Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 5, 2016

How to Manage Mercury Retrograde

©1/5/2016 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Mercury turned retrograde at 1° Aquarius today and will remain retrograde until 1/25.

As my regular readers know, I think many Mercury retrograde horror stories are

  • exaggerated for the sake of drama
  • due to transits by Uranus especially those stories involving computer or internet problems.
  • or are due to Neptune transits that set off hazy thinking
  • Or to already existing ADD-HD patterns of thinking

For myself, I consider the regularly recurring retrograde periods are excellent times to be reviewing our work and refining it.   As a writer, I cherish those intervals as opportunities to revise writing projects already in process.

Here are links to some previous blog articles that spell out ways to use these periods productively and to avoid certain difficulties that come up.

 Readers, can you think of a Mercury retrograde project that would improve your work or personal life? Share your idea in the comment section below.


  1. Happy New Year Donna and thank you for this! I also think many of the merc retro mishaps are brought on by self-fulfilling prophecies. We expect problems and we are not disappointed!

    peace, Linda

    • Yes, self-fulliling prophecies should definitely be considered!

  2. Thank you! I needed this

  3. I have a square between Mercury (14’Capricorn) and Saturn (18′ Aries) in my natal chart, so my approach to any retrograde period is to slow down and consider carefully. This particular retrograde period brings an opportunity to work on a project with some fellow volunteers who have had differing agendas over the past year. I’m expecting that discussions about the past will take place, but I am determined to be patient and level-headed throughout the whole process, even though my first instinct is to run the other way when I perceive conflict brewing. I noticed that Mercury will station direct on the same degree as my natal Mercury; this is the light at the end of the tunnel I will keep in my sight!

  4. I also agree that it is a chance to go over details. I have noticed that I am more affected before the actual RX and I would love to discover how many out there have a Stationary Mercury at the time of their birth. I find Stationary or coming to stationary has more of an effect. For this period, a lightbulb went, then the heat, then the front to our new fireplace is incorrect…so far. Nothing serious, just aware of it. The most difficult was Neptune currently leaving conjunction of my Mercury. Fog City for sure.

    • Hi, Joyce, one of the links on that post was about the effects of the two stationary periods, beginning and ending the retrograde. Donna

  5. Mercury is my chart ruler and is the focal of an opposition between my moon and Neptune. This retrograde in my fifth will cause me to stop playing around and go back to finish up projects. One thing I really hate is filing and purging paper at the end of the year in prep for income taxes. Not fun of course, but very necessary! Just today my plans to go to town for a movie was interrupted by another snow storm! OK-alright- I GET it! Back to work!
    Also, my T-square has been affected by the Uranus /Pluto square for quite a while. Time to clean up my act?

  6. Hi Donna,
    Thank you. I had read Mr. Z’s response. I was wondering if anyone who had a stationary mercury at birth were affected in some way each time mercury went stationary. Wondering if it was perhaps within certain degrees, or anytime mercury went stationary. Best solution would be for me to record in a journal each event happening and what occurred at what date under what conditions. I guess the same would hold for a RX Mercury. I guess I am heading down a rabbit hole:)

    • That would be interesting data to hear about.

      Mercury was moving slowly after turning direct when I was born, and the periods when it is moving fairly slowly, turning in either direction, are consistently my best, most intense and productive writing periods. Donna

      • I wish I could say the same. I do not seem as affected once the RX occurs. But…without actual data to back it up, its all my take on it. Thanks for the exchange. Love the feedback. A very Happy New Year.

  7. I feel that I did not fully understand the power of reflection and introspection and empathy until mercury went retrograde by progression to my natal chart. I have been more effectively able to fine tune lots more of my life’s goals with it than before it, making transiting retrograde periods more understandable as tools for fine tuning and polishing things already begun rather than beginning more newness. In this it shares the feel of a new/full moon; new for beginnings; full for completions. My natal direct merc was more inclined to speak, act, do and engage without as much regard for what an existing situation in play around it is needing to complete itself. Apparant retrogressions are like a moving subway braking after having been in motion forward for a time and then going backward a pace before braking and going forward again. There is necessarily disruption to momentum, especially around the stationery periods of braking. The planet in question impresses most intensely in those stationery times like a magnifier brought to stillness on a sunny day.

    • That’s interesting, Uhane…lots of good insights into the similarity between transiting and progressed Mercury retrograde. Your examples are a good addition to our understanding of this progression. Thanks! Donna Cunningham

  8. Donna, I had to respond to your Mercury rx post – I sooo agree! It seems to me that ME RX has become a common denominator for low hanging fruit, i.e. – makes for an easy topic to stir the pot and get peoples attention. I was born with Mercury rx, and perhaps find it a bit easier to manage than others, but nontheless, am weary of the drama around it being a ‘bad’ time period.

    • Low hanging fruit–I like that Maya. Fitting, as Mercury turned direct yesterday.

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