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Readers’ All-Time Favorite Articles on Skywriter:

 Donna says:  While I might venture to guess which articles my readers will like best, it’s your votes—as measured by the number of page hits for each post—that let me know what you really want and need. The statistics on page hits often lead me to create new articles based on your interests.

The most popular article remains the test for Pluto’s strength, which more than 50,000 people have taken. (When people report their Pluto scores, I can never tell if they’re bragging or complaining!)  Here are the top 10 articles of all time on this blog as of July 15, 2013:

How Strong is your Pluto? Here’s the Score!
The Midheaven in Synastry—Meaningful Career Connections
7 Secrets You May not Know about the 12th House
Things You May Not Know about The 5th House and Children
How Strong is your Uranus? Here’s the Score!
How Strong is your Saturn? Here’s the Score!
How Strong is your Sun? Here’s the Score!
How Strong is your Moon? Here’s the Score!
Venus-Saturn Aspects—Waiting for Love
How Strong is your Neptune? Here’s the Score!
Your 2nd House—A Clue to Extra Income
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