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29° of a Sign—Don’t Miss this Article!

(c)11-18-15 by Donna Cunningham, MSW

I’ve just finished reading a splendid article in the Oct/Nov issue of The Mountain Astrologer by Michelle Adler. It is the first detailed and insightful article I have ever read on the subject of 29° of a sign. There is very little written on the internet about this critical degree of the zodiac. What information there is on the topic tends to one-sentence descriptions, all saying the same stale thing in the exact same words.

Michelle has done thorough and original research on the topic, and her 3000 word article is loaded with example charts of well-known people whose charts and lives illustrate the truth of her conclusions.

The thing that I admire the most is that, unlike many writers in our field, Michelle doesn’t just propose a theory, she backs it up with a great many solid, real life examples.

Briefly, some of her findings are that these are unusual individuals who think in new and futuristic ways, whose careers and contributions push the boundaries of the known and conventional thinking. They tend to have unusual abilities. I can’t begin to summarize her well-documented findings and insightful analysis, but I would urge those of you with an interest in the meanings of zodiac degrees not to miss the article.

For myself, when I began exploring out of sign conjunctions for my work on stelliums, they often included a planet at the 29th degree of a sign. What she has written clarified a great deal for me about these conjunctions in stellium charts and about the exceptional potential of people with those combinations.

If you don’t subscribe to The Mountain Astrologer, you may still find this issue on the newsstands or buy a copy on their website.  Here’s how: ” On the homepage, there is a place (near the top) where you can
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the current issue for, I believe, $8.50. It’s not hard to find. — Jan ”

Readers, if you have a planet at that exact degree (NOT rounded off from 28°!), or if you know of a famous person who does, you can contribute to the further research by sharing it in the comment section of this article.

(Michelle’s website is at]

PS.  We’re having a great discussion here, with already more than 70 people sharing their experiences with the 29th degree and getting Michelle’s feedback!  Have a look at the comment section. My readers are the best!

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  1. Hi Donna! My sun is 29.55 degrees Scorpio in my 6th house (right on the cusp of my 7th house & descendant in Sagittarius). I would love to manifest all those attributes your colleague and express my inner potential outwardly into the “world!” Hasn’t quite worked out that way – yet.

    For me, my full flowering is happening later in life than I would have liked, but that may be due to my Saturn in my 10th house conj Aquarius moon. I have heard that the last degree of the sign means completion, that you are completing some type of cycle (karma?) and that whatever you are learning/working on will be finished in this lifetime.

    For me, it has been a very intense personal and professional life, with many ups & downs. However, I am really looking forward to the next few years as I feel that my life is changing in ways I didn’t expect and I’m coming into my own artistically. I feel like I am finally discovering my voice, metaphorically and literally. We’ll see what the next year brings! I will definitely try to pick up the magazine. Thanks! ~MF

    • Michelle didn’t mention late-blooming as a quality of this degree, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it took a lot of living to bring those exceptional qualities to full expression.

      (Michelle, if you do read this, I would like to know what you think of this.) Donna

      • Interesting about the late bloomer quality. Perusing my files, I noticed that my mother has her Aquarius Sun at 29’15 in the seventh house. I re-read Michele Adler’s article, and was struck by her observation, “There is a risk-taking quality to the individual, tied to the planet at that degree, coupled with a need to see how far one can go.”

        My mother certainly exhibited that in her choice of extraordinary but challenging life partners. Her first husband, a brilliant, kind man who suffered from severe health problems his entire life, died at the age of 27.

        In her mid-30s, she married for the second time. Her second husband (my father) was a charming, fiercely intelligent man…but also suffered from bipolar disorder, for which he refused to take medication, so she had to divorce him after 15 tumultuous years.

        She came into her own in mid-life, never marrying again but enjoying many wonderful friendships, always preferring unique outliers.

      • Wow, perfect example—and 29 Aquarius has to be a lot more of a risk taker than, say, 29 Taurus or Cancer. Donna

      • Very interesting about the extremes and late-blooming aspect of the 29 deg.

      • Hi Donna, that’s interesting about late bloomers, as I have been doing ongoing research on that for the last few months. I am not anywhere near being through with it, but I’ve noticed a few things in particular about late bloomers: Their charts seem to have a LOT of conjunctions, usually between 4 and 6, with the least amount that I’ve seen being 3. Many seem to be either missing an element, or have an element that is only represented by one planet. I’ve also noticed prominent Plutos–either in conjunction with another planet or the North Node, or in a cardinal house. (Pluto is associated with older women, and I have often thought of it as the power and wisdom of old age, more so than Saturn.)

        As for the 29th degree, I haven’t noticed it to be that common in the charts of late bloomers–though for awhile, I seemed to be noticing the 28th degree of cardinal signs showing up. Late blooming might be an off-shoot of some of the characteristics of the 29th degree natally. The concept of “pushing boundaries”, for example, can result in someone who,say, goes against the tide in their youth, perhaps goes to higher education late in life, or marries late in life, or keeps focused at something that requires maturity or practice to come into full bloom. (I had a wonderful old aunt who married for the first time when she was 70–to a man who jilted her 50 years earlier. I don’t have her chart in front of me, but I remember she had 29 degrees on the angles.)

        Hope that helps re late bloomers.

      • Fascinating, Michelle! I am wondering if you might see it in stelliums, as they tend to have a lot of conjunctions as a result of the combination. And they are often late bloomers–especially with one or more outer planets as part of the stellium. They can definitely be late bloomers, as it takes a lot of living to master combinations like these, but they can be exceptionally talented. Donna

      • Donna, I am wondering if the late blooming nature of 29degrees is stronger when in Succedent Houses? Planets there can have a late blooming quality, combined with the 29th degree.

      • Hmm. Good question, Candice. We’ll have to see what Michelle knows. Donna

      • Candice, I went through the charts I have now of late bloomers. Unfortunately, most of them do not have birth times, so I don’t have much in the way of house analysis. However, I think succedent houses have never received the respect they deserve. (The current issue of Mountain Astrologer has some excellent articles–one by Steven Forrest–on the 3rd and 6th houses.) One sees planets in the 12th that seem to blossom when they cross the Ascendant. It would then stand to reason that planets in the 3rd blossom when they cross the 4th, and planets in the 6th when they cross the 7th, and so forth. So perhaps the succedent houses function as a chrysalis of sorts, which must bide its time until conditions are right for emergence.

        From the timed charts that I have of late bloomers, Grandma Moses had the Nodal axis in the 29th degree in the 3rd house, with the South Node, Venus and the Midheaven conjunct. (The Midheaven and Venus were in 00 Leo.)The South Node conjunct a planet tends to impede it, which could mean delaying success in its realm until later in life. Since art was her field, a Venus-South Node conjunction would have meant delaying artistic talent.

        I still have a lot more work to do with late blooming charts. One that is worth looking at is Helen Mirren’s the Oscar-winning actress who married for the first time in her 50s. She has a Sun-Pluto conjunction in the third, Mercury in an intercepted 4th house in 29 Leo, and the Moon in the 9th in Aquarius, giving a Uranian and independent flavor. (She also has three planets and the Ascendant in Gemini, a sign that shows up a lot in late bloomer charts.)

        As said in a previous post, I think late blooming is a characteristic of pushing boundaries, which is a characteristic of the 29th degree. The “tribal purpose” definition also comes to mind: Something in one’s birth family–such as having to take on responsibility early–can mean delaying what one really wants to do with one’s life until later.

        I’ve often thought that the age 72 is important, because around that time, all of the solar arc directed planets are making the creative quintile aspect to the natal planets. In some esoteric systems, 72 is also supposed to be an important year. If you follow the age point work of the Hubers, one’s cycle starts over again at age 72.

      • Michelle, you are really a champ! Thank you so much for your generous sharing of your knowledge about this previously unexplored critical degree with my readers.

        I do have one more question, in part answered by your explanation of the cadent houses, but this one is about my all-time favorite topic, the 12th house. What would you say might be characteristic of a 12th house planet at 29 degrees of a sign? Donna

      • Donna, I think you have to look at the sign in order to get a feel for that three-prong characteristic of the 29th degree. Some of the charts that I have seen with a 29th degree planet or luminary in the 12th belong to people who excelled in matters that could have been characterized as “hidden” or “beneath the surface.” Consequently, they may not be recognized right away.

        A good example is someone from my late bloomer file, Alexander Fleming (Aug 6, 1881, 2:00 AM, Loudon, Scotland, RR: AA). Fleming had Venus at 29 Gemini 42 in the 12th house. The Gemini property certainly made him curious and inquiring, and that makes for a good researcher. His discovery of antibiotics started out as frustration because antiseptics tended to work fine on the surface, but DEEP (and hidden) wounds sheltered bacteria. His discovery of penicillin was by accident, something he hadn’t really even intended, and it took others to develop it into an antibiotic. (He still won the Nobel Prize, but he was 47 when a culture developed in a dish he’d left standing while he went on vacation. He would have been about 60 when penicillin was used to treat allied forces after the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941.)

        In many cases of 29 Gemini, the Taurus dwad seems to be the inspiration, what keeps the sometimes-scattered Gemini energies focused. Research and delving into mystery is a component of the Taurus-Scorpio axis. The Cancer portion of that trilogy is the world-wide recognition and eventual use of the work he started, because 00-01 of the cardinal axis has global implications, or implications for the masses, as the Moon rules large groups of people. (Should also be noted that one of the other techniques his work came from were his glass-blowing skills, with glass usually being considered under the realm of Cancer.) Also can’t forget that 29 Gemini and 1 Cancer have an antiscion relationship.

        With Fleming, you see the 12th house in that he was exploring what happened at a hidden level of the body’s reaction to wounds and disease. You see that his discovery came as a fluke, something unintended. You also see that his work was carried on by others to make it work for the general population.

        Another example is H. Rider Haggard who wrote 40 books, one of which was about something hidden and underground: “King Solomon’s Mines.” He had Mercury at 29 Gemini in the 12th house. Another example is Peter Hurkos, who had the Sun at 29 Taurus in the 12th house. He was called a “psychic detective” (Taurus-Scorpio axis) who developed his skills after he had been hit on the head (Aries portion of the trilogy), and the ideas he got (Gemini) were of a psychic nature. The Gemini was also lived out by the constant tests he was put under by skeptics, as well as his communicating his skills on a regular basis.

        Both Fleming and Hurkos had lives that also reflected the Pisces natural ruler of the 12th house, even though it didn’t rule their 12th houses in particular. Pisces-Virgo has to do with health and intuition, obvious in Fleming’s work, and reflected in Hurkos’ Piscean nature.

        Bottom line is you analyze the trilogy of the 29th, take into consideration the house it rules, and consider the natural ruler of the 12th. (I guess I could have said that and skipped the rest, but had been looking at Fleming’s chart this morning.)

      • No, I’m glad for the excellent examples! I can see that several factors would modify the effect–like sign and also major aspects to the planet. Donna

      • Yes, aspects, rulership and midpoints can always help you define the trilogy of the 29th. I have found asteroids useful too.

      • Thank you for the fantastic discussion on 29th degree planets. I thought I wouldn’t have much to say about my 29.25 Cap, 8th house Moon, as I have not yet read the article, and I didn’t think that there was much about it that was exciting. but the discussion here really opened up some thinking for me.

        I definitely feel I am a late bloomer – with a big 10th stellium mostly in Pisces, opposed by Pluto & Uranus conjunct in the 4th, and squared off by Jupiter, conjunct my ascendant in the 12th. I have loads of talents, yet haven’t integrated all of them in a cohesive way, yet! Sometimes it’s overwhelming to figure out where to focus my energies. I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I have 9 conjunctions in my chart, and no fire. My Aquarius sun and Cap Venus are both at 28 degrees. So I have a lot of the placements that Michelle sees often with the late bloomers. Oh, did I mention I’m a risk taker…um yeah. One might even describe me as occasionally reckless (much more so as a younger person) and I’m thankful to have Saturn be so prominent in my chart to help keep those reckless tendencies in check.

        Regarding that 29 degree Moon, I have been very deeply examining my relationship with my emotions over the last 2 years. I’m a unique mix of being a very emotional person, but also one who has managed them primarily through an intellectual perspective. I was never really comfortable with having them, so to speak, but I had to figure out ways to manage them, as they have been considerable. As I’ve aged I have come to feel my emotions have a hugely karmic aspect to them, and so much of my personal development of late has been with a nod to understanding how Karma has played a role for me. Anyway, I have been thinking that I will write a book some day on this topic, and this discussion topic makes me think all this ties back to that 29th degree Moon of mine.

        I took a look at the charts of my nuclear family members to see who have Stelliums and 29 degree planets.

        Father – 29.11 Saturn in Aries, 1st house
        Mother – 29.51 Saturn in Aries, 5th house, Stellium of Venus, Chiron, Sun in the 8th Cancer and Gemini
        Middle Brother – Mercury, 29.15 Gemini 1st house, Stellium, Merc, Venus, Sun, N. Node
        Oldest Brother – 29.51 Saturn (same degree as Mom, wow) in Cap, 9th house. Stellium of Moon, Jupiter, and Saturn in Cap/Aq
        Me – 29.25 Cap Moon conj. Venus, Stellium of Sun, MH, Merc, Mars, Saturn and Chiron in Aq/Pisces.

        I also noted my brothers and I are all Gemini rising, with 12 house planets. So I guess chart placements do run in the family 🙂

        Thanks again for a great discussion.

      • Sandy, 29 Cardinal seems to run through your family. Whenever I see that, I always want to know what other family members did at certain ages. It can be very insightful. The Moon at 29 degrees can sometimes mean you have to nurture yourself. One also has to look to see whether it’s out of bounds in declination, which a Capricorn Moon can be. That can point to extreme manifestations of the Moon. (That’s not bad. The Moon represents the public, and it can make for people who are remarkable performers.)

      • Oh, Michele, I have a completly out of bounds Moon in Capricorn: I run away from the public, I almost hide from people. 🙂

      • @Sophia I have Ceres out of bounds in 8th/Gemini and I basically do the same. I made it an issue of mental health to avoid people. People who I know are OK, but getting out there, meeting new people is a no go. I wouldn’t have a reason to compalin if it wasn’t proving very difficult to look for a job and go to job interviews because of it.

      • Antipaladinpedigri, the same with me (the only problem for me is the impact in the professional domain).
        My knowlegde about Ceres is quite superficial, but… can something so relevant be shown only by Ceres? In my case, is definetly the Capricorn Moon (I believe due to the fact that it out of bounds and in an applying square to Uranus – not to mention that I’m a double Cancer.)

      • Wouldn’t you have some Saturn close to the Ascendant, for example, or another strong Capricorn trait?

      • You’re probably right in the sense that the Moon and Ceres share many significations.
        Interestingly, I have Ceres in the 10th, which would point to an affinity with the public and popularity (like the out of bounds Moon mentioned by Michele). But then again, there’s nothing like that in my life.

      • An acquiantance of mine with Moon in 12th used that caring Moon to get involved with searching for missing people (12th). In your case it could be using your (public?) position to help people, nurture them in some way. In my mother’s case her occupied 10th didn’t manifest as a high, respected position, but a public service (she was a nurse).

      • I don’t have a public/prominent position, but I do work for and nurture the public. I have been a teacher and I work in the school textbook publishing field (Moon trine Ceres, but other [traditional] aspects in my chart point to this kind of work as well).

      • @Sophia Michele would have to clarify, but I think great performer can mean someone who performs well (in the Capricornian-10th house sense), not only an entertainer. Who knows, perhaps you’re really good with the books you work on. Working with text books does look like you’re manifesting the authority/teaching/parenting/mentoring aspect of Capricorn/10th. In old times you’d be the wise village storyteller, raising and mentoring the local kids. And note your tenth does have a mass effect. An effect on the public. There’s only so many ways one can be motherly (Moon/Ceres) to kids in the whole region or country (depending on the scale of operations of your publishing house).

      • I agree… (I’m not sure if I mentioned that I have the Moon in the 6th, which underlines the nurturing the public aspect.)

      • I did a chart for the veteran midwife mother of an acquiantance from an astrology forum I was a member of and she had bascially multiple houses, placements all pointing at the same midwife job.

        It might seem kind of boring to have multiple placements point at the same thing, but then again if such a job is fated, it’s very hard to stray from making the right vocational job. Also, doing one job satisfies multiple needs of the soul and expresses multiple parts of the chart at once, so you don’t have to feel like there are “greener pastures” you’re missing while working with those text books. The “greener pastures” is certainly a problem for me, unless I’m working with one of the projects that express multiple hobbies/develop multiple of my fav skills at once. Thanks to Michele I’ve been pointed in the right direction. Up until now I thought the multiple-skill job thing was just my personal quirk and not an expression of my chart.

      • Antipaladinpedigri, even if I have absolutely no doubts that I want to keep working in education and school textbooks (another obvious sign pointing to this field is Canopus conjunct the Ascendant, but there are other aspects pointing in the same direction), there are lots of “greener pastures” in this field, which has been a huge problem for me (Moon-Uranus square, Sun-Jupiter square). So, even if I don’t doubt that I’m in the right vocation field, job is stil a problem.
        Multiple-skill job things are necessarly an expression of our charts, in my opinion. 🙂

      • Yes, I was thinking of performance as in “performance review”, more Capricorn than Leo.

      • Yes, I fit very well into that sense, although my Capricorn values are not exactly the same of the rest of the society (Moon square Uranus and Sun-Mars square Jupiter).
        Thanks a lot for your feedback, Michele!

      • So the public aspect itself is present in my out of bounds Moon. It’s just the “remarkable performers” part mentioned by Michele that doesn’t apply. I mean, I’m good at what I do, but when I think of “performer”, I associate it with a direct interaction with the public, a visible popularity, which is completly inexistent in my case.

      • Hello!!

        01/31/1986 Long Beach California 8:04am Female

        12H stellium in AQU: Sun/Merc/Ven/Jup

        9H Mars 29° SCO / 8H Plu 7° SCO

        Asc 5° PIS

        Stats courtesy of AstroDientist (Thank You!)

        *I am acutely aware of the powers I possess, yet mystified by infinite choice.
        *I can be dictatorial, critical, and hyper emo.
        *Insistent upon personal integrity, self regulating moral/ethical code, work ethic, striving, perseverance through obstacles.
        *Sex- as much as possible.
        *Day of poetic song. I am musical, need it all the time. Performance is necessary for growth but extremely uncomfortable for me.
        *Relationships of all kinds are why I’m here. Humans genuinely fascinate me. Connecting and relating to others is everything. I cherish and hold several long term friendships. Intimate relationships have been deep, intense, passionate, revealing.
        *Astrology has been a tool/ passion for 10+ yrs. My constant companion throughout the tumultuous twenties. A way to assist me with the natal Pluto squares.

        I’d LOVE to be involved in ANY astrological research endeavors. I am capable of much hard work without complaint and with max efficiency.


      • Hi, Malory, thanks for sharing. You’re the second person with Mars at 29 Scorpio that’s written today–you should compare notes with Jack, whose comment is just above yours at the very end of the comment section for this post.

        You may also wish to check out the series of 15 articles about the 12th house on this blog. To find it, go to the front page, and at the top of the right hand corner, there’s an onsite search engine. Type in 12th house, and you’ll get the links. Donna Cunningham

      • I may have missed something in this thread. The chart has a few things that would denote late bloomer, though I”m not sure that was the question. Anyway, the chart has a south node pre-natal eclipse, which usually indicates a late bloomer, and Pluto in its natural 8th house, another thing I’ve noticed about late bloomers. Re Mars in 29 Scorpio, that encapsulates Sagittarius and Libra, can mean having to fight your own battles alone. It can also mean pushing boundaries, or dissolving them. I noticed the chart has Neptune in the same degree as the nodal axis, and many have said that this can indicate the planet to have an unusual dominance throughout the life. So the things that Neptune rules could come into prominent play. Neptune can mean a large amount of creativity, and can also mean healing as it’s connected to the medical field.

      • I too was thinking medical. He could be a medical intuitive whether he realizes it or not.

      • As a person who also has Pluto squares to (Natal Sun and Jupiter) I think you would be an awesome friend. I’m a lifelong student of astrology–an artist, published author, and psychic medium. The intensity of the square is intense, often the catalyst for success and the quest to understand life and everything in it. It’s also very hard yet, out of the mud comes the lily. Bet you’ve had an extraordinary life. Where’s your Natal Moon?

    • Donna and Michele — I must say that reading through this thread has been the most exciting stimulus to my own research in quite some time. Thank you both.

      I’m really having fun with the 29 degree + stellium profiles and for some reason was inspired to pull up Bernard Madoff’s chart early this morning.

      Quelle Surprise! Venus @ 29 degrees conjunct the S. Node and MidHeaven in Taurus all packaged within a stellium in Taurus which is sandwiched by a retrograde Mercury in Aries as the lead planet and Mars in Gemini bringing up the rear…even more interesting because these bookend planets with reference to marketing, commerce and sales are in mutual reception. And the icing on the cake is the trine to the stellium from his first house Neptune in Virgo (did anyone say fraudulent service?).

      His rising sign, according to the birth data available in Astrodatabank, is 28’55” Leo, but I wouldn’t be surprised if in fact it is 29 Leo.

      And I believe the 29 Taurus position of Venus in the 10th house is in the Capricorn decanate (finance, big business) and in the duad of Pluto (corruption).

      You just can’t make this stuff up!

      • Nope, you really can’t make this stuff up. Thanks for another great example, Liz. Donna

      • Thanks for that great example, Liz!

    • Hi Michelle,
      Thank you so much for your kind response. The fact that each of had a 29 degree planet blew me away – I look forward to hearing more from your reasearch. My moon is Out of Bounds – another piece of complexity for me. It is also balsamic…

      Yes, the emotional work is very much related to nurturing myself. Anyway, far to long a tale to tell here, but I am not at all surprised to see your reply as it really fits. After many, many years of focusing on healing myself, I finally figured out an easy, profound way to self- nurture, however late blooming the idea may be 🙂 All the best to you.

    • Hi there,

      I have Moon in Scorpio at 29 degrees too, in 6th house too. Totally agree on the late bloomer part. I have been through lots of ups and down in my life so far and was quite emotionally damaged. And I’ve only slowly starting to get in touch with my ownself and feeling more at peace with my inmer thoughts. And given that I also have my Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune in Retrograde, it as an even profound effect on how I internalise and deal with my inner thoughts and manisfest them.

  2. I have Mars 29 Libra in the first house in an out of sign Grand Trine to Jupiter in Pisces and Moon/Uranus/MC in Cancer. It is also square Venus in Cancer in 10.

  3. Shucks, my 1st house 28.32 Jupiter does not qualify me. But both my sons have Anerectic degrees in chart. Younger one has his moon at 29 Taurus (I know in the Weeping Sisters). The older one has 2 “generational” placements for birth year 1984, Neptune 29 Sag and Pluto 29 Libra.
    I love research so much more fun than housework!

  4. Also I don’t see the Oct/Nov issue available on the Mountain Astrologer site. 😦

    • I’ll have to ask Tem about that. Donna

    • Here’s how: ” On the homepage, there is a place (near the top) where you can order a sample copy of the magazine; you will receive a sample copy ofthe current issue for, I believe, $8.50. It’s not hard to find. “— Jan of TMA

  5. My Virgo son has his natal Moon in the third house at 29’38 Aries. It trines his natal Mercury at 25′ Leo, and this Mercury is quite significant in his chart because he was born within minutes of it stationing direct. He taught himself to read before he was 4, and has wanted to be a writer since he was about 5.

    He is now 11, and works everyday on his journals or what he calls his “story pages.” Although it is still early days for him, and he may change his mind several times in life, I am struck by how early and intense his interest in literature has been… and who knows? Maybe he will be an author, exactly as he aspires to be.

    • Your son sounds amazing! Donna

      • When I re-read Ms. Adler’s great article, I chuckled over her observation of “futuristic thinking.” Sci-fi and fantasy are my son’s preferred genres, and Jules Verne (cited as a 29th degree example in the article) is one of his favorite authors.

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    At last! Info on the critical 29th degree. Thanks for the heads-up, Donna!

  7. Mary, I am very intrigued by your observations about your mother, who had the sun at 29 Aquarius. My Leo ex of several years, from whom I am recently separated, has his ascendant at 29 Aquarius and exhibits many of the qualities that you ascribe to your mother’s partners (very interesting that her sun was in the 7th).

    Extraordinary but challenging is a good description for him. Inordinately talented, intelligent, and charismatic; prone to extreme rage as well as extreme kindness; has described himself as possibly mentally ill. Brilliance and addiction run in the family.

    Additionally, a Pisces friend who died a couple years ago of a heroin overdose had a first house moon at 29 Scorpio. He was extremely kind, sensitive, and artistic, but prone to addiction.

    The idea of risk-taking and pushing something as far as it can go fits very well in both of these cases. Thanks for the heads up, Donna. I will have to pick up the issue.

    • HJ, I often wonder if my mother (born in 1930) might have been a weird, wonderful character in her own right if she hadn’t been raised in an era where it was more acceptable for a woman to marry brilliance than to express it. Also, her 7th house Sun was conjunct Venus at 1’05 Pisces…so she loved to be the rescuer in relationships.

  8. 29 Degree Cancer ascendant here (with 4H stellium lot’s of familial karma and power issues)

    Also have a 29 degree Neptune on the 6H cusp (1984 baby).

    I was a late-bloomer for sure, often felt like my soul was “tired”. When I was younger I remember thinking to myself “Why am I here again?”. I meet a lot of people who I often feel like I’ve met before, but haven’t (in this life, anyway). The 29 deg Nep on the 6H: lot’s of strange health issues (very sensitive to chemicals, fumes, food, atmosphere, sounds, smells, etc). It’s been a learning process on how to manage the sensitivity.

    In regards to the 29 deg ASC and 29 Neptune I’m not really sure how it will relate to the article, but I DID just go out and buy the latest MA issue (thanks for the recommendation, Donna!)

    One thing I CAN say: The Leo wanted to shine so bad but that 29 deg Cancer made my life hell because I was so shy/vulnerable. Since the dreaded Scorp Saturn return it’s gotten better. I am easier on myself, more open and relaxed, and am able to let go of my self-doubt.

    • Interesting! Finally a note regarding 29′ Cancer… just looking for a teensy bit of insight to natal position of Jupiter 🙂

      • Hi! I have my natal Jupiter in my 6th House of Aquarius at exactly 29 degrees 29 seconds.

  9. I have 29 degree Mercury in Aquarius in 8th house. I was told by a few Astrologer I’m a Genius. Although I didn’t get to read the article at her website.

    Examples of my unusualness who thinks in new and futuristic ways, whose careers and contributions push the boundaries of the known and conventional thinking, unusual abilities:

    1. Being the only female in an all male school, I went to college to major in Computer Engineering Technology. Awarded Senior projects on Robotics and Software languages.
    2. I love all things futuristic and knows the latest gadgets and apps & the 1st to introduce it to friends, family & coworkers.
    3. I love Sci-Fi.
    4. I started an online Fashion business while still holding a full time job, taking all risk with my money. I’m a risk taker, especially when it comes to starting a business/company.
    5. I taught myself to play guitar & piano at 16 years old.
    6. I fixed and opened up my computer before I even went to college.
    7. I’m always ahead of fashion & wore stuff that most people found weird but eye catching. I designed my own clothes in High School & was voted Fashion Trendsetter.
    8. I’m often told by male & female that I’m not the typical female and that I THINK differently.
    9. I was also one of the few hundreds that started the new wave of Fashion eCommerce business trend, where people can shop at home or on their cell phone 24/7 without having to drive & waste gas. Self taught.
    10. I drive a sport car and my future house will most likely be futuristic look in Architecture.

    • It sounds like you fit the 29 pattern really well. Michelle Adler is coming tomorrow to read the comments and share more of her insights. Donna

      • I agree, Anh sounds very much like the quintessential 29th degree. I think the characteristic of the 29th degree as “going it alone” can also translate into someone being highly individualistic, not inclined to go along with the crowd. The Aquarian placement helps, but think how the Capricorn dwad influence has brought recognition for the individuality. The 29th degree in any sign provides for a gifted imagination, and how wonderful that Ank has used it so well.

      • Thank you for your input Michelle. I like to add the following regarding “Late Bloomers”.

        1. I didn’t have sex until I was 23. Purposely my choice to wait.
        2. Got into my 1st relationship at 23.
        3. Went to college at 20, but stopped after 2 yrs, then went back to college at 33 & finished at 38.
        4. I’m 46 yrs old now, and started my own company OUT OF THE BLUE two years ago at 44.
        5. In April 2015, I just started training for NPC Bodybuilding Bikini Division at 46 yrs old.
        6. I’m still not married and don’t care to. But maybe I’ll start that late too.

        Going it alone:
        1. Yes I am self sufficient and likes to work alone at my job because I feel that I can do it quicker and more efficient.
        2. Highly individualist
        3. Always take an opposite view from people.
        4. Never a follower & always a leader

        Capricorn Dwad:
        I don’t know much about astrology and dwad.
        Only that my Moon is in Capricorn 4.41, thus making me very AMBITIOUS.
        I have always gained recognition at every company I worked for. Always someone in Management asking me to step up and be a part of their Management team level.

    • I think you’re fantastic! I e lead a similarly intellectual and artistic risk-taking life. Not so much with science & technology (which I do love) but more about creating something from nothing as all true artists must learn & have faith thru can do.
      I’m an actress, writer, director and producer. I’ve written, starred in and directed my own award winning shorts. I dance and sing as well. I raised a child who is now in college majoring in dance. I’m pursuing my MFA in dramatic writing for film, TV and theatre. I love to travel and do it as much as I can. People often say to me that I don’t seem like a typical female. I’m really excited to meet fellow adventurers! 🙂

    • Hi Donna! This blog subject is quite fascinating.

      I also have a Mercury at 29 degrees, however it is 29 degrees of Cancer, retrograde and in the 9th house. I once had an astrologer tell me I had a great mind and would make a great lawyer. I would guess this assessment also factored in my Moon/Jupiter conjunction in Sagittarius.

      However, I explained to the astrologer that I was not really interested in common law as it is adjudicated primarily on historical precedent which, in my mind, ties you too much to the past. My preference is to look to the possibilities of the future from a vantage point of being clearly in the present. So, I guess this view speaks somewhat to futuristic leanings.

      I have also felt that this Mercury placement has given me a natural connection to sacred and lineage-based practices that engage and collectively hold higher consciousness. So in a sense, beyond the personal family (Cancer), this Mercury concerns itself with the global, universal human family.

      • Liz, the 29th degree of Cancer is connected to a Gemini dwad. I always find it interesting that charts frequently say the same thing in different ways. The Gemini dwad and Moon/Jupiter in Sagittarius and Mercury itself being in the 29th all seem to point to some type of communications skill. Sagittarius’ connection to the 9th means it could have a religious or spiritual connotation, and it may be in that area that your gifts could shine best. I’d be curious as to whether anyone else in your family had an emphasis in their charts on Sagittarius, Gemini, or perhaps Pisces and Virgo.

      • Hi Michele,

        To answer your question, yes, the mutable signs are well represented in my family’s charts, all with planets square to a mutable moon.

        In my case, my Sagittarius Moon squares the Pisces/Virgo Nodal axis. My 4th house S. Node degree is the exact midpoint of my father’s Moon/Saturn conjunction in Pisces. His Moon/Saturn conjunction is part of a grand mutable cross in his chart involving the Gemini/Sagittarius Nodes and and opposition to Neptune in Virgo. My mother’s Gemini Moon sits on his S.Node and Chiron conjunction in mid-Gemini, squares her own as well as his Neptune, and it opposes my natal Sagittarius Moon.

        But I believe the crux of the theme of my 29 degree Mercury as relates to family of origin is spelled out with My Virgo N. Node conjunct the Neptune of both my parents, while each of their Pluto placements straddle my 29 Cancer Mercury — one at 28 Cancer and the other at 0 Leo.

        My mind has sponged the contents of their deep unconscious, particularly where deep-seated notions of guilt and shame are buried, and my Virgo North Node is the life-long invitation to sift, sort and align myself through conscious choice not through mindless habituation of someone else’s beliefs or ways of being in the world. And, as an added benefit, I get to help them see the confusion and or contradiction in their thoughts and actions and inspire them to make better choices.

  10. I have Mercury at 29 Virgo in the 7th house, ruling it; and Moon at 29 Cancer, conjunct Lilith 28 Cancer, in the 6th house, ruling both 5th and 6th houses.
    I was born premature (7 months) and I had a twin sister, who died at birth. The doctors didn’t know there were two of us. There were no ultrasound machines 37 years ago. For a few months, I kinda fought with death, but I made it eventually. 🙂
    Some other thing: I was considered a prodigy in my childhood. I don’t remember when I learnt to read (I was about 3 years old), I knew the multiplication table 1 to 10 by 5 years old, and I got really bored during my first four grades. I was also really talented in music ( I used to play piano and flute).

  11. My husband has Neptune at 29 deg Virgo Retrograde in the 4th house in opposition to Mars at 28 deg Pieces in the 10th. Not sure what this means. He is retired now and his mother died at age 42 very young, and his father was 87 when he passed. His father remarried and she was not a kind person. So not sure if this is what it all means???

    • Maureen, the 29th degree of Virgo placement in the 4th house and opposing Mars may have to do with the tribal purpose associated with the 29th, or with being conscious of “going it alone,” possibly tied to the early death of his mother.

  12. My Venus is located in 29.56 Gemini conjunct Mars in 24.56, and conjunct my 1.32 Cancer Ascendant, sextile my 0.13 Mercury in Virgo.

    I have always had highly futuristic interests, especially since the 1939 World’s Fair, which (@agen7) fascinated me and greatly changed my life & perspective for the better.

    One granddaughter has her Sunnat 29.24 Aries. Another granddaughter has her very personality-distressed Asc at 29.12 Leo. Another granddaughter who committed suicide had her Mercury at 29.55 Libra. My grandson’s wife has her Moon at 29.05 Taurus, and she’s remarkable for such a very young womsn raised in the Deep South, but very much not understood by her mother-in-law, my youngest daughter.

    My great-grandaughter has her Pluto at 29.08 Sag. (2.5deg. beyond her IC). Her younger brother has his Uranus at Pisces 29.22 deg. 4+ deg. above his early Aries Asc.

    I have a close friend (retired teacher)
    in Australia whose MC is 29.38 Cancer. Another friend’s 11-yr-old daughter has Sun & Jupiter at 29.16 & 29.18 respectively, in 7th, located 4deg. prior to crossing 8th house cusp.

    I’d be happy to contribute whatever info I may have that might help your much-needed research!

    • It’s very interesting what you’re saying, Jaffra. I wonder if 29 degree runs in families. I know stelliums and yods certainly do. Donna

      • I think it does. I have a 29’02” Libra sun (out-of-sign conjunct 2’35” Uranus in Scorpio), my son has a 29’33” Virgo moon, my mother has a 29’58″(!) Libra moon, and her mother had 29-degree node, Saturn, and possibly Venus (don’t have birth time but it’s only 2 arc-minutes away, it could be). Family patterns are my particular interest. 🙂

      • I think we’ve identified something new here. I know Michelle will find these comments interesting for her research. Donna

      • In regards to focus or heritage, for example common themes running through family members?

      • Yes.

      • REBS, yes, what you should look for in families are common THEMES that may be supported by common aspects, degrees, signs. A fascinating study of the Stuart dynasty of Scotland (of which Mary Queen of Scots was the most famous) shows a lineage full of hard aspects between Mars and Pluto, and violence dominated their history. You can see signs dominate too. There is a strong Taurus emphasis on my father’s side of the family, but he had no planets in Taurus. However, he married my mother, who had 3 planets in Taurus and was born close to a Taurus eclipse. (He was also a cattle-buyer, which would be associated with Taurus.)

      • Thank you very much, Donna and Michele for this continued discussion (and the examples). I have given a lot of thought to the “late bloomer” concept, not being sure if it applies to me. I felt like I accomplished a lot while young, and it didn’t seem like a fit at first. ‘Pushing boundaries’ and ‘going it alone’ made more sense. However, as I just turned 40, maybe I AM a late bloomer and I just don’t know it yet ! Thanks for opening up this possibility! I have Sun sq. Saturn too, and I’ve been feeling down on myself about not having reached the goals I wanted in life. So the original TMA article and this post have been very helpful. Re: family patterns, my family has a history of a prominent Mars with hard aspects to Saturn (mostly conjunctions) through my mother’s lineage. My dad has a Mars-Saturn conjunction too. We’ve all been contending with the limitations imposed on our will(s), I suppose.

      • Mars-Saturn, I think, gets a bad rap. It may not represent the restriction of energy as it does the energy (Mars) of structure (Saturn), an indication that whatever it’s connected to will require foundation and purpose before the energy of it works. Or it may represent a case where the energy (Mars) takes longer (Saturn) to mature; I would speculate that this could even be a characteristic of late bloomers.

    • The 29th degree on the Ascendant is intriguing because it will change signs when the person is 1 year old or younger. There may be a need to look specifically at 29 degree Ascendants. The 29th degree of Aries is interesting in that it is connected to a fixed star, Al Resha, that is said to have influence with groups. Bernadette Brady says that it it “represents point of contact between two types of knowledge; the joining of different ideas to create wisdom and understanding, or the marrying of two concepts to create a greater concept. To seek different connections, to look at things in a different light, to join separate concepts in search of a greater understanding.” I like that, because that definition is closely tied to the concept of Janusian thinking which I mentioned in the article.

  13. My husband has Mars at 29 deg Aquarius in the 10th inconjunct Uranus at 29 deg Cancer in the 3rd, Saturn in Scorpio at 28 deg 31 in the 6th (work and health) doesn’t quite get there but is squared by the 10th house Mars. He is a certified electrician by trade, went to work right out of high school, and learned very quickly, earned his certification and later started his own business. He has always been a stickler for safety, insisting you can’t cut corners or you could cost someone their life. As a boss he makes that clear to his apprentices and they are well trained.
    He has also been driving himself (Mars) all these years and just before his second Saturn return his spine paid the price and he had invasive back reconstruction (Saturn and the bones and joints). Since then it seems the entire central nervous system (Uranus) has it’s wires crossed. He’s told it’s residual nerve damage.
    I find it interesting that his moon and all his outer planets are all late degrees. And a thought just occurred to me, his Uranus in Cancer in the 3rd, when you think of electronics and their reaction to water, it perfectly describes his relationship with technology, they don’t play nice!!

    • That’s interesting, Lynn. Mars at the 29th degree sometimes feels that they are duty-bound to protect, and your husband’s concern about safety is a wonderful hallmark of such. (Mars at 29 sometimes feels it has to fight its own battles alone.) The inconjunct with Uranus, the planet of electricity, would reinforce this, I think, because of the tension that aspect can mean.

      Regarding his planets being in late degrees–there are some who think that the degree of your planets represents major years in your life. I have had mixed results with that, but pass on for what it’s worth. Only problem about having a lot of planets in late degrees, such as 27, 28, and 29 is that those years also correspond to the Saturn return years.

      • Michelle, I have Mars 29 in Libra in 1 and I have definitely felt the “I have to go it alone” aspect in many parts of my life. I was an only child, no close kin except my parents and many times I feel as if I was hatched from an egg or something rather than born to humans in our ‘family first’ society.
        I am also one of those autodidacts who is self taught in many areas. I was an early bloomer in some areas (dance, art, academics) but I never was able to do anything with those talents due to a lifestyle of burning the candle at both ends and lack of familial and societal/community support (the going it alone thing.) Now I am a late bloomer and just starting in the last five years to come into my own. Unfortunately, just as that is happening, I have had so many health challenges that I have zilch, sip, nada energy to expend on any projects other than my ‘day job’. Again, I have very little support in my projects. Ex: I have a SO who seems obsessed in forcing his brother to learn computers and expends tons of time and energy in that futile pursuit but virtually ignores the many projects I am working on.

      • Mel810, the comment about your SO and Mars being in 29 degrees and in Libra, the sign of partnership–that’s interesting in that 29 Libra can make one feel they are without support and must go it alone. Sometimes, of course, there are cases where it’s just the opposite–the SO pushing so hard it hurts, and I guess that can make for a whole ‘nother issue.

  14. Hi Donna, I was born (a full month late) with Uranus retrograde at Leo 29 at the end of the 6th. I’m a 1962 “Aquastell”, so my Uranus is across from a 7-planet stellium mostly in the 12th. Being so rabidly Aquarian/Uranian, it’s not straightforward to know what specific weirdness is generated by the 29th degree Uranus. Life as i experience it is intensely frustrating, wildly numinous, deeply sacred. I am rebellious to a fault, Prometheus is my God, I’m Peter Pan personified (Sun & Venus on the same degree), committed to service & sobriety, a storyteller by trade, and a Neptunian revolutionary for intergalactic freedom (i.e. armchair). I have done many extraordinary (to me) things, but so far not become specifically famous or conspicuously successful, not least I suspect because I want to experience everything in my field – theatre & film (acting, singing, directing, writing, teaching), not simply specialise in one. At almost 54, physically strong and spiritually energised (and Neptune rolling back and forth over my ascendant), it feels like I’m yet fully to hit my stride. But I’m damned if i know what form it’s going to take. Matthew x

    • You have a wealth of potential, Matthew, with both 29 degrees and a stellium in your chart. Donna

      • Yes, that’s the trouble! Have to keep exploring in order to make deeper potentials conscious. Potential doesn’t equal entitlement, a lesson I’ve been slow to learn. Saturn conjunction Sun. No escape. Forgot to add to my biography a lifelong obsession with UFOs & alien life.

    • Matthew, always interesting to hear from someone born during that Aquarian line-up in 1962! I think there was a solar eclipse around that time too, though I’m too lazy to get up and go check. From how you describe yourself, the Pisces part of the 29 Aquarius configuration is evident in all of the creative arts you mention, and obviously is in addition to the statement that your Pisces Ascendant makes. The Capricorn dwad comes through too, as the Sun-Saturn conjunction makes you an honorary Capricorn anyway–there would remain a consciousness of moving upwards through something that you do. Perhaps the lesson is not to find the “one thing” but to continue to function as a wonderful kaleidoscope of creative achievement, which is and always has been its own excuse for being.

      • Hi Michele Adler Thank you for responding! I feel your words as a blessing. It’s not always easy to accept or love my fate, but i love the way you’ve put it. x

  15. I have Pluto at 29°48′ in Leo. There was a brief 6 month period in 1958 when Pluto retrograded just a tiny bit, back into the anaretic degree of Leo for the last time. Then it moved on, not to return to Leo for another full orbit. Since Pluto is more of a generational planet, I always thought my cohort of the last 29° Leos was a separate generation from the previous Pluto in Leos or the subsequent Pluto in Virgo group.

    • Hi, Charles, long time no see. It’s very interesting what you say. I’ve long been aware of the vast difference between Pluto in Leo and Pluto in Virgo, so I’d like to hear more about what is different about your group born right at the transition. Donna

      PS Folks, I’ve missed blogging regularly while I’ve been so preoccupied with writing my newest books. Readers, you’re the best!

      • Oh hey sorry to take so long to reply. My little group of Leo Pluto Rx is a demographic aberration. I recall reading that the birth rate in 1958 was the lowest of any year since WWII, it was the bottom of the “Baby Bust” (as opposed to the baby boom). As an adult I have met exactly 3 people born in 1958 (well, so far as I know their birthdays) and none of them were in this little Pluto Rx bubble. So I feel like we are in our own little age bubble, out in society with all the people of all other ages except my own. Almost all my life I have associated with people much older or much younger than me. There aren’t many people my own age, but I don’t even hang out with people NEAR my own age. So we don’t really fit in with either group, not the preceding Pluto in Leos, nor the subsequent Pluto Virgos. I wouldn’t necessarily call us alienated (well, I can’t speak for anyone but me) but a lot of my age group turned out to be Punk rockers, I call us The Blank Generation after a famous Punk film and album. We are sort of straddling the fence, we don’t go either way in the two generations around us.
        Now of course, being a total amateur astrologer, I don’t have any convincing evidence or reasoning behind this. It is just another of my crackpot ideas (and as you know, I have many). But I am constantly intrigued with Pluto Rx. It is such a distant planet that the retrogrades occur at almost the exact same time every year so I can never tell if it is a Plutonian influence or a generic seasonal influence. I am a pretty plutonian guy anyway, since I have Pluto in the 1st squaring my Taurus Sun-Moon conjunction. When everyone else is influenced by Full and New Moons, I am feeling Pluto squares. That’s probably why I can never figure out my lunar influences. Per your previous suggestion, I have been trying to track the Moon in more detail but it still baffles me.

      • Good explanation, Charles, and that’s interesting about the birth rate bottoming out.


  16. My Mars is at 29 Pisces 36′ – in the 8th house. I often wonder about this final precipice of the zodiac, and what my lessons are here. Does this give me at least a whiff of Mars in Aries? I can certainly be assertive and occasionally impulsive (though that may be more due to Uranus in Leo on my ASC). My SN is at 23 Pisces, so I know there are deep lessons and patterns there. Still uncovering and making sense of them.

    • Mars in Pisces, all by itself, is a very creative placement for Mars. You see it in the charts of many dancers, for example, as well as designers and artists. As mentioned in another reply, Mars in the 29th degree can often represent where you feel you operate alone, such as someone who must fight their battles alone. I personally think anything that lights up the 4th, 8th or 12th houses has ties to tribal purpose, something I mentioned in the article. The 29th degree of Pisces is connected to the 00 Aries cardinal axis, and wherever that is placed, one can emerge as a force to be reckoned with. Look to the Aquarian dwad of the 29th degree of Pisces, and to where Uranus is placed in your chart.

  17. Hi Donna, and Hi Michelle if you stop by! 🙂 I happen to have a 29 Gemini Ascendant and can tell you I definitely think in the futuristic sense (though I do have Venus and Saturn conjunct in Aquarius). I am definitely a late bloomer too! Perhaps this is due to the energetic activation of the degree-a-year if you count from 1 degree when 1 years old, 2 degrees when 2 years old, etcetera – all the way to 29 degrees at 29 years old (Saturn Return). Planets (or angles) in earlier degrees (of any zodiac sign) are activated sooner, and they can create patterns too (learned this from Robert Glasscock in a Kepler online class awhile back). As an example, I have a 10 degree Capricorn sun (another late bloomer energy), and every 10 years, significant changes happen with my identity on both inner and outer levels. So the pattern can repeat and even be in half-cycles sometimes (i.e. noticing changes every 5 years, even with no placements at 5 degrees). To go further, since they are on constant repeat in a fashion, placements that are zero and one degree are ALWAYS challenged, changing or at issue (I have Zero Pisces Midheaven and can attest to the constant contemplation and change of my public self, career, etcetera, even when young). So for placements at 29 degrees, it is the “last chance” to get it right energy, and clearly relates to Saturn, the perfect late-bloomer planet (and in my case, Aquarius is the other sign Saturn rules, another futuristic part perhaps). There is a level of mastery I think that is happening with these placements as well, like a final exam – similar to the Saturn Return but you feel it all your life instead of only at your Saturn transit times. Thanks so much for posting this! 🙂

    • I have a 29 degree 21 Leo sun (Regulus) as part of my 4th house stellium with Venus (27 Leo) Uranus (5 Virgo) and Pluto (11 degree Virgo).

      I do believe 29 degrees runs in families. My mom was a triple Leo with a 28 degree Sun (close). my nephew and niece both have 29 degree Leo on their angles. one the Mc. the other the ascendant.

      So my sun progressed into Virgo before my first birthday do I feel I was not able to fully experience my Leonine qualities. verbally. I’ve inly in the past few years discovered my Leo side coinciding with my ascendant progressing into Leo. I paint and started performing music and I love astrology (I believe that is a Regulus thing as well as my Sun Uranus at play.

      Anyways would love to read the article and help in any way.

      • Thank you, Venus, for giving a good example of the degree running in families. Donna

    • Lisa, that’s interesting about the every-ten-years. As mentioned in a previous comment, some subscribe to the theory that degrees in your natal chart represent important years in your life; e.g., if you have something in 10 degrees, something important happened when you were 10 years old. The theory maintains, though, that the next such manifestation would be 30 years hence, when you’re 40. But the idea of every 10 years is a new one for me.

  18. hmmmm… I have a Moon at 29º Taurus 11′ in the first house… I will have to order the Oct/Nov issue…

  19. Hello!

    I can’t wait to read this article. I have my sun in Taurus at 29 conjunct south node Gemini 0 degrees, moon in Virgo at 28.30, Mars in Pisces at 29, and Uranus at 29 degrees Libra. I’m a cancer rising 26 degrees if that helps. Sun Moon midpoint 29 degrees cancer. So Sun, Mars Uranus yod. Apex is Uranus. Im not sure how to put all of it together. another astrologer told me it was to learn how to let go of things when it’s time to move on. I was also born on an eclipse. My whole life has turned upside down in the last 4 years. Divorce after 12 years together, huge betrayal. Deaths of many loved ones. Started storm chasing and witnessed amazing tornadoes. Moved twice and changed jobs twice. Had my heartbroken again by a younger, very unconventional man (Pisces sun, Scorpio rising Uranus conjunct ascendant – brilliant scientist/ storm chaser), but I have no regrets about him. It was the most exhilarating experience of my life.

    • That’s interesting, Kari. Do you use the Mean or the True Node?

    • True node. Any advice or insight?

  20. Thanks, Donna, for the heads up about Michelle Adler’s article. I’ll order it now. Interesting timing, because in the last two weeks I have been researching those with Mars 29 Taurus; mine is at 29°55, and my dearest friend has his at 29°17.

    As an earlier post mentioned, this is the placement of the fixed stars the Pleiades, or Seven Sisters. I am the middle of 7 sisters, and, as in the Greek myth (where the middle daughter, Merope, was “disappeared” because she colored outside the lines by marrying a mortal), I was ousted from my family due to the betrayal of a younger sister, whose North Node is conjunct my Mars at 01°09 Gemini. Her retrograde Venus is in the 12th at 29° Capricorn. The sister in between, who acted as judge, has her Sun at 27°20 Taurus.

    As you have written before, Donna, I will go out on a limb here. (Anything for the sake of research, eh?) Mars is the apex of my bucket and this estrangement from my family has been the seminal trauma of my life. Only now, with my powerful Pluto finally past my Ascendant, am I starting to rise and finally cast off those chains, decades later. Up to now my Mars has only been revving its engine from time to time, with the little sparklers of the Pleiades tickling me to action. THE glyph, the image that will not go away, inspiring me, is Eugene Delacroix’s painting of Liberte in revolutionary France. Since I became aware of my natal chart, that image has been inseparable in my mind from my Mars placement.

    So I did a search on Mars 29 Taurus a week or two ago, and lo and behold, the 2nd French Republic of 1848 (where the phrase liberte, egalite, fraternite was birthed) had Mars at 29°56 Taurus. Others associated with the revolutionary stretch of French history had Mars in that neighborhood, a few at 29. Chateaubriand (who I have a lot of affinity with) died when the 2nd Republic was born, and though his Mars was in Taurus, it was his Vertex that was at 29 (29°34 Scorpio 5th); he too was involved in the earlier revolution that Delacroix painted (1830). King Louis X, overthrown by that revolution in 1830, had Mars at 29°01 Cancer.

    Victor Hugo, who wrote so eloquently about liberating ourselves from our tyrannies, had his retrograde Jupiter in the 10th at 29°52 Scorpio. Anatole France had Mars at 29°51 Taurus. Talleyrand’s Mars was 27°19 Taurus. Emmanuel-Joseph Sieyre, a chief theorist of the French Revolution, had Mars nearby at 02°11 Gemini. The list grows.

    More recent folks with Mars 29 Taurus are Sydney Poitier, Herbert von Karajan, Jackson Pollock, Frank Stella, Betty Davis, Hubert de Givenchy, Erma Bombeck, Pat Boone, Joan Osborne, and on and on.

    • Thanks for the great examples of famous people with the 29th degree of Taurus. Donna

      • Just found out my new boss has a 29 degree Taurus moon. She is very understanding, but she wants to solve emotional and interpersonal issues and “get on with it” where they are concerned. Being a Leo, though, she is always receptive to requests for advice.

    • Mary, my thanks too for your observations and examples. I always thought it was funny that Bobby Darin, the singer who became famous for “Mack the Knife” had Mars at 29 Taurus in the 1st house! He was highly ambitious, so Mars in the 1st was a good signature for him.

      You mention something that intrigues me about siblings. It is common to see that many people with strong Gemini placements have siblings that were more influential on their lives than their parents. The fixed star Alcyone had been in 29 Taurus for many years, but has now moved into 00 Gemini 00, and Gemini is the sign of siblings. The “7 sisters” is highly interesting!

      Also, the historic events that occur when signs and degrees are prominent can tell you a lot about the patterns that rise from those degrees. Whenever I’m curious about a New Moon, I find it useful to see what occurred when the degree of the New Moon was eclipsed, or was transited by Saturn or Uranus or Neptune or Pluto. I have found that sometimes historical events have given me insights I wouldn’t have had otherwise.

      • All this is so fascinating, thank you, Michele, including your article. I am wowed by your generous responses to us all, and am learning so much. I am aligned, too, with what you wrote to the first Mary up above about late bloomers (2nd paragraph), which applies to me: 3 tight conjunctions, a stellium, and Pluto as my dominant energy. I’m starting to bloom at 57, and as long as I have more than a few days left, I should be able to pull it together and be better late than never on some things I’ve had simmering in my pot. I thank the wise and comforting insights of astrology for that. Merci.

      • Mary, there are a number of cases of people with 29 Leo who either married late or not at all. One example is Bessie Delaney, who was the first American black female dentist, never married at all, lived into her 100s, and was celebrated with a book about her and her sister called “Having Our Say” when she was either in her late 90s or had already reached 100. Delaney had Mars in 29 Leo and a Midheaven at 29 Cancer. Helen Mirren is an award winning actress and she did not marry until she was in her 50s, and has been a late bloomer too. She has Mercury in 29 Leo in the 4th house.

      • Thanks again, Michele! Also, for your research, I forgot to list (in the late-bloomer category) that I too lack an element (air) and that I push boundaries, sometimes by setting boundaries, a revolutionary concept in my tribe.

      • Mary, this thread has been most interesting in that it showed that there is a relationship between the 29th degree and the concept of pushing boundaries which can be reflected in late blooming. Late bloomers tend to march to a different drumbeat. Some may refuse to follow society’s dictates that certain things must be achieved in life by certain ages.

      • p.s. I see now that this favorably impacts on a natal yod, in that my sextile has 29 Taurus and 29 Pisces at each end, and therefore offers a great deal of opportunity for the elements and modes to find commonality in expressing themselves toward 27 Libra, since the sextile can draw from the signs Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, and Gemini. Wow. It seems to take the challenges out of the yod. Seems to imply extra possibilities via more rulers, spread throughout the chart. Thanks, Michele!!!

      • Mary, also watch transits and progressions to the Yod apex (27 Libra, if I’m reading your note correctly). I think it would offer additional insights about your 29th degree placements.

      • Thanks, Michele!

      • Hello again Michele, a couple of things I wanted to add. Most interesting, for your 29° research, is a Swiss article that was posted on 16.Sept.2018 at by Jan Walter titled Quantum Physik…. (I posted an English translation on my facebook page and will try to share a link here in my signature). In it he gives the latitude for the pyramids in Giza as “29.9792458 ° N, which corresponds 1:1 with the speed of light, which is 299.7992.458 m/s in a vacuum. ” Also, the fella who “laid the groundwork for quantum mechanics”, Thomas Young, did so at age 29, haha. The other thing I wanted to say was thank you for your tip to look for transits to my 29° yod. Uranus came a knocking on my hotel door when I arrived in Bali and he was arriving at 27° Aries, the natal Sun placement of my Uranus Rising fellow Twin Flame who was waiting to meet at the hotel. Kazam! All sorts of revolutionary late-blooming stuff taking place as we rocket here and there, syncing up to revibe our divine feminine. My True Lilith is at 29° Pisces. Asteroid Lilth is at 27° Libra, the yod’s outlet. Sadly, what got me seated in my goddess yod rocketship was my baby sister’s tragic passing (the 7th of our sisters), when Chiron was transiting 29° Pisces, where her Venus had progressed. That’s one of the feet on my yod. The others is Mars at the Pleiades, 29° Taurus. So many other things tie in, but that’s the gist of key stuff. Just turned 60 and both of my feet are finally grounded and I am engaging the world in a new way. Reaching for the stars around 27° Libra, which is the close midpoint between my MC and North Node. Am documenting it and trying to get it into book form to share more widely. I’m not a trained astrologer, just a heart-centered human who is wowed by what folks like you and Donna teach us, so thanks to you and Donna and the rest for deepening my awareness and experience. Much love! MC

      • Mary, thanks for all the fascinating info. So sorry about your sister. I lost my brother when Venus in my chart progressed to 29 Leo, and I had Mars at 29 degrees in my solar return for the year that he died. I stumbled upon a fascinating chart the other day–Louis B. Mayer, who founded MGM studios, a major motion picture producer in its day. Mayer had a Uranus/North Node conjunction at 29 Virgo opposing a Moon/South Node conjunction at 29 Pisces, both squaring Saturn at 29 Gemini. (His birth info is July 4, 1885, 11:31 AM, Minsky, Belurus.) When I have time, I’d like to know more about his biography.

  21. That article was one of the reasons I bought the magazine and it’s been sitting in my car for two weeks…time to pick it up!
    My husband has a 29° scorpio mercury. Very talented scientist, really good with languages. There is something unusual in his thought processing. Yet communicating is not always easy for him.
    My sister has a 29° virgo moon. Deep deep emotions and very talented writer.

    From famous people I can only recall Matthieu Ricard. Venus and Mercury at 29° in Aquarius…how cool is that?!

  22. I have a 29 degree Sun in Virgo. My son has a 29 degree sun in Aries. My sun sits in my 2nd house ( whole sign) and my son’s sits in his 10th ( whole sign). If I use whole signs I have my part of fortune, pluto, moon, mercury, mars and sun all in my 2nd house. I’m having my second saturn return this year. Money is tight…always has been.

  23. I have venus at 29 degrees of Capricorn in the 7th. From what I am reading I fit the mold. At 18 I became attached to my male counterpart(?) his Libra Sun and my Libra Moon are in the same degree. Smitten and then heart broken. After that I settled several times for different men and then would leave. Three times this happened. Never a thought out decision. Always unable to control the need to leave. Most recently, I have put on the brakes and tried to stay put…..partially due to age though the urge to move on is still strong. Late bloomer to be sure. An odd one. I need to find the MA. Would like to read the article.

  24. Thans for revisiting this topic, Donna. As I have THREE os these puppies, Venus @ 29 Pisces, and Uranus and Uranus, conjunct in the 12th house @ 29 Taurus. A late bloomer indeed.

  25. HI Donna -loved your site for years this is my first comment : )
    Mercury at 29 degree Taurus in my 4th house opposed Neptune. How this possibly manifests… when I was a child I was a chatter box talking early and I had an entertainment flair that quickly wore off when it became expected. I love poetry and once I hear a song I know the words and the notes although I’ve had no music training. Nine years ago I was told by a vedic astrologer (my first and last experience) that it was my job in this life to let go of my dad, our karmic bond is over. I did not expect this info and I cried and cried leaving the session early. She called me a few days later to tell me I needed to pick up the recording of the session and I told her quite bluntly that I never want to hear that session again. It broke my heart. My dad is the loving and nurturing parent but his addictions kept him away for many years. I do have many good memories of my early childhood with him before the problems started. It is a blessing too that I know his problems were not because of me and that I was very much loved.

    • I am sorry you had that experience, Pammyjo. It’s enough to sour a person on astrology. Donna

    • I’m sorry too to hear of your experience, Pammyjo. Don’t give up on that Mercury-Neptune opposition; Neptune in the 4th and 10th sometimes does mean a parent with an addiction problem. (Can also mean a highly spiritual parent, or a musician.)

      Mercury-Neptune does give musical talent, and possibly absolute pitch, which you may have. It can also give deep insights and wisdom, so honor it, especially since that 29 degree Taurus Mercury is connected to Gemini.

  26. I have Uranus at 29 deg Leo, with very few aspects. All the other planets in my chart are heavily aspected. Uranus is semi-sextile to Mercury at 1 deg Leo, in a Quintile to Neptune in Scorpio, and a wide conjunction to Pluto at 8 deg Virgo.

    How it shows up is in dramatic (Leo) turn of events that come up out of no where (Uranus). This placement of Uranus at 29 Leo helps explain my love and understanding (self-taught) of Astrology. Saturn in Aquarius in the 8th might provide an astrological boost as well.

    Eric Francis of talks about 29 deg Gemini as being the most mysterious degree. It shows up in event charts: 9/11 had it’s Moon at that degree, the December 2004 earthquake and tsunami, as well as the chart for Wikileaks. Spooky!

    • Debbie, thanks for your 29 degree Leo example and also the reference to Eric’s article.

      As for the 29th degree of Leo, I always perk up when I see it in a chart, as it happens also to be the home of the fixed star Regulus (called “The King Maker”) and thus very Leonine. Donna

      • I have a lot of Leo in my chart: Mercury 1 deg, Sun 4 deg, North Node 8 deg, Part of Fortune 23 deg, and Uranus at 29 deg. Seems I came here to be a Leo, doesn’t it? 🙂 Uranus conjunct Regulus adds to it even more. I do love music, so Mr. John and I share that as well.

    • Yes, 29 Gemini turns up a lot in event charts. Though the 29th degree is associated with endings and “thresholds” in life in forecasting work, the 29th degree falling in Gemini seems to occur when something small is being set in motion that can become larger than expected. This may be due to the Gemini communication influence—word of mouth talking about something, as would be the case for the founding of Alcoholics Anonymous, or much communication about a matter delaying it, as was the case with the George Bush/Al Gore outcome election in 2000.

      The 29th degree of Gemini also seems to occur with the inauguration or ending of events with specific Mercury connotations, such as Henry Ford’s introduction of the Model T with the North Node at 29 Gemini.

      • Interesting. It’s also opposite the Great Attractor in mid Sag.

  27. Hello!

    I have my moon in Virgo house 4 at 29.13

  28. I made a mistake on my last post to you……my Virgo Sun is at 29’01 tightly conjunt my mars in 2nd house. (by whole sign houses). My son’s sun is 29’12 in Aries in the 6th, not 10th.

    Here is what is weird. I have a 6 planet stellum in Virgo in 2nd house that starts with Part of fortune, at 0′ degrees in virgo ……with pluto, moon, mercury, mars and ends with Sun at 29’01 virgo. the whole 30 degrees is filled! 6 planets in the 2nd house.

    Unfortunately saturn in sagittarius in 5th squares them all. 2nd saturn return for me this year. Money has always been an issue for me either good or bad. Since a small child money and security is a huge issue for me. My whole security revolves around my financial security. And men are usually my biggest problem.

    Somewhere in my past, I learned that men will not be there for me and for some reason its my job to take care of them. This always puts the financial burden on me and i can’t seem to get anywhere.My son is the only male that has never asked for any help financially!. but he worries about money all the time too.

    My new daughter in law has her saturn “exactly” conjunt my saturn at 9 degrees sagg. and her venus is exactly conjunt my venus 9 scorpio. our three charts are all tangled together. Sort of worries me because this year is both of our saturn returns..her first my second. hope this will mean my son will be ok

    • Karen, you will find an article on the 2nd Saturn return elsewhere on this blog, and I also have another (much neglected) blog on the second Saturn return. In that return, you would tend to “get real” about self-defeating patterns that have gone on since the first Saturn return, and you learn the lesson not to let it go on any longer.

      It will hopefully give you the strength and self-worth to stop taking care of people who refuse to take care of themselves and make them take over their own responsibilities. You deserve better than this.

      You could find many new insights on that important 2nd house Virgo stellium in my Stellium Handbook, which would help you put together the pieces of this complex and crucial section of your birth chart. As Saturn is connected to so many of those planets natally, it’s time to master that stellium and get its excellent potential working in your favor.

      You would also find much helpful information for you and your daughter in law on a blog or website by The Saturn Return Sisters. Donna

    • Karen, it’s interesting that you manifest the 29th degree as the “point of going it alone” in realizing you would have to manifest some things without aid. I have the Moon in 00 Virgo, and I like what Alexander Ruperti once wrote, that the Moon in Virgo knows how to raise worrying to an art form. Virgo is, however, a very strong sign. A lot of things in the 2nd house mean the determination of one’s own values, of deciding what is most important in life. Sometimes it’s not really the money itself, it’s what the money can buy, such as security. I think Virgo more than any other sign–and because it’s on the Pisces axis–has to understand the concept of divine surrender, probably the most difficult thing of all, because it involves trusting in something we cannot possibly understand. Once that happens, things begin to fall into place, yes, even financial security.

      • Dear Michele….I do understand. 🙂 my moon is conjunct pluto and mercury,so its not easy for me to just let go and not worry. I was a born worry wart. But the other day I realized I had no choice but to “let go and trust a higher source”. Its scary for me. But, I know the only thing I can do is trust in something higher. thank you.. I’m glad I wrote. wow you picked up on what I felt.

  29. Thanks Donna,that stellium also sits within a tight bundle pattern unfortunately. I have one trine in my chart…. uranus conjunt my asc in leo…. sextile my jupiter in libra ….that sextiles my saturn in 5th in sag. My whole life seems to have been stuck within that trine of uranus and saturn. 😦 I have always tried to climb out and expand beyond the trine but very dificult for me. I will look at handbook. thanks agian

  30. Hello Donna,
    I read your post about Ms. Adler’s article with rapt attention. Thank you for this tip! I will seek out the issue of the Mountain Astrologer magazine you speak of and read it for myself very soon.

    My mercury sits in the sign of Aires at 29.58 degrees in the 11th house. It forms a sextile to Jupiter in Cancer at 0 degrees.

    I earned a Literature degree from the University of Washington, have studied and done Astrology for 15 years, and went to a Healing school for 4 years that teaches radically new forms of understanding oneself, and others, through the format of Barbara Brennan’s work on explicating the 3 masks and 5 defenses of the personality that block humans from touching their true identity and the core of their being.

    I have read Tarot cards for 27 years. I also meditate every day, which brings me bliss.

    When I was laid off of a long time job working at a nonprofit school for homeless children in Seattle, I attended Massage school, graduated at 47 and am now a busy, practicing Massage therapist and energy worker.

    This is my destiny work. I feel it in the core of my being. Definitely a late bloomer here, but always following my passions, and finally finding the “mainstream” avenue to support myself, and activate the inner healer inside my clients.

    My mercury also has a Sesquiquadrate from Pluto/Uranus in the 4th house.
    I have made at least 2 enormous mistakes in communication with loved ones, while emotionally activated, and not in “neutral”. And I recognize the growth that remains to be enjoyed during this lifetime, as I explore the final 2 minutes of Aires communication and learning.

    I have often been told by my teachers that I am always one step ahead in the learning process, and often several. I am very patient (thankfully!) because of my Mars in Taurus, however my mind is exceptionally sensitive to all the stimuli around me, and when I am listening to someone who is teaching me something. I LOVE to learn.

    Any insights on my path would be welcomed and I sincerely thank you for your engaging and lovely way of sharing your work and your beautiful voice in this world we share. Thank you Donna; thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are a brilliant woman.

    Blessings and light,

    Regina Noela Chambers

    • Thank you, Regina. That is an excellent and well-documented explanation of how you use that Mercury at 29 Aries. Mercury in Aries is known for its quick wittedness, independence of thinking, and tendency to pioneer in communication matters, but also a wee tendency to sharpness of the tongue. It looks like you’re a mixture of both sets of qualities, but with the insight and maturity to begin modulating the less helpful tendencies. Donna

    • I enjoyed reading this, Regina. You’ve blended that Piscean dwad most ably into the activity of a 29 degree Aries Mars, which borders on the sensitivity and awareness of Venus-ruled 00 Taurus. By solar arc direction, that Mars would be in Gemini now, and that can give energy to any learning, make you thirsty to know more.

  31. Hi Donna! I have Uranus at 29 degrees in Virgo in the 1st house in my chart I also have the Sun and Pluto in Virgo in the 1st, with Jupiter in Virgo straddling the fence in the 12th. The only thing that stands out is that as a 40-something, I don’t like being roped into any one job for very long, and so I’ve had several job changes (more like every 2 1/2 years) since I entered the workforce in my early twenties. Wonder if this Uranus influence is what brings out the “flaky” in me. Most people tell me I don’t “act like a Virgo.” Go figure!

    • Donna, you must have an interesting chart. A Sun-Pluto conjunction makes you an honorary Scorpio no matter what the sign, and gives intense focus–you may not have found the area or the company that encourages it. Jupiter in Virgo to me is the “mighty oaks from little acorns” position. I know so many people with that placement who start out doing something menial and insignificant, and suddenly its catapulted into something major and they are then the expert. It’s also found in the charts of good editors. Uranus in 29 Virgo may have already progressed into Scorpio in your solar arc directions, which is a tip of the hat to that Sun-Pluto natal conjunction.

  32. Hello, again, Donna. I apologize for posting so many comments, but this thread is so interesting to me, and I am laid up in bed with the flu this week.

    Anyway, the contrast of late-bloomers and early expressions of calling in people with the 29th degree reminds me of something I have learned about over several years working with gifted children: the concept of asynchrony.
    With asynchrony, the various developmental functions unfold at strikingly dissimilar rates: eg, a ten year old child who can do college level algebra, but can’t tie her shoes or keep the buttons straight on her shirt. The asynchrony can cause great frustration for the child, and her teachers and therapists, but rarely is it permanently debilitating. The development just proceeds on a different timetable. Just wondering if “asynchrony” might be one of the words that could help to describe the 29th degree.

    Thank you for this fascinating thread!

    • Fascinating, Mary. I hadn’t heard of asynchrony, so we’ll have to see what light Michelle can lend on it. (She’s coming soon.) Donna

    • Mary, I’m not familiar with asynchrony, but am now interested in looking into it. It may have a similar astrological signature as savants. I don’t know if any other astrologers have done research on this. Thanks for bringing it up and I hope you get to feeling better.

    • Sounds like there’s a great extremes in regards to abilities and focus.

  33. Thank you for the interesting information! I hadn’t previously realized this may be familial. My sun is at 29 cancer. My mom has Scorpio rising at 29 and my three sisters also have placements at 29 degrees: one with 29 Libra rising, another with a Saturn/Uranus conjunction at 29 Sag, and the youngest has 29 Sag rising.

  34. Hi Donna,

    My 12th house Sun is 29.16 Cancer, with Leo Ascendant (4.46°) and Jupiter opposite both. I’ve spent way too much time contemplating how I fit into the Universe and “What is the meaning of life, why are we here?” At age 66 I’ve come to the conclusion that it doesn’t really matter, yet I still try to understand it. I have a restless spirit, it seems I need change and new experiences. I am an enthusiastic starter, not such a great finisher.

    I hope to be able to find the original article. I looked for it, couldn’t find it.

    Many thanks,

    • Thanks for your description, Rian. We seem to have a lot of 29 degree Mercurys on this blog–lots of readers who think outside the box. Donna

    • Donna, how old were you when the Sun progressed to the Ascendant.? I would think maybe 4 or 5?

      • Michelle, you aren’t talking to me about my chart, are you? Donna Cunningham

  35. My Mercury is 29.44 in Sag in the 3rd house. My Sun is 0.58 in Capricorn also in the 3rd house. The cusps of the 2nd, 3rd, 8th and 9th houses are at 29.

  36. I have True node 29 deg. in Cancer, Mean node 0 deg Leo. Opposite Sun Capricorn 9 degrees. I’ve had a hard time finding my life direction – always searching.I Haven’t read the article yet. I’ll come back after I find it.

    • Folks, the article isn’t online, it’s just in the current issue of the Mountain Astrologer, and you could buy a single copy if you don’t have a subscription. The way to do that is at the bottom of this post. Donna

      • Oh yes, understood. thought I had access to the current issue of mountain astrology but couldn’t find the previous one.

    • Bri, you are what Steven Forrest calls a “lab rat” in determining whether it’s the Mean Node or the True Node that reflects your life best. (I’m one too–have a true node at 27 Cancer, and a mean node at 00 Leo. 00 Leo is much more reflective of my life.)

      • “lab rat” greeeat. I don’t relate to the cancer true node at all not that I’m all that Leo either. I just don’t know.

      • Bri, I think you have to look at the chart to see the commonalities of degrees. I don’t have a single thing in my chart in Aquarius. Yet I have a Sun-Uranus conjunction, with Uranus ruling Aquarius. a stellium in Leo, and Saturn in 27 degrees of Gemini, the Aquarian decanate. So it didn’t surprise me that the 00-Leo Node worked better than the Cancer node. The decanates in which a planet is placed frequently are “secret codes” about the energies of other signs.

      • Excellent point, Michelle. This has to be one of the best all-time discussions we’ve had here. Currently at 115 comments, so much good sharing. Donna

      • “Bri, I think you have to look at the chart to see the commonalities of degrees. I don’t have a single thing in my chart in Aquarius. Yet I have a Sun-Uranus conjunction, with Uranus ruling Aquarius. a stellium in Leo, and Saturn in 27 degrees of Gemini, the Aquarian decanate. So it didn’t surprise me that the 00-Leo Node worked better than the Cancer node. The decanates in which a planet is placed frequently are “secret codes” about the energies of other signs.”

        Hi Michelle, sorry for the delay, I have nothing else in cancer except for asteroid Pallas 11th house 15 degrees.

        I have an Asc-Uranus conjunction along with Pluto all in Virgo (I’m not sure if this is considered a stellium)
        A bumpy start in life

        I do have Mercury 28 degrees in Capricorn in the 5 house (with Sun Capricorn 9 degrees 5 house these opposites might be why I don’t relate to Cancer node at 29 degrees

        Mars in Leo 24 degrees 12 house retrograde along with the Leo 00 degree mean node might give me might make me slightly more comfortable with Leo energy but as you can see it’s pretty muted.
        Nessus in Taurus 29 degrees in the 10th house & Dejanria in Taurus 25 degrees in the 9th house I did go through one the most traumatic breakups of my young life with a Taurus.

  37. As for stelliums in the charts of famous people: check out the chart of designer Donna Karan: at least one interesting stellium concerning her sun, moon and Neptune.

    Unfortunately her hour is not confirmed. Still, what is there remains fascinating. A chart of a driven and successful woman making a splash in dress designing, traditionally a bastion of men.

    October 2, 1947, time unconfirmed but Astrodienst has said 4 am, Forest Hills, New York.

    • Hi Donna, just wanted to ad that President Trump has 2p Leo rising. Hrs a big Purdy tat with Military perferment , espically with mars nearby in the w2th at 25 Leo. Perfect for draining the swamp of globalist bought off congressmen.

  38. On ” Reconsidering the Zodiacs 29th degree” by Michele Adler…
    Have 2 planets at this degree, Sun and Jupiter.
    Sun at 29 degrees 8mn. Leo, conjuncts Fixed Star Regulus to the minute ( 1945) in the 11th house and mercury retrograde at 25 degrees 31 mn. Excelled in the military in most recent past life
    . The 29th degree of Leo is also called the sphinx…Lion? Virgin. One time after a 5 day fast from food and water and dancing 5 days( Sundance ceremony) I stupidly broke the fast by feasting on steak, potatoes and eggs which freaked out my kidneys with stones and I passed them in the hospital emergency bathroom. However the staff was concerned and hooked me up to an IV . There were no adult beds left so I was put in a childrens room where there was a white satin Lion holding a red heart on my bed.. It was my birthday and the lion doll was so cute and aprapo for the Leo / Virgo cusp as was the hospital and childrens bed. Only an astrologer could appreciate it.

    Jupiter is 29 degrees 28 mn Virgo in the 12th house; is conjunct Chiron at 3 degrees 34 mn Libra and Neptune at 5 degrees 50 mn. libra. Asc. at 9 degrees 32 mn. Libra.
    Guess that means Sun semi sextiles Jupiter.
    YES the casual observer would think I was a risk taker but I do not see it that way, with good reason. I am not futuristic in the technology sense ( I see that as debilitating for humanities development) but I can ‘See” the future in visions.
    Yes,, an unusual childhood and yes, Tribal purpose fits nicely.

    The Janus archetype fits and I even had a dream telling me I was like Janus. After I woke I had to look up the word because I was unfamiliar with it.
    As far as loneliness…I am not lonely but prefer going on my missions alone which seems easyer and more efficient.
    Loneliness is an illusion. We are never alone because we are one cell in a greater body.
    Hope this confirmation of your studies helps. Thanks for expanding on the 29th degree.

    • Wonderful addition, Barehand, good to hear from you. Donna

      • Aug 21 2017 there is an eclipse at 29 Leo….and will be seen in the USA ! This is interesting for me. Its on my birthday, Aug 22.
        Also the last eclipse viewed in Minnesota was in. March 1979 and we had several events following. The national guard was called in, on one of our No. Am. Indian reservations. Also there was a rare for our state….an earthquake .
        I viewed the March earthquake…everything turned a beautiful pink color as the moon crossed the Sun.
        My youngest son was born 2 months early in May 79 and Another eclipse was on my birthday following his birth, but that one was not visible in the USA.
        MY SON UNEXPECTEDLY PASSED AWAY this past Nov. 1 2016 and now another eclipse follows his passing on my birthday.

        This up coming eclipse at the 29th degree should be a great opportunity for your study of the 29th degree. Another person to keep an eye on in President Trump with 29 Leo rising.

    • For what its worth (it blew my Uranus 29 Leo mind anyway) you might enjoy Ellias Lonsdale’s note for the 29th degree of Leo {quoted from “Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols”}:
      LEO 29 A Broken Sword.
      Consecration to a higher power. The giving-over of the personal will–the marvel of root change. Coming to the end of your own path, and it is just the beginning of the greater way. The heart must open. The infinite must be born inside. The destiny-necessity is there–so much karmic backlog. So many ways to be right and to be wrong. The realization in the very midst that there is nobody listening to the old tale and everybody is awaiting somebody else to come through. A profound and utter doorway into a great unknown. What has been is finished. What shall be is so very different. And what is now is a question and a prayer and a destiny that must find its redemption.

    • Thanks for sharing this, Barehand. I think you also make an important clarification about loneliness–one can be alone without being lonely.

  39. I knew when I read this email it would affect me. I have 29 degrees Mercury in Cancer and one of my sons has 29 degrees Sun in Virgo. I definitely want to read more about this. But seeing the comments about late bloomers, both my son and I are definitely late bloomers!

  40. Fascinating information. I have Saturn at 29 Virgo 49, in the 5th house. And a stellium in Pisces: Sun, Mercury, and Jupiter all at 20 Pisces within a very few minutes of each other. And north node at 19 Pisces.

    My Saturn placement is sort of a crisis placement in my life, I feel. Something triggering this point, usually sets off some sort of crisis in my life. And for me, it seems to be the Big Girl Panties placement…I most often can not really depend on any help..I have to sort it and figure it out on my own.

    Late bloomer is right. I am in my 60s now…I probably didn’t start to come a bit into my own until my 40s and maybe even the past few years.

  41. This thread is a pearl neck-lace. i have my Sun, Mercury and North Node all in 29 degree seventh house Capricorn and held not so positive sense about this, had several asto readings but never not much said on it except it is anaroxic degree. and there has always been a dominant ‘frustration’ around my feeling/heart self. But this shares on late-bloomers is encouraging….

  42. Hi Donna,

    thank you for drawing my attention to Michelle’s article (which I managed to read by subscribing to the digital edition of MTA). It helped me realize so many things!

    I have a stellium of Mars and Neptune exactly conj. at 29 Libra in the 9th house and conj. Midheaven (8 scorpio), and I also have Lilith 29 Sagittarius conj. Venus 28 Sag. in 12. Ma/Ne form a T-square with Uranus in 7 and Chrion in 1, as well as sextiles with Ju/Pl in 8 and Ve/Li in 12.

    I am a mostly self-taught language nerd (so far, I speak seven languages at interpreting level, four rather fluently, and read another twelve) and have long wondered if this could be attributed to my Ma/Ne-conjunction. However, the concept of Janusian thinking and a prominent 29th degree makes very much sense to me as I am also a synesthetic who perceives all kinds of sounds as colours, something which has been quite helpful in keeping all those languages apart.
    As for the futuristic thinking, I have always struggled with the feeling of being ahead of my time, an outsider who doesn’t belong anywhere – a feeling very much connected with being a synesthetic…

    But I am also a late bloomer and definitely one who has to go it alone. I left my husband and home after 25 years at the age of 51 (under a heavy Pluto-transit to my Venus and all of the above mentioned planets) to get a job that has since allowed me to support myself all on my own and a home that is all mine, with nobody bossing me around. With my second Saturn return coming up, life feels good, like I’m finally on the right track- my own!

  43. Hi, I have my Saturn at 29 deg in Gemini conjunct Mars. I like things neat and organised, love writing and being in bookshops / libraries. 🙂

  44. Hi Donna, and Michele if you’ll pass by. 🙂
    Thank you for such an interesting thread. It made me willing to buy this edition of Mountain Astrologer!
    My Mars is in 29º18 Cancer, in the 1st house, conjunct the Sun (24º12) and Mercury (5º40 Leo, on the cusp of the 2nd house). Mars squares Jupiter in the 4th (26º54 Libra), trines Neptune in the 5th (28º16 Scorpio) and trines the MC.
    It was mentioned above:
    – “There is a risk-taking quality to the individual, tied to the planet at that degree, coupled with a need to see how far one can go.”;
    – Going it alone;
    – Highly individualistic;
    – Gifted imagination.
    This certainly applies to me.
    Michele also wrote above that (1) 29º Cancer feels that is has to fight its own battles alone, (2) and that is shows frequently in charts that say the same in different ways. It is also my case (as you can see from the aspects I mentioned, but other aspects in my chart show it, namely a Cancer Sun and Ascendant, and Moon square Uranus.
    I will probably be a late bloomer (Moon in Capricorn) after working hard and many setbacks.

    • Furthermore, I have a completely Out of Bounds Moon, which seems to increase the effect of the 29th degree Mars, according to Michele Adler. And Moon quincunx Mars.

  45. My Saturn is at 29 degrees 07 minutes in Virgo in the 6th house. It is conjunct the South Node at 27 degrees Virgo.

  46. I have the TMA article. No natals at 29°, some through progressions which did coincide with significant events. Mother had 29° Neptune, her Venus was ruled by and square Neptune, when it progressed into next sign, she suffered a breakdown. Father had Venus 29° hidden square to Neptune, they both had opposing Venuses. Neither were famous persons but I use/d their charts to study the astrology of family dynamics. I always thought 29° was considered special because, if not retrograde, it changes into another element and mode by the next degree in progression. A whole new expression of something familiar. I also think any 29° planets that are Unaspected and/or Out-of-Bounds could be more extreme or significant. The duad article was great, so is this blog. Thanks.

    • Wintermoon, yes, absolutely. A 29 degree planet or Moon out of bounds (OOB) certainly ratchets up the effect of the 29th degree. OOB planets are usually found in Cancer, Capricorn, Gemini or Sagittarius, and occasionally in Taurus and Scorpio. I mentioned Joan Rivers in the article, who had Mercury and Venus at 29 degrees in Gemini and both OOB.

      • Pluto can go OOB in Leo and Aquarius because of its inclination to the ecliptic. Curious to know what planet/s can occasionally go OOB in Taurus and Scorpio?

      • Actually the planets that go out of bounds (OOB) most often are Mercury, Venus and Mars, and of course, the Moon. I’ve not seen Jupiter or Saturn do it, though they may have. There is evidence of Uranus and Pluto going OOB, but I’ve been told by other astrologers who have studied it that Pluto’s orb is too erratic to ever be considered OOB. I can only say that the jury is out on the outer planets as to whether they are OOB.

        I can’t come up with a specific example, but any of the planets that go OOB might turn up in signs close to Gemini, Cancer, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

      • Okay, I do know the only planets that do not go OOB in this time are Saturn and Neptune. Pluto does go OOB, and was in such a condition at times in the 1940’s. Any declination over 23°27′ puts a planet in OOB and the others mentioned, except for Pluto, occur while in Gemini/Cancer and Sagittarius/Capricorn, and Pluto goes out in Leo and Aquarius, however, I have never heard of any occurring in Taurus or Scorpio and was just curious.

      • When they do go into Taurus, for example, it’s usually within a few degrees of 00 Gemini, and the same is true for the others, if I remember correctly.

  47. My MC is at 29 degrees Libra. The unique way my public life has tread the borders over the years of my adult years … that MC within minutes of a stellium in Scorpio in the 10th House all squaring a stellium in Leo.

    I will look forward to your conversation tomorrow, as I recover from our stormy time here on Whidbey Island.

    • I’m late to the thread, and maybe, off track. I’ve not read the article, but it seems the 29 degree addresses ‘planets’. Does the MC qualify for this perspective?

      • Mokihana, yes, the MC and ASC can be taken into consideration for the 29th degree. Problem is, of course, that you have to assume you’re working with an accurate chart.

      • Hi, Moki, long time no see. Yes, the Midheaven and Ascendant are counted as points. Is your MC at 29 degrees? Donna

  48. Hi Donna and Michele, yes my MC is at 29 degrees Libra, and a Scorpio stellium including Sun/Mercury/Chiron are within minutes of that MC. My chart is accurate, and based on hospital record/birth certificate.

  49. This thread is now a mighty river….. I am falling in love with my 29 degree Sun, Mercury and node … CAPRICORN 29 (from Inside Degrees)
    An architect carefully surveying old ruins.
    What is to be seen is the outer skeleton of things. What is to be known is the inner essence of things. The code, the extraordinary revelation, the realization is there inherently in the very substance of existence. A practiced eye can see inside, can penetrate and illuminate. The schooling in perception comes between lives and then overshadows each and every idea or notion anybody can come up with. But to access and do honor to this advanced faculty is rare. For seeing the whole truth is excruciating to the ego-mind. And therefore the battle is on to awaken to your innermost truth, or to succeed brilliantly in adapting your truth to the marketplace, selling your soul to the highest bidder.
    … fascinating description of my obsession in understanding my past there has been this inner voice that the ancient ruins/bricks hold the foundation to new

  50. Hi Donna! Love all your articles! My Mountain Astrologer subscription expired so I didn’t see the article by Michelle Adler. I do have Pluto at 29 Leo 02 on my 2nd cusp. My Pluto is square my natal Saturn at 27 Scorpio in the 4th. Pluto is also sextile my Neptune conjunct my 4th cusp at 28 Libra. I never really studied my Pluto at 29 degrees and I am an astrologer for over 35 years and NCGR, Certified Level I. I would be interested in other’s feedback on my Pluto!

  51. Hi Donna. I’m kind of new to this and just curious of the 29 degree placements in my chart. My sun is at 29 degrees pisces conjunct my midheaven in the 10th house and my 5th house cusp is 29 degrees libra and my 11th house cusp is 29 degrees aries both with the following signs intercepted in those houses. Just curious about this talk on late blooming as I have had a lot of difficulty in the work place. I am in my mid twenties but I have had some really bad luck when in it comes to jobs (getting fired multiple times) and coworkers (sociopaths who have thrown me under the bus). I have done some research on 29 degrees pisces in the past and it seems most of the information claims it to be a degree of great misfortune.

    • Hi, Jake, sorry for the career difficulties you have. The only true 29th degree factor you have is the Sun, a very important one. The house cusps you mention (all cadent houses) cannot count as true ones because they are completely aribitrary and would change depending on which of several possible house systems you use.

      The cusps of the four angular houses (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th) are the four angles, and 29 degrees would count on those houses. Still, I doubt if you can blame all the career difficulties on that one placement, as you’d need to consider the planets and signs in all three of the vocational houses–the 10th, 2nd, and 6th–and what they all mean. Donna

    • Jake, 29 Pisces gets a bad rap because it’s associated with the fixed star Scheat. In ancient times, Scheat was associated with a lot of difficulties, but modern interpretations see it as bringing a high level of artistic, musical and literary ability. With the Sun, it can sometimes mean an independent thinker, which may not always be appreciated in the workplace. If you are in your 20s, that 29 Pisces has probably progressed into the third decanate of Aries, which is ruled by Sagittarius.

  52. Hi, sorry for my English 🙂 Mercury 29 Virgo, 2nd house, conjunct Sun.

    — Late, yes; blooming, no.
    — Unusual, yes; contribution, no.
    — Not talkative (Saturn 26 Pisces); can explain things well.
    — good in school; no clue in life 🙂
    — Totally alone except my mother; people I barely know helped greatly (Jupiter 28 Cancer).
    — Low energy (maybe due to Sun-Saturn opposition?

  53. Hello! Great to see attention to this most crucial degree. I have 29˚41′ Sagittarius ASC, with Saturn/Capricorn 2˚22′ sitting, as I like to say, like Snoopy’s vulture, hanging over my chart. As an astrologer, I have rather deliberately stayed away from spending too much time discussing the 29th degree, largely because I am formulating how to come at it. I find the effect of this combination (on the ASC) has always felt like being on the brink or precipice of some great event, or shake-up, let’s say, waiting to jump into the chasm. I have found during my research that the charts of the people I’ve seen (in history, or clients) often represent a lifetime that encompasses some kind of crisis, or, at the very least, the feeling that crisis is about to happen. I have noticed that strongly anaretic people tend to precipitate crisis, emotional or otherwise, largely to vent the steam of their own personal volcano, as if there is an inordinate amount of emotion/energy built up that must be expressed somehow. Particularly on the ASC, the 29th degree implies a radical style, an unforgettable and almost unalterable expression of intensely unique personality. I’m thinking right now of Coco Chanel, who had 29˚ of Sagittarius rising; hers was considered a uniquely difficult personality, but one of amazing individuality and cleverness. Thanks for the article; I will read it in full.

    • Alison, the premise of the article is that the 29th degree in a natal chart represents an encapsulation of all three modes of the zodiac: cardinal, fixed, mutable. That accounts for a lot of things that people with the 29th degree in their natal charts express. In forecasting work, the 29th degree is a threshold degree, can represent an ending followed by a beginning.

      • Interesting ideas about multiple modalities expressed as one. I’m now wondering if anyone has written on this idea before, because I don’t know know (or remember) if I’ve encountered this idea before. I can certainly attest to the idea that the 29th degree feels like a threshold degree. Thanks very much for your work! Innovative!

      • Alison, I have seen other astrologers comment on the Janusian effect of the 29th degree, but have never read anything about the 29th degree being connected to the Janusian thinking prevalent in creative types. I have also never seen anything about the dwad influence of that degree.

  54. What’s exactly the age a late bloomer experiences the desired achievement? I was thinking in 50s and 60s. Should 40s be considered as well (as someone mentioned above)?

    • Sophia, you bring up a good point regarding late bloomers. They frequently aren’t seen as late bloomers until they start blooming! I identify it as being in the 2nd half of life, but then I study charts of historical figures who have passed on, where it’s very easy to identify their 2nd half of life.

  55. Hello! Mercury at 29 Virgo for me. It seems to mean that mercury retrograde gets me every time. I am also very sensitive to chemicals ans fumes, ect.

  56. I loved this article too! Love love love Mountain Astrologer…

    I’ve got Jupiter & Neptune 29 degrees Sag conjunct Mercury 3 degrees Capricorn, all in the 10th house – I have been meaning to comment on your out-of-sign conjunction article for quite some time, Donna.

    As far as the conjunction goes, I’ve heard mixed things about whether or not it’s a strength or a hindrance, and my own personal experience with it has probably been just about anything you can think of. I have huge ambitions and ideas. I have a strangely persistent sense of optimism, even with all the 8th house energy and water in my chart… I’m poetic and romantic (not in the love department so much) to a fault. I say what I think, and usually with grace. When I want to do something, I do it. Highly idealistic, especially in my youth, though time has tried to dampen that. It’s hard for me to keep a normal job. I can’t just spend 40+ hours a week doing something I hate for money. Success has yet to come, if ever. I’ve traveled a ton. I’ve got Sag Venus on a Sag MC, so it’s hard to really tell where the conjunction begins and where it ends, as far as my behavior goes. Neptune is difficult to wield, if not impossible. My Mercury tries to make sense of it, so I write and am extremely creative/artistic. I play a handful of musical instruments, paint, film, you name it. I like to do beautiful things in big ways, I suppose that statement would describe most of it.

    Feeling as though I need to carry out a familial purpose is a YES, and I could totally be down with some dynasty building.

    Now, regarding the 29th degree, I have a question, though I don’t know if it can be answered. Obviously, Adler’s article was affirming and it gave me some hope about my future. However, my Cancer Moon is out of bounds as well, so how do I know what’s what? An out-of-bounds Moon seems to act in similar ways to the 29th degree, though I know they are different. Does anyone have any thoughts on this? Because I thought I was weird because of my Moon being out of bounds, but now this 29th degree stuff has me wondering how the two are truly different.

    • Thanks for your post, B D. The boundary pushing is what the 29th degree and OOB planets may have in common, and the 29th degree has an encapsulation quality of all three modes that can make for extremes, just as the out of bound declination can. However, the 29th degree a creative impetus to it, and OOB planets don’t necessarily do that.

  57. Hello Donna, Michelle and all,
    I would really like to have your view on my 29th degree issue. I have all cardinal points at 29th degree, with Virgo rising, and also Uranus at 29th degree Scorpio (3th house).
    Uranus is the ruler of my 5th house Sun in Aquarius. Mercury, which rules the chart, Asc and MC, is at 0° Piscies on 5th house (another complex degree).
    The question: how can I work this out in order to direct vocation/professional life? I miss focus and choice. I have many habilities and interests, I did great in various studies, I like to know and explore knowledge (3rd house Sag Moon), I did and try to do many (too much) things in different fields.
    One of the things I do is astrology.
    I lack direction and money and I am on this for years, so I would like to know where to focus…
    Thanks a lot.

  58. I keep waiting for someone to mention this, but no one has, so I will do it. I admit to dabbling in numerology, but respond to numbers in a rather visceral way rather than traditionally. I do get a tingle when I see the number 29. It reduces to an 11 (2 + 9=11) and that is the first of the “master numbers. (Along with 22, 33, 44, etc.) Donna

    • Dear DoNNA….
      and I bet, if each one of us with a prominent 29th degree in our chart were to reduce the numbers in our birth names AND/OR our birthdates, with Numberology, there would be many of us with a master number hidden. everything is all connected to each other.
      I have a sun 29 virgo. My full birth name (everything added and reduced together) reduces to 11/2 master number. In my youth the master number manifested as heavy spiritual “lessons” , very karmic that I had to experience, learn from over and over again. Also, I wasa lonely child with a love for everything occult; even at a very early age.
      I married twice…went through many trials and tribulations. I had a good job, a family but was never happy, there was a part of me I felt was always missing. My thrid marriage put my full name back, once again, to the 11/2 master number. I’m probably more in touch with my spritual side at 58 then I ever was when younger. Not only am I learning but I am understanding what I have learned. Thats a biggy 🙂 It’s almost like a “gate” has opened and all the information I once searched for is finally coming through. But this time the information is richer, deeper and more meaningfulf. I was really worried about my second saturn return, was worried it would be too harsh. After writing this, maybe that is what the second saturn return is about…wisdom granted. Just wondered if anyone else had a master number in their birthdate or name name that also had the 29th degree in chart?

      • Wow, this opens up a whole new can of worms for me!My son with Moon in Aries at 29′ was born on September 2 (09-02). My husband, with Jupiter at 29′ Leo, was born on 10-14-1967 (adds up to 47, reduces to….11).

      • A fascinating new facet! I wonder what Michelle may know about this.

      • Amazing correspondence, Karen! Donna

      • This thread is very interesting. I have Mars 29′ Cap 10th square Neptune 29′ Libra 7th and have been following everyone’s insights about their own charts. Am in bed sick so not feeling too energetic about participating at the moment. Though Donna’s comments about the tingle she gets when seeing a 29′ in a chart spoke to me. My Mercury in Taurus 1′ opposite Neptune in 29′ Libra- means that learning for me is often visceral and can also be highly intuitive.) I too have felt this sort of ‘charge’ when looking at my or other’s chart and seeing the 29′ degree…So Karen your musings about the possibility of these Master numbers showing up in names and birth dates got me curious. Eerie. Both my full name and my birthdate add up to 11.
        I don’t really know what Master numbers are…though…:-)

      • The Master Numbers are: 11 (Master of Creativity and Confidence) 22 (The Master Builder) 33 (The Master of Love and 44 (The Master of Stability) For a full and comprehensive understanding of these numbers, I Highly recommend Dan Millman’s book on Numerology: The Path of Your Destiny (or a title close to that).

        The number 29/11 is the Life Path of 3 of my siblings, meaning that I have observed and learned about this energetic pattern my entire life. I am 49 now.
        What I can tell you is that because the number one is associated with the pattern of learning creativity and confidence, there are often wild swings between feelings of confidence, and feelings of underconfidence, and likewise with creative abilities versus blocked creative forces in a person.

        Remember that when anyone is associated with a certain numerological pattern, their Life Lessons revolve around the lessons inherent in those numbers; it is not that others are not creative or confident, it is just that when you are assigned these numbers for learning; YOUR LESSONS involve struggling and mastering these talents. Creativity and Confidence.

        The creative urge will be markedly strong, and will be expressed in a powerful and magnetic Rush of energetic force, intense and exciting to witness. This creative urge Must be expressed, whether the person chooses to use it for good or for more self destructive ends: music, artistic creations, cooking, creating of any sort, leadership, teaching, etc. or addictive habits and patterns, or a marked lack of confidence, and a questioning of abilities.

        I deeply and truly recommend reading Dan Millman’s book. It has guided me profoundly in the last 25 years of my life. Along with other touchstones. The cover of the book is blue. Blessings and light, and I hope you are feeling much better as you read this message.

      • Thanks for the interps, Regina.

      • Regina Noel’s Chambers thanks so much for you detailed reply on the Master numbers. I had no idea that 11 had so much to do with creativity..and confidence. I also have Jupiter in Leo in 5th so the creativity thing is very important to me. Yet what you said does explain a sort of tension between that and the confidence to go for it and live and manifest my creative ideas. Very interesting how you have observed this in your family members. I wonder if any of my family have this number pattern…or some other. I will look for Dan Millman’s book. I have another book by Dan Millman..if it’s the same Dan Millman and I like his writing style very much. Thanks again for your kindness in replying.

      • Great thread, folks! My 2nd h. Uranus in 29 Cancer rules my 9th h. Aquarian Sun & 9th cusp. I use Placidus but in some h. systems I have Sun in the eighth. in numerology I’m an 11. I could read by age 4, and was taken out of first grade & put into 2nd against my will. I was very timid & unathletic & was continually bullied for years & zero was done about it by any adult including parents. There’s the coping alone. I have very high verbal ability, am quite comfortable in French & minored in Spanish & would love to learn more languages. Besides astrology, I’ve written a historical fantasy trilogy & am working on a different novel now. If I see a word once, I remember its spelling forever. I paint deep space objects and make bone creatures. On the other hand, I have no sense of direction at all and have mistaken my way in a place I lived for 30 years. It’s almost a handicap. In foreign cities I practically memorize the map before going for a walk. Thank goodness for GPSs! Rebellious, yes, but that could be just Aquariosis.

        It’s hard at least for me to differentiate the 29 degree material from my balsamic and out of bounds Capricorn moon in 7th, which rules houses 1 & 2. The Uranus is in an out of quality grand trine to Venus Pisces 10th & Saturn Sag 6th. It also opposes Merc Cap 8 and squares out of quality Neptune at 0 Scorp in 5th. It’s also the engine in my locomotive chart. Much to think about!

      • You’re a complex and gifted individual, Jodie. Thanks for sharing your story. Donna

    • Yes and being born on the 22nd put my sun at 29th degree. A master number leading to another master number……….hmm

  59. Thanks Donna. you both answered an earlier post by me….(.my sun in virgo tightly conjunt mars along with 3 other planets in virgo ( stellium) all in my 2nd house plus part of fortune.) you both were kind enough to answer me. When you brought up numerology and the master number 11…I remembered my own connection to the master number 11. a light bulb went off so

  60. Michele you have been so generous with your observations – North Node is in Virgo 29 and South Node in Pisces 29 and has a collective influence could you please say something about how that may play out…..

    • Subra, are you using the mean node or the true node? Also, I am using an iPad right now and having a more difficult time responding to notes.

      • By transit, don’t know by what calculation – got it from reading in

    • Subhra, I would interpret 29 Virgo as a blending of Leo-Virgo-Libra, and think that the Leo placement would give additional creative ability. The Nodal axis is, among other things, related to boundaries, and perhaps its interpretation in your chart might relate to that.

  61. I am trying to make sense of the 29th degree, because I identify with it and what you all wrote about it, yet don’t have one in my chart, except a progressed Taurus Moon in seventh (natally: sixth Aries) at 29 02′. I’m thirty, so I can’t say much about being a late bloomer yet.

    Things that fit: a)absent parents
    Mother was a nurse. Worked nights, slept through her free days. Father was absent/alcoholic most of my childhood.
    b) genius/self-taught
    I learned to speak two languages just by watching cartoons on TV, beginning with the age of 4 or 5. Now I speak and write in both of them fluently. I also learned to draw early on. I have a vivid imagination and goy interested in writing as early as at 6. I still write. You said people with planets in 29 degrees are good at some mechanics underlaying fields of knowledge or something like that – I became very good at creative writing theory and pinpointing flaws in other people’s work. Though my mother taught me the basics of astrology since I was five (she said I was the only of her sons who was receptive to it), I learned most of it at twenty when I had a re-sit and decided to study astrology books instead.
    I have a ton of various interests and hobbies. Apart from drawing or writing, I dabble in various other art forms: I edit videos. I do translations. I paint digitally. I write poetry.
    c) rebel
    My earliest resolution was to be the exact opposite of my father. He drank, I stayed sober all my life. He was greedy and dishonest – I have problems accepting money and am paranoid about turning in shoddy work. It also showed as all sorts of other excentricities: wearing long hair in elementary school, or walking around without a jacket, with an unbuttoned shirt, no scarf, exposed t-shirt and sweater ‘provocatively’ tied around my waist as if it was summer.
    d) alone
    I was a freak. And an outsider. I was the quiet, peaceful, conflict-avoiding type who was bullied through most of the time spent in elementary school. This also carried over to my first two highschool years (until my bullies found out what a difficult situation I have at home).
    e) interest in the future.
    I love sci-fi. I love to write it. I love futuristic designs from the past that didn’t catch on. I love biographies of geniuses, highly creative people, inventors like Nicola Tesla, Leonardo da Vinci. I’m fascinated by how their minds worked. I love developments in science, design, technology.
    f) direction in life
    I have no clue where I’m going, what to do with my skills, what to focus on as a career. My Saturn-Sun opposition between ASC and 7th makes me feel that whatever I do isn’t good enough. I have many skills, but I don’t feel any of them is developed well enough to take money for using it professionally. I know this might just be low self-esteem talking, but I can’t help it.
    e) emotional swings
    I struggle with depression. I force myself to scratch things of chore lists to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed. When I’m doing this it often happens I cause myself to go into a sort of work-trance where I’m really fast, doing lots of things, where I’m full of boiling energy/restless.
    I’m considerate enough to keep my bad moods to myself (which some say causes depression), so others wouldn’t have to suffer my bad moods, but if someone tries to talk to me about mundane things while I’m in a bad mood, I tend to lash out at them. This is also why I don’t want to drink. With Saturn in the first in Scorpio I want to have full control over these kinds of extreme emotions. I’d be horrified if I lost control and did something hurtgul or stupid while drunk.
    f) pioneering
    I love experimentation, avantgarde music, etc. I would love to leave something innovative behind. I’m obsessed with reinventing the fields I feel stronly about like writing or astrology. I write short stories in unique subgenres: like a mystery story involving the restless ghosts of a pirate ship crew.

    Interesting what you said about stars and Pleiades. My Sun is on Algol and even before I knew about it, I instinctively loved the myth about Medusa. Pluto is opposed this Sun tightly conjunct ASC on the side of the twelfth and I almost died during birth. I was born past term, I had to be reanimated using – ironically – modern, nigh futuristic technology for that time. As for Algol, I blame it for many head-related ailments or injuries I had.

    Interesting what you write about Me-Nep aspects giving talent for music. In my case its weird. I’ve never had the chance to learn to play. I don’t think I can sing, but just before going to sleep I immediately hear fully orchestrated music in my head. It’s composed from scratch. Not a remix of something I heard. It isn’t some simple melody either – it’s something I’d love to have on my playlist. Unfortunately I can’t even read or write notes, so unless I decide to record a very unfaithful rendition of it on my phone, it’s lost forever the next day.
    I associate it with Mercury-Neptune being one of only two major aspects Mercury (in Taurus) makes (this Pluto-Mercury opposition being the other). Since Neptune is in the third in Capricorn (speaking, voice), trining Mercury in the singing, pretty-voiced Taurus, oppositing Pluto in the house of the subconscious, I only get to do it when I’m falling asleep and half-conscious.

    Thanks for sharing your insights on the subject! Reading through all the comments was a delight!

    • Hi, I can identify with most of these. I also have Saturn-Sun opposition. Maybe it has similar qualities as the 29 degree. Hope things work out for you.

      • Surely enough it could explain mood swings between Saturnine gloom and Sunny gleam;)

        I do have the cusp of the third and eighth house at 29 degs (which would explain why I want to be a pioneer in writing and astrology of all things), but I’m told it doesn’t count, because the borders change between house systems. I’m using almost exclusively the Krusinski-Pisa-Goelzer house system, finding it works for me best.

        I’m also thinking of midpoints. I wonder if the Pluto-Scorpio ASC midpoint doesn’t fall there. I’ll have to check.

        Thanks for the wishes. I hope you’ll sort out your problems too.
        Best wishes:)

    • Hi antipaladinpedigri, I can relate to the majority of what you just wrote. I believe your mood swings are your 29 degree moon. I have my ASC at 29:29 Cancer. Your Algol Sun is actually my 10TH house Mars in while my personal Sun – Pluto opposition is played out on the 10/4th axis. I must add that I was born on a New Moon at 0:15 Taurus. I always felt odd or “bipolar” but once my Saturn return happened I am learning to embrace all of this as dichotomy and not polarity.

  62. Curiously enough, the comment about asynchrony hit close to home. I couldn’t learn how to tie my shoes late into elementary school. Same goes for reading a dial clock. It took me a moment of pondering to figure out which side is left and which right – the knowledge didn’t come instinctively. I still have some problems with it, which is why I decided not to pursue getting a driver’s licence. Simple math like multiplication or fractions baffled me back in school (I was bad at math all my life).

    • antipaladinpedigri, your post about asynchrony and time telling and math make me wonder if it is the Mercury Taurus (knowledge has to be concrete to be grasped) connection. I too have Mercury in Taurus and for the life of me had the most difficulty with Algebra, though I loved Geometry. Some things take awhile to click for me, though once I’ve grasped a concept I don’t forget it. I love languages too…even spent my first year after high school in France…I just loved the sound of the language and tuned my ear like one would for singing so I could get the accent right. I have also studied ASL American Sign Language. I loved hearing about the symphonies you hear before sleep. What a great gift. How wonderful to be so attuned. I once heard a symphony while in a meditation. It felt like the very sound of the universe at a higher level was music. It was so beautiful. Have you studied any music ? Do you have a Caseo or such ?

  63. Thank you for the wonderful conversation here. I finally found people who shares the same questions that I have.
    I have North Node at 29 degrees Leo conjunct Virgo 0 degrees Moon. The North Node is stationary.
    I have always walked my own way. But the other side of the coin is that the road is lonely and sometimes I´m totally lost. And because I wan´t to do it all by myself, I can be lost for a long time. This stationary North Node goes with the family. My father has it, but in different sign and degree. Both my kids have stationary North Node.
    We all are wanderers here.
    Maybe I´ll find my path someday. Or better but this way: I know where I want to go and how but the life around me makes it difficult to happen. I´m stuck in the 29th degree and I want to forward but something is on my way like a wall, always.
    Thank you!

    • Hi, Sanna, I’m glad you found the article and connected with it. The North node isn’t necessarily a bad thing. To me, it represents a departure from past patterns and will pay off positively if you develop the qualities of that sigh and house. As we’ve noted, 29 Leo is a very special degree of the zodiac and any number of famous people have it, but are exceptional.

      Since it is conjunct your Virgo Moon, that is an out of sign conjunction, and you might like to look for the article on that topic on this blog and also read the comments about it–I think you’d connect with people who have that type of conjunction. (Use the search engine at the top right hand corner of this blog.) In your case, you will ultimately find a constructive way to blend the best qualities of Leo and Virgo. Donna

      • Thank you! I have read your article about out of sign conjunctions, it was one of those important things in this journey that I have with my North Node and especially with my Moon. I´m only in the beginning in this journey with my North Node. Like The Node itself, in it´s first steps in Leo. But maybe I should pay more attention to Leo as a sign. My chart is full on Virgo (Moon, Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Vertex, Lilith, Black Moon Lilith and asteroids). That´s why the conjunction with North Node and Moon is also under my study. Leo needs to be heard I think. The conjunction with Regulus hasn´t brought me fame and glory, yet. But I have stationary Saturn in my chart and Capricorn Sun, so my path goes slowly but firmly forward. The last solar eclipse before my birth was at Leo 29, so this serious Carpicorn-Virgo type should use those qualities for good and enjoy life with Leo taste in everything.
        I must read your article again and the comments also. With this knowledge about 29th degree, I might be a bit wiser after reading things again.

      • So glad it’s helped you to see the positive potential. Donna

      • One more obsevation, Sanna. One of my many astrology teachers, Charles Jayne, wrote extensively about the importance of the prenatal eclipse, and the fact that yours was at 29 Leo really verifies the importance of that degree in your chart. Donna

    • Sanna, anything in the 29th degree always changes through secondary progressions and solar arc directions. So though it’s always a template, it doesn’t mean being stuck. Also, the fixed star Regulus is now at 00 Virgo 00. It’s an important star, one of the four royal stars of Persia, so you have that in your chart.

  64. Hello Donna, Michelle and all,
    I would really like to have your view on my 29th degree issue.
    I have all cardinal points at 29th degree: 29º degree Virgo rising and 29º Gemini MC.
    I also have Uranus at 29th degree Scorpio (3th house).
    Uranus is the ruler of my 5th house Sun in Aquarius. Mercury, which rules the chart, Asc and MC, is at 0° Piscies on 5th house (another complex degree).
    The question: how can I work this out in order to direct vocation/professional life? I miss focus and choice. I have many skills and interests, I did great in various studies, I like to know and explore knowledge (3rd house Sag Moon), I did and try to do many (too much) things in different fields.
    One of the things I do is astrology.
    I lack direction and money and I am on this for years, so I would like to know where to focus…
    Thanks a lot.

    • When I read your comment, I saw myself in your situation – lots of interests, love of learning, no idea what to pick as a career and focus on professionally, ready to try new things in new fields (as long as it doesn’t involve serious physical or monetary or social risk), studying astrology, lack of money all my life.
      Uranus in 2nd opposed Mars in 8th in Gemini makes my financial situation extremely unstable all life long. Another acquaintance with the same aspect said about it that it makes him a “master in not having money” and “being able to always survive using the least amount of money humanly possible”. Same as me. He also said money always appears unexpectedly, seemingly out of nowhere, from surprising sources when he needs it. Same with me. I wonder – is your 3rd house Uranus close enough to the 2nd house cusp, so it could switch houses when you switch house systems?

      • Uranus in the 2nd can also mean income from a variety of different sources. I have that placement (conj the Sun) and worked for many years for an electric utility, which is ruled by Uranus. It does mean fluctuation, but it can also mean income from unusual sources, or income that comes unexpectedly.

      • These are such good interpretations, Michelle. I’m glad it’s such a mutual exchange, that your replies add to their understanding of their 29 degree placements, while their descriptions add additional facets to your research.

        (I toldja my readers were amazing!) Donna

      • Yes, they certainly are, Donna. I am still marveling at the synchronicity of the late bloomer comments. As mentioned, I’m doing research on that, too, but hadn’t lined it up with the 29th degree. Late blooming and pushing boundaries–the latter one of the things you see a lot in charts with 29 degrees–do seem to go together. Pushing boundaries means ignoring customs and coloring outside the lines, and that is a quality in a number of late bloomer charts I’m studying.

      • I’m so glad, Michelle. I found a lot of late blooming qualities among stellium folks, especially those with more than one outer planet. However, with five or more planets strung out and sometimes crossing the line between signs, I wouldn’t be surprised if a number of them had 29 degree placements. I’ll have to go back and look at my famous stellium charts. Dona

      • So in order to be a stellium-late bloomer does one have to have the stellium in 29 degs, or generally in a sign? Now that you mentioned it I noticed three objects so tightly conjoined, it’s a pile up (in my sixth) – two are linked up to Mercury smack in the middle of my DSC, making it extra powerful. So the first cluster is Mercury, Pallas, Pholus (and Lilith but it 5 degs apart). The second is the Moon, Venus (4 degs apart from Moon and Eris (3 degress apart from Venus).

        I beginning to think the stellium works like a conjunction where the energy of one planet overshadows the other and because of it it can take a human significantly more years to utilise these energies. If you only had Mercury in there, it’d direct you towards Mercury related jobs, but with a stellium you can’t isolate it – you have to find a way to express all those different energies at once. The presence of those energies in my sixth would perfectly explain why I lack focus (juggling different energies and expressions of them) and why I can’t find a job that would be suited to this unique combo. It’s likely the job it points me towards doesn’t exist yet and I have to create it myself. This would in turn fit well with Uranus in second in Sag opposing Mars in 8th (other people’s money) in Gemini.

      • Sometimes “lacking focus” can mean you can handle a lot of things at once, and get bored if you are plodding along with one thing. I have the Sun and 3 planets in Gemini, and always thought I wanted to be a newspaper reporter when I was younger. That would have bored me senseless. As it turned out, I was always in jobs that had multiple responsibilities–writing, editing, designing publications, doing public relations events, etc. If you love all of the things you’re juggling, focus takes care of itself. That’s probably the crux of vocation: Finding something that doesn’t feel like work.

      • That’s actually spot on. Fits both my Mars Gemini in 8th opp Uranus 2nd in Sagittarius, as well as Moon in Aries/6th and Venus in Aries 5/6th. I ALWAYS wanted something that’d let me develop most if not all of my fav hobbies/skills at once. First it was creating cartoons, video game design, then blogging (you know, adding drawings, linking other proects to it), now video editing/webshow creation. I’m still interested in all those things. Sadly, I have yet to catch up on programming to kick-start my lifelong dream of creating video games. My brother can code, but he’s busy with family and work, so I can’t depend on his help apart from mentoring.

        However, I thought it’s just one of those random personal quirks and not an actual manifestation of the energies in my chart! Thank you so much, Michele! You’ve opened my eyes! The best way to approach it would be to find work that’s more traditional/menial, but pays the bills and develop the multi-faceted project in the meantime, provided there’s enough energy to do that at the end of the day left.

        Once again, a huge thank you, Michele! You’re a life saver!

      • Glad it was helpful, Antipaladinpedigri!

      • No, I was just noting that many stellium holders are late bloomers regardless of whether they have a planet in the 29th degree or not. It’s often true when their stellium planets include two or more outer planets, as it takes long whle to grow into them.

      • Well, I did explore my stash of famous folks with stelliums, and not quite as many 29 degrees as I anticipated, but still a lot. Here they are in sign order.

        29 Cancer: Halle Berry, Venus.

        29 Leo: Princess Diana, North Node; Jim Carrey, Uranus, Whoopi Goldberg, Jupiter.

        29 Scorpio: Matt Damon, Neptune; Tatum O’Neal, Venus (definitely an early bloomer, child star)

        29 Sag: Prince Charles (also Uranus 29 Gemini)

        29 Aquarius: Billy Ray Cyrus, Moon

      • Perhaps you could consider Prince Charles a late bloomer, in that he is now in his mid 60s and not yet king.

      • And I think most of us are rooting for William to be the next king, maybe including Charles himself. Donna

      • The unexpectedness part has been a thing all my life. My income so far has come from astrology/counseling/divination work, but more importantly from translations (both Sagittarius and Aquarius/Uranus rule the abroad). Some of my biggest paying commissions were translations of astrology texts, so it’s one way those two facets of this placement can intermingle. Because of the connection with the 8th I often got unexpected financial help from other people. This also suggests the thing about multiple sources of income is true.
        Thanks again for all your help in understanding my financial woes and “Uranian” mysteries.

      • No, Uranus is on the 3rd house both in placidus or equal house systems. My problem with money is just the consequence of not being able to stay in a job. Whenever I do the effort to compromise and sacrifice with a job, money enters with no problem.

      • Mariana, I haven’t focused specifically on 29 Cardinal degrees. I have thought about 29 Mutable, because the next degree for 29 Mutable is 00 Cardinal, and that may have more significance.

      • Michelle, that is exactly my case, sorry if I did not explain so well, english is not my mother tongue.
        I have all angles (not “cardinal points”, after all) at 29th degree: 29º degree Virgo rising and 29º Gemini MC.
        I also have Uranus at 29th degree Scorpio (3th house).
        Uranus is the ruler of my 5th house Sun in Aquarius. Mercury, which rules the chart, Asc and MC, is at 0° Piscies on 5th house (another complex degree).
        Cancer/ Capricorn intercepted in 10th/4th houses.
        The question: how can I work this out in order to direct vocation/professional life? I miss focus and choice. I have many skills and interests, I did great in various studies, I like to know and explore knowledge (3rd house Sag Moon), I did and try to do many (too much) things in different fields.
        One of the things I do is astrology.
        I lack direction and money and I am on this for years, so I would like to know where to focus…
        Thanks a lot.

      • Mariana, I think vocation and profession require an analysis beyond the 29th degree. Donna is an expert on this. I generally look at the 10th, 2nd and 6th houses, as well as the pre-natal eclipse. You can also look at the prominent signs in your chart, because they can sometimes point towards a particular industry. (I have a stellium in Leo, and worked for many years in the hotel and restaurant industry. Leo is also the sign of show business, and has to do with creativity and children.)

    • Michelle, have you any research on cardinal points at 29th degree? I have them all (as explained in this post).

  65. Hello. This is my first visit here and I’m very curious and intrigued by this discussion. My MC is 29.26 degrees Aries at the end of 9th house. I have no planets in the 10th house. Mars is in Libra in 3rd house at 23.45. What would you like to know and what can you share that will further enlighten me? Thank you.

    • I would be interested in knowing how that 29 Aries has played out where work, career or profession is concerned. The 29th degree of Aries is best served when the Piscean intuition and the resourceful Taurean energies are activated.

      • Thank you for your reply, Michele. I’m confused a bit by your question. How does Pisces intuition/8th house play into the MC?

        In terms of career/work/job throughout my life, I have worn many career/job hats. Some of these career/work/jobs where resourcefulness and intuition (creativity) was important and others where just performing the tasks I was given was important. Currently, I’m kind of in between the two: I have tasks I need to do yet I need to be somewhat resourceful. I am working on finding new ways to structure what I do and how I offer it to others. Intuition could be useful. I need to trust that part more. Saturn in Pisces in the 8th.

        Venus is in the 2nd house conjuncting uranus and pluto — I’d like to be more independent and do my own thing, utilizing more of my creativity.

        Jupiter is in the 11th house at 23 degrees. Is it close enough for a sextile to MC? Teaching …?

        Thanks for your reply!

      • The 29th degree of Aries is connected to the Taurean energy because it’s the next sign, and to the Piscean energy because 29 Aries falls in the Piscean dwadashamsa.

  66. Hi there! How about having the MC at 29.00 degrees of Libra? That’d be me (equal house system). I have no idea how that manifests in my life. I’ve certainly made no earth-shattering contributions to society at large. I don’t feel that I have unusual abilities. There has been difficulty settling on any particular career because I’ve always been interested in Everything! Being a permanent student would be my dream vocation. But, I’ve always chalked all that up to a near exact Uranus-Pluto conjunction (17:03 and 17:06) in the 9th House.

    I suspect I do push boundaries in a personal sense, but that’s again just that Uranus-Pluto thing (opposite Moon-Saturn in 3rd). Rebellious, contrary and devil’s advocate for sure. But 29 degrees Libra..I did just obtain a Cosmetology license this year at the grand old age of 50. Does that count? Does that mean I’ll have an awesome career doing people’s hair? LOL I’d rather be an astrologist. Been studying for years but don’t seem to assimilate things very well. I take that back. I do understand in myself, but I have a very difficult time explaining it to others. Can’t be a professional like that, can you?

    I was just reading the comments here. Made me think more about my chart: Out of sign conjunction-Venus Scorpio, Mars Sagittarius. Jupiter at 1:05 degrees Cancer. And of course, the famous Uranus Pluto conjunction of 1965. Oh, and then my Sun, that sits on the Raven at 14:16 degrees of Libra. Am I fun, or what? LOL!!! . I would have to say that the second half of life is proving to be a whole lot more interesting, entertaining and livable than the first. So, I guess there’s that.

    Great topic! Always love to read your stuff. Very thought-provoking… and don’t we just love having things to ponder?!!


  67. Hello,
    I have always wondered what my 29th degree planets meant.
    I have MC at 29 degrees Libra and Jupiter at 29 degrees Scorpio in the 11th (happens to conjunct my natal Neptune at 0 degrees Sag and opposite my Natal Saturn at 6 degree Gemini)…
    What can I share?

    • Rose, how has the 29th degree played out in Jupiter? Many times, people with Jupiter in Capricorn in the 29th degree have to build their “fortunes” themselves. They also have a tendency to become the “power behind the throne”, in that they do a great deal to boost others which ultimately pays off for them. Jupiter also relates to education, so sometimes they are self taught. I’d also be curious as to whether anyone else in your family has 29 Capricorn. 29 Capricorn includes the Sagittarian dwad, and the Aquarian energy, which don’t always manifest the same way that the Capricorn energy typically operates.

  68. How would a retrograde play into this? My Saturn is retrograde at 29 degrees 11 minutes of Aquarius in the 3rd house. Does the fact that this particular Saturn had recently been in Pisces affect anything?

    • We’ll have to ask the expert on that one, Charles. Donna

    • Charles, retrograde Saturns can mean someone who may have had separation from a parent, usually the father, or the father wasn’t able to provide for them in some way. That is one interpretation of retrograde Saturn, regardless of the degree.

  69. Hi everyone and thank you so much for the discussion. I shall try to find the magazine locally as I haven’t had a subscription for some time to TMA.

    I can relate to much of the experience here.

    I have Mercury @ 29’15” Leo and it rules my Pluto/Uranus conjunction in Virgo, IC Virgo, N node in Gemini, S node ruler in Gemini and Venus in Virgo. It is also conjunct the Venus. I was born in the summer of 1965 with the Pluto/Uranus conj square the nodes and Saturn in the tenth also square the nodes. I have thought often of the importance of a planet with this much influence in my chart this important degree(also conjunct Regulus) but I really haven’t yet found the key to that Mercury for me.

    Definitely a late bloomer if indeed I bloom at all. Most all of my planets lead back to this Mercury, save a Sun/moon balsamic conjunction in 2nd house Leo which of course rules the M. My experience is such that although I have a rich and studious inner world and intellect- I have always tested INTJ with the Meyers Briggs and am strongly introverted, I have grown over the years to keep most all of my ideas to myself. I rarely share with others my ideas and philosophies except in very small instances. This has led to a kind of existence where I have an inner life that rarely matches up with an outer persona. Even in my artwork, Tarot work and astrology I am very careful to edit my true voice assuming it too far out for others to be comfortable with, realizing of course it is me that is truly uncomfortable with sharing. This unfortunate tendency I understand as the influence of the Saturn up in my Tenth that opposes the Pluto/Uranus. I have kept an art blog for many years though and here and there, in small amounts I speak about my inner creative world.

    The “pushing boundaries” is a theme I identify with and is one of the reasons for my gradual Mercury retreat. Early on I was overtly and impulsively rebellious and disobedient for which I still feel regret for as it lead to unfortunate consequences. Still I embrace more subtle/private but important(to me)rebellious acts such as consciously not remarrying, not wearing make-up, and certainly my own idiosynchratic beliefs, thoughts and ideas.

    In terms of relationships too- I had only two early ones-one a disastrous marriage from which I ended up raising three children on my own. Interesting to see some correlation with independence and this degree.

    Anyway, very interesting to read the article and what everyone has shared and learning much from the discussion.

    Thanks again!

  70. I have a 29 degree Capricorn moon in the 5th house. I too am a late bloomer and have had a very unique and different type of life. I have unique and unusual abilities. This discussion, and what others having this 29 degree are saying exemplifies the 29th degree and all that it entails and touches on what it requires of us. I also have Saturn at 8 Leo in my 11th house conjunct Pluto at 13 Leo in the 11th. It’s a wide out of sign Opposition but I do feel it, believe me. It’s impact actually began before birth. This could prove to be a fascinating discussion and I hope it continues.

    • Sharon, you may find a look into your converse progressions to be helpful.

  71. I can’t figure out how to read the article without waiting for them to send me the back issue in the mail. Does anyone know how I can read it online? I already paid for the back issue…

    Pretty much dying of curiosity here. 29 degree Libra sun sextile 29 degree Sagittarius Neptune…much to say, much I’d like to know!

    • To read it immediately online, purchase a digital subscription for The Mountain Astrologer (at least that’s the option I chose) and then create a login, go to the members’ home, and scroll down to the Oct/Nov 2015 issue. Click on the link to Michele Adler’s article. Happy reading!

      • Usually I might say that’s a little extreme but I’ve been meaning to subscribe to TMA anyhow! Thanks, Mary!

    • I ordered the digital subscription and got instant access to the Oct/Nov issue. Perhaps since you ordered a copy and it is enroute you could email the TMA office and request a digital copy of Michele’s article… they are lovely folks😊

      • Thanks for your help, Pammy. I did ask them but it’s no can do. I am actually looking forward to getting a subscription! It’s about time 🙂

  72. Appreciated running across this and though it did prompt me to get a MA turns out it’s the Dec. / Jan…will redirect that effort to the website.

    How did the eclipse @ 29 Pisces affect you all? (March I believe). For me with a 29 Taurus Venus it was highly tumultuous, believe it or not.

    Maybe it’s energy hasn’t been as out there as I thought it had been, being in the 12th, and the touch from the 10th brought it into fuller manifestation. Or that spot is a vulnerability and it got accessed. (the long sawing of Saturn back and forth at the opposite point probably didn’t help).

    There were ripples emanating that seemed to come from a rock tossed in the pool (eclipse) but impossible to prove where they came from and if they came from the same source, especially when traces from both wannabe and successful criminals were scrubbed and the attitude of authorities was mostly apathy, intransigence and displacement of responsibility (none of them work for you and if it came down to it they’d probably join forces to mow you).

    I learned we have a veneer of protection both in cyber and real world but did surf the waves successfully enough to not have a meltdown and at the end of summer found ebb time to lick wounds / re-grow organs. these impersonal predator encounters are more wearying as one gets older – not just being ripped off but the act of replacing / upgrading afterwards – it feels the same – in some way the removal of my electronic possessions and not having them around felt freeing, adding them back puts the yoke round my neck again – very perverse, confusing, the sense of inward ambivalence, I’m supposed to consider these things important but they’re seriously nutritionally deficient to a part of me that’s pissed (Venus?), and they’re endangering us now as well.

    Anyhow thank you for the topic that could restart more lightminded curiosity. Hopefully some of the stream-of-consciousness makes sense up there. Maybe something happened during the 29 degree eclipse that’ll have a late blooming effect? (oh noes!)

  73. @Donna In relation to the fact about 29 degs being difficult, even having borderline personality – two of Halle Berry’s previous partners claim she’s been emotionally abusive to them.

    • No, I didn’t say anything about a borderline personality–that is a psychiatric diagnosis and not limited to any one astrological signature.

      However, yes I have heard mixed reports about Halle Berry’s relationships and who abused who. Donna

  74. Interesting thread on the 29th degree. I have Uranus at 29*59″ Taurus- I guess it’s still Taurus but I’m not totally confident in my birth time of 2:44 pm. Someone told me she thought it seemed more like my Asc. Might be 28-9 Cap. Rather than 25 for some reason I forget now. I just turned 74 in Oct. so I’d really like to figure out more of how my life has ‘fit’ or ‘not fit’ my chart….Saturn is conjunct my Uranus at 28* Taurus, both being my first house rulers.

    I haven’t decided whether they are in my 4th or 5th house yet. Placidus = 4th, Koch =5th. Until I was 42 I feel Saturn kept the Uranus under wraps in myself. But my Dad moved us several times while I was growing up necessitating a change in schools, loss of friends,destabilizing for me that has remained with me all my life.

    Now today Uranus has been on my Moon/Mars for too long at 17 and 18 Aries and my digestive issues are wearing me down. I don’t want to think about Pluto in my 12th. It just finished squaring my 12* Libra Sun in 8 or 9. So I don’t know up from down at this point. Living is mainly figuring out what to eat that won’t aggravate my systemic Candida and trying to find a natural doctor after getting fired from my other one since I went on Medicaid.

    I could never totally handle splitting myself up between family and some kind of career, so I stuck with family, 4th, to the point that I gave all my retirement savings to help my sons out of difficult marriages. My sons are upstanding guys and my Libra sense of justice decided they needed it more than I did and if The Good Lord wanted me to survive He would provide. Well the younger son is now living with and supporting me. (I do have Jupiter in Gemini in the 5th. – he’s a Gemini too, born in Australia 1974). So my sons are unusual in some ways – they both think outside the box.

    So the question is : Uranus at 29*59″ or did it move into Gemini and my birth certificate was wrong? At any rate Buz Myers once told me he’d never seen such a difficult Venus (Sun ruler) at 24* Scorpio opposite that Saturn/Uranus….

    Thank you all for sharing your stories and insights and best wishes to you all.

    • 4th house is naturally ruled by Cancer. Cancer rules the home and house, hence the moving. It rules the stomach, hence the digestive problems. Cancer rules family, hence staying at home with family. 4th also rules the circumstances of the end of life, hence the life savings you gave away.

      If it was in fifth there would be more trouble with romantic partners, art, kids, hobbies, etc. I know people with afflicted 5th who had nothing else but abusive relationships and a really bad luck for picking who to fall in love with.

  75. I have Jupiter at 29 deg Taurus 11th house (in my South Node) sextile 1 deg MC (also my Aries point) in 10th house. That 29 deg Jupiter is also trine Mercury and Mars in Virgo 3rd. It appears as if I should be famous but, instead, I’ve been ground down to clay by a steamroller with big spikes. I thought the Pleiades would’ve helped me out but….no. Sirius is also on my ASC 13 deg so I’m not sure what went wrong.

  76. I wish I wasn’t so late to reply! Had to wait for my back-issue TMA in the mail (ended up order the entire 1996 collection off ebay 20 minutes later!)

    I am a 29 degree Libra sun in the 12th exactly sextile Neptune 29 degrees in Sagittarius in my 2nd house. My sun is the lead planet in a 12th house stellium of Sun, Pluto, Mercury, Saturn and my Ascendent. All of that in Scorpio except the Sun, of course.

    A few other conjunctions- Venus/Uranus in the 1st, Neptune/Jupiter/Mars in the 2nd (Jup/Mars in Capricorn).

    I was born with a lot on my plate. I had a difficult and intense upbringing- traumatizing, abusive, frightening and sprinkled with total upheaval…I felt like every day was a battle to keep my spirit intact.I left home at 16 and hit the ground running. It’s taken till age 31 to finally realize that I’m “ok”, and even that is hard sometimes!

    Still, I was given gifts. From the moment I could speak I declared myself an artist and I never have said any different. I have always been very ambitious about art and I applied myself to drawing very studiously despite the chaos in my surroundings. At age ten I began taking photographs, at age 13 started learning video. Sadly, leaving home so early threw me very much off course. I have been lost for a while, and separated from art I have come very close to losing my mind. I am now rebuilding.

    An astrologer told me when I was 20 that a 29 degree sun was a “critical degree”, as most of the books say. I definitely feel that. I always felt like something was “up to me”. I’ve also always felt like I was walking on the razor’s edge and that I would have to be very extreme to make my way. Hard to separate that feeling from all the Scorpio, though!

    Oh yeah, and ALWAYS futuristic! Even with my love of old, good things, I’ve perpetually had a sense of where things are headed in this world…

    • Orianaaa, thanks for sharing your experiences.You’ve used that Sun sextile Neptune well, and I know you will continue to do so.

  77. My 29-degree Saturn is conjunct the ascendant – tipped half a degree into the 12th house. Hmmm, I wonder about late blooming since I’m 91 – born April 9, 1924 in Chicago. 7:14 pm. My Aries sun in the 6th house always deferred to that dominating Saturn.

  78. You have had a lot of response to 12th house planets I see. I bought the magazine for the 29 degree article as I have Pluto at 29 degrees Cancer.
    Then I read your 12th house article. I found it very interesting as I have Pluto in my 12th house and I am certain I have had many lives and I was a Nun in France in one life. In fact I have a nun who is my spirit guide. I am quite clairvoyant at times and saw this guide with this large hat on her head.
    I found out later from a very good medium that I was a nun in France in a past life.and I knew the nun who is one of my guides in this life.
    I am an astrologer and you are right I do hate asking for money for my work.I do not charge enough I know. How do I dissolve these vows of poverty? I really do need money now.
    I will look at Tracy Marks book. I have her book How to handle your t square..
    I should mention in this life I was born into a Jewish family but am not religious at all in this life.Also I have not been married in this life.
    I believe I am a very old soul and this life has never been easy for me. Even now I am 76 and I have neighbours from hell. I have had enough I would be very happy if this is my last life here.

  79. What a wonderful site u have!!! Really enjoying reading the wonderful articles. I have Neptune at 29 degrees in the 1st house.

  80. I’m curious about having the Ascendant at 29 Pisces? What can you tell me about this? I used to think I was Aries rising and recently someone brought to my attention that they thought that i physically looked more Pisces rising which I never thought I could be because I’m independent and assertive but recently I’ve been wondering about this because an astrologer friend said that the final decan of Pisces is ruled by Scorpio (Mars/Pluto). The time on my birth certificate gives me an Aries rising but right at the beginning (nearly 2 degrees) so I am trying to figure this out lol. Thanks in advance!

    • Ana, this could best be addressed by someone who works with rectification. Anyone with an Ascendant at 29 degrees of Pisces will have Aries on the progressed Ascendant for the first 17-18 years of life. The progressed Ascendant would then move into Taurus around the age of 18-19 and stay in Taurus for the following 22 years. Sometimes one can “look like” one’s progressed Ascendant.

      One other thing: Last March there was an eclipse at 29 degrees of Pisces. That could have brought some sort of manifestation a month before or three months after, when the June New Moon squared the eclipse point. If you have a 29 Pisces Ascendant, you would have felt it.

  81. First my own chart – 29 degrees Gemini 6th house sun exact square ninth house Neptune 29 degrees Virgo, [but softened by Jupiter 28 degrees Cancer.] My illusions and delusions about people and places, especially educators and institutions of higher learning have been my cross in life, but as I see through the fog of Neptune, I have gained reality, very painfully.
    My lesson has been a harsh brutal disappointment when I deify made made things – often called spiritual materialism or idolatry. So I know the demand of these final degrees – they demand sacrifice. that’s how I’ve experienced them.

    But I have a question for you, which I realize is hard to answer with out a chart. My sister has an unaspected Saturn in Cancer [fall] at 29 degrees in the 11th house. It is close to a three degree Leo Sun conjunct pluto in the 12th house with mercury combust. This Saturn seems to me to be without support and very weak – completely unconnected and ‘feral.” She is chaotic ,dependent, and seemingly without an inner moral compass, Her Leo sun gives her an imposing persona and image, but she seems to be living from image rather than character or conviction. I can imagine this Saturn placement might be both painful to absorb and difficult to internalize, She cannot take responsibility for he own actions, and cannot receive constructive criticism. She is hypersensitive [moon in Cancer] to her own sense of being wronged, but without empathy for others.My question – how might one deal with someone with this placement – It is my understanding that Saturn is the ring-pass-not of the chart and until Saturn is internalized we are stuck. I wonder how this peregrine Saturn might be integrated into the chart and placed into communication with the other planets? Would contemplating the meaning of Capricorn and learning the meaning of Saturn as the liberator through limitation contact this mute planet? I am a witness to the consequences of this blind planet and also have suffered from her recklessness. I am sure that the key to this is some kine of sacrifice, maybe learning the diffidence between house and home. but how to talk about Saturn or in real life “self control” to someone who has avoided his lessons
    for so long. Finally, I think of the 29 degree placement as either a blessing or a curse. They are asking for transcendence – a blind leap of faith – and then they can operate and grow, but until then they are like baby teeth that never fell out. thanks for listening, and any response will be appreciated.

    • Linda, that’s a lot to digest without a birth chart. An unaspected Saturn (that is, one that does not make any of the Ptolemaic aspects to any other planet) can be Saturn on steroids. I also wasn’t clear from your note as to whether she has Saturn conj the Moon, which could mean family issues even more so than just Saturn in Cancer, a placement that also tends to raise problems with families.

      In the 29th degree, it pushes boundaries, and can be difficult to assimilate one’s shadow side. The Sun conjunct Pluto would make her an honorary Scorpio, and that may manifest more prominently than the 29th degree placements. It is a powerful conjunction.

      Saturn in Cancer is really on the Cancer-Capricorn axis, and it’s always worth noting which sign is manifesting.

      I would study what has happened in the chart during the Saturnian transits, because the significant transits of Saturn to one’s natal Saturn can show a consistency of themes. What happened when she was 7, 14, 21 and at her Saturn return? And what about the Saturn-Moon cycle? Perhaps that is the easiest way to try to understand the Saturn in her chart. In the 29th degree of Cancer, it is in the Piscean decanate and the Gemini dwad, with Gemini being the sign of siblings.

  82. I’m still waiting…
    I was born with a bowl chart, with a 29 degrees Taurus mars and a 29 degrees scorpio moon making the bowl. I also have my south node in an out of sign conjunction with my moon at 2.43 degrees sag. my south node, of course, is at 2.43 degrees Gemini, making an out of sign conjunction with mars. I have 9.43 degrees sag rising.
    any thoughts on both nodes conjunct planets?
    I have mercury trine moon and was looking to find clues to that when your blog came up. the notes have been wonderful, although I don’t think of myself as an achiever like many who have posted. maybe it is because, with Jupiter within seconds of my 12th house cusp and 4 planets in my 8th house counting sun on 8th house cusp, things may be working out differently for me. I was born in 1947 – will be 69 this year.
    thank you, and a happy new year!

    • Look, folks, neither Michelle or I have time to do natal charts and answer your questions in this comment section. If you want a chart interpretation, make an appointment for a session with Michelle. Myself, I have been retired from chart consultations for several years. Donna

      • I am so sorry if it sounded like I wanted a chart done for free. I have had several charts done by pros over the past 25 years. no one ever mentioned the importance of the 29th degree, so I was intrigued with this blog. and yes, I see the connection to #11 in numerology, I am a 38, reduced to 11.
        I think I have been a social worker, both as a profession and way before starting at about 11 years old.
        I have admired your work since you used to do articles in the old dell horoscope magazine. what a long time ago!

      • Sorry if I sounded’ touchy, Sandra, but you would be surprised how many people write to me in the comment section of various articles with their birth information and the expectation that I would do their charts and answer their questions. Professional astrologers have years of experience behind them and put a lot of work into a session. Donna

  83. Dear Michelle,
    You have given me insight without a proper chart to view. I so appreciate your time, and careful thought. Obviously this is a very popular topic., and the in depth answers on this public site are a rare service in the world of cyberspace. I have just read Donna’s comment, and I hope I didn’t presume on your time and knowledge. But I want you to know your comment was very helpful. It is her ‘shadow’ side that she cannot own or deal with. In future I will contact you for a formal consultation as I can see from your writing that you are educated, intelligent and a dedicated professional astrologer. thank you for your public service.

  84. I feel an urge to throw this out regarding 29th degrees in New Moons Before Birth plus Progressed New Moons. My New Moon before birth was 29 plus in Sagittarius. Progressed New Moon at age 4 at 29 Capricorn, At age 8 my father died, major upheaval. Next PNM age 34 was 29 Aquarius, already married four children, 3 years later divorce. Last PNM age 64 was 29 Pisces (second divorce was 3 years earlier). Age 67 finished & published a family book. Am now half-way through writing my life story. I was defiinitely a late bloomer, Pluto strongly aspected in my 10th, many Septiles and a Novile configuration which is now being triggered by transits and progressions. Life has been full of upheavals. No air but a Libra Asc, Moon Venus close conjunction. Uranus conj South Node and Ceres oppose Mars loosely conj North Node.

  85. Saturn, my chart ruler, 29.31 Capricorn retrograde. Not conjunct asc (which is 8 Cap).
    I currently work as a specialized undercover investigator.

  86. i m so waiting that somebody jupiter 29 degree aquarius,but idont see it here
    im it -gypsy-girl tell the future years-68 that my best life is until retirement-ace
    iwate what interistig happened now
    it s time is now

    • Hi Mirja,

      I just wanted to say that I, too, have my Jupiter at 29 degrees and 29 seconds in Aquarius, too. Mine happens to be in my 6th house with my Venus at 4 degrees in Pisces conjunct my Jupiter. I am not quite sure how this is working out in my life, either.

      I think perhaps it makes me sometimes feel like I need to “save the world” with a very loving, humanitarian spirit, that can sometimes be very overwhelming and stressful. I’ve always been attracted to helping others and making them feel better about themselves and help guide those in confusion to a better life, and I do this as a very sensitive person, where I end up many times feeling the pain of others as I help them.

      I’ve realized that while my intentions are very good, I need to make sure to take care of myself and my needs, too, and to have stronger boundaries. Otherwise, I get burnt out trying to do and help everyone with so much. I’ve learned to try to have more balance in helping others while still caring for myself.

      • thank you answer heather i have stellium house 6 and i feel very much same,but i try help one peoplethis here,who question help-now i am prog moon scorppion and only living internet

  87. Hi Donna!

    I have my Jupiter (in Aquarius) in my 6th House at exactly 29 degrees and 29 sec. My rising sign is Virgo, and my Moon is in Gemini at 0 degrees.

    Also, my Sun is at 28 degrees of Aquarius.

    I really am not sure how this is playing out in my life or will, so if anyone else knows anything about these placements, I’d really appreciate the info!

  88. Aries: Asc 29.3, NNode 29.4, Lilith 26.3
    Leo 5H: Sun 27.5, Merc 24.3, Jup 18.2 & 5H Venus Virgo
    Pisces 12H: Chiron 28.5, Moon 14.2
    Asc trines Sun- Chiron Qcx Sun
    Seems I’ve always been independent. The little girl who played alone with imaginary friends,, singing to myself doing my own thing. DL on my 16th Bday, moved out at 17 after high school,19 hired for data entry with a company I excelled a career of 26yrs. Workaholic at 47 Im retired living simply while finding my personal creativity to my destiny. Write poetry, paint/draw, 2 pit bulls & cat, no kids, single, men occasionally, I’m mostly alone but not lonely, wanting to do, learn and be or seek nature. Facing Acts: confidence is arrogant, knowledgeable is conceited, ambition is arrogance, self respect is vain, my needs is self centered. No air element, 47% fire. Noticed but rarely complimented, or it feels insincere. The few to near the fire were like me, became my mentors leading me to advance or become forever friends. Determined to do a good job, it showed when it mattered. Underdog advocate. Enjoy helping others succeed. High on integrity, overly generous I love giving and share all I can. Somehow less turns to more. Always felt misunderstood, though its me not them. Absorbing energies, moods become mine when among others. I try tuning it out but appear spaced out or stuck up. Working in public, used my fires to block my sensitivity which I think created my misinterpreted appearance. If not, I got knocked over or drained out. Over ambitious rushing in or missing the boat completely. Everything is all or nothing. Either very liked or very not.
    Humility, a big lesson. Ambitious to do and showing my emotional sensitivity without appearing weak/vulnerable while confident is difficult for me. Prefer natural beauty over expensive beauty, handmade over rack made. Avoid social media,no cable, no cell, unless necessary. I don’t like my picture taken. Im told Im attractive though it bothers me, desiring notice for whats inside not out. Growing older Me traits mellow, learning astrology a tremendous benefit. Aries/Taurus, Leo/Virgo cusp with moon opposite, what a ride of life it is. Walking a tightrope, plenty of falls to try again. If only I had a clue way back when, better late than never is the lesson of the degree it seems. If I recall right, Eastern astrology degrees sectioned by age and 29 is oldest. I think.. Thanks for creating this much needed post.

  89. Wow, I can’t wait to turn 72!

  90. Hey All,

    Someone may have asked this and I just missed it but can this information be applied to solar returns? My natal chart does not include any planets/angles at 29° (just a 4th house part of fortune @ 29°43″ in Gemini), but my solar return chart for this year has my Moon in the 9th house in Virgo @ 29°51″ (tightly conjunct Venus @ 28°54″& both the N. Node & MC @ 0° Libra–@ 20″ & 23″ respectively). It’s just 3 months into my “new year”, but I think I’ll pay close attention to the areas represented to see if any qualities/emotions mentioned by those with 29° natal placements seem more prevalent in my own life this year!

    • No one has asked, Audrey, but I should imagine it would apply to solar returns. Having it in the 9th should mean you’d learn–or teach–a great deal abut Virgo concerns like health or work. Donna

  91. interesting subject about that 29th degree.but i think that each sign has its best degree.what i mean is that not all signs at that degree afflicted equal.
    dont know if anybody heard about findings of few years ago when some astrologer find connection between degrees and signs,
    30 degrees and 12 signs
    so its easy lets count 1st degree belongs to Aries,2nd Taurus,3rd Gemini etc.and than again cycle continues again 13th Aries 14th Taurus etc than again plus twelve 25th Aries we come countings that 29th degree belongs to Leo so as far as 5th and 17th.
    So is this reliable i dont no and its up to who wants to discover for his/her own.
    Another reason for what i think 29th degree belongs to Leo is of fixed star Regulus at 29 leo 50.
    many post here has been posted about 29th degree Cancer or Taurus or Gemini and than i thought that each sign has got its own best degree and in conjuction with fixed star even better.
    pls dont judge me if i am wrong its only idea to explain unexplained.
    also my english not so rich i hope its fair enough.

  92. Dear Ms Cunningham, Dear Ms Adler,

    It won’t take a lot of time from you.

    A little background: I am 26 years old, graduated last year from medicine school and was granted to specialize. however I changed my course and started to study civil engineer to work on medical technology. I had a lot of faith in the future, but now that I am swimming in unknown waters, i feel scared sometimes that I won’t make it.

    When I look at my natal chart, I see some interesting stuff like my Ascendant is on the 29° degree of Cancer. Besides I also have 29′ degree Cancer ascendant exactly on the midpoint of jupiter-pluto while there is a trine from my jupiter in cancer (12th house) to my ‘stellium’ of mercury-sun-pluto (tight conjunction of sun pluto 0°) in scorpio (4-5 house intersection). I can’t find any literature about these aspects all combined. How can I interpret this in respect to my study/career and my chance to succeed?

    This is a rather difficult and heavy question, sorry for that! But I need some extra faith to succeed and nowadays there is little faith.

    Sincere regards,


    • It looks really good for success, Louis. Jupiter is supposed to be very well positioned in Cancer and at its best in the 12th. (I also have Jupiter in Cancer in the 12th.) In addition, those trines to your Scorpio planets add more strength to a career either in healing or bringing about a needed change or progress for the greater good. There is a series of articles on the 12th house on this blog, including one about the 12th as a vocational indicator.

      One pattern I see with 12th house vocations is that they typically study one discipline after another, and it may look meandering, but each thing studied adds to what they offer to the world. (It has been true of my career as well.)

      As for the 29th degree on the Ascendant, that would depend on having an exact time of birth to the minute–if it is only four minutes time earlier or later, it would be a different degree. Donna

  93. When I did an astrology course back in 2001 the ’29th degree was mentioned but we were told it was only significant if it was 29 degrees exact. I have Mars at 29deg 56′ Taurus conjunct my North Node 02deg 15′ Gemini in the eight house. Would this be considered as a 29th deg event? I am now in my 69th year so wondering if I have something amazing to look forward to….. lol

    • What it means I believe is that it is in the 29th degree of the sign, rather than, say, 28 degrees 50 minutes. So, yes, you have a 29th degree Mars. Donna

  94. Well I just dug out all the family charts I did when doing my astrology course in 2001 and have discovered 5 family members with this 29deg in their chart. I will try and get a copy of Michelle Adler’s Mountain Astrologer article. My interest has been piqued! Thank you

  95. I have my sun at 29’59 Libra as part of a Stellium with Uranus, Venus, and Mars. Mercury is at early Scorpio at 3 degrees.

  96. Hi Donna,

    I hope my Exalted Venus at 29 degrees 18 minutes in Pisces hurries up and blooms before my 69th Birthday. It’s just sitting there with no particular place or thing to do It still thinks it is a guest in my Fifth House. I have not had a chance to read the article.

    Anyways, I was doing a presentation on the Hemingways for class at Kepler and came across Mariel Hemingway’s chart that has her Sun at Zero Degrees and Zero minutes.

    • She was quite a tragic figure, but part of a family like that. I wonder what it would feel like to have the center of my being (the Sun)at O degrees zero minutes of a sign. Donna Cunningham

  97. I was just skimming through some of the posts. My Mercury is 29.51 Aries in the 3rd house, semi-sextiling Jupiter at 29.39 Taurus in the 4th. Jupiter is conjunct Mars (out of sign) at 4.41 Gemini in the 5th. Mercury forms a fairly wide opposition (7+ degrees) to a tight Saturn/Neptune conjunction in the 9th) but no other closer major aspects. Jupiter has no other major aspects. Mercury has always been a strong focus for me – love of learning, reading and books. I sell and trade books online and want to start selling at flea markets and other venues. I see the Mars conjunct Jupiter mostly in terms of my love of playing sports when I was younger and being good enough at it (not a superstar!) to play basketball in YMHA leagues in my early teens and enjoy it a lot.

    I’ve had inner prompts to experiment with writing – I love Sci-Fi and Fantasy, but have never given it a real shot. Following through with major projects has never been my strong suit; I guess I’m more of a dilettante (Mars in Gemini) who likes to think about things and start them at times but not allow myself to go much further. I’ve done this with Western and Eastern astrology as well. I guess my Mercury is not communicating very strongly to my other planets as per its lack of aspects.

  98. I have three planets at 29.. And it’s been so awful so far. I have mercury in Aries in the 7th, venus in Gemini in the 9th, mars in Libra in the 1st. And i can say that the worst one is mars. I CAN NEVER EXPRESS MY ANGER IN A HEALTHY WAY, most times I bottle up. And my love life is a total wreck because of Venus. I’m not loyal but I’m too emotional. And as soon as i confess my love and the other one does too, it’s only a matter of time until i choose to break up. I get bored TOO EASILY. Mercury is the easiest to get along with. I’m a real genius but everyone is saying that i’m not, i like maths and i enjoy it but my marks are shit. Communication is a real challenge to me, hahah, right now there’s over 10 leftover messages in my Whatsapp and i’m not willing to reply idk why. I’m famous with “doesn’t reply for more than a year”. My life is too complicated to talk about xD if you read this comment i really thank you idk why hahah

    • Masah, If your sun sign, venus sign and mercury sign are all different, it can maker assimilation difficult–can feel like you’re at loose ends a lot. Re the relationships, Venus in Gemini alone, regardless of the degree, would give you a fickle disposition. There has to be a mental connection. The 29th degree is also the “point of alone-ness” in a chart, as mentioned in the article. You are the initiator and on your own in matters that involve Venus and Mercury. – Michele Adler

      • Thank you so much for replying to my comment. And as you said i’m a loner. But what do you think about Mars in my natal chart? I find it too confusing. Thanks!

    • Masah, Mars in the 29th degree can mean a shadow side that has difficulty assimilating, which is also found a lot in the charts of people with different signs for the sun, mercury and venus, as mentioned. This could account for challenges in expressing anger effectively. Mars in 29 Libra means you’re encapsulating all three modes–00 Scorpio, fixed, and Virgo, mutable, because Virgo is the dwadashamsa of 29 Libra. This can be a gift or it can be chaotic.

      • Hi Michele,

        How would you interpret a yod w/ Sun 29 degrees Taurus 11th (ruler Venus in 12th conjunct Saturn in cancer) Mars 29 degrees Pisces 9th (Neptune in the 5th sag) and Uranus at the apex 29 degrees Libra 4th. Also my sun is conjunct south node at 0.55 Gemini. Moon in Virgo 28.28 degrees 3rd house conjunct Pluto in libra and Cancer rising. Sun/ moon midpoint 29 Cancer. Any insight would be much appreciated.

      • Kari, that’s a bit too complex to answer in a forum environment. Regarding yods, I recommend reading “The Yod Book” by Karen Hamaker-Zondag.

      • Michelle, I just want to say how kind and generous it is of you to continue answering Skywriter’s reader’s questions. This post now has 316 comments, and thanks to you, it’s been an amazingly informative discussion. We’ve all learned so much. Regards, Donna Cunningham

      • Thanks, Donna. I’ve found the questions interesting!

      • Can you, please, explain “chaotic” a little bit? Is it connected to mental health?

      • It means that things have gotten out of order and are hard to manage. Not necessarily related to a mental problem–it could refer to a work situation or maybe just that the house has gotten messy and needs to get organized again. Donna

      • Masah, I agree with Donna’s answer.

      • Thank you both so much!

  99. So I can’t count my 28*51″ Leo Moon? Come on, that’s close! Late bloomer, check. Risk taker (I like to say courageous ;), check.

    • If you feel it, own it. But I’d wonder if what you were sensing was the fixed star, Regulus, which is very close, at 29 Leo. It’s called the king maker, as it appears in charts charts of royalty and notables. Donna

  100. Hi Donna and Michelle
    I have Saturn at 29 Pis 28’25” r (9th house) (It would have been a grand trine in fire with Sun&Mercury conjunct in Leo and Moon in Sag, but it just slipped out of Aries) Do you want to know anything else?
    I haven’t had to a chance to read the thread yet….but I will! This looks interesting!!

  101. Hi Donna, Michele and everyone on this forum!
    I have a Sun at 29’01 Pieces in 8th house, the only planet in a water sign (I believe it calls singleton) opposite Pluto 0’45 Libra in 2nd house, both square intercepted Jupiter 6’19 Capricorn in 5th house. All forming a T-Square. I also have a stellium in 10th house – MC 10′ Taurus – Venus 13′ , Mars 24’59, Moon 25’28, Saturn 1′ Gemini. I am 44 years old and still did not discover my hidden powers. Although, I have a story to tell – everything was going well in my life until June 2010 when I met a very dishonest foot doctor at a healthfare, who convinced (pushed) me to have a foot surgery. At that time transiting planets Uranus and Jupiter were at 0 degrees Aries conjuncting my Sun. Saturn was in opposition to my Sun, conjuncting my Pluto. Pluto was conjuncting my Jupiter. I think it was the time when my T-Square got activated. Also, transiting Neptune was conjuncting my Descendant (27’54 Aqua), which I read that Neptune transiting descendant means beware of specialist such as doctors, lawyers, etc who will lie you. So, in 5 months I had an unnecessary surgery done to my foot (my 8th house cusp in Pieces), which was butchered and ruined and I fell into a depression. Transiting Saturn was conjuncting my Uranus 17′ Libra (in 3rd house) opposite my Mercury 15′ Aries. Towards the end of 2011 depression got out of control and I almost divorced my husband whose Venus is at 29′ Pieces!!! To cure myself from this mess, as a 2012 new year resolution, I engaged myself into a creative project – I decided to fulfill my life dream to be a fitness trainer. The depression that started with regretting foot surgery ended up with all kinds of regrets in my life for listening my parents to moving to another country, not marrying love of my life, not pursuing my dream carrier – trainer (I am a former athlete). So suddenly I did not want to listen to anyone anymore and only wanted to follow my heart (at 40!!!) Also, my friend introduced me to Astrology at that time. Unfortunately, my excitement did not last long, in 4-5 months a bunch of problems fell on my shoulders – I had to be in 10 places at the same time – my old aunt had problems with getting a place to live, then my uncle had a stroke (Sept 2012) and I had to deal daily with hospitals and hospis problems, my best friend was going through a difficult divorce and needed my attention, my son’s school was closing and all kind of other problems – the bottom line is I was loosing my mind from all of it and I wasn’t fully recovered from my depression yet. I could not concentrate on my project and my enthusiasm started to weaken as well. Then in 2014 the craziness slowed down and I started to build my confidence to return to work on my project. Transit Pluto 13′ Capricorn was making a trine to my Venus 13′ Taurus in 10th house conjuncting MC – I was hopping to change my career from boring office job to an exciting fitness trainer job. So, a week after I started to work on my project I learned a shocking news that my Mom had cancer. I think it was a work of transiting Uranus through my 9th house conjuncting my Mercury 15′ Aries and being in opposition to itself. So next 7 months I spent flying back and forth USA-Europe every month to help my dad to care for my Mom. I lost my Mom in Jan 2015 and fell into an apathy. So, since then I lost my fire and enthusiasm for becoming a trainer and accepted the fact being an office worker.
    Here is my question to all of you – do yo think the 2010-11 was time for my 29 degree Sun in T-square to activate? Why other forces got on the way and stopped me from doing what I wanted to do? Or it wasn’t the time yet. Perhaps my Sun will bloom much later in life…. or I missed the opportunity. Could it be that because I relocated from Europe to USA my houses shifted, the Sun now in 12th house, Pluto in 6th and intercepted Jupiter in 9t, Stellium in 1st. Thank you very much for your input on this (3/19/1972, 15:43 St.Petersburg, Russia, moved to NY in 1995)
    About my husband – his Venus 29′ in Pieces in 3rd house opposite Uranus. He loves martial arts, practicing it all his life, dreams to open a school – but it’s all dreams, no action was ever taken.

    • Hi Lena!

      I’m not Donna or Michele nor am I a trained astrologer. So of course take my reply to you with a grain of salt. If anything I say helps, great. If not, throw it out! But I read through your post with so much recognition I had to respond. I’m the one, in the very first comment, who inadvertently began the ‘late bloomer’ tangent on this thread (Hi Michele! so glad I connected with something you are already doing 🙂

      So, my short response to you is. Just. Do. It. All your stories, please just drop them. who cares what happened in 2010?? How does that help you now? You are in the US (I think) which is the EASIEST place in the world to become a personal trainer. Like, you can’t throw a rock without hitting one (like yoga teachers lol). There is absolutely NO REASON that you cannot do that if that is your dream. You sound like someone who can do a lot and does. My advice to you is to simplify, simplify, simplify. And stop paying so much attention to your thoughts. When you catch yourself thinking too much and getting caught up in your thoughts take 3 deep breaths (I’m making this up. You could just look at flowers). it’s just to interrupt it. Also, you don’t have to resolve your thoughts and feelings. None of the answers to all your whys are in the past. I think/feel those of us who are interested in astrology also love to analyze – the past is so compelling and seems so important. its fun for us! And that’s cool. But with your head and eyes pointed to whats happened behind you won’t translate to action. You’re looking in the wrong direction. Turn your head around and be. here. now. Instead of thinking in such either/or and black & white terms, why not go for a middle ground? explore getting training to be a personal trainer while you still work at the office. You can train at night and/or on the weekends or whatever time you have. What do you have available to you, right here, right now that can move you toward your dream? The possibilities are endless! As long as that is what you are looking for. And to be clear I am NOT even remotely speaking of positive thinking. This is much much easier. So much easier that it is often overlooked and dismissed. But that is where your power lies. In the now. If this speaks to you, try it. If not, dismiss it. Either way, I wish you all the best on your journey! Namasté ~ Asé! ~MF

  102. The 29th degree of a sign includes positions from 28° 00′ 01″ to 29° 00′ 00″ while it’s the 30th degree which includes 29° 00′ 01″ to 30° 00′ 00″. When you include the “-th” suffix (or “-st” or “-nd”) you are referring to an ordinal number, part of a series, in this case of thirty degrees in a sign.

    • Depends who you ask.

    • My research was done on the 29th degree in the natal chart, that is the degree arc from 29:00 to 29:59. I do agree that for symbol systems, it’s best to round up, and for 28:01-28:59, I would read the 29th degree in a symbol system. But I examined the 29:00-29:59 arc for my work, not 28 rounded up, and choose to call that the 29th degree rather than the 30th, which some take to mean 00 degrees of the next sign. I think this is a matter of nomenclature. – Michele Adler

      • I have Mars 29’59 Libra and sometimes it seems to manifest in a Libran way but many, if not most times, it manifests like a Scorpio Mars.

  103. Fascinating discussion! 29° Neptune in Scorpio here, same natal cohort as Matt Damon. And I’m another example with Mean Nodes at 29°—29°58′ Aquarius (N)/Leo (S)—vs. True Nodes at 1°28′ Pisces/Virgo. But regardless of which axis applies, I’m wondering if 29° would manifest differently in the case of the nodes, since 29° is entering the sign rather than leaving it as the planets are—i.e., would nodal 0° have more in common with planetary 29°, and vice versa?

    • I haven’t researched that in depth, Elle, so can’t say, but the idea occurs to me as I do a lot of work with converse secondary progressions (CSP). In the CSPs, if a planet is in 29 degrees of something, it has just left 00 degrees, since everything is moving backwards.

      • Thanks, Michelle! Apologies for going off topic, but I’d never heard of CSPs before and am curious about their applications—do you use them mainly in predictive work?

      • Elle, secondary progressions are fractals of the years following your birth; if, on your 39th DAY of life, there was a certain planetary configuration, that would be symbolic of your 39ths YEAR of life. Converse secondary progressed planets that were 39 days BEFORE your birth are also symbolic of your 39th year of life. When I read a chart, it begins as a tri-wheel of the natal chart, the secondary progressed chart, and the converse secondary progressed charts. Most software allows you to do converse progressions.

        The converse have a way of underlining the potential events in the regular secondaries. For example, the converse progressed Sun is just as sensitive to transits and eclipses as the secondary progressed Sun. There will be some events in life where the converse progressions are the ONLY configurations where it can be seen.

        I always recommend using them.

      • Fascinating, thank you for the explanation! I’ll have to explore those 🙂

  104. I understand. Thank you so much. I will definitely check it out.

  105. “Difficulty assimilating.” – That comment hits home.
    Saturn in cap, chart ruler, 29 degrees first house, retro. Squares aries venus.
    Yeah, just as much fun as you can imagine. As far back as I can recall I have been horrified by attention and have had major problems connecting with people. In school I would fail a test rather than get up to sharpen my pencil and draw the glances of other kids. I’m horrible at relationships- I drop friends for no reason, and to say I’m socially awkward would be a big understatement. Although this has hurt me professionally (and emotionally) I have not been able to change it. I am middle-aged now, and accepting my status as an outsider and not caring so much about not assimilating- that’s helped a lot.

    Also- my sun, merc and venus are all in different signs and do not aspect each other.

  106. J K Rowling, a late bloomer. Mercury at 29’56” Leo.

    • Some charts will show her Mercury at 00 Virgo 00. I had wanted to study the 00 degree, but figured I needed a lot of charts with the precise placement of 00 (sign) 00, so as not to confuse things. I remember adding J K Rowling.

      • She surely seems regal and entertaining, so it seems to fit the 29 Leo better. By this time, we should have a long list of 29 Leo people, with all the examples in the comment section. Donna

        PS. I read somewhere yesterday that she’s bringing out a collection of short stories about Hogwarts, but not about Harry and crew.

  107. My Mars is 29 degrees Aries 7th house and my Uranus is 29 degrees Scorpio in the 2nd house! Not exactly sure how these affect me, but from what I’ve gathered my Mars placement has made it somewhat hard for me in my personal and romantic relationships. I feel I tend to fall deep but have a hard time relating! As far as my Uranus I feel that I have extremes when it comes to my money and values and they vary and range from one level to the next with not much balance in between!

  108. Great discussion here.

    Another example is Jeremy Corbyn. For those who don’t know of him, he is currently leader of the opposition Labour Party in the UK. In politics since 1974 and a Member of Parliament since 1983, he sat in the ‘back benches’ in parliament for many years and never held any high government positions. He is known for being an activist and an old school socialist, in contrast to the Blairite-type MPs who make up most of the parliamentary labour party and by whom he is seen as a rebel, even a troublemaker. He certainly fits the description of being ‘willing to go it alone’ and of being ‘highly individualistic’.

    26 May 1949, Chippenham UK (no birth time) gives Saturn at 29 Leo and Uranus at 29 Gemini (at the end of a Sun, Venus, Mercury, Uranus stellium in Gemini). Sun at 4 Gemini squares Saturn and the Moon and Mars are conjunct in Taurus.

    Last year, when the Labour Party leadership came up for grabs, he stood as a fringe candidate, but such was his appeal, not in the parliamentary labour party but amongst the grass roots, his campaign and popularity soared and he won the leadership by a landslide. What a late blooming, baby boomer! Interesting that when he stood – as a symbol of something different, with values fresh but at the same time old school (Sat-Ura!)– he is alleged to have privately said ‘don’t let me win’!

    On the day of his victory, 12 September 2015 – Saturn was at 29 Leo squaring his natal Saturn!

    Now, as leader, he is determined to stay.

    However, despite the almost cultish adoration by grassroots labour members and large sections of the more left wing inclined of the public (fed up of austerity and the perceived lack of difference between Labour and the Tories), he has been criticised at every turn by most of the media and even from within the parliamentary Labour party he was elected to lead.

    Following Brexit, many of his shadow cabinet members resigned, leading to a vote of no confidence and subsequently a new election for leader. Corbyn has steadfastly refused to resign despite enormous pressure to quit – reflecting that Taurus Mars and Moon and as Michele mentions, 29 Gemini, the Taurus dwad, perhaps helping keep his energies focused, as well as the 29 theme of ‘seeing how far one can go.’ In fact, ‘I’m not going anywhere’ has been his common refrain. The election for the new leader is going ahead this fall and of course he is standing again. He’s already seen off two rivals and a legal challenge that tried to remove him from the ballot!

    • Correction: on the day of Corbyn’s victory, Saturn was a 29 Scorpio, not Leo!

    • One comment about anything at 29 Leo. The Fixed Star Regulus has been at 29 Leo for a very long time, but just moved to 00 Virgo 00 in (I believe but could be wrong on the year) 2011. Donald Trump, running for President in the US, has a natal Ascendant of 29 Leo, and during the primaries, his secondary progressed Sun was at 29 Leo. The secondary progressed Sun moved to 00 Virgo 00 on August 6, and he appears to be in a much more serious mode. That could change, of course.

      • Thanks Michele, a most fascinating insight. You can draw comparisons between Trump and Corbyn, even though their politics couldn’t be different, because both are appealing to masses who feel disenfranchised by mainstream politics. I’ll be very interested to see how it turns out for both of them this fall. A humbling for Trump maybe?

  109. My Natal Moon is 29 Capricorn–5th House, widely opposed by Saturn at 8 Leo in my 11th. Ouch. It’s a wide opposition but it’s operating, believe me.
    During my childhood, my grandmother–Sun in Capricorn, was the only female who didn’t hate me. My mom basically discarded me at birth because she only wanted boys, but I was rescued by my grandmother. My stepmother refused to let me in her life because I came along before her–begged my father to not let me in their lives. He gave in to the pressure, and I was cast aside again. Unless you’ve lived it, there’s no frame of reference for anyone to wrap their head around such treatment. I was a child who couldn’t understand what I’d done. Now I just want to live peacefully.

    • Sharon, that’s a heartbreaking story. The Moon in Capricorn–in any degree–can frequently manifest as a mother who was seen as cold or indifferent. In the 29th degree, it can mean someone who had to “raise themselves,” as it is likely the point of alone-ness in the chart. Having a strong grandmother can sometimes be seen as a prominent Pluto in the natal chart.

      • Great interpretation, Michele! Folks, isn’t it great to have input from someone who’s an expert on these chart placements? Donna

      • It’s been my experience that other Scorpios with Pluto square their natal sun are tossed out of families–erased for various reasons, or just because. The people doing it carefully justify everything to present themselves in a positive light to the world. It takes someone with great insight to see what’s going on. We survive because we must, but people from loving families tend to not believe that such things actually happen. In my experience, Neptune is worse than Saturn. It helps people cover up what they’ve done. The upcoming full moon eclipse may cause more of this to happen or possibly, expose hidden agendas.

      • Hi, Sharon, good interpretation. I had a couple of friends born with Pluto in early Leo square their Suns, both at 29 Aries. Lots of trouble with people projecting on them, especially bosses, and tons of bitterness about people connections. (Their relentless bitterness eventually drove me to end the friendships, alas, as it was really hard to listen to, day in and day out.) Any thoughts on this kind of out of sign aspect involving a 29 degree planet, Michelle? Donna Cunningham.

      • Hi, Donna – I haven’t given much thought to an out of sign aspect with a 29 degree planet. I’m still working on a 29 degree book, and that would be worth including.

      • This is a topic that keeps on giving! Donna

  110. When I look at a chart I don’t look at signs I look at degrees. My Saturn at 8 Leo and 29 Capricorn Moon opposition is 9 degrees wide yet operating without much interference just like any other powerful opposition does. Out of sign squares and oppositions are often missed–sometimes even out of sign trines are overlooked because fundamentally we aren’t trained to see them or pay them much attention. I think they explain a lot of things going on in charts that might not make sense otherwise. Let’s train ourselves to watch for these out of sign aspects because they offer new explanations on often asked topics. We can teach each other well–the Neptune veil is lifting. I love you all.

    • Thanks, Sharon, I’ve written quite a bit about out of sign aspects in my stellium book and an article for The Mountain Astrologer. I find them fascinating, because they explain a lot that we miss otherwise. Donna Cunningham

  111. Perhaps I’m revisiting something that was already discussed. I so, I apologize. My interest is in 29 Taurus, the degree of “the weeping sisters”.
    I have a young cousin that has his Mars at 29 Taurus…given some other aspects in his chart I wondered if he may someday decide to become a she…
    By the way, it’s good to connect with you again Donna, after sooo many years.

    • That’s another interesting degree, as like 29 Leo, it’s the home of a fixed star. Will be interesting to see if Michelle has any info on that.

      Your name is familiar, Gary, but I don’t recall from where–I’ve been to many conferences and did move around a bit. I’ve been living in Portland, OR for the last 20 years. Donna

      • We spent time together in Portland when I was visiting and had dinner with Rob Hand. I can’t remember if dinner was before or after your local Astrology group meeting though🙄
        We also spent a little time together at some of the conferences.
        At the time I was living in Florida but moved to Denver shortly thereafter.

      • I do remember the night we all went out after Rob Hand, as that was a rare and memorable lecture. Good to hear from you. I went to Denver a couple of UACs ago, great city. Donna

    • Gary, the fixed star Alcyone has moved from 29 Taurus to 00 Gemini, and I think a change of signs can be significant in the interpretation. (I have my natal Venus at 00 Gemini 00, so maybe I can be the lab rat for expanded interpretations!)

      People who study the fixed stars have associated Alycone at 29 Taurus with mystical happenings, and a number of them see it as having a Moon-Mars flavor to it. Mars in 29 Taurus has Aries (which Mars rules) as its dwadashamsa, so I would give it leadership potential along with risk-taking, depending on other factors in the chart. There is also the potential for dynasty founding, something seen in a lot of charts with a natal planet in 29 degrees.

      I stumbled across something a while back while I was looking into the Centaurs that may be useful for people studying transgenderism. I tend to be a centaur-come-lately, but I am intrigued by Quaoar, because some of its interpretations have to do with “insides not matching outsides,” which can be a key concern in transgender cases. I was startled to discover that at the time that Bruce Jenner became Caitlyn Jenner, there was a conjunction of Quaoar and the asteroid Jenner!

      • A wonderful interpretation, Michele, and a fun story about Bruce Jenner! Thanks for the input. Donna

      • Now I really will go out on a limb, after posting far above about my Mars at 29 Taurus and the Pleiades. Since your article and these fine discussions on Donna’s blog, Michele, I have researched even more about people I know with placements at 29 Taurus/Scorpio, many of whom, like me, are consciously trying to raise their vibration and that of the planet. Many of us have past lives in revolutionary France, and have many lifetimes spanning the eons here and on other star systems. Many of us are lightworkers.

        Because of your research, Michele, I have been paying close attention when I see prominent 29 degrees markers, particularly when all the angles are at 29 degrees. There are many with prominent 29 Leo and several with 29 Virgo, and I don’t have that many people in my life, so it is a thing of wonder.

        Your research leads me to believe that it is a placement that allows us, as humans, to reach for our multi-dimensional, divine energies, to have many qualities right at our fingertips from that one placement. And the idea of late bloomer really fits in, as if folks were rising now to the call to wake up and vibrate up into a higher dimension.

        (My apologies, Donna, if this is too out there and off-topic for your blog. I have been meaning to post this for some time, yet felt shy and unsure of making such a bold statement. It is time to use my Mars publicly… many extraordinary things are happening.) Thank you both for all the insights–they are generous and wondrous!

      • Not at all, Mary. I’m glad to hear about it, as my best friend happens to have Mars at 209 Taurus (plus Uranus and Saturn conjunct it, all three in the Pleiades.) She does fit the description you wrote about consciously raising the vibration. Donna

      • Mary, I think the idea of the 29th degree representing a higher vibration or a capability of accessing multi-dimensional energies is valid. The encapsulation of all three modes into that one degree in a natal chart can make for immense creativity, should the individual decide to use it. Even if a person doesn’t express multi-dimensional energies, the person can at least have the capability of seeing many different sides of something. That could be the basis of the commonalities I’ve seen in the 29th degree–such as futuristic thinking, pushing boundaries, and the sense of having to go it alone.

      • Yes, that resonates, especially the last points as in going it alone; there can be a sense of mission.

      • Michele, thank you for your insight. It’s nice to connect with you again, Donna.

        Gary Nurkiewicz, PhD 7730 Kenway PL E Boca Raton, FL 33433 Phone: 720.341.0711 E-mail:

  112. Could the 29th anorectic degree in a sign and its Karmic energy have anything to do with the fact that the Super galactic center is also at the 29th degree Virgo or 1 Libra? just wondering

    • I keep thinking the galactic center degree is 28 Sagittarius/Gemini, though maybe I’m thinking of something else.

      • The Galactic Center is 28 Sagittarius

        Gary Nurkiewicz, PhD 7730 Kenway PL E Boca Raton, FL 33433 Phone: 720.341.0711 E-mail:

      • There is the Galactic center at 28 Sag…..but the Super Galactic Center is 29′ Virgo/1′ Libra.I call it the Holy Mother of the cosmos.:)

      • Karen, I haven’t heard of it, so don’t have any thoughts on it.

  113. I just did a chart for a man that has a Scorpio stellium, Mercury, Venus, Sun, Neptune in the eleventh house, and Mars in Scorpio at 29 degrees in the twelfth house. I still haven’t finished with our reading, and feel like there’s a lot I haven’t gotten to yet. The depth is amazing.

    • Interesting combination, Jack. The Scorpio stellium certainly does complicate and intensify the picture. You might want to suggest my ebook, The Stellium Handbook, to put together the individual pieces and the conjunctions. Donna Cunningham

      • Great idea. Thanks Donna! He has a basic knowledge of astrology so that will help a lot.

      • Hi Jack…I’ve always seen the 29th degree of Scorpio as an indication of death. I would be interested to know if he works or is involved some way with death on a regular (at least to him) basis.


      • No, not anything especially due to death, but having a Scorpio stellium, well, there is a matter-of-fact attitude towards the subject with him.

  114. Yes, he is a nurse and works at a hospital, and his Mars in in the twelfth, so there you go.

  115. Afternoon, I just ran across this thread and thought I would share, as it seems people are still replying and active in 2016. I have two stelliums and two 29th degrees in my chart. My info is as follows. Any feedback is appreciated! DOB: October 23, 1983

    4th house: Mercury, Sun, Pluto & Saturn
    *sun & Pluto are my 29th degrees

    5th house: Uranus, Jupiter, Neptune & South Node (does that count) and Neptune

  116. I have a friend who is suffering from bipolar disorder. She has 29 deg Uranus conj Sun in Scorpio, both opposite Moon. Interestingly, these 3 planets do not have any major aspect with the rest of the planets, which have harmonious aspects among themselves.

    It has been very difficult for her to cope with life and her own troubled personality. She has been unable to dissect, scrutinise and understand her own mind and psyche (as compared to committed spiritual seekers who may be more adept at seeking self-knowledge), and thus rely heavily on external aids such as chemical medicines to control her depression.

    When she is alone, she tends to have racing thoughts followed by depression. So I notice electronic gadgets (eg. iPad, phone) have been helpful external aids in providing distraction to her unruly mind.

    Very recently, she is getting suicidal. Fearing she might actually kill herself, she has admitted herself into hospital. Doctors have proposed Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) given the severity of her mental condition. Though ECT is controversial as there are adverse side effects such as memory loss and potential brain damage, she has accepted the therapy and will soon begin her first session.

    As I look at her Uranus conj Sun opp Moon configuration, I can’t help but make association of Uranus with the electronic external aids she has been getting for herself, though sometimes I wish she could find strength within herself via her Sun.

  117. Hi, I have an Aries moon at 29.5 degrees (Taurus cusp) in my 4th house. My moon forms the tail of my natal kite (opposite to Scorpio Pluto in the 10th house). Also have an Earth Grand Trine (or would if cusp moon was in Taurus instead). Does this still count as an Earth Grand Trine? And how do I make the best of the Moon Pluto opposition?

    • I’d really love to know how you are doing with this opposition coz I’m suffering the same 😂 I have my Moon at 2 degree Taurus, Sun at 0’15 Taurus opposing 3 degree Pluto in Scorpio but 10th/4th axis instead. And all this is squaring my Asc at 29.29 Cancer.

  118. I just ran across this thread and wanted to contribute as I have a daughter with Venus 29’14 conjunct Pluto 29’42 in Scorpio in the 7th house. She has a stellium in Capricorn : Sun 15’55, MC 22’34, Neptune 22’46, Uranus 25’48, Mercury 29’40 all Cap. She also has Vesta at 29’47 Gemini. She is extremely driven, an overachiever but not really a risk taker since everything is thought out and calculated. I wouldn’t say she is late bloomer but she is only 21. She has a Taurus ascendant and Pisces moon.

  119. I do not have any planets at 29, but my asc is at 29.52 of Gemini, making my dec 29.52 of Sag. I would probably say I am a late bloomer, still in process, but I think after 40 something (shh) years I’m at least on the right path now.

  120. Hi Donna. I am an astrologer who has worked at “good” jobs for over 20 years and I hated every minute of it. I have now retired on the strength of a property deal that has yet to come through. However I’m not panicking because…
    My Scorpio Venus is at 29d at the top of my chart, wide conjunction to my north node which itself conjuncts my midheaven. Also, still in my 10th, my Sag Neptune is in a wide conjunction with Venus. Ever since I first started learning astrology I have been obsessed with interpreting my 29th degree Venus. As yet, the extreme financial and personal success is yet to materialise. Interestingly on the other end of the scale, my moon is 0.12d Capricorn.
    I would appreciate your thoughts?

  121. I would have loved to hear what she has to say! Jupiter @29′ Cancer… conj 8th house cusp <3'… often noted as "trine Mars (0.5' Aries)".
    Curious on what, if Any, bearing this would have on previous interpretation of my chart?

  122. Hello. My husband and I have some interesting 29th degree placements. I have Uranus at 29 degrees 41 minutes Scorpio in my 1st House. My Sun is Aquarius (13 degrees, barely still in 3rd House), and I embrace my weird and wacky and appreciate the “bridge” Uranus offers my Sun-Asc square. My husband has Saturn at 29 degrees 53 minutes Virgo in his 8th House. His 21-degree Virgo Sun is also there in his 8th House, along with some others all crowding around his 29th degree Saturn. In addition, our mingling midpoints hit several 29th degrees. Our synastry and composite charts blow me away any time I even grab a quick look to reference something. I’m always finding another link or match-up or one more detail that speaks volumes about our relationship. I do believe our 29th degree planets (and various asteroids and midpoints) have more to do with our fairy tale life currently and in the past, and I know I’m so close to figuring it out!

  123. Hi Donna

    I have just been reading all about Anaretic Degrees cant believe this something i am just awakening to. I have Neptune Sagittarius 29°13’50 in house 5 stationary (R) i understand the significance and admit i have been an avoider of dealing with things but i do have my big girl panties on now and fully ready to power up and deal with the karma also being a stationary planet 😦

  124. I love it when people come together and share views. Great site, continue the good work!|

  125. Hello all! I have been analyzing my chart fairly deeply lately. I am a double Libra Pisces Asc with a birthdate 23/09/1987.

    Firstly, I have a Sun, Moon, Venus, Mercury stellium in Libra, 7H. My Sun is at 0 degrees. I do have some 29 degrees in my chart, but they are both asteriods.

    My centaurians are very prominent in my chart, and Chiron has my highest strength, according to the tests on the website (It also sits at 28.42 Degrees Gemini 4H, and my time of birth may be off by a minute or two, as my birthceritificate says 5:50 which may be rounded). As example, Nessus and Asbolus are both conj at 9 Degrees Virgo (7H), and Orcus also at 9 degrees Leo 6H (Venus also at 9 degrees, if that adds depth). Also, CharikoRx (beside IC) opposing my Saturn (conj MC) at the same Degree of 15!

    One thing I felt like contributing to the research, is my Pallas at 29 degrees Scorpio in 9H, is opposing my PholusRx at 0 degrees Gemini in 3H. (Just looked at transits, and oddly enough, as I write this, my Pholus is at 29 degrees Sag.. strange!) My Hylonome is also 29degrees Leo 6H.. I am unsure if your research contains asteroids, but they seem so significant in my chart, I felt it’s relevant.

    Oh yeah! My Chiron also creates a grand square with my True Node, Sun, and Neptune! Like I said, Chiron is very strong!

    I would love to hear any opinions you may have on this alignment, as well as share more about my life if it helps your research. Thank you so much!

    PS I love the discussions and loads of resources on your blog!!! Bless


  126. I don’t know how active this is, but as I am a lover of research I’ll contribute what I have.

    I’m a Scorpio rising (3°35) with a stellium that runs from Mercury 12°29♌ (conjunct MC 9°17♌) to Saturn 15°2♍. Between is Jupiter 22°18♌, Venus 29°34♌, Sun 0°2♍, Moon 11°34♍. Also, there is Lilith 4°56♍ and N.Node 8°47♍. My only other personal planet, Mars sits at 9°58♋. All my out planets sit at 17°, Uranus in ♏(H1), Neptune in ♐(H2), Pluto in ♎(H12).
    Note: Sun/Venus=Mars/Pluto Midpoint, Lilith=Sun/Moon midpoint.

    As for personal details:
    I potty trained myself (so my mom says) at 8-9 months, apparently I hated wearing diapers.
    I walked around the same time.
    I was diagnosed at 5 with ADHD (inattentive)
    Moved around a lot, 18-30, Ca, Nv, Wv, Ha, Ks, La.
    I got my driver’s license at 22
    I started college the first time at 22. Design- Applied Arts degree.
    Dated for the first time at 22.
    Started second degree at. 33
    I do better working for myself. I don’t work well with inapt bosses.
    I’ve lived off and on with my parents all my adult life.

    As talents go, I can write like a water faucet. Unfortunately, for me I have always had a problem with directing the planets at the center of my stellium. So, I have tons of fruit, but no labour to make pay off.
    I’m a good cook, I can read people really well, and I’m also a bit of a Tinker.

    As of right now I’m trying to regain control of my Moon/Saturn conjunct. It has been running amock and making a fearful hermit out of me.

    Lastly, I always seem to find money right when I need it.

    Hope this helps your research. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

    • I’m curious to which Lilith you refer here as there are 3, apparently. I recently found that my Black Moon Lilith being in conjunction with my Saturn in my first house may account for my attention to detail (I had thought it was my sun-Mars trine). Thanks for an interesting post.

  127. Hey Donna (and for your research Michele), here’s an interesting 29º pairing of influential and revolutionary poets, Walt Whitman and Allen Ginsberg. Many consider Ginsberg’s style to be an evolution of Whitman’s. For both of them, 29º Pisces falls in the 12th house. Whitman has Saturn there at 29º15, and Ginsberg has Uranus at 29º02. Interestingly, they share some other tight conjunctions, though not at 29º: Ginsberg’s 9th-house Neptune (27º02 sag) is at Whitman’s MC (27º49 sag); both their Suns are in Gemini, with Whitman at 8º56 in the cusp of the 2nd, and Ginsberg at 11º54 in the 3rd; Ginsberg’s South Node (at 16º55 cap in the 10th) is exact with Whitman’s Part of Fortune (17º13 cap, also in the 10th); Ginsberg’s Anti-Vertex (27º40 pis) is at Whitman’s Pluto (27º27 pis), leading back to that 29º Saturn, which it conjuncts along with Chiron at 28º48. Things that make the evolution of revolution pretty spiffy…

  128. Glad to be included! I have Pluto at 29Cancer13 in the 9th, SD the day I was
    born – I also have Sun /Saturn 21Aries Aries cazimi in my 6th @ 21 Aries- Asc 28Libra34 – so YES, I was a late bloomer – found astrology on my 40th birthday – and painting the same year!
    I started teaching astrology 5 years later and am still at it! I raised a family while my husband was in Merchant Marine for 40 years – am now 78 and still in love with my “late blooming” loves + married 56 years to boot!
    Thank you all so much for your fascinating comments!

    • I should mention that the article I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer on the 29th degree is now on my web site.

      • Lot’s of active transits in your chart right now. The unexpected from all directions lbut with transiting Jupiter’s protection.

  129. I have my sun at 29′ 56” Virgo, conjunct Mercury 26 degrees in 9th house, which is 10 degrees from my exactly conjoined Uranus/Pluto 16 degrees and near my balsamic Virgo Moon 2 degrees, all in 8th house. I have used this 29th degree and virgo stellium to consolidate my research and creative skills, and break ground in music, art, photography, writing, healing and counselling techniques. I have often acted as the catalyst to change outdated modes of doing things within organisations ( in nursing, education and arts) and naturally attract people who are ready to transform themselves.I remember being at this surfers club party in the early 90’s, and only men were dancing on the dance floor and I got up and started dancing and a man punched me and pushed me off the floor, and I got back up there again, and another man barged into me and threw me into the air, and I got back up there again, and another man barged at me, and this time I landed on the stage. Here, I started powerfully dancing, and within moments all the men on the dance floor, lined up in front of me and watched me, and then I jumped down and danced and weaved around them, and then invited the women to join in. Women then arrived and started to dance too, and then I sat down, and within moments I had a queue of over 200 people waiting to talk to me and ask me who I was, and how I did that! The women were most grateful as no woman up to that point had danced there before! ha ha ha… I am often called to transform situations for the better, I am not being arrogant, that’s just how things are, just as a call of duty, to transform old patterns for a better future :).

    • Hi Bridget, I have a 29 degree Capricorn moon and I too am an artist, published writer, healer, and a psychic/astrologer. I too am called upon to be a catalyst for change–all my life–transforming things. Sun in Scorpio. 24 Virgo rising. Certainly not a traditional life. Yay, spirit-sister!!!!

      • The article I wrote for The Mountain Astrologer on the 29th degree is now on my web site at, under Articles. Yes, indeed, the 29th degree says a great deal about creativity.

      • It also seems to be a degree where there is rejection by the family of origion or where children are raised by a grandparent or guardian. This degree can accumulates great wealth–often via trauma or fame. A very psychic degree.
        Everywhere is home, nowhere is permanent–the universe is our back yard.

      • Hi spirit sister Sharon Lockwood, thanks for you comments.I it is good to be a transformer, as indeed the world needs all the help it can get! I can relate to the rejection by family thing, as I never felt part of my birth family, as they were stupid, they used to beat me up all the time, and I was used as a scapegoat, made to do all the hard work and help out during all crises(my parent were infantile), however, fortunately, I had my Grandmother’s who were most loving towards me, and many substitute mother’s, mothers of friends of mine who were most supportive :). I also feel the the universe/mulitverse/omniverse is my home, connected through heart where ever I am corporeally or non-corporeally, a consciousness thing.. Thank you also to Michele Adler, for your wealth of wisdom and for writing up Reconsidering the Zodiac’s 29th Degree:Three Sides of an Enigma :). It is like a breath of fresh air to have such an informative article that doesn’t just parrot what others say about the 29th degree! I can definitely relate to ‘going it alone’, Janusian thinking, pushing boundaries, futuristic thinking, prodigy tendencies in childhood( I was creating perfect replications of what I saw in art at the age of 8, was reading Asimov at 6, had wrote my first book at 10, had read about all the World’s religions and every psychological theory at the time by the time I was 13, as I wanted to know what made people tick and why people were so influenced by religion, looking at the origins of them and how many were made up to control the flock and make money!), and the family destiny thing. Although I never felt like by parents or siblings, my maternal great grandmother came to me in dreams and asked me join the family together, when she symbolically gave me a ring. This led to further dreams with ancestors, and my parents insisting on me finding out their origins and handing over of birth/death/marriage certificates that they had. Finally I researched and created a family history, which spanned way back to 1800BC, a much needed product, as Australia does not keep records, my fathers side, and my mother was not even registered as being born, as she was born in the Netherlands when WW11 broke out, and even her mother was not registered as she was born at the advent of WW1! Thus, it is an invaluable document for all those of this generation, and for those to follow :).

      • My Grand mother was my saving grace too. 29th degree is often raised by relatives or they play a very important part in the child’s upbringing. Family legacy. Betrayal. Natural empath. Mediumship. Late bloomer. Gifted.

      • Hi Sherry Lockwood, I am very glad that your grandmother was you saving grace, thank goodness for her! :). Yes, can relate to all those things…thank you, blessings, Bridget :).

      • Thank you, Bridget, for your kind words about the 29th degree article. Regarding ancestry and tribal purpose, that can also be shown through a prominent Pluto, that is, Pluto in the cardinal houses, especially the 4th which is ruled by Cancer of family. (Pluto in the 4th can often indicate a strong grandmother figure.) Conjunctions of Pluto to the personal planets, especially the Moon, can also indicate this.

        Regarding tribal purpose, it’s interesting to see if themes come up down through the ages. In one family, for example, generations back there was always a theme of the father betraying the son, such as in business dealings, until someone from a generation farther down somehow gets hold of the theme and makes it right, so future generations won’t have to keep repeating it. The field of epigenetics holds that your eye color and hair color aren’t the only thing passed down in DNA, that trauma from generations back somehow gets locked into our genes, too. Look to the ancestors who may have shared some common horoscope traits, particularly if they share a common degree.

      • Hi Michele, it’s been my observation that Pluto in the 4th house, either natally or by transit can indicate domestic violence, scandal, or public embarrassment, as well as the legacy of family themes that need to be corrected. Our DNA does indeed hold traumatic memory and Pluto, representing the unconscious attitudes and behaviors of people can often be seen in others before we recognize it in ourselves.
        This is a good conversation.

      • Thank you Michele :). My 4th house cusp is 24’42” Aries, and I don’t have any planets there, and my Pluto is in 8th house exactly conjoined with Uranus at 16 degrees and my moon is only 11-12 degrees from that at 2’53”, and they are in opposition to my Saturn R conjunct Chrion in pisces. I think the 8th house related to death, karma and regeneration, brings the gift of connection to this world and the afterlife, and the connection we have with our ancestors are indeed part of our memories, therefore they are always with us. I think the hero journey stories of the labyrinth denote this as we weave our way through our own ancestral mandala, in our efforts to find self and reconnect with the ones who came before us, and whom made us. Certain individuals may be more important for us, than others, as they may provide us with gifts and I know that I am indebted to those ancestors who gave me my many gifts :). In vedic astrology, in which the moon is all important, my moon is posited in the Magha Nakshatra in which natives are supposedly strongly inclined to their ancestral beliefs and traditions, and are highly recommended to honour their ancestors. In many ways I am a pioneer of the future, and am not much of a traditionalist, with my Aquarius rising, yet my ancestors have spoken to me and guided me, and given me gifts and a love of nature, and these things I treasure. Studying my family history/geneaology, I definitely saw repeated patterns, especially ones of strong women, ahead of their times and of violent weak men, who ruled through wrath and often turned to the bottle. Many male ancestors were abandoned too :(. The themes of trauma do repeat, especially that of strong women, marrying weak men, and having to look after them. I saw this with all balsamic moon grand/great/xxxx…mothers, so I wonder if the relationships were built upon karmic atonement, and I too, another balsamic moon woman, married a weak man who turned to the bottle through trauma ( yet he is making amends now). Another key theme, is the constant travelling and re-establishing of new home territory and or profession, until another war, or crises, starts the pattern over. I think this is common with all people and makes us most adaptable :). I guess someone has to break the chain, and make amends and show the way for the future, and I hope the family history that I painstakingly put together( choosing what stories to put in was important) can help in doing so, for it is only when we cognitively understand something, that we can dive into the feeling body, and start the grieving process that allows the removal of the pain of yesteryear. Also, to embrace the joy and the good qualities of the past, and to feel proud of where we came from; although we make ourselves new in our own way. blessings to you Michele :).

      • Beautifully stated, Bridget. I agree that the 8th house can show ancestral connections, even if it can’t always define them. This is true of the 4th and 12th, and when I see planets in those houses, I wonder about the ancestral connections. An interesting ancestral study is that of the Stuart dynasty, of which Mary Queen of Scots was probably the most famous. Going through the family lineage, you see Mars and Pluto in hard aspect, and almost all met with violent ends, but then that was what Mars-Pluto usually meant in those times.

        I have a Mars-Pluto conjunction in the 4th house, but it represented, among other things, the antagonism and dislike between my mother and my paternal grandmother, with whom we lived growing up. My sister, who was also in this household, has a Moon-Pluto conjunction in the 8th, and inherited a beautiful musical talent, which the paternal grandmother shared. Pluto placements in water houses tend to represent a strong grandmother figure, but they may also represent the deeper ancestral connections, provided the person is aware of connections and themes in the family life. I have a brother with Moon-Uranus conjunct in the 12th house. He was the one to break a significant pattern that had existed for many generations–the story is too long to go into, but it had to do with betrayals of the father.

        The Bible has that passage that refers to the sins of the father being visited upon the children. I’m not sure whether to call them sins or themes or patterns, but that may be a reference to the tribal purpose that I think runs through all of our veins. Someone also told me that something is said about the 4th generation from an ancestor being the generation where the tribal purpose may be stronger. The brother I mentioned in the previous paragraph would be the 4th generation from an ancestor who started the “betrayal of the father” business.

        Fascinating, intriguing stuff.

      • It is interesting that you mention, Catherine de Valois in your article, and Mary, Queen of Scots, above, as they are both part of my paternal ancestry, with Mary’s Grandmother, Margaret Queen of Scots Tudor (who married James Stewart 1V Scotland,being one of my 12th Gt Grandmothers) and then later run off and married Archibald Douglas (much to the disgust of her brother Henry V111) and her efforts to unite Scotland and England. Margaret’s marriage to James IV foreshadowed the Union of the Crowns – their great-grandson, James VI Stewart and 1 Stuart ( changed it from Stewart)was the first to be monarch of both Scotland and England. I’m not very proud of Henry V111, yet see his validity in removing power from the crown and RC church, to the people.

        I can understand the power in the water houses and their connection to ancestral consciousness, and the specifics of the 4th house as related to our roots. I can also relate to the increased power in the 4th generation tribal purpose that you mention, as 4 is the number of consolidation and strength which give a very strong foundation, and I am most glad that your brother broke a pattern of betrayal in your famiily :). However, I am more inclined to think that the tribal purpose is stronger in the 7th generation. The 7th generation principle taught by Native Americans says that in every decision, be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must consider how it will affect our descendents seven generations into the future and all the ancient stories of the 7th son of the 7th son and all biblical and ancient references to 7, add credence to this magical number of 7, so I am inclined to think that your brother was the 7th generational son that inherited this betrayal pattern, and was thus key in changing it! :).

        It is interesting what you say of the ill feelings between your paternal grandmother and your mother, and that your sister inherited her musical gift, moon conjunction pluto in the 8th.

        When I study my ancestors on both sides going back to my Great Grand parents, there is a balsamic moon theme, and a 29 degrees theme ( each ancestor had 29 degrees prominently, most having 29′ Pluto, but others with the moon, Jupiter, and mercury).

        There is another astrological theme in Saturn retrograde placements, either in Pisces, Taurus, and/or 12th house, 2nd, and I am inclined to see this as a wounding of self-worth and value systems, and the search for deeper meanings. My maternal great grandparents, lost their home, bombed by Nazi’s in WW11, my Grand parents, sold their house and all their belongings to come to Australia post WW11 (my grandfather has been in Auschwitz concentration camp and my mother in Vught concentration camp), and then the church took every thing else they had too, and the stories go on… so much loss, and new beginnings. Many of my Uncles were very greedy in response to this, and on my Father’s side, there was abandonment due to TB( the loss of parents), or mental illness, and much poverty which led to them immigrating to Australia, and many of the men escaped their pain through alcohol. My siblings are materalistic, yet my grandmother’s were not, and I too, am not motivated by such things, knowing them only to be what we need in this world, and am motivated by helping others and my inner directives. It is indeed, fascinating and intriguing stuff and thanks for sharing some of your family themes with me. Blessings to you and all people engaged in this forum :).

      • Bridget, you have a fascinating ancestry! That’s interesting about the 7th generation, and I believe I have heard that influence of ancestors goes back 7 generations. Seven is such a mystical number, there must be a reason. I hope that with more curiosity about ancestry, with the internet and, more people will come to understand their own circumstances based on the lives of their ancestry.

        I have heard a story about Princess Diana that I thought was intriguing along these lines. I heard that when she was born, they were expecting a boy, and didn’t have any female names picked out. So they went back into their own lineage and found there was a Lady Diana Spencer back in the 17th century. (This would have likely been beyond the 7 generations.) Diana was the granddaughter of the Duchess of Marlborough (I’m writing this from memory, and not re-checking the story). The Duchess was determined that Diana should be Queen of England, and played matchmaker with Diana and the then-Prince of Wales, Frederick. Frederick thought marriage would be fine, but Frederick’s father, either George II or III, I forget which, didn’t agree, so the marriage to the Prince of Wales did not prevail. Interesting, though, that Frederick would never have been King anyway, as he died before his father did. But did the Duchess of Marlborough’s ambitions get passed down anyway? (The 17th century Diana died at age 25.)

        And of course it’s widely known that Edward VII, a great great great grandfather of the current Prince Charles, had Alice Keppel as his mistress, who happened to be the great grandmother of Camilla Parker Bowles. So there can be emotional retention in the DNA too, I would think.

        Astrology has a great deal to offer the field of epigenetics, and I do wish I had another lifetime in which to study it more deeply.

      • Thank you… my research revealed many amazing individuals, Anna Comnene, Elenor Aquitaine, St. Margaret of Scotland, to mention a few… Yes, emotions are definitely carried in our DNA, it is called philatic memory-if that is how it is spelt, I studied it many, many years ago- memories carried in our soma-body and it has been scientifically proven that Mother’s do carry their emotions over to their child in utero, that is why trauma carries over, as does good memories and feelings too. Yet, there are more interesting studies into the metaphysics of our DNA, and how it is triggered by the external holographic imprint, like feelers that reach out into the cosmos. This adds credibility to the holographic principle (a supposed property of quantum gravity that states that the description of a volume of space can be thought of as encoded on a lower-dimensional boundary to the region—preferably a light-like boundary like a gravitational horizon) and holographic universe. To simplify, many quantum physicists support that a holographic projection of our energy/consciousness, they don’t quite call it soul( small part of) is embedded in our physical bodies, which are projections of our dream self and consciousness self from source or at least other higher dimensions or alternate realities. Thus, we are never separated from source, although it may feel this way, when we are in a state of duality. To me, it says a lot about our soul and what bodies we chose prior to incarnation- and astrology is a great too for understanding this-which best fits the lessons we need to learn and the releasing of karmic residue from the past. I believe that our soul memories may not at all be connected with our choice of biological heritage, yet if those bodies serve our higher purpose than it is chosen. However, our DNA blueprint as expressed through our body, does indeed carry our biological heritage and emotional imprints and talents and connections to our biological ancestors, as experienced in our bodies and hearts in the present. I love this stuff, so interesting and mind expanding…:)

  130. And, blessings to you too, Sharon :).

    • Bridget, It sounds like we are probably remote cousins. I have most all of the same ancestry on my mother’s paternal side and my father’s maternal side. My male companion has much of the same deep ancestry. I have a Balsamic Cancer Moon conjunct Uranus and the MC square Neptune in 1.

      • Probably.. I think we are all related, and definitely all connected to the eternal heart beat… peace and blessings, x0x0

  131. Great conversation. I have Jupiter at 29 Virgo conjunct Chiron at 2 Libra ,neptune at 5 Libra nearing the ascedent at 9 libra,lillith14 libra, pallas 16 Libra and another lillith at 20 Libra. One lillith is in the astroid belt and the other orbits earth with the moon.
    Can defiantly relate to emphat. Both my grandmothers were dead when I was born, but each taught me from the spirit world which is as real as the gross physical.Not only this but a grandfather from a previous incarnation in another Race taught me and his love was the same as it was in that long ago lifetime. Along with cociousness, love never dies.
    I also have a connection to Scotland although I am mostly North American Indian. I saw the land in Scotland, actually in the south and partly in North England. I have a commission there to do for the grandfathers which is connected to the old ways of the Druids.
    I saw when the Celts first came to the aisles and met the Pics.I saw the huge and ancient trees.These are memories.
    Yes the body remembers how to do the things the Ancestors did and thats why our North American Indian culture can never be lost or taken away from us like the government and church tried to do by taking Indian children away from parents and reprograming them in boarding schools here in America.
    I went to such a school but always knew who I was and wasn’t.
    The 4th generation is a pivot point to change but if it doesn’t change and stays the course for the 7th generation then it falls into the sub and becomes automatic behavior. Thats also true about it taking 7 years to transform every cell in the body, so if you quit smoking the 4th year the old cells will fight hard for tobbacco but if you make it past the 4th year the weight will be thrown to success.
    Your talks are fun…just wanted to verify.

    • Interesting insights, Barehand. The tribal awareness is characteristic of the 29th degree. I wish more people would study their family history, not for physical characteristics, but for SITUATIONS and PATTERNS that come down through the lineage. Identifying themes is always a useful skill for an astrologer.

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