Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 28, 2016

Medical Astrology: An Ancient Belief System

(c)1/28/2016 by Guest Blogger Alan Richards Wheatcroft

1cvr medical astro Note: The following is an excerpt from a new and valuable medical astrology book, One Body Many Illnesses: An Insightful Approach to Medical Astrology.  It was written by Alan Richards and published by The American Federation of Astrology. It is reprinted here with permission of the author and publisher, and further reprinting must be with their permission.

The famous herbalist and physician Nicholas Culpeper (1616-1654) used the techniques of astrology alongside his herbal medicines. The birth chart would be used for the diagnosis and Culpeper would treat the illness appropriately. He is known as saying: “Only astrologers are fit to study medicine and a medicine man without astrology is like a lamp without oil.”


Medical astrology is an ancient and underlying system that associates with the many diverse and intricate parts of the body. Moreover, medical astrology associates with illnesses, disease and drugs as being under the influence of the Sun, Moon, the planets, the twelve astrological signs, and the qualities of the signs. So, for example, mutable signs often relate to tuberculosis and mental illness such as dementia that can invariably be a tumultuous consequence of long-term Depression. The fixed signs can amongst other things relate to cancer, and the cardinal signs often relate to the formation of tumours.

According to our ancient ancestors who widely practised this long-forgotten discipline, a planet posited in a particular sign can indicate a weakness, and when subject to certain conditions, can manifest into injury, illness and even fatality. The effects largely depend on the quality of the aspects between the planets in the natal chart; and the transitory cycles that occur throughout the course of our life.

The primary function of medical astrology is to provide indications as to whether the cosmic influences extant at the time of an illness are likely to be advantageous or disadvantageous to the individual; therefore medical astrology functions on four essential points:

  • The likely severity of the particular disease.
  • The likely duration of the disease.
  • The eventual and probable outcome of the disease.
  • Any additional means that might be employed by a physician to counteract the disease and thus facilitate the restoration of the patient’s health.

There are also seven causes of illness and disease that apply to medical astrology, they are:

  • Neglect
  • Congestion
  • Trauma
  • Chemical, Metal and Environmental Toxins
  • Infection
  • Parasites
  • Miasma and the Residue of Childhood Diseases

Chart Delineation

Traditionally speaking, the most common astrological methods used in medical astrology are natal transits (the birth chart compared to the current position of the zodiac and the planets), and horary astrology (hora=hour), a chart based solely on the current position of the zodiac and planets. A medical horary chart is also known as a decumbiture chart, as it is normally cast for the time the individual takes to their bed. Decumbiture charts are by far the most common approach to medical diagnosis. The seven causes of illness and disease plus techniques that pertain towards successful diagnosis demonstrated via actual case studies are explained in my book: One Body Many Illnesses.

One Body Many Illnesses

One Body Many Illnesses, An Insightful approach to Medical Astrology, is an essential guide casting a unique perspective on this ancient and timeless discipline. The book adopts an idiosyncratic approach to diagnosis by implementing the planetary rulers of the Moon’s Nodes as the catalysts for the onset of potential illness and disease.

Furthermore, the book explains in detail why the Moon’s biorhythms and the chakras are instigators of illness; but more importantly it explains why they are important significators in the process of Healing, and perhaps more importantly, Prevention.

About Alan R. Wheatcroft:  Alan R.Wheatcroft BA, DMS.ASTROL has studied astrology since his first Saturn return; and now works primarily as a medical astrologer. Alan is often invited to speak at universities, colleges, business organisations and spiritual groups. As a successful writer Alan has presented many articles, which have been published throughout the professional and popular media. Alan is also a regular contributor to Wanda Sellar’s Astrology and Medicine Newsletter. His first book One Body Many IllnessesAn Insightful Approach to Medical Astrology is available via the American Federation of Astrologers.  Alan can be reached at:

One Body Many Illnesses – An Insightful Approach to Medical Astrology, Published by: The American Federation of Astrologers, 6535 S. Rural Road. Tempe. Arizona, 85283-3746

Primary Sources of Availability:


  1. this makes good sense to me; there have been occasions where these lines of study have become clearly shown in the wheels of others and i have even developed a personal look-out system for my own ‘stress release valve’ as concerns psoriasis. over time, i have been able to anticipate potential triggers shown via transits and consciously increase practices that open wider/accelerate flow of energy so that inflamation is greatly reduced/non-existent. how cool is that? 🙂 thanks for sharing.

  2. For this post, thank you Donna. I always enjoy your education and insight.
    I have been studying with Marcia Starck over the last 15 months and find anything you do with health (perhaps everything!) to be especially helpful!

    • Hi, Candice. I haven’t heard anything about Marcia in years, and yes, she’s terrific at medical astrology. Please give her my regards. Donna

  3. I was able to link my 2009 kidney cancer occurrence, diagnosis and surgery to my natal chart plus transits. Fortunately for me, I have been protected from a lifetime of surgeries and anesthesia by a close trine between my Mars and Neptune. As we always say, astrology works!

    • Jack M., I too was able to do that. Fortunately for me, Mars Trines my Sun and Jupiter my Neptune. I was diagnosed in 2002 and it was the first major surgery as well.

  4. Thanks for sharing this post. I really want to eager to know about healing essences, if you have information, please share with me

    • You will find tons of articles about flower essences on this blog and links to other articles elsewhere. Use the onsite search engine box at the top right hand column of the front page. Donna Cunningham

      • Ah, I’ve remembered the name. It’s Vibration Magazine and Blog, and it has hundreds of articles on various remedies plus a great many posts on how to combine flower remedies/aka essences with astrology.

        I used them with my astrology clients for man years before I retired, and by zeroing in on current challenges shown in the chart and transits, a mixture would help them move past a block.

  5. when two benefic friendly planets are close conjunct, & both closely squared by malefic (much stonger than each,but much weaker than combined strenghths of the benefics)– do we consider each separately afflicted, or otherwise/not afflicted?

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