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One missing factor in most methods of interpreting an astrology chart  is a way to know the strongest influences on your nature.  How would you know which features are most highlighted–and thus the strongest parts of your personality–and which are relatively low key?

For that reason, I’ve developed a series of tests to help you get a sense of planets, elements, and modes of operation that stand out in your chart. They have been wildly popular and several have ranked highest in Skywriter’s top 20 posts of all time.

Since its publication in January, 2010, more than 50,000 people have taken the test for Pluto.  (From their comments, it’s hard to know if they’re bragging or complaining about their scores!)

 The tests in this series aren’t a perfect scientific measurement of the features in your chart—that’s impossible. They’re just meant as a simple and fun way to find out your strongest features.

Please note:  I don’t have time to set up your chart and verify your scores, so please don’t  ask.

                                                  Tests for the Strength of the Planets

How would you know which planets in your chart are the strongest parts of your nature?  Are you a lunar type–influenced by the Moon? Or would Neptune or Pluto be your signature type?  Or, are you what I call an Outer Planet Person (OPP), with more than one of the outer planets emphasized and therefore definitely not mainstream in your interests?

Here are a series of tests I developed to measure the strength of the planets in your chart. You may want to keep track of your scores, because for the tests on the modes and elements, you are given bonus points for some of the planets. 

Download a copy of the Planetary Strength Tests here: 2- Planetary Strength Tests.

 These tests were originally developed in 2010 but have been substantially revised and standardized as of 1/2012. Donna Cunningham's astrology blog

Tests for the 3 Modes of Operating:

Tests for the 4 elements:

Got a stellium (4 planets in the same sign or house) or a triple conjunction (three planets conjunct)?  Try Skywriter’s Impact Test for Stelliums and Multiple Conjunctions–Version 2.0.

Now, Synthesize the series of tests, to come up with a composite of your astrological makeup.  

Take your highest scoring Planet, mode, and element to see if that resonates as a major part of you. For instance, suppose Mars was your strongest planet, earth was your strongest element, and cardinal was the strongest mode.  Put them together to come up with Mars in Capricorn–and consider, even if your Mars wasn’t in that sign, would you have many of the strengths of that placement?

Or suppose your strongest planet was the Moon, the element was air, and the mode was mutable, which comes out to Moon in Gemini.  Read about that Moon sign–does the description fit you, even though your own Moon was in  a different sign?

I hope you enjoy these tests and of finding out new facets of your astrological makeup! This is all experimental, so your feedback in the comment sections of the tests is valuable.

Donna Cunningham

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