Posted by: Donna Cunningham | August 10, 2016

Donald Trump’s Chart

Hi, Folks,  a reader’s comment led me to a 2011 post I’d entirely forgotten (perhaps repressed is the better word). It’s from his brief run for the presidency for 2012, and it shows his birth certificate and chart. The link is below.

I’m hard at work on my novel and on an article deadline for TMA, so I can’t write more or respond to comments, but talk amongst yourselves in the comment section. The one thing in the chart that doesn’t surprise me is that his Ascendant is at 29 Leo–home of Regulus, the “kingmaker” fixed star.  And his Sun, Uranus, and North Node are conjunct in Gemini in the tenth.

See Donald Trump’s Official Birth Certificate and Chart

Also see this article about the 29th degree, and the excellent exchanges in the comment section.

29° of a Sign—Don’t Miss this Article!

PS:  I generally do not blog about politics–especially now that things are so volatile. So please refrain from inflammatory comments. If things get ugly, I’ll close this thread down.





  1. Thanks so much for all the super helpful articles, Donna. This site is a treasure trove!

  2. Siobhan.farrell

  3. Regulus has long been recognized as occupying 29° Leo. However, even fixed stars move a little. On occasion it is necessary to change their positions.. Regulus is now believed to occupy 0° Virgo. The shift from Leo to Virgo does not fit Donald Trump’s personality. I think you’ll see his popularity diminishing now.

    When doing charts for anyone before the change, you must use the old

    position because that’s where it was when they were born

  4. I am sick about the election. Does astrology show anything better coming?

    • I’m sick about it, too, Mimi. But trying to remain calm and positive. It’s hard to sort out all the combinations of outer planet transits and to make sense of what is going on.


      • In less than 5 months after inauguration Trump’s chart is showing difficult aspects forming and increasing in numbers and strength like a storm coming in.

        In Trump’s 2017 precession corrected SR located to Washington the Sun culminates at 83°23′ as return Saturn is in opposition on the IC at 84°07′. When return Saturn is on the Asc (193°07′) it is opposed by return Sun on the Desc (193°43′). With the Sun and Saturn reversed on the MC/IC axis that is 3 very stressful Sun/Saturn oppositions that will be swept by the progressing angles of the solar return.

        Here is the period of time I think will be very important for Trump and the country. It is a very strong transit of Saturn as it stations on points in the Trump and Sibly charts. Jun 25 through October 10 2017. Saturn to Trumps Sun and Moon (conjunct his Moon and opp his Sun – beginning when 1 degree before through 1 degree after exact [in right ascension) and stationing there just 4 days after the total solar eclipse of Aug 21 that spans the contiguous 48 states, is opposite the Sibly Moon and conjoins Trumps Mars and Asc.. During that time that transit Saturn opposes Sibly Mars and squares Sibly Neptune.

        On July 1 his secondary progressed Moon will conjoin his progressed Saturn. That will be very potent as the conjunction is on the zenith of his secondary progressed chart (Q2 Mean Quotidian angles) in Washington. And as posted before things just keep rolling along for him through October.

        On Aug 21, 2017, the date of the total solar eclipse that lands on his DC Asc and has it’s Saturn on his natal Sun-Moon opposition his secondary progressed chart has his progressed Mars and Neptune (terror) on the MC.

        Transit Saturn will also be opposite the progressed Sun in Trump’s wife’s chart at the time of the eclipse.

      • OH,LORD! So much relentless Saturn! I think he’ll regret the day he decided to run! Thanks so much for the analysis, Jan.


  5. The jan is from yahoo telling me to make my screen name something I could easily remember. I combined the abbreviation of my birth month with my zip code to make it. Real name is Bob.

  6. I make my measurements in right ascension but most dates will be the same or nearly the same as when measured in longitude. Exceptions would be aspects to the Moon or Pluto.

    With the possibility that Trump could be impeached or like Nixon resign before that happens. Looking at Nov 3, 2020 it does not appear that Pence will even be running (thinking there would be more than 1 possible aspect to either his natal or progressed chart. Nothing close except for transit Neptune at 18°20′ Pisces square natal Sun (noon chart) 16°09′ Gemini. Could he have been driven from office before then or beaten in the primary races?

    Transit Saturn to Pence natals (Noon chart). All aspects except the last one occur before the mid-term elections in 2018. Looking at other charts (returns, eclipses, etc.) is still to be done. Hopefully, Dems in the Senate can prevent or limit the seating of justices to the Supreme Court before the mid-term elections. I think voters will have had enough of authoritarian leadership by then that they will put control of the Senate firmly in Democratic hands and severely reduce the Republican majority in the House on the way to taking their control away in 2020.

    Neptune 212°55′ – Saturn sextile at 272°55′

    Jan 12, 2018

    Aug 23, 2018

    Station at 272°45′ on Sep 6, 2018

    Sep 19, 2018

    Saturn 275°30′ – Saturn return at 275°30′

    Feb 3, 2018

    Jul 8, 2018

    Nov 2, 2018

    Pluto 158°24′ – Saturn trine 278°24′

    Mar 7 2018

    May 30, 2018

    Nov 30, 2018

  7. No idea yet if the time suggests impeachment beginnings or the result of the same. I prefer it would be the latter as it could indicate that the previous year T had been kept from dealing with much else (us). If he was tied up (and I wish that would be literally) for most of 2019 it could be because of a shift in the Congress after the 2018 mid-terms.

  8. Charts showing Donald’s and Donald Jr.’s charts engaged by the total solar eclipse in August 2017 and the Saturn and Pluto conjunction in January of 2020. It looks like a family affair.

  9. The charts for the 20 eclipses during Jan 20, 2017 through Jan 20 2021 located to the White House.

    After the album has loaded scroll to the bottom, click on the 3 dots to the right, click on “Download Post”. The album will be downloaded in a zip file. Right click it and click on “Extract All”. The charts will be opened with funny names but I have numbered them in the order in which they occur. Just right click on them and rename them to something you will recognize like the month , date, and year maybe ( Feb 10 17 ).

    The July 5, 2020 eclipse falls on the Sibly solar axis.

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