Posted by: Donna Cunningham | November 26, 2015

Does Your Jupiter Show What You feel Grateful For?

©Thanksgiving Day, 2015 by Donna Cunningham

I consider myself an extremely lucky person and am grateful every day of my life for my many blessings. However, this morning, I find myself especially thankful for all that has been given to me.

I had (and most certainly earned) scholarships all the way through to a Master’s degree in Social Work, all in top notch schools. By rights, growing up in a severely dysfunctional family in small town rural Midwest, I’d never have finished high school.

Along the way, I encountered astrology, my life work, and discovered a writing talent that got everything I wrote published, sometimes in multiple languages.

Because of astrology, I traveled foreign lands for over 10 years giving seminars and speaking at conferences, seeing cities and museums of the finest art and meeting wonderful people of all cultures.

To what do I attribute my good fortune? My Jupiter, of course, and yet,  with it being in the 12th, you’d think it wouldn’t be worth all that much. Au contraire, mes amis! The more service I give, the more I get back. It’s in Cancer, conjunct my 12th house Sun.

What about you, Readers? What do you feel grateful for today, and does the Jupiter position in your chart correspond to any of it? Tell us about it in the comment section below this post.

PS. One more thing I should add is that I am very grateful for this blog and the wonderful participation by you Readers.  For the last two years, I have had to focus on writing two new books, and it makes me so happy to be free to blog again.

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  1. My daughter has Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th house. I would consider her very blessed. She has always been generous and the Universe continues to give back to her.

    Her mother in law pays for the kids tutoring, braces, and even bought them a big beautiful house in a beautiful neighborhood to make sure the grandchildren have a good environment. She even took them on a month-long vacation to New Orleans, Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, St Louis, Alabama.

    They went to Savanna a few months back….My daughter will graduate with her teaching degree in 2016 and her husband is a junior high teacher. They do appreciate all his mother’s help and do give her a monthly payment toward the house, maintains her lawn, and does small chores around the house.

    • A wonderful example, Ronda. Jupiter is supposed to be at its best in Cancer (sign of its exaltation) and lucky in the 12th as well. Donna

  2. Wow, how appropriate! Thanksgiving always has struck me as the most Jupiterian holiday, so what a great time to express gratitude for Jupiter. My natal Jupiter at 4′ Libra is in the first house, in an out-of-sign conjunction with my 28’58 Virgo ascendant. Aside from a lifelong struggle to accept my abundant curves, I feel that this Jupiter placement has been very good to me. I am happily married to a beautiful Libra man, and our home is full of art and books and spirited discussions. With the added blessing of Jupiter conjunct Uranus (at 3′ Libra) I have always been fortunate to find groups of like-minded friends who think outside of the box with whom I can talk about new ideas. One of our family mottoes is “Every little good deed that you do is going to come back to you someday” and my experience has proved this to be true! Sure, there are road bumps (Jupiter squares my 4′ Capricorn Sun, and opposes my 00′ Aries Moon), but when I pour energy into that empty leg of the T-square, and strive to contribute nurturing to the world, everything always works out for the best.

    Happy Thanksgiving, Donna, and sincere thanks for all of the wisdom you share through your work!

    • What a good example, Mary. “Every little good deed that you do is going to come back to you someday.” I never heard that before, but it sounds like it’s been my motto all along, and at 73, I still seem to have some good karma to cash in. Donna

  3. My ascendent is in Sagittarius with Jupiter in Aries in the third house. To continue on this theme, Mercury is at 0 degrees Libra,in the 9th house, conjoined to Venus and my Sun.

    Donna, our lives follow the same pattern. I was born in a small town in Canada to a loving but troubled family. In my teens we moved to Sweden and I have been given the opportunity to both study and travel and I love both. I am in the midst of getting my social work masters now at the ripe age of 52. I intend work for the rights of disabled people in the wake of new public management.

    Not surprisingly I am very happily married to an Aries man. There is a strong Aquarius and Pisces strain in his family so they need a little Jupiter (they can be a bit stubborn, but mean well) but they have a stability I always lacked growing up, the hub being their Pisces mother, who loves me even though I’m a Virgo. She is kindness and reason personified.

    To top it off I have three beautiful children who are all doing well so far, two are in Uni, one is still finding his way, and I’m sure he will.

    What more could a person possible ask for in life?? No money could ever give me what I have now. None of this was for free. Many years of hard work and emotional growth got me here. It was tough, but so very worth it.

    • Wonderful story, Venus, and I’m glad you were courageous enough to go for a new career in service after raising a family. Donna

  4. One last thing: my “crisis of faith” hit me in the shape of a Saturn opposition to Pluto that squared my Sun in house 8. If that doesn’t set you straight, nothing will!!!

  5. A wonderful theme for Thanksgiving, better by far than any turkey:) Jupiter is in my 11th House Sagittarius with Venus close-by, so it’s near enough a conjunction. Saturn is transiting, and what’s showing up for me is gratitude for the long-haul. The fortune of seeing that sometimes one must leave the nest of origin to see the value of those roots … and then, the real education continues. I grateful today for the storytellers in my family who fed my ears and heart with the qualities needed to hear stories everywhere. I love your story of Jupiter, Service, 12th House and blogging. Blog, blog. You used those two years and Saturn to write two more books, hurray and what inspiration, Donna. I have written a dozen short stories, all medicine of the best sort, and have Jupiter and Venus to thank for that as create and conjure characters of myth and fiction (people and places of the 11th House) to wind my way into the tail end of life … like a lizard, serpent goddess, we survive and thrive shaking off our tail, if necessary, loosing the load, and grow new ones.

    • Whoops. I can see I need to eat my Thanksgiving meal now, so the missing words will fill the gaps that are missing here, and there. All the best! Moki

    • Aw, shucks, Moki, thanks. You and your story have been an ongoing inspiration to me. Regards, Donna

  6. My Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 2nd house. The story isn’t over yet, but I’m grateful for my massive (possibly over the top) ambition. My Jupiter is conjunct my Mars in Cap. I am thankful for my endless ideas and imagination with artistic talent to boot. My Jupiter is conjunct Neptune and sextile my 12th house Mercury. And I’m thankful for my good and generous (though insatiable) nature thanks to Jupiter square my moon!

  7. I was just speaking to a young film director student today and going through his chart, he is 24 years my junior, and as such, his Gemini Jupiter is conjunct mine, and we both have it in our 9th house. Sometimes astrologers seem to think that the Gemini placement is too profane for this elevated planet, but in my opinion, the Mercurian ability to turn things around, to make apparent nonsensical fun that give a overserious subjects refreshing new angles, is so wonderful. And it was a real treat to discover a young partner in crime 🙂

    • Mads, I honestly don’t think there are any bad Jupiter placements–whatever sign it is in, it seeks growth and new understanding of the concerns of that sign, and to share that wisdom with others.

      I wouldn’t quite be willing to trade my Jupiter in Cancer with anybody, but Gemini, to me, would be a fun alternative. Donna

  8. Hi, Donna, thank you for sharing 🙂 My Jupiter is at 28 degree Cancer in the 12th house. I am most grateful for the protection 🙂

    Jupiter trines Saturn, Neptune, and Chiron in my chart. It also sextiles Sun and Mercury. The Universe is very generous to me.

    Jupiter squares my Libra Moon, though. Do you think that prevents me from getting married? Is it ok to ask you? Do you know good astrologers in Salt Lake City?

    Happy Thanksgiving!


  9. I have Saturn in Sagittarius square my Sun so I’ve had to work for my luck! My Jupiter is in Scorpio exactly sextile my Mercury in Virgo and I am lucky in that I have been blessed with the ability to write well which has provided a professional livelihood for me all my adult life. It really does seem to come easier to me than many others.

  10. Donna,
    Iam Jupiter rising with a 4th house Jupiter in Aries. I have always been blessed to have a decent roof under over my head with loving relations. oh yea its been difficult at times cause this Jupiter is in a hard square with my 7th house Uranus, but for the most part I’m blessed with basic comfortable living arrangements. I been lucky in that. Any sizable $$ goes into home first

  11. A true fairy tale come true! A very blessed life and so wonderful that you can reach and teach so many people. Though your Jupiter is in your 12th, it’s in Cancer so anything it touches would turn to gold, no? Technically hidden in the 12H, but the Sun illuminates and through, as you said, service, you shall receive. I would think that exaltations and dignity play a large roll, as well as your life path and choices (and what a path!). Mine is in its fall in Capricorn in 6H conjunct Mars::sigh:: Work, work, more work. I look at the ease that others may have had with accomplishments with longing eyes. I consider this placement the “can’t catch a break” Jupiter. It requires work, perfectionism, climbing. How dreadfully stifling. But i WILL make it if it kills me MUAHAHAHAHAH!!!

    • Everything in Capricorn tends to take more time, but it’s because the tasks they take on are harder, their goals more difficult, requiring great maturity and a solid background of experience. Donna

      • All things considered, this insight re: Capricorn is an additional bonus and gratitude for me. My Asc and Moon reside in Capricorn. How I appear to others has not always matched the long-in-coming self knowledge and internal security that a Capricorn Moon needs to feel ‘safe.’ It is the long haul journey that rewards that difficult task and maturation may be slower because a Winter Moon (I was born Scorpio) rises at an angle … slowly, slowly, seemingly so much slower. My husband and I went for the Moon’s rise last night. That lesson of a Winter Moon was the gift of slow and steady … no pop-up illumination. Sixty eight years later, I appreciate the angle of my Capricorn Moon.

        Dangling threads connect.

  12. My Jupiter is in the 8th house In Libra. It is the apex to a cardinal square with Capricorn Sun Venus and Cancer Saturn Mars. And in a trine with ascendant and nodes. My mid heaven is Sag. My Jupiter is the most activated planet I my chart. I am in gratitude for my life long interest in metaphysical things and am always open to learn new things.

  13. I looked at my Jupiter in Libra in the 11th house. I took your test on the strength of my Jupiter and it was a low score of 9. Using the suggested orbs it seems my Jupiter doesn’t aspect any planets, just a square to asteroid Ceres in the 8th house. I have Mars and Saturn intercepted in Sagittarius in the 1st house and Pluto in the 9th, that’s about it! So, the way I see Jupiter working in my life is definitely through my 11th house of friendships and groups. I have a large number of Sagittarius friends who are affiliated with church groups even though I am not. It is through our love of music and singing in choral groups that we are friends. I am grateful for all those friends who get me out into the community and give me the opportunity to do something I really enjoy. 🙂

  14. Bless you, Donna — I’m feeling grateful for you! Also for my lovely newlywed neighbors who invited me to share their Thanksgiving along with family and some international art student friends — great food, great fun!
    My 22 Gemini Jupiter is in the 5th, opposing Mars in 12th and square Mercury in 2nd.

  15. My Jupiter in Leo is in 8th house, trining my moon in Aries (which is in an exact t-square with Venus and Mars). My sun and ASC are in Sag. I just self published a memoir on healing from bereavement, chronic illness, and childhood trauma. During the making of this 19-year story, I’ve had great healers and teachers, and I’m grateful for them. I’m grateful to have gone through the hero’s journey of the 8th house transformation, and come back with the elixir to share with others. Jupiter in Leo helped me find myself, and luckily I have been blessed with its jolly enthusiasm. I am able to engage with others as an extrovert. Thank you so much, Donna!

  16. I have Jupiter in Aires conjunct Chiron in the 11th house. They sit as the peak of my double T-square consisting of Moon precisely (less than a degree) conjunct Saturn in the 3rd and Venus conjunct Mercury in Capricorn.. obviously a lot going on there! But now that you mentioned it I would say that I breaking it down to just look at Jupiter in that house and aspect does perfectly reflect upon my experience of this year’s Thanksgiving.

    I’ve been back and forth between feeling extremely lonely and isolated and jealous of everyone with their happy group photos on Facebook having spent my evening at a local bar hosting an open orphans potluck karaoke for lack of any more personal invitations. This wounds my self esteem profoundly but at the same time I’m not unhappy and feel a renewed faith in my own personal strength to persevere and find communion with however is around me knowing that there is someone who will choose to be devoted to spending special days soon with me.

    I feel them drawing closer and know that nothing else will matter soon! That might sound optimistically delusional even to myself had I not spent so much vigilant time testing and honing my intuition so that I have no doubts and can decipher wishful thinking from real premonitions as Neptune is on my descendant opposite Mars in Gemini granting me this gift/curse of ESP. This is a hard life for everyone here but so beautifully humbling. Cheers ~


    • L0ts to deal with, lots of ambivalence, but it sounds like you can trust your intuition. Donna

  17. I have Jupiter in Cancer in my 8th house conjunct Mercury, sextile Mars. I am most thankful for my family who are my children and grandchildren ..showing the natural 4th house but not the 8th. Yet my ascendant is Scorpio which is the natural 8th house so I am very confused lol. It looks like I should be very thankful for all the moments of intense transformation in my life and all that I have overcome etc and I have struggled with that except for the appreciation for the life/death of my son. But I guess I am lost as to why it’s children and grandchildren based on this thread. I am also grateful for my gifts of psi and my ability to help others with them but that reflects my 12th house which is also Scorpio. Very confused….

    • That’s a good interpretation, Marie, and the two don’t cancel each other out, but add to one another. Donna

  18. Hi Donna! The first entry caught my eye and so I also want to say that My Daughter has Jupiter in her 12th House, although in Aires, not Cancer. Her daughter has Jupiter in Cancer plus her husband has Jupiter in Cancer!
    I love my Jupiter; the jovial Saint Nickolas is in my second house in Scorpio and he trines my Sun in Cancer; also trines my Moon in Pisces giving me the blessing of a Grand Trine! I also feel very thankful for my life and yesterday, Thanksgiving, felt like a major turning point in my life and in my extended family’s life! The last three years have been very tough and rough for me, but I definitely felt the tide turning in a very good direction for myself and my family. I am also very thankful for you, Donna, because I don’t know very many people who understand and appreciate astrology……I try and stay in touch with you and only a handful of astrologers through the blessing of the internet!
    Studying, thinking, writing and talking about astrology is one of my favorite hobbies. Astrology gives me much pleasure. Thanks again for being such an inspiration, prompting me to think and enjoy my thoughts! I also love my Mars in Gemini that trines my Neptune in Libra! Keep up the good work!
    A devoted fan, Elisabeth Barry

    • Thank you, Elisabeth, the blog is a great blessing for me, too.

      I’m not surprised to hear you have lots of similar Jupiter placements–aspects like these do run in families. Donna

  19. Donna, I forgot to mention that I think the reason why I feel especially lucky this Thanksgiving is because Jupiter in Virgo is now progressing though my 12th house along with the North Node, Mars,…..and Venus just passed through my 12th and is now in my First House! I have realized that I am going through a very important healing cycle in my life. Plus, Mars in Libra was conjunct my natal Neptune in Libra yesterday and today!

    • I am really liking Jupiter in Virgo. I am getting through a hefty “to do” list that I had put off for years… real nitty gritty stuff like a will and finding someone to be my literary executor and take care of distributing my books when I pass on.

      (Don’t be alarmed, Folks, I have a strong healthy constitution and can expect to be here another decade or so. But we just never know, do we?)

      Oh, and looking for an agent to manage rights to foreign translations of my ebooks. None of that is easy or fun to do, but Jupiter in Virgo does motivate and support me in completing all the details and endless complications intelligently and correctly.

      Really helpful for someone like me with only one planet in earth. Donna

  20. I am Thankful for my good health, my family and my nursing career that brought me great joy as well as a living. My Jupiter is right on my Capricorn Sun in, both at 26 degrees of the fourth house. I feel Jupiter has given me a
    wealth of strength to overcome the obstacles and personal trials that have
    befallen me on my life journey. Some of my own making and others that
    simply fell in my lap. From the time I was small I have often said. “I am so lucky” and I am now, I am about to see my last year of the 70’s!
    PS And Donna I was so very lucky to get to meet you through Nancy Dunn
    several years ago and listen to you share your marvelous knowledge of
    Astrology. Thank you, Penny

  21. Like you, Donna, my husband has Jupiter in the 12th but in Leo trine Sun in Aries in the 8th and sextile Saturn in Gemini in the 10th. All his life he’s felt he’s under blessed protection so that ‘the arrows of fate may scratch him but do not destroy him.’ I’ve observed this during 47 years of marriage…

    My Jupiter is in Leo in the 2nd in mutual reception with my Sun in Sag in the 6th. This has proved to be protective also, especially in matters of income. Over many years I’ve managed to earn a fixed income (Leo on 2nd cusp)
    in the following ways:

    1. Jupiter square Moon conjunct Uranus in Gemini in 11th: income from working in community projects with women.
    2. Jupiter sextile Mercury in Capricorn in 6th: income from writing and medical work. One of my books was published internationally (Jupiter is my Sag Sun ruler)
    3. Jupiter sextile Venus in Scorpio in 4th: income from artistic projects when working from home.
    4. Jupiter sextile Saturn in 12th: long term fixed income from working in therapeutic projects in hospitals and with charities with elderly patients!

    Glad you are back on blogging again!

    PS Please note new email address

  22. Before I finish reading all these juicy replies…I must chime in. I have Sag MC and Jupiter in Sag conjunct Venus…in the 10th. My fundamental value fulfillment is FREEDOM. I have always believed in “luck” as a truly valid energy stream, if you will. I consider myself very lucky. I thank God for my blessings and definitely relate to the “I know everything” club. Ha Ha..Now at 55 yrs I have come full circle tempering this over the top tendency. One of my reoccurring themes is : “Things have to be FUN” I look to have fun and discover fun methods for working and traveling through life. I love horses and that greener grass over the horizon. Thank you Donna for constantly inspiring my world!

    • A great Jupiter combo you have! I think there is some magic in the belief that we are lucky–that by believing we will be lucky, we magnetize lucky situations to ourselves.

      The other element that contributes to “luck” is gratitude. I often do a gratitude list if I feel irritable or anxious in the middle of the night, thanking God for all I have received. I firmly believe that God likes it when we say thanks. Anyway, the list goes on and on, until I fall asleep. Donna

      PS. I just remembered a lovely old song from the 1940s or 1950s. The chorus goes like this:

      “When I’m worried and I can’t sleep,
      I count my blessings instead of sheep,
      and I fall asleep, counting my blessings.”

      • And I was so “Hoping” you would reply to my post and you did!

  23. I have Jupiter in Pisces in my 8th house conjunct with Venus and squaring Neptune.

    I am a artist and I am interested in the metaphysical.

  24. I have Jupiter in Taurus on the descendant, and Saturn and Mars in Leo in the 9th. Mars and Jupiter are square. I definitely feel that I’m lucky and things always work out for me, but I try to live life respectfully and work hard for my achievements.

    Five years ago I became a teacher and now teach Environmental Science to teenagers. I’m a natural at it and (apart from it being exhausting) I love the job and it definitely fulfills the earthy Taurus, the 9th house and my Gemini sun. This job relocated me to the most amazing coastal home, which I adore. Where I subsequently met a very Jupiterian man – he has Jupiter and Neptune conj. Sagittarius ascendant. This is part of a grand cross with Mars, Mercury and Saturn. He’s the Joker personified, with an interesting mix of ‘don’t mess with me’! He certainly lightens my heavy Scorpio chart.

    Apart from the work-and-play-until-I-collapse issue created by the square, Jupiter works very well for me. I love travel and water sports, especially when combined.

    However, I do have to be very good because if I make the slightest misdemeanor, I get caught! This is a standing joke between my sister and I; I cannot get away with anything. Is this a Saturn in the 9th thing???

  25. I have Jupiter in Aquarius in the 11th square Sagittarius moon in 8th. I have gained a lot of weight and lost it and gained it back several times. I let my emotions weigh me down and sometimes feel overwhelmed by life.

    Many of my hopes and dreams have come true. I have a few friends and belong to a couple of groups who share my interests.

    When I feel anxious in the middle of the night, I also count my many blessings. I found the song you mentioned on You Tube sung by Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney. I hadn’t heard it before.

    Glad you’re blogging again.

    • Aha, that’s who sang the song! I’ll have to look for it on Utube. Thanks for letting me know. Donna

  26. Have Jupiter transiting my Sun right now and was just offered a research job at the University of Gothenburg where I study. How’s that for Jupiter power? To say I was grateful would be an understatement.

    • Hey, congratulations! I visited Gothenburg many years ago, spoke to a group there and loved it. Donna

  27. Jupiter at 0Libra in 11th in mutual reception by house with Uranus at 6Leo in 9th (conj MC). Sun is Sag in 3rd. Always had a strong sense that things would work out okay. And have had a lot of unexpected and sudden luck along the way specially while handling with Plutonian issues – rising Venus in Scorpio squ Pluto – your book on “Healing Pluto Problems” and astrology in general were key to transforming my feelings/beliefs. Astrology feels like coming home. Last decade or so been quietly political, exposing and resolving injustices at work like use of zero hours contracts. Never planned my path through life – did next right thing – and have gone far “beyond my wildest dreams”. Next phase post retirement on the horizon in a year or so. Excited and optimistic to see what comes next.

    • Amazing,rupparti! “Never planned my path through life – did next right thing – and have gone far beyond my wildest dreams. Next phase post retirement on the horizon in a year or so. Excited and optimistic to see what comes next.”

      You have described my life path and current state of mind precisely, word for word. I wonder how many like us are out there. We oughta have a convention. Donna

      • Love to go to a convention but who would organise it 😉

      • Oh, for sure, everybody would be too busy leading workshops—or off in the casino gambling. Donna

  28. PS having Neptune rising I forgot to say what I’m actually grateful for: generally a wonderfully interesting quirky life, specifically my year old electric assisted bike – happy knees (and body), contented head (meditative space), interesting encounters (with curious people) 🙂

  29. My Jupiter is in Virgo in the 12th, trine my Venus. People usually have a good opinion of me and will help me when I need it. Also, I have worked in an office in the healthcare and legal fields for most of my life. Doctors are very helpful to me!

  30. Hey Donna, I came to your blog today looking for info on the uranus pluto conjunction (I found it yay!) and saw your recent posts. I do have jupiter in the 12th house like you, but mine is in Capricorn. A couple of years ago Pluto passed over my Jupiter and oh well, thanksgiving became something… weird at that moment….

    I am thankful for material confort I have in life, and intend leave all I have to charity once Im gone from this planet.

    Im also thankful there is a Jupiter in the solar system, I automatically jump the conversation to Jupiter whenever I meet someone who asks me about astrology and saturn, as if saturn were there just to ruin a life out of caprice. It helps to put things in perspective. Although I do confess I prefer saturn over Jupiter, even when a transit is complicated and destroys everything.

    With a stellium in the 9th house, 2 planets conjunct in sagitarius, and a jupiter alone and lost in the 12 house of hidden enemies, I certainly have a lifetime issue with all travelling centauri full of great ideas…..

    • It’s great that you love both Jupiter and Saturn, because Saturn is the ruler of Capricorn, and therefore Jupiter in Saturn’s sign is a blend of the two. I think it’s a good sign for Jupiter, though it doesn’t exactly run around kicking it’s heels, nor does it take the kind of foolish risks a lot of us Jupiterians do. I guess I’d say it has a certain gravitas. Donna

  31. Jupiter in Libra 9th house trine Gemini Sun and square Capricorn Asc. I am most thankful for my amazing good fortune with strangers in strange lands –I got lost in Italy and nice people took me where I wanted to go. And my love of learning. I was not at all focused in college as an undergrad many majors and track changes but once I got my calling graduate school was in many ways a piece of cake…. thesis writing aside that is! I have a hard time sitting down long enough to write. I am very optimistic too which sometimes gets me into trouble -I’m often overextending myself physically and socially. Overall I am thankful that I always see the bright side and I share that vision with my more doubting/realistic counterparts.

  32. Hi Donna, Hi @all,
    For me it’s important to do something meaningful. My work has to reflect this and I must enjoy doing it. Even though I can feel very insecure at times, this is the way I have to do it. Luckily so far (I’m 56 yrs. oldest) it did work out in the long run. Actually it did take me a while to learn that this opinion/motivation is not shared in general. I am very grateful for the options I had so far and for the kind people that supported me, shared their life with me.
    To put it in terms of Jupiter in my Chart: Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th field.
    Thank you for sharing and been given the opportunity to share, Diandra Emma

  33. Hi Donna, Hi @all,
    I am grateful for my friends and the support I recieved in my life. 🙂
    For me it’s very important to do something meaningful. This also includes my work. Even though I tend to be an insecure person, I have to leave my job if I cannot find any sense in it anymore and/or do not enjoy doing it. In the long run (I’m 56 yrs. old) this has always worked fine for me. For this I am very grateful too. Including the timeperiod and the country I was born in. 🙂
    One more clue to my Jupiter position in my Chart:
    It actually took me awhile to realize, that most people do not share this kind motivation.
    Thank you for sharing and giving the chance to share, Diandra Emma
    (Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 5th field)

    I hope I didn’t post twice, the first one was gone suddenly.

  34. Sun/Jupiter/Ascendant in Capricorn (12th House)

    A good job is the only thing I will ever really need.

    Just got my first real job after four years of graduating college during The Great Recession. So grateful.

  35. Wow!! I am a young astrologer — just turned 23 in October, and have been an informal student of astrology for the last ten years. Only recently have I begun to offer my services to a wider audience and at a (low) price — but already the personal joy, fulfillment, and opportunities and connections I’ve made related to and outside of astrology have confirmed that this is a serious thing I am right to pursue.

    I was so tickled to read that your Jupiter and Sun are in your 12th house — mine are as well! My 12th house is in Virgo, and my Libra Sun and Jupiter Virgo are both in my 12th house 🙂

    • Glad to hear that you’re going for a career in astrology, Maya. A 12th house house Sun and Jupiter can bring you a great joy through service. For this time of turning professional, I would suggest you get my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers, available at It covers many of the situations and issues that will come up in your practice. Best wishes for a rewarding career. Donna Cunningham

  36. also — my jupiter in virgo is at 29 degrees !!

  37. My Pisces Jupiter is by itself in my 5th House, and square my Sagittarius North Node that shares my 2nd House with Neptune. This is a “power year” for me (8 personal year in numerology), and I recently started looking more closely at astrology for insights into why my finances aren’t looking or feeling ‘powerful’. I’m grateful for the detailed information throughout your site that is helping me understand why…and what now.

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