Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 2, 2015

Today’s Trines in Earth–Work It!

Just a quick note, folks. The writing on my new book about vocational astrology is going very well, but I wanted you to be aware that  the Moon in Taurus will form a series of three trines to transiting planets  in earth signs today, so work it for all it’s worth.

If you have natal planets in the earth signs, it could very well be an excellent day to take care of finances and other practical matters.

First, it trines transiting Jupiter in Virgo, then the Sun in Virgo, and then Pluto in Capricorn. And, it also sextiles Neptune in Pisces in the course of the day.  Gotta love that Taurus Moon!

I’m not saying this will be the day you buy the winning lottery ticket or anything of that magnitude–you’d need bigger transits for that. But it’s a very good day to tackle business mattters.

I’m definitely going to work those trines.  Even without knowing today’s astrological picture, I had scheduled a trip to the bank to get my finances in order. After following the Moon for a few decades already, I seem to be attuned to the Moon without looking at the ephemeris.  No doubt many of you long-time followers of astrology feel it instinctively too.

And my dear friend who has more planets in earth than I (with only my Neptune in Virgo) will have in my next few lifetimes, didn’t know about the trines either. She has an appointment today to apply for one of those reverse mortgages to get out of a financial hole. We’re meeting for lunch after..and often when the Moon is in Taurus, it’s an especially good lunch.

So, Readers, share how this day has been for you in the comment section.  (If today is a bummer, though, don’t blame it on the Moon.  You probably have some tough transits from other planets going on.)


  1. Hi, Donna. Capricorn Sun, here, celebrating my Virgo son’s 11th birthday today. He has requested home-baked macaroni and chheese and a big cake…yum! A good day for eating well, indeed.
    Meanwhile, my husband’s Virgo stellium must have been pinged, because he has dragged out cans of Rustoleum and a BIG botttle of Murphy Oil Soap. Only my Sagittarius daughter seems to be uninspired so far, but the day is still young.

    • LOL! That Virgo stellium husband is really working the trines! (I don’t even want to know what Rustoleum is for!) Donna

  2. Hi, Donna. I’m loving the earth sign emphasis right now; since I have a Taurus stellium in the 3rd, I wanted to comment here. Lately I’ve been in the mood to clean out, stock up, and also visited my financial advisor at the bank. Since my Taurus Moon rules the 6th, I’m aware of health needs. I went to the dentist this week, and tomorrow have a bone density test. Five planets in earth do love security, but it’s taken this combination to get me “moo-ving”. Thanks for all you do! Joanne

    • Those are also excellent things to get done while the Sun and Jupiter are in Virgo. Donna

  3. Capricorn Sun, Mercury, Moon – I balanced my checkbook this morning, changed auto insurance companies, getting a much better deal at half the price, and am cooking a new casserole recipe for dinner tonight. All is in line and going well 🙂 Blessings!

  4. My brand new publishing house celebrated their centennial today – and since their 1915 chart has Sun conjunct Venus sitting right on top of my Virgo stellium, I feel I am in good hands. Didn’t know about the transits, but I had a good party with lots of enthusiasm and fun. They probably couldn’t have picked a better day.

  5. Hi Donna,

    When today’s Moon was exactly sextile Neptune and both were quincunx Mercury (communications), forming a temporary Yod, our out-of-order doorbell and intercom were unexpectedly repaired by the same crew who accidentally disconnected them a few months ago.

    Hearing our doorbell ring after so long was a pleasant surprise ~ we’re renters so we had no idea when (or if) they’d be fixed. The Moon was also *exactly* opposite my natal 3H Jupiter (ruler of my 4th) when it happened. Happy days.:)

    I did a lot of cooking today. Everything went well, tasted delicious. Think I’ll pull out my sewing basket and mend something I’ve been putting off.

  6. Golly, didn’t know about the trines, thanks, and I am happy to report that I just got (hours ago) an overhaul on grad school loans that have been a Big Ouchie for years, and I (with my express elevator between my Virgo 8th-house stellium and my 12th-house planets) have been in deferment for a loooong time. Now I finally made The Call to get things back in order (so that I don’t take that other 8th-house elevator to debtor’s prison) and Yippee, the trines are surely dancing for me. Felt like Nept/Jup/MC conjunction was shining me out of the dark hole, but it sounds like my 12th-house moon and all those Virgo lovelies were doing a quick jig. Thanks for the insight, Donna–helps this astro newbie understand just how powerful these planetary energies are, even when we aren’t aware what the heck is happening up there. I’m saving Big Bucks. big

    • p.s. per what you wrote above, if it helps with your research, I have Sun and Pluto in Virgo, along with Merc and Venus. Nep/Jup/MC in Scorpio.

      • p.p.s Cap Moon in 12th house along with Saturn in Sag (jupiter ruling), and then also Uranus in Leo (sun ruling) in 8th house… for your research

    • All great examples, Folks! It’s great to have some good news transits going on. Donna

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  8. My Aqua Rising 4 year old has this earth trine in air houses (cap pluto 5d H11 trine Taurus Jup 9d H3 trine Virgo Moon H7 11d)…he works it everyday!With todays trine on top he is particularly well behaved..thank u Universe.He has Scorpio MC which is amped up thru his Jupiter Pluto trine (he has amazing lungs for screaming) which makes me cringe..and an adorable singing voice too (when he thinks nobodys is listening)His chart is particularly challenging in other areas being born at th start of th Uranus Pluto square series in 2011 having autistic traits.Im excited to watch him grow and develop.

    • Interesting how much the birth chart can describe a child that young. We are who we are, no matter whether we’re 7 or 17 or 70. Donna

  9. Oh on th same subject I forgot to mention my house is having a heat pump installed, new thermal-lined curtains throughout th whole house and insulation upgrades.And I bought a very luxurious new mink blanket yesterday.Love th warmth and comfort of th Taurus Moon (sitting on my 11th house cusp of gains).

    • Oh, yeah, Taurus loves all the creature comforts and things that please all the senses. Donna

  10. Aries Sun, Virg Asc, Jup in Cap – Now i know why I was hitting my tennis groundstrokes with more power than I have since I took the game back up a couple months ago. It was amazingly fun to do that. Thanks Donna! Now on to balancing checkbooks thanks to your inspiration.

  11. Taurus Sun here – and with only Sun in earth (unless you count Chiron, also in Taurus), I had a smashing day yesterday – I donated an old sofa to a rehab facility, and everything went like clockwork, from finding a perfect parking spot to those guys being perfectly on time and carrying the sofa out with little to no difficulty (which is a bit of a feat, considering the shape of my apartment); after that my dad helped me install the bed I’d painstakingly restored, and put in a brand new mattress 🙂 The day just seemed to… flow. Plus I got to squeeze in some more housework and get everything in order…

  12. Yesterday was not all that wonderful for me. With Libra rising and Sun, Mercury, Venus and South Node in Taurus, the Venus retrograde has put me out of sorts with the universe from the beginning. Thank goodness it will all be over soon!

  13. I’m like u and the only earth is Jupiter at the 29th degree.of Virgo. We woke up surrounded by boxes of our possessions. This is the 4th move since the fall of 2011 and the first Uranus/Pluto sq.we just went from small living quarters to super large to super small to super large and now back to small. During small times a lot of stuff is shed or put in storage. We made 4 storage runs so far with another looming. There’s a money crunch cause both cars are having problems and school starts soon for my 3 grand daughters of whom I am raising. I have sold anything I can’t lift.

  14. I just wanna say I am a Cancer and I read your blog on why we aren’t “populare” and it’s true. Everyone thinks we’re weak because we show emotion and it sucks. The stereotype for cancer has gotten really out of hand and it’s nice that at least someone is writing the truth. So thanks.

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