Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 18, 2015

Updates—This and That!

9-18-2015 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’ve been crazy busy these past few weeks, with no time to blog, but here are a few things I wanted to share.

My ebook on vocational astrology is going very well, and I hope to publish it by the end of October. It’s close to 450,000 words already, and I’ll have to break it into a two-volume set sold as a bundle.. If you’re a subscriber, you’ll get a notice automatically.

My Mercury Retrograde project for the next three weeks is to do the final run through and polish. It lasts until October 9th.  Here are a couple of the posts about how to use this period well:
·         Mercury Retrograde Projects–Use the Energy to your Advantage
·         Mercury’s Pre-retrograde Shadow and Post-retrograde Shadow Periods
Readers, do any of you have Mercury Retrograde projects lined up?  Share your ways of using the retrograde period well in the comment section below. 
I’m happy to say I’ve started a writing group in my senior building and the first meeting went very well. I love to teach writing, and it’s also a chance to do some creative writing and share it with others who want to write. (If you yearn to write about astrology, download my free booklet of writing tips herewritingtipsbookletillust.)

 Pluto Transits to the Moon

The transiting Pluto squares to my Moon and IC finally kicked in, and my sister, Dianna, diankindied, after a couple decades of serious illness. It leaves me as the very last Cunningham. I’ve been quite sad about losing her, but sincerely glad that her suffering is over.
I once wrote a post about my sister, a really funny character—and you can read about her and her warped sense of humor here: Put Yourself in Scorpio’s Shoes.
(Side note: I have the Moon on my Midheaven, and three women named for Diana—the Moon Goddess—have been incredibly important in my life. There is only one left now—Diana Stone, the horary astrology expert. Read about her invaluable work here: Horary Questions by Astrologer, Diana Stone.)
Speaking of Scorpio and Pluto, has anybody seen the amazing close up views of Pluto lately? Truly a historic event, and if anybody still believes that Pluto’s not a planet, they should be convinced now. Take that, Neil deGrasse Tyson! Pluto’s a Planet Again! Now We Can Breathe Easy!

Charts of Preemies, Anyone?

And, last but not least, I finally finished my 2014 taxes, thanks to Jupiter in Virgo. My wonderful tax man confided that he’d never had his chart done.
I made a face. “You mean you’ve had an astrologer as a client for 20 years, and she’s never done your chart? We’ll have to correct that oversight immediately! Do you know your time of birth?”
He explained that his time of birth was unknown. He was born several weeks premature, and they had to rush to save his life. He was placed in an incubator, and then they had to rush him to a facility where they could care for a preemie better. A twin girl was then delivered who didn’t survive. In this crisis situation, no one remembered to look at the time of birth.
I’ve done some work on twins, and I know that some premature births result in one not surviving. But I’ve never thought to ask if their birth was premature, and I also don’t ever recall doing a chart of a preemie, twin or not. (A New Look at the Astrology of Twins.)
Readers, have you seen any charts of preemies? Have you noticed anything in the chart that would relate to their premature birth? Please share your experiences in the comment section so we can all learn from them.


  1. Sorry about your sister Donna. Donna and Diana are very similar alphabetically. Interesting

    The writing class sounds cool!

    peace, Linda

  2. Hi Donna, sorry about Diana. She look’s like my pictures from childhood. We are here to listen your good and bad moments, allways with you.
    warmly, katia.

    • Thanks for your warm thoughts. Katia. It HAS been a pretty hard summer on all fronts, but I always feel better in the fall. That September back-to-school stirring of excitement has never left me, even at the age of 73. Donna

      • So sorry for your loss Donna. When transiting Pluto opposed my Gemini moon in 2005 I lost both my grandmother and mother and my divorce was finalized. As far as Mercury Rx? I’ve been editing some of the short sci-fi/fantasy stories I’ve been writing in private; way too scared to share my work at the moment. I just don’t feel like the time is right.

        Transiting Pluto is approaching a conjunction to my natal Mars in the third and sextile natal Venus in Pisces in the 5th. I’ve been purging quite a bit and I’ve been contemplating taking a writing course and The Gotham Writer’s Workshop here in New York.

      • What a lot of loss for you to handle at once! It’s a once in a lifetime transit, thankfully.

        It’s odd, but an ad for the Gotham workshop has been popping up on my computer screen everyday. If I still lived in NYC, it would be temptingQ\!

  3. My son was born five weeks early on January 3, 1984 at 10:32pm. At the time of birth he weighed 6 lb. 11 oz. The doctors said he was premature as i carried only 35 weeks. Actual due date was February 4th. All his planets are located below the horizon between the 2nd and 4th houses.

    Never thought much about the preemie aspect of his birth. Hope this helps,


    • Thanks for the data, Ron. Hoping for enough examples to see if there is a pattern. Donna

  4. Thought I would offer this as an example if useful somehow (had his chart done when he was born with a new look done with diagnosis mentioned here) – my oldest grandson, born March 11, 2010 at 5:22 am in Fargo, North Dakota. His due date was April 20th. Was a c-section (due to a condition the mother had) single birth, May 2015 diagnosed with “high functioning autism” – “on the ASD spectrum” – extremely smart! (One of the “Crystal Children?”) – By age 4 1/2 showed strong signs of intense body memory of many NICU traumas –

    • Thanks for the data, Linda. It sounds like he’s had some trauma to the root chakra at birth. Perhaps some healing by someone who does both rebirthing and chakra work could be helpful. Donna

  5. Am so sorry to hear about your sisterr. You give and help so many. Love amd blessings to You Donna. Mimi

  6. Hi Donna!

    A good friend had her little guy 3 months early. He’s finally slated to go home this week! I analyzed his chart, but couldn’t come up with anything myself.

    Judah: June 9, 2015 10:42pm

  7. Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your blog 🙂 Thanks for the reminder about Mercury retrograde, I’m going to be thinking about some possible projects after I have checked my ephemeris…

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  9. Dear Donna, I’m very sorry for your loss.
    I’m also having a tough Pluto/Moon/Midheaven transit, which is squaring my ascendant and descendant, and conjunct my IC. When it was exact, my grandmother died after struggling with Parkinson’s for many years. It’s been hard on my mom, but its also brought us closer than ever. It’s also meant a difficult relocation for me, and a lot of painful family issues.

    on a happier note, I started my official astrology training this month by enrolling in a foundational class at kepler academy! I’m excited and feel “right” on having finally commited to astrology as part of my life path.

    Many blessing to you Donna, you really helped me and inspired me to go forward ~

    • You know, I neglected to mention that the Pluto/Moon/Midheaven transit has brought some very fine developments in my career. I’m working to ensure that my books will remain available and pertinent for the long haul. I’m in the process of updating all my ebooks and have recently gotten a beautiful new web page. And then next project is to put out all my ebooks in Kindle format.

      So, yes, a Pluto transit can express itself in several ways at once, both an ending and a beginning. It sounds like that’s what has been happening to you, too. Donna

      • I am very sorry about your loss, Donna. I would like to confirm that as you point out, Pluto brings many things, not necessarily all of them bad. In 2011 – 2014 Pluto traversed one arm of my natal Grand Cross, including a conjunction to the Moon. The most important thing that happened to me in this period was that I finally decided to take the plunge, take a mortgage and move to a bigger apartment (Cancer IC).

        Honestly, I had to do it because my former place had become unbearable (the neighbourhood had gone down and so on), but overall I am very happy with the decision. I think it’s very Plutonian – without its goading me on I would have put it off for another decade. It was a very difficult period, but not as difficult as I had feared, looking at these transits.

        On a lighter note, I tried buying lottery tickets around the days when Pluto was conjunct with my Part of Fortune, and I always won, but only nominal amounts (like twice the price of the ticket). I still have one more such transit in November, but I know that with the empty 5th house and its ruler with a lot of tense aspects I shouldn’t build my hopes up 🙂

      • You’re really using that transit well,Tatiana. I AM making really good use of it. I have a 9th house Moon–house of publishing–and I’m doing a big project about making sure my books survive even when I’m gone. (Not that I plan on going anywhere any time soon.) Donna

  10. Best wishes, Donna..loss…ah.

    Carolyn k

    PS During this M.R I am going to reorganize the clutter in my little house and think about whether or not I will tutor.

  11. Sweetie, so very sorry. I hope her soul is more at ease now.

    • Thank you, Dear Old Friend, good to hear from you. Donna

  12. Sincere condolences on the loss of your sister, Donna. I moved back home two years ago just to be close to my three sisters. Really don’t want to imagine life without them. #Godspeed ❤

    • Thanks, Karen. It must have been wonderful to be close to them again. Donna

  13. Hi Donna,
    Thank you for all the sharing that you do! I was born at 7 months- and lived in an incubator for two. I’m a last degree Scorpio Sun. (very much the fighter~ !). DOB- 21 Nov 1960 – Miami, Fla. 3:09 Am. I’ve got four planets in Capricorn as well. I tell people I just wanted out of my mother’s belly and to “get on with it”….. Interestingly as well- my mother’s maiden name is Cunningham! (from Tennessee). Maybe we are related? 🙂 Sorry about your sister. And again thank you for all the good work you do, and share. I am a professional astrologer and can say my time is FOR SURE correct! All good things to you- May Pluto bless you with powerful creative joy.

    • Thanks for sharing your data, Parker. Sorry, no relatives in Kentucky, not going back for generations, not a prolific family on my Dad’s side–one cousin was all. Donna

    • Parker, do you mean that your Sun is at 29 Scorpio? I just put up a post abut the 29th degree of a sign that would clarify a lot about that degree. Donna

      • Hi Donna- Yes in answer to your question- I am born with a 29 Scorpio Sun.
        Its 29* 01′ 29″ …(to be exact).

        Interesting to me- my Guru is also a 29 degree Scorpio Sun. But swami’s is 29*55’18”.. (he wasn’t premature though- 🙂 but was an immaculate conception. (Sri Sathya Sai Baba). Thought I’d mention that- Since you have been speaking about the last degree- and that article in Mountain Astrologer….(which I plan to get)…. I was blessed to be near swami in the physical form. (11 pilgrimages and counting)…and can say first hand- he was THE REAL DEAL and certainly not a ‘normal being’ but a divine incarnation… a man god, divine love like no other. He left the body in 2011. But who needs a body when you are pour divine love from the cosmos? 🙂

  14. sorry for the loss of your sister Donna .

    my nephew was a premie..july 23/1991, 8:31 pm in Montreal. Looking at his chart what strikes me is lots of early degrees.. and pairs…his Sun and Chiron at 00, degrees in Leo in VI , is special in itself.. 00 cap moon, XI pretty close to 9cap Lilith XII, Mars Virgo 6′ next to Venus virgo 7′ in VII, Saturn 3′ Aquarius and Aquarius ascendant at 1′.

    • Interesting, Louise. Those early degrees do have meaning in electional and horary charts, but I’m not sure if they do in birth charts. Donna

      • Donna, thanks for your reply… wanted to elaborate and share his story :
        i’ve read often that early degrees, specially 0, would be at the beginning of a lesson, karmically a new or newer soul..opposite of last degree, old soul.

        What is interesting about my nephew (and most premies) is that he survived against all odds. My sister had an emergency c section, because finally after a lot of complaint and pain , many visits to the er, they finally discovered that she had 2 uterus, a very rare condition, from what i remember, one uterus was the good one and healthy and the other weak.

        My nephew was is the not feasible uterus, as he grew bigger, the walls of it became like a sieve, bleeding into my sister, (her pain) it was about to rupture when they finally realised this and urgently operated. Had they not..both would have died.

        The local smaller hospital, never saw this, it was only after they sent her to a big specialised hospital, that the diagnosis and emergency procedure was done. It was such an event that doctors from different parts of the country and the US rushed in to witness the procedure. There was even articles in medical journals.
        My nephew lived because my sister okayed a trial drug, not really approved yet, so he could breathe. He was in the hospital for almost 2 months… He is a very nervous and high strung young man. As a child very OCD.

        Most premies i’ve known, are nervous and high strung. Now if there is truth about the 0 degrees and a new beginning…would one be that anxious to get started and jump the gun 🙂

        Looking at the synastry between my sister’s chart and his chart, what strikes me is her north node is at 00 degree Leo in her V th . There are many other striking aspects but this one stood out. Maybe it’s not so much that there is a similarity in all charts of premies but a striking index in the synastry between mother and child. A thought 😉

        ps.use of merc retro: cleaning up my pc,rearranging files, deleting, new back up..fall pc clean up 😉

        pps,for the curious: sister: january 5/63, 10:33 am quebec city

      • Quite a riveting story, Louise. I hadn’t heard of those medical complications before. Donna

  15. According to the doctor, my daughter was born three weeks early.He had the due date as August 27th and she was born( by c-section as she was breech) on August 8, 1985 at 4:23 am-West Chester, Pa. I never thought she was early for I felt the doc had my due date wrong since I couldn’t remember my last period.

    Neptune was transiting my first house and events concerning my pregnancy were very confusing. A few years later, I made sense of some things that went on,but I still doubt the due date even though there was another reason for having labor pain. Still doesn’t make sense to me.

  16. So sorry for your loss, Donna. It’s rough losing our loved ones as we get older.

    As far as Mercury Retrograde goes, I’ve experienced so many other aspects that are ten times worse, so at this point, I look at Mercury Rx as a “don’t sweat the small stuff” aspect!

    • Yes, exactly, don’t sweat the small stuff.

  17. So sorry for your loss Donna. That’s a biggie.
    I fished out a family premmie chart. He was a premmie C-section. There are early degrees but also mid & late. If I exclude all the asteroids the chart’s a bucket shape. Bucket’s on the right hand half, the handle is Jupiter at 14° 05′ Gemini in 12h & the ASC is 16° 30′ Gemini.

    Ceres in 1h trine Saturn in Scorpio 4h & square Uranus in Aries 9h conj MC. A difficulty with birth that came on suddenly?

    There are a lot of aspects/placements that seem to reference the family drams round the birth but not the early birth itself.

    That 12h Jupiter on the Asc just keeps catching my eye & it’s trine moon/venus on the IC.
    The other noticeable thing is sesquiquadrates. Sun sesquiquadrate Uranus. Moon/venus sesquiquadrate Neptune. Ceres sesquiquadrate sun. I don’t know if they’re relevant but it’s intriguing. Great question.

    • Sorry- birth dramas.

    • Thanks for the data, Iris. I’m still not seeing a pattern, but I’d think there was one. Possibly things near the Ascendant. Early in my studies, I was told that birth complications could show in that. My father had Saturn on the Ascendant, and he was a “blue baby” at birth, possibly due to some sort of minor heart defect. Donna

      • I have Saturn in h1 & was 2 weeks overdue.

      • Hi Donna – Herein lies an interesting piece in my life drama – useful! I have Saturn on Ascendant, extremely difficult breech birth that sent my mother over the psychotic edge so that she forever after believed I was not human, but a tool of the devil sent to kill her while I was being born.

        Because we both survived she then believed I was “sent as a curse upon” her life. 18 years of total insane abuse followed. I have always believed that Neptune in my 1st house was involved in this mess – but also I bet was this Saturn placement.

      • Oh, Dear God, what a horror story! You are right, I believe that combination of Saturn and Neptune are what would contribute…and each applies, in its own way, to both you and your mother.

        That feeling of being a victim is Neptunian, but also to the painful emotions that sort of hung over both your lives for all those years. Her psychosis is partly described by Neptune as well.

        On Skywriter, you’ll find some articles about Saturn-Neptune aspects. Check out the comment sections underneath the body of the articles. You’ll probably feel quite a kinship with the people that posted their experience of this combination. Donna

      • thanks Donna – will do!!! it wasn’t “feeling” a victim, it WAS a victim!! beyond what anyone could imagine — unbelievable – so, yes, very interesting to hear others describe that combo!

  18. I am the mother of twin girls who were born prematurely. I’m not an expert chart reader, but I’m happy to send along their birth information if that would help you.

    • Hi, Gretchen, we’re just collecting data at this point, but do send the data on both girls, and which came first, and whether there was any difference between their progress in those early months. Donna

      • Hi!
        Okay Twin A: 02/04/04, 10:46am Memphis, Tennessee

        Twin B: 02/04/04 10:48am Memphis, Tennessee

        Because they were born at 33 weeks, they had feeding tubes. Miss A contracted a MRSA staff infection at 13 days old. She was in the NICU with a surgery to remove the abscess. She was in the hospital for a total of five weeks.

        Miss B had zero complications and came home on 02/19/04.
        Funny thing, Miss A loves caffeine now. The doctors gave her a caffeine drip in th hospital to speed up the effects of the medicines. 🙂

        Please let me know if you need anything further! Interested to hear how these charts relate to other twins/preemies.

      • Very interesting story, Gretchen. If they were only born 2 minutes apart, their charts can’t possibly be all that different. Strange. Donna

      • I know, there was a big detour in the beginning. A good case for different manifestations of planets in similar charts.

  19. Donna, My condolences to you on the loss of your sister, may she finally be able to rest in peace.

  20. both my sons were premature and 13 years apart in age. The first one was one month early, Sept 18th 1966 ; and the second one was 2 months early, weighed 3 lbs 14 oz. His lungs were strong and he reached for a toy when he was 17 days old just when the Dr. walked in and the Dr. said’ even full term babies don’t do that that early .There was an eclipse that was viewed in our town that March….he was born exactly at sunrise May 7 79.

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