Posted by: Donna Cunningham | February 18, 2016

Uranus in Aries and the Cosmic Soup

© 2016 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 It’s time for a taste test of the current batch of Cosmic Soup. What’s that, you ask?  It’s that big vat of feelings and situations simmering on the back burner in our Collective Kitchen all the time. We’re all feeding on it. What’s in the pot changes every day, and we don’t know what we’ll get, but the pot is always there.

From time to time we dip a ladle into it without really thinking about it, and it fills our gut with stuff we stew about, thinking it’s a pot of our own making. Maybe it’s a family recipe, or so we believe, not knowing that the exact same soup is on the back burner of kitchens everywhere.

We brood and curse our luck when it’s a bad batch, because we know we’ll be stuck with that soup for days on end. We can’t just toss a big pot-full like that out, not in this economy. If it’s a lucky soup, we try to stretch it by crossing our fingers and adding more of the same stuff. We call people and invite them over to share it, provided they bring a bottle of wine.

So what’s the Soup du Jour?  It’s a hearty ragout of Uranus in Aries that’s been bubbling vigorously for several years now—we’re more than half way through the sign.

Still, the last time it was in Aries was more than 70 years ago. When it entered the sign this time, it was a new and virtually untried recipe—a Tex-Mex mix of chunky meats and hot spices with way too many shakes of the chili powder and cilantro jars.

It’s been a bit bitey and adventuresome for many of us, but we kind of got used to it. For some of us who are older, it even got our tired blood racing again. The guys have probably liked it better than the gals. They’ll add it to the chili, barbecue, and deep fried turkey recipes they concoct for tailgate parties and cook-offs.

What else I’m noticing is a huge upsurge of rage.  I’m like an angry adolescent, throwing mindless fits of temper.  I woke up one morning yelling,I hate every effing person on this effing planet!” (Clearly an exaggeration.)

I make it a practice not to perpetrate my bouts of anger on other people. Thanks to the Seth books, a Course in Miracles, and Eckart Tolle, I know it’s just my own stuff, 3 parts ego to 3 parts fear to 2 parts frustrated wants. Fortunately I live alone, and no one else has to witness these immature snits. I get on my own nerves a lot, though.

But the friends I’ve talked to on the phone confess that they’re raging inside too. And so I’m thinking that maybe an Inner Angry Adolescent is another of the signatures of Uranus in Aries.  Uranus is associated with adolescence, and Mars–the planet of anger but also of action–rules Aries.

See, teens know when things aren’t right–and they’ll tell us if we will only give them permission to speak.  So maybe we should listen to our Inner teen as well. Because there’s plenty to be angry about in the way things are unfolding.

So what’s Uranus been like in Aries for you so far, Readers? Let’s compare. I’m eager to hear what you’re picking up about it, so tell us about it   in  the comment section.

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  1. Thanks! Uplifting for me – surviving my 3rd very gray Fargo, ND winter since returning up here from 20 years in SE AZ – am SO HOMESICK!!! But from your post here – I think this combo you describe is helping me get through this very hard time of my life – that’s a HEATED kind of combo and thanks to you I can now gain a clearer focus on what’s happening to and for me here!! Much appreciate YOU!

  2. Uranus in Aries has been transiting my 7th house from the get go (the cusp of my 7th is 28’58 Pisces), so unsurprisingly my personal relationships have been the stage for all the drama. Thankfully, there has only been one really negative manifestation of it so far; at the very beginning, I experienced an acrimonious blowup with a female friend when Uranus conjoined my Moon at 0’Aries. But since then, it has mostly made me more independent and authentic in my relationships, especially in my 24 year marriage. Right now, as Uranus is coming up on my natal Saturn at 18′ Aries, my husband and I are trying to figure out how we can ease up on some of our mid-life obligations to enjoy more time together. As a Capricorn, I have always erred on the side of overly-conscientious; maybe getting in touch with my inner,angry adolescent wouldn’t be such a bad thing right now.

    • My 7th house is also at the end of piscis and my Chiron is at 18° aries. Uranus has opposed my Moon and for the past year it’s been hovering that Chiron (healing..). I’ve had to learn a great deal of technical and medical stuff related to the neurological system while taking care of family
      Pain and rage and the strong need to have a personal ground and sense of self separated from the partner. It does feel like an adolescent rage, but deeper. It will be approaching the Uranus opposition in a year or so…

      • Natal sun Aries 17, opposite Pluto exact, with 3- 4th cusp/Midhaven up on Aries/Libra 18′ conjunctions.
        Taking adolescent rage to the bank… all. Year. Long. 😆

  3. It’s been playing with my 7th/1st/4th Houses along with Pluto. I have inherited some property but GD what a freakin’ mess!
    I almost chewed out my Aries boss for being a micro-managing so and so but bit my tongue.
    Where I have noticed all the rage is in the vox populi, especially regarding the economy and the upcoming presidential election. RAGE RAGE RAGE constant toxic rage, esp. on one side of the aisle. Now that rage has some valid reasons but it seemed to be spewed out indiscriminately like a bunch of teenagers hyped up on steroids.
    Speaking of steroids: I took some rx steroids for a medical condition and boy howdy was I raging, irritable beyotch. I did warn people and told them not to take it personally and that it was a side effect of the meds. I have Uranus/Moon on the MC, Pluto/Sun and Mars in 1, so you can imagine what that was like!

  4. I have my Sun 0° Aries in my second house. Everything in my life is changing. Everything I’ve been do For my whole life I don’t want to do anymore. I’ve even stopped thrifting after 50 years. It was an addiction. I even went into my dreams asking what I should be doing with my life now and the vision was hundreds of bubbles bursting and the word change was coming out of them. I really look forward to what lies ahead for me, especially after 27 years of saving animals, which I don’t want to do anymore, which I’m very sad about but I’m just too sad doing it also
    I must listen to the universe.

  5. Transitting Uranus in my 5th is approaching a square to my 8th house Cancer moon, and I’m mad as hell about Valentine’s Day and that others are having it (apparently) and I am not! Mad that my unconventional, unlandable relationship is so completely wacky and irratic, and not at all soothing and secure! I’m also starting to seek an out from the pain of this through online relationships that are starting to show tiny signs of budding — through messaging on online dating sites, connecting (and even flirting) with new Facebook friends from out of nowhere, and expressing my own creativity on my FB site in a more extroverted way. Just realized how perfectly Uranus in Aries in the 5th this all is…! Mad as hell and driven to to create my way through it!

  6. Uranus is transiting my 7th house as well, where my natal Venus lies, and at some point in the near future will oppose natal Uranus. Good times. It has manifested in unexpected, intense, short-term working partnerships. I decided to go with the flow and market myself as a freelance writer and social media manager. It’s working so far. We’ll see how the opposition shakes things up yet again. As a Taurus sun sign, it’s challenging to work against my natural desire for consistency and security, but that’s growth for you.

    Thank you, Donna, for creating this space.

  7. I have had it in my sixth house and hoo boy, do I get tired of changes in work. I haven’t been fired or laid off so far (thank god), but I always live in fear. At this point I think my job would like to can me but at the same time can’t afford to not have me here. My job has changed around a lot and sadly not for the better, and I cannot get hired for another job for anything, I’m never good enough.

    I admit I am kinda curious/looking forward to Uranus in my 7th because I haven’t had a love life in over a decade. It can’t possibly get worse in the 7th, right? 😛

  8. Uranus is transiting my second house and am getting ready to start my own business. Realize I need to work for myself instead of a corporation. Has brought many ideas for multiple streams of income. Also, real clarity about what I value in life. Have loved this transit!

  9. Uranus is conjunct natal Mars at 18 Aries in the fifth house. Creative pursuits, lots of time outdoors, vigorous exercise and major rounds of foolishness with my 12 year old go a long way in keeping me compos mentis. That said, when the scales tip in terms of accumulated stress (major life events of a particularly challenging nature have been ongoing for six plus years), there is no other way to reset my equilibrium than by surrendering to a full=out rage. When I’m in it, it feels like no other feelings or thoughts exist. With each “episode”, I’m getting better at letting the energy flow through me without identifying with it too strongly or acting on it.. The better I get at doing that, the more profound my sense of “re-calibration” after it passes. It is increasingly clear to me that this is a necessary, growth-promoting cyclical experience.

    I should add that natal moon at 19 Virgo and Scorpio 19 Ascendent conjunct 20 Sco Saturn point the finger of God (Yod) at natal Mars.

    • This transit is quite a catalyst for much-needed change. Donna

  10. Uranus also in my 7th; no explosive relationships, but I did decide to get an assistant to help me in my business, which is big for me; I am of the ‘got to do it all myself’ thinking.

  11. 12th house. You know the biggest thing that happened to me, which i won’t mention; but it (the transit) has been a source of fear and anxiety for me.

  12. 8th house here.Lots of internet energy work when it was conjunct natal mercury; loans to others not being repaid (urg!); squaring natal saturn –itching to move, get out of Dodge, make a different life!

  13. Transiting Uranus entered my natal 8th a few years ago and nothing has been the same since. Steven Forrest describes Uranus’ 8th house transit as being a time when ” we are invited to do some deep Shadow work”, a description that’s been very true for me. As in childhood, I’ve become a ‘book-worm’ again. This time around I’m obsessed with Jungian authors and with doing psycho-spiritual work, using dreams, synchronicities and symbols to guide me.

    As transiting Uranus moves out of trine with my natal 12H Uranus and begins to inch closer to my 8H South Node and BM Lilith in Aries, almost opposite my 2H Venus, North Node and Sun in Libra (and almost trine my 4H Saturn in Sag), I can feel powerful (unconscious) forces brewing just beneath the surface.

    I’ve learned a lot about myself, had some dark days and some bright ones too as I’ve learned to appreciate my strengths and weaknesses, light and shadow. Ironically, and maybe because of all my 8H Aries placements, I’ve become less emotionally reactive than I used to be. I cry more (good healing tears) but don’t rage as much.

    There’s still more to come ~ I’m trying not to hold onto anyone or anything too tightly. Just recently I lost my wedding ring set (T. Uranus opposite natal 2H Venus), which felt like a kind of death until I realized *why* they had to go. They were only superficial ‘things’, not what really matters.

    • I forgot to say with Uranus in Aries so close to my 8H South Node, I’m discovering how to self-nurture in a healthy way, without expecting my husband to fill every emotional need or to validate every spoken thought.

      I think I’ve sometimes expected (even demanded) too much of him, as if I was trying to make up for something lost (or longed for) long ago. Time for my adolescent Aries placements to grow up.:)

    • Great forward movement, LB!

  14. For me, Uranus has been transiting my 7th house – and it’s made me acknowledge the anger I’ve been carrying for a long time of feeling powerless in my relationships,and acting codependent in them.
    As it nears conjunction with my natal Venus in Aries at 21′ in the 7th, I am coming to one of the biggest moves in my relationships I’ve ever done: I’m divorcing my husband. I’ve had ENOUGH of abusive people in my life. I am sick and tired of people trespassing all over my boundaries, not respecting me, using me up and tossing me aside. Uranus is sparking my Venus up, and she is PISSED. As a Venus in Aries, I can get pissed off pretty quickly, but my Libra ascendant just takes it, and takes it…well, Uranus is helping me take control of my life, by putting an end to all this bullshit.

    • Yes, this transit is definitely helping people stand up for themselves and let go of connections and situations that don’t work.

      • I can second that, Peccosa. I have Libra rising and have had enough of people crossing boundaries with me.

  15. Just… too much. It’s crossing my Jupiter (my ascendant ruler) and I’ve become a magnet for every radical opinion out there. Posts on blogs about feminism has made me a target for alot of hate but I also managed to find a group (of women) who will turn up and accompany other women who are concerned about being harassed at swimming facilities or walking home late or have troublesome neighbor. Which is good.

    Also, some days I take in so much info that I think my head is going to explode. And everything is about ethics and social justice. I have Saturn in Aquarius but even I’m getting tired of me.

    Plus for the first time ever I have taken an interest in statistics. That’s one for the books. Math was just never my thing and now I’m using it to prove social theory. :S

    It’s all very strange.

    • Uranus–like its sign Aquarius–is the planet most associated with social change and activism, so I imagine that there are many feminists stirred up, just as there are activists in Black Lives Matter and other causes. Donna

  16. So glad you articulated that, Donna, I have experienced my own anger issues and a lot of co-worker anger issues. Mostly flare-ups, but some resentments that linger and prove to be very harmful. Uranus trines my Leo Moon, so I seem to be emotionally resilient to it, but when it first entered Aries, it crossed my seventh-house axis and squared my Mars. I had an Aries boss who had a Cancer Moon. Boy was that an experience to see him in action!

  17. Uranus in Aries transiting through my 7th has been good to me so far but then, it’s formed a grand trine to my generational planets of Saturn & Pluto in Leo and also, to my Mercury and Venus in early Sagittarius. My biological father–Saturn–found me and we formed a nice relationship. He brought me a brother and a sister (3rd house trined planets) I never knew I had (she’s a Gemini, retired teacher) he’s a Scorpio (financial investor.) Since transiting Uranus has trined my natal Mercury I’ve been published repeatedly writing about insight, personal growth, and relationships with bits of metaphysics, astrology, mediumship, and psychic stuff tossed in as an undercurrent.
    I have a wide out of sign Saturn/Moon opposition that I live with daily and I’ve noticed that since Uranus is trining my natal Saturn it’s a bit easier to deal with. My Saturn is 8 Leo and my Moon is 29 Capricorn. The opposition is wide, but believe me–it’s operating and the Uranus trine to Saturn is definitely felt. Seems like it’s trying to help.
    My dad will be 95 years old tis year. He’s a Leo with an Aquarius moon and either Gemini or Cancer ascending. He was born under the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction in Virgo in August, 1021 so Jupiter is all over that conjunction right now, and his Jupiter/Saturn conjunction sits on my late Virgo ascendant at 24 degrees.
    Thanks for letting me talk about this Donna. Love and respect your work so much. Namaste.

    • Gotta love that Grand fire trine. It was pretty good to me, too– setting off my Aries and Leo placements, and mostly centering on my newest ebooks.

      Exciting to have a whole new family to get to know–sounds like there was a trine-ish immediate connection. Donna

  18. Hi, Donna,

    I too have been raging lately, especially with Uranus entering my 12H. All that rage that I’ve had to shove under the rug for the sake of survival is popping out. I know it’s ultimately good to let go off past junk, but I’m also getting an unpleasant look at MY role in past junk — NOT PRETTY! I’m apprehensive about TU’s coming square to my natal Mars at 19 Cap in the 9th and T Pluto closing in on natal Mars as well. I’m currently tip-toeing thru the minefield of certain friends’ political/religious beliefs that are completely opposite mine. trying to be understanding and still have my say, too. Also,
    getting fed up with the free’floating rage out there in Politicsland. Haven’t watched any of the so-called “debates” because the adrenalin (sp?) rush would send me into orbit!

    Thank you, Donna, for an astro forum where I can vent some steam. Amy

    • There’s a lot of stuff out there to be mad at–with Pluto in Capricorn representing the types of dirty tricks the people with all the power play on us little folks.

      Good, though when we start getting insights into places in our personal or work lives where we let ourselves be taken advantage of–and what we got from those situations. Donna

  19. It has certainly been an interesting ride so far! Uranus along with Pluto has been setting off my natal t-square of Moon in Aries (8) opposite Neptune (2) and square to Mercury in Capricorn (5).This is a pretty tight T-square so it has been my lifetime companion and guide. I have had all kinds of changes in my income via Social Security, my husband retiring , and a sudden surprise of a piece of some oil revenue. I survived a tough patch with my sister and have finally stopped being a martyr to family, friends, and people in a guild I was a member of for twenty years. I too find myself giving in to anger (Moon in Aries, no surprise!) probably because I have stuffed it too long! Politics has also become a big focus for me but I have found a way to vent :Facebook!! I’ve also been dealing with changing my diet radically in order to manage arthritis, high blood pressure and migraine headaches! Getting old is hard! To top it all off, Neptune has entered the cusp of my seventh house. I feel like I am alternating between Whatever and Get The He** Out of My Way! My fire trine with sun in Sag and Pluto in Leo gives me a lot of resilience so I just hope all the challenges send me off in the right direction! Funny; I just read your article in The Mountain Astrologer on transits to the career houses. Excellent article Donna! Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. Best of luck and light to all!

  20. What a fun read Donna ! Yes, that pot of soup has been bubbling on the back burner of my 12th house for years, definitely stirring the pot of my unconscious and causing me to own what’s there. Have really thrown myself ( weird phrasing 🙂 ) into my meditations and my spiritual life. Am finally really owning my love for that. Lots of esoteric reading- Sanscrit and Vedanta. I have found myself to be quite engaged and alive in recognizing spiritual truths as everywhere (as above, so below etc). Have thrown off so much family projection and other unconscious viewpoints I had accepted for years as mine (my 12 th house Pisces/Aries victim qualities are getting the ‘boot’.) Am reading lots about brain science, neuroplasticity etc. have found some engaging on-line forums for those conversations too. This wasn’t always easy and it went on forever (4′ Pisces – 19′ Aries 12th house)in the beginning years but the transit through my 12 th is coming to an end and I feel happy about my newfound authenticity. My Dad was an Aquarian writer/film maker who made films for NASA , so he was quite a wonderful example for me of the Aquarians energies. I always felt proud that he was my Dad and followed his own path. As I prepare to welcome Uranus into my 1st house 19′ in March, I am welcoming a new life with much much less caring what people think of me and an excitement to just get on with this adventure of life and all the new creative pursuits I have rediscovered. (And yes speaking to the anger issue you brought up, there have been some mornings, when, if I didn’t wake slowly to find my own rhythms, and I just bolted out of bed, only to have my pets on top of me with their morning exuberance, I would find myself yelling “Space ! I need some SPACE here for a few minutes ! ” i was first shocked at myself- I never yelled at my pets. But then I realized that they declare their space very loudly sometimes with their other furry friends and it was actually no big deal that I, would need that. It was always just a request for space…certainly a Uranian theme !) 🙂

    • What a great evolution you’re going through, Maria!! You’re coming into your own, and what a great role model you have in your dad. It’s exciting to see.

      I, too, have left much of my old self behind, and as a newly retired individual, am having quite a time figuring out who I am and what to do with myself.

      I think I’m seeing a theme among these answers that I should have expected but didn’t. Many of us are exploring our identity, in a way that adolescents get to but adults often have too many responsibilities and such a structure we’ve established that it’s hard to break out of it.

      Teenagers look to find the answer to “who am I?” Many of us older folks have finished a phase in our lives, and we are asking, “who am I NOW?”

      I always learn so much from these discussions on Skywriter. Thank you all for being part of it. Donna Cunningham

      • Thanks for your reply Donna. Yes, the theme of Who am I NOW” has been very relevant…and the awareness of time..this flow of life and how precious it is and how I don’t want to waste another moment being inauthentic. I have even had some memories, long forgotten, from my early teenage years float to the surface with such clarity. Like “look at this, contemplate this young girl she has something to show you about a quiet kind of inner freedom”.

        Coincidentally also going through my 2nd Saturn return has ‘solidified’ my resolve here (Saturn 1′ Sag) along with Saturn conjuncting my North Node 10′ Sag. It has given me a feeling of support- yes this is the path.
        As I approach 60 in April, I feel actually lucky that Uranus passing through my 12 th prepared me with internal house cleaning for this next time in my life.
        Donna, blessings wished for all your new ‘retirement’ activities. Your Cancerian Sun has really truly made this such a warm, welcoming forum for so many people. I had no idea before your forum that so many people knew about astrology and were using it as a guide in their lives.

      • Thank you, Maria. I wonder if more of us looked back at those teen years, we could get back in touch with some of our dreams and ideals that we’ve lost along the way. And maybe regain some of those youthful hopes and dreams, but with the adult ability to make some of them happen.

        What I’m starting is a novel about a woman who is a medium and in touch with past lives. For me, that was the road not taken, at about the age of 35. I had the gifts, but made the decision to stick with astrology. A major fork in the road. Donna

      • Reading your comment about the novel you’re writing, “about a woman who is a medium and in touch with past lives” reminded me of another significant 8H Uranus event.

        It happened during the set of 2014 Eclipses that fell along the Aries/Libra axis ~ falling in my natal 8th/2nd (8H South Node-Lilith opposite 2H North Node-Venus-Sun) and progressed 12th/6th (with one of the Eclipses conjunct my progressed Ascendant from the 12th, which was also conjunct my natal Sun).

        I’ve already shared a lot of what happened on other astrology sites so I won’t repeat myself here, except to say I received specific details during sleep (including a last name) which led me to discover who I was in another life. Even more shocking, I discovered there were books written about this person, an artist I’d never heard of until I googled the information I received. I’d been dreaming bits and pieces of her life for years, even knew her first name, maiden name, husband’s first name, etc.

        “Who am I now?” seems intricately connected to who I once was. If you remember too, then maybe you know what I mean ~ don’t we share the same 2H/8H nodal axis but in different signs?.

        Good luck with your novel, Donna! .

      • Oh, my, LB, what a neat story! To achieve that level of skill and recognition, the earlier you must have written in a number of lives.


      • At the time of the big Eclipse, transiting Uranus was exactly conjunct my natal 8H Eris-BM Lilith (True) and exactly opposite my 2H Ceres, part of my chart’s Mystic Rectangle which involves my IC/MC (also exact).

        When I did a chart for the person I believe I once was, I was surprised to find our natal Ceres placements (symbolizing life cycles, among other things) are *exactly* conjunct.

      • I want to correct something I wrote. Actually transiting Uranus was in my 8th, quincunx my Ascendant during the big Eclipse I mentioned (when I received the final pieces of identifying information).

        I *think* the Eclipse when Uranus was opposite my Ceres represented the beginning of Eclipse season. So much has happened since Uranus entered my 8th, it’s hard to keep track.

      • Lots more surprises, perhaps. Donna

  21. Oh PS, I discovered something great too in the world of FB communications during this transit. This Uranus through my 12 was lonely at times, so I thought I’ll connect with people in my small community during the winter on FB. Astonished to find how some people can actually ‘ignore’ your presence in a conversational thread…and I personally knew these people from my town. It made me feel like an outsider which I kinda am, I didn’t grow up here- so without wanting to hurt anyone’s feelings I simply “unfollowed” ( not “unfriendl”) about 95% of my ‘friends’. And I started following all the inspirational (12th house) people of my choosing (Danielle LaPorte, Marie Forneo, Tony Robbins, Joseph Prince, John Assaraf, etc etc)the more public world. OMG what a revelation to have only positive, enlightening info and video course opportunities flowing through my FB feed. I have found people really wanting to engage in conversations of a higher nature than I had found closer to ‘home’. I urge anyone to try this. FB becomes, then, such a personalized, very useful tool for growth. 🙂

    • Yes. that’s a really good idea–following people whose ideas inspire you, rather than all these so-called friends you never met.

  22. Funny you would mention your novel about a medium who remembers past lives. I was just today watching a video of Dr Brian Weiss (Many Lives, Many Masters) and recalling reading that book years ago with his first patient Catherine. I have a feeling your book will be very popular. Years ago when i was 21, i went to a past life “reader” who told me (without knowing a thing about me) that my last life was in the south of France in the early part of the 20th century. He even gave me a name, first and last (chills).

    Small wonder that the first chance I had to be on my own at age 18, I made a bee- line to live in France and go to school there…and travel much in the south on vacations. All my life in school in the US I had loved French and was good at it and once I actually was on the French soil, it all felt so real and comforting.
    And something happened with my accent too, I seemed to ‘drop’ into a place where the language felt like I was speaking music – it all felt like no effort , and had a really ‘holographic’ feel for me (is the best way i can describe it) -i got so much joy from speaking it. It was a total relaxing relief to speak it. When i had to revert to English it felt hard and clunky to speak. Some people I met there even asked if I was born there. 🙂 Bon courage with your book !

    • Yes, when you go to a place you’ve lived before, you often have a feeling of being “HOME”, and so much seems familiar.

      I felt that way about Galway, Ireland and all four times I went there, I spent days roaming through the oldest sections of the city.

      My impression is that I was a street urchin there and died of tuberculosis at about age 10. Donna

  23. Uranus is transiting my 9th, opposing my natal Uranus/ Mercury conjunction in Libra in the 3rd. At one point a few months ago I simultaneously had transiting Mercury conjunct natal Uranus/Mercury. In the last six months I’ve had to replace a car, a laptop, and a water heater due to sudden breakdowns. Further, every trip I’ve either taken or made plans for during this Uranus transit has either had to be cancelled or rescheduled due to last-minute issues. It seems the lesson is to release the need for things to work (or work out)—”don’t expect, accept”, as the saying goes. Next up, Uranus is moving toward an opposition to my sun, still in the 9th/3rd.

    On the flip side, all that Uranus/Merc contact seems to be the catalyst for flashes of insight, increased psychic receptivity through dreams, long-forgotten dreams suddenly flashing into my conscious mind seemingly out of nowhere, and, as others have mentioned, past life glimpses. As a result, I’ve been delving much more deeply into studies of astrology, tarot, and dream interpretation.

    In fact, if I didn’t have to work for a living, I’d be dividing all my time between those pursuits and political involvement—as to which, regarding the anger factor, for me it’s manifesting in feeling passionate about the U.S. presidential elections this year; it seems we’re being presented with a clear choice between moving the country forward or backward, and I believe those who merely want to maintain the status quo will find it’s not among the options. I hope we choose to progress, but I can’t say I’m confident that will be the outcome. And yes, passion definitely transforms into anger in a split second when I think the reactionaries are gaining the upper hand!

    Best wishes with your novel, Donna—I look forward to reading it when it comes out!

  24. What a flurry, seems that cosmic soup was just what we all needed to talk about!

    I love hearing you are writing that novel. When Uranus entered Aries I began to write for all the right reasons. Aries spans my 3rd and 4th Houses and thanks to this post I can reflect and appreciate the change in communication styles that drew the stories wanting to be told. “Retired and resouled” I believe is what began and continues to happen with Uranus in Aries. The Saturn and Neptune square helps a lot with that too as the watery and illusive(Neptune) support(Saturn) feeds the Medicine Stories that could never be written while I was a business woman pounding my head against that glass ceiling.

    What I’m learning with Uranus in Aries is to take all the roads and flow around those that will not fit into logical progress; the voices of the interstitial love taking all roads across a border! I am forgetting things, and glory to the gods there are so many other options cued up for the extra space.

    I’m glad to discover this expansive flow of rage and other really great stuff!!


    • Hi, Moki, we seem to be on similar paths–but then we always were, weren’t we? Retired and resouled, for sure!

  25. With my Aries moon, I couldn’t help musing about what kind of actual soup would be Uranus in Aries. Pepperpot? Hot and sour? And then yesterday I was looking through an old journal adorned with vintage illustrations of women and snarky captions. The kid asks, “What’s for dinner?” and the mother responds “Whatever I feel like, with a side of eat it or starve.” Ah! That is the recipe for Uranus in Aries soup!

    • So funny! I once ran a series of contests for the best single keyword for each sign. The Aries winner–hands down–was: slapdash.

  26. Uranus givith, Uranus taketh away as far as my career in digital publishing went. Now I’m stuck in a horrible job surrounded by erratic events &/or people (I’m Gemini sun, Cancer rising). Boy do I feel angry.

  27. Hi Donna, Hi @all,

    thank you all for sharing, that is so helpful!
    I really related to your episode of anger, Donna. The following happened to me around 10/11/12 in 2015 up to may be jan 2016:
    I would wake up feeling a big wave of anger sweeping through me, hot and raging. This was not caused by a dream or a specific situation. There was enough in my life to be angry and frustrated about and I could direct the anger to any of these areas. But it would stay kind of detached to any specific situation. It too, reminded me of my teenager days, bringing the feelings of frustration / dependency back to a lively remembrance.
    Beside these episodes I was very irritable at times – like at work (Uranus transit in 10). Here was my anger “cause-related”. I could barely control myself (if at all) only because somebody disagreed with me and I couldn’t pursue my way like I had intended to. Then I needed to reason with myself not to act like a 1 or 2 year old child. I knew I was way out of proportion, but I still had the urge to throw a fit.
    So far I noticed, that my capability of perceiving other people as own beings has changed to the better. It is still so new, I am just feeling into it.
    Uranus transit in 10th (Pisces 22° 54′ – Taurus 0° 36′;
    Venus in Aries 13° 36′, Mec in Aries 3° 8′, Mars in Gemini).

    Regards, Luna

    • It ain’t over yet! Rememberance of puberty in feelings and by circumstances: In 1976 I sprained my knee, needing surgery, ending for weeks in the hospital with a post surgery infection, returning home for 1-2 months to finish highschool and start my further education abroad. About 2 weeks ago I sprained my knee. Since it’s not getting better I went to the doctor … who adviced me to have a kneesurgery. Only this time there are no plans to start a new lifecycle – got another 10 years ’till retirement. Scarry and exciting 😉 Luna

  28. Reading these responses and experiences was really interesting to me, as always. Uranus is transiting my 3rd house, and I’m on uranus return. My ascendant is aquarius, and uranus is also opposing all the planets of my stellium in the 9th house. When Uranus entered the third, saturn was in the 9th. It wasn’t nice when that happened, but then I understood what the accidents and ruptures Uranus bring. Now, looking backwards, uranus gave me this absolute freedom, and even if I lost the old structure and did not find a new one yet, I`ve never been so free in my entire life as I am now and Im glad for it. There was lots of anger too, along with liver issues, but homeopathy helped me a lot.

  29. This month of April – Uranus in Aries was conjunct the Sun trine Saturn and square Pluto. This Sun/Uranus conjunction squared my Uranus and exactly opposed my Saturn/Neptune and squared my Mars in Capricorn which is now conjunct transiting Pluto in my 6th house.

    What happened affected my head – (Aries) and I suddenly blacked out and became unconscious for a space of time. I lost all vision and went I came to I I didn’t know where I was. This has never happened to me. No drugs or alcohol were involved. I was in the middle of a busy area and it could have been a disaster but luckily God was with me and I managed to land on my feet so to speak, and carry on in a split second. Jupiter in a grand trine with my own Mars trine Jupiter probably had something to do with this.

  30. I have Uranus transiting 7H where I have Sun, Saturn, Moon, North node in Aries, and at the tail end, Mars in 1degree Taurus. Yesterday (May 13) Uranus was exactly conjuncting my Moon! On the 12th in a group process (in a program of chaplain interns) I was being hounded (oppressed) by a supervisory student harping on his (unconscious) need to have/feel connection with me. This has been building for some time, and exploded in the last two weeks. I have a pretty robust personality to begin with, and his attempts to rein me into a covenant of connection was a mess. I kept trying to explain that I won’t be forced into relationship and his language and tactics where smacking of codependency. Things were intense and sparks flew. Sadly, the supervisor facilitator was not paying enough attention to intervene and the three other peers/students in the group were probably retraumatized around family dynamics. I can say, yes, I have felt a lot of rage since Uruanus transited into Aries. It has been good for me to awaken out of silent rebelliousness into above the horizon unapologetic autonomy. To make matters more juicy, the supervisory student is a Cancer Sun and Moon, and a very devoted Christian. Our Suns and Moons square (off!). I have natal Uranus in the 12th conjunct Pluto and NO one can force me to be part of a religious or spiritual group just to keep the peace and all get along. Not in this life time!! (This is an interfaith program). I am a spiritual free agent, to be sure. Admittedly, the boundaries in this group and leaky container are so bad that I am serious thinking of leaving before the end of the program. Aries awake!

  31. Transitting Uranus in my 8th. My wonderful dad passed away 5 months after being diagnosed with cancer. 4 other bereavements. My relationship with my adult children has been traumatic. Ive lent money i doubt i will get back. I want to sell my house & want to be free. Transitting Uranus conjunct natal moon: upset with my daughter & mum. Uranus yet to conjunct my 8th house mercury & mars(they are both natally conjunct too) Mercury is my ruling planet (I have Virgo ascendant with natal pluto and uranus conjunct natal asc. I get depressed. I have SP MS. Natal saturn in 7th tries to keep me serious but I’m quite eccentric. Natal jupiter, sun & mc in taurus 9th & neptune in 3rd opposite sun. Wonder what uranus will bring next to my life. Taurus keeps me fighting no matter what life throws at me.

    • Sounds like a rough patch, but I wouldn’t blame it all on Uranus–Pluto would be more likely to indicate the deaths. (Not cause, understand, but merely to indicate the events.)

      Uranus, however, often indicates (but not cause) unexpected events like those sudden changes and accidents you describe. Donna

  32. I understand. My mum had a traumatic sudden cesarean birth with me born 1 month early then I was badly scalded age 3. Still have the scars. My asc 3 deg Virgo with uranus at 5 deg & pluto at 11 deg. Is it those that would have been contacted when I was scalded? I’ve also had a lot of medical intervention & operations in my life.

    • Hmm, hard to say–Virgo is an earth sign, not fire–but the progressed Ascendant would have contacted natal Uranus at about age 2 if the natal Ascendant was 3, so perhaps the natal Ascendant is at 2 Virgo instead.

      However, I don’t work with progressions much nor is rectification a specialty of mine so I’m not the person to ask. Donna

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