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Donna Cunningham’s reference/self-help book, The Stellium Handbook is finally available.  Download a sample file here:  Stellium Handbook Sampler.

handbook cvr smNOTE:  This book is available only in ebook format because of the many self-help tools it enables you to create.  It works well on computers of all sizes and 10″ iPad type tablets.  Because of the many astrology charts and tables, it doesn’t work well on an iPhone or Kindle. (Order ebooks here:

Welcome to the world of stelliums and triple conjunctions–a world of vast potentials and yet of complicated and seldom easy life paths. If you have either of these patterns in your astrological chart, then anywhere from three to seven of the solar system’s ten bodies fall within about 30° of the zodiac’s 360° circle. As one of my students exclaimed when we had a lesson about them, “That’s a lotta watts in one small corner of the sky!”

With so much energy centered in one place, there’s a laser-like focus on the personality traits or areas of life it represents. It identifies something special about the individual — a complex combination of issues, interests, and gifts that may be a major part of the life purpose and is often a career indicator. It is certainly their passion!

Life can get hectic for people who have these chart features. It’s like being the head of a household of lively teenagers, with all the tumultuous hormones of that stage. There’s always someone demanding attention; somebody’s feeling abused or put upon; at least one wants you to lay out money; and one is mad at you for not being parent of the year. Getting them all to work in tandem isn’t just a tough job; it’s practically a miracle!

The saving grace of a household full of adolescents is that, if they’re managed well, they eventually grow up and have a shot at reaching their potential. So can the diverse planetary energies in a stellium or triple conjunction. As you mature and work persistently on perfecting your talents, you naturally tend to grow into the good qualities and abilities more and more fully.

If you, one of your loved ones, or an astrology client has a stellium of four or more planets in one sign or house of your birth chart, you’re doubtlessly wondering what it means and how to get the most out of it.

Donna Cunningham has made a special study of stelliums–with her own stellium of four planets in Gemini, she had to! Because there are several generations of people with stelliums now coming to astrologers for advice, she’s writing books and  articles and giving lectures on the subject.

Most of you are familiar with the stellium in Virgo that many notables born in the 1960s share.  The newest generation of stellium people are those now in their 20s with anywhere from three to seven planets in Capricorn. Right behind them are young people with many planets in Aquarius.handbook cvr sm

(Astrologers, we have to be familiar with both the assets and the challenges these complex combinations provide in order to help them sort out such major issues as relationships, career potentials, and where they fit into the world as a whole.)

Here’s what reviewers are saying: Reviews of The Stellium Handbook.

NEW: Download information about the extraordinary Saturn-Uranus-Neptune conjunction that appears in the charts of people born with a Capricorn stellium in 1988-89 here: Fact Sheet on the Capricorn Stellium-Donna Cunningham.

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