Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 29, 2016

Weird Posts from WordPress–Please Ignore

I’ve been deluged with emails about a post on Mercury retrograde from January that went out to my subscribers yesterday.  It’s not from me, and, yes, the dates given for the current retrograde period are wrong.

WordPress has this weird habit of reissuing one of my posts from time to time all by itself.  It’s usually only about three or four times a year, but this is twice in a week.

I don’t know how to make it stop, so please just ignore it when it happens.  Donna




  1. Hi Donna, I have an astrological question. A newspaper article says that the Declaration of Independence was actually signed by all the members on Aug. 2, 1776. The July 4 date is when they all agreed on the wording of the document. Is that a valid date to use instead? How much would that change the chart(s) normally used? Thank you for your time. Jupiter’s Blessings. Judy I am a newsletter subsciber & I’ve been a fan of yours for years!

    • Hi, Judy, I’ve been involved in astrology for 45 years, and astrologers have hotly debated the question of the true chart for the United States all this time. I doubt if they’ll ever resolve it. I have ceased to care, because the US seems to keep on going, with or without our help. Donna

  2. Ha ha I do have to laugh, Donna!
    So true and tiresome, really – and especially at this pivotal and tenuous alarming time in history. Having said that, I use the best chart there is ‘out there’ . . .

    Like you – after over 45 +years, and more of horoscopy — gad we have known each other for over 40 years!!! wow! xx — re the USA chart I have always stuck with the Sibly Independence chart, Rudhyar used it, and it is consistently alive and responsive to transits and major events. (It really IS Sibly not Sibley, Rudhar made a spelling error). . .

    So Judy, I advise to look at July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, (17h 10m) Philadelphia, PA AND also you can go to: for a list of rectifiable events . . .

    Cheers, Erin

    • I know–it’s been a really long connection. I decided not to go to UAC, as I am truly too old –healthwise –to make such a long trip. Mobility and stamina issues. Are you going? And are you still living near your children?

      I am about halfway through the novel I mentioned to you–with Sybil Sullivan the main character–a medium and past life therapist.

      Yes, it is a troubled time. I wake up depressed for a couple hours each morning, and it’s about nothing more than the world situation and the spectre of a possible Trump presidency. A dangerous egomaniac.


      • I had a rare totally relaxation event today – priming my 1978 el Camino with 1″ foam brush – right out there in our apartment complex parking lot – a true sign of a momentarily content super introvert Virgo. Tomorrow? Maybe someone else wants their vehicle primed? (glad to have found at least a wee gee-whiz-moments-of-glee = depression antidote!!) 🙂

  3. Reissue of Mercury Retrograde article from January: true Mercury Retrograde snafu? ;-P

  4. Hello Donna, why do you think trump is so bad? is it from the astro perspective? Yes, he has big ego but who doesn’t? He is just as leo asc and sun/uranus person is open about it and actually has revolutionary personality that breaks the rules not necessarily in a bad way. i really prefer open egoistic person to the one who has no less ego but secretive as only double scorpio can be. he has venus in cancer that makes him to care about the close ones and he consider the country one of those so he as bernie sanders is really about country. although he is obviously not righteous or perfect. actually there are many interesting connections you can find when comparing his natal chart and the chart of the original day of independence July 4, 1776. greetings, yehudis, i am fan of your books.

  5. Golly, computer hi-jinx, so apropos of Mercury Rx!
    I suspect Trump is a Clinton plant to distract — every time her ratings drop he makes another outrageous gaffe, He’s there to divide and scare the gullible, to try to make her look like the lesser of two evils in comparison. She is not. We have so much more to fear from a Clinton presidency — TPP, more and bigger orchestrated wars and debt, destroyed economy, loss of privacy, security, and constitutional rights, etc. Such an dishonest, soulless, evil character.

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