Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 13, 2016

New Identity Scam–a Heads up!

Hi, folks, it’s Donna Cunningham. I had a close call yesterday, but there was an angel on my shoulder.  I got an email that said the domain name for my website,,  was going to expire in four days.  There was a form for my credit card information.

My virus protection, Webroot, kept trying to block it, but I filled it in anyway, because who wants to have their domain name expire?  And who remembers when they last renewed it?

The credit card approval  didn’t go through, thankfully, because the address they had for me was an old one.  And I know my domain name had been renewed since the move, so I began to suspect it was an identity theft  scam.

I wrote to my excellent webmaster, Suzanne Bird Harris at, and she wrote back and told me it was definitely a scam. Whew!  The angel on my shoulder is Suzanne!

So, readers with a website or blog,  beware of this scam.  Identity thieves are forever coming up with new ones.  If you get a tingle that makes you hesitate, pay attention to your instincts.

To my wonderful readers, my apologies for being an absentee bloggers these past few months.  I haven’t put up any new posts for ages, because I’ve fallen in love. With a new novel I’m writing, that is.  It’s a fun departure from writing about astrology, as the main character is a past life therapist/medium, named Sybil Sullivan.  Doesn’t the name have a fine ring to it?

The amazing thing about this blog is that even with no new posts in such a long time, I still get about 3000 page hits a day and new subscribers still keep signing on.

If you’d like to explore my collection of over 650 astrology posts on this site, there’s a file that has links to them, sorted into categories, including the houses, planets, signs, and transits. This is an excellent resource for astrology students. Save it to your hard drive rather than print it, and then all the links are live. Download it here:  1-Articles Index Skywriter 12-14.

Many thanks for your patience, Readers!





  1. Congrats on the new book.
    Hugs, Sherry

  2. Thanks so much, dear Donna — and enjoy your “new love!!!”

  3. It is nice to hear from you and am pleased you are writing a new book.

    peace, Linda

  4. Glad to know you are well and in love! write on…

  5. Thanks very much for this alert, Donna – and good voyaging with the novel. Put me down for an advance copy!!

  6. Me to for the advanced copy !!!
    Thanks for the heads up on the scam. I’ve been hacked enough.

  7. Just stopping by to wish you a Happy Birthday Donna!

  8. glad you are well

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