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About Donna Cunningham: For over 45 years, Donna’s background in astrology, social work, and healing has made her the internationally respected author of many books, magazine articles, and advice columns.

Some of her ebooks are described below, and for samples, you can download a free ebooklet with short bits from all of her books and ebooks  currently available.  Download a copy here Cunningham Book Sampler-2014 Edition.    See instructions on how to order Donna’s ebooks here:  1-How to Order Donna’s Books and her complete booklist here:  2014 Booklistb by Donna Cunningham

NOTE:  These books are in ebook format only.  In addition to computers of all sizes, they work fine on iPad type 10″ tablets.  Because of the many astrology charts and tables, they don’t work well on 7″ tables or Kindle. When a PDF file opens into your browser, it might look like it’s at 150%.  When you save it to your hard drive and open it, it should be normal size.  If not, look on the top right hand side of your tool bar and reset it to 100%.

 3-Book special: All $15 ebooks are 3 for $35.

Chart Interpretation Ebooks from

My latest ebook, New Insights into the Astrology Chart, is a collection of 25 articles on various facets of the horoscope. New Insights cvr smallThey’re drawn from my series for intermediate students in The Mountain Astrologer and from my blog, Skywriter. These readers’ favorites are now preserved for many years to come. To learn more about the book, download a sampler of its contents here: Sampler–New Insights-Cunningham  and order here:  My Books.

 The ebook is $15, through PayPal or a check or money order drawn on a US bank. (For instructions on how to pay by check, write to me at


 The Stellium Handbook. If you, one of your loved ones, or an astrology client has a stellium of four or more planets in one sign or house of your birth chart, you’re doubtlessly wondering what it means and how to get the most out of it.

handbook cvr smThe Stellium Handbook is designed to help you bring out the best potentials of these configurations by understanding the sign, house, and planets involved and learning to use them effectively. This ebook from Moon Maven Publications will give you a greater understanding of stelliums and multiple conjunctions and provide you with tools to channel their immense potential.

In working with the tools and  tables in the book, you’ll create a self-inventory worksheet. It’s $20 and over 115,000 words, with lots of material for you to print out and work with. Read more about it here:  Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!  or download a sampler with book excerpts here:  Stellium Handbook Sampler. See reviews here: Reviews of The Stellium Handbook—AND an Offer for Bloggers!


An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness: This newly-released 2014 edition of Donna’s classic text for beginning and intermediate students contains chapters on each of the planets, the houses, aspects, transits and more, blending astrology and psychology in everyday language. $15 Astrological Analysis: Select Topics in Chart Interpretation: This collection of essays on a variety of chart features has been a popular choice among students.  Now available in the 2014 edition.   $15  

Astrological Aspects—The Building Blocks of Chart Interpretation: This ebooklet teaches you to analyze a variety of major and minor aspects, including the conjunction, square, trine, opposition, sextile, semisextile, and quincunx. It’s the equivalent of an 8-lesson course on aspects for just $8.

The Outer Planet Trilogy of Ebooks

This populaOPIL v1-2014 smr trio condenses Donna’s 40 years of observing how clients use and misuse the outer planets into wisdom we all can apply. All three are now available in the revised and updated 2014 editions.  $15 each/ 3 for $35.  The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1: Outer Planets as Vocational Indicators The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v. 2: Outer Planet Aspects to Venus and Mars The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.3: Aspects between the Outer Planets.

Ebooks for Professionals:

 The Consulting Astrologer’s Guidebook: How to Become an Effective Change Agent.  2014 edition with 74 new pages. $15 A mentor in ebook form, this manual draws on Donna’s social work background to help you resolve common consultation room dilemmas.  Download a sampler here: Sampler–2014 Counseling Principles for Astrologers. FREE DOWNLOAD: This chapter of Counseling Principles for Astrologers goes into codependency and its implications for practicing astrologers in depth.  Download it here: 2014 Ch7 CPA.

Flower Remedies: How Plants’ Energies Can Heal Us: Learn a great tool to add to your practice. These gentle, natural catalysts can help your clients move through blockages in the natal chart and make the most of transits. $15


You can order these books through PayPal or by check. If you’ve never used PayPal before, here’s what you do:

  • Go to and create an account, using a credit card.
  • Tell them how much you want to send to Donna Cunningham and your eb0ok choices. ( Across the top of the PayPal page, there are a series of navy blue buttons.  One of them says, “Send Money.”)
  • Give them her email address: . (NOT moonmaven!)
  • They will send her a notice.
  • If you need the ebook sent to a different email address than is on the account, let her know.
  • She will send it to you as an email attachment, not a download link.
  • Open and save the attachment.

(If you prefer to pay by a check on a US bank, write to Donna at  

ABOUT YOUR CHART: Donna no longer does individual chart consultations as she’s devoting her time to writing. On request, she will send a list of astrologers whose work she knows and respects.  If finances are tight, you could write to the Astrology at Work Advice Column in Dell Horoscope, ably done by Donna’s long-time and much respected colleague, Eileen McCabe, MSW.  Read about it here: Astrological Advice.


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