Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 14, 2015

New Website Launch—New Content and Special Deals

My publications website, will be launched for the second time today at 11:00 AM PDT. (The site so nice, I launched it twice!)  You can see samplers of my ebooks and order the books there. We took it down a few weeks ago in order to add new content and to fix some persistent hiccups with the shopping cart.

Among the new offerings, you’ll find a load of tips for people who want to write about astrology or healing tools. Many fine astrologers and healers struggle with putting their knowledge down on paper to reach people who don’t get to conferences or lectures. To support their efforts at sharing what they know, I taught writing courses for many years. When I needed to stop teaching in order to focus on writing books, I still wanted to share my writing expertise. On the site under “writing tips,” you’ll find links to a number of articles about blogging, plus a free download of my booklet on writing.

You’ll also find special prices on bundles of books when you order them together.  The familiar offer of three $15 books for $35 rather than $45 still holds, and there’s a new bundle of all 10 of my ebooks at $120, a saving of $28.

(A belated insight:  the launch date for the site was July 14th, the day the space craft had it’s long-awaited fly by of Pluto. That has to be some powerful chart!  Perhaps for the astronomy community the culmination of years of work toward this event–and signified by the endless series cardinal t-squares involving the Pluto-Uranus square and a variety of the faster moving planets! Too bad they think astrology is bogus and that Pluto isn’t a planet!)

Kudos are again due for my gifted web designer, Suzanne Bird-Harris of WebsitesInWP.  Her designs are beautiful and impactful, and she has many astrologers as clients, so she knows how we think and what we need.  She is also on the leading edge of the technical side of web design, as you’ll see with the ways she makes the complexities of my webpage simple to use. I am very grateful for her stunning design of my site.

So, today, at 11:00 AM Pacific Daylight time, you are invited to come and visit


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