Posted by: Donna Cunningham | March 22, 2010

4 Great Articles on How to Introduce Astrology to Teenagers

For me, one of the most inspiring parts of the Blogathon Article Collection was Auntie Moon‘s group of 4 readable articles about making astrology relevant and appealing to today’s teenagers. Since Uranus rules both astrology and adolescence, the birth chart seems like a natural tool to help teens sort out that all-engrossing question of  who they are, and yet communicating about astrology across that vast generation gap is often a challenge. 

The authors of these articles give some excellent advice on how to do just that. In case you missed them or want to pass them along to teens or people who work with them, here are the links:  

The Importance of Astrology’s Vocabulary ~ Amanda Owen, author of Lucky Signs (an astrology book for teens) turns our attention to the negative stereotypes and sign judgements that sun sign descriptions can play in building or depleting a teen’s budding self-esteem. It is up to us to remove the black/white, good/bad connotations and empower our younger generation’s emerging self-confidence and self-reliance.   

Uranus Aries for Teens: Young Fool at the Edge ~ Molly Hall, your guide to astrology on relates Uranus to the Tarot Fool with exceptional suggestions for teens on how to handle the Uranus in Aries energy. Adults as well as tarot fans will benefit, too.  

I Was a Teenage Astrologer: An Astrology Reference Guide for Teens ~ Lucy Goldstein of Lucy Looking Upward shares her experiences in studying astrology starting at age 14, offering great tips for teens entering the field. Her tips will benefit everyone just starting their studies and even teach some old dogs a few new tricks.

Bringing Hogwarts to American Teens—the Curriculum for my Class ~ Veteran astrology Gretchen Lawlor has been teaching astrology and other metaphysical topics for a decade at an alternative high school. She shares her experiences with these alienated but eager young people, what was included in her curriculum, and how you can approach your school district about similar classes. (The pictures shown here are from one of Gretchen’s classes. The students are learning about the planetary archetypes by making masks and acting out parts of their charts.)

Kudos to CJ Wright of Auntie Moon for bringing this much-needed collection together!

Update:  Through AstroDispatch–Digest of Blogs, I’ve just discovered a site that teens and tweens would find lots of fun: Kiddie Star Signs is the on-line blog for Here Mademoiselle Kiddie dishes about the star signs of celebrities and celebrity kids.(For entertainment purposes only) Visit it at:

READERS:  Have you had experience with teaching astrology to teenagers or doing chart consultations for a substantial number of them?  Please share it in the comment section, especially any tips about how to present it so we can all learn more about how to do it well.  

 Teens, if you’re reading this, please tell us what is helping you to learn.  Where do you go to find out about your own chart?   What astrology websites do you like most?

More Articles about Uranus from the Blogathon:

Auntie Moon’s collection of articles about Uranus transits and Uranian phenomena was the largest–and to me the most entertaining–collection in the Blogathon weekend.  Here’s the link:

Uranus in Aries: Claiming a Self-Reliant Future

Unpredictable Uranus is ending his sojourn in Pisces and will soon enter irascible Aries. Following a period of reluctantly dealing with the real world, Uranus steps up to proclaim personal freedom. This is not the freedom bell that Uranus usually rings for everyone, but the unabashed self-proclamation of “My Rights, Every Day!”

 Coordinated by CJ Wright at Auntie Moon, the 17 articles and additional media presentations in the Uranus collection are as erratic as Uranus himself. You will discover some of the disruptive changes Uranus loves to spring on us and receive suggestions on how to work with rather than against yourself as you evolve and grow.

Note:  Her collection also includes links to a large number of videos and other media presentations about astrology.

For descriptions and links to all 5 of the article collections in the Blogathon, see the Cardinal T-Square page at the top of this blog.


  1. I am SO forwarding this link to my 17-year old daughter! 🙂

  2. These are all amazingly good articles and I wish I’d had them as resources when I first started out, even though I wasn’t a teenager. I wouldn’t have felt so completely in the dark. It’s a new world for teens/newbies and astrology. So many resources are available, and these are true gems.

  3. Over the years that Gretchen has been teaching those classes, she’s shared a lot about it with me. She’s got a special gift for working with troubled teens and brings so much love to the work.

    For parents or grandparents who want their teens to learn about themselves and their career potentials, Gretchen does consultations by phone. Donna

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