Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 29, 2015

Links to Posts about Boundaries

(c)12/29/15 by Donna Cunningham

Boundaries are a frequent topic on this blog, perhaps because it’s a topic we all need to deal with in a healthy way–whether in our personal lives or at work.

It’s a topic astrologers especially need to understand, partly because our clients who come for relationship charts often are experiencing difficulty with important others due to unhealthy boundaries.  And partly because astrology itself gives us a wealth of insight into others and the very act of doing a chart reading with the intimate knowledge it brings us can lead to overstepping boundaries.

Adult children of alchoholics are a group with big boundary issues, because their alcoholic parents, blurred in their thinking, have poor boundaries and generally have codependent relationships with their loved ones.

One chapter of my ebook, Counseling Principles for Astrologers explains why alcoholics and their loved ones seldom have good boundaries. Thechapter explains codependency, how to see it in an astrology chart, and its implications for practicing astrologers in depth. Download it here: 2014 Ch7 CPA.

Here is a list of links to articles about boundaries on this blog:




  1. Thank you for the opportunity, Donna, to reread your Neptune posts in an easy compilation. That’s very helpful for Neptunians like me, and I started the re-exploration only to stop, realizing my advancement and wanting to savor that.

    For me, with Neptune fused at my Midheaven along with Jupiter (Pluto ruling), and with a family history of no solid boundaries and me the outsider who has Mom and Dad absent in the 12th house (Moon and Saturn), and then Neptune ruling my 3rd house (including an estrangement from my siblings as well), with a big old 8th-house Virgo stellium grounding it all in service and doubt, etc. I have spent a professional lifetime re-enacting the dysfunctional boundary issues that I feel I am finally surpassing via the insights of astrology.

    There is great comfort to be found in these posts of yours, Donna, too large to sum in one simple paragraph, and more personal to this smoggy foggy one who is finally having the light filter through and guide my path. I encourage all those who also have Neptune factors to reach for the wisdom in these posts, to savor them and perhaps realize the extraordinary strengths of Neptune’s unconditional High Love when balanced with an awareness of its fog and denial.

    I don’t know how to express it except that, to me, Neptune feels like our remembrances of our times between lives, when we are in Soul Land and there is only Unconditional Love and no shenanigans to be wary of and watchful for. I feel that most Neptunians probably struggle with the desire to be boundaryless, to have oneness with all–which is our divine intention–and then must learn that that is not the natural inclination of our human world. Rose-colored glasses can allow us to overlook human tendencies which must be clearly and objectively observed, especially within.

    I feel that is where I am, today, with my Neptune’s grounded heaven. With the insights of my natal chart, I now consciously–and quite recently–choose to interact with those who are playful and compassionate and loving. And those I know well who seem to have difficulty with that expression on this planet, I only interact with in the ether. At least just for now.

    I send them healing love via conscious meditations, BUT, knowing my Neptune boundary issues, I only do so by asking permission of their spirit guides. I don’t really know if the meditations I hover with are ever received by the others–I don’t know if they are accepted–but I do know that it freely allows me healing and allows me the feeling of healthy connection, without expectations.

    There are so many insights in reading your blogs that I have not expressed directly, except to say thanks for the encouragement to use the bright light of self-exploration as the limitless boundary one can continue to expand and illuminate within. Shine on, Donna…

  2. Thank you, Mary. There is so much wisdom and compassion in what you shared. Donna

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