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Chiron and Vocation: Do What You Love and Wholeness Will Follow

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This is the thing that I was born to do. ~ Samuel Daniel

The Chiron myth suggests that astrological Chiron has influence over many areas of life—and much more than a chosen profession. Chiron is that force inside you that hones a multitude of skills to prepare you to perform, for the rest of society, that special thing that only you can do. Your unique skills and style of delivery are needed in a certain time/space continuum. One aspect of Chiron insists that you do what you love or suffer an incurable longing for lack of doing it.

Wage Slaves and the Price of Postponing Your “Real” Work in the World

Most of us have had experience with this pain. I began to realize it the first time I heard the term “wage slave.” For most of my 31-year civil service career, I really wanted to do something else. The lure of a steady paycheck and the kind of benefits you no longer even hear of—these things kept my nose to the grindstone for the long haul.

For my spirit to survive, however, I had to do what I loved—on top of it. I multi-tasked and spent many of those years doing at least two jobs, working as an astrologer and writer on the side. Those of a certain age will understand my metaphor: I was a one-woman Ed Sullivan Show, riding my unicycle and spinning plates on long rods with both hands, while balancing a ball on the end of my nose.

Eventually, once I added marriage and the weight of a number of personal losses to my spinning plates, I needed to let go of my side jobs and take a time-out for the sake of my health and well-being. I continued to suffer for not having the financial moxie or risk-taking capacity to make the full leap into doing what I loved. The concept behind book title, “Do What You Love and the Money Will Follow” became a bitter cliché. (Sure, in how many years while I starve in the meantime?) For me, the more right-on title would be the title of this article, do what you love and wholeness will follow.

Chironic Counsel

In a perfect world, this would have never happened to me—or you. We would have had a Chiron who assessed our talents, skills and gifts, as mythical Chiron did with his heroes in the making on Mt. Pelion. He would then proceed to give us whatever training we needed to actualize ourselves. There would never have been a moment of putting a round peg into a square hole or a writer into the cubicle/box of a government analyst.

We would have been honed from adolescence to be our best selves and to contribute our unique gifts. We would have been fed, clothed, and housed equally, no matter what role we would play once we matured. I’m not sure to whom in society I’d assign this Chironic role in a modern context. It’s probably too “Native American” for most high school guidance counselors, but whoever is the shaman or wise one in a kid’s life—that’s a good place to start. It has more to do with how they see themselves, their heart (what they love) and their unique perspective on living. It probably has little to do with college entrance exam scores. Here’s to a day when making money and making a difference in our own inimitable way are easily one.

“The talent given to you and me, we must develop faithfully—so we can be good Mousketeers!” ~The Original Mickey Mouse Club theme song

The Gift in the Wound

I talk often about how the Chironic wound contains all the gifts we’ll ever need to be fulfilled. In addition to whatever else it holds, our natal Chiron sets up a series of theme-related pains and projects to keep honing the gift of the rare gem inside us that is our authentic self. Whether or not we want to admit it, we sometimes choose the pain. Something inside us knows we need its gifts.

My utopian, “every kid has his Chiron” fantasy, is not how it works for many, if not most people. My biggest regret: That I didn’t do whatever it took to start my adult life as a writer instead of having to beg scraps of my own time to become one by the slow boat of work on the side, decade after decade.

Now I’m retired from my government job, and it’s all coming together for me. I feel like myself for the first time in my life. Bringing the disparate parts of a person back together sounds remarkably like the shaman’s role that many people so clearly see mythical Chiron playing. There were things I learned being a social worker, a government analyst, and all the other roles I played—things I needed to have for wholeness. I needed those jobs to have the content, depth, and experience to write and “read” astrology charts in a soulful way.

I’m old enough to have gone through my midlife transits, Chiron Return and many of the major astrological initiations, including my second Saturn Return. At times along the way, I got glimmers that Do What You Love Deprivation might actually be a curriculum that ultimately ends in becoming the hero of your own life—and heroic in contributing your special something to the world.

What you need for yourself is exactly what others need from you.

Before we get there, each of us is a shaman being torn apart, sometimes by competing realities like making a living and living our true vocation. Before we’re put back together again, in the underworld, it feels like hell—because it is. Being pulled apart that way is akin to being drawn and quartered.

When you’re on your own Chironic journey, looking to find truth, examine what makes you angry. One of the things I cannot abide from my Catholic roots is how, as a kid, people in my home religion talked about priests and nuns getting “a vocation” or the calling to religious life.

The word vocation is used only in this context, as if the only calling on earth were the seminary or joining a religious order. Ire rising cued me into how important vocation really is to everyone. No one has a copyright on vocation. It’s as essential to fulfillment as breathing. Most of us need more vacations, but we cannot fulfill ourselves without one good vocation.

If you doubt you’ve found your true vocation, ask yourself from a totally centered place, to fill in the blank: “I am a _____.” My answer has been writer since before I knew the question. Vocation does not necessarily equate to job. Your vocation could be mother, friend, confidant, or life of the party.

I am lucky that despite all my side roads to “make a living,” I still stayed on course with my essential vocation. I used those side trips to hone my craft. I wrote extensively in every job. Chiron tells you something about your vocation, and you begin to become whole when you live and breathe that essential part of yourself. You need it, and your tribe (society) needs it. It’s your calling.

How Will I Come Together?

This think piece offers no simple answers, only an opportunity to explore deeply one area of Chiron’s influence.

Ask yourself these questions about Chiron in your chart: (My own answers are in parentheses for examples)

Chiron’s House – It will tell you about the subject of your vocation (6th/ writing, healing, service)

Chiron’s sign – Style of vocation (Scorpio/drama, depth, mysteries of life)

Chiron aspects – How easy or difficult it is to express your vocation (square Pluto, sextile Moon)

If you’re looking for that Chironic skeleton key to unlock the secrets of your own vocation, remember to look at the path of least resistance when you explore your aspects to Chiron. If you have a trine or sextile or another easy-flow aspect, take a look at what it might have to tell you about getting to vocational wholeness. We are so used to doing things the hard way; we sometimes forget that there are hints in our charts for shortcuts, too.

When Chiron was relieved of his immortality and suffering for an act of self-sacrifice, he was raised to the heavens in a constellation—a group of stars. Helping others and finding our place in a group is the world put right. It’s the happy ending we all crave. There’s no more important fit than how we fit in.

Lastly, when contemplating Chiron’s message and your vocational path, don’t forget those things you said as a kid that you wanted to be—or do—when you grew up. Mine are embarrassing to write down, but here they are. I wanted to save the world (I actually said that out loud as a college freshman!), and I wanted to make people happy.

As a writer, I have the capacity to do both of those things in my own way as I twinkle my distinctive light in the constellation of my community, now as big as the planet, thanks to the Internet. You’re grown up now, too. You have the same capacity share those visions of who you are and what you have to offer. They were conceived from your childhood innocence, the home of great truths. And it doesn’t matter whether your vocation is butcher, baker or astrology maker.

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About the author: Joyce Mason has been a practicing astrologer for 22 years. She’s been a writer ever since she could hold a pencil. Her specialties are Chiron, the sign of Virgo, and living on the upside of the zodiac. Her trademark is depth with humor. Learn more about Joyce, her blogs, and her library of articles on topics from A to Zzz (astrology to dreamwork) on her Writer-Astrologer Joyce Mason website: Visit The Radical Virgo for her newest articles on Chiron and updates to older favorites.


  1. Hi Joyce, thank you very much for sharing this inspiring piece!

  2. Neeti, you’re so welcome–and thank you, Donna, for sharing “Chiron and Vocation” with your readers. Imagine the divine domino effect of a world where people do what they love and do what they do best.

  3. Chiron in my chart is 20Lib46 in the 8th conjunct Jupiter and is the apex of my cardinal tsq. So it squares 4 of my planets. You mentioned look for easy ways so those aspects are quintile Mercury ( people always tell me their troubles astrology) Quintile Pluto (I worked as a healer) Trine the ascendant hopefully I’m learning how to heal myself. and lastly a septile to the MC. That one I need help with.

    When I was a child I wanted to be a nurse. I did become a hairstylist as part of my journey so I was able to listen to people help them feel better by making them look better. I have always been an empathic somaybe healing was in parted by words or touching there shoulders.

  4. This is beautifully written, both moving and useful. Thank you for continuing to bring your true vocation to the community. It is a gift.

    • Asha, I am touched by your comment.

  5. Adrienne, there’s a post on my “spirited living” blog called “Bartenders, Beauticians, and Baristas.” You might want to look and be assured just how healing hairstyling is as a profession!

    Also, at approximately 51-degrees of arc, the septile is just about the same in degrees as the Chiron Return in years, making it a most Chironic aspect. Some positive phrases for septile are equates with, gives intuitive awareness of, and and relates to objectively.

    One of the closest, most healing, and enduring (beyond death) relationships I’ve ever had was with my hairdresser. I come from a family of them, too. Trust me. Chironic! Listening, sharing wisdom, and touching the head and shoulders carry countless healing vibes to clients. Your natural knack is why people have sought your counsel, both in and out of the “hair chair.”

  6. Very interesting new perspective for me to pursue here, thanks! I’m stumped with how to start with my particular Chiron: in Pisces in the fourth house, opposite Pluto/Uranus/Sun, square Jupiter and conjunct Saturn. I can’t get around the thought that the 4th house is hidden, and in this case, also conjunct Saturn. Taking care of a very ill husband? That’s one of the things I’m doing, but please don’t tell me that’s my vocation….

    • Should have noted that it depends on the house system, of course. Using placidus, Chiron’s in the third. But I don’t relate much to Saturn in the third, my problems with home seem to resonate more with it in the fourth. (Guess I’m a case of one who chooses house system not based on which is most flattering, as Donna has mentioned happens a lot, but on the basis of which can most directly explain my problems and difficulties.)

  7. Hello, Sea–

    I also chose my house system (Koch) for the same “explains-it” reason, but also because an astrologer whose work I admire swears by it.

    If your early wounding is around home, family, nurturing, primary nurturer (usually mom) versus communications issues (wounded by being discouraged to speak out or lots of yelling/verbal conflict), it sounds more 4th than 3rd. The idea is to make lemons out of lemonade and find the gift in the wound that may also involve your vocation.

    Especially with Chiron in Pisces, a key concept is creating a safe harbor where your sensitive soul and intuitive gifts can thrive–home as sanctuary. If Saturn is there, it, too, has an upside–the ability to ground you there and offer you structure. When you develop your safe container (Saturn), your intuitive gifts will thrive so you can share them with others. The Pisces/Virgo axis can have to do with personal service, but healing the sick is only one possibility. Your intuitive and creative gifts are also likely areas of vocational potential. Ultimately Saturn may help you be able to “take them to the bank” and make all or part of your living from them.

    • I used Koch a while ago but since a lot of programs, including, default to Placidus, I switched. For my chart, it only changes some of the house cusps, not all. I also noticed that many astrologers use Placidus, so I felt my attachment to Koch was based on lack of … Would love a blog on Koch vs. Placidus though, because my switch was mostly just defaulting to what I saw around me.

    • Joyce, this was such an insightful reply (as are they all – I’m learning a lot about Chiron here)! I’ve been soooo good at creating the ‘home as sanctuary’. All my homes have been made so very inviting for me, even the tiny dark shoeboxes, the closed-in back porches, and other challenging places I’ve lived. Everyone can feel it when they come over… I’ll have to think more about ‘intuitive/creative gifts’ – that’s definitely a weak spot of self-knowledge for me. (I’m in my 40s, so maybe a Chiron return would help me with this.)

      As for early woundings, both your descriptions fit. Little nurturing, and also parents yelling a lot. :sigh: The main thing that makes me think Saturn must be in the fourth is that I don’t have a lot of struggles communicating, and there is no WAY I will ever return home, even as family continues to restrict me. Thank you for your responses here, and for this post.

      • Perhaps in the “ambiguous house” situation Chiron is acting like the bridge between the houses, just as he orbits between Saturn and Uranus. He’s really good at blending disparate energies. Why not neighboring houses? I like you thinking on Saturn’s role and why you resonate more to the 4th.

  8. I took the quiz and came up with 33 pts.

    My *8th house AQR Chiron (others, society, depths) opposes three 2nd LEO house planets (UR, MA, VE) – my strengths and gifts to ‘bestow’.

    And I see Chiron’s influence most with its T-Square to my fifth house (creativity) Scorpio North Node (reason to be) and those Leo planets in 2nd (innate gifts).

    I’m transitioning from being a wealthy IT worker – pre age 50 life, into being a less wealthy but happier writing coach for novice fiction and memoir writers. I work with a lot of stories of grief, reinvention and secrets.

    With my Jupiter in a Virgo 4th house – which Sextiles my Cancer Sun, and Squares my Cancer ASC.
    And my Pisces Moon in 9th, also trining the ASC & the 5th house Libra Neptune – creativity, beauty, the public, and invention, well,
    working at home with the public, on creative works, which I excel in,
    makes my personal life shift as I know it – almost like you wrote your article for me specifically.
    thank you.


  9. EJ, you’re so welcome and bravo for having such a good handle on your Chiron. Isn’t it great to be at the point in life where we can do what we love? There’s a reason why the Chiron Return takes 50 years! We could do much of our true vocation sooner, but we wouldn’t have that mature life experience–and the retirement money to support us–that makes the Second Half of Life so potentially delicious and fulfilling. For me it’s heaven on earth, the dichotomy that Chiron’s upper and lower halves both represent and resolve.

  10. Chiron conjoins my Libra Sun on the cusp of the 12th house . . . and I still am not sure what I want to do as a vocation even though I’m past my second Saturn return. Done many different things over the years including my current stint as a blogger & astrologer. Arts/crafts have always been part of my life too.

    One thing I would do if I could afford to is volunteer at our local public library. Alas, gas is expensive and public transportation non existent where I live.

  11. Hi, Diane–

    I think Chironic people often have many careers in their lifetime or many facets to the same career. It has to do with weaving wholeness out of many parts of oneself. If you can’t get it all in one career, there can be serial careers. I have parts of me that really scream if I don’t tend to them, and I thank heaven for my own Libra planets. They at least “get” that there is a balancing act involved.

    Have you considered online libraries? If your local library has an online catalog, maybe there’s a possibility. When there’s not an easy practical solution, I always turn to a fictional or fantasy one. Wish Chiron could introduce you to Pegasus for a free flights to the nearest branch. 🙂

    My mom used to read books on tape for the blind as her library service. I think I went from Libra’s scales to the blind Lady Justice with her scales on that flight.

    I can see where beauty and art would play a big part in however you serve with Chiron in Libra.

  12. This is a very interesting and thought provoking post! Depending on the chart system, my 10 degree Chiron is in Pisces and either in the 10th (koch) or on the cusp of the 11th (Placidus) house. I tend to prefer the second option only because I currently have Neptune transiting my 10th house in Aquarius, and in the Koch system that is a 39 degree house! yikes! Neptune leaves my 10th house a lot sooner in the Placidus system. However, unfortunately, I have experienced a lot of confusion and wounding in my career aspirations and fulfillment that I haven’t been able to figure out (moon and saturn conj. are also in Aquarius in 10th). I began being committed to doing what I love back in the mid-nineties, after the birth of my son, despite lack of family support growing up or presently, but it has been anything but easy. I have recently had to return to working in offices which I hate to (barely) maintain myself and family. I’m an actor and writer, filmmaker – in short, an artist. I’ve always known what I’ve wanted to do as a vocation and have fought through a lot of resistance to do it. Because I truly don’t feel whole without it – if I don’t make sure I maintain my creativity somehow I begin to feel hollow inside.

    Aside from opposing Pluto and Uranus (Virgo, 4th/5th houses, koch/placidus respectively) and squaring Mercury (sag, 7th) my lovely Chiron trines my north node (cancer, 2nd) and neptune (scorpio, 6th); semi-Sextiles the Midheaven (Aquarius) and Jupiter (Aries, 11th).

    Recent years have been incredibly frustrating work-wise and wearing me down, so, as Joyce brilliantly articulated, I’m looking for clues to a possible easier path to explore. I also have an important project that I have been striving to bring to fruition for many years and maybe something simple (not to imply simplistic) could be of assistance. I’m a (very) amateur astrologer and creating a synthesis is always quite challenging for me. Anybody have any thoughts/ideas of what those aspects could possibly point to are definitely welcome! I’m ready to shine!

    Thanks again Joyce for a fascinating post!

    ~ MF

  13. Hello, Marie-Francoise–

    Taking a quick look at your Chiron configuration, your background in film feels in synch with the trine from Chiron to Neptune in the 6th. This is particularly true for films that would be healing in terms of illustrating our Oneness and through Piscean/Neptunian media like intuition, channeling, art, music, etc. This also is reconfirmed by the trine to the NN in the 2nd in Cancer, which suggests “family values.” But Chiron in Pisces would complement and take it to the level of the family of humankind.

    Myintuitive take is that you are on the right vocational path; you just might want to fine-tune it to bring the One Human Family message. A simple question to ask in any project, “Does this help people see our oneness?” Whether Chiron falls in the 10th or 11th, both are “public” houses and support someone who has something to say through a medium that often evokes cultural changes more than anything other–movies.

    • Thank you so much! I will certainly meditate upon your suggestions and ask those questions as it pertains to my project. Yes, oneness totally fits where I am and ultimately what I aspire my work to be about. Very insightful — it really sounds like me! 🙂

      many blessings

  14. When asked in first grade what I wanted to be when I grew up, I said, I want to work in a super market, just like my mom. And I drew a picture of me pushing a shopping cart and felt like it would make my mom so proud to know, I wanna be just like her… chiron in cancer. Interesting 🙂

  15. Also, I just pulled up my chart and noticed this: trine pluto in the 4th. How fascinating!

  16. Vah, how very Chiron in Cancer, down to the fact that it’s a supermarket/grocery cart. Love it! Have you seen “Eat, Pray, Love?” or read the book? Elizabeth Gilbert, the author, is called “Groceries” by Richard, the man she meets at the ashram because of her zest for eating. Gilbert herself has Cancer Sun. I guess Chiron in Cancer would be Organic Groceries or Health Food Store Groceries. 🙂

    • Joyce, I just want to say thank you twice–once for allowing me to reprint this excellent post, and once for being so kind as to respond to the readers so generously, since this is definitely not my area of expertise. Donna

      • It is so my pleasure, Donna. You have great readers–some whom we share–and it’s always great to dialogue with them!

  17. Hi Joyce, thanks for a wonderful post and also I learned a lot from your replies to the comments.
    I seems to be a chironic person (41 in the test), but then all my transsaturnians score high.
    My Chiron is in pisces in 11, exactly opposite north node and pluto in 5 which are at the apex of an exact yod with mercury in 12 (Part of a stellium with sun, moon and venus) and jupiter in 10.
    I have my chiron return right mow activating the yod.
    I always wanted to “have a family” – my job being the head of a “caring” family (mine was outwardly perfect, but not on show for others quite disfunctional with pisces parents, father alcoholic and mother depressive).
    That kind of led me to become a social worker, which I hated/despised social work from the practical year starting, so stuck with it, got my diploma, but could never bring myself to actually work as one.
    I guess I should have become a musician, as making music and choir singing always lifts my spirit, but that is to late now for a change of profession.
    I quite do not know how to earn money, not that I need much, I much rather live in peace and quiet, do what I love to do (grow my veg, read, make things from trash with my son), but I just wish I could somehow find my vocation.
    At present (actually since many years) I have just that unrealisable dream (due to lack of finances and business partner) of having a retreat for people to relax and find peace and quiet and themselves….

  18. This article’s right on time. Just recently I quit my job in order to concentrate on my writing. I’m a bit freaked since I took a leap without something else lined up. On the other hand, I am feeling so much happier and, yes, so much more ME. My Chiron’s in Aries conjunct my MC and trining my 2HSun in Leo and my 5HMars in Sag.

    • Thank you, Joyce, for this article. I needed it more than you know. My stomach was in knots last night due to worry.

      • Eme, once I quit my job to write and even though I could only support myself “jobless” for six months, it turned out to be my most crucial time of inner healing. Without that time, I would not have evolved beyond old wounds (T-Chiron conjunct Pluto!) to the upside of Chiron. Write on, and blessings on your personal discoveries in the process. Chiron’s orbit between Saturn and Uranus reminds us that we have to weave both into our lives. There’s something to the “no brainer” jobs to support the artistic life so one’s creative energy can be spent on the work they love. Most successful actors got there as waiters, taxi drivers, etc. It’s not a bad model! Perhaps something to consider when practicalities need tending…

  19. Hi, Annette–

    As I mention in the article, vocation may or may not be a moneymaking venture, but often when you do what you love as a hobby or side business, it can grow to support you. That’s what I did for years, and now way past my Chiron Return, I’m finally blooming my career as a writer. It’s never too late!

    It helps when Chiron is placed in the more practical Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn–or if you have these signs elsewhere or a well-placed Saturn in your chart. Whatever planet, Pisces is the dreamer and visionary. You may have to elicit the help of other planets in your chart–or professional coaches or counselors–to help you get from ideas to grounded reality. Music and the retreat are excellent for Chiron in Pisces. Let me end on a quote from Richard Bach’s Illusions: “You are never given a wish without also being given the power to make it true. You may have to work for it, however.”

  20. Hi Joyce,

    I really enjoyed reading your wonderfully insightful article and am wondering if you have any resources on your site for understanding some of the “generational” aspect configurations involving Chiron. I want to understand this area better, as like many others I have Chiron in Taurus (8th House) as the apex of a Yod involving Pluto in Libra (1st) and Neptune in Sagittarius (3rd).

    Uranus in Scorpio (2nd) also opposes Chiron, thus making a “Yod Kite” or “Focused Yod”, so I feel that getting a better handle on this aspect is very important – especially as Chiron inhabits the sole Earth element in my chart. I’m sure with this being an area of expertise for you that you’ve probably had the opportunity to write about a major aspect like this somewhere along the way and would love to hear what you have to say about it. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your wisdom with all of us and blessings to you on your journey.

    • Alethea, in her Chiron book, Barbara Hand Clow considers the yod to be a very Chironic aspect. That makes sense, as it bridges and helps blend or mitigate very different energies–but in doing so, the yod requires readjustments. We surmise Chiron’s “bridging job” from its orbital position between Saturn (the establishment, how it’s always been) and Uranus (progress, revolution). You are a serious PUNC (Plutonian, Uranian, Neptunian, and Chironic) with that configuration, channeling all the outer planets through your Chiron. The yod demands ongoing readjustment, and with Pluto at the center of sextile, you have the ability to harness an unbelievable amount of energy and “magic” as you grow into its potentials. Taurus is such a physical body sign; my concern would be that you’d have to adjust your physical vehicle on a regular basis to handle this high resonance of the outer planets. Chiron located in the house of death, birth, rebirth and “endbeginnings,” you have the capacity to work with people in the deep mysteries of life and any healing profession that involves going far inside, whether psychologically (counselor, psychiatrist, channeler) or physically (surgeon). You could also be very good in the field of ecology. What you say about it being your sole Earth? Feels to me like “owning” your Chiron is what would keep you grounded.

      I don’t have anything particularly generational on my site, but there is a lot of Chiron material. Just pop Chiron into the search box on The Radical Virgo site. There’s an excellent Chiron article in The Mountain Astrologer, just out. Hope this helps.

      • Thanks so much for the in-depth response, Joyce. I’ve always believed the Yod to be Chironic as well in my experience. The Yod seems to be a familial aspect shared among among the women in my family. Some of us fair better with it, some of us don’t but I do want to understand this particular Outer Planet Yod better.

        Much of what you said about Chiron being the channel for the outer planet energy resonated with me and I can see how this has played out with my 1st house Pluto, 2nd house Uranus, and 3rd house Neptune. The Uranian element of my life only flickered on fairly recently when Tr Uranus trined my natal Uranus placement, but since it was activated I feel that something has clicked even though it’s been far from easy. I feel that tapping into that energy has been a true awakening for me as my natal Uranus is Rx and not as overt.

        I’m going to cruise on over to the Radical Virgo shortly and poke around as you suggested. Thanks again for your insight and for helping us all to understand Chiron a little bit better.

    • Althea,
      I also have almost that same exact Yod configuration in my chart– I guess no coincidence that we found the same astrology site to connect on. That basic Yod, I guess, is present with anyone with a planet in certain degrees Taurus during the generation when Pluto was sextile Neptune. I was born May 1979, if that helps…

      My Yod configuration is the Sun in the 10th in Taurus at the apex (with Chiron conjunct in Taurus in the 9th house 9 degrees away), and Pluto conjunct the moon in Libra in my 3rd house as one leg, and Neptune in Sag in the 4th house as the other leg. Uranus in Scorpio in the 4th house, in between the Pluto/Nep sextile, and opposite the apex in Taurus of my Sun.

      Have you found any website resources or books that would be helpful to me as well?

      Thanks, Joyce for the detailed response and for this article!

      • Hi Curious,

        Yup, we’re in the same age bracket! Unfortunately I haven’t been able to find much for resource material on this configuration. I’ve found quite a bit on other “generational” Chrionic configurations, but I think because the quincunx isn’t considered a Ptolemaic aspect this one often gets overlooked. This is a shame, because that energy is a pretty damn potent force in my life, and I’m sure yours as well. If you happen to stumble on anything related to this, I would be very interested to know and if I happen to come across anything I will be sure to post and let you know as well.

        Happy Holidays!

      • Yod Ladies! 🙂 (Alethea and Curious)

        Speaking of curious, I saw your latest post and it led me to look again at Barbara Hand Clow’s Chapter 8, “Chiron Aspect Structure” in Chiron: Rainbow Bridge Between the Inner and Outer Planets. She covers the quincunx and yod involving Chiron quite fully and calls the yod as critical as the other “major” aspects. She speaks of how quincunxes need to be understood as a process more than the other aspects, because they are either waxing (moving into opposition) or waning (moving out of opposition). Even though it’s only a couple of pages of text, I highly recommend reading it if you haven’t and rereading it if you have. It’s some very concentrated, exciting info. She’s one of the few people I’ve read or heard who seems to have a handle on this aspect configuration. BHC connects the waxing quincunx with stress for more awareness and the waning one with high awareness. Happy Holidays!

      • Joyce,

        Thank you so much! I will run, not walk, to my nearest bookstore and pick up a copy! 😉 It really has been a challenge for me to find anything on this configuration – scouring the internet for hours on end has turned up pretty much nothing. I hugely appreciate you pointing us in the right direction. Blessings to you and Happy Holidays!


      • Thanks, Joyce, it sounds fascinating. I put her on my amazon book wish list!
        Another couple of books that I found on the Yod specifically are:

        The Yod Book: Including a Complete Discussion of Unaspected Planets by Karen Hamaker-Zondag (Sep 2000)

        The Yod: Its Esoteric Meaning by Joan Kellogg, Kris Brandt Riske, and Jack Cipolla (Jun 14, 2010)

        both are on amazon if you type in “the yod book” you will see them as first two links.

        Blessings and happy holidays!

    • Althea and Joyce,

      I found this very well written article on the Yod between Chiron, Pluto, and Neptune, and Chiron in Taurus.

      I think you will find it helpful.

      Scroll down to the Fri, December 9, 2005 post by “Captain” (Zane Stein).

      • Thanks, Curious! Though I’m quite familiar with the yod configuration itself, I just wanted to see if this particular configuration involving Pluto, Neptune, and Chiron has been studied and to see someone put it in perspective in broader strokes. I found the part of the article where the writer noted the following particularly interesting:

        “And, something often overlooked….there is almost always a reorientation in the areas governed by the house placement of its (the apex planet’s) opposite point. I’ve seen this point termed ‘the reaction degree”

        I have never seen this noted or talked about when there is no opposing planet involved in the configuration. Obviously it makes sense in cases where a planet opposes the apex of the yod, but it is interesting that he notes this even when the space is empty. Kudos to the writer for discussing this – it gives us all something further to chew on regarding yods in general.

      • Great find on Zane’s post on the yod, Curious! If you haven’t already, it would be interesting to look at the Sabian symbols for both the apex and “reaction degree.” The symbols might add a dimension for interpretation for of your particular “finger of God.” I’ve always thought of the yod as not just that cosmic hint we’re always wishing we had but God pointing right at it! 🙂

        BTW, you’ll love this synchronicity. It was Zane Stein who asked me if I had anything on Chiron to post on his site earlier this year that led to the creation of this Chiron and Vocation article. It was first published on his site, then on my blog The Radical Virgo, then reprinted here on Sky Writer. Great example of how we’re all one mind and interconnected!

  21. I have Chiron on the descendant conjunct my Taurus Sun…sigh. I relate to this article, but am utterly conflicted. I really hate the idea of losing the security (Saturn in 10th) like you wouldn’t believe, and yet I really have zero interest in running my own business in any field. Worrying about where the money comes from makes me lose the joy in the activity.


    • Jennifer, an important concept about Chiron is that this archetype helps us develop solutions that are not “either/or” but rather “both/and.” You don’t have to give up security to find your true vocation. (I didn’t. I have Capricorn Moon!) You don’t have to run your own business to find your vocation, either. Your vocation may or may not ever “conjunct” your job at which you make money. Often times, what starts as a passion and avocation may slowly morph into money-making opportunities … or you might be just as joyful doing it purely for fun. Find what you love and do it, even if it’s only a few hours a week. Sometimes our volunteer work or just the way we’re “there” for friends fulfills a role no one else can. Maybe like me, you’ll slowly develop doing what you love and at retirement, you’ll get to focus on it. That way, you’ll have some sort of baseline income so whether or not you make income at it isn’t so important.

  22. My vocation and what Chiron means in my chart have given me trouble for as long as I have been pondering either one. At least, after reading your article, looking at my chart, and completing your Chiron strength quiz, I feel somewhat justified in my confusion.

    I have Chiron in Aries in my 12th House which seems to me like a peculiar blend of energies in and of itself. My North Node is also in Aries in the 12th house and it is the other puzzle in my chart.

    Despite a strength score of 48 (or 54 with the Goddess asteroids), Chiron’s aspects are not terribly helpful. My Chiron squares my Sun, Mars, and Midheaven, and opposes my Virgo Uranus.

    After reading your article, I realize that I really should devote some time to understanding my Chiron. Perhaps this would be a worthy project for tomorrow’s Virgo New Moon.

    I would greatly appreciate any insights or tips that might bring a little clarity to my interpretation.

    • Hi, Mari–

      The 12th House does often lend confusion and difficulty grasping the sense of planets placed there, but one of the gifts of the 12th where Chiron is concerned is intuition, psychic abilities, even channeling. Add Chiron being in fiery Aries–you’re likely to see uniquely your own and others’ wounding to healing process once you learn to trust and sew together the images you get. Twelfth house imagery is often just a piece of something, similar to the mere snatches of a dream you remember, like a square in a quilt–only more amorphous in shape. Through meditation and any other devotional practice where you ground this info through your body (yoga, t’ai chi or qi gong, other great alternatives particularly for Chiron in Aries), you’ll learn to line up the images for “sewing” into a tapestry that makes sense to you.

      I agree, this New Moon would be perfect for you to try this out. Be sure to see my “Moonwalk: Virgo” article on The Radical Virgo. Try your hand (literally) at picking up information with your hands. Go in, snatch those psychic impressions, then take some time to free associate them and see what pictures they paint or what picture is that jumps out of your tapestry.

      • Thanks for your help. It really does make sense now.

        For some reason known only to my 12th House, I never thought to connect my very physical reality based psychic experiences with this placement. These involve medical intuition and diagnostic insight and practical guidance in dreams that is quite straightforward.

        Here are two examples that stand out:

        I was able to diagnose my Dad’s ALS when his early symptoms were still puzzling his drs.

        On my last birthday, before falling asleep, I asked for advice on how to deal with a chronic outgassing problem which resulted from new subroofing. I was told to paint the rubber roofing above it white. I woke up, looked for a product that we could use, and my hubby painted it that same day. As a result of decreasing the temperature, it made a huge difference.

        This is all just so Chironic, yet I always linked this experience to my Virgoan 6th house, particularly Uranus and Pallas. I guess even the not so easy aspects, like the opposition, hold important clues.

  23. I have Chiron in Aquarius in the fifth, squaring my Sun and Mercury and South Node in the eighth, opposing the Moon in the eleventh, sextile Saturn in the third.

    The only thing I can think of is that I had a very difficult childhood which turned me into an extremely serious person, even though I laugh on the outside. I suppose that healing my inner child has helped me grow, but it has been tough all the way. Saturn has been my “helper”throughout life, and I guess it’s the only thing that stabilizes my Chiron.

    A question to all: do you think Chiron is a “blind spot” in people’s self-awareness, in that we are often partially or completely unaware of our weaknesses?

    • Hi Jack,

      In answer to your question, in my case I would say a strong no. I am pretty self-aware, both of my strengths and even moreso of my faults or “weaknesses”. However, I don’t find that I beat myself up about them – I’m pretty realistic about what I can and cannot do. We’re all only human and as such will have to deal with having shortcommings in some form or another. No one can be perfect or the best at everything – faults are characteristic of the human condition and help to keep us all humble, IMHO.

      • Althea and Jack, I agree that Chiron is not a blind spot for seeing weaknesses, at least not in my chart either. I also have had tremendous self awareness about weaknesses, perhaps because Althea and I both have Chiron in Taurus (softer sign for it, as Joyce said) and it’s connection to a Yod. Maybe with the tension of the Yod’s inconjunct configuration, there is tremendous self awareness, but also this inner struggle.

        But unlike Althea, I have had a huge pattern of beating myself up- maybe because my sun and moon are part of that inconjunction of the Yod– (read my post above.)

        In fact, I seem to have a heightened awareness of my faults and struggles, and have had to learn that I’m only human and to give myself leniencies for not being perfect.

    • Interesting question, Jack. I know Chiron is a blind spot for me, but that’s because for the first 10 years I was in astrology, we didn’t even know it existed, and for me it’s surrounded by Mars, Pluto, and my Ascendant, so I don’t really see clearly what’s it’s doing. Donna

  24. Hi, Jack– Thanks for acknowledging that Saturn can be a help! I think Saturn gets a bum rap, when he can often provide us the stability in an area of life where we need it most. Chiron in Aquarius often experiences the pain of being different, and in the 5th, this might be regarding things you create or how you express creativity or even joy. You might want to ponder how and where you can contribute your unique creativity–and let that friendly aspect to Saturn help you materialize it.

    My two cents on the “blind spot” issue: In her Chiron book, when speaking of Chiron’s relation to tarot, Barbara Hand Clow says Chiron represents no card but the reader or interpreter. The same applies to astrology. (In mythology Chiron was the 1st astrologer.) Sometimes I think we can’t see what Chiron is doing because he’s the aha! part of ourselves, the voice in the back of our minds that’s working to tie all our seemingly unrelated parts together. We can give that role over to another in a reading, for example, but within us, Chiron’s the force that’s trying to make a sense of–and wholeness out of–our experience. We are often too humble and don’t realize that urge to put it all together is our higher self in the archetype of Chiron speaking through us. That’s my thought for the day for folks to try on who have difficulty accessing Chiron. In a sense, he’s your urge for wholeness and provides the lingering pain that keeps you on the quest until you reach a satisfactory sense of fulfillment. I’ll be interested to know if anyone resonates to that concept.

    • Yes, i resonate to the concept of Chiron being the aspect of myself that yearns to put it all together (i.e. my life) in a way that makes sense and is meaningful. as i mentioned in an earlier post Chiron is in my 10th/11th house (depending on system used) and in either case i have had difficulty achieving ‘wholeness’/fulfillment/success in my career and in gathering support for my artistic endeavors thru family or friends. although saturn is there at the apex of my MC in AQR, it has operated as a limiting factor (not so much as a stabilizing influence so far) and i have predominantly had to fight in this area. which isn’t bad in and of itself, but is hard if all that fighting happens at a very young age and/or negatively impacts the ability to make an earning wage. for example, my deep seated dream and desire to be a dancer was thwarted by my mother and there will probably always be a wounding there. i know in my bone marrow that i would have been a great dancer but the damage was done. so, i am probably always, consciously or unconsciously, striving to find ways to heal that wounding.

      i’ve worked really hard to gain clarity in how to fulfill my vocational aspirations but there remains a certain amount of confusion, a blind spot, in that area as well that i can’t quite get a handle on. a feeling that i’m missing some vital piece of information to put it all together, that’s just out of my reach, on the edge of my consciousness that i haven’t figured out how to bring forth. suitably, it’s also hard to articulate!

      these questions and answers have been really educational and entertaining. i am thoroughly enjoying this thread. thank you both, donna and joyce for providing this opportunity. namaste.

    • This conversation is clicking in so many ways for me it is amazing! Thank you all for such a stimulating discussion! I don’t think Chiron necessarily represents a blind spot to our own weaknesses & shortcomings (as Jack was asking) but think of it instead as a spot often associated with pain that can causes us to turn our heads away and become less self-aware if we aren’t careful. Recognition of the source of that pain rather than avoidance of it is what causes healing and wholeness.

      What Joyce had mentioned about how Chiron was the first astrologer also sent up some major bells and whistles on a personal level. Somehow, despite the fact that I read up on Greek mythology voraciously as a child, this was one aspect of Chiron that I never stumbled across. In fact, it is this aspect of Chiron I feel ties in and focuses my Yod Kite, as Uranus in Scorpio (2nd house) is the planet in opposition to Chiron in Taurus (8th house). To say that the thought of ever becoming an astrologer was a major blind spot for me would be an understatement. I’ve chalked that up to the fact that my Uranus is Rx and puts me more out of touch with this component of myself, but truth be told I don’t think I’ve given the Chironic component of this configuration enough credit until now.

      You see, I’ve loved astrology since adolescence but in order to even begin to consider doing it for a living I really had to work through some very difficult and negative associations it had for me with my family of origin. So it was the desire to keep myself as far removed as possible from anything I connected to the negativity of my upbringing that led me to be blind to this potential within myself until Tr Uranus helped to open my eyes when it trined my natal Uranus placement. Wounded healer indeed!

    • Joyce, thanks for your great insights. BTW, anyone interested in Saturn should check out Donna’s book – very enlightening!

  25. Thank you for posting this wonderful article. I love Joyce Mason’s work on Chiron and she writes so beautifully

  26. this is a great post and i’ve finally read down through all the comments (i’m getting behind on all the posts!).

    joyce, i took some info from your replies to a few different people (chiron in aries, chiron in the 8th) and applied them to my chart. my chiron is also conjunct jupiter there in aries & the 8th. i have felt for years now that jupiter is the BIG ONE in my chart – it connects to nearly every planet and is a focal point as the only planet in the 3rd quarter (7,8,9 houses). i never looked at chiron until maybe a couple years ago, and i’ve got barbara hand clow’s book somewhere on the shelf, but clearly need to go re-read it!

    as a double virgo, i took the chiron test over on your site, joyce, a few weeks ago and reported a score of 49, i think, second highest to moon at 52. (i can’t wait for the jupiter test from donna because, as i said, jupiter – and chiron conjunct – makes so many aspects in my chart!)

    anyway, i’m getting scatterbrained! pardon me. i wanted to admit that my childhood dream was to be a pig farmer/ballerina/donut maker! yes, all three! i grew up in iowa (though not on a farm) and loved pigs, i took ballet (as well as tap & gymnastics) when i was little, and i wanted to be a donut maker simply to eat all the donuts!! even though i talked about that as a kid, what i DID was write stories – typed them up on my mom’s typewriter at the office, in fact – they were always about my family members. i also realized through several music teachers that i had a real voice and could sing. in high school, i fell in love with drama classes, went to college and majored in acting. i graduated and immediately went to work as an admin. yeah.

    in my chart chiron/retrograde jupiter trine retrograde venus in the 12th in leo and square saturn in cancer in the 11th. i am also obese and feel so jupiterian in girth, if nothing else! i’ve struggled with self-esteem issues all my life and grew up a fat kid. there is a MAJOR DISCONNECT here with chiron/jupiter and any vocational/spiritual dreams. there is a major disconnect between body-mind-soul, in fact. i am completely aware of it, completely analytical (hello, virgo!) about it, and it is killing me.

    i hate being an admin. i hate working for other people, actually, but i am terrified of starting my own business. lately, i have been seriously considering becoming a virtual assistant and there is training for this (it’s based more around the workings of building your business & assumed that you have the admin skills, which i do). but really? there is this whole creative side of me that i have tapped out of. uranus in scorpio and mercury in libra oppose my chiron from the 2nd. i am deeply fearful of being broke (though often enough, i am exactly that), insecure about not knowing when/where my paycheck comes from, and lack the confidence to believe i can push through those fears and “the money will follow.” ugh…

    this is interesting timing reading all this, though, as i’ve got an appointment tomorrow morning with a woman who performs bodytalk. (in case anyone wonders what kind of woo-woo that is, it’s connecting your body to your emotions.) a friend of mine tried this after a long bout of eczema, and i figure – hell, what can it hurt? i am CONSTANTLY trying to make the connection. i am also really really short on patience, quick on temper, and aware that TRYING is maybe doing more harm. ah! i just can’t relax.

    this is long-winded and i apologize. i know that chiron (and jupiter) are strengths in my chart, but think they either work against me or i am working against them, if that makes sense.

    thanks for the article, joyce. it’s a worthwhile read. 🙂

  27. I did Joyce’s quiz and got 42 – one less than her – too late to post comments but wow, I’d say that’s accurate! Great to discover her site, and this post.

    • Erin, glad you resonated to the post. You certainly have the Chironic “Renaissance person” and eclectic nature down with your childhood dreams of ballerina, pig farmer, and donut maker. That might be a little challenging to weave into one vocation–although you could have a unique breakfast restaurant that served bacon and donuts while presenting the ballet performances. 🙂 The Breakfast Ballet?

      If you haven’t already, take a look at Moonwalk: Virgo on The Radical Virgo: This will confirm that the VA work may be spot on as a moneymaker for your Virgo planets–use of hands, offering service to clients, keyboarding an integral part of it. Don’t forget, you can pursue the creative stuff on the side. I did, and the bit by bit skills I was getting mounted up to a volcano of creativity once I had a base retirement income. Having your own biz can give you time flexibility for the side stuff. As I alluded, sometimes the very “being torn” by career versus vocation is the shamanic journey that leads us to wholeness. You don’t have to choose between one or the other. Chironic solutions are “both/and.” You’ll get there, and be sure your ultimate vocational expression has a big shot of Jupiter!

    • Jan, come back late next week when we do another kind of Chiron Quiz and be an early commenter. I’ve never had to close the comments before for volume. Welcome to the Chiron Club!

  28. I have 4th house Chiron at 29 Aries conjunct IC, Venus Rx, and SN. Chiron/Venus/SN is sextile 2nd Aquarius Mars, who is trine Libra MC & NN. Neptune trines Venus from 12th house.

    I’m 33 and have probably had a job for every year I’ve been here, and that’s been a big issue for me. My friends and family, and others in general, see me as hopeless…”why can’t you keep a job? when are you going to settle down? You’re setting a ‘bad’ example for your children, you’re irresponsible” and so much more! No one understands me and I understand that, yet I am whatever and whoever I am. I am me and that’s all I’ve ever wanted to be, but that’s been enormously challenging as it goes against the normal conventions and traditions. My values, beliefs, ideas, and perception of life are rather different than the norms of society.

    I have Capricorn rising with 10th Scorpio Uranus sextile Asc, Uranus square 1st Aquarius Moon opposite 7th Saturn. I’m coming to realize I just have to be me and not expect or need anyone to accept me in my truth, as only I can do that. I’m not screwed up like some may want me to believe. I am just me, and that’s perfectly fine and perfectly true. I’m not this broken woman who has had a ‘bad’ life full of heartbreak, betrayal, and loss. I say that because those who know my story, and my life tend to feel sorry for me, and tend to think I should be mad at all the people who have simply not been ‘nice’ No, on the contrary, I have come to forgive and love them as they helped me get back to me, and the truth within. Through, perceived suffering I have learned how to transform the tragic into beauty, and the evil in to holy…I understand now.

    Presently, I’m a critical care RN. I don’t have a hospital home, I just work PRN/on call for several hospitals here in my town. I never know where I am going to work until I’m called and I just go with the flow. My 3rd Pisces Mercury/Sun naturally adapts to whatever that may be. I basically work all over the city and I love the opportunities I have to meet and work with such a wonderful and diverse population. While I never seem to truly fit into any particular culture, race, or creed, I easily relate and develop a deep sense of rapport with all peoples I get to interact with despite their culture, creed, or race. No one forgets me, people often say there is something “different” about me…least they say I’m the weirdest person they ever met, lol

    I’m actually in the process of switching careers again, and this has been extremely difficult, as I just became a RN a few years ago…still have big student loans to pay, but I must follow my heart no matter how much trouble it gets me in. I just strongly feel I’ve learned what I needed and what my soul was seeking. Now it’s time to move on, again. Great, now I have the voices of loved ones in my head telling me how “foolish” I am to walk away from a high paying, nursing career, but I rather die than be stuck in some job or costume I’ve outgrown.

    What’s so surreal is how passionate and devoted I was to becoming a Nurse. I had this deep desire to go out there and express love to those broken by the toll of life, those suffering, to those who have been isolated in pain, and most of all I desired to encourage faith to those who have just lost faith somewhere down the road of existence….something I could not do for myself.

    I recall one homosexual young man who was dying from AIDS and was placed in long term care hospital and had been on isolation precautions for months due to wounds that weren’t healing. It was so hard to not cry when I walked into his room…the energy was so dense and overwhelming. Then he opened up to me…He was severely depressed as his Mother had rejected him. She told him “God was punishing him for sinning (for being homosexual)” and he had believed that lie. I was so taken back, I took off my protective personal equipment and sat down on his bed, held his hand, and told him how much “God” and I love him. I told him all about the unconditionally loving “God” as the conditional loving “God” is bascially human. I assured him that he was accepted, loved, and seen as perfect by his creator, and that he desired that acceptance and love. I hugged and kissed him on the cheek. Washed up and left the room. I got in trouble. I was written up, again, as he was on isolation and I broke policy and rules, again (I am good at that, lol). Yet, this is what I want to do…help others, and sometimes the rules get in the way.

    Ironically, I later returned as a visitor, and was so joyful when I saw him sitting up, eating food (no more tube feeding and wounds had healed) and there was light in the room! I said “hey, do you remember me?” He jumped up, ran up and kissed my cheek, and said how could he not and swore I made him better. I couldn’t believe it, and said but I didn’t do anything. He just said I restored his faith, showed him loved when no one else would even dare to even get a foot near him. I was just grateful he was out of that darkness, as I just knew it so well, and it’s like hell and no one deserves that!

    What’s been the most Chironic experience of my life was how this particular job/work merely revealed such a painful realization upon my self…I never realized how wounded, faithless, and hurt I was until I was there in a hospital doing to others what I had been needing to do to myself. People have always said I give them lifesaving advice…I just don’t seem to be able to take my own advice. Essentially,I became a Nurse to heal myself. While I still plan to help others through my career, I have some fresh ideas for how that will be done.
    My loved ones, and those around me may not understand and may never support me in my passions, but all that is starting to not even matter anymore…being angry about that doesn’t serve the path anymore. Even Jesus was unaccepted and crucified by those he loved and came to save, yet he never once doubted he wasn’t the son of God, and he didn’t get angry or lock his heart away as a result. We live we learn!

    • Hi Erin!

      that was really powerful to read. thank you for sharing your story and good luck on your new career adventure! i’m sure you’re going to be, and already are, just fine.


    • Erin, thank you for sharing this moving experience and the principle of how our wounding becomes our healing to share with others–sometimes when we don’t even know it at the time! You and the patient with AIDS were Chiron to each other. In your case, Chiron in Aries seems to have that “get in, do the job and get out” feel that Aries is so good at. Many blessings on whatever paths you take in the future. I can’t help but think of how fortunate the people are going to be who encounter you–and you for encountering them. When you add the Uranian factors in your chart that give you the open-mindedness to go wherever you’re needed, there must be a certain excitement about “what’s next?” I know I feel it from reading your post. Again, thank you for sharing from the heart.

  29. this is an inspiring article that i agree with 100%! my problem is, i’m confused by my chiron and vocation issues. i’m the one with the ridiculous high chiron score, trumping every other planetary score of mine by far. but i don’t feel gifted. i have chiron in taurus very conjunct my midheaven. it seems to be my business to discuss all these chironic issues, and yet, my life has suffered for it, since my outspoken childhood. i hope i am on a path that will make use of these themes as service for others, and not more personal pain for myself. but i don’t know yet.
    chiron is closely trine my stellium in virgo in the 2nd, and my virgo north node (exaclty conjunct mercury) in the 1st. bad news, my uranus is opposite chiron in the fourth. so i’ve blundered through 30 years of life feeling compelled to communicate and heal family secrets and wounds and better values, and i can’t say that the results have been satifactory. my moon in pisces (out of orb) opposite my virgo planets hasn’t helped either. but my impatience to live in a better way, in a better world, urges me on. sometimes against all practical judgment. i would love to have insight into how i can use these themes as gifts without suffering. so far i know i am interested and good at too many things to know if i’m pursuing the right path for me. thanks for having the courage to love chiron so much, it’s too hard for most. those of us super-chirons need it badly!

    • Hi, chartreuseviolet–

      Thank you for letting me know how much Chiron info is needed. That keeps me going! I just posted a new “Chiron Resonance Quiz” on The Radical Virgo that might throw some more light on the subject. What struck me as something to think about in your comment is that people brought their sons to Chiron to be educated–they came to him. He spent many years in a cave learning from Apollo and Artemis in the guise of the Sun and Moon, his balanced teachers, before venturing into public. I think becoming a mentor in the Chironic way means developing our inner sage until we get to a point that our expertise is sought by others rather than being more extroverted about giving it. It takes the trust that just the right people will come to us at the right time.

  30. Thank you for writing this article. I am in the middle of my Chiron return (age 53) in Aquarius (Aquarius cusp), and have recently discovered that my tribe is children (writing, and/or teaching). My Sun in Gemini (12th), Gemini cusp is trine to Chiron in Aquarius (8th), Aquarius cusp. My Moon in Scorpio (5th), Scorpio cusp. I never guessed that children would be part of my healing process, and vice versa, although I deeply enjoy them.

    I recently completed a writing program thru the Institute of Children’s Literature, and am planning to attend college next Spring to study Library Science/Paraprofessional. I love books, museums, libraries, and knowledge. I could literally live in a museum or library. Perhaps that Saturn and Part of Fortune in Sag in the 6th (Sag cusp).

    I love your response to Diane. I often take flights with Pegasus, and recently wrote an article published by Suite 101 about PEGASUS, THE WINGED HORSE OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I’ve asked Zeus to allow me to work with Pegasus, so he and I can take off to the North Node. I’ve also been advised to read my short stories to children at the library or join a puppet theatre.

    Oh, I have Pisces on the MC, and Aries on the 10th.

    I’ve worked as a legal secretary for 24 years while dabbling in creative pursuits. But it is so wonderful to discover your tribe.


  31. wow.. a 53 score. Chiron in Saggitarius and opposing ascendant and Venus. Square Saturn in Virgo, trine Moon/Pluto Leo, sextile Mars/Nept Libra etc.
    I can totally identify with your juggling act, I am in a similar position. I am bored in my self imposed govt analyst job and do astrology for myself and friends. aAways had a keen interest in Astrology since the seventies. At one point I seriously considered becoming a certified astrologer. As a child, I wanted to be a Figure Skater, Speed Skater, Vet, Archeologist, not necessarily in that order. In hindsight I would have made a good math teacher as that is where I shone in school, came quite naturally to me, like sports. Now, I am bent on honing my musical talents and am focussing on that aspect rather at a mature age. Again dabbled with singing and playing but could never take it seriously as that just was not done! So on with the struggle of survival.
    Funny, I have never ridden a horse, yet I love animals and they like me too. I was told to stay away from horses as they are dangerous. I always wonder what fun it would be to ride a horse in the hills. You never know, I just may one day before I get too ancient! thanks for the article. Love it.

  32. Ely, you’re such an example of the versatile interests and talents Chiron honed in his heroes. Thanks for sharing your wonderful story, including how the quest for one’s calling is often a process of trial and error! Glad the article spoke to you. (As I jokingly shared on another blog recently, I even considered being a nun … for about two weeks.)

  33. I have to ask. Could Chiron Rx Aries 28’29 be like being on the cusp between Aries and Pisces?

    • Maybe I’m not clear on your point, but 28 Aries, even if it’s moving retrograde, would be more like the cusp between Aries and Taurus, wouldn’t it? Donna

      • No, you understood what I was asking about correctly. I’m sorry about my unintelligible way of phrasing things. Sometimes appropriate self expression escapes me. 🙂
        I guess I goofed…(big, yikes!)
        So, it’s on a cusp,but just not the cusp I was thinking about?
        Ok. (-:

        I appreciate your answering my question very much.

    • I suppose since I’m here I should mention my other info. :-)like my Chiron score is 24 moderate.

      I enjoy helping people and being artistic/creative,but it seems like I have trouble even with “standard” jobs. Career/Work is a rough subject for me to talk a lot about… it’s been a major struggle for me.

      I have Chiron Rx Aries 28’29 in my 10th house (equal house).

  34. Hi, joyrjw–

    I’d look up when Chiron went retrograde and direct around the time of your birth. Unless it switched within 24 hours, your Chiron is in Aries. If the change of direction was within a day of your birth, you might want to consider getting your chart rectified to be sure you have an accurate birth time and Chiron sign, if there’s any chance it had gone forward to Taurus and your time was close to the switch.

    With Chiron’s influence on vocation and your personal placement of it in the 10th, working on your wounding to healing cycle will be even more important than most in matters of work, career, and finding work of the heart. They are so interrelated. Another astrologer once pointed out to me that before we had Chiron, Mars was the “wounder”, the planet that rules Aries. The more you uncover old wounds and heal them, the more you might find topics of career and vocation. They are not necessarily the same, as I mention in this article–but when they can be, that’s work heaven! Wishing you many blessings of healing and finding your passion.

  35. Hi Joyce,

    That makes sense about mars previously being the “wounder”. No, Chiron Rx is correct in my chart unless I was given the wrong birth time, which sometimes I feel like I was,but I use the birth time that my birth certificate says.

    Yes, career and vocation is a touchy and painful subject for me as I’ve always been judged for not having a direction in that area.

    It seems, whether people say it or not,that a person is defined by the career/job/vocation title that they have whether it’s really “them” or not.

    Due to a combination of factors(learning disability,possible A.D.D, Generalized Anxiety,Depression,lots of self doubt) I can’t seem to hold a job and I only over the past few years decided on a profession in which the learning process is really slow.

    My apologies for missing some of the information in your article, I know it’s important,but I have a lot of trouble focusing on reading entire articles, something I’m working on fixing though.

    Thank You for responding and for your advice, I really appreciate it.

  36. I have Chiron conjunct my Midheaven, Jupiter and Part of Fortune (or Spirit – I’m not sure which). It is in Sagittarius and in the 9th House. My Chiron aspects include – Chiron trine Pluto and Lilith; opposite Uranus and Neptune; and sextile Moon (apart from the conjunctions with Jupiter and P.Fortune).

    As a six year old, if you asked me what I wanted to be, I would’ve said ASTRONAUT! (That must be my Sun in Aquarius!)

  37. “We are so used to doing things the hard way; we sometimes forget that there are hints in our charts for shortcuts, too.” This stopped me in my tracks…then soothed me to me tears. When I saw that my heavily aspected Chiron is square both my Sun and Moon, and opposed both Uranus and my AC, I could feel my body tense up. However, it’s also quintile Mercury, trine Mars, sextile Venus, and biquintile Neptune. I’m still getting a feel for astrology, but I know quintile, trine, sextile, and biquintle reflect peace and harmony.

    My Chiron is in Aries in my 6th House, which I always seem to connect with health instead of work. When I let go of my not so pleasurable time as a professional in the school system, my centered self would say that I am a teacher. Time to dig deeper into these hints.

    • Hi, Stacie, there is a wealth of information out there, but you’ll find tons of articles about it on the blog by Joyce Mason, Radical Virgo, who wrote the one you commented on. Donna Cunningham

      • Thank you, Donna. I’m going through your Vocational Astrology archive now, and will check out Radical Virgo after that.

      • Hi, Stacie, if vocational astrology is something you’re focusing on now, you might want to check out my latest ebook, Career Choices and Challenges: An Astrological Guide.

        It’s a two volume collection of my articles on vocational astrology–the first volume on natal patterns and the second on transits to the career sectors. It’s full of tools for maximizing the use of those chart placements. It’s available at


      • It is, Donna. Thank you for the recommendation.

  38. Hi, I just read this about the importance of Chiron in determining vocation…I don’t see any recent posts…hope this gets somewhere….I have Chiron in Pisces at 9 degrees. I also have my sun and moon in Pisces in at very beginning of the 8th house (most automated systems say 7th house), my rising in cancer…I know, sigh…lot of water, trust me I feel it.
    I don’t have all the other info. on hand…oppositions etc…esp. around Chiron as just looked that up.
    I would like to look into this further if anyone can lead me…thanks.

  39. Hi, Meg. The post was a guest appearance by Joyce Mason, an expert on Chiron. For more information, see her blog, RadicalVirgo. Donna

  40. Hey there, could anybody help me out here? My nn, desc and chiron are all in libra 7th house (aries asc), sun capircorn, moon cancer, jupiter conjunct mc, saturn pisces, everything else basically aquarius. Trying to find more info on nn chiron conjunctions but tough to find. Thanks!

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