Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 11, 2016


These downloadable files are a gift to you, and you may pass them along to others as you like, so long as you say where it came from and Donna’s copyright is maintained.

Transit Tracker:  This one-page reference summarizes the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from 1990-2020. Print it out and use it to look back on past transits and to look forward for the next few years. Download it here: HO-transit trackingtable-1990-2020.

Get a sampler from The Stellium Handbook here:  Stellium Handbook Sampler and a Fact Sheet about the Capricorn Stellium Generation here: Capricorn Stellium Fact Sheet-Donna Cunningham.

Flower Essence Information: Flower essences, also known as flower remedies are an inexpensive and gentle boost to insight and growth. They are an excellent addition to an astrology practice. If you’re not familiar with them, download the introductory chapter from my essence book at flower essence information-ch1 and read the instructions for how to use them. Here are links to a great collection of articles about combining astrology and essences: A Treasure Trove of Articles about Combining Flower Essences and Astrology.

Free Mystery Novels: Donna’s two mystery novels are now  free e-books! Download a copy  of Hotline to Heaven here:  hotlinetoheaven07.  And the sequel, Angel in Peril here: Mystery-angelinperil. These two novels chronicle the adventures of astrologer, Jillian Malone, and Tarot reader, Robert Pierce, friends who–under duress–leave New York City and move to Port Townsend, Washington, to work on a psychic hotline. The astrological charts of major characters are shown in the book, and they work–even by transit!


  1. Astrology is a guide to help us navigate ourselves on a better path throughout life and importantly it is derived from the ancient holy book of India “Lal Kitab”. Get the deeper knowledge of jyotish or learn astrology by the famous Acharya Rajender Singh. He dedicated his whole life for astrology and believes in spreading knowledge of astrology worldwide.

  2. Thanks yet again for your generosity, Donna – and New Year Greetings to you. I will post this link to my Astrology: Questions and Answers Facebook Page.

  3. I didn’t know you’d written mysteries! I’m reading the first, and appreciate also the link to flower essences. Thank you for the gifts.

    • Funny you didn’t know about the mysteries, Moki. I guess I didn’t mention them in the group…old history, I guess. But I did write them while I lived in Port Townsend. Donna

  4. Astrology is a science

  5. Hi Donna,
    Been along time. I am glad to see such good work here online. And glad you liked it in Port Townsend so much. I am trying to help someone whom “the trees” are telling to come to Port Townsend for a ten day visit. She doesn’t know anyone there so I thought I would at least give her your contact information. Hope that is all right. I will be in Olympia and Bellingham this November, but not as far as Port Townsend. Hope to see you though. I am well, hope you are too. Doing some astrological herbalism conferences in Portland with Judith Hill.


  6. Thank you, Donna! I’m glad you decided to share your mysteries 🙂

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