Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 25, 2015

Who Do You Treasure at Christmas?

By Donna Cunningham on 12/25/2015

To me, Christmas isn’t so much about presents and decorations and food, as it is about the people we treasure. The best, most sustaining gifts God has given us are the people who love us and care for us in the best of times and the worst. Those who know us better than anyone, whose presence makes a difference, who make us laugh at our troubles and our own faults and at the insanity of today’s world. Those who care about us, even if we’re acting like jerks.

I treasure the people who love and treasure me in the best and worst of times. My few remaining family members who love their all too absent Aunt Donna and who share my love for my dear sister who died last summer. And friends who are no longer alive, but whose memories sustain me and warm my heart.

I treasure my four dearest friends here in Portland who have sustained me through some very difficult times in the past and present. And four dear friends far away who keep in touch. And my adorable young barrista at the bakery around the corner who smiles so broadly each time I come in for coffee and who shares my love of writing.

And the social worker here in my senior building who GETS me and is unfailingly kind but who can straighten me out when my thinking or behavior is off. I treasure all the people who can make me laugh, especially at myself.

And I treasure this blog and the readers who share themselves and their insights in our discussions in the comment section.

What about you, Readers, who do you treasure today at Christmas?


  1. This is such a lovely Christmas post. The person I treasure most is still asleep in the next room, whose love has proven steadfast for almost 7 years now after umpteen tries at relationships that lasted no more than months most often, 3 years once. I was age 50 when I met him. I also have a few very longtime friends who have lasted through thick and thin; I don’t see them often enough, but our friendships always fall back into place. My dad, who is 88, who I only see a couple of times a year but talk to nearly every day. And yes, others – online friends, good colleagues at work. Thanks for sharing this post, and Merry Christmas to you and your readers!

  2. I treasure my family, close friends and of course my beloved pets the most this Christmas. I am grateful to live in a beautiful and peaceful country as well.

  3. Christmas Day full moon, 3 cap sun ,3 cancer moon squares my jupiter, Chiron, amour,Neptune conjunction with in orb of the 1 st house fr the 12th in libra opposit transit vests in Aries. Looks like a cardinal cross, and it’s been busy. I am raising 3 grand daughters, 2 of which r young and believe in Santa. This makes it lotzza fun. Another thing I celebrate is the pine tree elves and their gifts to the ancient their stories. And stories of the native Indian ancestors and how they celebrated this season of the return of the light.similar to the old Druid way. I also agree about family and friends and neighbors. Blessings in the new year.

    • Very interesting, Barehand. I did not know that the Celts and Native Americans had very similar ways of celebrating this season. Must be some sort of universal response to the darkest days of the year. It is similar also to the Roman celebration called Saturnalia at this time of the year. (Named for Saturn, the God who is considered the ruler of Capricorn.) Donna

  4. What do I treasure at Christmas? The fact that it exists at all, what it can represent in Spiritual Mind. and the understanding of how fortunate we are to be able to experience our own inner nativity of rebirth and spiritual awakening.
    Glory to the God-spark within us; peace on Earth, and good will to all that lives. Happy Holidays. .

  5. Merry Christmas, Donna!
    I treasure YOU for all the hope, humor, and wisdom you so generously share.
    With Best Wishes for a Healthy, Happy New Year for you and all your readers!

    • I too treasure you, Donna, for the same reasons as Abby….and take this opportunity to thank you for your books and wisdom which have been so helpful to me a long time student of astrology….forever a student! This is the first time I have commented, but couldn’t miss this opportunity to wish you all that is good in the coming year. Good health and happiness…xx

      • Thank you, Pauline, and everyone for your kind words about my work–it is making me happy to know of your good wishes. Donna

  6. Besides treasuring you Donna and the Astrology community, I am treasuring different things this year, as my older brother died May 1.

    It’s corny, but right now I am watching the WPIXChannel11 (NY) Yule Log.My brother contracted polio as an infant, and spent his life in a wheelchair. Watching the Yule Log was one of the few things we did as a together family.
    Bros did not go out with us often, his choice. And he was amazing, 2 Masters degrees and a very independant life in The City, living next to the Chelsea Hotel for 40 years. So I have that memory.

    While I was looking through my archives for his Memorial (he was a body donor) I found Mom’s hand written memoirs that she sent me in 2004. They got buried in my office. Now that Mom is in Stage 6 of Alzheimer’s, I was so glad I found them. I transcribed them last night and sent them to my siblings and sons.

    I treasure my husband, who has journeyed with me for 35 years.
    I treasure our sons, who overcame opiate addiction this year -26 y/o. And my 31 y/o who spent 6 months homeless in Portland (I am sure you know why Donna) but ended up in the best home ever out in St. John’s.

    I treasure our dog, who was diagnosed as Diabetic 12/23 but seems to be responding to insulin already.

    I treasure my home and neighborhood. I give out children’s books and candy on Halloween (I started this after we were cut-off by SuperStorm Sandy). Yesterday a family delivered home baked cookies to Us in thanks for my genorosity, it was the da ughter’s idea. She is going to be a special lady.

    My decor may be limited this year – some of my Santa Shaman’s are on walkabout in the basement. I never got a tree up, but I still have my Yule Log, til 1PM. So off to enjoy that!

    My best to all here.

    • So sorry to hear about your brother, Belle–a big loss, indeed. But you’ve still found plenty to treasure. Donna

      • Thank you Donna, condolences on your loss too.
        Have an insanely glorious New Year!

  7. It is a good site Donna and thanks for keeping us informed on how this is a Merry Christmas…..and a good holiday for you also…..Alexander.

  8. What really makes me happy at Christmas is the wonderful music. I entered a church choir in our local town when I was 15, and with it I got to sing Handel’s Messiah as my first meeting with one of the eternal masterpieces. It was unforgettable. That singing has become my career and my vocation is a gift that I treasure most during Christmas time. The acoustics in the old churches are so wonderful, the rooms are generally full and people listen so differently at this time. To go up on the podium,open my mouth and let my voice fill the room and connect to the audience is such a gift of love. Here’s an aria from Bach’s Christmas Oratorio with me from some years ago. Happy Christmas, Mads

  9. I treasure my cat, Fee, who I had to euthanize on December 23rd, and my cat, Beetroot who is grieving over the loss of her furry pal. To me, pets are capable of offering the unconditional love that humans try to do but so often fail miserably including myself.

    • So sorry to read about Fee going OTRB. I hope Donna doesn’t mind, here is a link to a wonderful group of helpful souls who do a weekly Memorial I hope you find something in there that is a help to you. They have aided me greatly in times of despair.
      Be well

  10. I treasure you, Donna, and all the insights and wonder and others you have led me to. This is my first astrological Christmas, and your blog was the first spot I found as a newbie this year that spoke to me of depth and a willingness to look at the layers under the layers and ask alllll the questions, not just the comfy ones, and then to smile with some of your refreshing humor. Thank you.

    In years past, often alone, I have spent many a treasured Christmas in the ether with loved ones who have past, feeling their buoyant “present,” and now this year, through the wonders of all I have been learning, I have synthesized the gathering to include lucid meditations focused on those I love on both sides, sending healing connections and celebrations through the ether. It is putting new meaning into the concept of the “magic” of Christmas. A healing, birthing time, with such a lovely pregnant moon. I send wishes of gratitude to you and for you. Merry Christmas!

  11. I’m a 12th house Cancer sun, Cancer rising, and a 5th house moon in Sag. Being with my daughter and two grandchildren mean everything to me. My brothers have lived 1000 miles away since my adulthood when I relocated and I always miss them something awful during the holidays. Merry Christmas Donna!

  12. What a beautiful message, Donna. What inspiration you’ve sent, what a gift you have. Today I treasure the friends and family who have helped me after I was just discharged from the hospital. I don’t know that I would have been so generous. One friend said as long as you pass the good will and help to someone else, it doesn’t necessarily have to be her. I’m starting to treasure God however one wants to call him/her, to support me in rough times and to not fear. And I treasure my inner spirit that will accept whatever happens. (Virgo sun, Sag moon, Libra rising)

  13. Yes, yes, yes, Donna! I have been thinking of PEOPLE being the most important part of Christmas. For years, I was too wrapped up in buying Xmas decorations! This year, I decided to give away many Xmas decorations and to put my focus more on family members, friends, new granddaughter plus new grandson coming in May 2016. I am changing my life by de-cluttering my life. To make way for a New Life, the old must go! Christmas joy, peace and love should be everyday of the year. In the past, I tried to pack too much celebration into one day! I am searching for a much more simple life.

    Wishing You, Donna, a Joyous New Year….all Year Long!

  14. Thank you for the heart warming post, Donna! I do also reflect people around this time who care and support me.
    You are one of them whom I treasure very much. Your words as well as astrological insights sustain me for my inner strength. Without it, I would have no idea how to keep myself going in these difficult periods.

    Astrologically speaking, I have two stelliums;
    one is at my Ascendant in Virgo, the other is across the 7th and 8th houses in Aries. I feel it is getting better but still there is a huge challenge in the 4th house to go through…
    This year though, I met someone who helps me with it.
    It shows as Saturn in my solar return chart this year that emphasizes the importance, along with the 4th house and the moon opposing the sun. Saturn in my birth chart is in the Aries stellium with the sun included, and in the first meeting chart he is also emphasized as well as the 4th house and the moon. There are strong connections between the moon, the sun and Saturn in the related fields. Thus I expect he will play a big personal role in the situation, though he supports me in a saturnian way.

    I wish you happy holidays and your blog ever lasting.

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