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Transiting Saturn in Scorpio Takes Skating Champ to Olympic Gold

©2-17-2014 by Donna Cunningham MSW

For the past two months, I’ve been very busy on a project of revising and updating five of my e-books. I’m  close to finishing it up, and so I wanted to share something I found interesting and hopeful about Saturn’s transit through Scorpio.

Many of you have had some tough situations to deal with during the time Saturn has been in that sign. I can’t exactly say I’ve enjoyed it either. But there are people who do very well under transits from Saturn. Even in Scorpio. And this morning, I watched a figure skater with a stellium of five planets in Scorpio win an Olympic gold medal. Read More…

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My Podcast on the Capricorn Stellium Generation

Chris Flisher did an interview with me on his  program, Turning of the Wheel.  We were discussing the Capricorn Stellium generation. You’ll be able to hear it through this link:  View The Archives.

handbookcvrsmYou can download information about the extraordinary Saturn-Uranus-Neptune superconjunction that appears in the charts of people born with a Capricorn stellium in 1988-89 here: Fact Sheet on the Capricorn Stellium-Donna Cunningham. See a sampler of the  book here:  Stellium Handbook Sampler and order here: 

 My thanks to Chris for helping me get the word out to more of the Capricorn Stellium Generation.

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2014 Ephemeris

Hi, Folks.  You won’t believe this–because I halfway don’t believe it myself–but I’m already writing another book.  I had the idea to pull together an essay collection of my articles in The Mountain Astrologer or on this blog about vocational astrology.  Easy, breezy.  But it’s already clear that it’s going to be way more than that.  Vocational astrology was always one of my specialties, and there aren’t that many books in print on the subject.  So, the game is afoot!

Meantime, I decided this morning that I needed an ephemeris  of the transiting planets for 2014, and used Solar Fire’s ephemeris generating function to create it.  One thing I like about it is that it shows clearly the points where the planets are stationary and turning either retrograde or direct.  Then it occurred to me that you might need it too.   So here it is– twice a month positions of Jupiter through Pluto. (If you’re onsite at Skywriter, click where it says read more. ) I hope we all use it wisely to guide ourselves through the coming year.  All the best for 2014!  Donna Read More…

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Free Offerings to Astrology Lovers

Donna Cunningham’s Free Offerings gift-stars

The downloadable files on this page are a gift to you, and you may pass them along to others as you like, so long as you say where it came from and Donna’s copyright is maintained.

New To Astrology? Here’s an 11-page Glossary of Astrology Terms 2014-Cunningham including a page with the astrological symbols, showing the connections between signs, houses, and planets: TBL-Astrological Symbols for the Signs and Planets.

Free Astrological Advice: Donna doesn’t do chart consultations now or comment on charts on this blog, but you can get advice from Eileen McCabe, a seasoned professional astrologer with a Masters’ degree in social work by writing to the advice column at Dell Horoscope Magazine at Send your date, time (including AM/PM), and place of birth and describe your situation. If your letter is chosen, you’ll be notified. Read more about the column here: Astrological Advice.

Subscriber’s Bonus: If you are a subscriber, you are eligible for a copy of Donna’s 44-page e-booklet Mothers, Daughters, and the Moon. If you want to subscribe, go to the box at the top right hand corner of the page.  To be eligible for the booklet, forward the email confirmation that new subscribers get or an email notifying you about a recent Skywriter post to  Read about the booklet here: FREE BOOKLET FOR SKYWRITER SUBSCRIBERS!

Transit Tracker:  This one-page reference summarizes the transits of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto from 1990-2020. Print it out and use it to look back on past transits and to look forward for the next few years. Download it here: HO-transit trackingtable-1990-2020. Read More…

Donna says: The following is an excerpt from Amanda Owen’s forthcoming book Born to Receive: 7 Powerful Steps Women Can Take Today to Reclaim Their Half of the Universe. (Tarcher/Penguin, 2014).  Thanks to what I learned from Amanda’s earlier book, The Power of Receiving, I was happy to accept a complimentary copy of the new one. 

I was glad I did. It’s as powerfully  helpful and easy to read as her earlier book.  So many people–myself included–are good at giving to others but find it uncomfortable to be on the receiving end.  This excerpt from Born to Receive is printed here with the permission.  Please contact Amanda before reprinting it elsewhere.


(c)2013, A Guest Post by Amanda Owen

Do you ask for help only after you have exhausted what you can do by yourself? You are not alone. In our pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps society, asking for help is, for many people, a last resort option. Yet, while you may feel it is undignified to ask a fellow human being for help, do you feel perfectly comfortable asking God, the Universe, or a Higher Power for help?

Perhaps we should designate one day of the week as “Ask a Mortal Day” so that we remember that we are all in this together and that being helped is as natural and as important as helping others. Read More…

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Nelson Mandela’s Astrology Chart, Died 12/5/2013

Folks, I am very rushed today, trying to make headway on some important long-neglected business, but thought you might like to look at and work with the chart of Nelson Mandela, a great man and world figure whose most important contribution to the world was an end to apartheid.  He died peacefully yesterday at the age of 95.  There have been conflicting reports on his birth.  Read about his data and life at AstroDataBank and see a rectified chart here: Mandela, Nelson.

I’ll leave the comment section open so you can share your insights with each other. Here’s an earlier Skywriter  article you may find interesting: Morgan Freeman and Nelson Mandela—Are their Charts Alike?

Posted by: Donna Cunningham | December 5, 2013

Hear Podcast Interviews with Favorite Astrology Speakers

My brilliant young friend, Kent Bye, regularly attends astrology conferences and interviews speakers who intrigue him. His sites contain those recorded interviews. Below you’ll find links to a selection of interviews with astrologers like Steven Forrest, Rick Levine, Demetra George, Robert Hand, Chris Breenan, Jeff Jawer, and more.

The main list is here: There are dozens of more interviews in the process of being added to his sound cloud. Read More…

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Venus-Saturn Aspects—Good Qualities You Wouldn’t Suspect

©2010 by Donna Cunningham, MSWaspectscvrsm

 Note: For an Astrology student, mastering aspects like the conjunction, square, trine, or opposition is an important step forward in analyzing a chart with confidence and skill. 

Aspects to a planet can override the nature of the sign it is in.  For instance, a conjunction to the Sun from one of the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto) can make you less like your Sun sign than the sign the outer planet rules. Uranus conjunct the Sun can give you some of the qualities of Aquarius; Neptune conjunct the Sun can make you seem like a Pisces; and Pluto conjunct the Sun can make people swear you’re a Scorpio.

The following is an excerpt from Astrological Aspects: The Building Blocks of Chart Interpretation, my ebooklet that includes step-by-step guidance in interpreting all the major aspects and some of the lesser known ones. Ordering information below. I’ve chosen Venus-Saturn aspects here as an example, but the book uses different pairs of planets as examples of each aspect.

Read More…


Hi, Folks, I’m  working hard to get the word out about my new astrology/self-help ebook, The Stellium Handbook.   There hasn’t been a book on stelliums until now, but the need is becoming urgent.

Due to a 50-year series of outer planet conjunctions in the signs Virgo through Aquarius and a continual growth in the world population, there are possibly more people alive with stelliums or triple conjunctions based on the outer  planets than ever before.

These people with the outer planets emphasized have an enormous potential to make a difference in our world, but many of them struggle with the considerable challenges of a stellium lifestyle. To reach more people with stelliums and to alert the astrologers who serve them, I am offering review copies of the book to astrologers with blogs or newsletters.

I’m especially concerned with the young people born in the late 1980s to early 1990s with Capricorn stelliums–millions of them around the globe. They’re now beginning to come to astrologers’ consultation rooms with pressing questions about their careers, relationships, and where they fit into society, made more of a challenge given their difficult outer planet placements.

Read More…

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A Farewell to Medium, Psychic, and Best-Selling Author, Sylvia Browne

Many of you might be fans of Sylvia Brown, the famous American medium.  She worked as a medium, psychic, author, and lecturer for almost 60 years, starting very young. As noted in AstroDataBank, according to her autobiography, she was born October 19, 1936 at 2:00 PM in Kansas City,  MO.  She died November 20, 2013 at 7:10 AM.  See her chart below. Read More…

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Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!

handbookcvrsm ©11-11-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As my regular readers know, I have been largely absent from the blogosphere for the past two years because of devoting myself to exploring, teaching, and writing about stelliums.

My goal has been to write an astrology/self-help book on this subject that could be equally easy to read for newcomers, astrology students, and professional astrologers. Today, the book is finally being released, and is available here.

To the best of my knowledge, no one has ever written a book about stelliums, and, as a result, they’ve remained something of a mystery. It’s crucial to understand them now because we’re in an era when an uncommon number of people have stelliums or triple conjunctions.

The most  potent stelliums occur under conjunctions of the slower-moving planets—Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto—because they correspond to major social, economic, and political changes that leave an impact on those born under them.

The slow-moving planets stand conjunct in the sky infrequently because of their long orbits around the Sun, but over the past 50 years, there have been an unusual series of them concentrated in consecutive signs.

Because of this series, there are possibly more people alive today with stelliums than ever before. The world population has continually increased over the past few centuries and is estimated to have reached 8 billion by the end of 2012.

A series of slow-moving conjunctions formed cores of stelliums in the signs Virgo through Aquarius between 1960 and 2010. We’ll explore those conjunctions–and the effects of the stellium’s sign and house. We’ll consider the gifts, strengths, and challenges of each planet in the group.

Here are some features you’ll find: Read More…

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A Treasure Trove of Articles about Combining Flower Essences and Astrology

I just heard from an astrologer who, like myself, feels that the flower essences (also known as flower remedies) are a great addition to the services astrologers offer their clients. In addition to my ebook on flower essences, I sent her a list of a great many articles on how to combine them with astrology. Then I thought, why not share that list with Skywriter readers as well? You’ll find the links below. Read More…

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Doomed by a 12th House Stellium? Think Again!

©11-3-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

As I was putting the final touches on my new book on stelliums, I came across a mind-boggling example. As you’ll see in the chart below, this man has a stellium of five planets in the 12th house, including Uranus, Neptune, the Sun, Venus, and Mercury. Looking at a combination like that, what do you think an astrologer would have told his mother about his birth chart?

 Oh, incidentally, this fellow was born with all his arms and legs missing. So you could say he is both astrologically and physically challenged.

Here are some of the disheartening things you might hear about his 12th house planets if you listened to a traditional fatalistic, negative astrologer:

  •  With Uranus there, he’d be unconventional and rebellious in a self-defeating way.
  • With the Sun there, he’d lack self-confidence and never get to truly shine.
  • With Mercury there, he might lack communication skills, probably stutter.
  • With Venus there, he’d never find a happy relationship, but instead pick losers.
  • With Neptune there, he’d be crippled/addicted/alcoholic/criminal.

Luckily, his mom didn’t go to an astrologer. She did a superb job of raising him to rise above his disabilities and become all he could be. Read More…

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Broke but Need Good Astrological Advice? Here’s how to Get It.

©10-28-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I know times are hard, and with the Pluto-Uranus square nearing exactness again, many of you are trying to figure out what’s happening in your chart and how best to deal with these difficult transits. I’m retired from doing chart consultations for a number of years in order to write. I’d been the advice columnist for Dell Horoscope Magazine for almost 20 years, but the October column was my last one.

I wanted to be sure that my readers would have quality advice from an experienced astrologer with psychological credentials, so I lobbied for my long-time colleague and friend, Eileen McCabe, to replace me. Thankfully, the editors of Dell were equally impressed with her as I was, and now she writes the Astrology at Work column. I feel very good about leaving my longtime readers in her capable hands.

Eileen’s background is very similar to mine. She has a Master’s degree in social work and decades of experience as an astrologer. In addition, she has been a social worker in the junior high division of the New York City public schools for many years, so she is especially knowledgeable about teenagers and their difficulties.

Eileen is very special. She is intelligent and articulate, and is calm and well grounded in working with people in crisis. She’s compassionate and caring, and yet gives honest, common sense advice.  Read More…

(c)10-28-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Hi, Readers,  I’m in the finishing stages of my new book on stelliums. I’m using the current Mercury retrograde period to do one last polish of the entire book. That’s a perfect use of the eagle eye and pointed pen of the Mercury-Saturn conjunction that will be in effect during most of this retrograde period and at least a week after it turns direct.

As my regular readers know, I’m not usually over-concerned about Mercury Retrograde, but I do take into account the long, slow aspects Mercury forms during that time. This one is tougher than usual, however, and so I’m more inclined than usual to advise caution.  Be especially careful of what you say during this time.  Mercury in Scorpio can represent sharp-tongued comments that wound and can never be unsaid–or forgotten. Read More…

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Saturn Transiting the 6th: Tests and Lessons at Work

©2013 by guest blogger, Larry Schwimmer

 The following is an excerpt from “What the Hell Is Going On in My Life?” – Using Your Birthdate to Find Answers About Relationships, Career, Money, Sex & Health. The author, Larry Schwimmer, is an experienced businessman as well as an astrologer, and he has also written three books of practical career advice. In his astrology writing, including his regular column at Huffington Post, he excels at conveying astrological information in simple, accessible language. One great technique he uses throughout the book is showing the reader how to create what he calls an “astro action plan.”

The excerpt below is posted with permission of the publisher. This is from his chapter on the 6th house, which includes transits from all the slower-moving planets:

 Saturn’s transit through your 6th will affect you in your work life. This will be a time of tests and lessons in your daily job, where you may feel overwhelmed with considerable responsibility. No matter how much energy you expend, it doesn’t seem to be enough.

Expect that Saturn’s influence will result in your having to work harder than normal, requiring you to be more organized and find more efficient methods to accomplish your goals. “Necessity is the mother of invention.” So, if you have much to do, Saturn’s message is to come up with more innovative ways of accomplishing your tasks. Read More…

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Things You May Not Know about Conjunctions

©9-26-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Readers, I miss you and really miss blogging, but these days, rather than blogging, I am slogging through the final chapters of The Stellium Handbook. I’m in the midst of writing not one but two chapters on conjunctions, and thought you might enjoy a short sample.

conjunction-siamesetwins-sm-a2dA conjunction is a potent connection (called an aspect) between two planets in which the planets stand close together and blend their energies. It usually only involves one sign and one house of an astrology chart, although the two planets sometimes straddle houses or signs.

The orb (number of degrees apart) for a conjunction is officially 8°. When there’s a question as to whether the aspect is too wide, I describe the way the two planets work together to clients to see if they relate to it. It’s often working at 10°, even when one of them is a slow-moving outer planet.

With a conjunction, it’s difficult to get a separate perspective on the parts of you that either planet symbolizes. When Mars and Jupiter are conjunct, for instance, the need for action that Mars represents and the desire to expand that Jupiter represents are merged. This suggests someone who is a dynamo with an insatiable appetite for experiences in the areas of life related to the conjunction’s house position. Read More…

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The Chart of Machu Picchu’s Discovery!

©9-16-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

machu-picchuThanks to all my Readers who made the Buy One Get One ebook sale such a success. (The sale continues until the 20th, and you can read about it here: Final Week on Donna’s B.O.G.O. SALE–Buy an Ebook, Get One Free.)

As you may have guessed from my recent post about the mummies of Peru, the Incans and Pre-Incans are a long-time fascination of mine.

I recently found an entertaining and informative book about the trek of Hiram Bingham, the explorer who was the first modern-day Westerner to discover Machu Picchu, the site of an Incan royal city in the Andes. The city is thought to have been built in about 1450.

In his 2012 New York Times best-seller, Turn Right at Machu Picchu, Mark Adams alternates between Bingham’s account of his quest to find the lost city and Adam’s own parallel journey on foot, under the same rugged, demanding, and often dangerous conditions.

The author notes that Hiram Bingham arrived at that site on July 24, 1911 at around noon, after leaving for this last leg of the journey at 10:07 AM. (P.176 of Adams’ book.) Bingham kept meticulous notes and photographed everything, so the time of just past noon was accurate. Could any astrologer resist the temptation to erect a chart for that time? Not this one! You can see it below. Read More…

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Something to Help You Believe that Prayer Works

For the past month,  I have been waiting and anticipating a landmark in Skywriter’s history–my 600th post. I had no idea what it would be, but hoped it would be something special.  This is it! Number 600! Thank you to all my readers–I have truly loved sharing with you these past few years.

 This came in the email this morning, when I was feeling pretty low. I hope it helps any of you out there that are feeling low, too.


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I Must Have Been a Mummy in my Other Life

©8-16-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

 Okay, Pedants[1], don’t write. I’m fully aware that that’s not possible, because technically, if you’re a mummy, you’re not having a life. I just mean that in some past life, I must have been a mummifier, or whatever you call a person who makes mummies. I have always been fascinated with them. I am riveted by every documentary on the subject and subscribe to Archeology magazine partially to read about new discoveries.

The most exciting thing that has happened to me all year was going to a  huge traveling exhibit this week of mummies from around the world. If it had mainly been Egyptian mummies, I would have been disappointed—I am sooooo over Egyptian mummies! Read More…

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Still Ticked off at the Debunkers!

Last week a show debuted on ABC called, “Would you Fall for That?”  They thought it would boost their ratings to feature an episode where they did a so-called scientific test to debunk astrology.  They asked a roomful of subjects for their birth data, then pretended to have their astrology charts done by an astrologer who would write each of them an individual report based on their chart.

So then they gave all the subjects their purported individual reports and asked if the subjects agreed with the profile.  When the subjects enthusiastically agreed with the reports, the host revealed that they’d all gotten the same report and that it wasn’t from an astrologer at all, it was  one  written by a  psychologist back when the experiment  was first done years ago.

And then they all had a great big har de har–while millions watched on national tv–about how stupid it was to believe in astrology.

Hello,  People, that was NOT astrology nor was it scientific research, that, basically, was a hoax!

Read More…

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Goal Setting–a Helpful Strategy for Handling Tough Transits

©Reposted 7-24-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Let’s look at ways of meeting the challenges of difficult transits. Create a list of best and the worst case scenarios for the aspect you’re concerned with, depending on which houses of your astrology chart is involved. Then pick one of those best case scenarios and brainstorm ways to make it happen.

Analyze exactly what actions would help you change things that aren’t working for you.  In order to do that effectively, rather than in a hit and miss fashion, the best tool is a set of  clear, achievable goals that lead you to definite actions.

Of all the aspects, squares are the most likely to spur you to action. Of all the planet/sign pairs, results-oriented Saturn and its sign, Capricorn responds most strongly to goal-setting  so the transit of Pluto through Capricorn is  an important window for identifying and working toward concrete improvements in the areas of life governed by the houses where transiting Pluto in Capricorn is located. Let’s look at resources to help you set realistic targets for this transit and to come up with steps that will help you achieve them. Read More…

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Royal Baby Boy Born as Mercury turns Direct — Stelliums Rule!

(c)7-22-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

The long-awaited first child of William and Kate was born at 4:24 PM, today,  7/22/2013 in London. Here’s his birth certificate. His chart is shown  further below, and you’ll note that he has a stellium in Cancer of Mars,  Jupiter, Mercury, and the Sun in the 8th house.


As often noted here, major chart features like stelliums often run in families. William was born with a stellium in the 9th house of Mars, Saturn, and Pluto in Libra and Jupiter in Scorpio–all being crossed in the past three years by transiting Saturn. His recent Saturn return, then, was a coming of age for him.  (See his chart and biography on AstroDataBank here: William, Prince (1982).) The baby’s Mars and Jupiter are conjunct William’s Cancer Sun and Moon. (Read about my new book on stelliums here: Finally, The Stellium Handbook is Here!) Read More…

Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 20, 2013

How to Help a Cancer Leave Home

Donna says: This series of excerpts from Mary L. English’s books on all 12 signs of the zodiac has been very popular with Skywriter’s readers, and her newest one is out now. Here, with permission of the publisher, is an excerpt from How to Care for a Cancer: Real Life Guidance on How to Get Along and Be Friends with the 4th Sign of the Zodiac.

©7-20-2013 by Mary L. English

When a Cancer is growing up, they enjoy the whole being in the arms-of-the-ones-they love or, equally, embracing-the-ones they love. It’s a two-way street. Generally, and I say this cautiously, because there is always someone this won’t apply to, Cancers love their mothers. They just do that automatically. As mother represents all those things they love: being cuddled, having tasty food, feeling together and feeling safe. Even if their relationships with their mothers are challenging, they still yearn for that one true love of mother-dom.

I can’t tell you the amount of clients who have told me that one of their children just doesn’t seem to want to leave home. And if I enquire a little further, their Sun sign is Cancer. The parents are generally Air or Fire signs, as they’re the most independent signs… and there their child is, all grown-up, with a job and a car and a partner sometimes, and they still come home for dinner, still sleep in their bed in the childhood bedroom. They make themselves useful with helping around the house, doing shopping, paying bills, so any mother in her right mind surely wouldn’t want them to fly the nest.  Read More…

Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 17, 2013

Mercury Advisory—Keep your Eyes Open and your Mouth Shut!

©7-17-13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

We’ve had quite a dialogue lately about Mercury retrograde. I’ve mentioned that each such period is different. It depends on what aspects Mercury makes, both as it slows down to turn retrograde and as it slows down turning direct again, because it’s at its most powerful during the stationary periods.  Those aspects can last 10 days or longer, whereas they might last only a few days when Mercury is direct and moving at its usual speed of about a degree a day.

Mercury’s current aspects are  an opposition to Pluto and a square to Uranus, completing a difficult cardinal t-square. In all, it’s in range from 7/14-7/31, though the retrograde ends on Friday, the 20th. (Slow moving Pluto is at 10 Capricorn and Uranus is at 13 Aries–neither one of them is going anywhere any time soon, so the T-square with Mercury is in effect from about 13-18 Cancer.)  Donna

What concerns me about this transit is not that Mercury is retrograde, but that it’s such a volatile combination. Unwise communications—things you cannot unsay—can cause an explosive confrontation with long-lasting fallout. Yes, maybe there are things going on that you need to speak out about, but you’d be wise to postpone the discussion until that t-square is over at the end of the month. A word to the wise!

One other caution–Uranus rules computers and other electronic devices. If this combination touches on technologically crucial areas of your chart–such as the 3rd or one of the career houses– it would be prudent to back up current work regularly until the end of the month. And, no, I surely wouldn’t buy a major electronic device during this time.

THE GOOD NEWS:  Mercury Pluto aspects are quite powerful in terms of being able to analyze situations and get to the heart of the problem. Mercury stationary aspecting Pluto could be extremely productive of insights into long-standing blockages–things we’ve been reluctant to face or have been in denial about.  It can also make words powerfully healing OR seriously destructive. Read More…

Posted by: Donna Cunningham | July 15, 2013

25 Posts on Careers, Money, and Astrolgy

Hi, Folks, I’ve been working very hard this whole Mercury Retrograde period on revisions to the book I’m writing on stelliums.  Since so many new readers are following this blog,  I thought I’d share an older post.  Are you taking time to ponder your work life and career direction?  Here are 25 articles from Skywriter’s archives to help you sort things out astrologically.

Excerpts from my Ebook, The Outer Planets and Inner Life, v.1:  The Outer Planets as Career Indicators.

(Note: If you like these excerpts, you can purchase the ebook here:

More Posts about Vocational Astrology: 

Posts in the Astrology and Personal Finances series:

New to Skywriter and wondering what else you can find here?  Get an INDEX OF SKYWRITER’S 650 POSTS, sorted by category.  Excellent resource for students. Save it to your hard drive rather than print it, and then all the links are live.  Download it here:  1-Articles Index Skywriter 12-14..

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Readers’ Comments and Questions on Mercury Retrograde

©7-6-2013 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

It’s been a lively Mercury retrograde period here on Skywriter, with lots of interesting comments, questions, and discussion from readers on this topic. I thought I’d share some of them with you, in case you don’t visit the comment sections.

Q: Donna, I had an astrologer choose our marriage date, March 2, and was horrified to find out a few days before that it was during Merc Retro (would never have chosen that had I known), and though it was fine in the end, all kinds of things went “wrong.”

I was wondering “What was the astrologer thinking???” But we had been together for most of 10 years with some ups and downs, so would Merc Retro be appropriate for finally doing something we should have done long ago, as we are very happy now??? Thanks.

A: Hiya, Happy Mrs. One of two things could be in operation: 1) perhaps one or both of you had natal Mercury Rx, or the date you moved in together did, or 2) perhaps the astrologer did a good job and the relationship indicators in the chart were very good and outranked Mercury Retrograde. Mercury in and of itself is NOT a marriage indicator, neither good nor bad for a happy marriage. It more often affects trivial things like missed appointment dates, not life-changing events like a wedding. Donna Read More…

Back in 2011, I did a post about Amelia Earhart, one of my all-time heroes, and about how transits to her birth chart are stiearhartplane-webll working despite her death in the 1930s.

Although I’d forgotten about it,  I’d predicted that more conclusive evidence about what happened to her would come to light in 2013, while Pluto in Capricorn trined her natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction in Virgo.

A reader just wrote to me about my predictions, with the link given below to recent findings of an old, lost set of photos that are believed to show wreckage of her plane.

I’d also recently read an article on Bing that felt quite conclusive to me. It said that a jar of freckle cream was found on Nikumaroro, the small deserted Pacific island she is suspected to have crashed on.  She is known to have hated her freckles and to have used freckle cream often, so the odds that it wasn’t hers are miniscule.

Swank-EarhartThe same reader noted that Amelia herself said her birth time of around 11:30 PM on July 24, 1897 in Atchison, KS (giving an early Taurus Ascendant) could have been half an hour off in either direction.  A half hour earlier would have been an Aries Ascendant. Given the brave pioneer she was, with so many exceptional firsts to her credit, Aries rising is much more likely than Taurus.

Fellow fans, if you missed Amelia, the 2009 biographical film, try to rent it.  It portrays her life and triumphs as well as her unconventional (for the time) marriage to publisher, George Putnam.  As you can see here, Hillary Swank bears an uncanny resemblance to Amelia.  Richard Gere, as her husband, is, well, a plus in any role.

Read the Skywriter article here:   I See Dead People’s Charts–Amelia Earhart

Read the news article here:

7/13 Update: Another reader wrote the following: “Since you are also interested in Amelia, I thought you
might enjoy this latest news broadcast on the film discovery if you  haven’t already seen it:  “U.S. Group in Christchurch Tries to Solve the Amelia Earhart Mystery.”     TIGHAR’s executive director and their professional image analyst have  just returned from NZ with high-resolution copies of the 1938 photo negatives.  According to them, the negatives “were preserved on the original roll of film in the original can for 75 years,” and thus they are not brittle or scratched—literally a time  capsule.”

She also notes, “When I checked AstroDatabank today to see if they had any note of it, I noticed that less than a week ago (July 7th), they updated their Earhart  file with an AA rating for the 11:30 PM time, quoting BC in hand from a baby book page, a copy of which was published in a 1987  biography by her sister.  It seems like interesting timing (the update, I  mean). ”

AmeliaEarhart2A fun update 8/1/13: Another Amelia Earhart to fly around the world–but Says She’ll get Back Safe

“If your name is Amelia Earhart, you’re either destined to be really into airplanes or you’re not. Colorado traffic reporter Amelia Earhart is a case of the former. The 9NEWS staffer (shown above, left), an avid pilot, has announced plans to retrace the final flight of her famous namesake, though she’s planning on a happier ending. “One year from now I will be completing … and re-creating Amelia Earhart’s historic flight around the world,” Earhart announced. “It’s a dream that I’ve had since I was about 18 years old.”

It’s a delight to see how newsworthy this remarkable woman still is today–unforgettable!

Donna says: A few days ago, the topic of Mercury retrograde shadow periods came up in the discussions of Mercury Retrograde among Skywriter’s readers. Though familiar with the idea, I haven’t paid a lot of attention to it, since I’m usually writing my heart out in the days around Mercury’s turning from direct to retrograde and vice versa. Born during one of those turnings, I find them to be my most productive writing periods.

So, I went looking for information on the subject and came upon this gem by Dr. Z, who allowed me to reprint it here. He’s just as much a skeptic about the Mercury Retrograde hysteria as I am, but he’s even more irreverent. (Always a plus!) Read More…

Posted by: Donna Cunningham | June 29, 2013

Using Mercury Retrograde Well

©6/29/13 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

Mercury went retrograde at 23° Cancer on the 23rd and turns around on July 20th at 13° Cancer. As an author, I am actually quite a fan of Mercury Retrograde, as I make a practice of editing the book I am currently working on during the retrograde period. It’s my project for this period also, because my book on stelliums is just two chapters from being done but needs lots of fine tuning.

So, I’m busy on that, but wanted you to have links to the other articles about Mercury retrograde on this blog. I will happily return to writing for you readers in another couple of months. Missing you, Donna

PS. Helpful hint: If anyone tells you that Mercury is IN retrograde, feel free to ignore their advice.  They clearly don’t know Jack about astrology, or they’d say that Mercury is retrograde.

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