Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 25, 2016

What’s up with Skywriter?

Many of you are wondering what is happening with Skywriter. Since 2008, it has been a place where  we get to discuss a large number of astrological topics and to exchange many views and experiences.

I have enjoyed meeting many of my readers along the way.   In the years past, this blog has grown into a library of more than 650 meaty articles and thousands of comments.  I am elderly now and need to retire but want people to be able to read what is here and the fruitful exchanges in the comment sections. So even though there won’t be any new articles, there is still much valuable information to be had and continued exchanges in the comment sections.

To make it easy for readers to find articles they can enjoy and learn from, I have created a file of articles sorted out by topic. There are working links to the articles.  Here is a link to download the file:

Another way to find articles about topics you are interested in is to use the on-site search engine. It is located at the top of the right hand column on the front page.  Type the search word in, and you will be presented with a list of posts on that topic.  Click on the title, and the post will come up. As an example, suppose you want articles on the twelfth house. It happens to be a favorite topic of  mine, so you would be presented with links to about 15 posts, as well as a great many lively discussions in the comment sections.

I will occasionally comment but won’t answer questions about people’s charts. As many of you know, I also no longer  do client sessions. A list of astrologers whose work I know and respect is available by email at

This blog has been a great adventure, and I thank all of you who took part. Best wishes for your continued learning and enjoyment of astrology.



  1. Happy CHRISTMAS and best New Year! Looking forward to more astro. Studies.

  2. Hi Donna and Merry Christmas to you! I understand your desire to retire. You will be missed and your work is such a rich legacy. Will you be continuing to write for The Mountain Astrologer? I am so glad I got to meet you here and will continue to enjoy your wisdom via your books, articles and Skywriter. Thank you for inspiring me as an astrologer and a social worker.

    Blessings, Linda

  3. Thank you so much donna! For everything.

  4. Hi Donna!

    Thanks for all the years of wonderful astrology articles and interesting discussions. Especially the last one regarding the 29th degree (with a guest astrologer).

    All the best as you enter this new phase of retirement.

    Namasté ~ Asé! ~ love & light


  5. It has indeed been a great pleasure. All my best wishes for your future endeavours. Happy Christmas.

  6. Since the 1970’s we have been friends. Your work has been incredible. May your life be incredible moving forward.

  7. Best wishes for a happy, healthy 2017, Donna! I’m grateful to have met you online and in your books and articles. You’ll be missed.

    Peace, Amy

  8. Thank you for all your insightful astrological information over the years, Donna. I found you in the pages of Mountain Astrologer many years ago and have followed you since. Wishing you many blessings on this new phase of your life. Peace and tranquillity to you. ~Melissa

    Melissa Stratton Astrology, Tarot, Dream Analysis @hevmelissa twitter and tumblr

    In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth. ~ Patti Smith

  9. Thank you for the wonderful archive to others to read. Thank you for your continued time and efforts, and hope that you can continue in some regard. Wish you good health and happiness.

  10. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful articles with us. You’ve given me many great insights. I truly appreciate all the time, effort and love that you’ve put into cultivating this information – it’s an exceptional feat to maintain all this information! I send you many blessings for the new year.

  11. Thank you so much Donna for all you’ve shared with us over the years. I met you many years ago and appreciate your efforts on our behalf! Enjoy your time pursuing whatever you choose and know you’ve left us a wonderful legacy. With love, Lotus

  12. Thank you so much for the awesomeness of this blog!
    Many Blessing to you for your health and happiness!!

  13. I’ve enjoyed your work over the years, Donna. Big thank you.

  14. You are, and always will be, one of the greats of Astrology. I remember attending one of your talks at the New York Astrology back in the day, (circa 1980?). Thanks so much for the very rich online legacy you leave behind and here’s wishing you a joyful, enriching retirement.

  15. Your generosity through these blogging years will be appreciated for many, many years to come. You’re the best!

  16. I’m forever grateful of the windows you have opened through this blog to me and many more.
    Merry Christmas Dona!

  17. Thanks so much Donna!I hope you will make comments as you wish and hope you will continue to wtite some articles for TMA. I tild you not too long ago that I had more to say about sexual issues from a woman’s point of view since I have also a duel history with both careers in astrology and clinical social work, like you. I think I have deceided a middle groung between staying completely anonymous and using my name…May use Social Researcher….I would like to know a little more about the use of a blog site IF you have time and energy . Is your blog host free or is there a set up fee and monthly fee? Did you target a certain group of astrologers to be able to reach your blog or is it public? How did you manage to keep profane comments out? Also, you assumed from some of my work HX that I was planning to say some new things about sexual abuse…That is not my topic of interest except in the broadest sense. My intetest is in the unspoken, and partially unrecognized glass ceiling most women still put up with as “normal” or “our problems” in the bedroom. Oh, also I think you assumed that I was a younger person…I myself am 73 as of Nov 1st of this year (2016). Wishing you much joy in the coming 2017 and all the best, Marcia S. McMillin

    • Thank you, Marcia. Our careers have been parallel. The blogs are free at WordPress, and
      the ways to put up a post are fairly easy to learn. It is public, and people who are
      interested in astrology find me through the search engines, either because it is a topic
      they are interested in, or because they are looking for me in particular. It’s easy to
      keep profane or other unwanted topics, as they can be deleted, blocked or sent to the spam filter.

      I learned about blogging from some blogging books and websites, and joined with other
      astrologers who blog, so we learned together. It can be quite a journey, and a social
      work background can be quite useful.


  18. Dear Donna,
    I learned so much from you and I want to thank you for your devotion to Astrology and people!
    Your legacy will be appreciated in the years to come.
    I wish you a peaceful and joyful retirement!
    Happy Holidays!

    • Thank you for your kind words, Julia. And thank you to all of you who have written to say how much you’ve learned from my books and articles over the years. It’s very heart warming. The life of a writer can be rather lonely, because there is seldom any direct connection with the readers. With blog, I get feedback and a sense of who my readers are. It’s been a wonderful experience over these last 8 years.

      And, most of all, I appreciate being appreciated. So few
      people remember to say thank you.

      My best wishes for your further learning of astrology.

      Donna Cunningham

  19. Awwww, Donna! You’ve been such an inspiration to me over the years !!!!
    I DO hope you enjoy your retirement, you’ll be missed, your blog is fab…and so are you!!!! ❤

    • Thank you for your kind words, Mary. And may I say it’s been a pleasure
      to work with you over the years and to share extracts from your execellent
      series on the 12 signs with my readers.

      All my best, Donna

  20. Wishing you health and happiness for the New Year! I eagerly look forward to every new entry on your website.

  21. Donna: You’re retirement is well-deserved! You are one of the great astrologers of the 20th and 21st centuries and have helped mentor at least a couple of generations. As so many others are, I am grateful for everything you have given. Many trines to you during the years ahead. Love, Vivian

  22. Dear Donna,
    Fond memories of various times and places we met down the years. Wishing you every blessing and joy in the process of ‘retirement’, however you choose to do it. Thank you for all your books, your heartfulness, and your great contribution to the field of astrology, and to so many students.
    Much love,

  23. Dear Donna,
    thank you very much for this great blog! I love reading and exploring it! Next to this is my most favourite site on astrology online! It is sad to hear that you “retire” but you also earned it. You spend so much time and energy to this vast field and you really are an expert! As you had to blog for almost 10 years I still get a lot more to explore here – that makes me really happy! Thank you also for your great link list – I have even more to explore than I have time right now 😀
    Thank you very much and I wish you just the best and a fulfilled year!
    Take care,

  24. Much love to you, Donna. You’ve been one of my most influential mentors.

    • Thanks, Charles. It’s been good to know you. Donna

  25. Thanks for everything, Donna!

  26. Yes, a big thank you Donna for the years of insight and generosity here and in the crossroads. I just found this post, and am glad to know retirement is where you are. All the very best!

    • Thank you, Moki, it’s been a joy to share this journey with you. My novel is starting to move forward again, after a few months off. Donna

      • The joy has been mutual. And to hear the novel is on again … that’s fun to know.! Take care, and aloha, Moki

  27. Donna, you have an immeasurable gift. Thank you for sharing it with us through the years and across various platforms.

    “Healing Pluto Problems” was a life changer for me. Coincidentally, I purchased the book around the time I stumbled upon this blog. Silly thing is, it took me awhile to realize the author and blogger were the same person. lol

    Also, I want to say one of my favorite articles by you (I think it was at Mountain Astrologer) was about Alpha females, Mars in the 1st House/ASC and dangerous transits). As, I read the article several times over, I slowly began to understand my interactions with people, men to be specefic. Your advice on the topic encouraged me to explore mitigation in my self-projections.

    Blessings in retirement. May your legacy of insights (and reasearch) continue to influence generations to come.

    The words *thank you*, hardly seem enough.

    • Thank you. Glad you have found my work helpful. Donna

  28. Even though I am relatively new to astrology I have found your blog posts very helpful Donna. Sad to see you no longer post but then as one door closes……
    I will enjoy looking through the articles index and checking out posts that are helpful on my astrology journey (currently under going my Chiron return).

    All the very best,


  29. thank you so ,much for publishing so much articles about astrology, it contains so much information and it is very helpful to people, thanks once again for publishing this post

  30. Dear Donna, thank you for your wisdom and best wishes.

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