobled and wanting to help others who have suffered. These stories of missing or murdered people are so sad, and there are so many of them at this time in our history. Perhaps in addition to astrology, you could prepare yourself by studying grief counseling. Donna Cunningham

      PS. A recent post on this blog about the 29th degree of a sign has led to a very active discussion in the comment section of the post. You might want to check it out, and perhaps add to it as well.

  83. “My father left us in my infancy never in picture leo sun in 12th but he & i made this agreement before I waz born, I needed the seperation for my karmic balance & growth.”

    Wow, S.C., you took the words right out of my mouth! My Sun is in the 2nd house, but rules the twelfth, and my dad was only in my life a handful of times. I’ve always felt that not having a supportive male figure in my life was somehow pre-arranged, because I had to find out what I was made of. I think in other lifetimes my father(s) pretty much ruled my life in terms of finding a mate, hobbies, family, economically…

    I think “Daddy” took care of everything, maybe out of a karmic obligation. I could always count on him, you know? I miss the sun in my life and feel there’s not much of a foundation to build with, but like I said, I must already have it in me and need to create the structure myself. Come to think of it, the 2nd house ruler is in the 4th, along with the North Node in Cappy.

    And until I can stand on my own two feet financially, my husband will not come into my life. Just a feeling.

  84. I have a stellium in 10th house Virgo – mercury, uranus, pluto all conjunct within 0°34′ of each other with sun 8° on one side of this triple conjunct and MC a little over 10° the other side.

    An astrologer friend also said I had a Stellium by sign in 12th house Scorpio. Mars and Neptune are conjunct within 1° in 12th house Scorpio and Venus is around 12° away still in 12th house Scorpio. ASC is also in Scorpio toward the end. Scorpio is on the cusp of both 12th house and 1st house. I don’t know if this configuration actually constitutes a real stellium but my astrologer friend seemed to think it was significant.

    The ruler of the 10th is in the 10th
    The ruler of the 12th is in the 10th

    As per your list of indicators…..

    12th house planets aspecting MC:
    Neptune in 12th Quintile MC (orb 0°18′)
    Mars in 12th Quintile MC (0°57′)
    Venus in 12th Sextile MC (1°00′)

    12th house planets aspecting planets in the 10th:
    Neptune in 12th Sextile Mercury in 10th (1°51′)
    Neptune in 12th Sextile Uranus in 10th (2°03′)
    Neptune in 12th Sextile Pluto in 10th (1°28′)
    Mars in 12th Sextile Mercury in 10th (2°29′)
    Mars in 12th Sextile Uranus in 10th (2°41′)
    Mars in 12th Sextile Pluto in 10th (2°06′)
    Venus in 12th Novile Sun in 10th (0°01′)
    Mars in 12th Sextile Sun in 10th (6°04′) 5° may be the limit of that orb
    Neptune in 12th Septile Sun in 10th (1°51′) 1°30′ may be limit of that orb.
    ASC Sextile Sun in 10th (1°59′)

    Ruler of the 6th house Taurus is in the 12th house:
    Venus in the 12th

    When I was young I happened upon a type of work that suited my kind of intellect very well, survey and civil design. I liked designing things for people to use. Years later when I got interested in finding out about my ancestry, I found out that several of my ancestors had done the same kind of work, survey and civil, for a living, most of them holding official positions in their communities. One was instrumental in a war effort and there is a commemorative plaque to him at the site. It’s so weird to me because I, also, once held a small town public position in urban planning.

    The kind of work I’ve done for years is intellectually stimulating enough which is VERY important to me because I get distracted easily if there is not at least a little bit of a puzzle to solve. The problem is that the work I do is spiritually and emotionally pretty dry. I have been looking for a different kind of work to do these days. That is probably why this thread caught my attention.

    I’ve actually entertained the idea of police detective work which is probably insane since I can’t stand blood. I abhor violence and am so sensitive to absorbing moods and emotions from people that it would probably be too overwhelming for me. Either way, I need and want to do something different that utilizes my spiritual/emotional side more. My inner girl wants to come out I suppose.

    • The Scorpio planets and Ascendant aren’t a stellium, technically, but certainly a powerful factor. Especially with Pluto itself being part of the Virgo stellium. As for the vocational potential of your 12th house, rather than detective work, I think you have a great potential for digging deeply into things that are hidden and are causing difficulties, and then finding ways to bring them to light and heal them.

      My observations about 12th house careers that involve several planets are that the person tends to keep adding on new information and techniques that make them better and better at the work they do. And, of course some sort of service is often part of it. Best wishes for an ongoing journey that continues to be fresh, fascinating and a wonderful contribution. You might find the information in The Stellium Handbook useful in sorting out the potentials of both your Virgo and Scorpio chart features. It’s available at Donna Cunningham

      • You are very perceptive. Digging deep is kind of at the core of who I am. You don’t have to pay me to try to figure things or you out. It often comes in flashes of insight after much scrutiny. Sadly, I’ve never found a way to make that aspect of my personality lucrative. Truthfully, this ability is not too well received by others period. I guess that’s why I was thinking of something like detective work with a human/emotional type component. I am probably too old to teach this dog a totally new way of doing things, but it doesn’t hurt to add a few tricks to my bag.

        I think your book on stelliums would have been more helpful for me when I was younger. At my age, I think I have a pretty good handle on it. That thing has always been super strong. It’s well integrated in my personality. Pluto is my oriental planet and agrees with my Scorpio Ascendant. Mercury has always been the strongest planet by far in my chart. The strongest aspect is Mercury conj Uranus. They function well together. The only problem is that it has me in my head too much.

        The greatest conflicting element I have in my chart has to do with the emotional aspects. My moon is over in the 7th house Gemini and it seems to be in conflict with everything. It’s tightly squared with Pluto, Mercury, Uranus and Saturn and inconjunct Mars and Neptune. It’s always been like a tight rope walk to balance it. Let’s just say I spend a lot of time hiding out in intellectual pursuits to avoid dealing with emotions

        I guess I just think I need to mature a little bit emotionally by doing something along those lines. Maybe this feeling is brought on by my Saturn, Chiron, and Ceres all in Pisces 4th house and a need to resolve my childhood self. It feels like it’s time to grow up a bit more emotionally and spiritually right now. I suppose I must be experiencing some sort of transit or something.

        Anyway, thanks for your time. I very much enjoy reading Sky Writer. I’ve learned a great deal.

      • Glad it’s been helpful, Kelley. You’re an insightful person, and with a strong Pluto myself, I can relate to what you said about people not liking your insights much I often say that a Plutonian person is like the kid in that story about the Emperor’s new clothes. The deluded emperor was naked, but the kid was the only one watching the parade who yelled out that he was naked.

        I always say that when the kid got home, he probably gt his behind whipped.


    • Haha! So true!

  85. Hi Donna,

    I like the article, but I’m so confused…I can see how the callings work and things, but with a person like me, with leo in the 12th along with venus in virgo, a calling is hard enough to think about considering you feel like you don’t exist…

    Thank you again!

  86. This is so true!

    When I was 19 I didn’t know what career to pick. I was always careful about choosing my career and took it very seriously. I worried about my happiness when it comes to work. It was like marriage for me. I said, I didn’t want to work in a job that I hated or wasn’t happy with. Then the day I turned 20, I had gotten my first professional massage therapy session as a gift. I went and after 30 minutes, I just knew that massage therapy would be a perfect career for me! I was so excited that I researched it after I got home. I just KNEW it. I had a feeling. I went to a great massage school and it just felt so right.

    I have sun, jupiter, mercury and chiron in the 12th house.

    • Hi, Ruby, I can so relate. I also have the Sun and Jupiter in the 12th, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. You’ll find a series of 15 articles on the 12th on this blog, including ones on the Sun in the 12th, and Jupiter in the 12th. Donna Cunningham

    • Ruby, we could have a marathon discussion about all of our similarities. However I’m deeply exhausted, and at age 74, it doesn’t go away no matter how much I rest. If you want to learn more about the 12th house, use the onsite search engine at the top of the right hand column on the front page. Type “12th house” into the little box, and you’ll be given links to about 15 of my articles about the 12th on this blog. Check out the comments on those posts, too, as other 12th house types shared their experiences.
      Regards, Donna

    • Oh, and PS, what you’ve got is a stellium in the 12th, so do read the article about it on that list. For a tool to learn much more about your stellium, you might find my ebook on stelliums very informative. It’s called The Stellium Handbook, and it’s available at my website, It’s better than a marathon discussion, as you consult it any time of the day or night! Donna

  87. Donna, I’ve been studying astrology on the side for the past 20 some years! It is the first thing I seek out when I have free time to relax. lol. I just find it so satisfying… well, not always 😉 I was just researching the 12th house as I and several close friends all have quite a bit going on there. I honed in on your article because I too have my sun and jupiter conjoint the ascendant all in Cancer!!! [And I was also born and raised in Iowa (farm girl gone artist)!] That trio is active with a sextiels to my Mars/Virgo in 3H, squares to Pluto/Libra in the 4H (wide conjunction to Moon/Libra) and trines Uranus/Scorpio in 5H.

    Art has always been my passion, not drawing or painting but building 3D art. I started out in pottery and weaving studying under an amazing teacher who had us dig our own clay, grind oyster shells and dig our own pits for firing, she also had us sheer sheep, clean, card and spin our own yarn then helping us to create our own natural dyes using local plants! I have also had a passion for gemstones since I was a young girl (amazed the earth could make such beautiful art in stone form) so I have also always done some kind of jewelry making, and ended up receiving my BFA with a double major in Sculpture and Furniture design. When I was in collage I focussed my art history studies onto the indigenous arts. I was passionately drawn to their lifestyle and how there was no separation between their work, their spirituality and their art. As I grow older I see how I am crafting my life in the same way. I now weave fine gold and silver wire to create one of a kind jewelry that often incorporates gemstones as well as wood, shell, bone and clay beads and have my own art gallery out of the front half of my home with my studio in the back. My latest passion is mosaic art both 2D and 3D; I love taking broken bits and pieces and putting them together in a new way – mandalas are my current passion when making mosaics. I am also part of many non profits and environmental groups and truly feel the drive to be the change in the world. Though I often spread myself too thin and deal with burn out more often then I would like to admit. Headaches being one of the big ones. I also have a Virgo North Node in the 3H and have been embracing its energy for the past few years as I wrap up my 30’s. I also feel a strong pull toward counseling and will be looking into art therapy potentials as my art gallery gets settled in. I just finished my 3rd year in business. I live in a seasonal/tourist area so I am gallery owner and sales woman for 6 months and focus on my art and astrology for the winter months. I’d love to talk to you more about our 12th house sun/jupiter/ascendant conjunction in Cancer as well as Iowa. Thank you for posting this 🙂

    • I hope to hear back from you. Thanks!

  88. I have a 12th house stellium in Capricorn – Sun, Venus, Saturn, and Neptune. My North Node is also Capricorn. My Cancer Chiron is retrograde in my 6th.

    I am going home and meditating this evening. It’s the only thing I can think to do! Since learning this I feel I’ve never had so many questions in my life; it’s intense.

    Any readings or insights you recommend?

    Love & Light

    • I do have an ebook about stelliums, with many tools for putting together
      the pieces of your stellium. There is a chapter about the Capricorn
      stellium that so many of your generation have. It is called The Stellium Handbook,
      and is available at


  89. Hello! I have my Sun in Virgo in the 12th, as well as my North Node, Saturn and Mercury… I’m new in astrology, but I guess that having the north node in the 12th is a vocational call in something!

  90. Have a 12th house stellium sun in Gemini lurking with mars Mercury,Uranus in cancer.

    I have been certain of my vocational calling since the age of 8. After watching a PBS show with a woman marine biologist scuba diving, my hand rose and I pointed: I am going to do that.

    43 years later I just retired from being a field biologist and ecologist.

    Unwavering devotion and dedication to protecting wildlife. Total certainty that this is what I must do. And quite su cessful at it.

    I have a Venus final dispositor: I work for Her. And She is not pleased at the disrespect we show the only planet we can live on at the moment.

    My natal Neptune is in a Libra triple conjunction and then squares the 12th.

    Quite a ride.

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