Posted by: Donna Cunningham | September 28, 2015

Tips for Parenting a Scorpio Child

Note: This copyrighted excerpt from astrologer, Trish MacGregor’s new book, Unlocking the Secret to Scorpios, is reprinted here with permission of the publisher, Page Street Press.

 Scorpios - MacGregorIntense, passionate, fearless. These adjectives are often used to describe a Scorpio child, but they barely scratch the surface. These kids are complex and mysterious and often a complete enigma to the people who love and know them best.

As a parent, look back to the birth of your Scorpio child. Were there any unusual events surrounding the child’s birth? Was he born before or after his due date? Synchronically often occurs during major transitions in our lives, ­­­­and a birth certainly qualifies as a major event. Can you recall any meaningful coincidences that happened? Does your partner or another family member recall anything unusual? Was the birth easy or difficult?

In a young group or her peers, the Scorpio child is easy to spot – she’s the solitary brooder, the one with the soulful eyes who appears to be lost in her own thought. She’s actually checking out everything around her quite carefully and has learned to do this without seeming so. If Scorpio joins in the activities, it’s with a few close friends who are as loyal to her as she is them.

Early on, you’ll notice your Scorpio child’s potent emotions, which are her primary vehicle for exploring the world. Unlike her water sign cousins, Cancer and Pisces, the driving intensity of these emotions can sometimes overpower other children. And at times, they can overwhelm you, too. The best way to deal with it is to allow your Scorpio to experience the full range of her emotions and encourage her to talk about what she feels.

Scorpio blows only when he’s pushed to the absolute edge, so these emotional outbursts aren’t temper tantrums. He simply needs some help understanding why he feels things so deeply while other kids go on their merry way.

Emotional release for a Scorpio child can be found through any creative outlet: ­­­­art, music, writing, photography, gardening. Many Scorpio children have so much innate talent that they don’t need formal lessons to play an instrument or to draw or paint. They’re naturals. They pick up a paintbrush, and off they go. Or they sit down at a piano and play even if they can’t read a note of music.

Intuition/Creativity & Your Scorpio Child

 Since many Scorpios seem to be born intuitive, these kids enjoy games in which they must use their intuition. One game that Scorpio might enjoy involves telepathy. In this game, one of you acts as the sender and the other is the receiver. The sender should think of a color and make the visualization as vivid and bold as possible instead of just visualizing red, make it scarlet. The receiver should sit quietly with his eyes shut, mind a blank and say the first color that pops into his head. With a little practice, the results may astonish you.

How about you, Readers? Have any of you had a Scorpio child in your family? Share your observations and suggestions in the comment section below this article. I’m hoping Trish herself will stop by at some point to say hello.

Order Trish’s book  in hard copy or on Kindle here: Unlocking the Secrets to Scorpios.

About the Author: Trish MacGregor is a renowned astrologer and award-winning novelist. She has written fiction and nonfiction books in astrology, synchronicity, the tarot, dreams and yoga, including Sydney Omarr’s popular day-by-day horoscope books. You can find her on or on She lives with her husband Rob MacGregor, in Wellington Florida.

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  1. Well I was a Scorpio child and my mother would describe me as the author does! Is this book available via Amazon? How can I get a copy? Thanks for sharing this Donna.

  2. my mother , my sister, myself and my daughter are all Scorpio. Intense and volatile family !!!

  3. Ha — I, too, was a Scorp child – with a 0 deg Rx Uranus rising in the first. The very first time an astrologer read my chart, he told me that I “didn’t want to be born”. He may have been right — I was a month overdue; my mother was in labor for over 24 hrs since I was lodged in her hip; and the doctor finally had to deliver me with forcepts. I was also told on many occassions that my crying kept everyone in my parents’ apartment building up all night for months afterward. As to the synchronicity — my mother went into labor on election day in 1948 when Truman was “surprisingly” elected president — and I have been intimately involved with political organizing and progressive politics for most of my life. I’m looking forward to reading this book! And sharing it with my friends with scorpio kids of their own.

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  5. My sister is a Scorpio, but she was never very mysterious. If you wanted to know what she was thinking, you just had to ask, and she’d talk your head off. She was constantly falling out with her friends, and could be very physical. I’m a Virgo with a Scorpio asendant, and find some of these things very accurate. I was the brooding one with few friends and a creative outlet – and born three weeks on overtime.
    Sounds like en excellent gift for the Scorpios in my world …

    • Hmm. I’m wondering if your sister has some planet in the next-door sign of Sagittarius. (Mercury or Venus might easily be there.) Talking your head off and being very physical would be more like Saj. Donna

      • I checked her chart and voila. Jupiter in Sag, Moon an Uranus in Leo, and Sun conjunct Mars. No wonder l lost every argument we ever had – I have no fire at all 😀

  6. Then there’s the notion of a Scorpio child being born soon after the death of a relative… My paternal grandmother died suddenly just a few months before I was born. Brooding, sensitive,intense, passionate–yup, that’s me. Creative, too–art, music, dance… no real need for lessons, it’s all right there, and a very useful tool for off-loading the emotional content. Emotional outbursts, after all, made me feel like an alien in a world that doesn’t get the depth and caring, nor the psychic overload.

  7. Intense, Fearless and Passionate. This sounds like my son, but he is a Scorpio moon not a Scorpio sun.

    • The Moon would also be very powerful there–and after all, the Moon describes our emotional nature. Donna Cunningham

  8. re: the telepathy game.My 12 year old son and I are both Scorpio Rising. We have played the telepathy game since he was a young child. Sometimes, we intuit the same number from 1-20 several times in a row in one game! I didn’t know about this aspect of Scorpios until I read this article. We just discovered this ability somewhere along the way and kept playing the game. I have two older children who are not Scorpios and I played lots of creative games with them but never an intuitive game like this! Very interesting!

  9. Pluto conjunct Uranus conjunct the Ascendant. I relate a lot to this and with Pluto still early in it’s transit of my 5th, I’m resurrecting and revisiting that which has been buried.

  10. My dad is a Scorpio, and spends most of his free time in the garden. 🙂

    • Perhaps he has some Taurus or Virgo placements as well–such as the Moon or Ascendant–as both of those earth signs may love to garden. Donna Cunningham

  11. a five-planet stellium in Scorpio here. I would mention “rejection”, “disappointment”, “betrayal”, skeletons in the cupboard in the family of origin and intense power struggles as potentially important factors for both parties, parents of Scorpios and Scorpio children. it’s not a coincidence that in traditional astrology it’s the nasty things that belong to this sign, “creeping beasts”, “stinking lakes”, ‘quagmires” etc. I am not saying that Scorpio children are unloved, I’m saying that loving a Scorpio child can be very challenging to their parents, and the child is usually aware of this, so they often end up feeling guilty for being who they are. And this can make it rather difficult to make them feel loved and appreciated.

  12. im sun conjunct moon in scorpio 10th house, 9th house stellium formed by mars conj uranus; venus conj pluto. At the age of 4, kindergarten, i wanted to be the leader of the group of children. Never succeded, lol. they chose their leader, who was probably a leo, and I became the lone wolf. Witches live alone in the woods….. i used to play the piano, and at recitals teachers always assigned intense and melancholic songs for me to perform, like the damn Beethoven’s moonlight sonata.

    When I was 5 years old I became obsessed with English (my first language is portuguese), because I wanted to be a Jedi and of course I would need to speak English to talk to Master Yoda and be accepted as disciple.

    From 9 to 12 years old, I knew what I wanted to be when I grew up: scientist, flight attendant, writer.

    My mom talked to spirits her whole life and had 3 scorpionic kids. I’ve spent my whole childhood trying to never do anything wrong, because I feared spirits would tell to my mom if I did something I wasn’t supposed to.

    Parents were more scary than death. Add to that, Pluto was transiting scorpio while I was a teen.

  13. My daughter has always had deep questions. She has the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio. When she was six, before she could spell, she wrote this on a piece of paper at Christmas time. (translation to follow):

    My Qegins
    is santa reall
    is god real
    is the estr
    bunny real

    I dont Know
    nowon Knows

    My Questions
    is Santa real
    is God real
    is the Easter
    bunny real

    I don’t Know
    no one Knows.

  14. Not a Scorpio per se, but Scorpio Rising, Pluto tightly conjoined ASC, opposing Mercury, Mars in eighth house.
    Most things fit: quiet loner, introvert, artist (drawing, writing, comic-making, etc.). Born overdue, almost dead – had to be reanimated after birth. First child my mother had after she lost a baby girl around the seventh month due to complications from a viral infection. Very intuitive. Took abuse from bullies for a very long time until I ran after one of them with a chair or finally punched one in the mouth. I think there was some synchronicity, but I forgot what it was.

  15. My daughter was born premature at 4 lbs, 8, after I became too sick to go full term. She likes to tell the story that her Saggittarius rising made her do it. (Let me outta here!!)
    We both spent a week in the hospital followed by months of colic. That is one time I was grateful for a 1st house Pluto. It has also helped in understanding her Scorpion nature. But I’m still ordering the book, just to be on the safe side. 🙂

    Love, love love this site and all the great articles. Allison

  16. i’m a ton of scorpio. Sun, mercury, venus, pluto, 8th house, sun conjunct pluto, mercury conjunct pluto, venus conjunct pluto, pluto trine ascendant in pisces. My moon is in taurus, which helps me a lot! Growing up with a dominating mother on the cusp of pisces/aries, I was very misunderstood! Dad is a libra sun. My dad introduced me to the occult at a very early age and I started studying occultism, spells, magick when I was 8 or 9. I often went with him to the Edgar Cayce institute to play the telepathy “game” with other would be telepathists. I spent hours trying to move a pen with my mind more than once. I loved the woods and hiking, fishing, gardening, relaxing in gardens. My mom and i would explore abandoned houses and i was obsessed with communicating with ghosts. I made my own movies, wrote a short novel and participated in chorus by the age of 12. Sadly, my parents did not encourage me to pursue my numerous talents because I was very emotionally thwarted in a neglectful household. Growing up has been a series of Phoenix-type deaths and rebirths dealing with trauma, pain and all those 8th house issues. Today, I am a student(studying spanish), musician and gardener who has gone through many years of therapy LOL.

    • Rough childhood, but how amazing to have been introduced to such advanced occult studies at such an early age. Donna Cunningham

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