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A Who’s Who of your Horoscope–the Players in all 12 Houses

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Note: the following is an excerpt from Donna’s ebook, New Insights into  the Astrology Chart, a collection of 25 essays on various chart features.  (Order at

A reader writes, “You keep saying the houses of my chart tell me who the players in my transits are. Well, those houses aren’t talking to ME, because I still don’t have a clue who you mean! Here’s what I need to know:”

  • “Who should I watch my back around?”
  • “Is my boss out to get me?”
  • “Who’s gonna get so mad at me that we won’t ever speak again?”
  • “Who can’t I count on for what I need any more?”
  • “Who’s gonna have a melt down and then I’ll have to put them back together?”
  • “Who’s gonna disappear from my life?”
  • “Who’ll come forward to save the day?”
  • “Where do I go to meet my soul mate? That’s what I REALLY want to know!!”

 Look, I don’t know from soul mates. My Neptune isn’t in Libra and neither is anything else worth mentioning. But apart from that, I can teDonna Cunningham Skywriter 12 housesll you who the possible players are for each house of your chart. Then you can figure out for yourself which of the people currently in your life these questions might refer to. Given your current transits, who in your life is at risk and who can you count on for support?  but today we’ll go through each of the 12 houses in turn for a possible cast of characters.

 A Who’s Who in your Chart

Starting with lists drawn from traditional astrology, I then stretched the house definitions to include newcomers that modern living, global travel, and instantaneous communication have added to our circles.

Like, what house is your computer guy in—and how about that Jenny Craig counselor you confess your culinary sins to every day? Since these modern additions aren’t time-tested, I’d be interested to hear your take on them in the comment section.

Relationships have also changed profoundly in the decades that started with1942, because all the outermost planets in turn went through the sign Libra. (There’ll be a post about that in the near future.) For instance, do you know what house your stepchildren or your mate’s former spouse belong in?

“Not in MY house, for sure,” I hear you saying.Donna Cunningham astrological houses Skywriter

Well, according to a classical technique called derivative houses, you can keep turning the chart wheel around to answer questions like these. For stepchildren, count 4 houses ahead of your 7th house, which would be your 10th House.

“Aha!” you snarl, “No wonder they’re convinced THEY get to make the rules here.”

I don’t normally use the system—it makes me dizzy—but I’ve borrowed a few of the more common relationships for the house lists that follow. (See links at the end for more on derivative houses.)

 A House-to-House Search for Suspects

Here’s your personal Who’s Who of people who may be part of the problem—or of the solution—in situations related to either your natal chart or transits.

1st House: that would be you—at least the part of you that you want the world to see. You might also include the folks who help you keep up that façade of presentability like your hair stylist, personal trainer, dental hygienist, or cosmetic surgeon. And, yes, the Jenny Craig counselor you go to for help in getting into hotter clothes. (A dietician you see to lose weight for health reasons would belong to the 6th.)

2nd House:  People you get money directly from because you’ve earned it–the payroll department at work, and if you’re in business for yourself, your own customers, clients, and sales reps…accounts receivable. People you give money to—suppliers of goods, payees, dependents, and accounts payable. (People who help you manage your money are in the 8th. Customers of your boss are in the 6th.)

3rd House: Sisters, brothers, aunts, uncles, cousins, old family friends who are like relatives, neighbors, fellow students. People you correspond with or keep in touch with by phone. Internet connections like forum members and tech support at your Internet provider. Media people like repoDonna Cunningham Skywriter astrology blogrters and newscasters.

4th House: Mom and Dad, mother and father figures, folks who live with you, ancestors, elderly relatives, people from your old home town. Home maintenance personnel like interior decorators, building contractors, plumbers, and landscape artists.

5th House: Your own children, children in general, and other young people in your life.  Your Inner Child.

Lovers who think you’re their Mommy or Daddy. Other romantic interests, stars you’re gaga about. People you share creative pursuits or hobbies with. Your bookie. Beloved companion pets, as opposed to working farm animals you milk, eat or ride. (That’s the 6th house.)

6th House: Employees and coworkers. Health care personnel, both mainstream and alternative. I’d imagine your computer guy, that head hunter who’s promised you a much better job, and other business consultants fit here.

7th House: Your mate, life partner, or business partner. Other committed relationships like your lifelong best friend. Your agent, therapist, life coach, counselor, or co-author. Open enemies—worthy adversaries.

8th House: Sexual partner. Gynecologist. People you share joint finances and resources with, like a mate or business partner.  Other sources of support like investors, trust fund executors, Social Security or grant providers. Your CPA or investment counselor.

Dead people who stay in touch. People who put you in the will…then threaten to disinherit you if you don’t do what they say. Family members or sugar daddies who dole out money to you, then make you pay, pay, pay. Staff of institutions you owe money to, like banks, credit card companies, collection agencies, or the IRS. Insurance agents. (Ever wonder why the 8th house scares astrologers so much?  Well, now you know.  I could do without most of these individuals!)

9th House: College professors and other important teachers. Ministers, spiritual teachers, gurus, motivational speakers, writers of inspirational books. Lawyers, judges. Publishers, editors. People from foreign countries who touch your life, travel agents.

By derivative houses: grandchildren, brothers and sisters in law.

10th House: Parents as authority figures, career mentors. Bosses, supervisors. You as a parent or boss. “The Authorities”—elected officials, board members, Popes, police system.

By derivative houses: Stepparents, mother and father in law, stepchildren, your mate’s boss. (Short version: in these situations, everybody runs the show but you!)

11th House: Friends, associates, members of your peer group, your social circle. Respected colleagues. Members of groups and organizations you belong to.

12th House: People in our lives we keep secret, such as extramarital affairs. Members of Alcoholics Anonymous and other 12-step programs. Secret enemies, drinking buddies, and others who undermine us—including ourselves when we’re our own worst enemy. People in chronic care facilities like hospitals, nursing homes, homeless shelters, and prisons—and the staff of such places. Members of ashrams. Selfless servers like nuns, monks, and committed volunteers.

 It’s Time to Direct the Movie of your Life!

 After applying this post to your own life, you may have a clearer idea of what the roles are in your current drama. You probably know the characters involved and whether they’re villains with black hats that cause no end ofDonna Cunningham Skywriter astrology blog trouble or heroes with white hats who show up to save the day.

But now it’s time to get this flick into production—and it’s a one-man show. YOU are the casting director and have the final say on who’s in and who’s out and how big a role each one plays. You’re the screenwriter who can edit out unnecessary scenes and—within certain limits—rewrite the ending so the worst doesn’t happen.

As producer, you also know how much money can be raised for the project and whether it’s a blockbuster costing billions or a low-budget Indie. You’re also in the starring role and need to put in months of study to decide how to play it. Are you going to try all the stunts yourself–or get a stunt double for the really risky stuff?

Since you’re all those jobs rolled up in one, you’d be wise to step up and become director as well, making sure it comes out as close as possible to the vision you have.  As they say in show biz, break a leg!

Note: This is an excerpt from Donna’s 2014 ebook, New Insights into the Astrology Chart, a collection of 25 essays. To learn more, download a sampler of its contents here: Sampler–New Insights-Cunningham  The ebook, delivered by email is $15. ((Order at


  1. Loved this refresher. Loved the wit, too 😀

  2. Yes, great refresher course in the houses! Thanks! 🙂

    Woke up contemplating the connection between Neptune in Libra folks and the soul mate concept (personally I believe that’s a bunch of hooey). As a card caring member of that group, I believe we singlehandedly did more to promote the romance novel genre than most of the proceeding generations. Dubious accomplishment IMO. :::sigh::::

    • I had a limit with certain Neptune in Libra clients–no more than three chart comparisons a year with people they were convinced were their soul mates, or a total of 5 per lifetime. Thankfully, once their hormones went south, that hectic hunt for everlasting romance slowed down. (So did their visits to astrologers!) Donna

  3. You made my day with the comment about soul mates in your article: “Look, I don’t know from soul mates. My Neptune isn’t in Libra…”

    My Neptune is in Libra, in the 5th house and I did have a soul mate – he died during our joint Saturn return. But every minute of our lives together was heaven. Hah – or at least I remember it that way…Being in love with being in love.
    Our Neptunes were conjunct: mine at 29 Libra and his in the same house at 0 Scorpio.

    • Ah, a very sad tale, EJ. But you see, outer planet conjunctions in a chart comparison are anything but fated. Since the outer planets move so very slowly–you have Neptune conjunct Neptune with almost everyone on the planet born within two or three years of you. So if that’s the criteria, we all have millions of soul mates….our entire soul group. Donna

  4. I just found this site through my Diana Stone Newsletter. I love it! I am just soaking up all this great information!

    Thank you so much for providing.


    • Glad you like it. Quite a few of your newsletter-mates have shown up since Diana wrote that. (I’m one of hers myself, but I got here quicker.) Donna

  5. Donna,
    Years ago, An Astrologer friend of mine told me to look at My Birthday in the Ephemerous and Progress my Venus until it changed signs. He said when Venus changed signs, I would meet my Soul Mate. I looked up the date my Venus changed signs and sure enough, that was when I met the Love of My Life. (I had to count backwards, I had already met him).

    Some people’s Venus changes signs in their Progressions several times. These are the Lucky Ones, they have several opportunities to meet the Love of their Life. Evidently, some Lucky people have more than one Love of their Life.

    You don’t always end up with the Love of Your Life. Sometimes when you meet them, they are already married, or you may be married, etc.

    It worked for me. Is this true or was it just a coincidence with me?

    • I don’t work with progressions at all, only transits, Mary, so it’s not a technique I’m familiar with. Donna

    • HI Mary,
      I’m no expert with progression by any means, but my progressed Venus changed signs (from Aries into Taurus) first when I was 9. Any idea what that means?? LOL Should we ignore when we are that young age?? I mean, some people do mean their soul mates as kids, and grow up together, so it could make sense… but not sure that was my case at 9. The next time it changes for me is in a little over a year (from Taurus into Gemini). That is actually interesting, because I’ve been told by some very intuitive/psychic people that it would be about another year before I got together with my soul mate.

      I guess we’ll see!!

      • Disclaimer: I’m still studying and only sharing the little I know about progressions:

        Venus changing signs via progression does not mean one will meet one’s soul mate at that time. Rather it heralds change in one’s style in Venus-related areas.

        There are many markers but activation of/activity around the DSC points to a time important for realationships. It especially indicated marriage. For marriage, the seventh house ruler is another thing to watch.

        Aspects the progressed Venus makes are also things you want to watch when looking at romance.

  6. Please email comments via email regarding
    Progressions of Venus indicating you will meet your Soul Mate / Love of My Life….

    made earlier

    Thank you

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