Posted by: Donna Cunningham | January 15, 2009

Mercury Retrograde Table–2009-2012

mercurybadaspectdrwsm-a2d(C)2009 by Donna Cunningham

Not all Mercury retrograde periods are created equal–some are stickier than others, depending on which planets Mercury aspects as it goes through a week or so of  its stationary period, in which it apparently stands still, at least from the viewpoint of the earth.  Each time Mercury goes retrograde, you’ll find an interpretation of the current picture and what steps to take to avoid the peskiest scenarios and what qualities to capitalize on.

The table below shows a complete list of Mercury Retrograde periods from now through 2012.  You can find an article on positive uses of Mercury Retrograde in the category, “Bits from my Books” on this blog.





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