Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 10, 2016

Donald Trump’s Chart

Hi, Folks,  a reader’s comment led me to a 2011 post I’d entirely forgotten (perhaps repressed is the better word). It’s from his brief run for the presidency for 2012, and it shows his birth certificate and chart. The link is below.

I’m hard at work on my novel and on an article deadline for TMA, so I can’t write more or respond to comments, but talk amongst yourselves in the comment section. The one thing in the chart that doesn’t surprise me is that his Ascendant is at 29 Leo–home of Regulus, the “kingmaker” fixed star.  And his Sun, Uranus, and North Node are conjunct in Gemini in the tenth.

See Donald Trump’s Official Birth Certificate and Chart

Also see this article about the 29th degree, and the excellent exchanges in the comment section.

29° of a Sign—Don’t Miss this Article!

PS:  I generally do not blog about politics–especially now that things are so volatile. So please refrain from inflammatory comments. If things get ugly, I’ll close this thread down.





  1. Thanks so much for all the super helpful articles, Donna. This site is a treasure trove!

  2. Siobhan.farrell

  3. Regulus has long been recognized as occupying 29° Leo. However, even fixed stars move a little. On occasion it is necessary to change their positions.. Regulus is now believed to occupy 0° Virgo. The shift from Leo to Virgo does not fit Donald Trump’s personality. I think you’ll see his popularity diminishing now.

    When doing charts for anyone before the change, you must use the old

    position because that’s where it was when they were born

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