Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 19, 2015

Excerpts from Donna’s Ebooks

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Here in Oregon, we’re in week three of a record-breaking heat wave, so it’s much too hot to write.  However, in celebration of the opening of my new website, I’ve listed links below to several book excerpts published earlier that were readers’ favorites.

All the books are available at, and if you’re tempted by more than one of them, there’s an offer of three of the $15 ebooks for $35, a saving of $10.

(A belated insight:  the launch date for the site was July 14th, the day the space craft had its long-awaited fly by of Pluto. That has to be some powerful chart!  Perhaps for the astronomy community the culmination of years of work toward this event–and signified by the endless series cardinal t-squares involving the Pluto-Uranus square and a variety of the faster moving planets! Too bad they think astrology is bogus and that Pluto isn’t a planet!)

Wonderful insights and examples can be found in exchanges with readers in the comment sections if you scroll down below the articles.  Those sections are still open, so feel free to add your own experiences.

Excerpts from My E-Books:


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